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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> this is it al jazeera america live in new york city i'm tony harris with a looke look at tods top stories. >> it's the time to end the black hole of accountability. >> the drone strikes in pakistan may amount to war crimes. >> hundreds are expected to rally calling for justice in a controversial rape case. >> delayed by the shutdown. unemployment numbers are released without much promise. ♪
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>> two majorrou major humane ris groups are blasting the united states and their toront drone s. the rights groups say the u.s. has killed civilians in pakistan and yemen. randal joins us with more. amnesty international has put forward suggestions for regood reforming the u.s. drone policy. release more information about the don't hav drone strikes. ensure that u.s. policies follow human rights laws. and stop making claims that the government has use lethal force in an any region it's involved n war. they have asked the u.s. to protect the rights of all people not just the u.s. citizens.
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they want to make sure that the people accused of attacks on the u.s. receive fair and public trials. >> amnesty international and human rights watch accuse the obama administration of violating human rights and the use of the drones. the researchers have charged the u.s. of breaking their own promise of being more transpair transparent. they focused on strikes in pakistan. they researched nine of 45 known drone attacks. from january 2012 and august 2013. in one strike 18 laborers were reportedly killed. >> u.s. counter terrorism strikes are precise an lawful and protective. the u.s. does not take lethal strikes when we or our partners
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have the ability to capture the terrorists. >> that was white house press secretary denying the reports of human rights watch and amnesty international. here is more from their allegations,. >> the most challenging situation we had to face was the complete and utter secrecy of the u.s. authorities. because of that we cannot be 100 percent certain but we believe these killings documented in our report may include war crimes. we document cases where they could have been arrested and civiliancivilians casualty wouly have been avoided. >> there is a wide variation between the numbers that the human rights organizations are using and the united states government itself.
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the united nations is issuing a report on the use of drones. in a nine year period they estimate 390 strikes in pack pan and killing possibly 400 civilians. >> randal appreciate it. thank you. >> amnesty international has put together suggestions for reforming the drone policy. releasing more information about the u.s. airstrikes and details about those that have been killed. ensuring that u.s. policies follow u.s. human rights laws. and stop using claims that the government can use lethal force in any region they are involved in war. they have also asked the u.s. to protect the rights of all people not just the u.s. citizens. they want to make sure that the people accused of attacks on the u.s. receive fair and bubble puc trials. >> joining me tonight is noreen
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shaw an advisor of a amnesty international. >> what is your answer as to how the u.s. should deal with these terror threats in the region? for exa example should the u.s.y on local law enforcement more to act against those targets? >> well we are calling on president obama to immediately end his policy of secrecy about who is being killed in these drone strikes. the u.s. government has never yet committed to investigate the credible allegations of civilian deaths that we have put forward in this report and jowling -- journalists and other human organizations have been putting together for year. >> is that the answer they should come clean and you can evaluate whether or not you want approval of the so called kill list is that what you are aked vo kateing.
