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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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♪ ♪ the prime minister of libya is kidnapped at gun point in tripoli. this just days after he asked western leaders to help stop militants in his country. and u.s. forces captured a suspected al qaeda leader there. a meeting of the minds aimed at ending the government shutdown. president obama invites every house republican to the white house, speak are boehner says only a small group of g.o.p. leaders will attend. dignity denied. the families of veterans killed serving our nation are victimized again by the government shutdown. and signaling displeasure over the military crack down in egypt the u.s. temporarily suspends hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to that country.
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♪ ♪ welcome to al jazerra america, i am stephanie sy. we have some breaking news to report out of libya this morning. lib january authorities say they don't know the whereabouts of prime minister ali zeidan who has been kidnapped by gunmen at a hotel in tripoli. security guards at the hotel described the situation as resembling an arrest with the prime minister taken by force at gun point. al jazerra has learned he was taken by a group called the linear operations chamber it comes days after he asked the west to help stop the spread of militancy in his country. he says those militants were using libya as a base to export weapons. the kidnapping comes days after a raid by u.s. special forces
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who captured an al quada leader there. we'll continues to follow the story as news break. edward snowden arrived in how caw on sunday hoping to see his son. the former nsa contractor was granted ahead sigh legal in russia last month. he's responsible for leaking details of government surveillance programs and then fleeing to asia and russia. lon snowden says he has not had any direct contact yet with his son and he felt, quote, extreme gratitude that his son is safe and secure and that he's free. a glimmer of hope on day 10 of the government shutdown. >> reporter: president obama has invited house republicans to the white house thursday. he met with house democrats on wednesday. mr. obama is not backing away from a clean spending bill, but as pressure mounts on republican to his abandon their demands for concessions some progress could be on the here horizon, white house correspond erred mike viqueira reports. >> reporter: thursday is shaping
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up as a big day in this drama. on wednesday the president met with house democrats, all 200 here at the white house, all of them marching in shock step trying to put fresh ore house republicans to relent to allow a so-called clean spending bill on the floor of the house to reopen the government and to pass a debt ceiling hike at least for the short-term. but on thursday, first senate democrats, same store there singing from the same hymnal as the president. a harry reid their leader has been the tough guy in these negotiations, turning back republican efforts to undermine their position. but after senate democrats leave the white house then it is the key group, house republicans who will be here chris visiting with president obama who invited all 233 of them here. they declined. john boehner said he's only sending the leadership, the elected leadership of house republicanrepublicans and key ce chairmen, what that means is this key group, conservatives and tea party affiliated members will not be here. that's going to make things somewhat less interesting. but perhaps a more productive session.
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all this amid a talk of a six-week extension of the debt ceiling the president made it very clear on his tuesday president conference, that a short-term extension like that would bring him to the table. would allow him to talk to republicans about some of the issues that they want to talk about. but any extension would have been vlasic to be clean, no strings attached. and the question remains, will that fly with house republicans? and if it won't fly with conservatives will john boehner put it on the house floor anyway? so we are back to square one essentially. but possibly as the clock ticks more pressure on all parties involved could induce some movement. >> mike viqueira reporting. millions of veterans and families of active duty troops are being put at financial risk by the shutdown. the house pass address bill to restore death benefits to families of fallen society solds not clear if the senate will take up the mea the matter. >> reporter: wash iowas just as outraged by the rest of the
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public that people who lost their loved ones in the miles an hour mill tar are not reaching survivor benefits. all politicians rushed in to get their fingerprints on solving the problem. senator john mccain republican of arizona captured the feeling of frustration. >> shouldn't we as a boyd, public -- body, republican, democrat, no matter who we are shouldn't we be embarrassed by this. shouldn't we be ashamed. what do the american people think what they see that death benefits for those who served and sacrificed in the most honorable way are not even -- their families are not even eligible for death benefits. i am ashamed. i am embarrassed. all of us should be. >> reporter: now, a long-term solution to providing the survivor benefits getting the federal government back up and running. and that's a point hit home on wednesday morning by the secretary of veteran affairs.
