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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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controversial referred um on whether to define marriage between a man and woman only. it's discrimination and a set back for economy in a catholic country. if successful the move go block future legislation. we are joined at a polling station. who is the smart money on - no or yes? >> well, according to polling before these - before today beginning of voting, around 68% of crow asians are likely to
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vote against same-sex marriage or banning it, or to put that in croatia's constitution. according to those that i spoke to they were interested in this question. for them it's important moral value to show moral value of the country. priests, catholic priests across the country this morning on the masses were calling their parish to go to the voting stations and vote against same-sex marriages. as you said, there are quite opposite side against - sorry, among the lgbt community, that these people are saying according to this new law, they will be very discriminated and that discrimination will be put in the croatian constitution, and they are saying it's a mockery of democracy. this is like two walls and a sheet. voting about what they'll have
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for dinner. apparently although the majority is still very in favour of this. minority groups are dissatisfied with possible outcome. >> government has apparently said that they really don't want to ban same-sex marriage. i'm supposing that is because they think it may damage the image. croatia joining the european union. >> that's absolutely right. croatian government would like to see different outcome comparing to widespread popular opinion. just because the e.u. membership is important for croatia, and its image as one of the - sorry, as the youngest member of the european union. the other side, which is supporting this same-sex marriage ban in croatia is saying that croatia will not be the only country inside the e.u. with that law. there's poll -- poland and
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hungary. they have the same banning of same-sex marriage. it's difficult to say which way it will affect croatia will this referendum result, whether this will affect the relations with boroug brussels or not. the croatian government would like to see this ban not take effect. >> we watch the results with interest. many thanks. more to come on al jazeera america, including how living with h.i.v. is changing in the u.s. >> i used to call it hell in a vial, now i call it heaven. >> our latest on the h.i.v. aids series. >> i'm on the border of dominican republic and haiti. tensions escalating. >> in sport - the flying
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dutchman helps the german champions extend their run. details soon.
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[ ♪ music ] >> the top stories on al jazeera: police in bangkok fire tear gas and water canons at anti-government protesters trying to force their way into government house. they've been on the streets for the past week demanding the resignation of the prime minister. >> anti-government groups
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clashed with the police. parts of the thai capital have come to a standstill. >> a nationwide strike in ukraine. people are angry about a refusal to sign a pact with the european union. >> that's the top story, i remind you what the anti-government protesters in thailand are demanding. they want the prime minister yingluck shinawatra to resign. they feel she's being controlled by her brother thaksin shinawatra, who is in exile overseas. the latest was when a bill was put forward pardoning many in corruption cases. we are join the from a professor at the bangkok university. we are seeing demonstrations and
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a momentum of the demonstrators taking to various parts of bangk bangkok. do you think this will escalate of? >> i think the people are gaining ground and the support we are getting from the general public, including the free media, consisting of the free tv is now assisting the people's revolution, so to speak, because they con no longer tolerate the parliamentary dictatorship making a mockery out of democracy. we have no check and balances. we have no way of asking them how many money we are spending. this is why people are demanding. >> do you think it's significant that she is being moved from her office physically and protected by the police. do you think that shows that there is movement and possibly shell consider her position or
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the noise is that she's standing firm? >> i think right now i have heard that she would like to resign. somewhere the instruction from overseas wants her to stay put. it gives her a very, very difficult position. on one hand right now what is going on is very, very unstable, and last night what happened at one of the universities is that they were being shot at on campus and two people died and 40 wounded because the police stand by and do nothing. so the people are more and more frustrated and angry at the police. >> so what do you expect to happen next. do you think the military may get involved as it happened before. she courted the military and the monarchy. they have so far stood out of the way. i think the military has learnt
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the lesson, they are here to assist the evacuation of the students from the university. they are out and armed. they know that they might be drawn into the conflict. and none of the parties, including this opposition gathering wants to see another military coup because it wouldn't solve anything. >> good to get your thoughts. thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> a committee in egypt is set to vote on a new draft constitution. a panel is considering the documents after a military coup removing president mohamed morsi from office in july. a constitution in place was suspended. egypt's stock market was considered the biggest in the world, since the overthrow of hosni mubarak has happened. >> another day of trading. this is home to the egx30 index,
