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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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we really appreciate you joining us tonight. the show is ever, but the conversation continues on our website. we'll see you soon. good evening, everyone, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. >> there's no sugar coating it. the website has been too slow. people have been getting suck during the application process, and i think it's fair to say that nobody is more frustrated by that than i am. >> president obama says tech experts are now working around the clock trying to repair the affordable care website. searching for a motive a 12 year old student kills his teacher, and wounds two students at a nevada middle school. and commuter concern,
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thousands of people are waiting for a transit strike settlement in time to get the trains rolling again tomorrow. ♪ president obama said there is no excuse for the affordable health care website problems. he has promised a fix and one soon. mike viqueira has more from washington. >> at this point there is no denying there are serious problems with the online website where people go to sign up to get insurance. on monday the president took to the rose garden and promised that those problems are going to get fixed. the president played pitchman in chief of the new healthcare law. >> the product, the health insurance is good. the prices are good.
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it is a good deal. people don't just want it. they are showing up to buy it. >> reporter: but if mr. obama knows how many people have succeeded in signing up, he isn't saying. the president admits there are bigger problems. >> there's no sugar coating it. the website has been too slow. people have been getting stuck during the application process and i think it's fair to va that nobody is more frustrated by that than i am. >> reporter: mr. obama suggested applying for coverage the old fashioned way. >> please say the name of the state you are calling about. >> reporter: maryland. we called the number moments after the president spoke. but there were problems there too. the president said to call this
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800 number if you are having problems with the website, so that's why i am calling. >> yes, sir. due to the high volume, of people calling in, we're having problems right now. >> >> reporter: so i need to fill out the application online before i call you. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: republicans are now turning their fire on the website's rocky rollout. >> they have had three or four years to get this ready, god only knows how much money they are spent, and it's a failure. >> send an airplane out to silicon valley load it up with experts and bring them up to fix this problem. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: if the problems persist the spokesperson said
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the deadline to sign up could be rolled back. >> if -- we're focused on making sure that millions of americans in every state across the country do have access to the websites. >> reporter: consumers reports has warned its subscribers to stay away at least for a month if possible. on thursday republicans will hear from the architects of the website. >> but what is the problem with the site and is there a quick fix? john terrett takes a look. >> reporter: has had a tough start to life. but health is a vast undertaking, computer experts
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say a number of crucial mistakes are to blame, including not attracting the best code write frers the start. >> it's not just the quality of the software engineers, but the entire management and process at fault here. because the top software engineers are not being attracted because the process is so broken, and it's very difficult to get good work done under these circumstances. >> david auerbach is a software expert who has worked for tech giants like microsoft and goggle. so what did or didn't they do that made this website so unstable? >> it's very easy for one problem to obscure another problem. so anyone who is sure they have identified the problem, they may not know what lurks underneath. >> reporter: with three dozen
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states relying on the website to offer healthcare solutions, how do they get this fixed? >> they need to verify each segment individually and then a verify that they work together. >> reporter: a poll found that among supporters of the affordable care act, 23% say they had no problem logging on. everywhere side you are on, this has certainly been a troubled beginning for the president's signature policy. john terrett, al jazeera, new york. the town of sparks nevada is waiting for answers after a middle school shooting today. a 12 year old gunman left a beloved teacher dead and two
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others injured. >> teacher is down. >> so far i have heard one down. >> police are investigating the shooting. joining us now from sparks is melissa chen. militia tell us how the community is responding. >> you can imagine how distraught everyone is. the parents, teachers, students and community, and a few hours ago we saw one mother and daughter come over to the school with some flowers, and i asked them who the flowers were for, and she said her favorite teacher was the one that was shot and killed. this math teacher apparently a very, very popular teacher. the school superintendent had this to say. >> we have a lot of heros today, including our children when the teachers came out they listened
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to them, and went into their classrooms immediately. our partners across the city of sparks, the city of reno, the sheriff's office, they were there in minutes. >> reporter: the school is closed for the rest of any week, police hope to see the school open on month, but they are not entirely certain about that. in terms of a motive this is day one, and in this kind of incidents you usually have more questions than answers at this time. in the coming days we hope to find out more, but no indication of a motive. we know the shooter used a semi automatic gun. new spying allegations have u.s. officials apologizing to foreign leaders yet again. that is because the nsa has been spying on millions of french citizens. it involved recording full
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conversations and collecting text messages. the report says the agency not only targeted respected terrorists but also french business people and politicians. carl carl carl carlos has the story. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry arrived in paris, and had to immediately respond to the spying allegations. >> it is a very complicated task, and it is an every day task unfortunately. >> reporter: the french foreign minister called in the u.s.
