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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 15, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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google plus pages. see you next time. . good evening everyone. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. running out of time - congress is no closer to a deal to raise the debt limit or reopen the deposit. the pressure is on. plus - [ chants ] anger and frustration. texans speak out about ted cruz. we look at the divide in the senators own backyard. financial fears - a warning from wall street and a credit agency to the federal government if there's no deal.
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>> >> the house of representatives could not get a deal down. it may be up to the u.s. senate to reopen the federal government. they met behind closed doors trying to meet the deadline. shortly after the house adjourned senate democrat harry reid and republican mitch mcconnell continued to work on a deal. the house is divided. >> we met with our members trying to find a way forward in a bipartisan way, so we continued to provide fairness to the american people understand obamacare. >> why are they doing this, sabotaging a good bipartisan effort coming out of the senate - wasting the government's time. >> live to capitol hill. libby casey, where do we stand now? >> the action will have to unfold in the senate.
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we are pretty much where we were last night - i mean all this action in the house. all this upheaval and drama. house republicans saying we don't like what the senate is working on. it was all for naught. house speaker joan couldn't get -- john boehner couldn't get democratic support or conservative tea party members to get with it either. they ended up saying the thertion that he was working on was not conservative enough. it's dead on arrival. it didn't have a chance on getting approval in the senate. we are back to the senate and seeing from the majority laider harry reid, and mitch mcconnell, optimism that a deal will come forth. this is something that has been in the works for a few days in the senate. it got back-burnered because of the house drama unfolding today. here is what we know - it would
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get the federal government up and running. it looks like it will be extended to january. it would raise the debt ceiling, extending the limit into february. there are other negotiated points that are coming forth now. it would make one tweak to the health care law that we would see so far. it would require stringent requirements for people getting subsidies for people to verify levels. one thing that house republicans were clinging on to, it let's the treasury department use extraordinary measures if they need to work on the debt limit deals. nothing on paper yet, and we'll watch in the nowhere for a bill to come forth. >> we would assume that if mcconnell and reid have the deals, they have the votes in the senate. what about in the house? >> this implies that they have the votes in the senate. the house is a wildcard. it remains in speaker boehner's
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hands to let the bill, whatever comes of it, to the house floor. if he let's the bill go to the floor, democrats would by and large vote for it. the thought is enough moderate republicans could vote for it and it could pass. if this is a vote to pass the senate, the clock is ticking down. there's a lot of procedural hoops that the senate has to go through. you need the whole senate, unanimous consent of the senate to move it forward quickly. we don't know if that can happen. it's a fast pace because of a couple of the tea party wildcards. senator ted cruz of texas and mike lee of utah are two guys that started the standoff. they skipped a lunch meeting by senate republicans. we don't have a sense of whether they'll try to hold things off. >> speaking of the speaker of the house - what is his future? >> that's a great question. we are hearing something interesting. you would think there would be a
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revolt amongst the house republicans but some of the tea party said that he tried to stick with the caucus, so there's not as much push back on speaker boehner as we thought there might be. it will depend on how the next couple of days go. does the u.s. breach the october 17th deadline - two days from now. if it does, will speaker boehner take the blame of the american people and also of capitol hill. so this is a work in progress. the speaker has big choices to make over the next couple of days. what will he let come to the floor, how will he lead the caucus? >> thank you. stocks are taking a hit. the dow closing down more than 130 points, and fich, one of the three biggest credit rating agencies is warning it could ut cut the triple a rating because of first call impasse and uncertainty in washington d.c.