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where shares in the 30 largest companies are bought and sold. a year since the 2011 revolution has been a roller-coaster ride with plummeting falls and occasional climbs. many analysts believe it's linked to the performance of the economy. something people in the borsa area of cairo agree with. >> translation: i own a show shop in downtown cairo. in the past i made a lot of profit. now there are no markets like before. if i make a profit i'm not going to invest in egypt. >> work in the past for me was better. if i make any profits i spend them on my wife and children. if i want to invest in a tuktuk it costs thousands. how can i get that money? >> the stock market here has been recovering from shocks suffered from the 2011
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revolution which toppled hosni mubarak. some say it's time to invest again. >> people like this man. he is an engineer who put small amounts in stocks and shares from time to time. he says for the past few months the economic and political conditions have improved. >> i think because the prices go up. so i got a good profit. so we believe that we are - we are not pessimistic. we feel good things in the market and good things in the street, so that will help more to invest in this matter. >> stock breakers in cairo seem to agree with that. mohammed nasser works with premier securities, a cairo-based firm of stockbrokers. he said the situation has improved, but recovery is fragile. >> we start to recover from
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june. the second wave in 2013. some investors, like our investors specially, expecting that we will recover soon, and economically. >> many financial analysts believe the stock market is an indication of egypt's political instability and only a settlement acceptable to call can bring sustained recovery. >> ireland's troubled financial sector is continuing to cause problems for the government. for the first time a credit union has been taken over by a bank, leading to wider concerns about the stability of the system. >> for decades the credit union system has been a proud achievement. they are on high streets, a reliable way for people to invest and borrow a little.
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clients own them. making them accountable. not this one. look how big it is in newbridge. population 22,000. sharon knows about the new bridge credit union, it was founded by her dad 40-odd years ago and ballooned in the last few years. like small investors she was amazed it dolled out loans banks would bulk at. >> a local developer was leant over 3 million, and i - you know, i suppose we have heard there has been a lot of - over 500 euro loans given out. it goes against the grain of the credit union. >> normal unions lend a few thousand. this is what caused the banking system to fall over. >> it's similar to what went wrong with the banks, and the
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credit union is striking. the banks had to be bailed out, so the taxpayer is having to find $70 million to support the failed credit union. the difference is this - while the institutional investors in the bank never lost money, institutional investors in the credit union were the people of this down. they don't have the safety net. >> the credit union system relies on people being able to save. in ireland, where they can't repay the bills, the fear is that newbridge went big because it couldn't make the credit union model work. >> you have 800,000 mortgages. unemployment of close to 13%. i mean, it's not possible that credit unions could be immune to that kind of thing. >> newbridge was one of 12 credit unions not to belong to an association. it insists the model is viable.
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>> the movement is solid. it has come through. much better than financial institutions. with the exception of newbridge, it's the only institution standing on its own two feet. the facts are that ireland has two retail banks left and 400 credit unions for people to use for savings and loans. if it were to fail, it would be an open door for lenders. >> hundreds of hatians could be forced to leave the dominican republic. those born to miing rants after 1929 could lose their citizenship. hundreds crossed the border. kath turner has more. >> on approach to the border going to the dominican republic into haiti it looks calm and picturesque. as you get closer, it's busier
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and noisier. businesses fuel the economy. the existence and the money generated is under threat. in september a dominican court ruled anyone born to might grants may not be eligible for citizenship, even if born in the country. migrants have been deported, a claim denied by dommin can officials. the dominican authorities have not launched a deportation. the law is clear, if a foreigner got into the country in an illegal way or found in an illegal condition we will deport them. the determination to enforce the law could affect these people. they work in a bakery a kilometre from the border. this woman was born in the
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dominican republic. her father is dominican and mother haitian. >> my life, people, adolescents church. all is here. despite saying i'm from there, bean there is a different world. >> the two countries on either side have a volatile history. when violence broke out in a village in the south-west of the dominican republic, the level of animosity between dominicans and hatians went to a new level. >> according to dominicans in this area, two haitian men robbed and murdered an elderly dommin can public. in retaliation two haitian men were killed. 600 harns have been escorted across the border at their request. combined with a constitutional ruling the relationship between
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the two countries could deteriorate further. >> translation: my language is from here, my knowledge, style, culture - all of it. on the other side, without knowing anybody, what will i do, who will i be? an uneasy and certain search of identity on both sides of the border. >> still to come in sport. joe will have the best of the gold in spain and jeremy. and who denied adam scott a rare australian triple crown. details coming up.
