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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 27, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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good morning, i am morgan radford and these are some of the stories we are following at this hour. >> this international norm cannot be violated without continues kenconsequences. >> secretary of state kerry says the u.s. have evidence syria has resorted to using chemical weapons. the biggest forest fire is threatening 40 four structures n california. a fire claimed the lives of people in eastern mex. eastern mexico. ♪ ♪
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>> the obama administration says there is a sense of urgency facing the ongoing crisis in syria. the white house postpone aid meeting with russia scheduled for we understand it wants to weigh its response to a chemical weapons attack by syria. john kerry said there is little doubt the a sad regime is behind the attack. exactly what military options are the u.s. wearing? >> reporter: it was the strongest condemnation yet from the administration. >> what we saw in syria last week should shot the conscience of the world. it defies any code of morale at this. let me be clear, the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians, the killing of women and children, and innocent by standsers, by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. >> reporter: as horrific em are images of death and suffering continue to stream out of syria. president obama met with top advisors at the white house. and had calls with british prime
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minister david cameron and french leader to discuss options. now kerry says the syrian regime will pay a price. >> president obama believes that there must being accountability for those that would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. >> reporter: defense second chuck heigl says the military is ready who whatever the rez decides. what are the options? american boots on the ground already ruled out by the white house. a no-fly zone as in bosnia or libya. a hoard sale for a war-weary nation. cruise missiles used often in the last 20 years in iraq, in afghanistan and in libya. with the u.s. navy adding fire power in the mediterranean, now considered the most likely option if there is to be a military response in syria. >> there is no point in just firing a weapon, dropping a bomb to drop a bomb. i think you have to start by building a coalition of the willing around a regional
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organization. >> reporter: a mission to eliminate syria's chemical weapons could trigger more problems. >> obviously if you go in and try to secure the weapons themselves, now you are getting into a whole other area of risk involved of what are the potential fallout with the players involved around russia, just for make two. >> reporter: a final decision is expected in the coming days. mike, al jazerra, washington. >> now as mike just mentioned, the obama administration is considering a range of possible military options. in fact, there is already a military presence in syria's surrounding areas. navy officials have told al gentleman veer sao*er that there are foualjazerra there are four destroyers in the me mediterrann sea and they are armed with guided missile. two carrier strike groups i in e arabian gulf. each led by an aircraft carrier,
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a submarine and supply ships. the u.s. left a number of f-16 jets following military exercises in jordan. the u.s. operates two air bases in turkey which could be used in a future attack. for the a closer look at the options the u.s. has joined live from san francisco, i am joined liver by a lecture you are at stanford university and a former u.s. state department official from 2005 to 2007. now, is u.s. policy to blame for this current mess? >> no. morgan, i don't think u.s. policy is to blame. this is a very difficult situation. i think our options in syria were probably somewhat better two years ago. it would have been easie easiern find moderate revel force to his give aid to. now the situation sin creasingly difficult but i don't think it's too late and i think it's very appropriate that the obama administration is taking the forceful action that it has and i was very encouraged bisect
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kerry's speech. the u.s. needs to act now. a hundred thousand syrians have died in this conflict in the past two and a half years. and this civil war threatens to did hdestabilize an entire regio this is a time to put a coalition together and to act. >> the question then, is this going to be another libya where president obama creates a coalition and brings international force to bear? >> i think it's too soon to predict that. i think an appropriate response now would be to massively increase aid, both weapons and humanitarian aid to those rebel groups that we can vet and say say safely are not extremists or allied with al qaeda and cup that would wit with a very stepd up at this time natural i can response as you are already seeing out of washington. increased effort to bring the arab stats on board they have been supporting the rebels in
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syria for several years now. not always the rebel groups that america would support. but they might be brought around to cooperating with us. and i think those two options are appropriate as a first response. what comes after that remains to be seen. >> and if we shoot rockets in to syria to detroit chemical weapons do we risk any unforeseen consequences? >> yes. i think the military options here are very, very complexion. complex and i think it's fair that the obama administration is taking its time as you could tell bisect kerry's speech. so far he has condemned the chemical weapons attack, but there has been no outline of what the u.s. response is going to be. and i imagine pentagon balloon he is are very business right now thinking of all the possibility options. >> thank you so much. live from san francisco. emergency crews say they are slowly making progress in their