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>> we are advocating an end the to the policy. it's impossible to evaluate this program as a whole because the u.s. government jay carney included has completely relied on assurances without providing data to back it up. >> you are not asking for a for approval of the list. you are not asking for the list to be presented to amnesty or human rights watch for it's approval before the united states carries out these kind of strikes, are you? what we are asking for i is that the u.s. government comply with international law. if the u.s. faces an imminent threat we want protection from that threat. >> that is what i'm asking. >> yes, definitely. our condition is not that all drones -- our position is not
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that all drone strikes are necessary unlawful or they are immoral or illegal. our position that the u.s. government can use lethal force in come pledg compliance with te international law. they are not limited to regions like afghanistan where ongoing hostilities are occurring and they won't tell us what their justification is for using the strikes in pakistan where they have occurred. >> the u.s. government will never tell you that. >> i know that. >> you don't believe that? >> i am hopeful that president obama will live up to the promises he made six months ago about increasing transparency on drone strikes. >> do you believe because of drone strikes that the u.s. may be guilty of war crimes. >> we have documented cases of rescuer strikes. this is where after a drone
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strike villagers rush in to bring stretchers and render medical assistance and find the wounded and ten minutes after the strike the u.s. was committing a second strike. if the government new it was targeting rescuers and at that would constitute a war crime in the framework of the law of conflict. >> let me see if i can get a clean answer and fro from you. you said there is threats in the region but it's hard to believe that a grandmother or a 14-year-old boy are among them. something has gone wrong with the u.s. government and it needs to come clean. something went wrong and the u.s. government needs to come clean. what does "coming clean" mean to you? we want the u.s. government to provide information on who it's killed and how many people have been killed and who are they and what was the legal and factual
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basis for their killings? >> that is it? that would satisfy you? >> we want the u.s. government to comply with international law. this is not the first time that a country has sought to counter threats too their international security. there is precedence that they are setting for the rest of the world that the use of drone technology would excuse them from the law. we ask them to use it as in any other settings. >> all right noreen shaw thank you. >> our coverage of these reports continues at 4:30 eastern time. we'll hear from one survivor who lost his mother in a drone strike. >> everyone was working in a field where we have crops. that is where the drone hit. when the missile struck it was so powerful some of the children
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tumbled down the steps. >> a stunning move by saudi arabia. one of america's closest allies in of the middle east says it's changing the nature of it's relationship with the u.s. the move comes in protest to what they call inaction in syria. and overtures in iran. here is al jazeera's patty klein. >> the u.s. officals are not sounding that concerned about the planned shift from saudi arabia from awa away from's long time ally the united states. the disagreements have been boiling for years. it all began with president obama called for the egyptian president to step down. but it's become more heated. saudi arabia is very concerned about u.s. ove over overtures i. seconsecretary of state john key says when they have disagreements they speak about
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it honest honestly and they hot will continue. >> hundreds of people are expecting to protest a prosecutors decision. that decision not to charge a boy accused of sexually assaulting daisy coleman and page parker in early 2012. johnathan, the rally comes a day after a special prosecutor was appointed to reinvestigate the case. what is the town's reaction to this? >> ttony i think it depends on who you ask. there has been a ton of debate on this. we have been on the ground for a last day or so. a lot of people we have spoken to say look we don't want this case re-opened. it came up a year ago it was investigated and the police and prosecutors say they dropped the charges because there was not evidence and the victims would not cooperate. they don't see a need to re-open
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the case. a lot of people feel opposite and differently and that is who you will see at the rally today. the people who feel the small town politics got in the way of the case. we are talking about one of the 17-year-old boys accused originally. he comes from a prominent family and his grandfather was a state senator and he was a football player and some say that got in the way of authorities doing a good job of investigatings. but overall the feeling is that this has painted a negative light on maryville, missouri a small town of 22,000 people. people feel it's you is just sort -- feel it's just sort of put a negative light on the town. >> it's a small town. 22,000 people. how many people are expected to show up for this rally? how intense are their emotions there. it's hard to know. we talked to the sheriff earlier. he expects up to 2000 people to show up. this was originally going to be
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a protest. they were calling for justice and the case to be reopened. now this is more of a rally we are hearing and an o on-line group. and they are the same group that governmengot involved in the st, ohio case. we don't know how many people are going to show up but they are expecting 2000. >> a special prosecutor has been appointed to the case wha what s she saying about this? >> the prosecutor is from jackson county and that is three counties away from marie maryvid her office will investigate without any fear or favor. knowing this is a contentious case and issue and she says they will move forward without any fear. >> johnathan, thank you. >> five men charykd in charged n connection with the september 11th attacks. the latest military hearing at
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guantanamo bay face allegations they were mistreated. some of them are meetings with attorneys and forced feedings. >> and in australia firefighters are scrambling to stop three firefighters to turn into one mega fire. dave warren is here wit with a k at the devastation left behind, dave. >> the amazing things is a lot of these firefighters are volunteers. >> they are on the job and exhausted and working for days now. >> a lot of them are fighting the fires in their own neighborhood. working hard to keep these fires contained. they are taking a rest now. and some 200 near the springwood fire. >> the satellite shows a little rain today. not enough to help to do anything. this storm passed by south of
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new south wales and it's spinning of the coast of australia. it did kick up the wind. this is the google earth map that shows the fire complexes. >> these two have merged. this is one giant fire complex. they wanted them to merge before they merged with the springwood complex. and this has destroyed 200 homes since last thursday. that is the situation the wind continuatiocontinues to pick upe is no more rain in the forecast. the hot dry weather will continue. we need the winds to relax a bit. they continue to fight the fires. a lot of crews are volunteers. so hoping for the best weather. unfortunately there is not much rain in the forecast. >> thank you dave. >> employers with jobs. new information show new gaps in the skill set of workers. >> there is no evidence of
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political fall out and voter anger after the government shutdown. >> soon you will be able to walk through the nation's historic cemeteries like this one without leaving your home. i will have that story coming up. hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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>> while you were asleep, news was happening. >> here are the stories we're following. >> find out what happened and what to expect. >> international outrage. >> a day of political posturing. >> every morning from 6 to 10am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. >> tell us exactly what is behind this story. >> from more sources around the world. >> the situation has intensified here at the boarder. >> start every morning, every day, 6am to 10 eastern with al jazeera america.