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joining us from washington is peter morici, an economist at the university of maryland. welcome, good to see you. >> nice to be with you. >> what do you think will happen tomorrow? >> i think they'll come to a deal. it will go over to the house. they'll pass it. it will be passed the way deals are passed, with democratic votes and the moderate r republica republicans. the tea party will be limited. >> assuming they get a deal done. before they get a deal done, and we may be a long way from that, what happens to the markets tomorrow? >> i think the markets were rattled by finch, and unfairly so. i thought what finch did was - excuse me - fix, was political. whether or not the deal is done is a political question, outside
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their expertise. i think this is an example of the old notion that wall street has more democrats than my lawn does danneda lions, and they popped up and gave the president support. >> explain how that works. fich comes out and supports a democratic theory. how does it work? >> basically the president is saying the world comes to an end on friday if the debt limit is not raised. i don't believe that needs to be the case. it will be the case if the president doesn't exercise other options than he has. over the last four days, prior to today, the market was doing well, and discounting the notion of default. fich comes out with a rating and the market panics. that has a sal utory effect. it could move people on capitol hill. i have bad news for fich. they don't know much about pol six. the conservative politicians
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will be relected, they are secure. some are in districts that were 75% for romney. they won't have much impact on thinking or behaviour. >> senator ted cruz could cause problems for this getting through the senate for the next several days. how would the markets react to that? >> well, a lot depends on what president obama and secretary treasury lieu have up their sleeves. friday morning, let's suppose the debt ceiling is not raised. the united states has the option of paying interest on the debt. it doesn't have to run out of money, it continues to collect taxes. it's a matter of timing, revenues and receipts. not raising the debt ceiling requires the government have a balanced budget, meaning it has to spend 80% of what it's spending. president obama has a choice between other stuff or paying the $23 billion in interest, which is 9% of its revenue. >> cut 20% of budget to pay the bills.
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>> it's better than defaulting. defaulting is the end of the world. it is the end of days. >> how would the market react to this. >> it depends how president obama spends it. governments around the world have gone through severe austerity. >> the markets didn't react well to that. >> i understand that. this is the united states >> what do you think would happen under your scenario? >> what i'm trying to do is answer your question for the third time. it would depend on how mr lew portrayed it. this is not greece, we can do something greece can't do. we are going to pay the debts because we print the money debts are denominated in, this is a political log jam. >> interesting. so you think this is going to work out in the end. >> it will work. i guess - i'm going to answer the question as i did before. a lot depends on how president obama handles it if we get to the 18th and they haven't raised
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the ceiling. i believe they'll raise the ceiling by the 18th, that they'll make a deal in the senate and it will pass the house. it will be painful for john boehner, but he'll hold his nose and do it. if it doesn't happen, it doesn't have to be the end of the world. a lot depends on whether mr lew squirrelled away some money so we don't have a timing problem between receipts and interest. united states government collects $250 billion a month, each and every month in taxes. it only spends $23 billion on interest payable to the public. it spends $315 million overall. someone will not be paid. if it comes down to not cutting a full social security check or pay the interest on bonds, he doesn't have to default, but has to pay everyone else $0.80 in the dollar. >> thank you, we appreciate it peter morici. >> take care. >> you too.
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republican senator ted cruz was the target of furloughed federal workers protesting the government shutdown outside his office. as heidi zhou-castro reports, the senator is garnering support in the lone star state and beyond. >> alice kinsey is a federal worker living pay check to pay check. they are not coming and she's struggling to pay her bills. >> today i used property tax money to make my mortgage payment. you know, depending on how long we go, you know, dip into retirement or, you know, investments, savings, things like that. [ chants ] >> alice kinsey joined with 40 labor union members against u.s. senator ted cruz, who they say is an issuing straiter of the shutdown.
