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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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one woman told us i don't understand the rational behind >> so if that's the mood of people in damascus. how has the army prepared for possible attack however narrow that window might be? >> reporter: we've been hearing statements from syrian officials
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putting on a very brave face. they not discloseing any details on what measures they have been taking. before people who oh have just left damascus. what they are telling us is that the army are prepositioning their artillery. they moving civilian personnel in to neighborhoods. the army along with army personnel and their families have now moved in to schools. schools which used to house internally displaced people. there's reports that the army moved in to mosques. there are really a long list of targets for the west to strike in damascus. but the fear is that this is like the civilians have said is they could be in the cross fire. >> many thanks for joining us.
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>> they clear the life for military strike. washington says the u.n. investigation will have a response which can come at any time. president obama said any strike would be narrow an limited. we report from washington. >> reporter: well, he hasn't decided what the to do with syria, u.s. president barack obama made it clear he will do something. even if allies like canada, france and germany don't go along. >> a lot of people think something should be done but nobody wants to do it. >> all indications are what to order and strike missiles in the mediterranean. >> he's a thur a thug and murdee pwa hair al assad. >> releasing a summary he says president bashar al assad is
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behind this attack. but the u.s. also says it has proof that syrian units are responsible for the chemical weapons for three days before the attacks. the rockets were fired from government-controlled areas in 12 location cans detailed by the opposition denailed this map provided ^py the white house. >> we also foe this many disturbing details about the aftermath. we know a senior regime official who knew about the attack confirmed that the chemical weapons were use bid the regime. reviewed the impact and actually was afraid that they would be discovered. we know this. >> reporter: what they don't have, physical evidence from the scene and don't have hard evidence that assad ordered this attack. all of the allegations are being called lies by the syrian
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government. >> translator: mr. the kerry was inform bid terrorist more than a week ago. >> reporter: and polls shows the administration has yet to show a majority of interventions. 50% of the americans say the u.s. should not get involved and almost 80% wants the president to get approval by congress first. that does not appear to be the plan but as the military plans are ready. the targets need to be carefully selected. >> the united states and france are going to have to be careful not to strike the actual chemical weapons depots because in doing so, one could make a bad problem much worse. it could spread the chemical agents. it could create a localized environmental disaster. >> reporter: a senior official tells me say they don't know where the chemical stock weapons are in syria. they are trying to send a
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message that this will be a quick strike not a long involved conflict. president wants to send a message, they are not in washington talking about what the unintended consequences could be. an important regional plan that's got some reaction from there. turkey has opinion a critic of the regime. what is turkey's position, omar? >> well, the latest reaction we're getting from the turkish foreign ministry is the turkey may or not be part of any military action. a spokesman for the foreign ministry did tell al jazeera that turkey will look at all means possible. they kept it open with regards to what they would do if any military intervention will take place. so we are not quite sure if
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turkey will be part of a military intervention however the prime minister of this country did say that turkey does not prefer a one or two days hit and one kind of military sper srepbgs. military intervention. that's coming from the turkish government is they want a military intervention that forces al assad to force to accept a political resolution that has him and the regime gone. >> what is the impact going to be by an attack by the americans? >> well, people are scared in the capitol of damascus for reasons that we do know and basically the president in past
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all the military and government institutions and airports et cetera. what's interesting is activists and other parts of syria may.. helpful in the countryside. they are basically saying they are worried -- sorry, they are not as worried as people in damascus because the people in other parts of syria have been at war for the last two years. they are saying the regime has useded also a weapon against them. very interesting point, one about sr*euss pointe activists e have been hit many times before. i don't see why we should be worried if the americans use some toma hawk missiles. they are not worried as people until damascus. one other point that's interesting to me. an activists says they are worried that civilian deaths or
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mistakes against civilians or deliberate mistakes. this is a direct reference to the possibility and movements to have any military sper srepbgs n to target groups like al qaeda in syria. moving towards egypt. six people died in clashing between security forces and anti-government demonstrators. at least 190 others were wounded. >> reporter: a dislife crowd control by protestors in the streets of cairo. they want to show that they're well organized and to mobilize thousands. the a hig alliance that stand at the military-led government. and candid against what they
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call a coup. spear headed by defense minister. >> translator: not because of muslim brotherhood but because it will be. >> translator: i came here for egypt. we deserve the to enjoy the wealth of this country's abilities. they afraid the military -- special forces stationed at intersections and blocking access to kilo cases like tahir square and the mosque where clashes left hundreds dead two weeks ago. some are too scared to join the marches wave from their apartment.
