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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 6, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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it's not against us and we will do it. >> we are here. we are for the muslims, for the egyptians. >> but tahrir square painted a different picture forming a celebration to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1973 october war with israel. crowds tried to get through security checks in to the square. some came with one purpose in mind. >> translator: the proo protests
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cannot come because they are prooh texting egypt. reports show a number of dead. a day for people and their thanks. on the streets of cairo. perhaps that's the last thing on their mind. al jazeera cairo. >> the task itself is difficult. but al jazeera reports it's more
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dangerous when you're work ohing on an active battlefield. moving the kaepls in the middle of a civil war. a report says that president bashar al assad is cooperating. it's difficult to access how serious syria is about where the chemicals are. according to one analyst a mid 2014 deadline for destroying weapons may not be realistic. >> the technical challenge are to be able to destroy the weapons and the chemical components in a safe and secure way in the middle of a war zone. it's never been done before. and the u.n. inspectors to destroy
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weapons. it was the attack until such time it made on the delivering on the chemical weapons. i can actually see it coming out on top. stockpiling of chemical weapons deterring the attack on israel. in the out skirts of damascus in august disposing of it quickly and efficiently.
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at the cost of negotiations for long term with the settlement. the u.n. syrian point says it's not certain the schedule in geneva will take place as planned in november. for now the syrian president is called. his thron short and long term ge far from clear. >> as day 7 of a government shut down. there's still no sign of the government impasse. both houses get to work on monday as well as some civilians of the pentagon but not the majority of federal workers.
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beyond that, not so much and nothing in the senate here today. it's nothing on the sunday broadcast today. the other big story today comes from last night is the pentagon is ordering of civilian defense workers back to work. >> monday is the first day working up to 350,000 furlough defense department employees. the u.s. military can't function without them and using the military act signed by the president last week is cover from getting them to return it's less than half of all u.s. government workers who are furloughed around 90% start in d.c.and it's around the country and the globe. on saturday the house voted in favor of back pay for all furlough federal workers which they will get once the stand off
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ends. you can hear a pin drop on sunday here. however, with both houses out of session, members populating the stunned political talk shows instead. the battle is the same and both sides blaming each other for refusing to budge. >> oh our initial position is we think obama care is the bad idea. when that didn't pass or whether the democrats didn't accept that is a one year delay. you hear from the president and his men and his woman and no negotiation is where the highway. they are the ones who are unwilling to compromise on obama care and i think that has led to the shut down of the government. >> the american people are fighting their way out of the worst recession since the the great depression. the economy is coming back, they don't need politics in washington to bring the economy down. >> reporter: so more talk and no action as washington remains
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politically deadlocked. house and senate reconveneing on monday afternoon. stay tuned. you say the senate hasn't voted on that yet and you're absolutely rate. the government said he supported it so game over. >> the defense department workers are not allowed to check this blackberrys. how will they hear the decision to send them back to work. >> reporter: it's a sunday afternoon and we thought we would bring this to you live. this is a good point. if you are a furlough government worker you are not supposed to check your blackberry or laptop. if they don't check their blackberrys or computers they will not know. the only way they will know is by watchin watching stations li. >> john kerry is in indonesia
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for a summit. he's standing in place for president obama. kerry announced partisan pickering in washington. it this not effect u.s. and asia relations. on monday he will atornado a meeting of asian leaders. >> john kerry said al qaeda and other terrorists can run but can't hide.
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american troops did catch al qaeda leader. they contradict earlier statements by officials who claim and support and saturday saturday's -- 224 civilians were killed and 5,000 people injured in the august 1998 attack against the epl pacys in kenya and tanzania. american commandos ended the 15-year man hunt.
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>> translator: he was returning home from the mosque. they said to get in the car, closed the door and drove off. a $5 million-dollar bounty on his head. >> we hope that this makes clear that the united states of america will never stop in its effort to hold those accountable and conduct acts of terror than those numbers of al qaeda and other terrorists organizations. they literally can run put can't hide.
