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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2013 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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♪ ♪ >> hello there. welcome to the news hour. we have the world's main stories. syria says it is allowing the u.n. access to the site of an alleged chemical weapons attack in damascus. egypt's former president hosni mubarak has appeared in court just three days after being released from jail. russia's far east region suffers from the worst floods in more that particular 100 years with the worst yet to come. plus,. >> i'm in cambodia where a new bird species has been
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discovered. fantastic news in a region with so many endered species. coming up, the surprising low caslocation of where it was found. ♪ ♪ >> the syrian government says it has reached an agreement with u.n. inspectors allowing them to examine the site of wednesday's alleged chemical attack coming as the u.s. is ready to carry out military options against syria if it needs to. bashar al-assad's regime denies it was behind the attack. it is blaming rebel fighters. >> a rocket shoots sky ward from the damascus neighborhood of eastern guta, al jazeera cannot independently verify the pictures that were up loaded onto youtube. it is the same area where an apparent chemical weapons attack killed hundreds of men, women and children last week. the syrian government denies it was responsible. syria state tv is reporting
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that the government is agreeing to give the chemica u.. access to the attacks and the global leaders are calling for a response. barack obama has been meeting his national security advise ads to consider actions and the military is ready to act on his orders. >> president barack obama asked the defense department to prepare options for all contingencies. we have done that. again, we're prepared to exercise whatever option if he decides to employ one of those options. >> obama has said any use of chemical weapons in syria would constitute the crossing of a redline. washington says it still needs profession chemical weapons were used in this recent attack. evidence is strong from the pictures and testimonies from witnesses. now the organization doctors
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without borders say that hospitals they support in damascus treated 3060 patients with neuro toxic symptoms on the night of the alleged attack. the aid group says 355 of those people died. during a phone call on saturday, british prime minister david cameron and u.s. president agreed that the suspected attack by the saad syed government merit as serious response. >> i think we need to be very careful here about airstrikes and the ramifications because of the access between syria, iran and hezbollah and probably also russia as well because these entities will have to try to control the aftermath of a u.s. strike on syria and indeed bashar al-assad's threats to the rest of the region can be met through both state and non-state reactions. could be with missile
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launches, also with activating terror cells as well. so, the situation is frought with a number of dangers. >> john kerry has been talking to counterparts in saudi arabia, jordon, turkey rallying support for pressure on the syrian government. syria's biggest ally russia has called on the damascus government to cooperate with the u.n. team but has blamed the rebels for the recent attack. as international pressure increased syrian state tv ran pictures of what it says are chemical agents stored in tunnels that were previously controlled by the rebels. charles stratford, al jazeera. >> jamie joins us live from washington d.c. so, it looks like the u.n. inspectors will finally get a chance to find out what happened at this site of this alleged attack? >> that's right. of course we don't know exactly when they're going to be having access to that site, time is critical because of the evidence in the case like this will degrade. a u.s. senior administration
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official is being quoted in news reports this morning as saying he has very little doubt that chemical weapons were used by the syrian government. he cites in this report the reported number of victims, the assessment, the reported symptoms of those killed or injured and witness accounts here. so, a growing feeling on the part of the u.s. that the syrian government was responsible but, of course, the access to that site will be critical to eliminate that doubt if that's possible. >> indeed. we know the u.s. president barack obama wanted to have proof before moving ahead. chuck hagel has talked about -- let me see now -- options for all contingencies. i know language is very important here. do we have more detail on what the options may be? >> the white house and statement yesterday after the president met with his national security visors say that they're -- advisors say they're looking at a range of options, nothing more serious
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was said but because of the comment we know military options are among those things being considered, looked at. one of the things we know has happened it is that a fourth warship is kept in the eastern meditarian, on that warship are missiles, most think if the united states is going to use a military option that, in fact, cruise missiles may be the way to go. this morning, a statement from two prominant republican senators, john mccain and lindsay graham are saying this is the time for decisive action and calling for the limited military actions in syria, that they say will change things on the ground and they say in their statement bring an end to the saad syed regime. >> jane, there are more and more meetings over what's to do about syria, there is a military meeting in jordon tonight, is there a growing idea that something has to be done and is that shared by the general public at large in the
