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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> this is al jazeera america live i'm tony harris with a look at today's top stories. >> let's lift these threats from our families and businesses let's gets dow get down to work. prizpresident obama urges the congress to stop the impact on the american people. the deadline on coo the impf congressethe government's abilio borrow money. and extreme artist with piesepieces popping up on ameris
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streets. >> tony: one week into the government's shutdown. three of the nation's middle easmostpowerful american are taa lot. but still there is no deal in sight to end the government shutdown. we are joined from washington. mike what is the big take away for you from the president's news conference? >> we are still at a stand still. that is the basic point we are in week two of the shou shutdowd now heading nine days into the zebilitydebt ceiling and the fie ever default of the u.s. government. the president taking to the briefing room and getting extensive coverage, he alberta sayinsaying hewill not negotiat. if the government is going to be
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reopened and the debt ceiling is going to be raised they want significant concessions. chief among them to delay or fund the affordable care act something near and dear to the president called obamacare. here is a little of what he had to say. >> the only thing that our democracy can't afford, that says unless i get my way and evenly my way anonly myway, i wn the government or not pay america's bills. >> how long would it take for extensions to remove that threat, the hostage situation as he has described it. the president coming out saying he will be willing to short
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term. he will be willing to sit down with republicans. i can tell you that will upset the republicans. esone other thing the president had to say he wanted to talk about the debt ceiling. saying that this would be catastrophic for the u.s. and world economy. if the u.s. does not vote to raise the debt ceiling. it's not just a question of prioritizing with the money still coming in. it will have an effect of the social security checks and interest rates on consumers. the president sounding the alarmed time analarmtime and ti. the president has said time-and-time again he has enough votes. >> there have enough votes to support a clean spending bill. are the votes still there? >> he is probably right, tony. i have to tell you after years
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of covering the house of representatives, when push comes to shove you don't know how far they will go. you can expect the fast majority of rum republicans will stay wih the conservative base and the speaker himself is staying with the conservative base and voting with the government the middle of the road the mo moderate republicans which way will they go when push comes to shove. many have come out saying they would vote for a such a thing and possibly pushing them over the threshold. >> libby casey has been in washington all morning. what is happening on the floor that will essentially push the shutdown. >> harry reizid, the majority
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leader has a bill that will deal with the debt issue. we are seeing a lot of frustration here on capitol hill. it's not just people out in america who are frustratedded with what is going on. senator john mccain former presidential candidate says despite the federal healthcare law is a waste of time and it's not the right moment to duke it out. here is what else he has to say. let's find away out of this. let's find away we can sit do you know. zblrchlts -- down.i don't careo appoint people and the informal conversations that we have had back and forth. but there should be away out of the dead ends we are in. >> how is this going to end? we know how no i this is going o end. sooner or later the government will resume their functions and sooner or later we will raise the debt limit the question is how do we get there.
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if there is anyone that disagrees that we won't reach that point i would like to hear from them. why don't we do this now rather than later. and why doesn't the senate lead. >> a veteran politician who has been through many battles in the past saying why don't we move this forward. harry reid is taking up his own fight. >> we need to re-open the federal government now. not ten minutes before the debt ceiling is gone. we need to get back to the business of protecting the american families. back to the job of legislating. it's our job to legislate. and it is our job and always will be our job. >> a lot of talk about the debt ceiling and not just the government shutdown and you have heard the comementsd comments ey president obama.
