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tv   Listening Post  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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>> >> listening post is next. i'm del walters, thanks for watching. >> hello, you're at the listening post. this week the media side of the iran story. who is saying what about the new president and his message to washington and the world? and the israelis who don't think there are not news channels out there and have given us another one. >> good morning to the morning edition live from tel aviv. it looks like it was won and done for an south africa news channel aimed at zimbabwe. and it may have made it's last broadcast. and going out in style.
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that's our web video of the week. every year when world leaders gather to address the u.n. general assembly the u.n. kicks into here. this year iran's new president, hassan rouhani, distancing himself from his predecessor, mahmoud ahmadinejad, rouhani went on a media blitz that cast him as savvy with media dialogue. a wate "washington post" op-ed written by rouhani. and took the step of interviewing an democrat. it reflected the country's divisions. but this time it fell into line with the new dominant rhetoric of reconciliation. and then the israeli counter
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offensive. prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who used the u.n. stage to tell those at home and abroad that rouhani's push was just a charm offensive and a dangerous one at that. we start with the media beehive that is the u.n. headquarters in new york city. >> he's been in the job for two months but the gathering at the u.n. was for all intents and purposes hassan rouhani's debut on the world stage. it provided 25 minutes to deliver his speech unfiltered through whatever news outlet chose to carry it and what did he before and after the speech was part of the strategy. >> i think as expected really blitzed the media while he was here. he spoke with charlie rose. he spoke with cnn's correspondents. >> i want to ask you what some
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people call the "it" man of this unga. >> and he spoke on nbc on the eve of his visit as well as a number of newspaper interviews and engagements and casual meeting over breakfast during the trip here. all of that helped define the president as someone quite different than his predecessor. >> one fundamental difference between the rouhani team and the ahmadinejad team was their special attention to media. ahmadinejad used the media to make sure that his speeches were hurd in the general assembly. it didn't matter if they were understood. rouhani's values and of the iranian hubble to be expressed
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with within the international norm so the audience could understand them and relate to them. >> in israel everything that rouhani does and says is really viewed as a facade. across the border in israeli media. they ask daily who is he trying to pass a fast one on. the president of the united states is portrayed as naive. there is even a political cartoon that shows netanyahu asking obama what kind of mushrooms are you on, and then outside of the wind you ea mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion. rouhani is portrayed as a sheister, a trickster, as being no different than ahmadinejad. >> it may be pre-ma sure to
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prove that rouhani will be different from his predecessor. but in use of style he could not be more different than ahmadinejad. whether communicating with iranians, americans or israelis. >> the first exciting moment came when that account tweet happy world greetings to all the world's views on ras rash ha rosh hashonah. and we had were glued to our twitter accounts. clearly he's trying to engage internationally, withdown iranians, and demonstrate this is not your father's islamic republic. >> the use of tweets and facebook shows an understanding of the reality that it's possible to reach public opinion through social media. the speed of which this news was
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transmitted was a skilled and effective move that they tweeted this immediately because the importance of this on twitter there are many users who understand the news worthiness because nothing like it has happened in the last 24 years. >> our expectations of diplomacy in a way that we're expecting instant diplomacy. like the very process of courtship because of the advance of social media and online dating sites have changed. for example, the courtship is not any more that sort of slow and gradual process. rather instant messaging, and then instance hookups. apparently the same attention has been given to diplomacy as if overnight miracles could happen. >> reporter: president rouhani does not speak for all of iran.
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as a mod raid h moderate he wout expect the support of many. some would view the phone call with president obama as weakne weakness. and others ask him to sto start being a diplomat. >> reporter: the as far as news agency and these are from the iran media spectrum that are extremely suspicious of the actions of the united states. but what portion of the population they represent, i do not know. i do know that the majority voted for hassan rouhani. >> it was muted. it was the value and the utility of doing this now rather than suggesting that it was completely out of bounds for any
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iranian leader to speak to an american counterpart. >> it was to a degree even over exited. they published the conversation on the very front with pictures of rouhani and obama. and many were supportive of rouhani 's position, just mild cautions warning that we should be careful. >> this is a story with plenty of moving parts in tehran, washington and tel aviv. as usual they provide instant analysis. >> how short is this window? >> and demand answers. but the diplomatic freeze between iran and america has been 34 years in the making, and
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it will more than a few tweets to change it. as for the long-term forecast, there really isn't one. >> our global village voices on the coverage of the iran story. >> so far he says, let's talk and see if we can get somewhere. they're trying to appeal to the west. so far with the way the media has been consistent with who he is, a diplomat and very well educated leader who is will be to discuss these issues. it those iran's gentle side.
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[[voiceover]] gripping films from the world the world's top documentary directors. >>banging your head over and over again can be a bad thing. >>every time i would do heading i would see stars. [[voiceover]] it's all fun and games until tragedy strikes. >>a former player kills himself. >>we have to stop playing the game, or we have to find a solution. come, it is here.
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>> yes, let the games begin. he is fighting for his baseball life and some $46 million. a-rod and all of his attorneys were there fighting his 211-game suspension. the hearing is expected to last less than five days, after that the group will decide to uphold, reduce, or overturn the suspension. if the suspension is upheld, rodriguez would lose some $32 million in salary, and he wouldn't be back on the field until he is 40 years old. the big story tonight, people, the rays will be taking on the rangers in a tiebreaker in arlington, so we decided to bring in our mlb columnist rob parker.