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what happens when social media uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? it drives discussion across america. >> share your story on tv and online. ing as investors bet the weak job report shows the fed will spend billions for those with the numbers here is p patricia. good to see you. >> those numbers wh were delayey the government shutdown. and when we did get them they were disappointing. the economy added 140,000 jobs in september. that was less than expected the employment rate edged down 2% and the number of people looking for jobs is stuck at a three
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decade low. one bright side is myrin hiringr professionals and businesses and high-tech. some businesses can't find enough applicants to expand. >> we are 30 employees today. i would say we could easily be at 100 to 200 in the next few years. >> only g if he finds qualified candidates. >> there is a shortage of software engineers. >> the trade desk is not the only firm struggling with this problem. according to a resent study of advanced nations the u.s. is falling behind of skill sets. such as math ranking 22 out of 24 nations surveyed. >> job wanted ads are going up and there is a high level of employment suggesting that there is a mismatch out there. and the people that the employers want are not out there
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with the skills they want. >> the trade desk is rising to the challenge by investing heavily and honing the skills of the new recruits. >> every person we hire has to go through training to learn about our industry. >> they would like a bigger pool to choose in. >> we could ad ten more engineers tomorrow if we had them to hire. >> we spoke to a economist about the problem and the best way to close the gap is to get kids into coding a right away. >> joining me from washington to discuss the impact of the job's report on the federal reserves policy is neil irwin. he is a washingto ""washington " columnist. we are looking at the weaker
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than expected jobs numbers. on the upside i suppose the unemployment rate is at it's lowest since november of 2008. is that is a good thing? >> it's a good thing. it would be a better thing if we were seeing progress i in terms *6ofthe size of the labor force. the labor force fell a lot as people gave up on looking for jobs. and we are no not adding jobs ft enough. this is not impressive at this stage of recovery. >> we have so many people that are under employed. yes unemployed and who have dropped out of the labor force. who are not even looking for jobs right now, correct? >> right that is how we know that things are getting back to northern. -- normal. a number i like to look at is the employment to to population
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ratios. >> we have seen grow but that number is the same it was four years ago. we have not seen any progress in terms of the american population working. that would be a sign we are getting momentum when that changes. >> the report that came out today did not render the factor of the government shutdown. may october's jobs report be worse? >> it certainly could be. the shutdown as the psychological effects that are gragradual and not immediate. will it show up immediately in the data or have a longer i believe pact. pact -- impant. the first six months the u.s. was adding 200,000 jobs a month and the last month 43,000. that is a deceleration in the pace of this recovery as we enter the fall. >> the federal reserve decided back in september to keep up it's quantitive easing, muching-
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pumping money into the economy to ease it. how much does the job market and economic situation have to improve before that policy changes? with the federal reserve has said over and over they'll end their policy of buying billions of dollars in bonds when they see substantial improvement in the labor marc market. >> the pace of job creation has slowed in the past few months. they'll need to see a reversal and see that get back to the 200,000 a month range. a few weeks ago we thought that would begin in september. it turns out it may look like if will be the spring. >> neil irwin is the "washington post" com columnist. >> if you want to visit historic places like the arlington cemetery you will be able to soon without leaving your home.
