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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2013 7:00am-8:01am EDT

7:00 am >> good morning, this is aljazeera, i'm richelle carey. these are some of the stories we're following at this hour. mounting international reaction as the civil war in syria escalates. some are calling for the use of force after this week's deadly attack. the u.n. now calling it is refugee crisis a shameful milestone. >> san diego's mayor bob filner expected to resign in disgrace today. the settlement deal is fueling a whole new controversy. >> a wildfire is getting worse near yosemite, tripling in size. >> banks under new scrutiny after an intern works himself today, pulling grueling hours on
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the job. ♪ theme >> international outrage is growing this morning over an alleged chemical weapons attack by the syrian government. one of syria's closest allies, russia is now calling for the rashad regime to allow inspectors to investigate. hundreds of civil yeps died in the assault outside damascus. some doctors and nurses who treated the victims died from second rather exposure. the syrian government is denying the accusations. attention is drown to the syrian conflict and increasing human toll of approximate three year civil war. hundreds of thousands of syrians have fled the country in recent weeks, many now living in refugee camps in jordan.
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the u.n. announced more than 1 million children have been forced to flee the country. the situation seems urgent, but as we report, urgent action is not being taken. >> images of syrian civilians dead and wounded from alleged chemical attacks are bringing new calls for military intervention. in france, the foreign minister says the international community must respond with force. >> france's position is that there must be a reaction. what does that mean, a reaction? not sending troops on the ground, but a reaction, not only of course of international condemnation but that could take the shape of the use of force. >> in the u.s., the view is less decisive. >> we're still focused on nailing down the facts, in tell community is focused on that, the administration is focused on that. if reports are true, it would be an outrageous use of chemical weapons by the regime. >> military action is something a top sufficient general
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opposes. it's a view not shared by one of the most seen-year affairs voices. john mccain favors limited military strikes. in a press release, mccain said: >> there's little indication of u.s. action for now. from new york state, president obama was talking about education, not syria, conveying only through his deputy press secretary that the u.s. is appalled by the reports of widespread killings. >> a u.n. report estimates the number of children refugees at over a million and we have a look at what life is like at a particular camp in iraq. >> there are grim conditions here, but so does that report make very grim reading as well,
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saying that not only are there a million child refugees, but 2 million have been displaced. the united nations refugee agency and child agency worry about the psychological effects of children running away from war and coming to camps like these. often, you'll see them drawing pictures of bombing, shelling, murder. it takes three to six months for those psychological effects to calm down and for them to start acting like children again. the u.s. warns about child trafficking and child labor. those are very desperate situations across the region. those camps, turkey, lebanon and egypt, so a million children a that have been refuged, these people need immediate help. unicef need money and ro and res
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to help. >> we'll talk more about the possible use of deadly chemical weapons. >> the fort hood shooter major nidal hassan's case is in the hands of the juries. he passed on his final chance to address the jury. he did not offer closing argument. he could get the death penalty for the shooting in ford hood in 2009. >> san diego's embattled mayor bob filner has purportedly agreed to step down as part of a settlement lawsuit. details of the terms of the settlement are not disclosed. 17 women have accused him of inappropriate behavior. >> i would like to see a resignation without conditions and without the taxpayers being forced to make a gift of public funds to him in order for him to
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resign. >> earlier, we spoke with stephanie stanton, telling us the resignation is a matter of procedure. >> the city council will meet in closed session and expected to approve the resolution. we did see the mayor here today at city hall. he left at 5:30 this evening, carrying what looked to be a small box of belong i guess as he got into his car and sped away. >> this morning, egypt's ousted former ruler hosni mubarak is under house arrest in a military hospital a day after being released from prison. a court ordered him free, he has been held for two years. sentiments are flamed with anti mubarak protesters. he will tanned trial for ordering the killing of protestors during the mass
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demonstrations in tahrir square two years ago. jonathan joins us live. >> kind of us the temperature there now. >> it has in some ways raised the anger level, certainly has raised the disappointment level. most celebrated when mubarak was taken from office. today, large protests are planned, likely beginning within the next hour. the government has planned and promised certainly not to tolerate anymore violence. a good indication is what's happening behind me. it's difficult to see, this is the famous cairo museum, the red building. next to it, a line of tanks blocking the main entrance here. government institutions,