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>> he was arrested by scotland yard a year after the bombing. it was lack of evidence that fled the country back to libya. the libyan government and now libby's relatives are calling the raid a kidnapping. >> he should be tryed in libya in front of a libyan court. >> now his whereabouts are unknown but it's expected that one of the al qaeda masterminds behind the 1988. >> they tried to capture the
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leader of al qaeda al-shabab the organization behind the deadly kenya mall attack. witnesses say a military helicopter dropped off soldiers close oh to a house belonging to an al-shabab commander. >> reporter: we don't have much more information beyond what the u.s. has acknowledged members were involved with the attack on that beach house. up officially it had a number of security forces confirmed that it was the unit that was also responsibility for killing osama bin l laden in 2011. he was only a junior guard. the fact that al-shabab was able the to fight off one of the most elite units in the world and in
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the special forces unit that they were very well prepared. they knew this was coming before it anticipated but also suggests that they are very well organized. able to fight off that kind of attacks take considerible skills. >> they are expected to see continued operations against al-shabab against allied forces in the coming weeks and months. >> reporting once again. let's talk about the weather far moment. what was once tropical storm "karen" dispates, things around the gulf of mexico are returning to normal. the florida pan hand the threatened with heavy rain and high winds. mandatory evacwages were lifted in some of the most vulnerable
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areas although flooding was possible along the northern gulf coast. it's not issues anymore public advisories at this time. >> we have a frontal boundary that will give you the moisture. you may see some across china.
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now, i want to show what has come in across the region. as the storm pushes more towards the west. we will see the storm dissipating but it's now going to be this storm right here. >> safety concerns are being raised at an animal park after a worker is malled by a tiger. >> >> imagine buying a house for a dollar. now head to gary, inn where you
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can find that deal.
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the death toll is now 51 people with hundreds injured. has it calmed down any in cairo right now? today was a holiday in egypt. were there any warnings of protest ahead of the holiday?
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>> what can you tell us about the police efforts to control the krod u? >> caller: well, i can see we're using excess i force. we were not using normal. now the death toll up top 50 were by gunshot wounds. >> it looks like it was brutal. will this. your ability in the country at all.
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there's a level to tolerate that it can continue to crack down on the brotherhood. any late reaction from the egyptian government? >> they haven't heardfy thing in the past couple of hours. i know the death toll was being atpoupbgs biannounced by the heh ministry.
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>> certainry a big day in the nfl. >> how are you. we have new york giants football fans. they call their big blue but this year it sounds a little bit more like big blue is a winless start to have tom on the hot seat. let's take a look. eli try to help it to fast start out of the gate. manning airing out the team. it's not how you start, it's how you finish. they come out on top and the giants are 0 and 5 for the first time in 1997.
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and josh freeman won't be out of the job for long after cut this week by tampa after he was benched. the tampa bay times is recorded that the oakland rays are interested. they are also trying to join josh freeman. that is a look at sport headlines at this hour. the city desperate for revivele is now offering homes for sale that is less than a cheese burger.
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>> it's choice carrying this down. that's expensive without $10,000 and doesn't have it. it's everywhere it was built in 1925 abandoned 50 years later and so much in this town it's been allowed to fall apart. now the city can't afford to tear it down.
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when jobs declined the population have. there's 10,000 abandoned houses. >> the major dreams of the museum in the most famous son michael jackson interning in to his third airport serving in chicago just 35 kilometers away. she needs to make gary look more like a city and less than a ghost town. >> we add value to the adjacent homeowners and that has a ripples rippleeffect. >> i would rather take a dollar home that needs an investment,
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no mortgage, all i pay are my taxes and utilities and in five years i have the deed the house. american dream. >> it's like scooping the sands with a spoon. the city hopes t sell 50 housesa year. making it a 200 year project. *r. a monster truck crashes.
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violence of cairo continueed in to the night. supporters of mohammed morsi
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fought with first and pro-military crowds. is supporters started in a here square when they were celebrating their 40th ap versery on an attack on israel. the u.n. says the regime appears to be cooperateing with inspectors. >> the top al qaeda was captured this week. charged with terrorists in libya and -- he was caught outside his home in trip oh oli and is now in a secure and undisclosed location. the u.s. navy seal went after but failed to capture the leader of the al qaeda-linked group, al-shabab.
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jane looks at the men who will replace karzi and the dangers they face. they know there will be a pan ebg but elections will go ahead.
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it's likely that civilians will suffer the most. afghan forces have stepped up security checks. in areas like kandahar where there's a strong presence just being able to run this is a huge challenge. if they cannot vote on election day it could be declared unconstitutional.
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the future leaders will declare their hopes for piece. this is a country of war where democratic processions must involve guns. al jazeera, kabul, afghanistan. the location of the arrest and the alleged sabotageed site has not been released.