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>> libby the house speaker john boehner he will be making a statement at 4:30 and we'll bring you that live. and libby will be here to help us through that. but libby boehner says he wants to negotiate and talk to the president. what is it that he wants to get out of a new conversation with the president? >> that is a good question. you think it would be easy to answer. it's not that clear. a lot of represent republicans d off the healthcare. now they are talking about spending cuts and bigger cuts. the speaker boehner is pointing fingers and saying that the oust white house and the republicans are not the ones that are not willing to negotiate. >> there is a lot of finger pointing going on right now? >> we are a week into this thing. any idea on how the public is
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reacting to the shutdown. >> well it's int not good at ths time. as president obama pointed out it could get a lot worse if the debt ceiling is breeched. what the president said economic harhardships or inconveniences r americans. we are trying to do things which is getting the business of the country done. >> it could lead to chaos and it coulwould be more severe if we d the debt ceiling problem. >> you will be back with us at 4:30 or theres about when speaker boehner makes his statement. libby casey on capitol hill for us. johnathan betts is here. paint a picture on what it could
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mean on the country. >> the default means you are out of money. you maxed out your credit card and you have bills to pay so you raise your credit limit. how much does the government have to spend. last thursday the government brought in 11 115 billion dolla. from that one day the u.s. is in the red. it spent $33 billion. more than it took in. we are about to hit america's debt limit. it's a big number but it's not enough. $16.6 trillion. the federal government needs a trillion more dollars to pay the bills. a trillion more than this is needed.
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so the next question what gets paid and what does not get paid. no one knows for sure. things like social security checks and medicare and military pay and money for local cities and schools and they could be at risk in theory. and there is a huge impact on the economy. the value of the dol dollar nose dived. stocks and 401k's and stocks and bonds go down. folks trying to buy homes and cars will likely see higher interest rates and people stop shop something. some people argue it may not be this bad. perhaps the treasury can pull off accounting tricks and pay the things that really matter, but overall most economists warn a city fault would be felt globally and it could trigger aa recession worse than the one we just went through. >> let's talk about how bad this could get. with be a economist. john is with us. john good to talk to you again
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can we do this? we have been talking about the debt ceiling and the debt limit and maybe people's eyes are starting to glaze over a little bit at the terminology that we are using here let's go through the 101 of the debt ceiling or the debt limit, whatever you want to call it. whoa is the debt ceiling? >> what that implies is that for the federal government to keep adding debt and maintaining it's current level of spending it has to have approval from congress that it can increase borrowing. without the lifting of the debt ceiling the government has to begin to cut spending as this prproceeds the cuts will be more difficult for society. >> raising the debt limit is not that big of a deal, is it or isn't it? >> it becomes a very big deal
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the longer the debt ceiling is not lifted. >> i would be suburb price subut the lifting of the debt ceiling the government will be forced to cut back on social security and just cutting back on the scogs l security would have an effect of the governmenspending. and create a recession. why are people saying a default could be worse than the financial crisis of 2008? >> that would bring in question the trillions of dollars of outstanding treasury debt. it's very important if we are going to have an adequate supply of credit to the sector. if the u.s. treasury defawtl den
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their debt. terrotreasury bonds would fail. that would automatically imply that mortgage yields would jump higher by several percentage points. it would be very difficult to get a mortgage or a loan and it would resemble the collapse of lehman brothers. >> john thank you. the shutdown impact reaching the families of those that serve in the armed forces and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice five u.s. service members have died in afghanistan in resent days. their families will not receive aaa 100,000-dollar payment.