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u.s.? >> well, i think the pictures that we have all seen coming out of syria make it clear that the situation there has deteriorated to a level not seen before and certainly there are those who feel that there must be action at this point in time. in the u.s., you know, no formal polling has been done at this point in time. i can tell you there was a sense of reluctance to engage in any sustained military action especially after iraq and afghanistan many americans feel that too many lives and too much money has been spent on those endeavours, they're anxious for the z look inwards a bit. >> thank you for that. israel says it would support a u.s. led response to the allegation chemical weapons attack in syria on wednesday. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says such attacks have implications for israel's security. translator:>> from this we
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draw three conclusions, one, this situation cannot continue. two, that the most dangerous regimes in the world will be allowed to hold the most dangerous weapons in the world. three, we, of course, expect this to stop. >> our finger is on the pulse and if needed it is on the trigger. we know how to protect our citizens and country against those who have harmed us and want to cause us harm. >> this is an author and editor whose joining us live from tel aviv. benjamin netanyahu is saying our finger is if needed on the trigger. would israel consider u.n. la unilateral action against syria and if so, what kind? >> he's choosing words carefully. they're aware that saad syed will not miss an opportunity to make it look like a zionist
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con searcy. we have heard words that israel is behind the revolution, that the military is taking on in egypt. benjamin netanyahu is very careful not to say anything that will look like israel is pushing the united states to attack because it will play right into the hands of saad ofr al-assad. >> unofficially you will hear in jerusalem that they would very much like the united states to put an end to the bashar al-assad regime because they talk about bashar al-assad but what they have in mind is the iranian. actually the use of non-conventional weapons helps benjamin netanyahu to make a point of the fact, he said it today again, that non-conventional weapons, he
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means, of course, not only chemical, but nuc nuclear weapos in the hands of loose cannon regimes such as the one in syria is a risk that's israel cannot afford to take. >> i was going to ask about that. the con pli in syria has been going on for two years now. is it the prospect of chemical weapons that israelis particularly worry about or is it simply using that as a lever to try to get the u.s. to try to do something? >> the demand of gas masks has tripled today. it is summer vacation, there is a lot of israeli,
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international tourists, people are concerned on what's happening a few kilometres away from them. yeah, there is a -- you know, year ago i had the opportunity to interview a general who was deputy commander of n.a.t.o., head of the attack on libya. he said that he wouldn't be surprised if al-assad as an act of despair will attack israel and will use everything in order to take as many israelis with him. this is something that israel does take into consideration. >> that's a grim possibility, isn't it? i mean, paris has been talking, he says that there should be some kind of joint effort to remove all chemical weapons in syria. is that even a feasible plan? >> there is much pressure from
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israel and international community to take steps against syria or any other country that is keeping in its basement this kind of weapons. israel has to be very careful not to draw too much attention to what according to foreign sources israel keeps in its basement. so, here again, the israeli government is very careful not to rub it in too much. >> good to speak to you. thank you very much for your time. akiva there in tel aviv. >> the egyptian former president mubarak appeared in court days after being released from prison. the case has now been adjourned until september 14th. mubarak appeared in cairo's police academy for the retrial along with his codefendants which include his two sons. the former president is accused of failing to stop the
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killing of protesters during the revolution that forced him out of office back in 2011. earlier the separate trial of mohamed badie, the spiritual leader of the muslim brotherhood was also adjourned. he's accused of inciting supporters to kill protesters demonstrating against muslim brotherhood in july of this year. two other brotherhood leaders are facing similar charges. well, let's speak to mike hanna whose live for us from cairo. let's start with mubarak's trial. certainly a lot of statements made during that trial. give us a flavor of what happened in court before it was adjourned. >> the judge began the proceedings with insisting on his independence saying he would view the evidence presented to him by both the defense and the prosecution with equal favor making very clear that his decision would be based on the detail and not on any personal opinion. the judge heard ongoing argument from the defense and it was very interesting that
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the defense was very quick to introduce a new line of argument, related to recent events that defense lawyers said it looks like another deposed president, mohammed morsi will appear in court soon on charges related to accomplicety icomplicity of kilf civilians. those are the charges against mubarak. that's beginning a argument that involves pinning the killings on mohammed morsi taking attention away from the other displaced president, mubarak. interesting there. the judge in adjourning the case said three committees are set up to look attic largest river aspects the author instructed his estate they'll reporattic largestriver aspectsl be appointed to go off to work. >> that's mubarak trial, another trial of interest was