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general eric and he warns that unless the federal government is back up and operating next month, 3.8 million veterans may not get their disability payments and more than a half million veterans and their surviving spouses may not get their pension benefits. and the general said that he's even seeing the affects of the shutdown on his staff who he works with every day. >> i have veterans myself that i employ. a third over 100,000 veterans. a number of them are going to be subject to furlough. and so if they are furloughed and subject the benefits check their resources go to zero. and i have the responsibility of trying to figure out how to keep them from becoming home little. >> reporter: he said that hud, the department of housing and urban developed may have to fill the void because his employees are having such a hard time paying their mortgages and rents. now one thing to note, the
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website of hud it says it's temporarily not up and running to its full capacity because of the federal government shutdown. >> libby casey reporting from capitol hill. a private foundation has come to the rescue of more than two dozen military families who have lost their loved ones since the shutdown began. juan carlos molina has that part of story i. >> reporter: a casket draped with the american flag. containing the remains of private first-class cody patterson. one of the five american troops killed in afghanistan over the weekend. defense secretary chuck hagel making an unannounced appearance to this solemn ceremony at dover air force base. witwhat the military officially calls a dignified transfer. but many americans feel the fallout from the government shutdown is treating the families of fallen service members with little dignity. that's because the families of american troops killed in action are not receiving the 100,000-dollars in emergency death benefits typically paid out within 36 hours to help pay for costs like funeral services.
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shannon collins is the mother of marine lance corporal jeremiah collins, also killed in afghanistan last weekend, but returned home in similar fashion on monday. >> for the sacrifice that our kids are making, at the age that they are making them, i don't understand how this can be a benefit that's withheld. i will not -- i won't ever understand it. >> reporter: retired colonel david brooks agrees. he's a family friends of sergeant patrick hawkins, another weekend fay tal at thisn afghanistan, certainly brooks says the government has a responsibility to take care of these familie families when sere members give their lives for their country. >> i think our ought to serve those fighting particularly hawkins who put his true test on the line. >> reporter: since the government shutdown began, 26 members of the military have died none of the families have received the funds. the bad press has forced the defense department to scramble for a work around, they are now
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relying on a veterans nonprofit called the fisher house foundation to pay out benefits until the government is reopened. >> i am hopeful that this will be a temporary measure and not a long-term measure but we are in it for as long as we need to be. >> reporter: defense secretary hagel says his department will reimburse fisher house for the costs he also expressed his percentage outrage and embarrass think over the issue is and is urging congress to restore funding to federal government. juan carlos molina, al jazerra. >> the white house says president obama was disturbed to learn about those military families being denied survivor benefits and that his administration hopes to find a solution soon. president obama announced an historic choice not next chief offed the federal reverse, janet yelyellen send thursday if confirmed sh she would be the ft woman to lead the most powerful central bank. she says the economic recovery still has a way to go. >> more needs to be done to
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strengthen the recovery. particularly for those hardest hit by the great recession. we have made progress. the economy is stronger and the financial system sounder. >> the obama administration also announced that it is suspending a major portion of its military aid to egypt. the move is meant to encourage the interim military-sanctioned government to step up efforts to restore democracy there. al jazerra's roslyn jordan reports from the state department. >> reporter: from the moment the egypt military threw prem mohammad morsi out of office on july 3rd, the u.s. has been debating how to respond. but months of crack down on his protesters and civil liberties violations made up washington's mind. hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military aid now on hold until cairo returns to a fully democratic path. what's frozen? f-16 fighter jets, abrams m1a1
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tanks. a patch i helicopters. harpoon missiles, $260 million in cash aid, and $300 million in loan guarantees. washington has done this before. not giving aid to a key military ali. it cut off some weapons delivery to his bahrain in 2011. what continues, money for education. economic development. counter terrorism and border security and the peace keeping in the sinai. administration officials say they are committed to helping egypt maintain piece in the sinai and its peace treaty with israel. they also believe the hold on military aid won't weaken washington's influence in cairo especially ahead of the upcoming trial of morsi. >> after the violent and the announcement today of the morsi trial. i think the white house is an embarrassing position if it doesn't take some action. but it's important to know that the white house is not writing egypt off. it's still a key strategic
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partner and we have relations with it. >> reporter: the aid decision is controversial. israeli, say and gulf states reportedly urged the u.s. to keep aid as is. the obama administration says it will be up to the egyptian to his decide whether all those fighter jets, tanks and missiles ever delivered. but the white house's terms appear pretty firm. a democratically elected civilian government with all sides at the table, including the muslim brotherhood. roslyn jordan, al jazerra, the state department. >> and as the u.s. suspends its funning other countries are beefing up the aid to egypt of the saudi arabia, kuwait and the united arab emirates pledged $12 billion saudi arabia said it would make up the difference if any country cut the difference. >> cold weather could be a thing of the past. researchers say 2014 average temperatures across the globe will be the hottest in recorded
