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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city, i'm tony harris. these are the top stories. the german chancellor takes the president to task, saying spying on friends cannot be tolerated. >> it is not our part to tell our clients whether they should go live or not go live. >> the blame game. plus. president obama makes a new push to get immigration reform passed by the end of the year.
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germany has joined brazil, mexico and france in confronting the u.s. over alleged spying. that ore allegations that chancellor angela merkel's cell phone was tapped by the nsa. al jazeera's tim friend has this from brussels. >> angela merkel arrived in this summit at angry mood and hinted at long term damage to u.s. relations not just in germany but across europe. >> translator: with regards to the national security agencies, i have made it clear to the american president that spying between friends is unacceptable. i said that in june when he was in berlin and in july and also yesterday in a phone call. it's not about me. it's about the privacy of all german people. between allies there must be trust and this trust must now be rebuilt.
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>> other leaders gathering in brussels lined up to express alarm on the latest revelations about the extent of u.s. phone tapping. >> we can't accept this systematic spying whatever it may be. we need to take measures and i don't just mean at a national level we need to take european measures as well. >> there was also this moment of levity from the issue leader. >> -- irish leader. >> french president francois hollande is meeting to coordinate a complete response to washington. this is now extremely intrears request embarrassing and angela
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merkel might have better from the united states. >> this summit was meant to focus on immigration and the economy. it's bem overwhelmed by the -- been overwhelmed by the controversy. the extent of the operation revealed by whistle blower edward snowden has shocked and angered politician he, it's already prompting calls for the suspension of eu -- u.s. coorption on certain data sharing. the u.s. will have to move swift 30 to calm the mood here. tim frend, al jazeera, brussels. >> , what isn't being said has drawn a lot of attention. mike viqueira is at the white house. good to see you. has the white house admitted to listening in on chancellor merkel? >> they have all but admitted it. they are saying they aren't
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doing it now, won't do it in the future. when asked whether it had been done in the past, jay carney dodged the question. president obama has had to make two phone calls or take two phone calls from historic allies, angela merkel yesterday and where francois hollande. here's a little bit more that jay carn carney had to say toda. >> the president reassured her. we gather foreign intelligence much as other nations gather foreign intelligence. the revelations that have appeared of late have obviously caused tensions.
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>> the everybody's doing it excuse may not wash in this instant, tony. and i have to say there is an interesting moment in the briefing, a reporter from the german, she grew up in germany and the stasi, that sur veiled. the president is mindful of her past history going forward. >> is there likely to be receipt retribution from germany? >> it's lard to say. you outlined the stakes at the eu hearing going open, they propositioned to have a look and review the policies that have led to this. the guardian newspaper, another shoulshoe has dropped. the nsa solicits white house and pentagon officials to send them phone numbers of foreign leaders. so this scandal is showing no
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signs of going away any time soon. >> mike viqueira, appreciate it. the people who helped create the health insurance exchange website testified before congress today. lawmakers wanted to know why the site has been plagued with problems. more on the contentious hearing. >> it was supposed to be finding about what the problems were with, where americans could go and find out about health care perhaps. many people have previously been denied health insurance. but this hearing was not about trying to fix and solve problems. it quickly deteriorated into almost blood sport with democrats trying to defend this program, saying this will help millions of americans,
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republicans saying the problems of the rollout of the affordable care act are simply another reason to scrap this program altogether. democrats firing back saying that republicans are simply trying to sabotage the opportunity for americans to get health insurance. >> so once again here we have my republican colleagues trying to scare everybody. >> will the gentleman yield? >> no i will not yield to this monkey court or whatever it is. >> this is not a monkey court. >> i'm not yielding. i'm trying to tell you the problem here -- [simultaneous speech] >> legitimate concern of this commission. >> don't matter hipaa doesn't apply, you're asked about your address your date of birth you're not asked health information. why are we going down this pat? because you are trying to scare people so they don't apply so therefore the legislation gets delayed or the affordable care act gets defunded or it's