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including the presidential palace are barricaded, security forces out enforce, cracking down on any perception of violence they see from protestors. the big theft will be today and how many show up on the streets to protest this afternoon. i can tell taught efforts and the organization, the muslim brotherhood has been weakened in recent days by all the violence and readies, so a lot of people waiting to see what happens this afternoon. >> there's still a long process to go, as far as mubarak is concerned, as well. there's a long legal process ahead for him and the country will certainly be watching that. >> that's probably why honestly, rochelle that we have not seen a lot of widespread tanker. the interim prime minuter announced soon after the court declared that mubarak should be set free, he in a move decided
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to hosni mubarak would be put under house arrest. he was transferred yesterday to a military hospital. he has several charges and trials hanging over him. the earliest begins on sunday. it's a big one, an accusation of him having a role in the death the of hundreds of protestors. he could appear back in a courtroom as early as sunday. >> that's live from cairo, janet, thank you. >> a little later in our program we will focus on automatic financial aid to egypt. >>ive breaking news right now. there are reports of two explosions in northern lebanon. we are told there are multiple casualties, it's on the border of lebanon and syria where this is happening. reports are that a bomb exploded as a number of people were coming out of a mosque for friday prayers. as more details become
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available, we will bring them to you. >> the wildfire burning near yosemite national park has more than triple would the size. the flames are at the edge of one of the country's best known parks. the fire is estimated to be just 2% contained. melissa chan is in the area of yosemite with more. >> thursday, governor brown declared this a state of emergency. that means they'll be able to cut through the bureaucratic red tape, get resources faster. the firefighters here need all the help they can get. >> what's called the rim fire tripled in size in less than 24 hours. at one point, licking close to the incident command center, the boys for firefighters and other teams. >> it is not burning in the park yet, but is moving toward the park.
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yosemite is an iconic park. the fire team is doing their jut most to keep it out of the park. >> for now, yosemite remains open, but only to small part of the fire has been contained. >> the fire jumped the highway with we took earlier. this is a remote and mountainous part of california and one of many wildfires happening simultaneously across the western united states. >> this week, the federal government announced a p.l. five situation, preparedness level high, the highest level on the scale since 2008. many firefighters are working 24 hour shifts. despite the size of this tire, there's been minimal property loss so far, a few buildings destroyed early on, but none damaged in the last couple days. >> we're a team from sacramento
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and being part of the effort in the pine lake area. there's a number of homes that of residences in them. we're going through the area, checking it out. >> at least every decade, we have a major fire up in this area, and i've been through several and been evacuated, and we did all right before. with pine mount be lake here, there are so many house us and to many trees, all one small area, that if it got in here, i'm afraid that would be it. >> more help continues to arrive, but it's one tough battle, and no one knows how long the fight will take before the flames subside. >> we were talking about mandatory evacuations and the possibility of that. that started thursday afternoon, police going to residents, asking them to leave, very emotional, of course, because these people are leaving, not nothing whether their house will be standing when they come back,
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but so far the track record has been good. in the last couple of days, no structures have been destroyed, the firefighters working very hard to protect these homes. >> that was melissa chan reporting from yosemite park. the southern side of the park remains open to visitors, at least for now. >> a great friday to you. i'm meteorologist nicole mitchell. it's still continued problems as we get to the western tier of the country. a little monsoon flow in this area, that combined with a frontal boundary, let's start off with some incredible video out of colorado. this is not snow on the ground, it's hail. small enough that a criteria for fear weather is three quarters of an inch. this was dime to nickel size, but definitely bringing needed moisture to the area, some
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places one or two inches of rain, because really, all of the west coast is in that dry condition. we have so many states with the dry fire conditions. good if we can get the rain, but sometimes too much of it. we've had slight flood concerns, especially areas that don't drain well when you get too much rain at once. the monsoon, sometimes when you're so dry, the moisture doesn't make it to the ground and there's lightning in this. this is putting most of washington aboregon and almost all of hide dough under a red flag warning. because things are so dry, it could ignite fires. over 50 large active fires along the west coast. warmer temperatures do not help with the efforts. boise at 88 degrees once again today. we've got portland at 78.