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history. they predicted the exact years when average temps in cities will hit the peak. geneva, singapore, mexico, phoenix and coul cairo and honou will experience record high averages. 202023 and 2043. ♪ ♪ >> meteorologist: hello again, well, we are look at a storm over here towards the eastern seaboard, this has been here for the last 24 hours. notice it's really not moving too fast. it's going to cause a lot of problems as it makes its way slowly up towards the north east. airports, highway 95 as well. so we are watching that for you as we go through the rest of the day. now, out here towards the west, we actually had snow and mixed precipitation especially in the higher elevations first of all let's go up towards the northwest. notice those pinks that you see, anywhere from wyoming all the way down towards nevada, sierra nevers anevernevadas as well thg
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precipitation. up here towards the northwest more rain showers coming in towards parts of vancouver as well as seattle over the next day. down towards oregon you are getting a break in the rain, but down here across northern part of utah, well, we are getting a quite a bit of rain in to your forecast. for seattle, rain on thursday, friday not looking too bad. and we do think you'll get a break in the rain all the way towards the beginning of next week. now down here towards the south, sierra nevadas we have a lot of precipitation going on. it's really a mix, so during the daytime when the temperatures warm up just a bit. that's when we see some mixed precipitation then overnight, we get a lot more snow in those areas and, rain is pushing down towards the south as well. las vegas, you are also seeing some possible rain showers in your forecast, for arizona, more rain for you as well there. here is your forecast for phoenix, 75 agrees on thursday. as we go towards the rest of the week, those temperatures are making their way up back to about 87 agrees, texas, well, you are still seeing fairly clear with temperatures in
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dallas at about 86 degrees, san antonio at about 85. and as we go towards the rest of the week, fairly dry with a high of 87. >> kevin, thanks. a chaotic scene in west virginia as a former police officer opens fire at a federal building before engaging in a deadly shootout. and cruis crews work to go rid a of chemical weapons give a positive report for accomplishing that tough task.
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returning now to our breaking news out of libya. the kidnapping of that country's prime minister ali zeidan. he was grabbed by gun point in tripoli. we have more from tripoli. >> reporter: the latest news about what is so-called so far a kidnap operation, that has been executed by what is so-called here the libya revolution air i operation champ here early
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today. actually, we called people from the -- from this chamber they said that they have taken ali zeidan to an unknown plays on account of a crime committed against the state dating back to last september when checked were went to grieb the military guards blocking the refinery in east libya. we talked to the minister of justice he said that he had no idea he was not briefed i in advance about the operation but economy firmed that al sis sey n has been taken by that group. we talked to the general prosecutors commanders from the chamber confirm that they have did he trained al sisi dan fro detained him on offered the prosecutors office but the
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prosecutors offers said they have not issued such a memo and they have tois issue a them toeo draw authority and ask the military decision to go and detain him. but in such case, they confirm that they have not issued such a memo. on the public level here, i think that there has been a lot of dispute on the ground about the performance of al sisi dan's government especially the last couple of months in terms of the security and some enterprise in th in the refinern the east. >> we commi we'll continue to fw that story. the deadline will be met that's the mess fridge left team working to go get rid of syria's chemical weapons. so far the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons says the sear january government is cooperating with inspectors,
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barnaby phillips has more on the ongoing negotiations with both sides of the conflict. >> reporter: in the hague the head of organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons gives his first report o. >> it's unprecedented, we are at the beginning of a difficult process. there are significant challenges. >> reporter: can you tell us something about the interaction between your officials and those of the syrian government. what is the nature of the dialogue and the contact that you are having with the syrian government? >> the cooperation has been quite [inaudible] and i will say that the syrian authorities have been cooperative. >> reporter: the original team of 19 inspectors is being reinforced by a further 12. it's a small team, it will rely on the syrian government and the u.n. to provide it with security, as it tries to move around the country. there were many questions which officials of the opcw would not
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answer at this press briefing. but this is only day nine of a mission that is scheduled to last for nine months. in other words, when we want toed to know if they were going to succeed in dismantling all of syria's chemical weapons, they were telling us it's simply too early to say. these pictures from syrian state tv show the inspectors at work, it seems like an encouraging beginning to what is bounds to be a hard process. war rages o video shows the capture i've military base. a moment of triumph, a chance to stock up on valuable military supplies for the fighting to become. >> experts aim to go visit 20 sites across the country in the coming weeks, in both sides of the civil war couldn't they say syria's arsenal could be eliminated by next summer. a former police officer is dead after opening fire at a federal
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courthouse in west virginia. authorities say the retired officer shot up to 25 rounds on wednesday at the wheeling federal building. the gunman was shot by police and later died. one person was hurt in the incident. the gunman's identity is yet to be released but the police chief has confirmed that he retired from the wheeling police deem in 2000. california is under federal orders to cut its overcrowded prisons. right now they are about 130,000 inmates in state prisons. the state spends about $60,000 per inmate per year. compare that to the $8,500 spent on each student in public schools. two out of three people released from state prison return within three years. to try to change that, california is weighing a new program that helps convicted of nonviolent crimes get out of prison and stay out. melissa chan has more from san francisco. >> reporter: pablo was released from prison this past february.