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ambassador to express his position. meanwhile the president called the french president to try to smooth things over. this comes days after snoweden leaking that the u.s. hacked emails from the former mexico president. >> we are have a full consultation on the gathering of information. >> reporter: one expert says using terrorism as an excuse is wearing thin with america's allies. >> they always talk about terrorism when they are trying to sell these powers, but the nsa's brief is really foreign intelligence broodly, which can
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mean foreign affairs and economic developments. there is is an enormous amount of stuff that calls within the rubric of foreign intelligence, and only a tiny fraction is real terrorist threats. >> he says a lot of these countries that are complaining are either doing very similar things. they are -- or they are cooperating with the u.s. in secret when they can, or they would really like to do what the nsa does if they could. john? >> reporter: all right. jean carlos thank you. syrian president says he cannot commit to a peace conference, at least not now. the u.s. and russia have been pushing for talks this november, but assad said in a tv interview that no time has been set and the factors are not yet in place if we want to succeed. this comes as u.s. officials
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warn that an al-qaeda affiliated rebel group was undermining their efforts to end the war. the group is fighting moderate rebel groups instead of joining the effort to topple assad. joining us to talk about this is the professor of middle eastern history. a ucla. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> what do you make of assad's statements. >> well, there is no chance that this thing is going to end well at the present time, and there is three problems involved. first of all who was invited? the americans are insisting that the iranians should come, but the iranians are major steak holders, and everybody else has says. then who else is going to come. >> the syrian government has demands.
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and some opposition groups they won't come under any circumstances. and there are those that have unconditional demands as well. and finally is this going to be the continuation of geneva 1? assad is not going to agree to that. >> so you don't think the talks will happen? >> they may happen, but i don't think they will resolve anything. at the present time the government seems to hold the upper hand and therefor has little reason to take negotiations seriously. >> as you know there was optimism when the contractors went in to try to identify the chemical weapons and get rid of them. has that changed anything in your opinion? >> well, there are two issues
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here, one is the whem -- chemical weapons themselves and the other is a settlement. assad said he was perfectly willing to get rid of the chemical weapons. look at it this way, less than 1% of deaths that occurred occurred because of chemical weapons. there has been over 100,000 casualties. >> so what is next for syria? does the civil war just drag on, and the chemical weapons are gone, but people are still being killed? >> predictions are difficult under these circumstances, but i think the most likely scenario is you are absolutely right. the civil war continues to drag on, and what will happen is very likely low-intensity war far,
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syria will probably stick around as a sovereign state but will be fractured inside. >> president obama talked about a military strike against syria back in september. is that off of the table do you think? >> that is off of the table at the present time. the conditions for not striking have been met. the weapons inspects that were called for. the obama administration never really wanted to get involved with the syrian debacle. the american population has had it with the middle east, and look very suspiciously at any sort of intervention taking place. >> all right. professor, it's great to talk to you, thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. activists of saudi arabias are being jailed and basic
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rights of women and activists are being abused. the head of saudi arabia's delegation denis the allegations, and says the human rights record has improved. one of china's biggest cities has almost completely been shut down by fog. the visibility in some areas is as low as 10 yards. even flights have been canceled. air pollution levels are 40 times higher than what is recognized internationally as safe. kevin corriveau has more on the smog in chinchina. this happens every single year. what they are seeing is here
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it's up to a 1,000 parts per million. what is causing this is coal production. heating is now happening in the country. they pick a date and then they turn the heat on. it's a very unusual way of regulating the consumption in the country, but that's what they do. so that is now releasing more coal pollution into the air. most of china, as you can see is dealing with. south korea there in the green, thanks are looking quite nice for them. new hope for hundreds of thousands of california computers. they are back at the bargaining table. the wind is going to start bringing it back. >> behind the fire lines with the crews trying to save thousands of homes.
