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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories that we are following for you. delayed by the shutdown, those unemployment numbers are finally released. international leaders are gathered to try to find a path to peace in syria. and a nevada middle school dealing with a deadly shooting. ♪ it is 18 days late and on a tuesday, but the labor department finally releasing the september jobs report in october. the unemployment rate dropped
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slightly, but the numbers are nothing to celebrate. >> reporter: this is the last employment report that won't be skewed by the lingering impact of the government shutdown. fingers were crossed there would be signs of recovery in the job market, unfortunately there was no such thing. the labor department says u.s. employers add just 148,000 jobs in september. the unemployment rate did fall to a five-year low, but the labor force participation rate stayed flat, suggesting the job market was weakening even before the government was shutdown. >> more people are falling out of the labor force, so while you are seeing the unemployment rate drop, it's not really a sign that things are getting better. >> reporter: the lack of progress could push the federal reserve to hold off on its
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stimulus policy. >> when people aren't feeling secure about their jobs, they are not in a position where they are going to go out and go hog wild at the mall. >> reporter: and now we only have to wait two weeks for the october jobs report, that's when we'll see how the government shutdown really impacts the economy. and for wall street it is a bad news/good news scenario. the stocks are rising, the dow up 61 points, but as noted investors are betting that that means the fed will not pull back on easing that stimulus program any time soon. and while most workers in the fast-food industry say it is struggling to make meets end, one company has different
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outlook. >> reporter: chicken burgers and fries the standard american menu, at moo cluck moo, the fair is fresh, locally sourced and custom made, and the motto is better food fast. >> it's a great burger. we think the quality of food is excellent here. it's not greasy fast good. and i don't mind feeding by five year old daughter too. we love it. >> reporter: and in a city who's jobless rate is 16%, the starting pay here is $12 an hour. >> they pay quality. and it makes us want to work heard for them and succeed with them. >> reporter: while service industry workers at food giants like mcdonald's and wendy's are walking off of the job to demand
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better pay, moo cluck moo just believes it's sound business practice. >> we like to keep them happy and challenge them. and if we get a better worker, and pay them a little more we'll get out of it what we put into it. >> reporter: another key, building its ties to the local community. >> it brings back to this city people who are entrepreneurs, and meeting the needs of the people who live and work here. >> reporter: but moo clucks moo management has much wider ambitions. >> the future is world domination. we are giving people an alternative to food that is not good for them. i just believe that rapid expansion in is any works. we're where mcdonald's started
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in the 50s. give us 50 years and see what happens. >> reporter: tom aeshgman, al jazeera. overseas secretary of state john kerry is in london for the so-called friends of syria meeting. kerry is meeting with his arab and western counterparts trying to make sure that geneva two stays on track. he says there is no military solution to the syrian crisis. >> it is clear that both sides will continue to fight and t fight and to fight. and in the end the greatest victims, the people who suffer the most are the syrian people themselves who are being driven from their homes and killed in the most wonton violence. >> reporter: much of syria's war is now the battle for check points like this.
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this town rebels break cover and mount their defensive. regime forces fight back, but the rebels prevail. these scenes are being repeated across the country. here the rebels appear to win, but that's not always the case. in the damascus countryside this bee sieged town, violence is immense. even as the fighting continues and planned peace conference finds itself embroiled in controversy. one of the rebel groups has decided it would like to discuss his its talks outside of geneva. meanwhile the syrian president has saided the planned peace conference still has much to do before it becomes a reality.
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>> translator: there is no date, and there is no factors that help in holding it now if we wanted to succeed, meaning who are the parties participating in geneva in what is the relationship of these forces to the syrian people? do they represent the syrian people or the countries that made it? if these forces wanted to suggest some suggestion later, on which basis do we answer it as a country? who does it represent. >> reporter: with all sides trying to dominate the planned peace conference, it's likely that no one side will come out on top, particularly since the role of key players such as russia and iran haven't been included in the peace talks. for more on those talks in london, we turn to phil itner, and phil what are they hoping to achieve if the key players aren't going to be there?
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>> that's just the question, what can they achieve if they are not present here. these are talks about talks and apparently not even that can be decided on. there are a lot of players on the ground in syria that just weren't here. to secretary of state kerry has just come out and held a press conference, and he said he was still hopeful that a geneva two would happen, but he's not sure when it will happen or who will be present. >> if the main players don't seem to be willing to sit down to talk to each other is that not a major impediment? >> absolutely. and that's the cloud hanging over london aside from the
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miserable water. there are problems within the opposition group. it is fractured. it is a mixed bag of different players. secretary of state kerry saying today that he hopes that one thing that can be achieved is to unify the opposition so they can come to the table with one single voice, but that itself is going to be a tall order, and then you consider that even if the syrian opposition does come together and unify that you have got questions about the other side of the table, and the assad government and indeed also the a iranians both of which are very contention contingents for the opposition. so the friends of syrian or london meeting has not clarified just who will be involved in any talks or if those talks will really happen. western leaders saying they are hopeful, but there is nothing concrete as yet. >> phil, thank you very much.