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for the past decade, he has bounced in and out of the system. to break free of that cycle, he knows he must find a job. but even before that, he has to concur his drug problem. >> one of my biggest challenges is my addiction. i -- i have -- i have been using methamphetamine since i was liven years old, so going on 28 years. >> reporter: pablo is not alone. repeat offenders have kept the prison population in the state high. after years, well, decades of building more prisons, california is now look at alternatives, including building community correction centers like this one moment prevents people from being sent back to custody. at this resents reu cente reenty check in but can find help for substance abuse, housing issues or take class to his obtain high school diplomas. >> that's not active listening
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skills. >> reporter: nicole is herself a former inmate. she runs communication classes and hopes her success serve as motivation for those making the transition back to society. >> most of us do not, you know, start out saying went to be homeless drug addicts. >> reporter: while this program is still in its early days, here in san francisco, there are already encouraging signs. two years ago, most of those returning to the city from prison were sent back within 12 months. now that's been reversed most that get out of the prison have managed to state o stay out. but building a foundation for even an ordinary life requires a great deal of training. the city works closely with organizations to teach skills and then place workers on projects. giving many the opportunity to forge a better future. >> many studies have shown that if you invest in supervised probation at the local level,
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combined with rehabilitation, mental health treatment, drug treatment, you are going to see that person not continue to cycle in and out of the justice system. >> reporter: pablo wants that future and at the resen reentryr he must start with the first step simply showing up. >> this time in my life and this -- this last release, i -- you know, it's -- it's been -- you know, it's been really hard, but i made 95% of my appointments and, you know, i have accomplished a lot of things. >> reporter: after spending time locked up for theft, burglary and robbery pablo says he's trying a different path this time and he homes he will leave the old life behind him. melissa chan, al jazerra, san francisco. >> the program calls for more funding for substance abuse treatment center, mental health programs and reentry programs. a new york city police officer
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accused of taking part in that violent beating of a driver, why his lawyer says this infamous video actually exonerates his kline. a terrifying scene in the skies as a passenger in a small plane is forced to land after the pilot collapses.
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♪ ♪ an undercover police detective has been charged with assault and criminal mischief for his role in a new york city biker attack. he accused of punching out the window of an suv. his attorney claims he did not attack the driver who was pulled from his range rover and beat edge by a gang of bikers, he says the viral video of the motorcycle melee will prove that. several other bikers have also been charged. it's sentencing day for former detroit mayor he will be in federal court thursday after being convicted of two dozen charges, kilpatrick is expected
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to receive a long sentence for creating a pay to play system for those doing business with the city. prosecutors are asking the judge to give him at least 20 a years in prison. when hits pilot collapsed in a cockpit a passenger with no flying experience stepped in to bring his small plane to seu it. john was riding over northeast england when his friends who was flying the plane passed out the 77-year-old radioed for help and flight instruct torts came in to help him land. the pilot died soon avalanching. that does it for this edition of al jazerra news, i am stephanie sy we'll track the latest developments on the break news of the kidnapping of the libyan prime fenn minister, we'll do that throughout the day. you can always log onto for the latest headlines, thanks for watching.
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