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on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced a new voice in journalism. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera. >> usa today says: >> ...writes the columbia journalism review. and the daily beast says:
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>> quality journalists once again on the air is a beautiful thing to behold. >> al jazeera america, there's more to it. >> time now for living post news. we told but first tv, zimbabwe's tv station that launched just prior to the zimbabwe presidential elections in july. first tv is now off the air citing financial problems. broadcasting online and via satellite from a location it did not want to disclose the privately owned network brought a new elementdo element. first tv said it will stay off the air while it figures out a
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more sustainable economic model. no one exactly knows where the channel's money came from, but the man in can charge is adam chadwick . the channel was not popular with the ruling party back when it launched th . here's a prediction for what's it's worth since it's pure speculation on our part. if first tv ever comes back it will probably appear just prior zimbabwe's vote for a new president. since septembe september 22nd demonstrators have gone to the streets over hikes in the price of fuel. the protests triggered a crackdown and the latest heading to the daily newspaper. it was orderedly shut down after
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it refused to hit saboteurs. the internet was closed, newspapers shut down and ored cease publication. there were threats and harassments against journalists and ordered not to publish anything on the story that did not come from the government. defending the neur's sustain, if the revolution is created by media we have to be serious about meeting. the reporter without borderers said this: . this censorship is pointless. the comedian and blogger turned politician led his followers from the five-star
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movement as they stormed italy's national public broadcaster. they were protesting the cosy relationship between rye and thes thes those leaders that be. he said: the protest was triggered by this interview with prime minister leta , afterward they were attacked for letting him get away with changing the electoral system. over the past half dozen years or so, media consumers have seen a host of new global english language 24 hours news hours. since then russia, iraq, and have gotten on.
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in israel i-24 news has been on air for 23 months and its target audience is clearly not israeli. it broadcasts in three languages, none of them ohio. it's different in that there is no go so it said. >> the headquarters of i 24 news perched on the he had of the por port of jaffa , the exact spot, founding father of zion journalist by trade is said to have first landed by the end of the 20th century. in israel broadcasting its version of the events to the rest of the world.
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>> one of the major debates for israelis is what to do with hezbollah. it means propaganda and public diplomacy and it is non-belief that hezbollah is terrible. >> the mission to cover the topic, we need the israeli perspective. >> what should israel do when it comes to the iranian threat. >> they want to explain to the world and show that we can collect the world to israeli society. >> that may sound like propaganda, but they insist they have not received a penny from state, and they're privately funded. they also told me that they were given complete freedom to pursue the stories they want. the announcement of the europe european union,
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so just the fact that they chose to lead with that with their first edition shows something about the angle of which they cover stories. >> but really, how different is i 24? it's an israeli channel that doesn't broadcast in hebrew. instead, in french, english, and arabic. while other domestic channels will put arab voices on the air, they put one on live in primetime television. >> i'm here, and i don't think there is a problem with you being here. >> we don't want you here. >> but we are living together. >> it's by no means the first time that israelis and arabs work together but it's the first time that
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arabs and israelis to peek their mind. >> what they do do is humanize the story. >> when we were talking about the peace talks, all the news channels said it was easy for alley. but you have to understand that it's a sacrifice for the israeli people. and you don't say that in all the news channels. we organize a lot of de pates . for example, a mother who lost her son in a bottom ago. and we can cover the piece. we can do the sacrifice. >> there has to be reconciliation. >> is a concrete example of about what is the mission of i-
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i-24 news. israel is late to the game. countries increasingly want to broadcast their perspective around the world. there was russia, al jazeera, and others. this is not on the surface an israeli government initiative. i-24 said they do not receive any money, but if you look at it. >> it's owned by a french businessman. he owned several telecommunication s companies both in france. >> many look beyond the economic element. they want to be involved in israeli life.
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they want to influence the policy. the gee it as it their homeland and they want to have impact on that whether they come from the left or the right. it's ente interelect actual intellectual. >> it's about time that we sent another voice from the media. i want to show to the people that when we are economy, we are talking about people, sport, for example, we can connect over population because we can see things the same. >> the founders of i-24 make much of the fact that the channel received no government money, holds no affiliation and
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covers the news' objective. if that's really the case how can the channel, a start up still under control with holes and typos, begin to keep with i-24. >> they're most of the time covering the same stories. they have the same headlines and they're lacking in staff around the world. they have the newsroom in israel but no other full time staff in other countries. i-24 has to show stock tootage. >> you have this additional venture and they're unable to cover many of the stories perhaps they would like to. for example, it's almost impossible for israel to send reporters out to gaza, lebanon, egypt. they come out of , but yet
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they're unable to have a reporter on the ground. >> it could be a while before the iin i24 newsstands for international. it may very well stand for israel. in three months after going on their. i-24 has done a pretty good job telling the israeli highs of the dollars. >> i really can't imagine a scenario in which they come to the conversation and openly criticize israel or question it's right to exist. i think the fact could come in and be anti-semitic. i really can't see that happening in 24. >> that makes the which
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the difficult. right now it's broadcasting news and information from israel to the world 24 hours a day. >> more global villages now on the israeli contribution to the world of 24 hour news. >> when i first heard about the launching of i-24 news i thought it's about time. people all over the world are starting to see things in a very different way, and because of
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what happens when social media
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. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we are following for you. >> violence eruptses tens of thousands take to the streets on cairo. protesters marking the attack of forces at the signi. >> those members of al qaeda and other terrorist organizations literally can run but not hide. >> secretary of state john kerry speaking out hours after two raids were lunched targetting


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