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there is a new report out that is criticizing the u.s. for using drones to kill its emmies. they say they violate international law and could be classified as war crimes. >> reporter: this is the family of a 68-year-old mother and grandmother who they say was killed in u.s. drone stroke in october of last year. her son says these x rays show the injuries sustained by children when the u.s. drone fired us missile. >> translator: everyone was working in the field where we have crops, and that's when the drone hit. our farmland is terraced and
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when the missile hit it was so powerful some of though children tumbled down the steps. >> reporter: the human rights organization expressed serious concerns over the death of people these like. >> people who are clearly civilians. it must provide justice to these people, compensation. and investigate those responsible for the killings. >> reporter: the u.s. has launched between 330 to 370 drone strikes in pakistan between 2004 and last month. the united nations says during that nine-year period, more than 2,000 people have been killed in drone attacks and at least 400 of those are believed to be civilians. it's difficult to get accurate figures because the cia's drone program remains secretive. but that's unlikely to prevent the prime minister from bringing
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up the issue with president obama when the two meet on wednesday. >> pakistan cannot afford picking up a rivalry with the united states, but at the same time if pakistan's requests are reasonable, u.s. cannot just simply ignore them. >> reporter: but few expect drone strikes to end any time soon. earlier this year, president obama called the strikes lawful and part of a legitimate campaign against terrorism. replay shuns between the two countries have been tense particularly since 2011 when osama bin laden was found living here the pakistan capitol. but the obama administration has requested more than $1.5 billion in military and humanitarian assistance for pakistan. so it would appear this relationship is on the mend as the u.s. prepares its exit from
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afghanistan by the end of next year so far white house officials have not yet responded to the report. the u.s. maintaining that in almost all cases the drones have been successful in killing their targets. the owners of a colorado farm tied to a deadly list tieria outbreak will appear in court today. many people died from eating the contaminated melons that came from the farm. monday morning in sparks just a few miles east of reno, police say a gunman killed a teacher and two students were wounded hah then he took his own
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life. >> reporter: just before the start of class on monday, gunfire at sparks middle school in nevada. >> suspect is described as wearing khaki pants. >> reporter: 12 and 13-year-old students watched their classmate fire rounds from a semiautomatic weapon. >> i heard gunshot, and people started yelling and screams. >> a little kid took the gun out of his backpack and was threatening to kill the teacher. >> he shot a teacher. the teacher fell straight to the grown. >> reporter: that teacher was a popular math teacher and former veteran who survived two duties in afghanistan. he died in an attempt to intervene asking the shooter to put down his gun. the suspect shooter also wounded two 12 year olds. they are in stable condition.
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the shooting lasted only three minutes ending when the shooter turned the gun on himself. >> i thought that was going to be my last day. >> reporter: school is closed for the rest of the week. the shooter has not yet been identified. his motive is unknown. this is the 16th school shooting in the country so far this year. melissa chen al jazeera, sparks, nevada up next on al jazeera, the rough rebuilding process for one tiny community in colorado. >> how old were you when you first started working out here? >> seven. >> fault lines how children are hired by us agriculture to help put food on america's tables. >> in any other industry kids need to be 16 years old to be able to work. you don't see any of that in agriculture. >> they don't ask, "is she 12?". they just want their job done. >> how many of you get up before 5 o'clock in the morning?
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it has now been more than a month since that wide-spread flooding killed nine people and destroyed thousands of homes in colorado. rebuilding there has been tough. but as tam are banks found out
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there is a small community of immigrants for whom it has been especially difficult. >> reporter: they, stranded on the roof of their mobile home for hours. they saw neighbor's trailers float by, and then their home was ripped off of its foundation. so they are living here now. seven people sharing one room in a friend's home. struggling to rebuild their lives and their legal identity. and they are not alone. >> immigrant families are having to rely on friends and family and move into homes where they are allowed a room or share a living room so their children can sleep. >> reporter: the doctor works with the immigrant community in greeley, colorado, her nonprofit organization assists some 300 immigrants who have lost documents they can't afford to replace. >> replacement of birth
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certificates, green cards, work permits. >> reporter: the one place work immigrants could get help is the federal government. federal agencies like fema say getting immigrants back on their feet is their priority, not deportation. but immigrants don't trust them. >> the church is being involved in things like trying to get them access to credit so they are able to reestablish their homes and working through community homes, and working to get them automobiles. >> reporter: this church is also providing counseling to immigrant families. >> we're trying to pray with them and say we're going to walk beside you all the way as long as it takes to get your lives back in order and walk beyond you even beyond that. colorado's historic flooding affected 24 counties across the state and caused an estimated $2 billion in damage.