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warm temperatures are on the rise in the midwest. the next couple of days, the forecast for the precipitation, at least the south has dried out a little bit. we've got disturbance in the gulf that could cause more rain in this area. a disturbance, not expected to develop into an actual tropical system. we will see in the northern plains, that last front that moved through has a little bit of a stationery boundary. already, the temperatures are starting to return to that very warm point that we have. it's already 80's today. some temperatures going back into the 90's over the weekend. there's that radar, and you can kind of see where this boundary has stalled out. that will be possible thunderstorms. rain yesterday, but the front cleared the region. temperatures are going to run a little below average, a lot of them in the 70's, so it's actually going to be a very
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comfortable forecast not just for today, but the weekend ahead. we're looking really nice for this region. >> pretty good timing, isn't it? is it possible, possible to work yourself to death? the latest on a bank intern who died after working grueling hours. >> plus, after getting slapped with a long prison sentence for leaking government secrets, bradley manning reveals a life of his own. he he wants to live his life as a woman. should the army have to pay for it? >> we'll breakdown president obama's plan to make attending college more affordable. ç]
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>> welcome back. thankbanks are coming under scry for how they treat interns after a college student died after working 72 hours straight. he was an intern at bank of america in london, worked eight all-nighers in two weeks. we have more. >> the signs were there, but for the student, it was too late. the young student from germany was nearing the end of his internship at bank of america's investment on merle lunch when he died at his home. he had reportedly just worked 72 hours when he collapsed in the shower. his profile on a social media website had an ambitious streak, a pressure to outdo a fellow
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worker for a position. >> those individuals are so driven, so key to get a job, that they push themselves and in the end, push themselves over the edge. it's up to the leader of the team to see what's happening and even if these individuals keep volunteering for work, which some of them will do, to turn around and say no, you've done enough, you node to go and have some rest. >> an internship at a high pro tile company is seen as a valuable recruitment doing, putting pressure on interns to accel. many say interns do work punishing schedules in the banking industry, offering a glimpse of what's to item if they gain employment in the profession. >> the intense pressure and long hours have stuarted to come
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under scrutiny. one banger who didn't want to be identified resealed side effects by those working at these institutions. >> i work next to one person that got bells palsey from the stress and another person went deaf in one ear. that was stress related. there was someone who did three all-nighers in a row and got hit by a bus because they were so dazed. the recent effect didn't surprise me in the least. it was an accident waiting to happen. >> the death has provoked the question just how much is too much for ambitious interns desperate to shine? aljazeera, london. >> a bank of america spokesperson said the bank was waiting for the facts about his death before deciding whether to review its internship program. >> regulators will meet with key market players after thursdays shut down. trading stopped for 3:11.
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nasdaq blames the outage on a computer connectivity issues. >> president obama unveiled to new plan to cut college costs. college officials are ward the plan would end up cost be their institutions millions of dollars. the president said making college affordable is an economic imperative. >> i think we should rate colleges based on opportunity, are they helping students from all backgrounds succeed? [ applause ] and on outcomes, on their central students and parents. that means metrics like how much debt does the average student leave with? how easy it to pay off? how many students graduate on time? how well do these graduates do in the workforce? because the answers will help parents and students figure out how much value a college truly offers.
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>> of course it's not only the cost of college students worry about, there's fees, tuition, books, room and board. those costs are forcing students to rethink college plans for take on enormous debt. >> high school senior josh zambrano is looking through brochures for his dad. he has set his sights on one school. >> me what i'm looking for happens to be at yale. >> wally zambrano and his wife have been stashing money away for his college education since he was a baby. it won't come close to covering $60,000 annual tradition and fees. >> it's ridiculous that it's gone up to that point. it makes it very difficult for a lower class or filled class student to get a good education. >> it also affects people trying to go to less expensive state schools. over the past five years costs
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have increased 30% at colleges across the u.s., driven in part by lower investments returns on endowments and shortfall of state tax revenues. >> more than two thirds of college students applied for financial aid last year. the director at the university of chicago is concerned about the debt. >> we tell students only borrow what you need and if you can get a job to pay for it, we recommend that. >> president chris long said many students are now opting for community college. >> all your credits will transfer. >> josh zambrano is reviewing scholarship, hoping to find a way to finance his ivy league dream without bankrupting his parents. aljazeera, chicago. >> president obama will wrap up
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his tour today with a town hall in new york and a speech in scranton, pennsylvania, joe biden's hometown. >> celebrations for the 50t 50th anniversary of the march on washington is tomorrow, there will be a rally retracing the route to the national mall. wednesday, president obama will speak on the steps of the lincoln memorial where martin luther king, jr. delivered his "i have a dream" speech. >> i have a dream, my four little children one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. i have a dream. >> of course the march is recognized as a touch stone for the 1964 civil rights act and 1965 voting rights act. ahead, we'll focus on a louisiana group heading to the
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mlk festivities. >> we're going to take a closer look at what brad my manning is asking for and how the military is responding to the request. >> how bad is the leak at the nuclear power plant in japan. >> ryan braun breaks his silence and finally comes clean about being dirty. coming up, in aljazeera sports. conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. mission. >> there's more to america, more stories, more voices, more points of view. now there's are news channel with more of what americans want to know.