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many apaoeud by the 7:00 p.m. few. clashes were out. after promorsi protestors reportedly clashed with local residents. cities in alexandria left violent confrontations that left three dead and several wounded. the muslim brotherhood are bound to fight on that has most of their leadership in prison or hiding. increasingly heavy handed approach by security forces. it feels as though the show down in egypt is far from over. al jazera cairo. coming up in this half hour. find out why thousands of people are stateless in south sudan. as american's surge in oil production made a new global price shock. i'm tom acreman in texas.
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that story coming up. on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. america.
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welcome back. the last of the u.n. chemical weapons inspectors have left syria can and have driven across the border to beirut in neighboring lebanon. the department describes the chemical weapon attack as a challenge for world. he's considering a narrative response. six people died in protest on friday. 190 others were wounded. back to our top story now the
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crisis in syria. joining me live in london. he's editor and chief. president obama described the suspected chemical weapons attack in syria as a challenge to the world. is it a challenge to the world? >> no. it is a challenge in the least. it is a challenge to oh the syrian, hezbollah and in a way russia. what he's going to achieve by this narrow ma. -rb mmanipulative fight,when prn 1998 as revenge for naorobi, what happened is osama took
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revenge three years later. we don't know what will happen after this narrow strike as president obama characterizes. the danger is coming. >> why do you think america is doing this? >> did obam ta* paint himself in a corner so he has to act or else the loses credibility. what's the point of the attack? >> if president obama painted himself in this red line thing so he has to do something. that's why he's doing it about narrow strikes. but the problem is,er the americans whenever they intervene, most of the time it's an intervention for a regime change. that's what they did in libya, that's what they did in iraq, that's what they did in afghanistan.
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there are a little question marks here. i have seen people comparing to syria and a serious situation for kosovo. the circumstances are completely different with american bombs syrbia. russia was very weak. and molisvich had no way to retaliate. first, russia is very strong. second syrian, he hezbollah cant israel and they said that clearly. i don't know what president obama will do. i think it will complicate the situation and will achieve very little if nothing. >> you're right. he's talked about this narrow attack. he's a very reluctant warrior
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this noble peace prize making president. the humanitarian pretext to start a war similar to iraq. >> yes. it's good actually but we haven't and we shouldn't. enlisted when this comes to humanitarian. this is the people, people don't know why the selectiveness. they were in similar situations in africa. so why he has been selective, why he wants to be simple threat ubg to the humanitarian disaster in syria. if sit true the british parliament where i live here, definitely they will follow suit. but hen the british parliament
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says no to any intervention it is a message. a strong message to president obama. you have to be very careful here. we have been bombed from the tony blare. we both want t to -- we don't wt to have another disaster. maybe he will do the same thing put to send this. >> many thanks. good talking to you again. the turmoil in the middle east araises fears of an oil price rise but that hasn't happened in large measure because the world's oil consumer increased from its own wells. part of the series in the energy booth. paul akerman reports from san antonio in texas.
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in the heat of the 1973 arab/israeli war. the arab countries had an oil embargo with the west. the u.s. president first set the goal of making america energy sub sufficient. >> by the end of this decade, americans will not have to rely on any source of energy beyond our own. >> reporter: four decades later the u.s. still depends oh on imports but president obama says the surge of domestic crude production together with more fuel efficient vehicles is putting energy within sight. >> we are controlling our energy future. we have produced more ail at home than we have in 15 years. resent supplies disruptions in libya, iraq and nigeria.