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of various muslim brotherhood leaders including the spiritual leader. but, that was opened and adjourned almost immediately. what happened there? >> it was indeed. the six accused including the chief guide of the guidance bureau, the most senior official within the muslim brotherhood and two deputies, they did not appear in court at all. the prosecution said that they were not brought for unspecified security reasons. in that particular case, the judge heard the initial charges and then has postponed that case until the end of october. a long wait until then. >> okay. and, you know, the whole arrest of mohamed badie caused controversy in egypt. how is that playing against the already tense background? >> well, first you have to understand that as general guide of the muslim brotherhood he's the most respected and revered leader in the organization. he's not only a morale guide but very much the spiritual
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soul of the movement. so, a recent events veered man and a poster that even under mubarak was never attempted to arrest or taken any action against in any way. now, when he was arrested we heard according to his lawyer he was physically abused and this is what the lawyer had to say. translator:>> when the police came to arrest him they abused him physically and verbally, they hit him in the face, his team teeth came out. they wouldn't let him taste his teeth to prison or his medication. >> a couple of aspects, first, the treatment of a man whose revered by many members of the muslim brotherhood but not only that, questions arise on details of physical abuse that emerge only when people come to court through their lawyers. the question raised about the unknown number of people who are being detained and to the emergency laws that are not known how many there are,
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where they are, they have no access to lawyers, ed, family whatsoever. when you hear of uninstance of physical abuse coming from a lawyer in a courtroom that question emerges how many more and how many other places are not being reported. >> indeed, mike, thank you for that. >> more to come on this al jazeera news hour, including -- >> this is one of the famed pillars of hercules closed by the walls of shame. >> plus disgraced chinese politician bo xilai accuses a former aid of lying in court on day four of his trial. in sport, the european champions remind rivals why they're still the team to beat.
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>> a man suspected of gang raping a photographer in mumbai on thursday. the 22-year-old victim is recovering from injuries in hospital. the attack sparked public outrage over sexual violence against women. a spokesman for the pakistani taliban say that the group has sacked the commander of hits one faction. he was removed from his post for welcoming an offer of peace talks from the government. we have more from islamabad. >> days after the lead of the punjab taliban welcomed the peace talk offer from the prime minister, the head of the punjab taliban rejected that offer and sacked him saying that he would not be permitted to issue statements on behalf of the taliban in
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pakistan and earlier they had supported some of the statements buddstatements but bd itself from this one, leading people to think there was a rift on the peace talks. they said after the killing of their leader in a u.s. drone strike they had withdrawn the offer for peace talks. the government, of course, also said that while the offer was still open it would also use force if necessary. peace talks with the taliban are high on the agenda on the afghanistan's president visit on monday. he will likely seek support from the new government on the issue. >> we have more from kabul. >> they're hoping that will produce results because both countries want security. >> the people of afghanistan and pakistan are safe from
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acts of terrorism so our relationship gets better and these two countries can live in a brierly, a peaceful manner. >> afghan officials say this spring pakistan sent hundreds of fighters to afghan security forces. this the first year that they have taken the lead from n.a.t.o. troops and they have taken heavy casualties. the head of the army say that pakistan could end the fighting in week weeks if they wanted and they'll enlist the help to initiate a dialogue with the taliban. >> i think it is wise for president karzai to have a lower expectation from his trip to pakistan because if his expectations are high run he can't meet the expectations, then frustration and freezing of relationship comes in. >> president karzai remains optimistic. >> i'm sure the prime minister of pakistan has all the right intentions for stability and peace in pakistan and in
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afghanistan. i hope that we can use this opportunity to try to advance the good cause of both nations. >> last month the national security and foreign affair visor came to kabul to restart the relationship and to invite a to islamabad and last week they travel to kabul for a first time in 33 years at a match aimed at improving relations. president karzai has rae peteedly said there can't be peace in afghanistan without pakistan and he seems optimistic that the new administration will offer him the support he's sought in pakistan for years. jennifer glass, kabul. >> when the soviet union invaded afghanistan in 1979 refugees began pouring into neighboring pakistan. the pakistani government is now encouraging them to go home. as part of our challenge series we have been following one refugee family that took the dangerous road through the
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bkhyber pass and lawless areas and came to afghanistan in the tribal areas. they then reached the city of jalalabad and that's where our reporter picked up their story. this is the first few moments of his families new life after living as refugees in pakistan for many years they have just crossed the border into afghanistan. afghan forces are clearly in charge here and flying high above the crossing is the flag of the country's central government. his village where he plans to settle is still a few hours drive away. the family's first stop won't be there instead they come to a u.n. arena processing center for returnees. all 11 family members, most born in pakistan are registered and the children are given polio drops and receive measle vaccinations.
