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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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u.s. navy seals go after an al shabab leader possibly connected to the kenyon mall attack. and a second leader is caught in a tripoli laid. this man has been accus accf setting the arizona fire. now he has been forced to leave his job. welcome to al jazeera i'm morgan radford in new york city. we start in twin raids carried out in after k africa.
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the first was in somalia. where a navy seal team launch an operation against a senior leader i. now the other raid happened foresfourthousand miles away ind it's target was a al-qaeda member in libya. nazih abdul-hamed al-ruqai. he has a five million dollars reward on his head. peter there has been conflicting reports of a senior al shabab leader. first we hear there was a high level target captured. and then the u.s. state department retracted it. >> what do we now see as true. >> it seemed as the mission
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failed to get any al shabab targets what we know from the pen apentgon sources. we don't know who was targeted or who the team was. we know it was navy seal team six the same unit responsible for killing s osama bin laden. there was no senior official at at the base of the house at the time of the operation. other sources have told us that the al shabab leader was there. we understand from al shabab and our security sources that none of the targets were captured or killed. one person was killed in the operation. >> you said, peter, they failed to get the leader the fac. the fact that these happened
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does that show how worried washington is about the attacks on foreign soil. >> i think it is. what happened at the westgate shopping mall in m nairobi hostd a whole group. >> there was a clear understanding that this was an attack on the wider international community. and certainly we know that the kenyons don't have the capacity to carry out this kind of strike. the americans have said that they were going to cooperate with them. we know from our sources here. they were in direct response to that attack. in libya.
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we understand it was takeit wasg acknowledgement. and a threat to american interest not just inside of the united states but right across the world. >> thank you very much peter live. meanwhile kenya is giving a cleaclearer picture of who carrd out the mall attack last month. the footage contradicts earlier statement i that said 10 to 15 were involve. officals have been able to name all four men. tropical storm karen is losing it's punch. it's now down to a tropical depression. >> heavy winds and rain are
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expected to hit the area. they expect no change in the next 24 hours. >> tropical storm karen has been weakening as it lingered out in the gulf of mexico and now we are seeing it make a little movement. the only area um um a under a l storm watch is louisiana and north carolina. the area of new orleans is under sea level and we could have problems of localized flooding for you. the rain we get along the coast is going to be minimal. let's jump to snow. right now we are looking at the snow cover for the united states. south dakota, idaho and wyoming. and rapid city 21-inches of snow total. you can see the bulls eye here for the snowfall in the rockies.
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the entire area is t three and a half feet in 24 hours. that is with wind gusts of up to 70 miles-per-hour. some places recorded up to well over three and a half feet of snow. if you head into higher elevations you get a little more than that. and that means the tippy top of the rockies. we look at the storm system that is moving through right now. the snow is dying down and the wind is wrapping up the sneh is moving to the east and it's getting moisture from the gulf of mexico. the areas will get landfall from the storm. the rain will be intense for illinois, indiana and ohio. we have flood concerns through the course of the day. the rain stretching through the northeast has had beautiful weather for the next week or so. things are going to get sticky
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be and rain is pushing your way. cooler air in the west and that is going to cause thunderstorms in the central part of the country. the head of the arizona fire department who lost i 19 firefighters in june is being forced out of his job. the prescott fire department says he is leaving on his own akortd. a-- accord. there was a communication breakdown but it didn't determine if the accident was a voidable. the u.s. government spent 5 million-dollars to court martial and convict the man behind the shooting rampage. the the biggest pretrial expense was more than a million dollars. now that amount was spent on transportation for witnesses,
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jurors and attorneys. and then another 9 90,000 went o housing the witnesses. he stated on the payroll until before his couldn' conviction cg $30,000. a u.s. counter drug mission goes wrong in colombia an and americans are killed. obama weighs in on the red skins.