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battle against one of the largest wild fires to ever hit california. the rim fire now covers more than 250 square miles and it's located right on the edge of yosemite national park and that's just a mile way from the reservoir that actually supplies most of the drinking water for san francisco. press prograpresident obama proo deliver whatever resources need to recover from the fires. the pledge came in a phone call from governor jerry brown. >> reporter: firefighters have made some headway but the rim fires is working its way north and east. more resources arrived by hour. this has become a top national priority. on monday, california governor jerry brown made a visit to the area. >> whatever it takes, i am going make sure that the resources are deployed. and the president called me just yesterday and he expressed his support. whatever we need, he'll provide. so between the state and the
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federal government, and local officials, we'll get it done. >> reporter: battling the flames has been tough. crews worry about the fires advance to new communities, there play be more evacuations. containment levels might be higher but we are days in to the fire and it continues to rage. tp*z win some ground and lose it elsewhere. the fire swept right through this camp torching trees and melting metal. the dang sporthe danger is not . there is still the task of preventing any fires from reigniting of the thousands of tp*z frotp-rz fromfirefighters m across the country. >> we recognize this area has had a history of fay tal a fatas in the last 30 years for firefighters. we are cognizant of the terrain and fuel conditions and the fire behavior that a kurz here occur.
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>> something we take very seriously. >> reporter: it's been one of the largest firefighters in california history. while it may be beaten back a bit. it's fa there are beaten, melissa chan, al jazerra, california. >> and as the fire consume even more territory, what are the most pressing risks facing firefighters and emergency management personnel? and to answer that question joining is us now with the latest is kelly houston deputy director of crisis communications for the governor's office of emergency services. and mr. houston, what are the greatest threats pose bide the fire right now? >> the greatest threats are one like you heard from the chief, from cal fire is the threat to firefighters because of the terrain, it's a very rugged terrain, there is a history here of firefighters getting injured and we have lost some in this area and that's all along what's call the highway 108 corridor. the north side of the fire inches its way up the mountain side and there are small pockets of communities there that are
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all under advisories of evacuations and really it's basically seeing what the fire is going to do and trying to stay a couple of steps ahead of it as we have been doing for the last seven or eight days. >> now, also we are hearing are reports from pretty real risks of disruption to san francisco's water and power supplies. is that still the case? and if so, how? >> the potential for that disruption is not immediate. not in the next couple of days, next couple of weeks. it's really long-term down the road. what we are trying to pay attention to is what are the long-term effects of this watershed essentially the fire has turned this in to a moon escape, as governor brown mentioned today and it's basically scorches ared the earth up there. water that supplies san francisco that 80% that comes from that area is from that watershed. rainfall and snowpack. there will be a the "adrenaline" lot of ash and debris up there. the everythings are largely
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unknown, we are continuing to test the water to make sure there are no immediate effects from the ash and really look long-term and say what are those impacts going to be. and what con tin guns i plans can we put in place now and in the next couple of weeks and no, months to prepare for that. >> you mentioned the long-term, butt area is mosbut the area isr its trees are they safe? if not what is being done to protect them. >> the forest service and park service and the firefighters in the area, that's on the south side of the fire, have been cutting doser lines through there, putting in sprinklers system and crossing their fingerser and hoping that mother nature doesn't driver the fire into that area any further they were it has. so far it's holding its own, the sequoias are part of the national treasure of the park and it is one of the fire fighting priorities as we stand. >> now reports have also surfaced that there are local communities which are going to sufficienter since there are no tourists there. how serious i've problem is
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this? >> so right now yosemite national park and we want to stress this, is open, all the views and the valley are all of that. some of these camps which are on the far north side of the park and in to the stance slaw national forest are the ones that suffered damage. there were a couple of music festivals some summer camps up there that had to be evacuated in the early stages of the fire and really the fallout of damage there has been not full a cescked because the fire is still burning, firefighters are working on that. so we are going to take several days, weeks, to really determine the long-term impacts on those smaller camping and resort areas just north of y yosemite park. >> thank you so much, kelly houston, deputy director of crisis communications for the governor's office of emergency services. tropical depression ferdinand left 13 people dead in mexico. the storm flooded the area of veracruz located in the gulf of mexico. all of the deaths were caused by mudslides that buried homes.