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[ ♪ music ] >> mexico's president came to office promising to protect his citizens against criminal gangs. cartels are still carrying out violent attacks and kidnappings. some residents have taken matters into their own hands. we have this report. >> on patrol with the police. these men used to be farmers, mechanics and construction workers before picking up a gun. like jose who after being kidnapped, black mailed and had several family members killed by the knights templar drug cartel decided enough was enough. >> translation: this is more because instead of helping us the army is trying to take away our weapons so the knights templar can kill us. i would rather die than give up my weapon. >> hundreds of men are ignoring
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the government's demonstrate to lay down guns. they are threatening to wipe out the cartels themselves. the government was not able to protect their families, that's why the men say they did it. >> the cartel is fighting back. these days gun battles between the self-appointed or so-called community police and drug games are a daily occurrence. >> this firefight filmed exclusively by the mexican network are a graphic sign that lawlessness is spreading in the troubled is it state. every day there are new reports that more and more are taking the law into their own hands, rather than waiting for the government. another sign that the crisis is worsening are the hundreds of families fleeing their homes bus of the violence, taking rev ug
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and waiting until the state or community police can restore the police. this man who tries to comfort those taking shelter admits he has more faith in the self-defense groups than the military. >> the government should protect the people. if you ask me as a citizen i'd say i support the uprisings because i can no longer tollerate the criminals. >> with popular support growing daily, it's unlikely that the self-defence groups will back down against the criminals or government forces. >> a campaign is under way in nigeria to highlight the causes of h.i.v. and aids. footballers and celebrities took part in a charity match a day before the 25th anniversary of world aids day. they called on people to check the status. naming earia has more than
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3 million people who are h.i.v. positive. it's the leading cause of death in america for african american women between 35-44. more effective drugs made it possible for them to survive longer. tom ackerman has this report on how community house republican help sufersers. >> work through the door of d.c.'s collective, and it's the first thing you see, party dresses made from female condoms. a bright contrast to the corner of the room - memorial cards to the many black women who have become victims to aids. survivors who gathered here, most infected after unprotected sex, can testify to the bitter lessons they learnt, about misplaced trust in partners. >> he knew he was affected.
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he didn't give me the opportunity or choice to say yes or no. >> lessons on dealing with denial and fears of rejection. >> a lot of people do. you feel like - who wants you contaminated. >> kimberley wanted her face concealed because her school-age children don't know she's h.i.v. positive. >> i don't want no kids deal with that. >> the vir us need not on dem you says this grandmother, diagnosed 20 years ago. >> people make mistakes. there's choices that you make. you can always be a positive productive person without shame. >> i guess someone is holding me hostage for my past. love yourself, you don't care how others feel. >> the virus is the most serious, but not the only challenge that women at the
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collective deal with. there's domestic abuse, child care and other health issues. >> women don't come with h.i.v. positive, help me. it's like an onion. you people back the layers and you need lots of services. the let's hiv doesn't stand for a deadly curse. >> i used to call it hell in a vial. now i call it heaven in view. >> sport next. here is jo. >> world number two golfer adam scott has been denied a rare australian triple crown by a man whose latest victory has been a long time coming. rory mcilroy started the final round four behind adam scott. the world number four going shot for shot with the australian. he birdied the 18th, snatching it by a stroke, winning his first tournament in over a year. >> on to football.
