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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 25, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. â [music] >> hello, this is the news hour on al jazeera. wilwill making headlines egypt's mubarak back in court daydayes after he left prison.
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>> one of the famed pillars of hercules. â [music] >> it may prove to be the worst attack committed, the syrian government has reached an agreement with inspectors. may find some of the images in the report, disturbing. >> they were uploaded on to you tube.
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the syrian government denies it was responsible. sitting with the united nations disarmtament and reported. global leaders are calling. the president has been reaching security advisors to consider his options. >> president the obama has asked the defense department >> reporter: obama has said any use of chemical
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weapons is a redline. during a phone call on saturday the british prime minister agreed. >> we need to be careful here about air strikes. these entities will have to try to control the aftermath. >> reporter: the u.s. secretary of state called
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on his counterparts. >> reporter: moscow is alarmed by reports >> we have said it once, twice and given our assurance assurances no are there chemical
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weapons in any shape or form. >> let's look at the diplomatic side of things. going to talk about william hague and movement. >> there is a we don't know what he is taking there.
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there are meetings that will take place in jordan. military actions, as we know indicate no decisions have been made at this point in time. >> william hague says it points to use of chemical weapons by the syrian government. we have talked about the
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diplomacy side of things. thank you for your time, as ev ever. we are speculating but what do you think we are looking at? >> it must be understood in the context of the larger diplomatic efforts. on the one specific issue anywhere from
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that's what military planners are focusing on most right now. >> you told us about diplomacy and the meeting coming up, history will judge the united states and international community. >> no, you i think you are exactly right. there is a proven use of chemical weapons -- if the united states can't be trusted to live up to their word
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what is going to happen in the future as unreliablareliable reliable alis. to persuade and convince the people of america. that's the bully pulpit.
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>> thank you for your time as ever. israel say its would support a u.s.-led response on wednesday. >> from this we draw three conclusions. and three, we expect this to stop.
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we know how to protect our citizens against those who cause us harm. of we are a at a point where 100,000 have been killed. you may find the images in this report disturbing.
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>> reporter: these patients have losty limbs. >> i was playing at my neighbor's house. one of my sisters died. >> reporter: operations like these are on the rise. we have a number of children with limbs amputated. they have stepped on mines. >> reporter: --
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>> the most important obstacles we face. >> reporter: the u.n. says said the number is higher than 100,000 and civilians have suffered most. >> we have comprehensive coverage on al attacks in iraq killed 18 people on second.
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five were killed at a security checkpoint. still ahead this news hour: water levels reach record levels. we continue to follow an afghan family. another eventful day in
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egypt. >> reporter: it is never a dull day here. two of the larger protests happened in alexandria. hundreds of protestors took to the streets. all of this against a back drop of a more aggressive crack down. of o course the protests happened across the difference provinces. the story of the day are the
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trials placed in different courts. their opening session happened today and the re-trial of mubarak. >> reporter: released from prison and back behind bars, mubarak appears again in court. the defense is quick to introduca a new line. what is likely to be lengthy
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arguments. and in central cairo the trial began. the prosecution announcing it was security reasons. of
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the prosecution having made clear -- bo xilai is accused of corruption and bribery and abuse of power. >> reporter: the long time friend and xilai appeared in the courtroom as adversaries.
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his wife was sentenced to a suspended death sentence. he said he couldn't have punched him in that manner and did admit to having slapped him. and he is a man of bad character and a liar and his testimony can't be trusted. mow more proceedings are
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expected to day. five men accused of raping a iff female photographer in mum bai. >> women are still shaken days after a young photographer was attacked. she is so worried about security she has co-founded a website. subscribers are immediately alerted so they can avoid the area.
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>> i want to know how safe the place is. >> the area is located in the central district of mumbai. officials say they are shocked such a brutal attack could happen in the heart of the city. there has beena a 15% rise in attacks since last year.
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>> they are trying to create a place for themselves that is not very well accepted. >> reporter: rights groups are warning women not to retreat back into their homes. for these women, staying at home is not an option and attempt to pursue them de despite the risks. some unique methods to help women of domestic abuse.
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>> reporter: from her office in albuquerque, new mexico, she is trying to help remove the signs of abuse. >> this is the superficial. you should be concerned about the acts and events that took place. >> reporter: the laser removal may take months or years. her boyfriend demanded she can his name tattooed on her.
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>> he threatened me, if you don't get the tattoo. it was more sit still and you are going to let me tattoo you. >> reporter: dawn stepped in because of the abusive relationship she herself had suffered. >> i realized there was this elevation that it had become important to remove this person's name who caused so much pain.
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it felt like final closure. >> reporter: shy can't take away the emotional scars. the zimbabwe president has promised what he called tit for tat retaliation. the united nations report
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two were killed where witnesses say the -- >> a few days before sudan is expected to shut down. a new bird species has been
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discovered. coming you, i'l
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when people need to be heard, stories need to be told, al jazeera is there. >> hello again, i'm fuli batibo with the main stories on al jazeera. >> since 1996, we've told the human story from the ground up. >> this is an unsafe place to be. >> with a new point of view. >> this river is their road to freedom. >> committed, inspired, bold. >> we're on the front line but its under attack. >> al jazeera media network, the global, award-winning news organization.
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these are the top stories. syrian to allow access to attack sites. anti-military protests continue across egypt. attacks in iraq have killed at least 18 people. russian soldiers and teams
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are working to put up barriers to keep the east from floods. that say the worst is yet to come. peter sharp has our report. >> reporter: nuns and children are signing up with military and civilian personnel to help boost defenses of this city. >> we are here to help. >> reporter: there is a sense of urgency.