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that is because google hired someone to walk the cemetery foot by foot. it's a part of the company's mission to capture every nook and crany of earth on camera. mmaria has more. >> if you have never been to the grand canyon take a look. 360° view of the grand canyon. if you want to go under water you can go to the barrier reef. google has captured all of these images and soon they'll be capturing images of the arlington cemetery. they have hired someone to walk through the cemetery and get close ups of the tomb stones. officals are happy about this because they say it will draw attention to this place. how does this happen. google has what they call the trekker. they have a backpack on and a device. the device has 15 cameras on it that when you stitch these
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images together it will get a papanoramic 3* 36 360° view 6. >> they have gone to places all over the world and you can see here monaco. in 2007 this is street view. this is what they launched. a car with a similar march simin top. there was several questions about privacy. and they had lawsuits with their street view technology. this year they agreed to spend $38 million. they highlighted their face exploring technology they have been using for a while now. this is mt. fugii the highest mountain in japan. they are doing this with businesses. this is a business in austin texas that collects antique objects. you have another business here. a restaurant in paris france.
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i spoke to several technology experts about this. why would google want to capture images of every nook and crany on this earth. they can collect data and compete like no other. they can use this with gps and with defiese defies devices we n seen yet. tony. >> i like that. i don't know how much privacy is being stomped on but i like it. thank you patricia. >> thousands of tips have poured in since police in greece have found a little girl. a girl not related to anyone claiming to being her biological parents. the child was taken into protective custody last week. a sample taken of her dna does not match any of their missing child cases. well today another child was taken from a roma encampment. phil joins us live from london.
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what can you tell us about these cases of child recovery? >> this latest case happened in ireland south of dublin. it was the child was found basically because of a tip off by a member of the public who called the irish police and they went in and there was questions about the birth certificate. again the child ethnically different in appearance to the roma mother or man and woman who were caring for her. they have since taken that child into custody and they are planning on doing a dna test on her to check out whether there is any kind of relation. but this comes on the heels of this case in greece about maria who is being called "the blonde angel" who has spurred interest globally because she was found in such bad conditions. and it was clear she was a victim of an abduction.
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all of this is drawing attention to the crisis of child be abductions and also calling attention to some very troubling relations between a general population here in europe and the widely percen persecuted pon of roma. >> phil appreciate it, thank you. >> tossed by a tsunami. a japanese fishing vessel washes off california and is returned to the students it belongs to. >> and new polls shows the dissatisfaction with congressional leaders. we're back in a moment.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america de david shuster is her. >> amnesty snack international s accusing the united states of violating international law. they just completed a study on the drone attacks. in a gruesome attack a year ago that killed 18 people none of the victims had ties to militant organizations.
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they had gathered together for an evening meal. they havthe program has been sul but admit some mistakes have basketbalbeen made. >> in florida where two killers escaped from prison using forged documents. the escape was more embarrassing base ibecause it was not new. >> several prisoners have used make ifake documents to get out. they are still reviewing the inningincident last week they ue forged signature of melvin perry. >> the u.s. government is now saying what a lot of parents and teachers already know. the newest trend of teen-aged smoking involves sweet
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flavoredc cigars and cigarettes. the cdc found 1:30 admit to smoking the cigars. ninthe percentages rise as the students get older. >> and finally this is the time of year when parents and teachers get together to talk about the kids. the first family is no different. white house officals say that president obama and first lady michelle captured an event where you can see the children behind them. they went to the daughter's cool school today for parent-teachers conferences. >> so for all 6 you all of yours that had their tennis match disrupted by the presidential motorcade now you know.
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>> david do you play tennis there. >> i do and several years ago agency yeagencyago and nothing e fortabluncomfortable than theses talking into their hands. >> u.s. officals may have committed war crimes and should be prosecuted. the group investigated 45 drone strikes in pakistan between january of 2012 and august of this year. one of those strikes killed a grandmother. we talked to her family. >> they say the 68-year-old mother and grandmother was killed in a u.s. drone strike in october of last year. all they have left to remember her by is this photo from her id card. this x-ray shows the injuries sustained by his children when
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the u.s. drone fired a missile near their home. >> everyone one was working in the field where we have crops and that is when the drone hit. when the missile struck it was so powerful some of the children tumbled down the steps. >> the investigation was carried out by amnesty international. >> it must provide compensation and must investigate those responsible for those killings. >> according to the government and ngo stats the government has launched between 330 and 370 drone strikes in pakistan between 2004 and last month. the united nations says during that nine year period more than 2000 have been killed in drone attacks and more than 400 are believed to be civilians. it's difficult to get accurate figures because the cia drone program is see see secretive.