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>> i'm ali velshi and this is "real money." this is "america tonight." sglovrjs our -- >> our news coverage reveal more of america's stories.
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this is the 900-page document we call obamacare. my staff has read the entire thing. can congress say the same? hi, my name is jonathan betz, and i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. i started in a small television station in rural arkansas. it's a part of the country that often gets overlooked. but there are a lot of fascinating people there, a lot of fascinating stories there. i like that al jazeera will pay attention to those kinds of places. what drew me to journalism is i like the idea that we are documenting history. al jazeera documents it like none other. and to be a journalist, and to be part of a team like that? that's an incredible blessing.
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>> welcome back, i'm richelle carey, these are our top stairs. international outrage is building as a civil war rages in syria. russia is calling on the syrian government to allow u.n. inspectors to investigate a suspected chemical attack that killed hundreds. the country's refugee crisis has reached a milestone with, an estimated 1 million children have been forced to flee. california's governor declared a state of emergency in responsibility to a wildfire burning near yosemite national park. the fire hadarimmed in size. 2500 homes are in danger. >> an embattled san diego mayor, bob filner, will recordly resign today. 17 women have accused him of sexual harassment. >> let's update the breaking news out of lebanon. four people have been killed and
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several wounded in two explosions in the northern part of that country. the two blasts hit known sunni mosques in tripoli after people were leaving friday prayer. we do know of four fatalities. we'll keep you posted. >> it was his leak of classified secrets landing a 25 year prison sentence. he revealed he wants to live life as a woman. this has started a whole new controversy. we have more. >> military man and convicted traitor bradley manning wore this, but says he was always a woman, more comfortable in a wig and lipstick. he can't soldier on as a man:
7:31 am
>> managing's timing has stirred yet another controversy. in addition to appealing his 35 year sentence, his legal team is asking officials to let manning make the transition to living life as a woman. the army said no, it has no responsibility to provide military prisoners with any medical gender change assistance, only psychological support. by contrast, hormone therapy is permitted in federal prisons. >> this is the united states. we do not deny access to health care to prisoners in any context. >> mannings lawyer david kuhns will do what it takes for his client:
7:32 am
>> he'll be fighting history. no one has ever been granted the right to receive gender reassignment assistance while held in a military prison. aljazeera. >> manning's request for medical assistance has raise the questions. dr. gardier joins us, he teaches on transgender studies. doctor, thank you for your time. >> it's a pleasure, thank you. >> can you explain what bradley manning is going through? >> he is experiencing gender disforeia. he believes and we take him at his word that he is a female trapped in a male's body and because of that with, needs estrogen to get his hormone
7:33 am
treatments. this will help him with whatever depression, part of that euphoria he's going through. this is something needed. if he does not get it. >> which appears he will not. >> right, and if he does not get it, he will have a deeper depression. we've seen others who have gone through this struggle, if they don't have their hormone treatment and then possibly the reassignment, gender reassignment, these people have waves of thoughts of suicide. some have even engaged in self mutilation. they just feel the compulsion to just get rid of that genitalia, whatever it may be. >> there are questions about the timing. let's talk about the timing. he's gone through this traumatic trial. >> yes. >> the prison sentence and now this. these are all very significant life events. can you talk about how all of these may go together, do they all go together in terms of timing?