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well a lot of us are being tight fisted these days. 72% of americans say they are holding back on their spending. the main reason they say is stagnant wages, a weak economy and the desire to save. since consumer sending makes up 70% of the economy that is bad news for future growth. now you can add kohl's to the list of retailers that will be open on thanksgiving day. it will open its doors at 8:00 joining macy's and jcpenney. all of this trying to get a jump on the holiday shopping season. just in time for the holiday season, apple is unveiling its new ipad. it has been tight lipped about how this latest ipad will differ from the current one.
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nokia is revealing its first-ever tablet. it is know as the fablet, fabulous. these dancing kids know how to put on a show, but many risk their lives just to do so. ♪
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on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. here are your headlines. secretary of state john kerry is in london where he is meeting with world leaders about the war in syria. he said a political solution is the only way to end the conflict. a weaker than expected jobs report is outtoday. employers adding 148,000 jobs in september. the report was delayed because of the government shutdown. and counselors are available for students at sparks middle school in nevada today.
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monday was the scene of the shooting that left a teacher dead, and two other students wounded. the 12 year old shooter then shot and killed himself. a group of young men from iraq have turned a lot of heads in the hip hop community. they recently performed in dearborn, michigan. >> reporter: the sounds of hip hop music emanate from the walls of the museum in dearborn, michigan. and these young men who traveled here from iraq are taking center stage. they call themselves the step grow. they have embraced urban american hip hop culture through dance. >> it's an opportunity to express our feelings. and it really means a lot.
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so we're really thankful for the opportunity. >> reporter: he was first introduced to hip hop through an african american soldier. it was a brief one time encounter that changed his life. >> he was like, come here. and then i go to him. he done this to me. he goes like watch. and i go like how did this got up? you know? it was something really inspired me. >> reporter: six years later hussein and his dance mates made their way to the u.s. to audition for an organization that provides musical and dance training to young people from around the world. after 12 months of training, sponsored by the u.s. state department, the group emerged with new steps and a name, the step crew as they are called is now displaying their talents
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across the us. but forming the step crew has not been easy. some of them literally risked their lives to break dance in their iraqi homeland where just dancing in a public park could make them a target for extremists, and in parts of iraq hip hop muse sick forbidden because lyrics in some songs are forbidden under islamic law. but the step crew believes that hip hop dance is art. >> these guys especially the two from bagdad have been using hip hop as a way to get a positive message to young people and try to find ways to go around ethnicity and confessional differences. >> i guess it's kind of like inspiring to express myself more, because it's different
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here than in iraq. so just imagine if they could do it, i could do it too. >> that's what hip hop is. it brings people together. >> they will spend the next week performing in boston and new york. they hope they will be able to share what they learned here with those back in iraq. and american voices have also created dance and arts programs in lebanon, sudan and thailand. ♪ i'm meteorologist dave warren we're starting off here in the northern plains where the temperatures have dropped quite bathe. right now 33 in minneapolis, and chicago up to 38. so certainly a cold morning there, and that cooler air is slowly pushing east, and as it moves through pennsylvania, new york, we're getting some
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light rain as this front moves through. some very heavy rain expected over the next 24 to 48 hours. you see it is right along the coast there, just off of the coast of delaware, new jersey, new york where the storm develops and moves up the coast. the rain will primarily be along the coast from new york up to boston. temperatures are warm ahead of the front. 60 in washington. new york is up to 64. clearly seeing where that front is through central pennsylvania and moving east. so as it continues to much east the storm develops and the temperatures aren't as warm as they were today. you see barely climbing out of the 50s tomorrow, and that will be with rain which is fairly heavy at times. later today to tonight that storm develops and then rain continues throughout the day on wednesday. some of that rain heavy at
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times. and then dry but a little cool thursday, friday, and saturday. the storm moves out and clears out, but the cool breeze remains. the moisture continues to spread off to the northeast, so there's still some fairly heavy rain along the southeastern coast there from georgia up to south and north carolina. the rain will continue but drying in the middle part of the country. dell. >> dave, thank you very much. the streets in a city of florida could have been a scene from the walking dead. thousands of people widing their bikes through key west for the zombie ride. organizers say several thousand people participated in the annual event living and dead. thanks for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walters. you can always check us out 24
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hours a day on the dow in positive territory as we go to break.


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