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thousands of san francisco commuters are holding out hope this evening. the strike is about to enter its fifth day, and lisa is live from oakland with more on this. >> reporter: john, we are told that the two sides are extremely close to a deal. someone with one of bart's largest unions says they are back in talks right now, and there are two issues that are still unresolved. she says they are extremely close to a strike, and that is good news potential for those, for example, who are riding the ferry here today. all of these displaced riders trying to get to work. i caught up with governor jerry
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brown and he says he agrees with commuters who say this strike is infuriating. >> they should be angry, because the bart board and union are still talking right now, and they ought to come to a conclusion. >> fire all of the bart employees and hire somebody who wants to get to work. i'm really, really angry. >> reporter: of course i meant that the two sides are very close to a deal, not a strike. bart says even if a deal is reached in the next five minutes, it may still be too late to save the morning commute from chaos as we have seen the last couple of day, because apparently after the last strike was resolved, it took bart 13 to 18 hours to get the trains back in service.
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>> so can they get them back in service what if they finish by 9:00 is that what they are saying? or not? >> well, initially they said 6:00 pm local time was the deadline. that is of course two and a half hours ago, so -- in order to save the morning commute. but they won't say anything negative at this time. but as of right now no deal yet. >> lisa there has been a lot of talk about this accident that happened on saturday where two men were killed by a bart train. what do you know about that now? >> well, the ntsb worked for ten hours today interviewing people, and we did learn that the driver of that train was a trainee, and he was learning how to drive that train from a trainer who was with him in the cab and four other people in the train as
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well. they did say that the train was going about 60 to 70 miles per hour. they say that the horn was blown to alert those on the track and an emergency stop was attempted but the unions are saying the man who was training to drive the train was a bart manager perhaps learns because bart has thought about trying to get managers to drive trains to put some service back up and running if the strike continued. >> and these were two bart workers who were killed? >> that's right. one was a bart employee and one was a man who contracted bart. there are reports that jpmorgan has agreed to pay the largest settlement ever between
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the federal government and itself. >> reporter: at $13 billion the tentative deal reportedly being discussed to settle civil claims over mortgage practices would be a record amounts to more than half of the bank's total profits last year. >> they have reserved more than that, so that is some indication that they are at least anticipating the possibility of paying more. >> reporter: the deal will not settle a criminal probe. >> they are willing to pay billions to make these allegations go away, i think they are legitimate afraid of a criminal investigation. >> reporter: in addition to its mortgage practices it reportedly safes a raft of other probes, including a rigging of the
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financial rates, but not senior manager has been publicly targeted by authorities. speaking onto on "real money" one industry analyst said he would rather see the individuals responsible punished, not the company. >> are any of the people who packaged his securities are they being sued or impacted in no. this is not the people who created the problem. the government is going after the shareholders, the american public, who did nothing. >> there is concern the jpmorgan settlement could still fall apart since it would not release them from criminal investigation. the employment numbers are usually reported on the first friday of the month which was october 4th.