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>> i don't think the tea party should be allowed to hold the rest of the country to ransom because there's laws they don't like. i think ted cruz is a spokesman for them and it's causing more people having the thoughts that are un-american and un-democratic. >> venture 30 miles south of dallas, and you get a new take on ted cruz. voters in ellis county gave cruz a 44 point victory in 2012. most folks tell us today they see ted cruz as a hero. >> i voted for him, and i support him. i support what he's doing, i sure do. >> i feel like he's a very good senator. i'm supportive of his views, and i feel like he's going down the right road. he doesn't have near enough support. >> cruz' 21 hour speech in the spate -- senate, against the
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president's heath care policy made him a hero. >> the house of representatives has to do what it has been doing - standing strong. >> a straw poll at the conservative values voters summit held in washington put cruz as the clear favourite to be the gop presidential nominee in 2016. but protesters in dallas say the texas republican is consolidating support among his conservative base on the backs of furloughed workers. >> many of us are having difficulties paying our bills. we want to go to work, we want to feed our families, pay our mortgages. >> as demonstrators railed against cruz, supporters of the senator, including his father, countered with a show of public support.
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the passions in the dallas street - perhaps a mirror of those behind the political gridlock in the nation's capital. >> public transportation workers in san francisco bay area say they'll go out on strike in four hours unless they get a deal. commuters are bracing for trains and buss to be shut tomorrow:. >> yunons say they -- unions say they could shut down services if they don't get a deal. the deadline is midnight. this is the fourth deadline in less than a week for the two sides who can't come to an agreement on salary and benefit costs. the federal government mediator stepped in to help. some writers are irritated that this is taking so long. they have stopped riding the train ahead of a shutdown. 23,000 riders stayed away from
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the commute on the train. that's a drop of 5% in ridership. ec transit - a bus system here - is considering a strike. governor jerry brown may step in, asking for a cooling off period to keep the buses running. meantime - the riders are waiting to hear when the decision will come down, hoping it will be in the early evening, as opposed to going up to the midnight deadline, waiting to see how they'll get to work in the morning. . the supreme court rejected california's bid to modify a court order to ease overcrowding in state prisons. it leaves in place a ruling ordering the state to reduce prison population by 9600 inmates. california argued it could not meet the goal without releasing dangerous felons, and jeopardising public safety.
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>> good evening. the jett stream is dipping deep down into the united states this evening. you can see it with the temperature contours. notice the blues coming all the way down to texas and back up here. that's an indication of the polar air pushing in from canada. the jet is coming down then going back up. and bringing warmer temperatures up along the eastern sea board. this will be the pattern we see tomorrow. whattee see here is denver, 54, and texas - temperatures here will be about 15 degrees lower than average for this time of year. it's indicated on the radar. look at the showers. we have a lot of mighting in the area. this has been going on since the weekend. >> thank you. a new plan for world leaders is still ahead.
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iranian leadership expressing about its nuclear weapons program. >> the death of a nazi officer draws protest. the funeral for a man who said he was just following orders coming up.
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iran offered a new plan to end the standoff over the nuclear program. they told the world leaders in geneva they are confident progress could be made. israel wants the leaders to keep the pressure on iran. james bays has more from geneva. >> around the table again international diplomats negotiating with the iranians. this time a new atmosphere of hope. after photographers were escorted from the room a new approach from iran. a powerpoint presentation in english of a plan called
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"closing the unnecessary crisis and opening new horizons". but what exactly are the details of the new plan? i was among a large crowd of reporters with questions for iran's deputy foreign minister. >> we are very serious. we are not here to symbolically - we are not here to waste our time. we are serious. we target negotiations between iran and others. we believe that the plan that we have introduced has the capacity to do that. >> can you tell us what is new in your new plan? >> many things. >> can you tell us... >> our plan is confidential, and it's supposed to be remaining confidential. this is what we agreed in the meeting. >> the negotiations were chaired by the european union's high representative for foreign affairs catherine ashton. her spokesman on this, the first day of new talks had a positive tone. >> we have come here with a sense of cautious optimism and a
