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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> welcome to al jazeera america, i'm dale walters these are the stories we are following for you. just minutes from now, lawmakers will question the heads of surveillance agencies about who is nsa is listening to and why. >> are you trying to say yes? >> am i frying to say yes that we follow the standards to protect information, yes, sir. >> a hearing held on capitol hill over delays to the affordable healthcare act. and counting down to the winter olympics in russia, trying to get ready. uh. >> members of congress
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say they want answers about the national security agency and its surveillance programs and they are rabbit to get those answers. at this hour, the nsa chief set to testify before the house intelligence committee. randall pinkston joins us live, just yesterday, european delegates said that the trust that is between the nations has to be rebuild, their words and they say that steps must be taken so what are those steps to rebuild the trust? one of the major steps is to allow those officials to have communications with key intelligent officials to calm nerves and ease concerns about the reports that the u.s. has been spying on its top allies including the leaders of some of those nations like angela merkel for example. i can't show it to you because the camera position can't change, but awaiting the arrival
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of general alexandar who will be testifying about 1:30, about 30 minutes from now before the house select committee. there will be a proposed legislative change. the author of the patriot act, which clears the way for so much intelligence gathering in the wake of 9/11, back in 2001, is now proposing another piece of legislation, that would amend the patriot act, to redefine exactly the extent of spying that will be allowing to be done on american citizens for example, the so called collection of meta data phone calls text messages etc. as well as redefining the extent to which foreign intelligence gather canning be done with an towards focusing it towards terrorism investigations. >> and randall, this is one of those bizarre moments when administrations past and present seem to agree, with each oh, former vice president dick cheney saying that he believes that nothing should be done, the white house
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saying that it's going to take a look back, but it believes it has done nothing wrong, what sells the white house saying. >> well, the white house took the unusual step of putting out a press release today, to deny a report that was in the german press, and they normally don't comment on intelligence matters at all. but the german press had indicated that back in 2010, the white house president obama specifically had a conversation with an intelligence official, about intelligence gathering dealing with chancellor merkel, and the white house is saying that did not happen. of course, the questions will be asked what about other foreign leaders. a lot of questions will be asked today. something else that is rather curious that we were listening to an interview early this morning with one of the members of the house selected intelligence committee, and he was saying he gave the impression, that he was not surprised with these
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revelations, whereas, the senate intelligence committee chair, says that she has been quite surprised that she is absolutely against intelligence gathering against americans alleys. so a lot of things have to be sorted out. interimly and externally. >> congress also said to be looking for answers on another hot button issue today, that being the trouble rolled out of the affordable care website. the agency has been facing some tough questions from another house committee that happened earlier today. our white house correspondent is in washington, and mike, did anything really come out of those hearings that we expected to hear. >> well, that's a great question, and really what do we expect to see from this? it is a lot of atmosphere, it is republicanning slamming marilyn, she is the head of that agency, you spoke of, the center for medicare services, democrats defending her, defending the affordable
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dare act, perhaps most significantly, the thing that came out of this is what she said at the outside in the face of all of these criticisms that the website where you go to sign up to get insurance, if you don't have insurance, these exchanges has been plagued by not just glitches but an abject failure. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. we know how desperately you need affordable coverage. i want to assure you that can and will be fixed and we are working around the clock to deliver the shopping experience that you deserve. >> and it's quite clear that at this point that regard less of all the snap fews or whatever you want to call them the affordable care act will move ahead. what is all this fighting back and forth, what is it accomplishing? well, many democrats now have called joined with many republicans in calling of a delay of that individual mandate, remember, if you don't
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have insurance you have to have it by march 31st of next year or you face a fine. that is what is on the table here. now republicans as we know have been very politically devices over the course of the last several months. the moderates verses the conservatives, this as unified republicans. john boehner continues the drum beat against the affordable care act this morning. >> i said last week that obama-care is like a wet blanket over our economy. american people are looking for more jobs better wages but with all the uncertainty around this law, employers are having a verydy. time making decisions. it's time to delay this. it's time to fix this. before it gets only worse. >> another threshold question that no one at the white house or the administration wants to answer, how many people have been successful in signing up for this website.