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economists are predicting that 180,000 jobs were added in september. it won't reflect any impact of the government shutdown. jessica taft is here with sports headlines and one of greats has said good-bye to baseball. >> absolutely. jim leyland has stepped down from his post following the tiger's al championship loss to the red sox. when he took over the tiger had just endures 12 loosing series. the 68-year-old also won the world series as manager of the marlins. and bud adams, jr. has
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passed away at his home at the age of 90 of natural causes. the started the houston oilers and then moved the team to tennessee and renamed them the titans. as for the current rams the season is over for their quarterback. on this play yesterday, bradford tore is acl in his left knee. the former number one overall pick was the 2010 offensive player of the year, but is just 18-30-1? his three and a half year career. breast milk has become an important comedy. mothers are buying and selling it online, but it is possible that the milk being sold is
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contaminated. we'll have detailed next. as russia gears up for the winter olympics, an attack raises more concerns about the country's ability to handle security. more us and global news than any other american news channel. find out what happened and what to expect. >> start every morning, every day, 6am to 10 eastern with al jazeera america.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler, and here is a look at the headlines. police are looking for a motive in a middle school shooting in nevada. a 12 year old gunman shot and killed a teacher who was trying to protect his students from the 12 year old gunmen. one of the would bed had surgeriry and officials say the other is doing well. it is the 16th shooting at a school this year in the united states. the "le monde" has reported that the u.s. has intercepted phone calls, and text messages 70 million times in one month alone. french government officials were
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furious. president obama spoke with france's president today and said his concerns are legitimate. president obama says the country's best tech experts are now working on the health care website. millions have complained that the website won't let them finish their applications. >> reporter: it has become a familiar refrain of frustration, across the country millions have tried to log on to shop for health insurance, but for most it seems the website just isn't working. >> the excitement became more like a question mark, but we're not giving up. >> reporter: that was the message that president barack obama tried to send monday. >> through the marketplaces you can get health insurance for
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what may be the equivalent of your cell phone bill. >> reporter: but next year, most of the 48 million uninsured people in the u.s. have to sign up for health insurance or face a small fine. the plans the president is promoting are relatively inexpensive every month but they also month way for much. in many cases people will have to spend as much as $5,000 a year for medical care before insurance picks up any cost. so paying a small fine may be the better option. >> there is just not enough money to go around to pay for insurance too right now. >> reporter: if healthy young people like him don't sign up, the system won't work. so far only about half a million have even started the application process. >> remember the coverage doesn't even start until january 1st.
11:33 pm
how many people do you know actually go and spend money to guy something three months before they can even use it. >> reporter: if she is wrong there will be consequences for the country and its economies. >> reporter: insurance companies might pull out of the exchanges because they are not able to make money at the -- given the mix of people signing up. a second possibility would be that the government basically increases its subsidy. >> reporter: the president has just a few months to convince americans they need what he is selling. so far even he admits it is not going so well. thousands of mothers are finding a new way to feed their babies. they are buying breast milk donated from other nursing mothers. researchers tested 100 bottles
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of breast milk purchased over the web. >> we found that three-quarter were contaminated with bacteria. >> joining us to talk about this is angie bond. welcome. it's good to see you. >> hi, it's good to see you as well. >> what do you make of this study? >> there are a couple of inconsistenci inconsistencies. they went to a separate population and looked at who are selling and purchasing milk online. the samples were sent with no direction on proper shipping protocols, arrived about one-third of which had thawed by the time they got there. so i'm sure you can appreciate
11:35 pm
there would be high bacterial growth there. so they are measuring the amount of growth from the time it was ship and not through milk that would have been exchanged through a sale or milk share. >> okay. however, what rules are there about this? and how can you guarantee that it is safe? >> with the exception of california and new york there are not states that have specific rules. >> so what does that mean for mothers? >> that means that mothers are practicing in the case of milk sharing in conformed consent. >> how widespread is this -- this practice? >> because it takes place on the internet through facets like
11:36 pm
facebook, facilitated through facebook, rather, i apologize. it's impossible to note how prevalent it is. you can gage an approximation based on the number of likers for milk sharing sites. >> so if there are no rules and regulations you especially have to trust the person on the other end who is providing that milk, is that correct in >> not explicitly, many purchasers do require bloodtests. >> but it is not required? >> no. >> shouldn't there be some sort of regulations regarding this? >> if there is no regulation regarding -- [overlapping speakers] >> there may not be, but
11:37 pm
shouldn't there be? >> i don't agree? >> to protect mothers and their children, especially? [ technical difficulties ] the health and safety of your child that you want to be absolutely sure that this milk is safe, right? >> yes, which is why parents are exercising their informed consent, and screening their donors for lifestyle, blood work, many different things that they may find acceptable. they are also practicing in many cases home pastorization.