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repealed. >> wow. so kimberly, did congress did the house did the committee did we the american people get any answers tonight? >> yes, there were some answers. there was a little bit of clarity. we now know that in fact the contractors, there were four of them up there who were responsible for helping to put this site together and maintain it. they did say in fact that look, here is what happened. we all did our testing and we did our testing independently in advance of the october 1 rollout. everything looked fine. the problem is we never tested between us so when we final reply launched this thing it all fell apart because we had never done any testing amongst ourselves integrating these systems. that's been outlined. but nobody wants to take responsibility for it. these contractors said we told the obama administration they said keep on going so ultimately it's the obama white house
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that's to blame. >> mr. obama called on the lawmakers to vote on it, it's time to fix the system that he's described is broken. >> everybody wins here if we work together to get this done. in fact, if there's a good reason not to pass the common sense reform i vice president heard it. so anyone still standing in the way of this bipartisan reform should at least have to explain why. >> house speaker john boehner have acknowledged the need for congress to do something about immigration. however the speaker hasn't said if and when he will put the senate bill to a vote in the house. pirates struck another ship off the coast of africa. it happened wednesday in the gulf of guinea. according to a u.s. defense official 11 crew members have been released but the captain and an engineer has still been
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held. here to talk about this kidnapping and others in the region, tim croct, he is a former member of -- crockett. he joins us from atlanta. tim always good to talk to you. >> thanks tony. >> were the kidnappers seeking out americans? >> it's difficult to say at this time tony. very little information has come out. all we know that the vessel was attacked. the captain and chief engineer were taken and then shortly afterwards the remaining 11 crew in the vessel were let go. so at this point there's no information regarding any demands or whether the nationalities of those individuals were sought out and they were selected. >> likely, sorry to say this, another sort of routine ransom kidnapping here, is that what we have on our hands? >> yes, pric piracy in this parf
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the world is not new. certain we have an uptick in the number of vessels board he, attacked or even shot at. this could be another case of target of opportunity. they got on board the vessel itself has a fairly low freeboard just from the design of it, its work that is carried out there in supporting a lot of the offshore platforms. so target of opportunity. they went on board. didn't get any sort of real reward. so selected some key individuals to perhaps ransom. >> hey you know, you mentioned an uptick just a moment ago of kidnappings on the west coast of africa. how big a problem is piracy sort of in nigeria is western coastal portion of africa, we're used to hearing about it off the west
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coast of africa, somalia. >> well, in the east, piracy is in its lowest since 26. >> right, 2006. >> in the last seven years. off the coast of guinea, with them taking the majority of incidents. it is sort of worrying. but again you can't really do an apples to apples comparison from the west. you've got two different environments off the course of somalia and the horn of africa, the vessels are transiting going from the red sea to india and the east. whereas in guinea, you have countries gathered together, nigeria being one of them, they have to go into coastal waters where they become more vulnerable. not even speaking of the oil and
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gas platforms. these are the vessels that are getting attacked. >> tim crockett, al jazeera contributor joining us. in australia, strong winds caused a bush fire to flare up again. just west of sydney, dozens of fires burning in the state of new south wales. live weapons exercise in which the acting chief of defense has apologized for. hundreds of homes destroyed. >> good afternoon, i'm molings kevin corriveau. we are not in the bush fire season yet. actually the peak goes from december through february. we are getting a head start here. we have seen a lot of wind, heat, now a few changes, and the
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wind is better in terks o termse the smoke is going. a lot of the smoke was trailing over sydney, a little bit more from west to east really affecting some of the coastal cities and towns just to the north here. the good news is we'll be getting some rain but not until probably monday or tuesday. up until then things are going to be fairly dry across this particular region. here in the states, it's been the cold weather, chicago to the northeast, some people saw some snow. what we're going to be talking about later i in the day we'll bring you daims. tony. >> thank you kevin. t minus three months until another budget shutdown. unless democrats and republicans can resolve their differences. we take a look at the issues on the table when we come back. plus, the american dream of
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home ownership. real money with ali velshi. why it's harder making that dream a reality. but don't worry. i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real.
