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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> the first video emerges of the rescue of hundreds of syrian refugees who say they were left to drown in the mediterranean. ♪ >> hello i'm in doha. the other top stories on al jazeera. firefighters prevent more homes from being destroyed in australia. they say a major threat has been averted. >> south korea's spy agency stand accused of interfering in the election of the country's first female president. >> lighter, thinner and more powerful.
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the latest weapon is unveiled in the battle between the global tech giants. ♪ >> footage has emerged of the rescue of the hundreds of syrian refugees who say they were abandoned to their fate off the coast of maul at that. malta. >> their boat had been shot and sunk by libyan traffickers. they were left stranded 160 kilometres from shore. now carl joins us live from malta. carl, is disturbing images, difficult to look at some of them. these are scenes we hear about we don't often get to see. particularly in the last few weeks and months as people try to flee the war in syria. what has been done about all of this? what need to be done, carl? >> first and foremost these pictures have been released by
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the maltese navy as they approached the almost 400 people that were on board a rickety fishing boat that left libya october 10th. the images are october 11 a week ago where the navyy ha navy hadt a dramatic rescue finding many at sea that couldn't swim. a number of them were women and children that perished in that tragedy. it's estimated that 200 people never made it to safety. malta has taken in 200 of those that were rescued and they are processing all of those as they were syrians fleeing the war in their country. >> the images are an eye opener for what is to come throughout this week in brussels as all european union heads of government gather together and will discuss a proposal that has been put forward by the maltese
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government late last night and have included mik mike migratioe agenda. it's been a main issue for discussion in the european union however knoc nothing has been forthcoming throughout these years. as many countries especially those in the mediterranean basin have been asking for action and the maltese prime minister has threatened a possible use of a veto should the european leaders not come to an agreement for the crisis in the mediterranean. >> carl, the release of these pictures seems to er assured tot this on the agenda at the top. is there any chance of an agreement are they united on the way forward to tackle this problem? >> these are images that are not the first that we have seen for the past six years. a number of dramatic rescues
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happening. we have to put everything in context. every day both the italian and the maltese and the spanish and the french and the greeks effect a number of rescues out at sea. many have died and nicknamed the mediterranean as a cemetery. it does not come as a surprise now that there is two major incidents off the coast of lap phamplamlampedusa how serious is malta and syria an grease have com --greece have come togetherd pledged to have a single front in front of all european union partners and listen the time is high that we take a position that we safe guard borders and lives at sea . there is intelligence that there
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are millions of of africans ana surge of refugees that pay 1500 euros each so they would be able to take the risky voyage to europe. either the owner border of malta or lampedusa. now the maltese and the greeks have put forward a proposal and we have to wait and see what is going to happen at the european union table. >> carl, thanks for that in maul amalta. >> suicide bombers and gunmen have killed 20 members of the security forces in western iraq's. a number of police and army check points were targeted in anbar province and there were attacks west of birubta. bush fires that have banf been g
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in southeast australia appear to be easing. there is still a real danger to property and people. thousands of people have been asked to leave their homes around the australian city of sydney. unpredictable weather is making conditions even tougher for crews battling dozens of fires. andrew thomas is west of sydney following this story for us. andrew, thanks for joining us. the winds have changed. i believe that is some good news? >> that's right. well scenario is being painted on tuesday and wednesday morning by fires chiefs of what was likely to com come. we are pretty apocalyptic. the wind were high and it doesn't seem the fires have gotten that much worse. there are more than there were.
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71 opposed to 60. the fires have not impacted on people's homes as was feared. the wind was strong all day but the direction was into the forest and away from people's homes as well. as things stand now the scenario looks much, much better than expected i spent much of the day with firefighters who were watching those fires. 234e werthey were putting them e they needed to. but where they were not threatening homes think were the leaving them be. most of the firefighters were pleased as the day went on it seemed to get better for them. the temperatures have dropped considerably. the wind although it's still there, has dropped as well. the bi bigger question is what s causing these bush fires in australia. why do they appear to be getting early in the season it's only october.