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and spanish league leaders barcelona can resupport a 3-point advantage over atletica madrid. real madrid kept the pace, thrashing the opponent. gareth bale got his first hat-trick for the club. >> cristiano ronaldo may have been in the stands, but gareth bail fired for real madrid. bale put them ahead with his third goal in as many games. the welshman set up enzema, netting for a fourth straight match. cristiano ronaldo missed the champion's league victory with a thigh problem, but bale as pot missing the target. me made it 3-0 in the second half. scoring a header and with his
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right foot, the world's most expensive player completed a perfect hat-trick. 4-0 the final score. third place real are now three points behind the leaders. barcelona. and, atletico madrid. dooego's side winning 2-0. in front just after the hour mark. diego scored a second. the striker with 15 goals. atletico on 40 points, but remained behind barca on goal difference. the catalans facing atletico on sunday. >> bayern munich extended a record-breaking unbeaten lunch. it took less than two minutes
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for bayern to have the lead. this was his 50th goal. it wasn't far behind. 2-0 to the bundislega leaders. >> patrick emmerick scored a free kick to third. dort manned in a 3-1 win. two late penalties. arsenal have gone seven clear at the top of the premier league after a win in wales. ramsay was the star, scoring two goals. they got on to the score sheet as arsenal ran out 3-0 winners. >> what is good is they can show consistency until now. and that is always a good sign
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for a team. it makes you stronger. >> everton are up to fourth after a 4-0 demolition. newcastle from 2-0 winners, and full am's 3-0 loss puts more pressure on. fulham are 18th in the table. >> in the mba the dallas mavericks won 8 of 9. they were unable to clinch the ninth victory, falling to the timber wolves, who lost their previous 5 on the road. kevin love put up 21 points. he was bettered by team-mate kevin martin, who put up 27 of his own. >> australia have beaten new zealand to claim the rugby league title. the australians were the favourites, seeing off fiji 64-0.
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australia won 34-2 in the final. they lift the trophy for a 10th time. >> it was a rare occasion. terrific atmosphere, fantastic to play at the greens at the house of dreams as they call it. a great performance from the bunch. everyone in the group. everyone stood by. the staff, to get billy back on deck. a lot of things go behind. it was a great team effort. >> australia's rugby union team consigned wales to defeat. in the other match, the barr barians beat fiji 43-19. >> for fiji - they have won the dubai 7th tournament. 29-17. the fijians thrashed new zealand 44-0, continued excellent form,
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outscoring opponents by 5-3. the first time in six final appearances that they won in dubai. >> south africa's cricketers beat pak sfan in centurion. pakistan batted first. the most damage inflicted on the proetia's attack. de villiers top scored, making 48 not out. and together with wayne parnell hit the winning runs in the 39th over. south africa win by four. pakistan claim the series 2-1. >> ireland beat afghanistan by 68 runs in the final. icc world 20 twenty20 golfers. trent johnston added 62. ireland posted 225/7 in the 20 overs. johnson had a good day with the
5:57 am
ball. all the out for 157. both teams qualified for the tournament in bangladesh. >> italian motorcycle racer has died in an accident at an event in memory of his late compatriot. he raced betweening 1996 and "97 when moto gp. he fell off his bike. he was killed at the 2011 malaysian grand prix. >> india is winning the first space race. it successfully entered the second phase of its journey. it took off on november the 5th. it's on a journey around the sun and on course to reach mars in 10 months. stay with us, another full
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bulletin for you ahead.
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>> clashes in the it streets. police in thailand unleash water canons and tear gas on protesters trying to take over the government. >> progress report. in a few short hours the obama administration is expected to give us a check-up of the nation's heath care website. >> immigration issues - escalating tensions between the dominican republic and haiti could force hundreds of thousands to lose their citizenship. >> living with h.i.v. and aids. why it's no longer a death


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