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all next week america tonight investigates the campus rape crisis. >> serial rape is the norm on college campuses. >> i know that when i did report, i was blamed. >> then on friday, november 1st at nine eastern, we open up the conversation in a live town-hall event. sex crimes on campus, a special week of coverage and live town-hall on america tonight nine eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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>> the next step in twitter going public. the social media site says it will sell 70 million shares at 17 to $20 each, valuing the firm at listen to this, $1 $11 billi. that is lower than $15 billion that some analysts estimated. lowest level of home loan interest rates but americans are still having a difficult time getting their first home. ali velshi will be talking about this on the top of his show, real money. ali good to see you. what are the issues that the buyers are still facing? >> you know mortgage rates have gone up. they were about three and a
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quarterly percent in may. went up closer to 5% back down to 4.13, that's good. home prices have gone up, and when you calculate it all together, the issue becomes affordability. affordability is a function not just of price but it's of interest rates and it's of what your monthly mortgage payments would be and basically how incomes are going. put it all together, how affordable are homes? and affordability has come down between last august and this august it's actually dropped substantially. that's not great, that's the problem right now. >> so how out of reach are homes right now? >> let me give you an example. >> okay. >> boston a year ago, about half of all homes were affordable, now it's down to 30%. new york, san diego, los angeles, san francisco, all of those markets less than 30% of the housing stock is available
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to middle class buyers or affordable. we're not talking about people with bad credit or don't have the money to buy a house generally, it's just they're getting priced out again. remember it's the way it used to be in the early 2000s. we are seeing this disappear now. you mentioned twitter, it does look like november 7th will be the ipo day. that was moved up about a week and we'll be covering that as well. >> i didn't have that. >> that is brand-new information. if you can give tony harris news then there's something to you. >> ali, appreciate it, see you at the top of the hour. the deal that ended the government shutdown last week, the budget still has to pass but that will involve entrenched differences over fiscal policy.
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mierk tellmoirkmike viqueira te. >> they have three months to make a dale. if they can't it might mean another shutdown. what's likely to be on the table? republicans will press for spending cuts and, opening for a deal. >> those moderates republicans who are willing to negotiate and compromise with the president to get something done have been empowered as a result of the shutdown. because the tea party republicans played their hand and they've reduced the party to having its lowest approval rating ever. >> the president and democrats will insist on more spending on infrastructure and education. they'll push to raise taxes on the wealthy. >> we should sit down and pursue
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a balanced approach to the budget. >> and could put changes to social security on the table, altering the way the adjustments are made to inflation, and he might propose changes to medicare. boat were in the president's budget proposal earlier this year and already drawing fire from core democratic leaders. >> it is a way for fratery sidee and it's political counterproductive. it will go nowhere because the vast majority of americans don't want to see that happen. >> they've been close before, president obama and john boehner walked right up to the age of a grand bargain of spending cuts and an overhaul of the tax code but those tawsme talks failed. that was two years ago. since then the mistrust has only
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grown. fit was a bridge too far in 2011, what are the chances for a deal this time around? >> i personally think that this is going to continue on right into the spring. because it's going to be very difficult for those senate and house budget committee members to come to any kind of an agreement. i hope they do. but they've got a long way to go. >> the fate of the budget talks could answer another key question. as -- has anything in washington changed in the wake of the shutdown? mike viqueria, al jazeera, washington. >> with us is steve bell, the senior director of the economic project at the bipartisan policy center. good to have you open the program. i'm asking this question to get a sense of whether you're optimistic or pessimistic about the future here in negotiations. why will this time be any
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different? why will this conference committee produce a budget deal? we haven't had one since, what, 2009. >> i'm not sure it will produce a budget deal for the reason you outlined. one, any changes to social security or medicare are going to run into a lot of opposition from the democratic party both in the house and senate and their allies. two, i don't think paul ryan who has we understand presidential aspirations can bring back a tax increase to the house republican caucus and expect to get anywhere with it. so we have the possibility of a small deal. and i want to emphasize small. that may get us past the sequester for fy 14 the year we're in and fy 15, fiscal year 15. i think to assume anything more than that is really rose colored glasses. >> so beyond 2014-2015, if we