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some americans support the shutdown and others are sphrus frustrated about the zbred gridn washington. a woman who was supposed to be part of a trial? >> after i was diagnosed i started radiation shortly there after. and after radiation i had two different regiments of chemotherapy to find this clinical trial and be excited and at the same time be told it was going to be put on hold because of the government shutdown was a big blow. how long can i last? we all have contingencies but it's a day-by-day and week by week situation zblrchlts mos. sixty% of our guests are from
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europe and they don't understand it at all. athey are warning agencies that the calamity and the social security agency is doing that. david shuster on how this could affect a lot of people? >> an under scoring that it would affect a lot of people is known as political hardball. according to market watch 46 million americans receive social security checks and they have been instructed to tell recipients unlike a federal shutdown which has no impact on the social security benefits. failure to raise the debt ceiling puts the social security benefits at risk. the white house has a clear need to enlist the social security resirecipients in the debt ceilg citdebate. 60% of americans say it would be a bad thing if the debt ceiling
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is not raise and four in ten sigh it would bsayit would be a. there you have the republicans going on the airwaves to echo the view that it won't be very bad. and they claim that the failure to raise the debt ceiling is not a big deal. representative steve king says all of this talk of a default is false we have plenty of money coming in toke service the debt zblerchlt thtreasury departmentd choose which iou's to pay. so, by is rapping up the legitimate fears the social security administration will into the receive their checks. the obama administration is bolstering the case for raising the debt ceiling and they are heaping theap eehoinhoping to pn
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the republicans in congris cong. david, what date are you hearing. >> to what johnathan was pointing out earlier 6 60 60 to% comes in. so there is some money but then it becomes incredible. that could cause the financial markets to collapse and then by the way when social security checks are to go out and 46 million americans may not get their social security checks and they stop participating in the economy. >> they stop sphenl spending. and if the market has not tumbled by that point it will certainly crash by then. you were listening to the news conference as well. i want to hear the other side of the argument who we are going to hear from in a couple of minutes
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he continues to say we need negotiation. what comes out of this conversation with a new conversation with the president that dfnl didn't happen in last week's white house visit. is it all about the affordable care act. >> no he wants political coverage. >> he wants a win. >> he wants to say to the tea party caucus, look we have gone as far as we can go. this is what i have been able to get for you. we are not able to dismantle obamacare. we are going to get a grand bar gain and cut-backs on entitlement programs and he has to go to the tea party rum republicans that want to impeach him in order for him to kin kees job. we can have all of those
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discussions but we can't do it while the government is shutdown. that is what the president is saying. >> you heard him say in this nicnews conference saying he understands why john boehner is iin this position. there is the president saying that boehner is in a tough spot and the president is trying to give him a little room and perhaps with this going as far as it has, that boehner can retreat and then boehner can give something to the tea party republicans so they don't think it's a complete failure. >> is this something an agreement of raising the debt ceiling for six weeks and then having the discussion? is that the something that dan n move. >> speaker boehner is counting votes. he is counting how many rum republicans may vote against me or spark a new speakership
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election if i give in to president obama. >> that is about personal politics. david shuster with us. let's get a check on weather now. >> good afternoon i'm meteorologist david warren. they things are a little cooler these are frost and freeze advisories. cooler air here and there is coastal flooding with a storm that is vej. one thing you will notice is a chill in the air. it's calm and the temperature will drop into the 30s. you can see frost on servicings and temperatures down to freezing across the northeast and new england. here is the storm that is developing. area of low pressure off the coast of north and south carolina. there are the cloud and rain over the next 24 hours. the rain will slowly start to push north rain spreading into virginia and washington d.c.
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it will be heavy at times and moving up to new england. there is a big difference in pressure. this is a nor'easter developing and that will lead to the coastal flooding and rain along the mid-atlantic states and i up through my england look at that any warmer air is coming up in the national forecast. >> the debt ceiling comparison raising your credit card limit by one trillion dollars.
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[[voiceover]] gripping films from the world the world's top documentary directors. >> comic book journalism demands something that other forms of comics do not. >> this sunday the premiere of "comic books go to war" >> they were bombarded with
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shells and as snipers were shooting at them... >> cartoon journalists who risked their lives to tell the story. >> it was a traumatizing experience. >> al jazeera america presents: so they made headlines helping to explain. the question on how of the universe was formed today peter higgs and fransz waugh englert everyoned themselves nobel prizes for physics. the boson particle is known as the gotd particle. penn state has settled with is the men who sued in the wake of the san dust ski sex scandal.