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the problems first began to surface about three weeks ago, they will let us know in mid november. >> so mike, the bottom line in washington is they are talking about obama-care again. >> again, yeah. >> thank you very much, mike. officials are confirming a outbreak of polio in syria, this would be the first in 14 years. there are ten -- excuse me, confirmed cases 12 many are now being investigated. most of those people being tested are babies. last week the u.n. launch add campaign to immunize nearly 2.5 million children against polio and other diseases. with thousands of refugees fleeing every day, they are also stepping up imization efforts in six neighboring countries. a top syrian official was fired today, reports claim that he was let go after meeting with american officials over the weekend in geneva. syria saying the deputy prime minister was let go because he failed to do his job. russia, beginning the symbolic count down today to welcome the world to
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the 2014 winter olympics. it is now just 100 days until the games kick off in seven hi. david is there where preparations are now in full swing. i think the best way to describe the mood here, is one of high anxiety. top of the list of the worries must be security. there's been a ten year rebellion in the republic in the south by the caspian sea. now they managed to get a bond through in the south of russia. now it is a lot further away from where that fighting is going on. we are pretty close to where two action is at the moment. so i think that is probably the main worry. over the years. now up in the mountains near the ski slopes only yesterday, and we saw teams of mind dispose salt experts and sniffer dogs looking into just
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about every culvert and every roadway near the ski slopes. so this is a very real threat. and then, of course, other worries, there a the perhaps the possibility of a gay boycott, or gay protests at the olympics because of the russian attitude to homo sexuals. but president putin has been very clear. he said to the international olympic committee that everybody would be welcome in sochi, and that includes all races all nationalities and everybody of any sexual orientation. i have also seen large mounds of snow, which they have sheeting which they stored from last year, so -- and that's all on top of the fact that the buildings here are very delayed. because of bureaucratic bumbling because of
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allegations of corruption, or just sheer incompetence, the olympic stadiumist where the flame is headed towards now, still isn't finished. and also the olympic village, so a lot of problems piling up. but president putin has told the contractors that they just must go and do it, otherwise, they will drop dead. and i think everybody knows here the reputation of russia, the reputation of president putin, is sitting on this and they are going to make quite sure that all those buildings are finished in time. >> well, checking the markets so far, investors are not holding back. the dow up close to 100 notes. still it's expected that much of what happens on wall street on the rest of the week will be based on what the policy makers have to say about their bond buying stimulus program. meanwhile, the nasdaq back to business as usual, after a computer glitch there, temporarily
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froze its index data. after spending off it appliance store division, sears looking to make more moves. it is looking at separating its lands end and auto service businesses. i believes those units would expand more rapidly if they were on their own. it is also closing some store locations to save money. and here is a positive sign for those of you that you might not have heard about. if you are headed to vegas, high rollers are paying off their gambling debts. all four major casinos raised their estimates for the number of deadbeat gamblers. and visitors are returning to their normal numbers in las vegas back to where it was in 2007. coming up next on al jazeera, it has been a year since hurricane sandy hit, and people who were hit the hardest still having to deal with their insurance companies.
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all next week america tonight investigates the campus rape crisis. >> serial rape is the norm on college campuses. >> i know that when i did report, i was blamed. >> then this friday at nine eastern, we open up the conversation in a live town-hall event. sex crimes on campus, a special week of coverage and live town-hall on america tonight nine eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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super storm sandy destroyed thousands of homes up and down the eastern seaboard. especially hard hit the coastal communities of new york and new jersey. one year later they are still struggling. our original series surviving sandy one year later. >> it was the first home they owned and they had only lived in it for four months. >> it is heartbreaking. >> yeah. >> it was heart wrenching. >> it was kind of -- it was tough to separate out our situation from everybody else's. because there was such a collective heartbreak. >> throughout this past week, their heart broken neighbors picked up the pieces but jeff and dina have been a standstill. >> where are you guys. >> basically exactly the same place we were. the day after the storm. this is basically where
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the foundation cracked all the way down through the footing. from the flooding and the force of the water. on the house. which also buckled the inside of the house. and the floors. fist things first, fix the foundation, they thought they were covered but when they went to collect their claim with the national flood insurance program that's run by fema, they were flatly denied. the policy does not insure the loss of property, even if the earth movement is caused by flood. >> it made no sense that you can have a whole part of your house be excluded from a flood policy even if caused by a flood, and it is all caps and the policy which is like having carrick insurance and they don't cover anything below the windows. >> new flood insurance policies also require residents to elevate their home. >> you can't add on an
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extra five feet of concrete block. it is just the most terrible injustice i have ever seen. >> public adjustor says they are one of thousands survivor whose have fallen victim to this federal loophole that he says was originally designed to prevent sink hole coverage. >> now part of the problem is that flood policy was written by congress, so it was literally take an act of congress to change the language to help storm victims. that is unless a high ranking state leader stepped in. like governor cuomo recently did for new yorkers plagued by this very predicament. the federal money he made available saves thousands of people. >> there are can be thousands more that are still stranded because they live in new jersey. the governor made his voice made early on for chastising congress. >> 66 days and counting.