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are talking about a bigger deal, a grander bargain, here is the question: does america need to change in any kind of fundamental way its entitlement programs to get its fiscal house in order more long term? >> there's no doubt about it. it's simple arithmetic. more people are growing older. this is a demographic arithmetic type of program. are as they get older they use pension programs and social security and medicare much, much more. our estimation is if we don't make fundamental changes and we outline some of them in our report busy the bipartisan policy center, we'll have a debt of 150% of our economy, of our gross domestic product in ten to 20 years and that's an unacceptably dangerous high level. >> given the polarizization, you're sounding a call where it
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steeples me democrats and republicans have to stand in front of the proverbial firing squad, which is the american public and make this climate. given the climate of washington, d.c. do you see that happening? >> i think there's some possibility. but i don't want to overstate it. i don't think much was learned by this last episode, sadly. i do think we learned that john boehner is willing to take a bullet for good of the country. but you know, his caucus voted 2 to 1 against him on that vote. so it looks very tough to me. >> stimulus or as you tear -- or austerity. which way of thinking do you think ultimately wins in the weeks ahead during these negotiations? >> i think because this is going to be a short term kind of deal, i'm afraid that some slight increase in austerity will win. i say unfortunately, because you know our economy right now is quite tepid and we're well below possible growth. and we've always said, look,
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let's have a grand bargain. but phase it in over ten years so you can give this economy a chance to grow. >> steve, appreciate it, thanks for your time. steve bell he is the senior director of the economic policy project at the bipartisan policy center, he is the former budget director of senate spom policy committee. steve thank you. let's get you caught up on all the sports headlines. michael eaves is here now. >> big player news, after sustaining some bruised ribs, cardinals outfielder carlos beltran may miss the game, but cardinals may pull even with the red sox. beltran went to the hospital but
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the test did not reveal any fractures. diagnosing a concussion, previously nascar only recommended a test for its driver. now we know that the cowboys lions and dolphins will be in those games back in 2007 that's a look at your sports headlines more sports news coming up a little bit later including a live look at fenway park. still ahead on al jazeera america. detroit has been lacking a major grocery chain. that's about to change.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm tony harris. here are your top stories. the contractors who helped 83th the problem plagued heart
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insurance exchange website, said the site has been overwhelmed with demand. the pirates are holding an american ship, ship attacked near the nigerian coast. searching for missing crew members. germany has joined mexico, argentina and france, with the news that angela merkel's cell phone was tapped. i asked gimp the new news about surveillance. >> tony, i think there's anger. one could say that western leaders must have been aware that the united states carries out surveillance not only in its own country but abroad as well because as leaders often say we
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need to keep the people safe and we need to gather intelligence. but i think the extent of these latest revelations have shocked leaders here. particularly as we've been hearing the latest ones concerning angela merkel, the german chancellor, described often as the world's most powerful woman. she grew up under a regime the old east german regime where the communists spied as a matter of routine on their citizens. and i think one might say that angela merkel when she discovered that her own phone was being tapped by the u.s., might have expected better from washington. >> you think there's any long term damage that's been done here? >> tony, there's some evidence that it's beginning to make itself felt in that direction. perhaps knot ending -- perhaps
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not ending cooperation but hindering cooperation. >> i don't hear the united states saying that we're going ostop this kind of activity. you're upsaid you're angry we -- upset, you're angry we understand that but we're not going ostop this kind of activity. >> you're right. and i think that has meant that the european leaders here still want some answers from the states. we know from white house spokesman that president obama is conducting a review of all this and my hunch would be that perhaps we're going osee a rewriting of the kind -- going osee a rewriting of the kind of conventions we've got between world leaders particularly between the u.s. and europe about how far you can go in carrying out surveillance on citizens or politicians or business leaders for that matter. we shouldn't forget the commercial aspect of all this. in the future. so i think perhaps the net result of this might be a kind