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imagine living in a town you believe is toxic. those reported casey reports, they took matters in to your own hands. >> they call it the brigade and they using air samples outside a chemical wear house. >warehouse. i can can smell it. what does it mean? we don't know yet. it has fertilizeer to other farmers. so we started sending air samples to scientist on the west coast.
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some believe the company can locate outside the town. >> you have the company on the phone and they had no comment. pause the corporate headquarters we have no answer. right now when we walk on to the site here in mesquite they just asked us to leave. >> the family home is back to his grandfather long before the chemical company came to town.
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>> it's thrown in the air. >> lit take months of sampleing before they can prove those toxins are a serious threat. he won't back down from the challenge. he believes he has the right to know. >> olympic senate -- john al
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lent cram abled to have assets. land and the casino taking on a $750,000 loan at a hefty 6% to replace lost federal funds. they need the money for social services, food aid and collarship. to process more money, we are actually carrying out federal functions and the federal government to carry out their moral obligations to the communities including mine. >> without federal wild life agents on the job to monitor them. they are not legally allowed to fish.
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many are far less fortunate. they rely on federal funds. patients and staff remain about the shut down. >> we spend a lot of our time trying to calm folks down and create less stress. >> a straoeuble leaders say they just want to get that process underway and return to their own businesses and budgets.
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>> one race organization is ending that rack teus. the competitive group which organizes more than 8 oh 8 80 h profile events. >> why is the competitive group for the runner in. >> they believe the runners are not available to their brand. they are redirecting it to other business models. the recreational runers to run their event.
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maybe decide that you would like to put money elsewhere. >> what impact has this hated in the industry? >> it's been to their ats. much of the shock is the end of august. this was our new policy. there was race on octobe october/september sath and they took the tout fees for that event. athletes had planned their schedule and made travel arrangements et cetera and they were not going to receive. >> the other organizations following suit. do you think they will. >> i don't see any evidence that's happening. it's important to understand as well that this isn't a huge
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amount of money overall. the new york city alone had more money on that in the pockets oh of elite athlete and it's true with the chicago the marathon and other events. the boston marathon just recently announced a new elite athlete support program that's toing to involve parents in an olympic coach. it's 8 olympic runners over the past decade or so. and, so they're putting, i don't know how much money but you are starting the new program. >> these elite programs are not struggling to make a living, are
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they? it's a very sleek pyramid. the athletes at the very top may have a good living. you don't have to go down very much steps at all and people are struggling to get by and packly work part-timers jobs in order to satisfy their love of their sport. >> why can't the organizations just pay them prize money? >> well, that actually is -- that has been tried. there is one group of road races in this country that have a prize money only policy and what's happened with that is that they tend to attract just great athletes but great athletes from kenya that come in, race a few races then return to kenya and may never return. it's a revolving door cast of characters and there's no
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building star names. there's no building name recognition they will collect part of the money as well. >> thank you. a monster truck mows down the crowd. you can see the truck losing control and rolling over the audience. at least 8 people were killed in more than 75 were injured. >> a preliminary investigation suggests the truck lost control due to a technical error. a dangerous attack at an exotic animal park in oklahoma raised safety concerns after a worker was malled by a tiger
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early saturday morning. the attack happened at the interact zoo logical park in win wood. the workers name has not been released put a spokesman staid tiger bit the woman's hand pulling her in to the cage through a hole just four inches wide. >> you cannot place any part of your body inside a cage. i don't know if it was her goose-down jacket. any tying kerr do this. despite initial fears. the worker would lose her arm, surgeons are able to save it. she remains in stable condition. >> the nfl action is in full swing with some match up.. we will have more coming up in sports *p. -p [[voiceover]] gripping films from the world the world's top documentary directors.
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>>banging your head over and over again can be a bad thing. >>every time i would do heading i would see stars. [[voiceover]] it's all fun and games until tragedy strikes. >>a former player kills himself. >>we have to stop playing the game, or we have to find a solution.
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the olympic flame reached the capitol in the black sea. >> the coach will be taking the flame on a 65,000 kilometer journey right across russia.