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>> earlier this year president obama called it a lawful and legitimate campaign against de. against -- terrorism. >> relations have been intense especially since 2011 when bin laden was found lives near the capital. they have requested $1 billion in military assistance for pakistan. drone strikes will continue to be a problem between the two countries, it will appear that this relationship is on the mend as the u.s. prepares it's exit from afghanistan in the beginning of next year. theethe us has conducted 364 36e strikes. george bush carried out the first strikes. after president obama took
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office in 2009 the number of strikes increased to 316. that is more than six times the number from previous administration. joining me live from washington to talk about the significance of a drone program is al jazeera america's security contributor, j.j. green. where do you start on this? is this the type of program that the united states can't afford to lose despite the number of civilian deaths and that's a difficult question to frankly ask you. >> what they are working on is a balance. because secretary of state john kerry said recently that they are working on ending don' drone strikes. but if you look about a year ago the counter terrorism advisor john brennan who is now the head of the cia said the president directed him to go out and talk about the drone program because of in the interest of transparentsy.
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transparentsy -- transparency. they want to strike a balance between protecting american citizens and people around the world, in fact, and also staying away from these situations where civilians are caught up in these attacks. they are working on trying to figure out where that balance is aat this point. >> we saw two raids. >> one in somalia and one in libya that led to the capture libby who is in new york to stand trial. is it the intent of the government in your mind to figure out places and appropriate times when the government can take a more law enforcement approach using rays of that sort as opposed to using drone strikes. i don't think that is the case. what they are doing in the situation in somalia and the al
4:38 pm
l libby situation in libya was taking advantage of practical assets that were available. >> i see. and information that was available. >> they are clear about one thing. drones are a technologically advanced weapon. and it cuts down as you mentioned, on the amount of boots on the ground and casualties among u.s. forces. and it also giving gives them a different kind of high ground and another way to achieve their goals without having to go into the expense and the concern over u.s. forces on the ground. >> yeah. but they are two very different things. >> we are going to hear more reports, i would imagine, from groups like amnesty international and human rights watch, making the case that the united states has to be more transparent in it's targeting. the results and the out comecomf those strikes. do you think that kind of
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pressure will lead to any kind of increased transparency from the u.s. government? >> i think, no. i don't think they will go beyond where they have gone. one of the issues that you get into in thank thanks transparenu telling this to? >> is it people blending in and collecting little bits and pieces of information to take back to their own program or their own situation. they may be enemies of the state and enemies of the u.s. and the u.s. is not going to give up too much negs about -- information about tactics and strategies. in terms of their overall goals. they'll talk about that. sources a and methods they are t going to make that. i tried to point that out to the
4:40 pm
woman that was on earlier from amnesty national. amnesty -- international. if the united states is to consider ending drone strikes, you could make a case that the reason for doing that is that first of all civil yankians areg killed. but first of all is there a destabilizing impact on governments where these strikes are taking place? >> no. i don't think it's destabilizing the government. and that i say is based on conversations i have had with folks from the u.s. government and the u.s. intelligence community. i don't believe they have engaged in these drone strikes without some level of consultation with the governments that are in charge in these places. the pakistanis we know don't want to talk about it in public or on the record. they supposedly have v very
4:41 pm
quietly asked the u.s. for assistance in getting rid of the bad elements in their country. but at the same time they have to protest the drone strikes when people in their country say it's a problem. the intelligence communities has welcomed the help that the u.s. has given them. the problem then is civilian casualties and there is no way to fix that. >> there is no denying that the civilian casualties are being used by the taliban and al qaeda and other organizations as propaganda tools, corrects. >> the other part of that too, tony, these organizations like the taliban, they are going to use anything that the u.s. does as propaganda. they are going to use, things done in the best of the intentions by the u.s. they are going to use that as a
