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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> good evening everyone and welcome to al jazeera america i'm john siegenthaler in new york. >> nothing has done more to undermine our economy these past three years, than the kind of tactics that create these manufactured crises. >> the day after the government reopens but critics of the president warn the battle is far from over. the fiscal assess fire, what it -- cease fire what is means for wall street and main street? and what is next, immigration reform, helping the nation's farmers as the dust settles, a call for congress to move forward.
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>> counting the cost of the government shutdown, the human cost. the lost productivity and the damaged reputations. tonight we'll look at the toll it has taken on the country. and with federal employees back to work, congress and the white house face major challenges. they have just three months to find a solution. >> at a moment when our economic recovery demands more jobs, more momentum, we've got yet another self-inflicted crisis that's set our economy back and for what? >> while the 800,000 government workers affected by the shutdown will be getting back pay, there is still the question of a long term budget solution. last night's deal left the u.s. borrow through february 7th and funds the government and its workers through january 15th of next year. libby casey looks forward to capitol hill.
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>> capitol hill quiet this day if in dramatic contrast to washington, d.c, workers got back on the job and the restaurants and cafes with a lot of energy. not so much capitol hill. the energy has pretty much accident happened from this place, after last night's vote to raise the debt sceelg to get the -- ceiling to get the country back up and running. can the agenda go anywhere? while there's a big focus on tone, and the manner in which the parties are speaking to each other, minority leader nancy pelosi was very critical of republicans. >> was their temper tantrum worth $24 billion? i don't think so. perhaps they didn't know how costly it would be. who knew the exact figure. it took the force to tell us the exact figure.
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>> there not coming together in a compromise moment. as a panel gets together to look at reform issues, there's doubt they could get much done. they come from very different perspectives. republicans ryan and sessions voted against the reopening of the government and democrats coming. >> a very different -- from a very different place. in terms of the battles that some of the tea party republicans went to the mat for in the past couple of weeks like trying to push back against federal health care law which they call obamacare, senator ted cruz told abc news today that he's not done fighting against that law even if it goes as far as shutting down the government again. >> i will do anything and i will continue to do anything i can to stop the train wreck that is obamacare. what i intent to do is continue standing with the american people the work to stop obamacare because it isn't
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working. it's costing people's jobs and it's taking away their health care. >> so still a lot of polarization on capitol hill and a licking of ones by members who felt like they weren't listened to enough in negotiation process over the last couple of weeks. >> libby casey on capitol hill and now mike viqueria, the president gave a stern speech. what was hit point? >> he said what you would have expected him to say and pretty much last night in the midst of this voting. he said there are no winners here. all the damage done to the economy, the 800,000 government employees who were furloughed at one time or another during the course of the last three weeks, certainly they were not winners. but in a political context there is no question the president came out on top. even john boehner, his main opponent of the tea party faction, in the house of
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representatives, he tried to build momentum on this victory to capitalize on the political win but he also scolded republicans for damaging this economy, the nation's reputation and once again calling for an end to the partisanship and gridlock that brought the nation to the precipice. >> and now that the government is reoffend and this threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobby lobbyists and the bloggers and the professional activates who focus on conflict and focus on what the majorities of americans sent us to do, grow this economy, create good jobs, strengthen the middle class, educate our kids. lay the foundation for broad based prosperity and get our fiscal house in order for the long haul. >> the president was stern. he scolded those republicans. the underlying dynamic john that brought the nation to the situation that we saw play out
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over the last month has changed at all, you've talked about it just three months to go until the next potential government shutdown. >> so mike he's got a lot on the table. syria yeep egypt iran and edward snowden in russia. >> the president has come under criticism for a lot of that, the nsa, the story that features edward snowden, the drone attacks, many on his side of the aisle as well as the republicans have attacked him. perhaps inadvertently unfortunately for many republicans, from the fact that the rollout of those exchanges, the health care exchanges the online exchanges well documented now, has been something of a fee as could. the white house isn't even blaming them on the fact that so many people have been curious and trying to log on. there have been technical glitches, more than just
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glichtion, the -- glitches, the president wants people to work more than 24 hours a day to get that figured out. if he would buckle under pressure and said he wouldn't do, he would be in a far weaker position now heading into this key three months before we do begin an election year and the politics and elections that the president has so decried start to take over the white house dialogue. >> do the republicans think they have political capital and what will they use it on? >> we listened to them he talked about immigration. this could be the signature achievement of his second term. after the health care law in his first term. that bill passed the senate with the help of some unlikely allies like marco rubio, it is you now languishing in the house. it's called a pass to citizenship for some 12 million illegals that are here.