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>> obama administration officials said they need to enrol 2.7 u.s. redents between the ages of 18 and 35 in exchange plans to balance risks and hold down costs. will they enrol come 1 october - should they pay the face. >> joining me now is jen mishory, deputy director of young invincibles, she's in washington d.c. and yevgeniy feyman, a research assistant at the manhattan institute. thank you for being with us. i want to start with you yevgeniy feyman. the young people are crucial to the success of obamacare. >> absolutely. they'll balance out the risk pool, they'll keep premiums that need the insurance, and the administration is reaching out to them. >> jen, the young invincibles
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are in the 18-34 group. [[voiceover]] from al jazeera media network comes a new voice of journalism in the u.s. >>the delta is a microcosm of america. [[voiceover]] we tell the human story, from around the block, across the country, with more points of view. >>if joe can't find work, his family will go from living in a motel to living in their car. [[voiceover]] connected, inspired, bold. >>about a thousand protestors have occupied ... nearly nearl all pentgon workerl return to work. >> it was all about back pay for
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fufurloughed workers and getting furloughed workers back on the could bjob. they have worked out away to interpret a law signed last sunday by president obama called the pay our military act. to get 300,000 workers back on the job by tuesday. not just here in d.c. but around the country. >> come back to work that is the order by the secretary defense to 400,000 employees world wide. the pentgon can eliminate furloughs for employees whose contributions for well-being.
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>> some of that well-being is in the com comecomcomissary. >> i would say it's ridiculous you are taking that away from the people fighting for your country. >> with the pentgon recall hundreds of thousands are in limbo. at the johnson space station center in houston those assigned to mission control are on the job. other nasa employees are wondering what will happen to them and their family it is coulcongress doesn't strike a bt soon. >> i think they are playing chicken with our lives. we have been through a pay freeze and this. this. i have had enough. >> they spent saturday pointing fingers at each other. >> what we can't do is keep engaging in this brinksmanship.
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a small fa fact faction of the . >> why the president would want to put the american people in the middle of that and force the pain on them. >> so far no closer to ending the shutdown. it's a stalemate that is incomee comprehensible. in the congress they voted to get military cha chaplins on the job. and they voted in favor to give back pay to furloughed workers. no word on when they will give that pay. >> nothing much happens on capitol hill tomorrow. watch the broadcast and see if there is any glimmer from there
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and back here on monday to see if any signing of it ending. thousands of people took the streets in support of immigration reformer. protestors marched in american cities. we have a report from right here in the new york city. reform that will carve a path to citizenship for one million documented immigrants. the families are getting destroyed. the children are getting left alone in their homes. they don't know when their parents are coming back home. once they find out they don't have anywhere to go. >> the new york city demonstrators talked about what life is like without citizenship. felix geu guzman's family is in mexico.
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>> 20 years since i have seen my family. >> they say they won't give up the fight. >> thousands of new yor new yore marching in solidarity calling for immigration reform. they are not alonely. this is happening in 100 cities across the city. in arizona 3000 protestors marched a mile to city hall. >> we are all here because wiree are americans. we are americanized and our roots are here. we are american. >> those sentiments echoed in chicago and miami, atlanta, nashville, tennessee, philadelphia and los angeles. >> they called it a national day of dignity and respect. one person stood out in the crowd. >> i don't care they are an invading army.
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i'm interested in americans. all i care about is they go back to their own country. i don't care how it happens. >> these rallies were a prelude to a larger protest on the national mall in washington washington on tuesday. officals estimate there are a half million undocumented workers in new york city alone. three americans are dead in colombia after their plane crashed in a remote jungle. they were american contractors that were on a counterintelligence commission. two were air lifted to a columbian hospital. the military sayings the pleanl was not shutdown by rebels. fighting for freedom. green peace pr protestors triedo climb onto a oil rig now they
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are facing charges. >> outside of the russian embassy in london hundreds join the call for the release of 30 green peace activists accused of pipiratesy. >> they are clearly not pirates. how they can charge them for that. joining demonstrators in 40 cities across the world all say russia has crossed the line. >> russian authorities boarded the vessel arctic sunrise last month. arresting the activists and two journalists on board. the piracy chark charges are und of. >> this is a peaceful protest and we have been involved in
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whaling in the arctic protest for three decades. the netherlands has launched legal action on whether russia has had legal right or not. >> i have nefe never seen chargs like this since i have been a lawyer. >> under russia law the activists could be sentenced to up to 15 years in prison. the call for them to be released won't stop. >> the they say the activists put their staff in danger but won't comment on the charges by russian thorts. the ding controversy over the name of washington's football team took a new turn when president obama jumped into the debate. >> the washington red skins have been long criticized by american
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indians say the name is fee degrading. the president said he would consider changing the name if he were the team's owner. despite the team's owner refusing to change the name it owe depend offends a sizable hif people. >> i would say go i was the owner of the team and it had a storied history of offending a sizable group of people i would think of changing it. there you have it. zplnchts a word from the presid. the n.f.l. presidents are attending a meeting on monday. an economic downturn in indo niesindonesia could have a riple effect.