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great sense of determination because we believe it is really time now for tangible results >> those who followed the long history of negotiations with iran say there's now a new pace and urgency to the process. >> the very fact that the timeline has been shortened - these talks are two weeks after an agreement to hold them was made. this is in the rely m of iran nuclear talks - a new world. there's a lot to play for. negotiations will continue on wednesday. there has been progress, but no one is talking yet of a breakthrough or a final deal. in fact, there's already the suggestion that there could be further negotiations in just a matter of weeks. >> now, bill richardson is a former governor of new mexico. he has a cautious view on how the u.s. should approach iran but is optimistic things could
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change? >> this is their big opportunity. otherwise sanctions will continue. they'll face a bombing from israel. i believe sanctions are working. their oil production is down. inflation is way up. they are importing gasso lean, importing food. i think that the leadership in iran, the religious leadership is giving the new president a little bit of rope to see if he can get some of the sanctions off. i think we should give it a chance. i wouldn't be overly hopeful. >> let's bring in robert o'brien, a former delegate to the united nations general assembly, and was mitt romney's senior policy advisor, welcome. let me start with - how should the u.s. proceed? what should the strategy be? >> the u.s. has to remain firm in the negotiations. we have to keep the sanctions in place until there's transparency on behalf of the iranians. it's amusing coming out of the
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talks in geneva, there's a breathless reporting across the internet that the iranians spoke english, and they used a powerpoint presentation as if this was a breakthrough. of course they speak english, they are building a nuclear bomb, of course they know how to use power point. so i think that folks get excited about these supposed diplomatic gustures by the rainians, but we have not seen anything of assistance yet. >> what the best the iranians can hope for? >> they are in a strong position. they have the u.s. desperate for a deal. president obama chased hassan rouhani around the u.n. seeking a telephone call or meeting. they saw the red line disappear in syria with the chemical weapons, and iraq leave with no agreement. they think they have the upper hand. they want to get rid of the sanctions that are harming their country, and they feel they can
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get rid of the sanctions without too much main on their side and can continue with their "peaceful nuclear program", we give up the sanction, they cam to a few meetings in new york. >> you mean fake it, this is not real. is that what you are saying? >> ambassador bolten came out with an op ed saying there are two things that will happen - either there'll be a nuclear armed iran, or there has to be military action. it's almost zero likelihood that the u.s. will be involved in military action against iran. the way the talks look now, they are probably just a midwife process until we get a nuclear iran with a diplomatic fig leaves. >> let me press you on this. you think these talks are a sham. >> the rainians are hurting from the sanctions, they have put on a charm offensive with smiles
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with english and a powerpoint, throughout the history, the rainians have not taken a concrete step. they still haven't to slow, stop or disclose their nuclear program. they have secret sites over the country, sites that are in violation of the npt. they are found to have been in violation of the mtp. inspectors have been kept away. until we see substinens, progress from the rainians, i don't think we can put a lot of stock in the talks - whether they are smiling or speaking english. >> you would say the u.s. should continue with the talks nonetheless. >> you have to explore every option. no one wants a military options. right now the sanctions appear to be biting. it's worth exploring the talks. we have to go in with clear eye, understanding that until there's substantive step by the rainians to distance themselves, that we
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can't expect a lot >> robert o'brien with us late in los angeles, thank you very much. . and darren haynes is back with sports and game 3 of the american championships. >> that's correct, a lot of action in the baseball play-offs. the boston red cox were full of energy after a game 2 walk-off win. they come to detroit for game 3 and tucked the energy out of the tigers and the ballpark - literally. in the bottom of the second innings a power outage delayed the game for 17 minutes. once the lights were on, mike napperly was at the plate in the top of the seventh blasting a solo home run to left center. 1-0 red sox. that's all she wrote. red sox taking a 2-1 series lead in the alcs. spain, england and russia sealed their spots in the world cup
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finals in brazil. spain secured their place, beating georgia 2-0, wayne rooney and steven gerard booked englands place with a 2-0 victory over poled and. russia earnt a berth as an independent nation. >> here is a sign of how high andrew wig jens, the projected number one draft is. shoe companies are lining up to make unreasonable offers - as much as $180 million over 10 years as soon as he declares for the nba draft. shoe deals for rookies are around four years. that's a look at the sports headlines at this hour. >> thank you very much. thousands of people in south america are taking on an oil giant in court. the people say the company polluted their land. the company says the claim is an $18 billion scam. that's next.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler. here is a look at the headlines - rescuers are struggling to reach patients in