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there is a farm bill a mundane nuts and bolts things that usually passeseesly, the decrying of the pork that goes into this no pun intended and of course there's the budget that the house republicans and democrats actually talked about passing one for the first time in five years this morning. >> mike viqueria, incredible work at the white house, thanks very much. mike mcclarty, an advisor during the last shutdown, irasked him about the postshutdown strategy and asked him whether the approach was the right approach. >> you've got to strike a balance. i think the president has had the right and high moral ground in terms of we shouldn't be negotiating a bill that's already passed with the affordable care act, we have had the reelection in that case as
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well, we also shouldn't be negotiating those issues with the perspective or overview of the debt ceiling. having said that the president's got oengage and restore some level of trust and ability to communicate with the republican controlled house. >> every president is different but i have the feeling that your old boss, president clinton might have handled it different on the day after. why is it that the president really doesn't sort of make an effort to really reach out on -- in the days after this sort of thing? i mean it just seemed to me this was an opportunity that might have been missed. >> well, it could well have been, you're right, two different presidents, two different times, two different styles and personalities for sure. i think president obama whom i like and respect greatly, believes he has made a good-faith effort in terms of reaching out to the republicans, and certainly we've seen some pretty active discussions well
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before this crisis, if you will, in the republican senate. but the house has been much more difficult. and was there an opportunity missed today? perhaps so. time will judge. but i so much hope for the sake of our country and our people that washington returns to some measure of normalcy and ability to function. the real loser here you know it's all about political ups and downs in washington. the real loser here is the american people and our country when our government doesn't function. >> as someone who knows washington extremely well the president says not only does he want to address the budget he wants to address the farm bill and immigration. >> immigration. >> from republicans on capitol hill i got the impression there's really -- they don't think there's any chance of that happening. what do you think? >> well it should happen. i think the point here is we need to get our house in order enough to move forward, just
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like in a business or any activities or in our individual lives, john. i mean just common sense suggests you've got to get a measure of stability in your situation, circumstances again comparing it to a business or your personal endeavors and then move forward with the opportunities that are before you. and i think the farm bill, immigration reform, so many other areas just are ripe for addressing them and moving forward in a, hopefully, bipartisan manner. look we've got tremendous opportunity in our country right now with the energy opportunities that we have before us, with the innovation that's taking place, the world needs the united states to be a healthy country from an economic and political sphapt. that's really -- standpoint. that's the rudder if you will of the world economy and the geopolitical situation. i hope we can move forward. that's what the president is trying to do.
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whether he can accomplish that we'll have to see. >> since the clinton days, to today, is there a lack of trust between republicans and democrats or much worse than that? >> i think it's a different kind of place john and bear in mind, now, president clinton in the six and a half years that i was privileged to serve in the white house and thereafter there was even more difficult times with the impeachment proceedings and so forth. although president clinton finished his last year in office very strongly and of course now enjoys a very high popularity and improvement you know. engineery majerrymandering and i think it needs to be reformed and we have echo chambers on how people get their news and it reinforces their beliefs and
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doesn't encourage civil confrontations. at the heart of it john what you suggest is right. i mean all politics is based, and diplomacy, at the end of the day, on some level of person relationship and therefore, some measure of trust. >> well, they have a few weeks to sort of figure it out before we run into this again it looks like. >> that is the concern. this is a can-kicking contest and we look like we have some pretty champion can-kickers. we need to seize our opportunities and move forward. >> thanks to macmcclarty. experts put the cost in the bills. richelle carey has the breakdown. >> the cost to the economy in that relatively short time, a staggering $2004 billion -- 24 billion. that breaks down to 1.4 billion
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a day. last quarter of the year from 3% to 2.4%. that is a significant amount. here is a breakdown of some of the staples of the economy, $3.2 billion lost for childcare to inspections by the faa. revenue lost because national parks were closed, about $76 million a day. and travel took a huge hit. u.s. travel association says the economy missed out on $152 million each day. and travel related spending during the shutdown. that's a stunning $2.4 billion lost during the shutdown on travel alone. and this drag on the economy it's like to continue. -- likely to continue. hundreds of thousands of federal workers are returning to their jobs, they'll get back pay but many contractors will lose out. this deal is a short term deal.
