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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EST

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. despite stepped up relief operations in the philippines, the situation is desperate there. panic is setting in for survivors of typhoon haiyan - who are waiting for food, water and medicine. a critical comment from one of president obama's supporters, bill clinton - calling on the president to keep his promise and allow people to keep their health care plans. israel decides not to build in the west bank. >> it is the highest high-rise in the country - but it was a close call.
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. welcome to al jazeera america. relief organizations and nations around the world are scrambling to help survivors of one of the largest storms to make landfall. little aid is getting to the typhoon haiyan victims, especially those in remote locations. time is running out. the philippine government says more than 2 million people need aid. the death toll has climbed to 2200 people. damaged roads and poor conditions at airports are complicating the system. add to that relief and rescue efforts - desperate pleas for help turning to looting for food, water and medicine. let's look at where the devastation is. in the central philippines the destruction stretches from leyte to tacloban and palay.
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craig leeson is in cebu with the latest. >> reporter: they lumbered into the cebu air force base with precision - delivering precious cargo from the nightmare that is one of the worst natural disasters. those that could not walk were carried - the sick, the old and those that wanted to escape the disaster. >> bodies are on the road. nobody is picking them up. >> the injured and sick were taken to a military hospital. for many the horror of losing their families outweighed the pain of their injuries. this woman was struck by her roof as it collapsed in the storm. she called out with her doctors after it passed. they were among the lucky ones. . >> we survived. >> the doctors are working around the clock. overwhelmed by the injured.
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every now and then a ray of hope mu . we had a spine fracture, pregnant women coming in. we already delivered two babies yesterday. >> after discouraging human cargo the c130s are loaded with supplies intended for those facing the hardship of yet another day without food and water. >> the u.s. government is helping us and various other international governments are helping us. we continue to bring support to people affected. >> the relief supplies are not getting to those that need it most. the government sending in troops to control the looting. also at the airport survivors determined to go back to the disaster area, despite all they'd been through. >> imagine if you will, the courage of these people here in cebu at the air force base. many of them from mr during the
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storm. they are waiting here for a c130 hercules to arrive, to take them back into the devastated area. why? in those bags are food and water - things that they say their family needs to survive. these survivors say the government aid is not reaching families fast enough, and going back is their only option. >> i'm scared, but i have - i have no choice. i have no choice. my family is in tacloban. >> international relief is on the way. the united states has directed the carrier, the uss "george washington" to head to the philippines who provide support. u.s. marines are on the ground. as bad weather closes in, the survivors wonder if they'll arrive in time. that was craig leeson reporting from cebu. a state of national calamity is in force throughout the
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philippines. the president says he had no choice. the aftermath pushed parts of the country into anarchy and disorder. marga ortigas is in cebu as well. she has more. >> the state of national emergency is meant to stablilize the country or try to. curfews have been imposed in tacloban, to try to stop looting that has taken place. people are so desperate for food, water and medicine that they've taken things like establishments from damaged malls and the houses of people who died or disappeared. but, it's not just the victims that have now been reported to have caused a security concern, but the communist rebels in operation around these areas and in the provinces that surround the devastated areas have been planning or caught by the military to be staging on ambush on relief convoys trying to bring in materials to help the
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victim. in one of the scish ishes that military -- skirmishes that military men had with rebels - to were killed. it happened tuesday. the military say they are quickly trying to take the situation in hand, and special forces are on the ground trying to ascertain that people who are bringing in relief goods can get to where they need to go safely. >> marga ortigas reporting there. >> in the aftermath of typhoon haiyan. the united states is offering help to the philippines. military assistance is the priority. the george washington left tuesday afternoon, to arrive wednesday. 21 helicopters on board will shuttle fresh water where needed. more than 22 nations are sending money and supplies. president obama is hearing criticism of the health care
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law, this time from bill clinton. the former president says president obama should honour his commitment to those that want to keep their medical coverage. we have more. >> if there's anyone whose fame matches the current president, it's bill clinton. 3.5 million people have been told they can not keep their old plans, because they do not conform to the affordable care act, otherwise known as obamacare. the white house where are -- white house said the plans were inferior. the 3.5 million is 3.5 million more than when the president said if you like your old plan you can keep it. the president apologised. bill clinton undercutting the white house message. here is what he had to say.