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of get-together and an agreement about how they proceed in the future. otherwise we'll simply see a repetition, another row a few months down the road. >> tim frend in brussels, thank you for your time. relations between saudi arabia and the u.s. are becoming strained. the head of the intelligence services threat.ed to scale back its decades old relationship, what does this mean, joe kashesian, an analyst, with a think tank, joe i talk to you often in doha, great to have you in new york. why is the sultan saying this suggesting there needs to be some kind of a break with the united states or change of policy? why is this happening? >> well, there is a long
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standing relationship between the two countries. and there is really no threat to that. but there is a great deal of frustration -- >> no threat to that? >> well, during the past three -- two years the united states has essentially disengaged itself from the middle east, even with the syrian crisis, the renewed relationship with iran has made a major difference. what happened in egypt was very important. saudis stood with the mubarak government and they were really frustrated by what happened in syria after august 21 after the chemical attack was proven to have been launched by the government of damascus. and they were shocked when the united states pulled back in the relationship that existed. and in particular who is after all the architect of the relationship that was established between the two countries, he's not going ojust about throw this away. but he is very much frustrated
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and this is a reflection of that frustration. >> why have the saudis, i guess there's time for them to change their mind but why are is saudis rejecting the seat on the security council? >> this is a very audacious statement, it has never happened as far as anyone can remember on the security council. they really wark worked hard tot the seat. they decided enough is enough and probably the saudis are speaking for millions around the world who are frustrated by the monopoly, of the five permanent members of the security council, essentially paying lip service to peace and expurt around the world and the saudis are saying enough is enough. if we are also members of the
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international community our concerns about peace and security must also be taken into account. >> so how much of a threat really are these overtures between the united states and iran to saudi arabia, not just saudi arabia but israel, both of those countries are saying to the united states be very tough. they seem to trust one another more than they necessarily trust, certainly trust the iranians and they seam to be willing to hold the obama administration's feet to the fire on the deal here. >> only five-year-old and less believe that iran is not going to get -- >> sorry say that again? >> only five-year-olds or less are persuaded that iran is not going to become a nuclear power. >> really? >> this is a done deal, rhetoric that iran is only going opursue peaceful nuclear power is a figment of someone's imagination. iran is engaged in this program
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for real and both saudi arabia, israel a lot of other countries of the middle east that prefer to have a nuclear free zone are very much concerned about the potential iranian nuclear capability. that's not a joke. >> well what about all these overture with the rv rouhani, te new president? >> rouhani is a known quantity. he participated in the hostage crisis back in 1979. we know him quite well. and it seems to me that i think inquiring minds need to know a lot more details about what's going on between united states and iran. for time being i think we should be very careful. >> joe, it is always nice to speak to you. that's the line of a journalist. opening fire outside a u.s.
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army base in ambiguousliton, tennessee, two soldiers were wounded. >> we had an active shooter at the national guard armory in ambiguousliton. we had two victims that were shot transported to the regional medical center in memphis. the shooter has been detained by the military police department. he is in custody at this time. >> one was shot in the foot the other in the leg. the gunman was a recruiter who had been relieved of duty. there is a development that may reveal the identity of the little girl found with the gypsy camp in greece. sashausef said she gave birth to
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a little girl in greece, left her with a roma family. she might be faced with charges over selling the child. portuguese have opened the case of mad le madelaine mccann. her parents kate and jerry mccann say they are very pleased with this development. kennedy cousin michael skakel is serving 20 years for the death of his neighbor that moxley in 1975, he was charged with the crime 25 years after her murder. he was granted a retrial saying his lawyer did not provide
6:40 pm
adequate representation. skakel's new lawyer has filed a motion to get him released from prison. we asked michael kennedy what he has to say. >> obviously for him, if there is a chance for him to have more evidence revealed that will exonerate him, that is part of our system of justice to make sure that those issues come to light. so i'm happy whenever the justice system prevails. >> and you can watch the full interview with patrick kennedy on al jazeera america, tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. detroit is fighting for the right to declare bankruptcy. but that's not deterring a major grocery store of investing in the city. heidi zhou-castro. >> to make matters worse,