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this is not an a formal practice. it is just a private arrangement practice. >> so you don't see a problem? >> there is a potential problem, there is a potential problem any time a child is given anything other than the milk from its biologicalmother. >> all right. thank you very much. a panel of federal judges extended the deadline to california prisons to reduce their population. a battle over abortion and women's rights is being fought in a texas federal court. planned parenthood and others are trying to stop the state's strict now aborg -- abortion
11:39 pm
l laws from taking effect. >> reporter: attorneys and others are defending new guidelines. >> they are doing it to put abortion providers out of business, and that's exactly what is going to happen. >> reporter: the attorneys claim the restrictions violate a women's right to a abortion. >> reporter: numerous doctors will not be able to get the privileges and they will be forced to stop providing aborgs. >> reporter: meanwhile republicans pushed through the new law in july after thousands of protesters on both sides rallied at the texas capitol. the tension culminated in wendy
11:40 pm
davis's 13-hour filibuster. >> the law's authors say they wish to end abortion in texas. a third of the state's abortion clinics will stop performing aborgs next week. a study estimates that 22,000 texas women will lose access to aborgs each year as a result. >> low-income women, and women in smaller communities will put their health at risk because of this. >> reporter: heidi zhou castro, al jazeera, austin. a suicide bomb attack in southern russia is adding to concerns about security at the up coming winter olympics. the separatist group is
11:41 pm
promising to make sure the games never take place. >> reporter: the moment the suicide bomber detonated her device was caught on a car's dashboard camera. she had just boarded the bus which had 40 people on board, many of them teenage students. she has been named, a 30 year old. investigators who found her documents at the scene say she was suffering from a degenerative bone disease. her husband who is 22 was converted to islam by her last year, and now goes by the name of abdul-jabbar. he is believed to be in dageston. investigators alledge he is an
11:42 pm
expert in explosives, and has joined a group. they say he has been implicated in other attacks. >> translator: the leader of the movement recorded a video earlier this year, calling on his forces to ensure the winter olympics did not take place. >> translator: this was most probably something like a test shot ahead of the olympics. the international terrorist groups are acting on orders to create an atmosphere of fear and painic before the start of the olympics. >> reporter: three days of mourning have been declared for the victims. the city is more than 600 kilometers from the north caucuses. eight people remain in hospital
11:43 pm
in critical season. president putin has staked his reputation on the winter olympics going ahead without disruption. he has already ordered a boost in security in the northern caucuses with the olympics now just over three months away. australian fire officials say they are facing the worst wildfire conditions they have seen in more than 40 years. bush fires are burning across new south wales destroying hundreds of homes, and now there is fear that the wildfires could merge and form one mega fire. >> reporter: andrew smith is on the night shift for the third night in a row. >> it has been very busy. >> reporter: normally smith works as a chef. almost a thousand kilometers
11:44 pm
from this town. >> we're going to split up in two. okay? >> reporter: but tonight he is one of hundreds of volunteer firefighters who have flown in from all over australia to help protect the blue mountain town near sydney. the hill above are alight. tonight's task is to stop the bush fires from traveling down towards town. but first an edge of town house needs protecting. >> putting in a five, six meter line of wet dirt so if any embers fall down, it is not going to catch on fire. >> reporter: within seconds this. the idea is that these flames travel up the hill and meet the big bush fire coming down it.
11:45 pm
it's risky work. >> as you can see the end is going up, and the wind is going to start bringing it back. see these big ones here, if that drops down and ignites behind us that will be a problem. >> reporter: there are hundreds of operations like this being done across the area. so you are protecting a whole town? >> yeah. >> the concern is in coming days huge but separate brush fires could meet and create a mega fire, and threaten not just towns of litgo, but the town of sydney. this is what is being done to stop it.
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the detroit tigers rebirth over the last decade can be traced back to the refiring of jim leyland. and today he stepped down. engineers have created a new kind of robotic fish. why? we'll explain next. fez and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours.