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>> spring in australia and why are they more severe and widespread than they used to be? >> is this climate change. the mega fire events were linked to climate change. tony abbott who was elected a month or so ago. with a mandate to get rid of a carbon tax in australia, a tax on pollution he has been skeptical about cl climate chane and he said on wednesday morning he said that u.n. official was talking out of her hat. here is a little more of what he had to say. >> fire is a part of the australian experience. it has been since humans were on this continent. the aboriginal people managed the landscape through various forms of fire stick farming took us a lodg a long time to figuret that our landscape needed to be
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managed and at times burned. look at climate change is as real as i have 0 often said ande should take strong action against it. but these fires are not a function of climate change they are a function of life in australia. >> so it seems people in new south wales have dodged a bullet with these latest fires. the worst is not necessarily over. it's going to get hot again next week. but there is a lull now. the temperatures will drop and the winds will drop off for a few days. the question is whether all of this is over hyped. whether the apo apocalyptic war. they would be rather be over exaggerating things rather than not giving people enough warnings and have more lives lost and homes lost as a result. they'll be pleased with things as they stand on wednesday
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evening. and they'll be expecting that people will thank them for these warnings even if in the end they prove wrong. relief in sydney there is andrew thomas. >> leaders from india and china have signed a defense cooperation pact to ease tensions along their border. they signed the agreement in beijing. the two asian giants fought a war in 1962 and continue to have competing claims over their shared borders. >> a scandal involving south korea spy agency has deepened. >> with the defeated candidate from last years' election calling for them to intervene. >> a probe into me meddling. the president has denied any wrongdoing by the agency. >> sehenry is following the stoe
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from seoul. >> this goes back to the december 2012 presidential election. at th the time they accuse the y agency of interfering by using social networking services to demean their candidate and praise the conservative candidate. they were cleared of any wrongdoing. but in june of this year the head of the service was indicted along with the police chief who cleared him in that investigation. since then there has been a extremely fractured investigation being carried out. accusations of influence and bias on both side. in the last few days we have seen one prosecutor dismissed over the way he arrested three national intelligence agents last week. he was dismissed due to fears that his actions would have
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helped the opposition. and this week we have seen the military cyber command the u kniunitset up to defend againstr attacks also investigated allegations that they have been carrying out activities similar to that of the ins. thank you this the losing candidate has been relatively quiet until this afternoon when he came out with a strong statement. saying that unforgivable crimes have been committed and it's unfortunate that the military in a dictatorship has been involved. and to come out and resolve this and make sure it's investigated fully and transparently. we'll be peering through the fog a and getting the latest frm china. emergency measures are being announced to cope with the blanket of pollution. >> we are on the beach in spain where there is little reaction
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re# #a# #d# #y# ##fo# #r# ## >> hello again you are watching al jazeera and these are our top stories. video has emerged of the rescue of hundreds of syrian refugees who say they were left to drown in the mediterranean. their boat was shot at and sunk by libyan traffickers. >> bush fires have eased in australia. a major threat has been averted
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for now. they have prevented homes from being destroyed and some homeowners are being allowed to return. factories are to be shut in the chinese capital an drivers ordered off the road when the city is cloked in smog. the authorities say the emergency measures will start if there is smog for three days running. >> but they won't apply to neighboring provinces where the smog comes from we are joined live from beijing by hoang wei. thank you for having me. i understand that green peace is in favor of this move. i imagine the answer is, yes, is
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green peace applauding this decision by the chinese government? >> we think the emergency plan being issued by the beijing government showed quite a big determination. and they actually take serious consideration about the public health. for instance for good days proves the authority of the children who are vulnerable to air pollution issues. >> and limiting the vehicle usage shows great determination of tackling the air pollution. but we are seeing this emergency plan as a short term solution that will only be perceived after the pollution hits the city. but what we want to know is that for the further procedures will there be any forecasting system to prevent the air pollution actually happening. >> so you are happy that the government is taking some steps forward, but you want more action. it's a significant moment though, isn't it that the
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chinese government is putting the health interest of the people before the imperative of economic growth. this is important, isn't it? >> yes, yes. to put public health in the priority is devi definitely shog that the government is taking the air pollution situation seriously. >> i was hoping that we will see more steps being taken. >> we are talking about air pollution in beijing it's influenced a lot by the neighboring province. we can only think about what to do after the pollution hits the city. but we should think about how we can prevent the pollution from happening. what we hope to see is seeing a regional cooperation system even into monda mongolia into this p. when the weather forecast says there will be bad weather
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conditions, then the pollution can be caught in advance to prevent this heavy pollution to happen. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> opposition groups in cambodia are gathering for a mass rally iin the capital over disputed results of an election in july. that poll extended the prime minister's term. he has been in power for 30 years. >> the latest episode in cambodia's ongoing political saga. thousands of supporters of the main opposition party turning out for what is build as three days of protest here in the capital. they are coming here and demanding an overturn of the election of three months ago claiming widespread electorial fraud. they are going to be hearing from their leader and they are