4:42 pm
propaganda tool as well. simply to promote the idea that you cannot trust the infidels or americas. anything'anything the u.s. doesg to be used as a tool. >> j.j. green from washington for us. >> bad news in washington, d.c. lawmakers with congressional approval ratings hitting a all time low. new polls show that they disa3r06 on ho3r06 -- disapprovw everybody handled the government shutdown. in 40 years of polling approval congress has hit a significant low. walk you u us through the numbe. it's bad news all around. especially in post shutdown
4:43 pm
crisis atmosphere in washington. as we sift through the rubble the public anger and disgust. it comes in the form of a washington post poll. 12% that i that is the overall congreses rating. that is a new low in 40 years 4f polling. and 85% disapproval rating that is beyond belief. congressional republicans their approval rating 36% and that is the low over the in 30 years of polling. >> they all face a third of the senate and it's just about a years' time and a year is an eternity and. the morel have morel more releve
4:44 pm
what will these dismal numbers have on the budget and immigration. >> we looked at the republicans how are the democrats doing ser. >> they are not much better. the tendency is higher. but it's a pox on the republican house. democrats 467% favorable and 49% ungave orable. that in itself is a record high in the poll. the president is holding steady in this poll. a even split 50/50. >> mtionmike viqueira at the hoe house thank you. >> a boat lost in the tsunami has returned home. the so-called miracle pine became a symbol of hope for this devastated town. the only one among 70,000 koial trees that wasn't swept away by the tsunami an estimated 1800
4:45 pm
people died in march of 20 he is. 2011. now their school mates continue their studies in marine science. in a located school building and flattened by the coach. having lost so much at last they are getting something ba back a boat. the tsunami sent it on a voyage across the pacific. local and high school students identified it and scraped off layers of barnacles and helped it complete the long journey home. this time in a container. almost one now days since the disaster it's battered but not destroyed. the boat is simila symbolic like students here. like the pine tree the students call it the miracle boat. it was the only one to ever
4:46 pm
return. >> we never expected that it would shall returned or found it surprised us. >> a handwritten character on it's hull saved it from being lost. >> among the 1.5 municipality pounds of fee prepare streeting in the the ocean. >> tsunami destroyed the fishing industry, the very livelihood that the community once depended on. several thousand residents live in temporary accommodation away from the coastline hassam perfected the rebuilding protest. >> in the world of trend the up to's population continues to decline. the junction he were generations are left with no choice but to find jobs elsewhere. >> are so many things we need to do. that is why we have not been able to take any solid measures but we want to support the young in some way. >> for the opportunity it's a
4:47 pm
moment to rejoice as they feel their own determination is also in tact. >> october baseball is set to heat up this week. it's world series time. michaeleaves is here next with sports. impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours.
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>> the ballet is a internationally known ballet
4:49 pm
company based in russia. the drama it's portrayed on stage is coming to real life and the courtroom. one dancer is accused of organizing a an asset attack against his boss. david schaffer reports from moscow. >> pavel here indulging in sword play. he faces a maximum of 12 years in prisin prison if found guiltf masterminding the brutal attack against the artistic director. sergei was outside of his apartment when a mixture of urine and sulfuric acid was thrown in his face. nearly blinding him. the pain was instant. he returned last month after under going 22 operations. he cannot see anything out of
4:50 pm
his right eye an. first of all i want to tell everyone hello and i'm happy to see you. it's important for me. >> dmitri was angry that his girlfriend has been denied any starring rolls. she has left the troupe. it will shine an uncomfortable spotlight on backstage intrigue. at the a time when the ballet company was trying to put the affair behind them. two other men are facing trial. one man accused of throwing the acid and one for driving him to the scene of the attack. the controller has done nothing to dim the ambitions of these young girls. dreaming perhaps of one day they
4:51 pm
too may take that place on it's fame ufamous stage. >> we try not to pay attention to all of this squabbles. >> the ballet is one of the brightest things that exist. >> but sometimes you should be careful what you wish for. the backstage dramas can be more grueling than the demands of classical russian ballet. >> well michael we could use a little drama in the world series. none of that nonsense. the cardinals and the red sox have history between them as well. especially resently. we are more than 24 hours away from the start of the world sir researcseries when the red sox e