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welcome videos are shown to adults and other lessons are given on living in a country that for many in his family is mostly foreign. >> a stark reminder of how precarious the situation is in afghanistan, pulp arriving in the country returnees are t hotaught how to detect mines and improvised ex employees is, both are making calls killers in afghanistan and are a threat everyone is taking seriously. >> after filling out a final round of paperwork kahn receives a $150 repatriotization allowance and an additional $30 for each member of the family. money he'll use to rebuild their lives in a country he's not called home for three decades. translator:>> i'm very happy to be back. i'm proud to be an afghan. living here will be good for my family and praise to god we made it back safely to our homeland. my plan now is to open a shop.
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i'll workday and night to make our life better. >> to help with the long-term success of repatriotization is the u.n.'s reify gee agency whose workers promise to stay in close contact with the family. >> we are not targeting the refugees but we're visiting them within the fa year the fis for now, before they're content so settle in the village he was born in and start their new lives in a very different, often unpredictable afghanistan. al jazeera, jalalabad. >> russian soldiers rescue teams and volunteers are building temporary barriers to pro secretary the city of khabarovsk from floods. the waters will go up further in coming days. we have this report. >> new recruits joining the battle. nuns and children signing up
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to join the ranks of 0,000 other emergency military and civilian personnel engaged in this round the clock operation to boost the defenses of this threat pethreatened city. >> our faith teaches us to help our neighbors, that's why we're here to help. >> there is a new sense of urgency here, the floods which would do to -- were due to peak on sunday won't deliver their full force until next weekend. precious little time to build the dams that must protect this city of this size. more than 5,000 men of the russian army were flown in to provide the muscle to complete the coul job on time. >> three weeks after the river broke its banks the city is taking the strap. more and more -- taking the strain. more and more washed out roads, over 60 kilometres and apartment blocks are inundated. what's worrying people here, this river is not even due to peak for another seven days.
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>> moscow is 6,000 kilometres from here but the kremlin is prioritizing the defense of khabarovsk. the prime minister is looking at the operation on the ground and putin is expected in the next few days. for those on the frontline whose homes lie outside of the city near the riverbank the destruction is almost complete and a feeling among some residents who will soon be housed in resettlement camps like these that more could be done in the first days of the emergency and that the relief operation was launched too late. for the scale of this disaster, it stretches beyond the city across russia's far east. 85,000 people live in an area already hit by the worst floods in more than 100 years and everywhere the waters continue to rise. the elderly and sick taking precedence now in a rescue operation that may very quickly broaden its scope if as predicted the flooding gets
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worse. pe >> firefighters in the u.s. state of california are struggling to contain a giant blaze threatening 5.5,000 homes. the fire has doubled in size to more than 500 square kilometres as it rages on the northwest edge of yosemite national park. steph has the weather for us, starting with the wildfires, steph, what's the scene there? >> thank you. yeah, for the wildfires it is really unfortunate that they're not just a little bit further towards the east. if we have a look at the satellite picture we have seen that we have a lot of cloud there over the western parts of the u.s.a. but that's where the fires r they're actually west of this cloud. this cloud isn't only a cloud but it is giving us down pours because the rain there has been intensified by a tropical depression that's just done towards the southwest but bringing plenty of included north, that's with us over the next couple of days. here, for some of us in california, arizona, nevada,
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utah, for the northwestern parts of mexico, there could be flash flooding as we head through the next couple of days. fortunately though as we head our way through monday into tuesday the rain will begin to brick up and then it does look like the worst is over. elsewhere though, we have heavy downpours down towards the southeast, we appear to have a storm developing here as well. if we look at the satellite picture, it is a mess. there is a lot of cloud on it. just over the past few hours this area of cloud here appears to have circulation to it and at the moment there is 60% chance that it could be a tropical storm in the next 48 hours whether it does or not certainly for eastern parts of mexico actually it looks very, very wet. >> thank you for that. still to come here on j -- >> additional cases have increased especially among children. >> as if the threat of chemical weapons wasn't enough, doctors in syria are warning about the increasing
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use of cluster bombs in residential areas. in sport, the boat that's now within touching distance of competing in sailing's biggest raze. raise. we'll have that coming up for you later. ç]