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trying to drum up support for their cause in europe and america. they are delivering a petition to the united nations and to the head of government here. trying to put as much pressure as possible on the ruling party here and the prime minister. but for their part. the ruling party are having none of it. they won fair a fair and squarey claim. legitimately and now the party has been signed into power by the decree of the country's king and it cannot be, he said, overturned. the dead lock continues. >> all eyes are on the numbers. thousands of people are coming in from the provinces for this rally. and the authorities have been putting restrictions on the number of people that can take part. only 10,000 people can apparently take part in this rally in this square where we are. people are still arriving. apparently people cannot stay here overnight. there is little signs that people will be moved from here
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tonight. there is a restriction on the number of people that can march. only 1,000 people in the streets. and it's difficult to see how the authorities could stop more from marching if they wanted to. the deadlock continues an some o -- and alot of uncertainty ase days of demonstration gets under whaunderway. >> egypt's president is signing a law giving the police power. >> hundreds of protests or marched through cairo's city. for them being able to take to the streets like this is an essential part of their protest. >> we cannot stay silent about what is happening. we will not accept military rule
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over us again. we need a legitimate government. >> since the revolution two years ago protesting has become almost a daily event across egypt. since the toppling successive governments have sought to regulate the daily demonstrations. >> there has been violence during the protests this draft law was written in the morsi government. international law experts say they have to jowing e juggle tot their citizens alongside of the rights to protest. >> the national human rights law provide freedom of speech and freedom of assembly as a basic fundmental human rights international law requires the states have a duty to protect their citizens and to protect them from their lives and
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property. it's those two sets of rights and duties that are being balanced here in any kind of law of governing public democra demonstration. >> members of the anti-coup alliance say that without the spontaneous demonstrations they would suffer. the laws would give the power to the government like this one. they would have to give police 24 hours written notice of their plans. that is a step too far. the people like akhmed, he helped found a protest group under the old regime. he says the draft law attacks basic human rights. >> it's important to have a law that regulates protest but there need to be a social dialogue about it. we can't cancel protest or or nt
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protest to prevent terrorism. >> now many parties agree with that. the influential pro government movement has indicated it's opposition to the protest law. another group is campaining against it despite the political consensus against the proposed law. the current cabinet believes it's necessary at a time when the security situation is uncertain. domenic cane. >> in greece the far right golden dawn party is going to vote on. zlrchghts ththe members abstaine vote saying it was unconstitutional. it's part of a crack down after the killing of a musician. >> three men have pled guilty of stealing artwork from a museum in the netherlandss. they took several pagings last
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year. the works by picasso and monet and mattiace have not yet been found. >> spin's central bank says the country has come out of resession p with the economy expanding slightly in the third quarter. as the economy continues to score they are relying on their parents and grandparents who are struggling themselves with the cost of living. >> the autumn years of one's life is for relaxing that is the vision that many europeans hold dear an for resent weeks thought it was achievable too. >> it has not worked out that way for anything el. -- migel. and now his pension is supporting him and his daughter and his son too. >> i helped my two daughters and my son when he was alive.
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he lost his job job and didn't have any unemployment benefit for two years. he was supported here at home by his two sisters and myself. my 23-year-old grandson is not employed and he is without parents and i help him. >> anythinmiguel is not alone. the family state pension can become a vital life like. >> in 2012, 6% of families survived on a state pension. 1:4 families lived like this. compared to 2006 when it was 14%. >> spain's older generations may have run out of luck. despite the growing importance of pensions it's likely tomorrow's elderly will be pierre than today's. >> the numbers are grim. 18 percent of spa spaniard are
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pensioners. >> ed elderly population is growing. the pension is not keeping pace with inflation. over the next two decades pensioners could lose between 20 an 30% of their purchasing power. state pensions have not been slashed like other benefits. but the government cannot afford the benefit in it's current state. >> current pensioners are privilege compared to the future once. >> if the society doesn't create jobs and people don't work income will have to be adjusted. most spaniard expect the pension age to be put up in the coming years. future pensioners may be older, poorer and maybe still the only source of money for many people. >> now apple has unveiled it's
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latest weapon in the increasingly competitive mark for tablet computers. it says the i pad air is light he were, thinner and more powerful. but some industry experts say apple is under more pressure than ever ever to maintain it's dodominance. >> the previous eye pad weighed 1.4-pound and the new i-pad air weighs only one pound. lighter and slimmer, apple lifts the lid on it's latest tablet the air. revamped but not reinvented, the devices is a tech 9 90 attempt o regain tracks. >> two years ago the operating system had two-thirds of the tabet let market share. and google's android lacked i
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behind by 30%. but by years' end android devices will take the lead with nearly half of the tablet market onlying over the i-pad by one percent. and there are other players hoping to make a park. hours before the i pad air launch, they your veiled their first mobile computer. the lumina it 52 computer sauces microsoft powered software. but the operating system is struggling with a lack of and i wililycations. >> i think apple will keep that one at the market. >> i it's close to which is way ahead of their competitors. >> apple turned the computer industry on it's head with the first i-pad three years ago. today tablet sales have surged to almost rival that of the pc
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and in the tech war where companies battle for buys, it's innovation that determines who ends up on top. >> a reminder you can keep u up-to-date with all of the news on our website at trouble finding full-time job. what people are doing instead, and what do you do when your dad is one of the richest men in the world? how about trying to save the world? i'm ali velshi, and this is "real money." >> reporter: this is real money and you are the most important part of the show. join our live conversation for the ne h


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