7:34 am
>> i think they do. i'm not quite sure it's about his own timing. during the trial, they had talked about whether he had good mental stability. he was going through the transgender issue at the time, and had a severe depression, and his lawyers actually said this may have led to some of the things that he did as far as leaking some of the classified secrets to wiki. we have to take him at his word that he feels he is trapped in a body that is not his as far as gender, so all of this going on at the same time, i think makes the depression that he's going through and the conflicts as far as his sexuality much, much worse. look, the reality is with time served, and with good behavior, he can get out in about seven years, but in that seven years, if he does not get the hormones, if he does not get his gender reassignment, we have to be really careful that this play
7:35 am
plunge him into a deeper depression, more mental instability and possibly the suicidal thoughts. as far as being humane, this is a psychological condition he's going through, a a as i seologyical condition. i believe as a psychologist he shouldette something the treatment and we should look at the army actually changing their policies and giving treatment to individuals, transgender individuals going through these struggles. >> doctor, thank you for your professional opinion. >> thank you, richelle. >> the recent violent crackdown in egypt, president obama has not cut off aid. while the funding is reviewed, the cash is still flowing. >> a fairly sizeable protest by washington standards at the white house. these are mostly christians here to urge president barack obama to stand against the muslim
7:36 am
brotherhood by continuing aid to. >> the muslim brotherhood had their chance and did not do well for the egyptian people. we are supporting egypt go back to the peaceful ways. >> after this military crackdown, newspapers and a few members of congress called for the president to stop the aid, saying the u.s. shouldn't give money to a military that would do this. but will fighting back against a story that aid will be stopped, the white house admitted in a remark that mostly went unnoticed, the u.s. is still giving aid to the egyptian military. >> the department of defense announced that the answer of that question is yes. i don't know the nature of that assistance. you'll have to ask them about it. >> the department refused to answer questions about what they have been buying in the egyptian military. by law, all military contracts have to be listed. if you pour through the documents, the u.s. has agreed
7:37 am
to by $8 million border system, spent million dollarss and signed a contract worth 13 millions so egypt can replace engines on fighter jets. they already bought jets. the department of defense said ask the state department. the state department's been saying ask the d.o.d. >> i don't have a breakdown of that example. the d.o.d. has great ones that they've put out there. >> what u.s. officials have repeatedly said is that the u.s. are not taking sides, but still spending money to buy the egyptian military to buy the u.s. made equipment. all the departments say it's under review. >> the justice department is challenging the voter i.d. law in texas. attorney general holder said it
7:38 am
violates the voting act. it was passed to make it harder for non-english speakers and mines to vote. >> on thursday, new york city council passed a bill to establish a new office to oversee the nypd, overriding a bill signed by mayor bloomberg. it would stop stop and frisk. >> army staff sergeant robert bales took the stands in the sentencing phase of his military trial. we discuss what an apology means to the case. >> i wish i could take it back, said the sergeant, but i can't. speaking in a low, halting
7:39 am
voice, bales apologized to the families of the afghan civilians he murdered and said he had disgraced his family. his voice quavered. what i did was an act of cowardice. he pleaded guilty to killing women and children during a nighttime shooting spree in march, 2012. he does not face the death penalty and is trying to avoid life in prison without the possibility of parole. he did not describe his actions in detail. he said he has asked himself why he killed, but said he couldn't find a reason. under military trial rules, the prosecution was not permitted to cross examine bales. >> bales described mounting feelings of rage, anger that grew over the years he was deployed in combat, three times in iraq and a final tour in afghanistan.