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♪ ♪ >> hello again. our top stories, syria agreed to allow u.n. inspectors access to sites where alleged chemical attacks took place wednesday. in a statement read out by state television the government said it is working to set a time and date for the
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visit. bashar al-assad's regime denies using chemical weapons. >> the retrial against former egyptian president hosni mubarak has been adjourned until september 14th. momubarak appeared in court early on sunday. he's charged with planning the killing of protests in 2011. >> tens of thousands of soldiers, rescuers and volunteers are taking part in a relief effort in russia's far east. they're in flood waters that is expected to rise further. >> syria's conflict has killed more than 100,000 people according to the u.n. many thousands more have been wounded. medics warn that the use of cluster bombs are injuring people for life and a warning, you may find the immantles in this report disturbing. -- images in this report disturbing. >> maimed by syria's war, lucky to be alive, now embarking on a challenging
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future, like many others that the hospital in the rebel held country side of the northern province these patients have lost limbs. translator:>> i was playing at my neighbor's house in the afternoon a aircraft fired a missile, i was injured, one of my sister's died and four were injured. >> medics here say that the use of cluster bombs meant operations like these are on the rise. >> translator:>> the cases have increased lately especially amongst children due to the remnants of the clusters, we have received a number of children with upper limbs amputated as a result of tampering with them and there are many lower limb amputations because they have stepped on mines. >> human right watch has warned of the military's use of cluster bombs in residential areas. the weapons release dozens of small ammunitions that don't often explode immediately but are a latent danger.
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with a lack of equipment doctors here are being forced to improvise. >> translator:>> the most important obstacles that we face in field hospitals is the lack of medical equipment. we carry out amputations with equipment used for cutting metal and wood. >> the u.n. says 2.5 years of fighting has killed more than 100,000 people. the number of wounded is much higher. civilians have suffered the most. international charities have been able to provide patients at this field hospital with some help in the form of prosthetic limbs for these survivors, the future will be plagued by difficulties. >> chinese politician bo xilai has accused a former aid of lying in his testimony. it has been the fourth day of his trial in the eastern city and the former communist party chief is accused of bribery and abuse of power. he admitted he made mistakes but denied embezzling state
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funds. we have more from outside of the court. >> for a second day the two long time friends and allies appeared in the courtroom together as adversaries. bo xilai's case, he says that he was told that his wife gu kailai was responsible for the killing of neil heyward. the day after that, he says, bo xilai punched him on the side of the head causing fluid to leak from his ear, blood from his mouth and that sortly after that he was dismissed from his pot. the prosecution says that evidence shut be believed and it demonstrates that bo xilai abused power in trying to cover up the police investigation into his wife's involvement in the killing of neil heyward. she was sentenced to a suspended death sentence for that murder last year. bo xilai responded essentially trying to undermine the r as ase was saying. he said he never had martial arts training and couldn't have punched him in that mapper, he lacked strength to inflict those injuries. he admits to having slapped
9:35 am
him in the presence of two other police officers and says that jinn has been convicted for his flight to the u.s. consulate in the wake of all of those events and that therefore that shows he's a man of bad character and a liar and that his testimony cannot be trusted. of course, a lot of this does serve both the interest of bo xilai in allowing him to put on a strong defense and potentially serving the interest of the communist party and giving weight to his eventual con irks. there is no more hearings today and tomorrow we expect the final summings up in the case to begin. >> the u.n.'s top hugh map rights official has arrived in sri lanka after the government promised access to former war zones. navi pillay will be examining allegations of human right allege gagrightallegation and tt crackdown on the media. >> another crime against the media. five men stormed in the house of this senior journalist early on saturday.
9:36 am
police say initial investigations show that the motive is robbery but the victim is not convinced. >> i don't know. what it is i don't know. i hope it will end soon. >> this incident comes on pressure and indirect pressure on the military and crack counsels on civilian protests like this one of people demanding clean water. it is one area that the u.n. head commissioner for human rights navi pillay will look into during her visit to sri lanka. >> the war and the targeting of civilian, the killings and other human right violation also be examined. navi pillay has been quoted as saying she wants it see for herself the reconstruction and rehab effort and what progress is being made to accountability and reconciliation.