6:41 pm
detroit has hadn't had a grocery store in decades. without a car it's hard for locals to even find good food. >> i have to wait around for a ride and have to pay for someone if i can catch a cab. i have to wait when i'm done shopping. >> without any transportation oftennists just the corner market, that's the only place you can buy food but it's not good food. in this store the only options for protein were eggs, blowing a or this package of greens. >> you open them they sour where they have been there too long in the package. so it's almost a non-win situation really. >> reporter: but a win is exactly what whole foods market is trying to create. the national chain opened a detroit store in june despite
6:42 pm
skepticism. how could an upscale organic grocer survive in a bankrupt city where the death rate in heart disease is almost 50% higher than the u.s. average? >> regardless of what some of the demographic studies may show our shoppers are here in detroit. >> the gamble appears to be paying off. the parking lot is full and the check out lines are packed. some shoppers drove more than ten miles to get here. saying nutrition is worth the higher price point. obviously it's not possible for one grocery store to feed a city. so many detroiters rely on unique grass root means for getting fresh fruits and veggies. peaches and greens is a neighborhood market and mobile delivery service that offers residents from produce. >> we're there to be able to make sure that people if they don't have transportation we're still there. there are people that want healthy food and maybe they're
6:43 pm
in wheelchairs and can't get out, they can't get transportation, there are a number of reasons they can't get to the market. >> pineapples, plums, mushrooms, not too bad. >> getting better. a reflection of the spirit of detroit. >> we do what we do. we're survivors, we're detroiters. >> heidi zhou-castro. al jazeera, detroit. you know, dot com, dotorg, you can choose anything you want. also nonenglish, like arabic and chinese. it is the biggest extension of the internet to date. the new dough nains g domains gn
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the next couple of weeks. next up, how stem cells are helping some patients. i'm john henry, we have news about a key player in the world series. coming up inon al jazeera sports.
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a. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. strokes are usually associated with older people but increasingly associated with the young. people between ages of 20 and 64 suffer 20% more strokes than they did a few years ago. a number of factors lead to
6:47 pm
strokes, smoking, junk foods and leading stressful lives. may double for 2030. for tens of thousands of kidney patients a transplant can be a new lease on life. but a potential of risks and lifetime of expensive medications. medical researchers in chicago are helping to change all that. usher karishi has more. >> when 40-year-old craig was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease in his 20s, he knew he would be a candidate for a transplant. >> it renders that kidney useless. >> older brother shane stepped up. >> we've always had a close relationship. it was a difficult decision but never a consideration not to do
6:48 pm
it. >> but in the midst of misfortunate they found an opportunity. it was a chance to take part in groundbreaking clinical trials. the ultimate goal of lifesaving surgery, transplantation without rejection. >> director of living donor kidney program. the potential of stem cell researches on transplantation. >> the holy grail has been to achieve donor specific transplantation tolerance where you don't need antirejection drugs to control. >> that has been tested by infusing the patient with stem cells to receive chymerism. >> you will have chemotherapy and radiation for all intents and purposes kill your immune
6:49 pm
system. and create room in your bone marrow for the infusion of the stem cells. >> the chemotherapy and radiation are part of the strategy to reset the immune system. if successful it could avoid the need for daily handful of immune pills. >> these antirejection drugs are in many respects poisons we use in the right amount to control the immune system. >> taking those drugs for the rest of her life is something lindsay porter has been able to avoid. >> my kidneys weighed about eight pounds apiece. all of my other organs were sort of being crushed together. >> her stem cell infusion allowed her to gradually wean off the drugs after only ayear. she's been off the drugs for two years. it's a significant savings as well. the average transplant patient will sav -- spend $2500 a month.
6:50 pm
>> still on the kidney donation waiting list it means a chance of a better quality of life at a reduced cost. usher karishi, al jazeera chicago. >> this guy is a key piece to the st. louis attack and the big question is will he or won't he play tonight? >> he's in the lineup. >> carlos will play. >> at least he's in the lineup. we'll have more on that in a moment. last night's 8-1 win over the cardinals gave the red sox nine straight victories. but boston made it to this year's world series after collecting 69 wins in 2012 and finishing last in the american pleeg tuition, include at the top of the coaching staff.