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consumer confidence will be low and that could have an outcome on the upcoming holiday season. >> i asked real money's ali velshi just how much the shutdown is affecting the economic growth. >> urtsd about $30 billion out of the economy. bigger concern, $30 billion can be made up for. we can make that up, the economy can grow faster next year perhaps. the uncertainty is what comes in, the spend decision are made by individuals and businesses. they are lacking confidence and what's more serious it's not just the lack of confidence about not knowing what's happening. it's this new fear that the group of people in congress who spearheaded this move to shut the government down and to perhaps not raise the debt ceiling are people who are not looking towards a greater economic fix. you'll remember jong we have not had a real -- john we have not had a real discussion about the
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budget, this is a particular faction in the republican party and it's about obamacare. until now you have had conservatives and liberals arguing about budget and austerity. now there are individuals out there thinking there are people who are forcing legislation in washington who are not actually getting into a discussion about what's right for the economy, that makes people gun shy about deploying money or spending money or spending on new things. >> can the economy bounce back from this? >> well take a look at the stock market today. the s&p closed add an all time high. so stocks have come back to some degree. they're excited about the fact that three can move on. what you can't bounce back from is the constantness of this. the problem is will we keep coming back to this, december, january, february 7th deadline? you can bounce back from anything. we have shown the u.s. economy
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is living proof you can bounce back from anything. but up till now we have been working together, it is not clear that a dominant force is pulling together, they are more interested in political gain or what the rest of the world thinks of america or what esteem they hold them in as far as we need to know where that's going. >> wall street and main street that's really going to hurt the economy. >> when you look at economic pull backs in the united states john it's always about uncertainty. any business can do anything around certainty. you can start to implement a fix you can change doing business. individuals can plan for it. it's the inability to plan. one thing when the american consumer says or business does, i'll wait until there's certainty. put your money back in your pocket. that's the problem.
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>> are we seeing evidence of this economic hit in earnings so far? >> we see slow down in earnings but we have earnings from last quarter, so it may be people are spending a little less for the housing boom, we may wait for the next quarter to see what's happening. earnings are slowing down. that's not necessarily related to shutdown or debt ceiling. the last thing you have to do is government doing something that slows the economy down more. >> if congress goes from one event to the next what impact will that have? >> from these gdp projections, economic projections we know things are slowing down, because of the interest rate increases that we've seen since may, congress continues to add to this. we can slow our growth down to below 2%, and certain events could start to trigger a recession or a real pull back. we were going in the right direction.
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we were slowing down we don't want to pull back. >> all right ali, great to see you back in new york. thanks very much. >> thanks john. >> good evening, i'm meteorologist kevin corvill. weather system that has been responsible for a lot of weather, making its way across the area, we are going to be seeing these showers push through quite quickly all the way through new england. for new york the showers are going ostart around 9, 10:00, we don't expect them to last long. heaviest rain upstate new york, vermont, new hampshire as well as into maine. this is what the overnight lows look like.
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50° for the rest of the week things are going olook quite nice here across the area showers are pushing through areas of georgia but florida you're looking nice for the rest of the evening. back to you. >> all right, kevin, thank you. bad news for commuterrers in san francisco. transit workers are set to strike. more ahead. nsa how the agency helped the cia with drone descrieks. al jazeera america... >>introduces... "america tonight". "america tonight". strikes. that connect to you. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. >>an escape from the expected.