7:40 am
>> he said during home leave, he drank heavily, and would get furiously angry during routine household chores like washing dishes. >> i think he passed on a sense of frustration that multiple deployed soldiers have when they're just dealing with things that are normal, normal stress-inducing incident and everything gets completely out of proportion. >> bales said he was in a constant state of fear and vigilance while on deployments. on the night of the massacre in khandar he said he drank, and took sleeping pills. the defense and prosecution will present their closing arguments in the case on friday. rob reynolds, aljazeera, at a coma, washington. >> mexican police have pulled
7:41 am
seven bodies from a mass grave on the eastern outskirts of mexico city. d.n.a. testing will be done to determine if they are 12 people who vanished from a mexico city bar in may. six people have been arrested, but no motive for the kidnapping and murder have been reported. >> tensions are high on the israel-lebanon boarder. no one was hurt in either attack. the air ride on beirut is the first such strike since the 2006 war between israel and lebanon's military group, hezbollah. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist nicole mitchell and i hope you're off to a wonderful friday, good weekend ahead. let's start with the tropics. we're looking at the gulf. it has been phenomenally
7:42 am
unquiet, if that's a word, as we get to the atlantic. so far this month, we've had one named system. if you condition draft that to last year at this time, we'd already had six named systems on this date, two that turned into hurricanes. it's been very quiet and still is quiet in the gulf. there's a little disturbance off the coastline, slight chance that might develop, very slight, something we'll monitor. more rainfall in this region. i'm about to head off to hurricane hunting duty for the next couple weeks and i can't remember when we had such a quiet august. the eastern pacific, disturbance from the south. this is a tropical depression, it has circulation, but not strong enough winds to be called a tropical storm. this is something we want to watch in the baja region. i mentioned the showers that we
7:43 am
could see along the coastline. a lot of that staying off the coast, though. look at how much drier we are in the rest of the southeast. that is bright news, because it's been a soggy summer and a lot of flooding concerns. we're starting to dry out a little bit. nice to see a little more sunshine as well. atlanta, thunderstorm chances the next couple of days. next week, a much drier pattern, so everyone certainly appreciating that as we get through the rest of the region. one place we are going to have possible concerns over the next few days, we had the frontal boundary move off to the east coast, bringing showers. the northeast is nice, cooler, comfortable, will be a good weekend. in the midwest, the tail end of that boundary could cause a shower or storm, maybe like we saw in colorado, hail, parts of the northern plains, that's a slight risk for the weekend. a little bit of moisture in this region, a lot of the country is going to stay relatively dry.
7:44 am
also, a little bit of that monsoon moisture westward, which can be a fire concern if the lightning makes it to the dry fields on the ground and can help ignite more storms. as we get through the weekend, a lot of people are concerned about how temperatures might shape up. in the midwest, our hot spot. we had the 90's, the front dropped it into the 80's. we're going to rebound, minneapolis 86 saturday and back into the 90's. minneapolis, call toward billings. it is going to be a hot weekend getting toward the second part of the week. it doesn't feel like it should be quite this warm as we head into the latter pat of august, but it will be. richelle. >> it is, what it is. thank you, nicole. >> a failure to monitor storage tanks have been leaking into the ground. it was revealed that the coke yo
7:45 am
electric power company did not keep inspection records of tanks. earlier this week, japanese officials raised the threat level, saying the contamination level was much higher than they originally thought. we provide more details about the press conference. >> it would be fair to say that japan's nuclear regulators saw what they saw on their side visit, using words like disappointment and careless president press conference. tokyo electric power company is responsible for what's left of the six nuclear reactors. for their failure to properly inspect leaks of hundreds of thousands of radioactive water is so contaminated, it's not safe to stand next to it. leaks could have been going on for nearly two years. they said at the press
7:46 am
conference, leaks that the company perhaps should have definitely picked up, but certainly didn't have any kind of an inspection schedule to show the inspectors who visited that they were taking the issue seriously. the problem seems to be almost too big for the company to get on top of and the creative ideas to get rid of that water the company seems to be running out of. >> about 10 tons of dead fish have been discovered in a rio de janeiro lake. it may have been caused by are a sewage leaking into the water. rio's sewer company is checking for broken pipes. >> coming up, a bottle for the best beverage, a new entry in the wine wars.
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standards in journalism. >> a
7:49 am
>> there's a new twist in major league baseball drug saga. do tell. >> you hit the nail right on the head. since ryan braun first became publicly linked to performance enhancing drugs, he has proclaimed his innocence. now serving a 65 game suspension, braun is singing a different tune. he has admitted to taking an unspecified cream and lozenge
7:50 am
attempting to return from injury. he's apologizing to sample collector, the person in charge of the test that first exposed braun in 2011. braun accused the collector of being anti a semitic and biased because he was a cubs fan. braun said in the statement: >> a grand jury in massachusetts has indicted aaron hernandez in the murder of a former friend.