9:37 am
the sri lanka former representative in geneva say this is crucial. >> the last best chance for the government of sri lanka to convince her that there is no need for an international inquiry into the last stages of the war. >> he says to do so, the government will have to be willing to set up credible, open and empowered national processes. relationrelations between the to sides is strained in the past. the government minister launched a hunger fast outside of the u.n. compound and senior officials were criticized. the situation wasn't helped by crit ior simp by the high commissioner. >> sometimes confrontational exchanges between the government and the high commissioner, a lot is riding on this visit. for a governments is a chance to prove they have nothing to hide. while navi pillay will get a firsthand look at the realities on the ground.
9:38 am
>> the government says having invited the high commissioner it would not place any restrictions on her. >> we don't have to be defensive, to be defensive, you have to hide something. we're not defensive. neither are we offensive. we're just giving u the you normal route as any visitor from international entity. what they want to see, they see. simple as that. >> the u.n. high commission of human rights is due to provide an oral briefing on the progress to the human rights council in september. followed by a full report in march, 2014. >> the hundre honduras governms a mosquito born infection that's present in more than half of the country and children are particularly vulnerable. rachel will he convenientrachel.
9:39 am
>> these children are in the last stage of dengue, this is deadly. checking on patients this doctor says that the young and the old are particularly vulnerable. >> the critical three, four days. then once the fever is gone, the platelets get down so the patient has a lot of bleeding, and start having shock and then may die. >> honduras is in a state of emergency, over 14,000 cases have so far been reported this year. more that particular a dozen are dead. people come to public hospitals like these to be treated if they can. the healthcare system here is over stretched and under funded. people are literal where being treated in the hallways and oftentimes they have to buy their own medicine. the government says it is tackling the outbreak. neighborhoods where cases are reported are fumigated. government workers go door to
9:40 am
door educating people about the prevention. in this tropical country months of heavy rains provide the perfect breeding ground for dengue carrying mosquitoes. they lay their eggs in stillwater. ingrid's younger brother is in recovery finally. she says that the government is more focused on the upcoming elections than the health emergency. translator:>> they're not helping the health system or education. there is no money because it is all going to the campaigns. >> the last severe outbreak in central america was in 2010 when over 130 people died in the region. with at least 120,000 suspected cases so far this year officials are hoping 2013 doesn't surpass that number. rachelal wil >> the fit over fis between britain and spain
9:41 am
brought in the spotlight longstanding territory disputes in the medicin meditar. the area is surrounded by mothemoroco but the government n madrid say they're not giving it back. we have this report. >> the pillars of hercules known as the gateway to the meditarian. two rocky peaks, one overlooking spain's north african territory of futa, the other, invisible through the mist is the rock of gibralter. this could be any arab street but this has been spanish for centuries, a trading coast. they have long wanted spain to give up the area and the sister enclave with their mix of cultures and religions but there isn't much appetite for that here.
9:42 am
translator:>> i consider myself spanish and live in a spanish city with all my rights and obligations. i'm muslim, my roots are in moroco and family still live there. we're between two cultures. >> besides its pillar, there are watch towers, it is also a gateway to europe. >> for a few months in 2005 wave upon wave of people tried illegally to cross this divide from the african side over there to what is officially european soil here. many succeeded, some died trying shot by border guards on pollute thshot byborder guid. it was called the wharf shame and then the fence is not easily breached anymore nor is what lace beyond as attractive as it once was. spain has fallen on hard times and the african out posts are not spared the austerity and jobless . for those that live here, it
9:43 am
is after all, one country. >> translator:>> this has never belonged to moroco but always spain air we're spanish. >> hercules is between different cultures, different territorial disputes. in theater wwe were denied an io explain why this should be spanish and why britain should give its piece of spain back. >> still to come here on the program, we're on african safari to find out how zimbabwe hopes to rebuild their tourism industry. who made an unexpected appearance at the latest formula 1 grand prix.