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they will pay in claims for the scandal. the former football coach is serving 30 do *6r 0 year sens sentence for abusing boys. >> john boehner is about to make statements in ten minutes timings. his comments are blasting the g.o.p. over the government shutdown. >> having such a conversation, talks and negotiations shouldn't require hangping in the threats of a government shutdown for economic chaos. over the heads of the american people. so what would happen if congress doesn't come up with a debt ceiling by mid october? trisha takes us back stott last time we talked about that point. >> that would be in 2011. ask we thought prit call
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bridgesmanship saw consequences. republicans in congress refused to authorize an increase that the nation's spending was out of control. the issue became not whether to reduce the deficit but how. the republicans wanted to end government spending. >> as the nation edged towards the brink of defaulting on their debilities the markets trembled. and business and consumer confidence plummeted. >> there is a lot of concern that washington may be able to get it's act together. as a result you can see the impasse effects on the economy well beyond the debt limit deadline. an agreement was reached at the 11th hour. it was not until the budget control act was signed that the consequences of the standoff hit home. august 25th 2011 standard and
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poors downgraded u.s. sovereign debt from aaa to aa rating. the after shoctor through the dpngsal markets. the dow posting their worst point and prersage drop since the financial crisis of 2008. and the impact was not felt by investors financing cost. acording to the treasury department household spending at 2 and a half trillion dollars in the second and third quarter of 2011. is there a danger of another downgrade here? >> it depends on the brinksman ship here. >> it's confidence on the u.s.
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government to pay their debt on time. weakened stablity and effectiveness and predict ability of u.s. institutions and policy making. we are seeing stronger signals in the markets that investor are getting nervous. >> look at that down 157 points. >> the dow is down and we have yields on treasury notes ar. and we are not seeing a hissy fit yet on wall street. but we are seeing the stronger signals of weaknesses and what we are seeing with that is the message from wall street is stop messing around with the full faith and guarantee of the american government. >> we hear that from the markets. we hear from republican republican represen representatd senators that it's not that big of a deal if the debt ceiling is not raised. i will ask you the same question
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i asked an economist a few moments ago. is it a big deal or not? >> it's a big deal if we default on government debt. so much of the market is about psychology. and when you tamper with confidence and make people nervous it can have repercussions and riple effects. >> trisha i appreciate it. i will keep asking these questions. awaiting a statement from house speaker john boehner. and north korea putting their military on high alert. is it
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. here is look at your top stories eight days into a partial government shutdown senate democrats try to pass a stand alone measure to increase the government's borrowing cap. john boehner is called again for deficit reduction talks on tuesday. >> a second team of weapons inspectors will go to syria.
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the inspectors have started to destroy some chemical weapons in that country. thousands of people are gathering in the capitol and washington, d.c. too bring immigration reform. they are asking congress too bring a sweeping immigration reform. that would affect 11 million people living in the nation illegally. we are going to get to that in a moment but first house speaker john boehner. when it it comes to the issue of funding it the government i the house has passed four bills. each of those four bills was rejerktereeschere rejected by the united states senate we asked that they sit down and have a conversation with us about funding the government and keeping it open. they refused to do it.