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on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. >> in the san francisco bay area, bay area rapid transit union says they plan to strike at midnight pacific time now that negotiations have broken down. this comes after a month long contract dispute. a union spokesman says after 29 hours of bargaining there's an agreement -- there's agreement on health care and pensions but not on several other issues. walkout would strand more than 200,000 daily commuters in the
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bay area. president obama has chosen the next person he would like to head the department of homeland security. jay johnson served as counterterrorism advisory during president obama's first term. as general counsel of the defense department he supervised the escalation of drone strikes and worked on don't ask don't tell. needs senate confirmation before he can take the post held by janet na napolitano. closely with the cia drone strike program, against alleged terrorists outside the u.s. rosalyn jordan last more on their collaboration. >> it's not clear exactly when the nsa started working with the cia to provide intelligence to help cia conduct drone strikes not just in pakistan but other
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key countries around the world. however according to the washington post which obtained documents from the former nsa contractor edward snowden, this ramped up during 2009 and 2010, the first two years of the obama administration. in 2012 led to the death by drone strike of hasan gol, who had been held at a cia site, but was released to the pakistanis. they weren't able to find him until nsa information uncovered an e-mail between him and his wife which helped pinpoint his location. what is notable about this is that the nsa says that it is always been in the business of tracking people who are not americans, who are considered a threat to u.s. national security. much of the publicity around the
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nsa in the past year or so has focused on its efforts to apparently gather information created and produced and sent between american citizens and other persons. something which is very controversial in this country. however the nsa simply would say when contacted about these latest revelations that it is simply carrying out its mission of trying to uncover and then remove threats to u.s. national security. >> rosalyn jordan reporting. several former blackwater security guards are facing new charges in the case of a shooting in iraq. the four men are accused of killing more than a dozen unarmed civilians in baghdad in 2007, today the university department filed -- justice department filed new charges against the four men. well, ross shimabuku is back
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with sports and he's got a little sports drama for us. >> yes, following the bounce being ball, because carmel anthony is causing mello medical medicalo drama and this season only, more drama in texas because nolan ryan has resigned as the ranger rangers ceo. ever since becoming ceo in 2008, they posed winning seasons for five straight seasons. the five weeks they've had three head coaching changes on
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tuesday, the players walked out of a meeting with the president of the school and in the past two days the players didn't even show up to practice. the frustration stems from the fact that gram bling state head coach doug williams was fired the first two weeks in the season. on saturday whether or not the players show up is another story, john. >> shares of google are surging in after hours trading. google reported better than expected sales, despite dropping ad prices. more signs the government is getting back to work: the labor department says it's releasing the latest jobs report on tuesday. the payroll numbers were supposed to be released in
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october but were postponed by the shutdown. about a dozen key economic reports were delayed due to the budget battle. what's ahead on al jazeera america. the shutdown certainly left the republican party with bumps and bruises. a look on how the party plans to recover whether we come back. also, officials in kenya released chilling new video of last month's deadly mall attack. millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the
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entertainment industry there. next. there's more to financial news
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. top stories, some people in san francisco could be dealing with a nightmare commute tomorrow. the city's transit unions say they plan to go on strike at midnight pacific times. talks fell apart earlier today. there's new information from former nsa analyst edward snowden's leaked documents. records published in the
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washington post reveals the cia uses collection efforts of the nsa to gather crucial information on the suspected terrorists, the troan -- the drone campaign which killed more than 3,000 people was felt to be exclusive of the cia. the 16 day government shutdown is over. in response the s&p hit an all time high this afternoon as investors turned their focus away from the debt crisis. still the question of the longer term budget solution, last night's deal allows the u.s. to borrow through february 7th and fund the government through january 15th. last night's vote in congress helped expose just how deeply the divide is in the republican party now. there's a wide split between the tea party republicans and more moderate republicans. what's next for the gop? >> the sovereignty resides with
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we the people. >> in some way it begins and ends with freshman senator ted cruz. his 21 hour talk athon was the precursor to the 16 day government shutdown. >> said to me ted, the single biggest obstacle i face in my business is obamacare. >> that was then. this was cruz on wednesday after it was clear his side had lost promising not to get in the way of the final vote. >> i have no objections to the timing of this vote. >> some republican insiders said it was a tactical blunder to follow cruz's vote. >> obamacare was just a battle ground and one in which they were never going to win. >> rich galen is a long time gop strategist. >> if they can find the right set of circumstances with a very small percentage of both the voting population and the voting members of the house that they can control the agenda. i'm not sure how many times you
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can do that. >> as galin sees it for tea party stalwarts, precedence over party unity. >> regardless whether the party as a whole was hurting they wanted this fight and they got it. >> shayne goldmacher covers the congress. >> they are happy they got in this fight. >> one question, can a party this fractured get anything done? >> i spoke with a republican congressman yesterday and said look, we are ungovernable. we can't send anybody to the negotiating table in good faith because there's no reason to believe that they'll bring something back and we'll approve what our own negotiators are doing. >> another unknown what price the gop will pay in 2014. >> people that say these tea party members are going to go home and be pilloried. they don't understand this system. people are going to be waving