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a collapsed hospital after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the southern philippines. two after shocks followed. more than 100 are dead. bruges, roads, churches -- bridges, roads and churches crumbled. much of the area is without power. >> the supreme court says prisons will have to release 9600 or relocate them. jerry brown said his state could not reach the goal without letting out dangerous people. the supreme court rejected his request to re-look at the ruling. >> the house adjourned after enough votes from not gained to raise the debt sealing. two versions of a bill were rejected because there were not enough revisions to the affordable care act. senators are said to be moving forward with a bipartisan solution in time for thursday's
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debt ceiling headlines. >> a warning from the financial world, one of the big three ratings agencies said it put the united states credit system on a negative watch >> al jazeera's mike viqueira has been following the starts and stops from the white house. >> throughout the impasse the president has more or less played the outside game - leaving it to senate democratic leader harry reid to do the dirty work. what the president did was launched a public opinion or public aapproval campaign, time and time again going to venues, hitting republicans on the shut down, talking about the harm to the u.s. economy if the debt ceiling is not lifted. another tool in the messaging toolbox of the white house. the president sat for three interviews with regional broadcasters from markets around the country. one was w abc in new york city, where the president prayed an
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emerging -- prayed an emergency deal in the senate. >> we shouldn't inflict pain on the american people to see if one side gets a little extra leverage or gets what they want. what we have seen amongst senate democrats and republicans is a recognition that there are ways for us to do this that doesn't damage the economy, and my hope is that we can build off that spirit. >> now, after the interviews, the president hosted house democratic leaders. they are on the same page. the white house going to great pains to make sure that is the case, a unified democratic party - they have pretty much concurred a divided republican party, at least with this standoff with the republicans divided and in full retreat. nancy pelosi, the democratics leader, she came outside, to the stake out position in the white house where are driveway and saw republicans - what they were
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trying to do was doomed for failure. she's calling for a bipartisan senate bill to be moved on the house floor. >> if the speaker think he'll put the extraneous matters to question the faith of the people of the united states of america. he'll have to have his own vote to do it. >> a number of questions remain. there's no more action at the white house tuesday evening. likewise for the house of representatives. the senate is technically in session. harry reid, mitch mcconnell and harry reid's staff are meeting behind closed doors. they are working on a deal. the house failed to come up with anything. they are back on the front burner in the senate. the question is will they act in time to avert financial disaster or at least pass the date by which the u.s. borrowing authority expires. >> thank you mike viqueira at the white house. asian markets are down this
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morning on fears congress will not reach an agreement and avoid default. as america's largest foreign lender china is helping the u.s. economy. the chinese are watching events in washington closely. >> work at this knit wear factory continues, despite fears that the business will suffer a lose. like thousands of other factories in china's gold ep triangle the products are exported over the world. the u.s. dollar, which has been the reserve currency would face a lack of confidence should the united states government default on its debt, and this would throw global trade into kay os. >> translation: if america defaults, it will destablilize the exchange rate and be bad. we'll suffer a loss. >> the world's two largest economies are deeply interconnected. china is the largest foreign
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holder of u.s. debt and the u.s. is china's second largest export mark. over the last few years china has been exporting rather than importing. much of the dollars hoarded were invested into u.s. treasury bonds. >> the chinese government expressed concern over the u.s. defaulting on debt due to domestic issues. the chinese media has gone a step further, calling the u.s. a hypocritical nation with a dysfunctional government saying it's the time to de-americanise the world. as it stands china holds $3.5 trillion in u.s. dollars. $1.28 trillion in u.s. treasury bonds. it's begun to diversify the holdings. >> the default is more a technical reason, rather than a fundamental reason. if something is new, and we have no experience - i don't know
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what will happen. >> one thing is certain - whatever does happen will affect not just china but the entire global economy. if the u.s. government doesn't break its deadlock and default on the debt, it will help from china's point that u.s. dominance in world affairs is declining. >> veterans are leading a public outcry calling for an end to the shutdown. a coalition protested at the world war ii memorial. the group's frustrations will be explained by paul beban, and the growing problems that veterans face. >> as the shutdown drags into a second week and the debt deadline looms closerment world war ii memorial has become a place for quiet contemplation and memory and a place of political protest. in a second time in two days veterans' groups gathered to voice their frustrations.