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over the last 30 years dozens of times there have been negotiations over funding our government. all of those negotiations have resulted in significant policy changes. sand and i would remind you thae president of the united states and i have sat down in the spring of 2011 to negotiate a funding bill for the government from march all the way through september. during that negotiation there were all kinds of policy considerations. and if you recall, the opportunity scholarships for kids here in d.c. was restored into law. the president's position that listen we are not going to sit do you know and talk to you until you surrender is not sustainable. it's not our system of government when it comes to the debt limit i agree with the president's we should pay our bills. i'm not here to shutdown the
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government and default on our debt. but when if comes to the debt limit over the last wh 40 years7 times the debt limit has been carried too make significant policy changes. president reagan sat down with tip o'neil in the 1980s. president bush in i 1990 went to andrews air force base got into a long debate and negotiation with democrats here in congress. bill clinton went through it three timeses in the 1990s. and president obama and i sat down in 2011 and had a serious negotiation. and while the president today suggested that i walked away from the deal, i have to remind him i was in the oval office as long with the majority leader eric cantor when we had an agreement that two days later
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the president walked away from. there was another negotiation in 2011 that resulted in really the largest deficit reduction bill we have seen here in the last 30 years. buts in 2010 when democrats croaltcontrolled the congress ad president obama was in the bhowe house a group of moderate democrats in the house wouldn't agree to raise the debt limit without negotiation. there was a negotiation then amongst democrats over raising the debt ceiling. the long and short is there is going to be a negotiation here. we capacity be raise the debt ceiling about doing something about what is driving is and borrowing more money beyond our means. the idea that we continue to spend money we don't have and to give the bill to our kids and grand kids would be wrong. this is not about me and the republicans it's about saving
4:35 pm
the future for our kids and grand kids sand th and the onlys is going to happen is to have the conversation. we have to have the conversation not next week or next month, but the conversation need to be start today. i'm hol hopeful that as leadersn the congress we can begin that conversation. >> what would you say to military families that have been denied death benefits due to the shutdown. >> last week the congress passed the pay our military act. we gave broad authority to pay many bills including this. frankly i think it's disgraceful they are wit withholding these benefits. tomorrow the they are going to act on this and i hea hope the president will sign it.
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[inaudible] >> it's 11:a:59 on october 17 h october 17th and we are not there. >> at times like this we expect our leaders to sit down and have that conversation. i want that conversation to occur right now. [(inaudible) [ president said today was if there is unconditional surrender by republicans he will sit down and talk to us. that is not the way our government works. thanks everybody. >> wow! you just heard from the house speaker john boehner. about the way both sides are locked in here. we are reminded that things shift and there is movement. bby casey.
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libby where is the fight over. a week ago we were talk heard it this fight is over the nation's debt. what is the fight over. >> it does feel like a moving target, tony you are right. what got the government shutdown and the march toward the debt limit date. it start with senator cruz and letters saying that we need to he city fine the healthcardieto. we need a vote on raising the debt ceiling with spendin spend. you think back to the fiscal cliff crisis and we were healthcare again and again, we have to think about the
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grandchildren and the legacy they will receive and if we don't make the spending cuts as the debt grows and grows. this is a popular line that senator boehner has had success with in the past. we are hearing an entrenchment. both sides are saying i'm willing to negotiate at the end of the day it's not happening, tony. >> if we are talking about a moving target and the crux is not over the affordable care act and it's really about the deficit, does that mean that we can stop having this discussion about the shutdown being over a delay to the affordable care act? >> we'll find out. yeah. >> if you are a tea party member 00 hawho has gone to the mat for this. they are, you are right. >> they are going to need something. it's been successful in fund
4:39 pm
raising circles and among tea parties back home and a certain segment is of the poo onsegment. not one question was about the affordable care act. that is remarkable. they just launched last week and they have been buggy. there have been a lot of technical problems and that didn't get any attention from the media or the president didn't give it it any ground. the goal many conservative republicans had and that as a focus has fallen by the way side. >> what does the speaker want right now? does he want a congress committee or a one-on-one with the president does he want what happened last week at the white house? what does he want? >> he wants the conference
4:40 pm