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more than 200 people were told to leave their property. >> well, is it too early to take a look at your weekend? we are going to need you to prepare in some locations because you are going to be hot. not necessarily up here towards the northeast, we are going to be seeing some showers here today. pushing through across much of new england. those are coming across the great lakes, moving extremely fast. new york seeing the showers pushing through as we speak. those showers, though, as they go through some will be more heavier than others, but up here towards the north in new hampshire it's going to be a little lighter but down towards washington you'll he soot rain showers push through a little bit later in the day. highs today look like this, new york 86 degrees, washington youu are going to go all the way up to 91. forecast looks like this, 85 degrees on friday. as we begin the holiday weekend and so saturday, for new york, that's going to climb all the way to about 86 degrees there.
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down towards the south, though, we have a lot of rain, some good news in the forecast is a lot of this rain is beginning to push more down in to the gulf of mexico. not necessarily over here towards texas unfortunately. you can expect to see some localized flood ago cross the region, but across much of the gulf state such as mobile or new orleans, all se you'll see bettr weather. atlanta 87 on tuesday. really not look too bad through the week and should be dry, temperatures are going to be climb on the ground friday to about 92 degrees there. i spoke about the heat. this is the majority where it's going to be across the central portions of texas. and also to the north. where the rain end up there towards the north, that's where it will be quite warm. we'll see temperatures in texas and dallas at about 98 degrees, but take a look at your 5-day forecast. one off four degrees on thursday, really not much better as we go towards the weekend but
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plenty of sunshine in the forecast. >> he was acquitted in the shooting death of a florida teen. and now george zimmerman wants the state to pay big bucks for his legal fees. and a deadly train crash in mexico may be the work of thieves. looking to make some pretty quick cash. a helping hand, as the japanese government di decontaminates the newspaper lahnuclear plant manye pitching in. ♪ ♪
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and you can kiss that puppy goodbye, chula vista would answer back. they would come up clutch. jianca rlo, and california is back on top, 4-3. but buckle up, this game was a rollercoaster ride. the bottom of the fifth, they see you shortly. ♪ ♪ ♪ prosecutors in china are now calling for him to be punished severely. the disgraced chinese politician's trial came to a close on monday. bo could face the death penalty if convict odd
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bribery and corruption charges, fallen politicians career unraveled by a scandal set off by his wife as murder i've british businessman. the sentences face for hassan is underway. huh shann is the gunman responsible for the fort hoot shooting rampage in november 2009. he was found guilty on friday on 13 counts of murder. and 32 counts of attempted murder. a military jury will hear impact statements from victims families over the new few days. meantime, george zimmerman is asking the state of florida to cover some of his legal fees, a lawyer for the neighborhood watch volunteer plans to file a motion to cover between $20,300,000 of legal fees, the 29-year-old was acquitted of all charges including seconds degree murder in the fatal shooting of unarmed team treyvon
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martin in florida. thieves of being blamed in mexico's debtsly train crash where officials say the train derailed because of the track had be been stolen at least six people were killed when they hitched a right on the train. 250 migrants were hoping to reach the u.s. in search of a better life. the japanese government says it will take charge of to dismantle and did he con damn nate severely damaged reactors in fukushima. two and a half years after the nuclear disor a disas der, y have decided to take matters in to to their own hands. >> reporter: screening potato for his radiation. there's lab technicians work for the japanese farmer's union for the government. after couple of disastrous years when consumers stared of radioactive fallout wouldn't buy the region's produce, farmers are fighting science with science. now everyone's harvest gets
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tested. the crops get certified. and sales are improving. agriculture it a vital part of the region's economy and culture. japan's farmers mostly grow for the domestic market and japan's people, much prefer their own produce. the farmer's union says this year, 99% of crops tested from fukushima have shown zero extra radiation. but that is from land which people are permitted to cultivate. closer to damaged nuclear plant, the future is darker. villages are still empty, farming here won't be possible for decades. radiation levels are too high. but some residents will venture till i comeventually coy they are no assets on places to go. this doctor run a research project calculating how much radiation people in the village have already absorbed so that they can
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make an informed decision about returning home. >> we japanese have to live in contamination. so have to live with the contamination. >> reporter: but radiation exposing arexposure affects peoe differently and might put village permanently off limits for some. places like this face a fractured future where radiation levels may fall for older people, but the young people from here may decide it's too risky to ever come home. for a young man exiled from his village, what is right for his health doesn't work for his heart. >> i had a culture in my birth place. now i have had to find another identity. and i am not at all comfortable with the big shift that entailed. >> reporter: the destruction of lives is what is making people sick in fukushima right now. more than radiation.