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>> the shutdown has a devastating impact on the community. we want them to put the country first and put the politics aside and focus on ending the shutdown. we did our job, we need them to do theirs. >> one speaker saying veterans are tired of being used as a political chew toy and they want certainty about the future of their benefits. >> on thursday treasury secretary told the finance committee in the event of a default the government needs to decide which bill to pay. by november 1st, veterans benefits and active salaries could be in jeopardy. a retired army captain received the nations's highest military honour. president obama awarded the medal of honour to army captain william swenson. the 34-year-old from seattle risked his life during a fire fight in afghanistan to recover bodies and save troops. >> this medal represents death.
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it represents us. thank you. >> a military video recorded the battle in september 2009. it shows william swenson rescuing several comrads. president obama called william swenson an example of america at its best. >> let me say once again not only to will, but the men and winnen in uniform serving us with incredible courage and professionalism that america's grateful for you. to the families of those we've lost, we will never forget. and will, you are a remarkable role model for all of us, and we are very grateful for your service. >> the 7-hour gun battle near the pakistan border of afghanistan claimed the lives of five americans. >> angry citizens crowded streets outside of rome to protest at the furniture of a former nazi ss captain.
11:39 pm
we have this report. >> tensions run high at the funeral nobody wants. on tuesday locals in this quiet hill town a few miles from rome tried to stop the hearse carrying the body of a perpetrator. days after his death, this is where permission was given for his funeral, after several cities gave the go ahead for the service or his burial. >> >> translation: he was a war criminal killing men, women children. i don't think he deserves a dignified burial for funeral. >> >> translation: they shouldn't have brought him here, as they didn't want him anywhere else. he's unwelcome here too. >> to make matters worse, the
11:40 pm
fascist youth turned out. clashes were inevitable. in death eric was just as controversial as he was in life. a former nazi captain involved in the killing of 335 italians in 1944 in revenge to the murder of 33 german soldiers bipartisans, never repentant. identified and arrested in argentina, he was extradited to italy, aged 83. while under house arrest, he denied the holocaust and said he was following orders. after he died last friday, aged 100, questions were raised over the nature of his funeral service, and nobody, including argentina and his home town in germany offered him a burial plot. rome, where he lived under house arrest, was off limits. in a statement issued shortly after his death, the man in charge of the city's churches
11:41 pm
ordered no public service should be granted for him. it fell under a rule of law for those whom the church considers sinners. the society of pias the x a catholic frat earnty accused of anti-sem ittism offered to perform the service. but the angry reaction by locals, and the fear that it will turn into a neo-nazi rally forced the authorities to suspend the funeral for the night. questions remain over where he should be buried. it was suggested he should be cremated and ashes dispersed so it doesn't become a pilgrimage site for nazi sympathisers. >> after shocks are rocking parts of the philippines a day after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit the region. more than 100 people were killed. the earthquake caused damages. bridges and roads crumbled.