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hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next.
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>> an increase in hornet atankss
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in north west china has killed ha41 people since july. it's so serious they have sent out people to destroy hornet nests. >> he was working on a farm when he knocked a wasp nest out of the tree. i didn't see the nest and the wasps surrounded me. i couldn't stand it. i used a basket to cover my head and that is how i saved myself. three provinces have been plagued by wasps in the last months it's due to mild winters and hotter summers. the main offender is the asian giant horwoo hornet. it's a large and aggressive style of wasp.
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it wields a stin stipg stinger a millimeter long. the wa wasp season runs througho november. and the govenor is not taking any chances it's sent pest control officers and police and firefighters to destroy hundreds of hornet nests. an asian summit went ahead without president obama who chose to stay home because of the sthu shutdown. john kerry attended instead. he says everyone is committed to asia and calls the shutdown due to americas robust.
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the area pacific leader discuss boosting asia trade. coffee farmers in bali are struggling so much many of them are just giving up. desperate measures in desperate times. farmers who have been growing kofi focovecoffee are chopping r trees. that is why coffee farmers have decided to plant orange trees instead. [speaking foreign language] >> we are traum traumatized with coffee costs and the cost has dropped dramatically. we have no choice but to cut down our trees. >> here in the well known areas the farmers are suffering. despite the efforts of the government to help them they are
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now giving up. intoindonesia is the fourth lart coffee producer. compared to brazil it's kof feee is unknown. the government has training for small producers to increase their quality and quantity. despite of this they have not been able to sell their coffee beans and he does not want to quit yet. >> our family has been producing coffee for generations. that is why i can't just give up. i will continue to grow coffee even though it's difficult. i hope the prices go up next year. >> coffee producers agree more needs to be done to make indo indonesian coffee to be more popular. they want to have more brands
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selling at a higher price. >> stastarbucks uses a lot of coffee from indonesia. that is why the foreign brands are more well known. this is something i want to change. [speaking a foreign language] >> but for now indonesian coffee farmers are closing shop. as more international markets open up in the future this is a strong warning for indonesia to increase their competitiveness worldwide. while the olympic flame began it's journey from greece to russia it was accompanied by some controversy. gay rights activists held a peaceful protest against russia's anti-gay legislation and a country ban on what it calls gay propaganda. now between smart phones and laptops and tablets, many of us spenspend much of the day conned
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to the internet. there are many americans that have no access a at all a funny thing is happening in the aisles of the chicago public library. among the book worms and the students and those looking for shelter from the elements are a growing up of cyber nauts. >> most of the da patrons are starting from day one. they don't know how to use a mouse or key board. >> and that divide was along racial and economic lines and ethic lines. we are literally becoming when it came to technology a tale of two cities. if there is a divide between the front door of the home and the front door of the school the children fall between the
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divide. >> when it comes to broadband well thinwell thinkwell thinbros an abundance. >> if you want to break above py you warran want to ensure that . >> chicago is leading the way trying to break down the barrier between the haves and have nots. chicago libraries offer free dmet aninternet and training. >> there rah ar are a lot of ths that people take for granted. like opening your e-mail.
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comcomecast has connected 14,000 low income families with computers and broadband internet for in less than 10 there a month. hoping to bridge the divide. >> nanaomi's family just crossed it. we use it for the kids homework. >> it's a start but there are millions more impoverished families hoping to move up and unable to log on. i'm morgan radford. thanks so much for watching. techno is up next. news at the top of every single hour. and as always you can follow us on-line at al. al. al.
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