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anita, al jazerra, fukushima province. >> and still ahead, don't eat less but stay the course. a new report on dieters from one of the country's leading centers for weight management. liberia's high school students are having major problems taking tests. why thousands of not passing college entry examples? exams. for the first time in three decades, snow and rainfall on a chilean desert.
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>> good morning again, i automatic morgan radford and these are some of the stories we are filling right now. the united states says syria used chemical weapons on its own people. second of state john kerry is calling it a moral obscenity. out of control wild fires are spreading in northern california, where they have already burned nearly 225 square miles. the blaze is edging closer to a reservoir where san francisco gets its drinking water. extreme flooding in eastern mexico has claimed the lives of 13 people. eight-inches of rain has also caused land slides all the way in the veracruz province of the country.
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doctors at duke university are experimenting with a new way to deal with obesity. they are encouraging patients to maintain rather than reduce their weight. erica ferrera reports on what the researchers found. >> reporter: researchers at duke university focused on african-american women who they say are not as likely to suffer from the social stigma of being overweight. the dock tar has found that with many of his own patients. >> african-american women don't have the same fresh airs white women to have a very slim physique because we are very accepting of a more voluptuous physique. >> reporter: they are not as likely to develop comply sayings like heart disease and diabetes. so doctors at duke university are trying a new approach with their patients, trying to maintain and not gain. >> if a woman can maintain her weight and say at a lower level of bo bice wes aobesity manyrisks will be redu. >> reporter: researchers
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divided nearly 200 overweight or obese after can-american women in two groups, one participated in the shame program and were given a health coach and a gym member shim. another group met way doctor to discuss weight loss. tanya johnson was in the shame program. >> be sids he havinstead of heat cheetos or a pepsi i bought generally table chips and bought water. >> reporter: maintaining is ease their than trying to lose, you only need to cut 100 to two a day. >> that's not consuming a bottle of soda or a few extra cook i off the dinner. >> reporter: the a women gained 11 pounds over three years but the majority of those in the program stayed steady on the scale and sometimes even lost weight. >> i know i have lost at least 10 pounds just doing that. and i didn't do anything extra special. >> reporter: although the study focus on the overweight african-american well, researchers say preventing weight gain is important for anyone who is obese, erica ferrari, al gentleman year iconic
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reterrelaljazerra. iconic retailer jp pen i losing its biggest packer, he sold all his she is in the company after action man and pen i's board had a very public brawl over leadership. starbucks says it won't cut benefits or reduce hours for its workers ahead of obama care. speaking to reuters ceo howard schultz, says it's business as usual. last week united parcel service told nonunion employees their spouses wouldn't qualify for company-sponsored health insurance if they couldn't get coverage through their own jobs. and the small african nation of liberia not one of the 25,000 students who took the state university admission exam passed. the president ellen johnson recently acknowledged her country's education system is a mess and says more needs to be done. the students representatives say part of the problem is that all 25,000 papers were graded by just two people.
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in chile, snow and rain has fall phone the first time in 30 years in the desert. normally it's one of the driest regions on earth. now they are mudslides and traffic nightmares. however, residents are making the most of a very unusual weather. firefighters on duty the day of the boston marathon are being honored. boston's fire commissioner presented certificates to the first responders who jumped in to action following the twin bombings near the marathons finish line. each of the 150 firefighters were honored with twins, four stripes representing those that died in the tacks. president obama has given the nation's highest military honor in a ceremony at the whitehouse, army staff sergeant ty carter was awarded the medal of honor at a ceremony on monday. carter is being recognized for his heroism and saving fellow soldiers during a bat battle with the taliban in afghanistan in 2009. that does it for this edition of al gentlema al jazer,
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i am morgan radford. real money is neck, news at the top of every hour and more investigation on the chemical weapon as tacks in syria and the u.s. potential response and the latest on efforts to contain the wild 40 in california. and as always, you can log onto al for updates, thank you so much for watching, and i'll see you again at 7:00 a.m.
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