committee to sit down and hash it out. the one piece of wiggle room is perhaps there could be a short term bill that will goat the country over the hurdle of the looming debt ceiling deadline. the president is willing to sign off on that and get the government back up and running and look at the bigger debate down the line. the question is will the republicans see that as a possibility or not. >> so both sides are saying, once again, we are willing to talk and it's you guys that are the problem. >> we'll see whose the american public feels ba that. feels about that it was like tit for tat. we'll see how the american public responds to that. >> i want to be clear that we are hearing the same thing in this discussion here. last week we were talking about remearepeal and replace and more
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delay of the affordable care act. and in the house speaker moments ago it's not about the affordable care acted i act it't the grand bargain that never was and entitlement and everything on the table to raise the debt ceiling. ai am i close. >> you are. when this are these lager heads you have to go bigger than go home. one is the foflt federal governt shutdown that goes on day-by-day. and then there is the debt issue. and they are separate issues and they may be able to ba bargain n those issues. >> doesn't it feel more and more each passing day that it's one discussion that the debt ceiling that it feels that way to you
4:42 pm
that it's more and more one discussion over both of these issues, correct? >> we really thought that perhaps the fight over the government shutdown may either clear the air. two sides fighting it out and clear the air. have a coast to the debt ceiling debate and get through that cleanly. or they would blend together. that is what has happened. they have come together. and now one is a bea bargainingp for the other. and as senator joo joon joh john said it may be a hardship for some. but brace yourself the social security checks and the government's credit rating and your loan and interest rates could be affected with what is coming down the pipe. >> libby casey for us on capitol hill. the national monument is closed because of the government shutdown but tell that to
4:43 pm
democrat on straight years demonstrators. the bill could impact 11 million people living in the nation illegally. randal joins us from the national mall. what is going on is there? >> tony for about three hours we heard from speakers. it was about mostly about republicans. all of them saying there needs to be done about the 11 million people 0 who are in the nation illegally. ones they finish the rally they went off to the capitol to do an act of civil disobedience. they did not plan this rally knowing it would happen right in the mitd el o middle of the budt
4:44 pm
shutdown. >> randal how are people reacting to the reform. we know they have pr proposed tweeks to the senate language. what is the reaction to the path that is at least now forming to some kind of deal towards immigration? >> they are disappointed there has not been any definitive action. i heard a pragmatic point of view from a woman who came here illegally when she was a year old and later managed to gain citizenship and is now enrolled in graduate school. >> i nope that th nolai know ths
4:45 pm
affected those that thought it was going to happen quickly. we understand it takes time and our hope and patience is is sloy starting to die. we want to get our voices out there that we are still hopeful and we are willing to fight about this and voice you're our opinion. >> here is what we heard from house speaker john boehner. once the democrat republicans ao re-open the government. everybody is waiting to see when action will be taken. >> after the break, she is swimming long distance but it's all done in one place. we'll explain her passionate
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>> welcome back everyone. marathon swimmer is swimming to raise money for the victims of the hurricane sandy. she will swim for 48 hours to raise funds for the mara care a non-profit organization that provides help on disaster relea. relea -- relief. today's focus is on the people that endured. the lea least i can do is endur the 48 hours. >> she takes short breaks to eat while treading water. she made history when she became the first person to swim the 110 miles from cuba to florida. north cure korea's military is n high alert. they say japan and south korea are about to engage in hostile
4:49 pm
activities. they say the north has re-opened a reactor. weeks after the cruise righted the ship. the body of a worker has been found aboard the cruise ship. he was believed t to be a waiter who was working on the ship. the diver are searching sections of the ship until it was unaccessable before it was pulled off the reef last month. a second team of inspectors are moving into syria. it's expected to take nine months to destroy the 1000-ton weapons arsenal. >> a new day and protest across egypt. crowds opposed to morsi were demonstrating at university. it comes days after 400 were
4:50 pm
killed. nine security personnel died monday in expected retaliation attacks. >> we have one team and the play office are great. the playoffs are spectacular. >> it's hard to beat the drama. let's get to baseball. the only things sports fans in los angeles love more than a winner is a hollywood ending. la hosting the brag braves in ge four and after jumping out ahead 2-0 early. the dodgers found themselves down 3-2 at the bottom of the 8th inning. setting the stage for jua juan. back toward the wall and the dodgers lead. he was once a post season hero
4:51 pm
the giants he is doing the same for la. the dodgers were headed to the first national league championship appearance since 2009 as they win over the braves 3-1. they'll face the winner of tomorrow's game 5 between the cardinals and the pirates. it's been a difficult year for the city of detroit after growing financia and financial r decades. as john henry smith reports detroit's sports teams are rallying around the city hoping to restore pride and hope. >> greatness is not a word associated much with detroit in resent years. crime and shuttered schools and high unemployment. the city of detroit is turning to their sports teams for a different relief. the kind it won't get from washington, d.c.