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shame on you! shame on congress. >> but he has been silent on this particular problem. >> it's time for christie to step up and do the same thing. he has the same money, the same access, he can waive his hand and make this go away. >> they need this to go away soon, because the clock is ticking. >> the rental assistance we are getting from fema, runs up in six months. >> they simply cannot afford to pay rent on top of their mortgage. and they do not have the catch to rebuild their home that can cost at much as $150,000. plus, they have three small children. who have their own feelings about the storm. and then there's jeff. >> you okay? >> yeah. >> who is recently diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease. >> so we have all those things unfortunately have come to all a head at the same time. which puts up in a very uniquely disastrous position.
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>> what gets them through each day, is their kids. >> really if we didn't have them, i don't know how we would have made it through this year, they are so funny and full of life, so as long as we have that coming through the door every day, when they get home from school, it makes it easier. >> al jazeera. >> and one area of new jersey was also especially hit hard by sandy, much of the boardwalk and seaside heights was destroyed. john is there live, and john, exactly what is governor christie been saying now about the one year anniversary slamming into his state. >> well, governor cristty i suspect is quite cross. he said incredible progress has been made. but he also said that he still has to bash heads together with the federal level, in order to get the money flowing from washington and he points out it took the congress 92 days to approve any kind of hurricane relief effort for sandy. and new jersey and the other states in this part of the world that were effected by this, and he
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also talks about hurricane katrina effect, where there was a lot of fraud. so the feds have been cracking down and it makes it very difficult for the people of new jersey to get money out of the federal authorities. reuters recording that only a quarter of the money appropriated by congress which was roughly $50 billion has found its way to the local authorities so that it can be spent. so i think governor cristty who stands up nationally as you know, is quite angry about that. >> and john, seaside heights not only problems with the storm and the flooding but also the fires. take us back to the impact of the storm. >> well, we have to remember that 117 people dies. 17 died here in new jersey. if you just move that to one side for a second, if you can forget the dead just for a second, the two main impacts are economic and visual. it's been a very tough summer, many of them didn't hope incite. and labor day they did
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not make as much money as they were hoping to. the other is visual, so many have had trouble getting out of federal officials. they have hit them with clauses and they have to apply for permits to build this and rebuild that. so the work is very very slow. the jersey shore is blighted as you drive along the length of this shore, there are pockets of real urban blight, which there were not a year ago. >> what about the people of new jersey, are there any special commemorations today to mark this anniversary. >> i just spoke to one local council who said to me the best celebration is that it is a lovely day, and no storm coming. and he says it is right, he is working in this area. sandy heights where i am at the moment, and this is the location of that fire in september, which burns the boardwalks so badly. down there beyond the buildings tonight at 6:00, there going to be a candlelight vigil. and remembering those who lost their lives on that
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day a year ago. and of course, all those people who are still struggling. 12 months on, dale. >> sometimes just nice to see the sunshine, and l at seaside heights new jersey. and for a closer look at how that historic storm actually formed it was a strange and bizarre storm. let's turn to our meteorologist. >> yes, bizarre storm, in fact, the weather pattern shaped up around it, that made it turn to the left. normally these storms have developed off the atlantic, move off the coast. parallelling the coast, like this was doing initially. vir rare to get high pressure situated here, because that turned the storm not out to sea. and the cause of major problems in north jersey, new york, and all the way up through new england.