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american consumers are hardly feeling them in what they pay to fill their tanks. >> gasoline prices in the pump this summer are virtually at the same level they were one year a go. that largely reflects the steadiness in crude oil prices globally. >> thanks the oh the dramatic rise, the international energy agency forecasts that 2014 will see the biggest world wide supply increase in 20 years. that will mean cheaper average crude prices in the market. and opec's power the to influence prices. >> so it's less than what it would have been had there not been this u.s. oil production. >> reporter: that extra cushion made it easier to tighten on iraq but some experts warn against being complacent. the oil still makes up the same share of u.s. economy today as
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it did 30 years ago. >> the market is still vulnerable today. i think that's important the for policy makers to understand that we are still one on the other side of the world away from the entire u.s. economy and back in to a recession. >> reporter: the potential for another oil shock are advocates for renewable energy one more argument for the urgent development of solar wind and other ol ternive. tom akerman, al jazeera, san antonio, texas. five people have been killed in a suicide car bombing at a police checkpoint in southern afghanistan. it happened after police the stopped the attackers nea attacr kandahar. a teenager tkpeulty of a
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gang rape of a woman last september. they are still waiting for the official verdict. the teenager was the most brutal accused in the rape and torture of a 23-year-old woman. she was attacked on a bus in new delhi in december and died of her inhave you arerys in a hospital. were joined live from new delhi with the latest. bring us up-to-date with if latest on this story. we reported it as shocking the spirentire country. >> reporter: that's right, we are as you mentioned still waiting official court announcements of what's the verdict is. . if the suspect is guilty or not guilty. what i can tell you is we're expecting it to be a verdict and not a sen a sentencing today. as you have mentioned a case that shocked the nation and shocked the world and put the spotlight on woman's rights and the protection of woman in india
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and it's been an issue that's been debated and diskusd diskusd across the country. >> thank you. at least 15 people have died from pneumonia poisoning in china. it leaked from a seafood company shanghai. 30 others were taken to the hospital. at least three people were killed in an earthquake in a mountaneous part of the country. people were killed when dozens oh of homes collapsed. a bus driver died after being hit ^py falling rocks. when sudan and past sudan separated, millions of people found themself tons wrong side of the new border. many were allowed to go back to their respected countries.
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as anna reports, thousands living around the border now have no official status. >> reporter: in this south sudan niecsudane village -- there are stilstill territories along the dispute. mile 14 is one of them. in april 10,000 people when the sue dam armed forces forced them. >> translator: they claimed our area in the key river and that's high they attacked us. we don't have the wower to fight with them so we as civilians reason and brought our children to where it's safe. >> reporter: she hasn't had much assistance because she's not officially classified as a refugee. she claims the land she came
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from the government said she technically remained in the same country. the international can't classify her as displaced either. this population doesn't have an official statement they are not getting the same services. many of people came with absolutely nothing and simply don't have the means to sustain themselves and the safety net for them either. according to aid agencies it is impossible to offer this commune the community the same assistance as the rest of the refugee population. >> it would mean their legal status is a priority to us which it doesn't. we do not want to discuss the determination of this legal status before providing them assistance. we are providing them assistance
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assistance. >> reporter: health problems are expected. as things stand, this displaced population will be entitled for humanitarian support. al jazeera. colombian chargers are patrolling the streets. riots killed at least three people. >> reporter: a step forward at last after 12 days of destruction spread from the country. the headers of the farmers said while the strike remains they were ready to have the roadblock for t from regions of colombian. >> translator: after talks with the del tkpaeugs, parts have been reached. >> reporter: earlier in the day
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the president sent troops to patrol the streets of the capitol, bogota after violence left people dead. >> translator: last night i ordered the military and will do so from now on in any area where the presence of our soldiers become necessary. >> reporter: the government offered the farmers concessions. petebetter prices for their pro, access to loans and cheaper fertilizer. the government say those are close to the rebels. rebels. >> reporter: if there's one thing this strike showed is that social conflicts in colombia go beyond the war with the rebels and will not. solved at the
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negotiating table. >> translator: this protest is the tip of the iceberg. these are transforming the armed complex and social complex. in coming year cans, we'll see more rural demonstrations because the people are so. hind in reaching rights. the rural development promise to bring change in time but this strike demonstrates that farmers across columbia have run out of stations. >> that story will be on oh our web-site. on .


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