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>> i personally believes even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honour the commitment to federal government and let them keep what they have go. >> that's not going to happen, jay carney saying the white house is looking at options to make people happier, involving making them affordable, not to allow the old plans. the trouble is this is causing political problems for the white house, and significantly, perhaps, for key democrats on capital hill. mary landsville and fienstein, co-spoon orring legislation to allow people to go back to their old plan. trouble for the president and democrats in the polls. 46% thinking the president knowingly deceived the government saying "if you like your old plan you can keep it." president obama's approval
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rating is at 39%, a low, that matches the same number that george w. bush had at the same point in his presidency. >> bill clinton also said there's nothing the federal government can do about states that don't expand medicaid's coverage. >> israel's plans to build settlements in the west bank stopped. the president saying it would cause unnecessary friction. we explain why palestine and the u.s. opposed the settlement. >> the housing ministerry threatened talks by approving money for the first stage of housing in contentious areas. it included 1200 units near jerusalem, where it was feared israeli settlements could end hopes of a viable palestine state. the u.s. government expressed
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displeasure. >> we were surprised by the announcements and seeking explanation from israel. we don't accept the legitimacy of continued settlement. >> secretary of state john kerry called tougher language calling more jewish settlements a road block. he said: cl >> prime minister benyamin netanyahu said the housing ministerry's announcement was made with no prior notice, and had been cancel. he said it: >> but benyamin netanyahu did not signal any decision to scrap the long-term development of 24,000 jewish housing units in west bank.
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the palestine authorities said it would have destroyed the peace process. >> translation: it means negotiations are over and everything the united states has planned isn't working. all parties involved, would have heldize israel for the collapse of talks. >> the latest episode puts negotiations in deeper doubt than ever. >> the plans call for 4,000 settlements in jerusalem. and 1200 each. john kerry says every option needs to be considered to reach a deal with iran on the program. he'll brief congress today. john kerry is expected to ask the senate banking committee to hold off on sanctions. iran, the u.s. and world powers failed to reach an initial agreement.
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john kerry insists he expects a deal within months. >> the first t.s.a. officer killed in the line of duty is remembered as a doting publish serve able to. more than 500 people came it a memorial for gerardo i. hernandez, he was killed by a gunman at the los angeles international airport. he loved his job and greeted travellers with a smile. the gunman's condition has been upgraded to fair. >> federal prosecutors are deciding whether the boston marathon suspect should face the death penalty if convicted. evidence that would argue against the death penalty is kept from them. authorities say releasing the information would jeopardise investigations. >> hold is expected to decide by the end of january. it could be more than a year before the trial begins. more prescriptions advised for a
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widely used drug. why many more americans should take cholesterol medications. more states are legalizing same-sex marriages, one state is strengthening bans on ceremonies. call her ambassador kennedy. the first daughter becomes the liaison to one of america's top allies.
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a number of americans taking cholesterol medication could double. the american heart association and american cartiology association have new guidelines on who would benefit from stattens, they consider smoking and family history. under the new guide lines a third of all adults should consider taking the drugs. >> hawaii is about to become the 15th state to allow same-sex
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marriage. the state senate approved a building on tuesday. governor neil abercrombie says he will sign it, the new law taking effect on december 2nd. additional revenue can be expected. the university of hawaii says it will boost tourism by $217 million over the next three years. >> it's a different story in indiana which bans gay marriage. indiana lawmakers want to strengthen that law by defining what marriage is. when beth moved back to her home town with her partner trish 3.5 years ago the state legislature had been debating gay marriage. >> it's not surprising that the indiana legislature would attempt to do this again. there's a political base that would have the expectation that they would pursue this agenda. >> it has been pursued every year since 2004.
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this year is no different of the the latest attempt has the backing of lawmakers from both parties, a proposed amendment to a constitution saying: >> opponents say turning the ban on the books into a constitutional amendment will make it difficult for same-sex couples to have equal rights. >> allowing same-sex marriage has implications for inheritance tax, pensions - a number of basic benefits that heterosexual couples take for granted. >> there is growing and notable opposition. this week indiana university became the first public educational institution to openly support equal rights and speak against the amendments.
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>> this codifies something unequal is not something we want to see happen. >> opponents of the amendment make an economic argument. >> we recruit for the best down. anything that sends a message that indiana is not welcoming of people of diverse backgrounds, makes our job more difficult to get the talent. >> some of the state's largest employers, like eli lily, and simon malls joined a collision against the amendment. the indiana family institution spoke in favour on the website but would not agree to an interview. the caucus spokeswoman afterward no comment. for beth and trish - it's not economics, it's equal rights. >> what i care about is equal protection under the law for trish and i. to be a full-fledged citizen of this great land, of the united states and to be treated as
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such. >> to make it to a state ballot the resolution must pass the house and session. it passed in 2011. if it passes this session, it would be put to a public vote in november next year. >> the indian oppo lis council and mayor are against the law. >> the nation's roman catholic bishops selected a new leader, joseph coertse elected on tuesday. he said he will follow pope francis in his call for a church. poor. he succeeds dolan. >> caroline kennedy is the new ambassador to japan. she is heading for japan on friday and is expected to meet with the prime minister.
