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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2013 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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>> we're looking at your feedback, and this is by far and away one of the most requested show topics from viewers. >> a lot of passion, and francis says look, drones can cause reduction in droop losses, but
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she questions if we're any safer. and ali, drones kill civilians, and terrorize populations and they perpetuate the war on terror. if a kid was murdered in a drone attack, it wouldn't be called collateral damage, and christian a. is safe ever safe enough? this is the show, and all of your online contributions. throughout the show, engage us on twitter, using the hashtag. >> expanded in yemen and somalia and pakistan. look at this. starting in middle 2008, u.s. drone strikes in pakistan peeked and casualties, light red, and
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light red is civilians. they're going down to other presumably intended targets. as strikes increased, so did the outcry. and so did the critics. when it comes to tart targets ad civilian casualties. so is there room for reform? joining us is maureen shah. [ audio difficulties ]
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>> i have my doubts, and skepticism. and the reason, there's no doubt that drones are useful. , but the problem in this war is tactics, it was turned into a strategy. so yes, there's thought as leaders who were taken out. osama bin laden, and the second tier leadership, but the problem is that at the same time, there was a rise in terrorist attacks across pakistan. because attacks from weapons, used the drone sites and then pakistan.
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[ audio difficulties ] we don't know whether created more terrorists. >> the increase in support, it's making hatred. safe nation says this is a horrible policy and strategy. counter productive and creates more extremism. i'm going to go with you on this one. there are three countries where a majority of americans support drone strikes. 61%. and in the past year, we've talked to pretty much every single person of a different type.
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>> these allegations, looking at what's happening on the ground. and instead, continuing the policy of secrecy. >> well, transparency, the somali said the following. we welcome the u.s. operation. [ audio difficulties ]
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what are the metrics that the u.s. is determining to determine that? >> well, a couple of drones, [ audio difficulties ]
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>> terrorists, what does that mean? it means that people there, in that state or an area, and the locals cannot stop it. so that makes the self defense pretty strong. logical with that. and they conducted many operations. so this is not to say that this gives us a blank check to do whatever we want to, but the response was oversight, more responsibility. and also seeing if this is a tactic, or if this is the only thing we have. >> your response? >> yeah, what about the rights
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of the people who are living in that part of pakistan? what about their security? are we saying that these people don't have any rights? >> the civilian deaths, all military aged men killed are classified by us [ audio difficulties ] and then there's also
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[ audio difficulties ] who do we hold accountable for the deaths [ audio difficulties ] and what type of precedent does that set? in the case of bad intelligence leading to them getting killed. that is a big question mark that
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the obama administration has never answered. because there's no general redirect. it makes it difficult when things go wrong, and that's what they need to grapple with. >> how do you have more transparency? [ audio difficulties ]
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that's all i have an
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real money. victoria azarenko on august 20th,
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is there any other poll say this you can prefer that the will lead our national security objectives? >> there's law enforcement from the criminal justice. e for the forefforts -- the obaa administration is secretive. we can't tell if there's a trend there and we haven't told what other actions are taking and what it's considering.
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what about the other 4,000 people. >> hassan, we have less than two heupbs left in the show. the precedence that's being set by the u.s. and u.s. drone policy as other nations around the world develop their own drone system. so, that is the most controversy shall part of the whole thing. this has opened up a new -- it's a number of symptoms the and a number of disease. e i think the thing that the law enforcement can do the job but there's a sequence. drone strikes will strike and you have to work on law enforcement and development to beat the terrorism in a significant fashion. >> josh, can i give you the last word? >> without everyone else on the panel, the other aspects of what president obama laid out back in may i think still needs to come out online.
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it's still brought a local security course capacity and developing regional economies. in the long run those do have the best hope of denying terrorists that will make thaepl tper talthem a fertile time. >> thank you for joining us. thanks to our community for a terrific discussion time. i'll see you online.
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good evening, everyone. welcome to "al jazeera america." >> having such conversations, talks, negotiations shouldn't require hanging a government shut down for economic chaos over the heads of the american people. >> i certainly didn't come here to default on our debt. >> washington stalemate. both parties are so far apart that they can't agree on when to talk. new leadership the woman president obama will nominate to take over ben bernanke's post as the federal reserve. hundreds in the nation's capitol want issue


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