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make a brief trip to the international space station. translator: everyone of the 14,000 participate and that's how many there will be. it has become a powerful piece of history. >> reporter: earlier, as the plane arrived from greece the russian government said it was ready oh to host the games and said the popular was fully behind events. that the very process prepared for the olympic games. it's given a powerful impulse for the various aspects of our lives. >> activists elsewhere will be pushing for a boycott. some athletes at such also have a register and protest. security is a major conce concern. >> earlier this year, the leader
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of russia's rep ratist separati now, that they are looking forward to seeing the flame pass through their towns and hosting one of the world's biggest sporting events. >> week five in the nfl is under way and joining us with sports. you are earth lovin are either r wondering what's going on. >> that's right.
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how about this. the long bomb there. they will take a two-point lead before the seahawks. russ the wilson is your main that makes a great jab at a 8-yard the down putting seattle back on top. they are trailing five. that's donald brown and keeps his foot on the grass. look that the aj green then they bang it on home. a big day for the field goal. he is intercepted with his 16th seconds left. game holder and the patriots,
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their first loss of the season. the final day. elsewhere the dolphins back home. fresh off the loss of the season. hosting the ravens and that's a nice little touchdown and that's 13-6 at the half. the ravens having a not so secret weapon. that knocks things up at 14 a piece. this time not even touched. the ravens get the dolphins their second loss. 26-23 the final. today, taking on the eagles and hoping to avoid a five start this season.. a rally for this first w right out of the gate. bringing pack a big play here and scored it all the way down field. a 49-yard bomb. they would eventually cash in on
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to get the game and the eagles answered right away. there's a score there. here comes the giants and in to the end zone there hook up with the second cd of the game. a sixth yard strike. this one is 21-19. here we go. eli taking the snap and the ball gos the other way and it is picked up. michaelle -- that one is what you know is on the very next play. the back up is on in to the inskininjured michaelle vic. gee kwrapbtthe giants are 0-5 since 1987. it's time for adversity. the find out of who you are and what you're made of. in another part of the world, his last name is scy iscy anonyr
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a legendary winner. >> he's been a linebacker. >> they always kept the nfl. put one of the biggest things that drives him is the desire to live up to his family name. his name in his family's native uganda and by uganda's everywhere. >> if someone knows my name is first question is are you related to him. it's always been a sense of pride for me and my family. >> in 1971 he became uganda's
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first chief justice. if there was mount rushmore in uganda, his face would be on it. i'm constantly reminded about how great he is. i should have a bigger picture of myself. great things are always possible. the greatest thing that he is remembered for is standing for the rule of fair and just law in uganda. even if that meant encountering the man's chief justice. the dictator. more than just hearing about it. when we walk down the street and somebody who recognizes the man to you say, i want to say how much i appreciate what your grandfather did for the people and our country. it gives a sense of pride. >> he paid a terrible price and in 1972, forces believed to be working and took him in to custody and publicly tortured him before murdering him before setting him on fire.
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he was just 50 years old. 41 years later. he says he has taken important lessons from his grandfather's death as well as from his life. >> there's one of two things. it can scare you away from politics and from foreign affairs in general or it can inspire to you to find a cause that you believe in so passionately what you are willing to give. he didn't know what the skaus comincausedto come down. he did what he did and he still did it. for that he's loved for an entire region. >> john henry smith? al jazeera. >> and an update in the nl division series game.
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that is a look at sports. >> jessica, thank you. >> kevin is coming up next with the forecast. stay with us. millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next. รง]
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in to the weekend and for many of you, it hasn't been a good week end. first of all, let's go down towards the gulf coast. we will look at some more rain here across parts of the panhandle of florida. it is clearing up. this parts of new orleans. you have just cleared up as that boundary has just pushed through. now with the front and with the moisture down here with the gulf coast we do see a lot of rain from tkpa* georgia up to the carolinas. you will see the coldest air make its way through region.
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we are seeing the colder temperatures here an this is the area of low pressure. that's going to continue to make its way over here toward the part of the united states. tomorrow rain for chicago and as we go for the rest of the week, 70 on wednesday and as we end the week we expect to see 75-degrees there. across the northeast. i want to show you u the temperatures that we're seeing right now. look at the difference. new york at 68, philadelphia, 84 and down here towards washington at 87. we will see the warm up as the warm temperatures take their way up here towards the north. we will see the heaviest rain against parts of new york and as well as in ohio. you could see flooding from where you are at. on monday morning the rain will be a problem. higher temperatures are thursday. that temperature at 72. that's the national weather. your headlines are up ex next.
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