11:42 pm
the quake knocked out power and forced hospitals to evacuate. jamela alindogen reports. >> this town is one of the most devastated since the earthquake tuesday morning. over 100 have been killed. 95% of those are coming from this provins alone. now, according to the national government they have put the provinces understand a state of calamity. rescue and retrieval is under way. agencies say it's difficult to find survivors under the rubble. we saw a lot of people living outside collapsed homes. they are reeling from aftershocks that have conditioned. local government said over 700 aftershocks have been recorded sips the earthquake -- since the
11:43 pm
earthquake struck tuesday morning. they are worried it will be difficult for the local government to recover from the problem. this area of bohol is one of the top two destinations. thousands of people here and other islands are dependent on their livelihood from tourism jobs that have been generated from here. in particular the church is one of the first churches built in the philippines. this is the center of roman catholicism in the philippines and asia. surely the government and the residents are worried they'll have to deal with the repercussions of the earthquake after the tragedy is over. >> jamela alindogen reporting from the philippines. a battle between oil giant chevron and residents of ecuador's rainforest is underway in a new york court room. chevrolet is trying though reverse an $18 billion judgment, and the company was accused of improperly dumping toxic waste,
11:44 pm
causing health and environmental damage. monica villamizar reports from ecuador. >> donald moncayo is an activist who gives so-called toxic tours. he digs a well outside a house in the amazon and shows us the waste of oil drilling. he said it was dumped in a pit by texaco, without proper safety identify measures. >> translation: they should have disposed of this. why did they create the pits. why didn't they put the residue in metal tanks, like in the united states. >> mercedes jiminez lives in one of the homes. >> our health has been affected. my family is sick. i'm sick, my bones ache and my sons are ill. >> mercedes jiminez and 30,000 other filed against texaco. pablo fajardo took the giant to court and won.
11:45 pm
they were ordered to pay $18 billion by an ecuadorian court. chevron appealed and is accusing pablo fajardo and his team of mass defraud. >> translation: crude oil spewed on the road. indigenous people affected, cancer, leukaemia. the trial is a show to the world doesn't see the crimes committed in the amazon. >> chevron did not respond to al jazeera's interview request. the company denied wrongdoing, and claimed the area was properly cleaned up. people here say the new trial means they may not get the money they want in damages. there's 880 waste pits scattered through the jungle. the crude has formed pools of sludge. >> we are over a reservoir. it's solid. it is deep. they tell us 3 metres.
11:46 pm
it was not cleaned up properly. oil is everywhere. the smell is really strong. the whole place is like this. >> while the community awaits the verdict. many say the damage to the society is done and hopes drilling will be banned in the amazon once and for all. >> coming up in sports - two big games on the way to the world series. darren haynes has highlights from both league championships. it's natural to be skeptical when you hear a fish story. in this case a giant fish found off a californian beach next.
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darren haynes is back with sport. we are getting closer to the world series every day. >> we are getting very close. after the la dodgers won game 3 of the championship series. the manager said the play offs are one day momentum swiption and i feel like we grabbed it. that didn't last long. la - in la the cardinals took it back. top of the third, matt carpenter rips it to the left. here is daniel delskowsko. carpenter showed why he was the franchise leader in doubles. two batters later, matt holiday goes yard. 403 feet, holiday's second home run of the post season. cardinals up 3-0. in the bottom of the fourth, two on for yukon.