6:51 pm
after the nightmare that was the 2012 season and the dismissal of manager bobby valentine after just that one campaign the boston red sox traded for toronto bluejays john farrell, who has proven to be the 18th valentine. >> the players never warmed up to him. i'm not saying they quit on him, the didn't thrive very hard. they lost 95 games, it was a miserable place to be. they hated to be around. bobby valentine hated to be around them. they had no choice but to fire him. >> the red sox can attribute their impressive furnish around to farrell's leadership. his team first attitude has permeated the clubhouse. >> it was clear that this was a
6:52 pm
group of veteran guys that have come from winning environments and we were getting a core group that was healthy. the tight knit group that we know of today started to experience some things and answer some challenges that we felt like we had a good team. >> but farrell's influence reaches beyond boston's clubhouse. of course he has had a tangible impact on the games, specifically his pitching staff. the 59-year-old skipper was the pitching coach and he held that for four seasons. farrell is one of the last of two pitc pitchers managing in te major leagues. >> if there is any part of exelz excels at, this is it. >> they go from worse to first
6:53 pm
to world series champions. >> john, to wrap up batting practice, carlos beltran expected to be in the starting lineup tonight. was there any chance that mike metheny would change his mind? >> two hours ago, he said he would wait and see how carlos beltran looked. our eyes have been trained on the batting cage that is no longer there, since 6:00 and he neferred showed up there but--never showed up there but beltran may have gone through his paces and showed metheny he was ready to go tonight. accounting for 23 of the 41 runs that the cardinals have racked in postseason, left fielder matt holiday. >> speaking of lackey, john
6:54 pm
lackey just turned 35. >> a battle of youth versus experience, 16 months ago he was metriculating at texas a&m university. now starting game 2 of the world series. he's been brilliant in his postcareer, an era of under .5 which is just amazing. given up one run in his last 21 innings and st. louis is accounting on him to help them go back to st. louis for game three and four and five if necessary with a win. the story on john lackey he is making his first start since 2002 in california. he has been tremendous at home and poor on the road. 4-10 record this season with an era of 4 many 5.
6:55 pm
at home, an era of 2.5. he is pitching in fenway park tonight. we had a pitcher's dual last night, tonight, that may be different. >> and lackey did win that game for the san francisco giants in 2002. >> he did. >> i understand major league baseball has a special tribute for a future hall of famers not associated with the red sox or the cardinals before the game. >> that's right. mariano rivera, a new york yankee getting an honor in fenway park, who'd have thank you it. thunk it. certainly a wonderful ambassador for the game of baseball. of course, you know, he's the last player to wear the number 42 of jackie robinson and now that he's retired no one in major league baseball will ever
6:56 pm
wear 42 again. >> are live in fenway park in boston we'll see what plays out in boston. mike appreciate it. thank you. >> the big chill in the northeast, kevin is back with the nation's weather forecast when we come back.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
is. >> as tony said it is the bill chill for many people across the great lakes and across the mid east. the coldest temperature many have seen this fall. it feels like winter. new york 50°, washington the same, chicago looking to be about 41°. when you look at the satellite and radar, on radar you notice the pinks and blues. that's a combination of snow or mixed prescription and that is rolling through parts of ohio, new york and parts of pennsylvania. a closer look, in some locations here in the next 24 to 48 hours some of you will see two inches of snow. that's going to be very localized though. and some of you will see up to
6:59 pm
four inches of snow. we expect this to go on at least throughout the next day. that is lake effect snow, you know what that is, where the water moves over the grea greats and dumps it on the odor side. it makes it feel a little bit colder, new york at 46, philadelphia feels like 41, even up towards montreal, you are feeling below freezing at 30° there. we have tonight a lot of warnings and advisories out, freeze warnings for a lot of locations. not as much as we had last night but here on the coastal regions, pennsylvania, virginia, west virginia as well as ohio. dipping down into the freezing temperatures. that's a look at your national weather, have a great afternoon.
7:00 pm
>> this is al jazeera merrick, live in new york i'm tony harris with a look at top stories. germany has joined mexico and france, over allegations that the nsa tapped german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone. the contractors who helped create the heart insurance exchange website were on the hot seat on capitol hill. due to lack of testing and decisions the feds made prior to the website's launch. president obama made his pitch for immigration reform, called on


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