4:52 pm
cardinals for game one. it's the first game in ten years topped by the cashe cardinals f. tomorrow night's game one at fenway park will meet in any f h up. i knei know i have my work cut t for me. i will spend a good amount of time today and tomorrow coming up with a nice plan. we'll get together tomorrow and we'll figure out away to do it. >> two start franchises with a lot of history and a lot of success. we take a lot of pride in what has been able to kind of define the cardinal way and how we go about our business. and part of that is the hall of famers we see around our park all the time. the people that remember all of the great commence. championships. we realize what we are about
4:53 pm
right now and we have to be able to focus on what we need to do and not anything beyond that. >> after dusty baker led the reds to three play off appearances cincinnati is replacing him with some win who- someone who has never managed baseball. brian price will be the team's new manager. prior to joining the red staff in 2010 he spent ten years as a pitching coach with seattle and arizona. >> for any young player making it to the n.f.l. is the ultimate dream. that dream ends quickly with the average career lasting less than four years when the play date has entered for one particular member his ultimate dream was just beginning. >> he is blessed with a set of pipes that makes him one of the top tenors in the world. but before hitting the high note
4:54 pm
he would hit the n.f.l. as a defensive lineman. he was selected in the fifth round by belichick and the cleveland browns in the draft. but unfortunately a foot energyy ended his career two years after being drafted. >> well when it first happened, i just thought that my world has come to an end. >> papu att coulua could barelye games on television. so he turned to his first passion, singing. ♪ the tonga native decided it was time to persue his dream. so in 1999 he took a chance and moved from utah to new york city. >> i was once asked, it probably takes a lot of courage to do that move.
4:55 pm
i said, no, i had no courage. it was fate. courage came later. >> he got a job near the lincoln center at o'neils. i wanted to work near the lincoln center because i knew at times we would have opera singers come in and have dinner. i wondered what makes them tick. i would watch what they would drink and eat and how they carried themselves of. >> he got his big break when he met carry. >> she is the person i met at the book signing at the metropolitan opera and that is when she discovered me and thought i had something special. she brought me over to julieard and they agreed i had something specs. specs -- special. he received a rare clip scholarp
4:56 pm
and became their first polynesian student and grade watt. and -- graduate. >> he is 30 pounds lighter but at 65 h ow 6'5" he is still a pe on stage. and make no mistake, this man is big time. ♪ ♪ >> it's such a remarkable story an every typ time you see him ad hear that voice it's hard to put together until he belts out that
4:57 pm
tone. >> i really believe i sound that way in the shower. >> you are the only one that thinkthinks that, i'm going to . still to come wet weather is moving in. meteorologist david warren will tell us when and where after the break. on august 20th,
4:58 pm
>> now dave warren. cold temperatures expected tonight over parts of the mid atlantic states. inland temperatures could drop down to the freezing mark. the cold air has come from minneapolis an chicago. we had freeze watches and warnings in this area last night overnight tonight they'll be
4:59 pm
further south in kentucky and southern illinois. freeze watches are issued the first time the temperatures drop to the freezing mark. 32° in chicago and 29 in minneapolis. these are freeze watches and the temperatures have the potential to drop down to the freezing mark. the cold air will work it's way through to the east. it made it's way through pennsylvania and a few showers came down. it looks like it's moving out but it's not. it will develop into a coastal rain and put rain in thank you h delaware and new jersey and detroit. and up through the philly in i s through the week and the weekend. with a cool breeses. breeze. a look at the headline is coming up.
5:00 pm
>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris. we'll take a look at today's top stories. a report is criticizing the u.s. for using drones to kill its enemies, and that it violates international law and can be classified as war crimes. many of the victims of the attacks have been civilians. >> everyone wants to know why. that's the big question. the answer is we don't know right now. >> police in sparks, nevada, say they're actively trying to find out why a 12-year-old student open fired monday in a middle school. the boy killed a teacher, wounded two students and then killed himself. the jobs report is


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