11:50 pm
adrian gonzalez scuffles to score. tweeg, the celebration of a drama pumped up after his rbi, three one cards. aj ellis gets his name in the paper. rbi single. we have a ball game folks until shane robertson pinch hits for st. louis. he hit two home runs and gets half of that with one swing of the bat. st louis winning 4-2 taking the 4-0 series lead. >> the boston red sox were full of energy after their game to walk off went into a championship. they came to detroit for game 3, suck k the energy out of the tigers and their ballpark. in the bottom of the second a power outage delayed the game for 17 minutes. once the lights came on, the heat was on, top of the third. will middle book is at the
11:51 pm
plate. gerald gets up and down. berliner. john lackey had a good night. he gets hungry for a strike-out. mike's career run against justin verlander on may 4th, 2006. he hasn't homered off him sips - until now. mike napperly - 1-0, red sox. in the bottom of the ninth with two outside. the red sox seal the deal with coji warhara. boston takes a 2-1 series lead in the alcf. 1-0 to the time. did you know the average nfl career is around four years. i'm telling you this because most players have a tough time making the transition into the next chapter of their life. we found a player who started a new career by following his
11:52 pm
first passion - singing. >> reporter: he is blessed with a set of pipes making him a top tenor in the world. before hitting the high note he'd hit the quarter backs. this is papua. he was selected by bill and the cleveland browns in the 1995 draft after a stellar career in utah. unfortunately a foot injury ended his nfl career two years after being drafted. >> when it first happened, i just thought that my world has come to an end. he could barely watch the games on television. he turned to his first passion - singing. [ singing ]
11:53 pm
>> >> the tongan native decided it was time to pursue his dream. in 1999 he took a chance and moved from utah to new york city. >> i was asked, you know, probably take a lot of courage to do the move. i said, "no, i had no courage, it was fate." courage came later. >> he persevered. he got a job at a popular spot near the lincoln center. >> i wanted to work across the street from the metropolitan opera because i knew we'd have opera singers coming in having dinner. i'd stare at them, wondering what makes them tick. i'd watch what they would drink, what they would eat and how they carry themselves. >> he got his big break after meeting kiri. an international sop ranno icon. >> she's the person i met at a book signing at the metropolitan
11:54 pm
opera. she discovered me and thought i had something special. she brought me to j urks liard where i sang for the -- juliard, where i sang for the boss. they agreed i had something special. >> he was the first poll nearby student and graduate. in 2011 he made a debut at the opera house. >> papua is 30 pounds lighter than his playing weight. at 6 foot five he's a presence on stage. make no mistake. this big man is big time. [ singing ]
11:55 pm
that was a big man with a big-time voice. >> he can sing. we have a big fish story to tell you about. a giant find off the waters of california. this is it. 18 foot long, serpent like. it's an oarfish spotted by a marine science instructor. it took 15 people to drag the creature to shore. the body of the fish was almost perfectly intact. oarfish are rarely seen dead or alive. >> stay with us. kevin has the weather after this.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
good evening. well, it is wednesday morning in japan, we are looking at one of the strongest typhoons to make close landfall in japan since 2004. this is typhoon wipha, and it
11:58 pm
has been deadly. we have reports that south of tokyo in an outlying island seven are dead, 30 missing and 10 inches of rain has fell in tokyo. it has moved quickly. most of the main part of the island is clearing up. alkaido is seeing outlying bands of the storm. this is not it, as we go through the next couple of days. to the east of guam - this is the next storm forming, 26 w. it's a new tropical depression. we think it will be the newest typhoon. 26 storms formed out here in the western part of the pacific. they think the storm - it's a little hard to tell this quickly. they think the storm will paying its way to the north-west and follow a similar track to that that has gone through close to japan. we'll keep you informed on this
11:59 pm
over the next couple of days. for texas more rain is falling. we are seeing an end to the rain out here towards the south-west. notice how across mexico the lighter showers are pulling back. well, the moisture source, which was a tropical system has dissipated. we are now seeing this dissipating as well. wednesday will be a rainy day across this area. we have flash flood watches in effect for texas, arkansas as well as lousiana and this will continue through tomorrow morning. temperatures wise - dallas 55 degrees in the south of antonio. a 20 degree difference. this is a cold front and helping to instigate the showers. temperatures across this region - 15-25 degrees lower than average. you may want to get your jackets in the morning. that's a look at your national weather.
12:00 am
rn welcome to al jazeera america, i'm john siegenthaler, here are the top stories. members of the house left the government shutdown and debt ceiling in a political limbo. gop house leaders tries twice and failed to reach an agreement on the ending of the crisis before thursday. that's when the treasury department says it will run out of money to pay the country's debts. senate leaders are trying to find a solution. congress's failure to raise the debt ceiling brings a fallout on wall street. one of the big three ratings agencies says the u.s. financial system is on a negative credit watch. congress has failed to raise


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