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a california state senator under investigation for bribee is stripped of committee assignments. ronald calderon is removed from committees. this is after an al jazeera america report revealed an investigation against ronald calderon. he reportedly accepted more than $60,000 from undercover agents in return for promoting legislation. he's denied wrongdoing. we have looked at a lot of rain over the philippines. we saw tropical disturbance, especially in the area seeing the typhoon making its way through. the system is making its way to the south. what we have to deal with is the temperatures. they go to about 89 to 90 degrees. when you factor in the heat index, that's more like 91.
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no airconditioner and power and warm temperatures. across the united states we are talking still about the cold temperatures across the north-east. we are looking at temperatures below average for this time of year. new york, you'll get down to 28 overnight, and as you see, we are dealing with a lot of link effects there. to the north-west, the rain coming off the pacific. we see a break. it's not going to last for long. rain showers, heavy rain for british columbia. seattle - wednesday, rain, thursday a break. heavy rain as we go towards friday with high temperatures of 50 and sun as we get towards saturday. california has seen a bitle rain over the last couple of days. we expect to see it to the north of los angeles, not affecting you, but bringing temperatures up to 90. on tuesday, dropping to 82 - looking nice all the way into the weekend.
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for texas it's been clouds - no rain. we'll see dallas getting to 52 degrees for a high, and a slow warm-up with the rain returning as we entered the weekend. 70 degrees saturday and sunday. for atlanta it will be the temperatures dropping. the cold front bringing air to the north-east and north central parts of the u.s. is sinking down. this is the temperature. 48 degrees. birmingham at 48. new orleans 56 degrees for you. the u.s. government giving the all-clear for take off. u.s. airways and american airlines to merge. how it could affect you. the tallest building in america is named the the battle in new york's one trade centre verses the chicago willis tower.
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u.s. airways
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the merger of american
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airlines and u.s. airways has been cleared for takeoff. the justice department signed off on a deal that would create the world's biggest airline. >> wheels up for a new career. the merger of u.s. airways, and american taking off after weeks of negotiations. >> it will eliminate overlapping use that u.s. airways and american airlines shared. it's also going to make a more efficient airline. planes that were undersold on certain routes will be at capacity. that will drive ticket prices down. >> the department of justice, six state attorneys general and the district of columbia sued to stop the merger concerned that it would lead to lack of consumer choice and higher prices. it arg uds u.s. and amr, the parent of american airlines should be forced to scrap it
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because if it went ahead 60% of u.s. aviation would be in the hand of four companies much the deal is on. there's a price to pay for the new mega-airline. landing slots and gates at major airports, including dozens at regan national airport in washington and lague ardia must be given up to win antitrust approval by the department of justice. low-cost carriers will be given more access to airports in boston, dallas, miami under the terms of the deal. >> the best thing for consumers is competition. some of the smaller airlines, jetblue and others have figured out a way to make a profit. if the merger drops routes, it could be an opportunity. >> u.s. and american say it's the only way to compete in a
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consolidated aviation industry. the final settlement must be signed off by a judge. >> and the deal will also allow american airlines parent company to exit bankruptcy. >> walmart is joining the rush to bump up the beginning of the holiday shopping season. the rely tailer is starting black friday sales 6:00 pm thanksgiving day. macy's, jc penny's and coles are open on new year's eve for the first time. >> the international energy agencies says the u.s. will sur saudi arabia and russia to take over the top spot in 2016. the group credits shale oil production for that shift in rankings. >> one world trade center is offici officially the tallest building in america. we have this report.
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>> one world trade center rose from the ashes of september 11th. its highest floor equal to that of the ordinarily north tour. it's the spire on top that makes it the tallest building in the united states. bringing it to 1776 or 351 metres. well above chicago's willis tower. >> one world trade is a taller building to the architectural top, the tallest as we see it, but the willis tower has a higher occupied floor. we see it from the architectural top. >> council rejected the argument that the spir was more antenna than architecture, granting new york more than bragging rights. >> those seeds of emotion and pride and defines or whatever mix of motives that may come together in the building still have an echo in the symbolic tower. >> for most new yorkers and most
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americans, one world trade center stands as a monument to those killed on 9/11, and a symbol of american resilience. the height is symbolic. 1776 is the year the founding fathers signed the declaration of independence. >> it's an icon for everyone to see. >> it's a symbol of the united states and what happened around it. >> i don't put too much importance on it being the tallest building. the importance that i see is what it stands for. >> world trade center one will be considered the third highest building in the world once it becomes occupied next year. the standing my change but the building loom large for americans. >> and that will do it for this edition of al jazeera. we leave you with a live look at one world trade center - the
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tallest building in america. thank you for watching. have a great night. we look at computer hacking and what it means for civil society. >> our digital producer is here, bringing all of your live field back in the program. freedom of speech, national security. whistle blowers and criminals and you name it. >> we'll have comments on all of it. but you mentioned hackers, criminals whistle blowers. on


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