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precious the time to put up the dams to protect a city this si size. three weeks after it broke its banks, 1,600 kilometers have been washed out. what is worrying the people here is this river is not due to peak for seven days. >> reporter: the deputy prime minister is monit monitoring the operations.
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the destruction is almost complete and many feel more could have been done. this stretches far beyond the city. the people live in an area already hit and the waters continue to rise. peter sharp, al jazeera. president putin's fiercest critic was taken away in
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a police vehicle. h vehicle. greece may receive support from its partners. they facia a spending gap of 14 billion. he said he wouldn't expect the loan -- activists were arrested after violent demonstrations on saturday. supporters of the far right group gathered.
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a wild fire in por in portugal has been brought under control. plane and helicopter assistance was needed. a diplomatic dispute over gibralgt bralter. it wants the british territory back and says they have a right to it. we get the latest. >> reporter: the pillars of hercules rocky peaks
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one over looking. this could be any street, but it has been spanish for centuriys. >> i consider myself spanish and live in a spanish city. we are in between to cultures. >> reporter: it is also a gateway to europe.
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wave upon wave of people try illegally to cross. many succeeded, some died tryi trying. of the fence has been heavily reinforced. the fence isn't so easily breached any more. >> it has been spain and we are spanish. we were denied an official interview of why this remains
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british. europe's biggest street festival has been kicking off. >> it's nearly 50 years old. >> they represent the sand and the younger girls represent the sun.
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>> we get to dance. >> reporter: more than a million are expected here taking in the parades. >> they captain for experience, not just carnival, but the food as well. >> reporter: from humble or origins in the '60s, it is now you europe's biggesty festival. celebrating the end of slavery. the costumes are still a big part.
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autostill walking tall. >> and it didn't rain too much. >> gorky park has inspired songs and films and the park of the redesigned. thank you. >> a. >> reporter: forensic experts gather evidence
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the bus never made it to the air base. >> i was working in a petrol district when i heard the blast. >> reporter:s forces blame al qaedaa. >> this is a terrorist attack. an officer was killed on the spot, severely injured. it said it was retaliating
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against the killing of its leaders the government increased security herey. and may never be able to. >> days after the leader of the punjab taliban, rejected the
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offer issuing a statement earlier. they are demandinga a u.s. drone strike and also said they would would use force if necessary. >> we'll follow an afghan refugee family back.
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when the former soviet union invaded afghanistan refugees left and they are being encouraged to return home. we have been following one family. >> reporter: they have just crossed the border to afghanistan. forces are clearly in charge
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here. his ancestralla village is still a few hours away. all 11 family members most born in pakistan. welcome videos are shown to the adults and other lessons given on how to live. a stark reminder of how prey carious the security situation is they are taught to detect mines and improvised explosive devices.
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money he will on use to rey built their lives. >> i'my proud to be an afghan. living here will be good. my plan is to open a shop and i will work day and night. >> reporter: the agency whose workers promised to - on for now the family is content to settle in the village he was worn in.
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keeping an eyey on the cricket. >> very disappointing. we will start with formula 1. the world champa champa. it was a tougher afternoon and his race ended. starting in 9th place, stormed to the victory. >> that was much better than we
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expected. i think the guys -- >> the first motogp ride tore win five races this season. he reeled in lorenzo with four laps remaining. >> i will so happy for that and we have another race. the japanese defender got there
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first the 3 points were sealed making his 400th appearanceful. the malaisian owner after changing the blue kit to red. the 3-2 win. >> the other teams. real madrid refusing to make
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any comment on bale. his move from the english side. >> first of all not the player of real madrid. >> the top man in world football said he would be surprised if there be a meetin meet -- is a decision in early october.
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in cricket, england have been denied they finished in a draw a a few moments ago they are set on their way with innings. eng labd win the series 3-nil. >> the u.s. open which begins on monday.
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even though he is not the favorite to win. >> it's a new experience and different. >> team new zealand are one win away from clenching a series victory. they have a 6-1 lead in the challengers series. i you know that will make you happy. >> amazing.
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â [music] >> $19.25 silent classaic phantom of the opera. it is not what the original maker had in mind. will. >> silent films were silent and they had orca extras and bands. of. >> it is growing in popularity. of giving new life to old movieys the musicalla accompanyment ensures a connection toa a contemporary audience.
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the philippines possess is a well developed musical pool to tap into. >> and you have to keep things moving. >> the film is excellent. >> did you enjoy the movement? >> it was my first time to watch a silent film. >> the timeless nature of drama. a new species of bird has been discovered in cambodia. >> reporter: he is very small and has a distinctive
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orange cap. a mew species found through a collaboration of wild life scientists. >> how he found the bird and went and saw the same bird in early june. a that piqued my interest. >> reporter: it was not an anomaly of an existing species. we are a half-hour drive from the largaest city and part of the reason this is an interesting discovery. they are drawn out by playing the song on the smart phone.
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>> it lives in dense scrub. most birds that live in scrub are common birds nobody would pay args tension to. we get hundreds of bird watchers every year coming through. nobody has seen this before. >> many more ask that the bird be classified as near threatened. >> that is your news hour. next all the latest news headlines right here.
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welcome to al jazeera. the u.n. will visit syria to check for chemical weapons tomorrow. the organization doctors without borders confirmed the victims suffered from toxic symptoms.


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