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flags as they go because this is what their constituency wanted. >> president obama now wants to work on immigration reform and want democrats and republicans to work on a farm bill. but with a congress this dysfunctional it's hard to believe any of that will happen soon. >> brad bakeman, good evening. >> good evening. >> was this a strategic mistake? >> it wasn't on behalf of the entire party, that's the problem. we had a superminority who thought they could run the table on the majority of the house and they got away with it to a point. but at the end of the day they couldn't succeed because they didn't have the numbers. yes it was a tactical blunder no question about it. obama was not going to give in on a signature piece of legislation even though he himself amended it when he saw fit extraordinarily beyond his
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constitutional authority i believe. but at the end of the day, the republicans, in the house, did not have the votes to carry the day and assuming they did, obama would not have signed the legislation. >> a tactical blunder. so what has i.t. done to the republican party? >> well, we had a huge rift in the party. that has to be brought together, has to be unity. united we stand, divided we fall. we have the same battles coming up on the budget and on the deficit. what, it's 90 days away. so we'll see if the republican party learned their lesson and this time, this next time it's going to be either united front or the republican party is going to be in deep trouble in 2014. >> we just said ted cruz there and i believe he said earlier in the day he'd go for a government shutdown again if it comes up. >> well, nobody is going to be following ted cruz or such a small minority will be following
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ted cruz he will not have any power to do anything. because ted cruz started a fire and then walked away. >> i looked at the vote last night and i was actually surprised that the number of republicans that voted against the bill to reopen government and avoid default. were you? >> yeah, irwas surprised. but president obama as a senator voted against raising the debt ceiling. >> that was another time and another issue. you can argue he has not been consistent and that may be the case but the point i'm trying to make is that there seem to be an awful lot of republicans that voted against opening up the government. >> they did but john, here is the reason. it came down to those who voted against it knew full well it was the question is how are they going to vote the next time and is their vote going to be needed the next time and are we going to be in the same situation where we come down to the
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midnight hour and there's either a decision to open the government remaining open or having it closed. i happen to believe we shouldn't allow president obama any room on immigration or the farm bill without solving the current crisis on the debt and the budget. so nothing else should matter. >> let me just ask you. so deny the president an immigration or farm bill but wouldn't you be denying the american people a solution on those things as well? >> we're delaying that in order to prove the president's good faith. obama's the one in the first inaugural who promised immigration reform, why should we give the president a benefit of the doubt that he will be a fair dealer, on immigration reform? he's as much to blame as the republicans on that. >> i'm not argue but i think the american people are also arguing that they want to get something done and this sort of
8:38 pm
conversation is one they really don't like. >> the best way to get it done is to solve the immediate crisis that's before us and that's the continuing budget that the president has failed to deliver, it's the debt ceiling and once we're able to solve that in january, right after that -- >> we can't deal with any other issues until then? >> start the talks on it but the president wants advance before the budget. there's a reason for that because that gives him more room to act in bad faith on the debt and the budget, something he's already acted in bad faith about. >> is there anything else that the president could do to try to bring both sides together in your opinion? >> yeah, you hit it on the head earlier in your broadcast. the president has to be a little bit more conciliatory and he's got to be a leader. he's got to call the leadership to the white house not just for perfunctory photo op.
8:39 pm
he's not going to get turn around in the republicans in the senate or his own party, it's not up to harry reid or pelosi to carry the water for the president it's up to the president. >> they've got a matterto of weeks to see if they can do it. brad, thanks for joining. >> pleasure. first day back on the job. >> thank you. thanks for your service. welcome back. what you do is important. it matters. >> actually, a presidential greeting. nasa employees were among the hundreds of thousands of government workers returning from furlough. more than 2,000 employees were told to stay home during the partial shutdowns. heidi disowk joins us.
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what are employees tells you. judge people here in clear lake city are very happy that this shutdown is finally over. the furloughs were rough not only on the 3,000 employees but on the entire community. finally at the local restaurant just steps away from the space center, you can see how important nasa is in supporting this local restaurant and how important the nasa employees are and that brings us to bridget, thanks for joining us. you work in the payroll department, you are back to work after 16 days, how does it feel? >> it feels great heidi, to be back at work, all we wanted to do is go back to work so we can serve the american people. >> these last two weeks must be hard on you and your family. how did you do? >> i moved a lot of money around
8:41 pm
to cover my bills that was coming up due. >> bridget you happen to work for the payroll department so i imagine you've been taking a lot of questions from your fellow employees about when and if they'll get their back pay. what is your response to them? >> they will be paid on time. the next scheduled pay date is october the 25th. they will be paid for the 14 days for this pay period plus the back pay. they will be made whole on october the 25th. >> grade news for your family and a whole lot of folks. thanks so much. the director of the johnson space center issued a letter to all employees this morning urging them to hit the ground running. on november 6th a russian rocket will carry three stroants tastronauts to the international space station. they must be ready and they said they will be.