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>> the crowds emassed in front of the lincoln memorial didn't match the 200,000 or more that watched martin luther king at the same spot a half century ago but the determine nation to see america redeem his vision was strong. as children veronica and vinisha were at the 25th anniversary of the march and brought their own kids to the 50 year commemoration. >> a lot of people still care about equity and justice in the united states and recognize we haven't made it but we are all still fighting for the same cause. >> the speakers underlined the economic obstacles that still hindered black americans. >> we need a new plan for our cities to provide jobs, infrastructure improvements and a true lasting stimulus to the economy. >> they also cited topics
9:46 am
never tackled in the 60s, gay and lesbian rights and immigration reform. >> king's speech here pushed through laws that guaranteed blacks equal access to the ballot but many speakers here say that the laws are being threatened and weakened by republican sponsored state laws sanctioned by the supreme court recently. >> the last surviving speaker from 1953 say that the sacrifices made then must not be in vein. >> i give a little bit of blood on that bridge in alabama for the right to vote. i am not going to standby and let the supreme court take the right to vote away from us. >> one of king's o chroniclers say he would with been disappointed by the bipartisan that held up progress. >> our political discourse is not living up to the promise of america that was articulate sod well 50 years ago. >> a promise that his admirers
9:47 am
still believe can be achieved. al jazeera, washington. >> the united nations is investigating reports that two of its peace keepers killed two locals that tried to storm a base. witnesses say that two peace keepers from uruguaw shot dead two people on saturday due to the lack of action in the area. the un's mission in the country has not commented on the claim other than to launch the investigation. three people were killed by shelling in the west of goma on saturday and wounded three u.n. peace keepers just days after renewed clashes between the army and rebels. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe promised tit for tat after the community has called for sanctions to be lifted saying that the country's recent elections were free and peaceful. meanwhile zimbabwe is chosen to head a drive for the
9:48 am
development of tourism in africa. the country is currently cohosting a tourism summit. visits to the nation have dropped but they're hoping that will change. we have a report from victoria falls. >> elephants drinking water in zimbabwe. a few meters away tourists spot a hippo in the waters off the fourth largest river in africa. some of them are here for the u.n. word tourism general assembly cohosted by zimbabwe. a few days ago president robert mugabe was sworn in for the 7th term in office. many say that the election was flawed but many leader says that the polls were incredible. they hope for stability. >> what we need to do mainly is to be predictable at a people and to have political stability. to manage our public perception well and to encourage foreign investors to come in to the tourism
9:49 am
industry. >> this group is visiting zimbabwe for the first time. they come from spain, australia and island. >> we just had a fantastic few hours walking around victoria falls. absolutely stunning. amazing. >> now the elections are over and local holiday makers want to see zimbabwe gain international acceptance. >> we have a lot to show to the people. we have a lot that we can give out so i encourage you to come. >> government officials feel that zimbabwe is still portrayed unfairly. >> when you bring it into consideration, put zimbabwe side by side by what's happening in north africa today, we pale in significance in terms of instability, we're a stable destination. they're here because they're endorsing us, they would not come if we were in a war zone. >> when the land invasion started in 2000 governments warned citizens against traveling to zimbabwe. the number of tourists coming here dropped. now the tourism industry and u.n. summit hopes that the
9:50 am
elections will help rebuild their battered international image. >> it is time for sports now. >> thank you so much. >> betle has confirmed his dominance. the driver won the bell begin grand prix. alonso second with hamilton third. green peace activists made an unexpected prerace appearance. f1 boss not amused. the protesters unhappy with race sponsor shell arctic drilling plans. the race itself did start as scheduled, vettel's whip putting him 46 points clear in the title race. >> barcelona coach martino described the amount of money rivals are willing to spend on bale as disrespectful. he was talking ahead of the upcoming game later on sunday. there will ab world record deal for bale in the next few
9:51 am
days and he says this feels out of place with the current economic climate despite themselves spending 75 million on their new striker namar. >> bale is a good player. the second question, the numbers are almost a lack of respect to the world in general. >> bale will not be involved with the current club in the premier game. the other game will seaman chester city playing cardiff who spent 180 million strengthening the squad and under a new manager. they started their season with a 4-0 win over new castle. >> really very good game. the way we -- i want to -- this team, it must play, not only because we scored our goals. we have our goals, but in the way we play. i think we were an aggressive
9:52 am
team. that's very important for me. >> liverpool made their best start to a league season since 2008. a 1-0 win over villa was the second straight win. the manager is happy his team is doing well even without the striker suerez. >> for me, it is about the team. you know, suerez is a world class striker. he's proven that. he's staying at liverpool. for me, the focus will always be on the team so whoever goes in to play they have to play for the team. as i said, that was an excellent team performance today. >> a perfect start to life as the manager, the spaniard paid tribute to match winners after the pair scored in the 2-0 win. it was barns third straight win of the season and he points to the top of the table with three other teams.