4:52 pm
>> sports has away of finding that common thread of bringing people together. it's not a long range solution but it can be a positive influence. drew is a long time sports cool columnist for the detroit free press. >> it's brought the teams in the town together for a common purpose. they have the opportunity to give this city something feel proud about. something for three hours they can for forget they don't have a job. you can't get your garbage picked up. it may take an hour for the police to come by. it's not an end all. it's something. if it can help build up a psyche of a city that has been beaten down for years you can't help but build up that mind set. >> that spirit is felt than throughout most of the city like here in a barber shop in detroit. >> we find our teams and love our teams.
4:53 pm
>> what does sports mean to this town? >> sports means everything to this city. we have the lions and tigers playing strong. and at the time the city is in need we need somebody to back this up. >> the city of detroit was in no greater need than in 1967. a police raid in an after hours bar sparked rioting that ripped detroit apart leaving 11 dead and hundreds injured. decades later the city still wears the social and economic stars. >> i was seven years old during the '*6r '67 riots and i remembr seeing the internationa the nats going by my how have e house. i to this day still remember a neighbor gave my father a gun.
4:54 pm
>> smoke could be seen from the ryriots in downtown detroit. moved to do something tiger outfielder in full uniform walked to an area where trouble was brewing and talked toot to e crowd about ending violence. >> willie grew up near here and he meant a lot to the people and to us. >> and in the following year in '*68 the tyin tigers win their t world series in several years ago and it galvanized the city that summer. it didn't cure the economy. it didn't cure race relations in the city. but for four months that summer, the tigers played at tiger stadium that evening, everything else stopped and everyone was together for a common purmings anpurmings -- purpose and that s to see the tigers win. detroit's no motto we heap hoper
4:55 pm
better things it should rise from the ashes. >> the city plans to reset their financial future and detroit sports teams will continue to play their role on and off the field in keeping the spirit of detroit alive. >> you know, tony, we see it often how much sports can mean to a local community. it gives them a sense of identity and a sense of hope. and the sports team in detroit have performed fairly well. the tigers have a chance tonight to advance to the american league championships. they were in the world series last year. some ray of hope this in detroit and it's coming from the sports teams. >> thank you. calmer conditions continue across the country. dave warren is back after the break with the national forecast.
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♪ welcome back. meteorologist dave warren. calmer across the northeast. no more severe storms but it did bring it cooler air. the temperatures are dropped a bit. 66 in new york and close to 70 in washington, d.c. tomorrow morl feel the chill in the air. frost advisory it could hit 32°. we are looking at numbers dropping to the 30s in new york and new england and maybe frost on surfaces there and cool with a light breeze tomorrow morning. things will change and it wait a momenwon'twarm up much. we won't see the clear skies like we had today. storms are developing across the
4:59 pm
ccoast of north carolina. hiv heavy rain pushing up to washington, d.c. and rain developing and 66 and 5 on 5 --8 and rain will go up t up the coo new england. this is a nor'easter and we could see costal flooding. that is the only rain on the radar aside from showers in washington and oregon. that storm is over the coast and in the middle nothing. just warmer temperatures. they are climbing from 70 to 80 accept o80880exempt on the snows there. in bengal that is a tropical system developing. we are watching that closely and that is to intensify over the hours.
5:00 pm
>> house speaker called again for redestruction talks with president obama on tuesday. thousands of people are gathering at the capital of washington, d.c. to bring attention to immigration and calling on congress to pass a sweeping reform bill. and a second team of weapons inspectors will go to syria, u.n. general secretary


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