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>> heidi thank you very much. last month's terrorist attack at the mall in nairobi, kenya left at least 72 people dead, dozens injured. recently surveillance footage, shoppers can be seen inside the mall, moments before the gunmen attack then men, women and children run for theirs lives. the gunmen enter calmly, show no mercy. two gunmen seen there on the roof of a parking lot they opened fire just off camera as the attackers walked through the mall, people trying to run and crawl to safety. >> a tee age immigrant is begging to return to france after the french government deported her back to kosovo. >> my home is in france. my boyfriend my teachers my school, my future, everything is in france.
8:43 pm
>> thousands of french students are protesting her expulsion. the 15-year-old was arrested on a recent school trip and immediately sent to kosovo. she's the focus of france's growing immigration debate. in haiti, an antigovernment march. to challenge the country's cost of living. the rally soon turned violent as the protesters approached the presidential grounds. protesters set tires on fire. the protest took place on a national holiday honoring haiti's founding fathers. joie chen joins us. >> we will go to the wild west of the electronic frontier, case in point that mysterious group called anonymous turns out to be
8:44 pm
not so mysterious at all. but publishing online what it sees as injustice. the new name for people who take this kind of action is caulked hacktivists, too harsh for well intentioneintentional activists. >> that's the message we are saying with the computer fraud abuse act. >> second part of the report by hactiveism. coming up on america tonight. >> a growing number of baby boomers are becoming entrepreneurs, generating some innovative business opportunities. tamera banks explains. >> glen booth remembers the day
8:45 pm
just two years ago he got the news that turned his world upside down. >> it's heartbreaking, you know, you take it personally. >> he climbed the corporate ladder to the top, vice president of a big company, he was laid off, four kids, three in college glefn didn't have too -- glen didn't have time to feel sorry for himself. >> sent out resumes, for some reason on awhim -- a whim i looked at domain names that were available, booth marketing. my name is booth. plan b. >> plan b, a recent report published by the kaufman foundation found that new entrepreneurs ages 55 to 64 grew from 14.3% in 1996 to 23.4% last year. >> is the backbone of the u.s. economy. it has -- it not only enables individuals to remain
8:46 pm
productively engaged but also results in increased employment and also, increased economic growth. >> bill zink founded his own boulder based company. >> i like to tell people i'm over the hill, in my 80s and you pick up speed going down the other side. >> you get older, you gain more clarity about life, you become more confident in your work and how you approach what you do. >> anthony full worked in someone else's basher shop for a long time. a couple of years ago he decided to venture out and open his own place. >> often they feel like they're not being heard. discounted or even ignored in today's business world. >> we're the first victims of the shift in the business economy. meaning, we haven't been able to hold onto the same job all our lives and get the gold watch the day we retire. we have had to reinvent
8:47 pm
ourselves actually for a long time. >> greg dobbs was a network news correspondent for decades. he founded the website boomer cafe. baby boomers bring more to the table than graying hair. >> experience expertise, seasoned judgment and proven performance. even a little bit of accumulated wisdom. i call it double esp. >> glen booth is taking advantage of his double esp. two years after being laid off his business is thriving. america is the land of opportunity. lots of baby boomer entrepreneurs are taking advantage of. tamera banks, al jazeera denver. michael vick let the cat out of the bag. find out why in just a bit. (vo) tomorrow night: faultlines chases the flames as they spread throughout the west.
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>> there's a thick, acrid smoke smell in the air and we're following a strike team now to the top of the mountains where the fire line begins. (vo) it's a war being fought by air and on land costing millions of dollars every year. >> you will make an individual decision to build a home there, but what's the cost to the rest of us? (vo) what's going wrong with the war on wildfires and what are the true costs of putting them out?