9:53 am
england cricketers will perform a series against australia in a few hours time. play is now underway in london. england were bold out for 377 in the first innings with the match heading towards a draw. the home team have an unasale unasalable 3-0 series lead. jamaica won the first ever caribbean tee premier title. there was a 7wicket victory. >> a final round of the golf's tournament but tiger woods is not far off the pace. he's four shots behind the coleaders in new jersey on 8 under par. roy still without a tournament win this year but he's showing better form this week. the northern irish man is 600or under par. >> the greens are perfect out there. with it being a little windy but still the fairways are
9:54 am
getting fast, you can get that ball way down there if you're feeling good and frisky you can drive it all the way down there with wedges in there. >> south africa posted their first away victory in the rugby championship in four years and they lead the championship on points differences from new zealand. the rocks thrash the argentina by a record margin a week earlier but faced a bigger challenge, argentina led with 8 minute remaining and there was two late penalties kicked for winning it for south africa by 22 to 17. >> sailing and team new zealand are a win away from winning the right to race oracle team u.s.a. for the america cup. they set a race record to again overpower italy's lunar challenger winning by 1 minute, 58 seconds. they now have a 6-2 lead in the series. new zealand could seal the victory later on sunday. >> on the world's top tennis
9:55 am
players, they're in new york ahead of the final grand slam of the season. the u.s. open, which begins on monday. world number one and defending champion serena williams is going for her 5th title. this is the first time andy murray is walking into a grand slam as defending a i don't know although he's not the favorite to win, britain says he's not feeling any pressure. >> it is a new experience, definitely -- i think when it gets going, the tournament, i don't think -- i don't think it changes too much. there was a lot of pressure on me for a lot of years to win a grand slam and then same sort of thing at wimbledon, i wouldn't imagine it is the same here. >> that's all we have for now. back to you. >> he's as happy as ever. thank you! >> thank you very much. we'll see you later on. >> a new species of bird has been discovered in the cambodia. the cambodian taylor bird can be drawn out by playing a recording of its song on a
9:56 am
smartphone. >> he's very small, quick and has a distinctive orange cap. meet the cambodia taylor bird. a new species of bird discovered through a collaboration of three wildlife scientists. it started when one was testing out the new camera. >> how he found the bird back in january of 2012 at this site, and didn't know what it was. then he went, saw the same bird in early june. again, he didn't know what it was. he got really good photographs. then, that really peaked my interest. >> simon then determined that the bird was not an anomaly of an existing taylor bird species. the scientist visited several nearby scrub areas to find the population proving it was indeed a new species. we're a half hour drive from phnom penh. this is no means a remote area, that's why this is an interesting discovery. the undiscovered bird hiding
9:57 am
in plain sight can be drawn out by playing a recording of its song on a smartphone. so, why hadn't it been discovered before? >> the main reason is because the places it lives are not very interesting. it lives in dense scrub and most of the birds that live in dense scrub are common birds that nobody would pay any attention to. thanks to some scientists who did pay attention the new cambodia taylor bird will draw in more tourists. >> eric anderson w already we f birdwatchers fer year coming through. this is a new thing. and nobody has seen this before. >> so many more people can see it, the scientists ask that the bird be classified as near threatened so that the building boom of the city does not swallow its ha habitat. >> that's it for me for now. i'll be back straight after the break. do stay with us.
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>> here are the top headlines on this hour. former egyptian president hosni mubarak appeared in court today. he's facing a number of criminal charges stemming from the 2011 uprising in the country. his case has been adjourned until september 14th. at least one person is dead, dozens of others injured after a suspected terrorist bomb ripped through a military bus in yemen. the explosion occurring this morning in the capital city. so far no one claimed responsibility for that attack. the fast moving california wildfires forced more evacuations in and around yosemite national park today. at least 2600 firefighters are battling the blaze even as we speak. at risk, more than 5,000 homes


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