7:51 am
the indictment charges him with killing 27-year-old olan lloyd. he was dating the sister of hernandez's girlfriend. he pleaded not guilty to both the murder and gun charges and is currently held without bail. police have yet to find the murder weapon. attorneys for him are confident they can clear his name. >> to the nhl, the patriots return gave tom brady a chance to visit his alma mater at the university of michigan. in a speech. the two time m.v.p. called being named wolverine team captain his single greatest achievement. the speech was the high point of his day. an inspired group of linesman waiting for brady, bill belichick at the field, they turned the ball over four times in their first five possessions, including this fumble into the
7:52 am
waiting arms of the safety. the lions offense was able to turn the patriots for only 13 points. bush was the lion's big weapon, catching five passes for 103 yards, including 67 on this first quarter screen pass. as the blockers run out of gas, so did bush. only one yard and six rushes, but stafford and the lions like to throw the ball. they romp 40-9. >> in williams post-p.a., we are crowning a new little league world champion. >> it was a wet and soggy elimination here at the little league world series, but mexico is moving on after beating panama 4-2 in 7 innings. they will take on japan saturday once again for the international championship. over in the u.s. bracket, washington was scheduled to take on connecticut tonight, but because of the weather, it has been pushed back until friday afternoon. the winner of that game will face california.
7:53 am
let's face it, the kids from california have been the rock stars of the tournament. we all know about grant hohman, 6'4" no-hitter, grand slam, three-run home run, but there's a spark plug on the team named micah wigs, looking to bringing home a championship. >> i feel great. i'm happy that we came out on top yesterday. >> did you believe you were going to win, you were down 3-1. >> i had trusted my team that we were going to come back and win. >> they'll be well rested come saturday, while their opponent, washington or connecticut will be playing on back-to-back days. in williamsport pennsylvania, aljazeera. >> redskins quarterback robert griffin iii was find for wearing unofficial warm ups during the
7:54 am
last preseason game. >> lebanese state media say at least 12 people have been killed in two explosions in the northern part of that as they become available. these are some of the first pictures coming in. >> wine makers in europe may have a new competitor. great britains wine industry is booming, looking to make a pretty big splash. aljazeera reports from a vineyard in that southern england. >> k is nor for many things, the beat else, westminster, but wine, really?
7:55 am
>> we make a fantastic spot of wine in this country. >> he swapped the corporate life for the quiet life. this is advice. >> yard, one of a rapidly growing number springing up, less gold rush, more grape rush. >> we have been winning top awards internationally because of the quality of the product, it's fantastic. >> you can see the level of investment here, lots of new i.q., opportunities to convince the connoisseurs british is best. conditions for growing grapes are perfect. this country has gone through a bit of a mini heatwave. is it climate change, some say yes, some say no. what everybody is aware of is just how unpredictable the british weather is. last summer, it rained, cool and miserable approximately the yield was horrendous. >> 2013 got off to a better
7:56 am
start, but the u.k.'s wine industry is still tiny compared to others. france has 110,000 vineyards and 27,000 wineries. more history, more experience and for the u.k., there is still a lot to learn. >> we've been going for 60 years. they've been growing grapes in some parts of the world for thousands of years. certainly we don't have the experience or perfect answer to get good commercial yields. >> the rest of the wine making world isn't too concerned. they were just taste small successes and big ambition. >> at the end of our first hour, here's some of what we're covering this morning. international outrage gross as the civil war in syria escalates, no calling for the use of force following this week's alleged chemical attack.
7:57 am
>> a massive wild fear has tripled in size near yosemite park. >> filner ready to resign as a result of a sexual harassment lawsuit. >> you knew it was just a matter of time until the yankees made a strike for the postseason. they are within a wildcard spot. >> we made it to friday. i'll tell you whether the weekend weather cooperates. >> i'm richelle carey. thank you so much for your time, aljazeera continues in two and a half minutes. do keep it here.
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>> good morning, i'm stephanie sy, it's august 23. deliberations are underway in the military trial of major nidal hasan. he killed 13 people in 2009. acting as his own attorney, he did not call a single witness or make a closing argument. >> mounting reaction as the civil war in syria escalates. russia is calling for investigators to investigate the chemical attack. >> san francisco mayor bob filner expected to resign in disgrace today. by the settlement deal is


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