8:49 pm
(vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news. >> every morning from 6 to 10am al jazeera america brings you
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more us and global news than any other american news channel. find out what happened and what to expect. >> start every morning, every day, 6am to 10 eastern with al jazeera america. >> ross shimabuku has been on the road for a while and returns to bring us sports. >> the quarterback situation in minnesota, flip a coin, who is going to be the starter. the vikings are jumping ship, now it's time for josh freeman to strut his stuff. the former first round pick will be making his start for minnesota. freeman is looking for a new start by being kicked to the curb in tampa. the new coach is behind him 100%. >> he has been playing a lot of
8:51 pm
time and start for our team and we'll see how the week goes but our automation is he -- anticipation is that he will be ready to go and we'll need our entire team to perform well in order for us to get a win. how well he's adapted to our system and like his work ethic. he's done enough for us to say we want to give limb this -- him this opportunity which is something we have in mind when we acquired him. >> nfc east, cowboys head to philly to take on the eagles but michael vick will not be starting. michael vic nurses a bad hamstring. brilliant against the bucs this past weekend, made the offensive player testimony week. when you say montana manning butbutkus, siegenthaler, all are
8:52 pm
legendary. >> he's been a linebacker. >> was it natural for me? no. >> a defensive end. the thing that has always kept matias tuanue drives him, a name hallowed in his native uganda and everywhere. >> the first question they ask is don't you play football but are you related to benedicto. it's always been a sense of pride for me. >> benedicto kiwanuka. the first elected prime minister in uganda's history.
8:53 pm
first justice. >> he inspires me a lot. it is a constant reminder that i should have big expectations of myself. >> the rule of law in uganda, the man who appointed him as uganda's chief justice, idi amin. >> an older person said, i appreciate what your grandfather did for our country. >> mathias's grandfather paid a terrible price. in 1972, forces believed to be working on amin's bequest,
8:54 pm
tortured him by setting him on fire. he was just 51 years old. math yas has taken important life lessons. >> it can scare you away from politics or foreign affairs in general or can inspire you to find a cause that you believe in so passionately that you're willing to give your life. it isn't as if he wasn't warned of what's coming down. he chose to do what he did, and still did it. he is loved by an entire region, and entire continent. maybe philanthropy isn't your thing but whatever it is, you have to be 100% bought into it to the point you will be willing to give your life. >> john henry smith, al jazeera. andy murray, one of the best players in the game but now you can call him an ove.
8:55 pm
as in order of the british empire. or officer of the most excellent order of the british empire. it is an order recognizing his charitable works. bucbuckingham palace, supposed o pick up his obe, the collector showed up to his door at 8:20 and murray almost missed his delivery. he can credit the taxi driver. >>unconventional. >>an escape from the expected.
8:56 pm
on august 20th,
8:57 pm
>> hello and good evening. i'm going to take you over here towards the west pacific. we are looking at another typhoon. this is the 26th typhoon we have seen this year. this one is exceptionally dangerous right now over parts of guam, reality getting the
8:58 pm
brunt of the storm. the problem is it's kind of following the same path that typhoon ivo did. the north to the northwest. unless the computer models really start to changing, the southern part of japan could see a land falling typhoon, wednesday and thursday, even after they have see seen this one last week. 125 miles per hour, category 3 hurricane. lot of cold weather coming into play in the central plains, you can see some of the snow mixed precipitation coming in from montana into colorado right now. so overnight lows are going to be very cool. denver is 44°. down into freezing temperature, about 28° coming back up tomorrow into the 40s, and we do have frost advisories freeze warnings in fact across that
8:59 pm
area. one of the reasons being there is no clouds to keepfully heat during the day -- any heat in during the day. a lot of clear skies in the area, any heat you had goes up into the atmosphere. it's going to be quite cold in that area. let's look at what's happening across that area, northeast area frontal boundary pushing through, no severe weather with it but we are getting a lot of windy conditions making their way through pennsylvania, new york, it's really going to be the northern part of new york that sees the brunt of the storm, the southern part here by the time it gets to new york city is really going to start to dissipate. off and on showers but nothing up here like parts of new york vermont new hampshire the next day. down south a few showers are making its way through georgia but atlanta you are clearing out. your headlines with john are up nek next. next.
9:00 pm
the lasting cost of this dispute has been put at tens of billions of dollars. president obama blamed the congress for self-inflicted economic damage. but tea party lawmakers say they will continue to do whatever it takes to overhaul his signature health care law. newly published documents reveal close ties between the national security agency and the cia when it comes to drones.


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