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on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. new jersey is now the 14th state to recognize marriage equality for same-sex couples. >> i declare joseph and ore vil to be lawful spouses in the state of new jersey. you may kiss your spouse. [ cheers and applause ] >> the state began allowing same-sex marriaging at midnight. hours later, new jersey governor
11:49 pm
chris christie dropped his legal challenge. staffers said it become clear the fight had to end. a lot going on in sports and jessica is here to tell us about it. a big football weekend. >> yes, absolutely. and big news for baseball. we start with the tigers, they were at a dead spin for 12 losing seasons, and then they coaxed jim leyland back from retirement. the winningest active manager said he didn't want out of the game just the dugout. and looks for other positions in the franchise. he lead the team to two world
11:50 pm
series appearances and won the whole thing as marlins skipper. leland was emotional as he talked about the decision. >> i have been very blessed. this organization will move on. so all of the people in the front office that -- i love you, and probably haven't spent as much time with you as i could have, but i was thinking about you, and know how hard you worked. i appreciate your loyalty to me as your manager, and i can't -- i can't ever imagine, the thrills that i have had in the last eight years. to be retired from managing and then get a chance to come back and manage this organization is an unbelievable thrill. >> he called it quits on his own, saying, quote, it was time
11:51 pm
to stop down. i spoke with bob knightinggale and got his thoughts. >> i think he just got burned out. i think jim wanted to leave with a world series championship, but i think he thought it was time for a fresh voice in there. and now he wants one of his assistant coaches to take over. and moving to football, the nfl has lost one of its long-time owners, bud adams. he founded the houston oils in the upstart american football league. he controversially moved the team to tennessee and changed the name in 1996.
11:52 pm
he oversaw 21 playoff teams during his tenure, and he is credited with helping form the american football league in the 1960s. rams quarterback sam bradford's 2013 season is over. it was on this play yesterday in the 30-15 loss to the panthers. the former number 1 overall pick was the 2010 ap offensive rookie of the year. and good news in another injury report from saturday, he took to tweeter saying he is walking, and moving around and is being moved out of the intensive care unit.
11:53 pm
wide receiver reggie wayne's season ended after tearing his acl. anita marx ranks the top young guns. >> in taking a look at some of the young and up coming talent, andrew luck has to be number 1. i would go andrew luck first, i would go russell wilson second. no bells and whistles. the seahawks throw the ball the third least amount of times in the nfl. how about that, but russell wilson is a great leader and he helps that team win ball games. rg3 to be would be the third.
11:54 pm
we're definitely seeing him get better, but i have big concern about that knee. colin kaepernick, just like russell wilson, not coming with a lot of bells and whistles, but he is winning ball games. i would go luck, wilson, kaepernick, three, and rg 3 four just because his knee gives me big concerns. the giants are looking to avoid tying their season where they started 0-7. let's take a look at this one. special teams good early for minnesota. the punt almost goes the distance, goes untouched down the sidelines for an 83 return.
11:55 pm
and then penalty vikings. then eli manning drops back, it hits a 24-yard strike. and then trying to make magic again. this time the cause with the ball, and giants get the rock at the 3-yard line. that would set this up. two plays later, they cash in. and they are up 17-7 at that point. giants would go on to win 23-7. >> they could use a win. >> they need a win. >> thank you very much. singapore researches has built the first biotic fish. it can do many things from
11:56 pm
detecting leaks in pipelines to underwater surveillance. so many money stories sound complicated. but don't worry. i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real.
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♪ hello again. well it feels like winter to many people tonight as the temperatures are dropping here across the northern planes. when you factor in the wind chill it feel about 5 degrees cooler in some of these cities. but that's not the coldest it is going to get. we also have rain and snow in the forecast right now. the upper peninsula of michigan as well as north dakota is seeing snow as well as mixed precipitation. over the next few days we expect to see two, four, some places even six inches of snow that is in the 48-hour period. so we'll watch this very carefully, but right now we have
11:59 pm
freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect. temperatures overnight we expect them to get quite low. out here towards the west, we are watching some rain coming in across the great lakes. that's going to be effecting pennsylvania and new york. unfortunately that is the rain that we're going to be watching as we get towards wednesday here in boston. the weather is going to start to deteriorate over the next day, and for the first game of the world series at fenway park, we are going to be seeing rain that day. we think it is going to end by midday, and by the time the rain kicks off it will be rainy. by the second day, 53 and partly cloudy. that's a look at your national weather, have a great evening.
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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler. here are the top stories. a glimmer of hope for hundreds of thousands of commuters in san francisco. talks resumed monday between bay area rapid transit systems and union workers. shots fired at sparks middle school. >> police responding to a shooting at a middle school monday morning. a math teacher was killed trying to protect his students from a 1 year old gunman.


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