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what sells interesting is that these costliest hurricanes. adjusted for inflation, have all happened in the last ten years aside from andrew, katrina, sandy, ike and william, have seen high dollar amounts as far as the damage goes and this all happened very recently. of course the look at the national forecast and see what el is brewing out there, not only in the west coast, be uh the coast east coast as well. >> still ahead, another controversial topic to talk about, sex crimes on campus, up next on al jazeera america, there's a new study out that shows that repeat rapist don't receive any type of punishment.
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jazeera al these are your headlines. just minutes from now u.s. intelligence resources are going to be under review in washington. one of the leaders appeared before congress is the head of the national security agency,
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general keith alexandar who will have live coverage of that hearing coming up. marilyn about the problems with the affordable care health act exchange. the head of the senate for medicaid and medicare services was testifying before a sharply critical house committee. it has been one year now since hurricane sandy slammed new york and new jersey, people still dealing with insurance claims the clean up of hurricane sandy estimated to top $65 billion. >> a woman is sexually assaulted on a college campus, her attacker made a once in a lifetime bad decision. the men behind these life altering crimes are often repeat offenders. this week al jazeera's program america tonight is foe discussing on the problem in a special series called sex crimes on campus. private and pricy, with a
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post card perfect campus, is known for it's commitment to social justice. so it is even more striking that this campus is rivetted by reports of rape and sexual assault, much of it allegedly committed by repeat offenders. >> i ended up walking back to his place, with him. once we were there he raped me. >> this woman now a junior says she was raped in her first year. her outrage grew after learning the college had already disciplined her attacker for a similar offense. >> it wasn't suspended? >> no. >> and he wasn't expelled. >> no. >> serial rape is the norm on college campuses. >> here at crimes on campus dental college. we have numerous cases with three or four women and alleging that the same man has raped or sexually assaulted them. >> social professor has been teaching here for
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seven years. the two have become about vests for sexual assault victims. >> i have been here since 2011, i have talked to does sens of young men and women who have been raped sexually ballers. >> committing multiple assaults are actually not all that unusual. researchers tell us the overwhelming majority of rapes on college campuses are committed by repeat offenders. >> each of the serial offenders had on average 14 victims. clinical psychologists traveling the country, training prosecutors and police on sex offenders. his research revealed a remarkable fact. the vast majority are being perpetrated by serial offenders and they were prolific. so the average number of rapes for each one was six. >> serial rapists.
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>> these were the serial rapists yes. >> >> his study, he asked nearly 2,000 male students at a massachusets college about their sex lives. 6% described their sexual encounters in a way that met the legal definition of rape. meaning they had sexual intercourse without the concept of the woman, either using fork or alcohol. a majority has assaulted multiple women. >> al jazeera, in los angeles. >> ginn, america tonight taking a hard look at sex crimes on campus, during a series that airs this week. tonight they follow students at a fraternity party, looking into the so called hook up culture and it's role in campus rape. >> looking at the forecast across the country, well, we are
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cold here which is developing there. there is some very cold air coming in. washington, oregon, there's snow coming down with winter weather advisories. and also seeing some freezing rain, meaning that temperature is warm enough, where it comes down as rain and hits the cold surface, and you get that glaze of ice. all of the storm which is spinning here, not much on the radar now, but that will change as it continues to push east. these temperatures have dropped into the upper 30's in spokane, 40 in seattle. now where there is cold air there is also warm air. close to houston, and 79 in memphis, chicago is at 61. the warm air coming up from the south. big storm effecting the entire country, depending on where you are, by thursday the storm will left out of the west and move over the great lakes. big area of pressure that
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pull as lot of warm up in front of this front. it is still cold, in the north west, but the rain and snow will be clearing out by late in the week. there is some rain coming down. there will be rain in the great lakes and all the way south ward there will be thunderstorms across the southeast. now the timing of this looks like it is late thursday, so late thursday we will see this rain moving in, we will be staying dry here across the northeast until friday. even though there's rain in the forecast, there can be some drizzle coming down. up to 67, and then up to 70 on friday, but there's that rain and even the storms moving through. once the rain clears out, the temperatures drop 60s down into the 50's across the northeast, and how about the midwest? well, the chicago area we will see temperatures into the upper 60's. but they dry out on friday, cooling off saturday and sunday, but lows into the mid. >> thank you very much, we want to take you live to washington, d.c. right no


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