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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EST

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check check gunfire in the central african republic ahead of a security council meeting to boost troops. hello, this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead in this half hour. another scandal for the american spying agency has been revealed. 5 billion cell phone records are collected daily. >> syria is -- a shipment of
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stolen radio active material is found in mexico. authorities have said that the thieves could be dead within days. >> we are getting reports of heavy gun fire in yemen after a car bombing on the defence ministry. the complex was targeted and the capital, gunmen are believed to have entered through the eastern gate of the ministry. witnesses saw plumes of smoke rising through the neighbourhood. >> on the line is the editor in chief of the yemen pollittico. what do you know about this incident so far? >> there were numerous explosion, more than a dozen throughout the capital.
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other smaller explosions took place after the explosion and in other places around the capital. there are casualties ranging from 50 to 20 injured and killed. government officials said that they have everything under control. it did not seem that way, gunman are surrounding some areas. >> apologies. i think we've lost that connection with our correspondent in st. albert. what we are seeing on the screens are the latest pictures from the attack on the defence ministry. let's go to our correspondent who has covered the event in sama extensively. what do you know. what do we know about the building itself. about the defence ministry.
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>> when i was watching the pictures, if you had told me this is happening about a year or two years ago. i will tell you it's impossible. i know the place well. i met the former president. the ministry of defense is the most important building in yemen. that's why you have the office of the president, the office of the minister of defence, and the top hierarchy of the army. this is a country that is in conflict all the time. the president has to go and talk about the situation in the north. the movement in the south, al qaeda, which has been gaining ground in the center. it's a well fortified area for us. we are the top advisors of the president. you go through tough security checks there, and it's really in a very crowded area in the very center of the town of sana.
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getting into that facility is almost impossible. initial reports that we are getting is that it was a coordinated attack. it was a suicide bomber targetting a gait. then fighters went through the eastern gait, and stormed the building. we were talking to officers as we speak. we are trapped and the situation is delicate. there's also a hospital there. that's where the former president was treated when he was attacked in a suicide bombing attack in the mosque. now, who could potential by -- >> exactly, who what is the capabilities to carry out the attack. you've mentioned the rib else in the north and the al qaeda militants. this is a bold and well coordinated attack. >> usually it's only al qaeda that has the capability to carry out such daring attacks.
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about four weeks ago al qaeda launched strings of attacks in the capital, and in other places. there was a time when al qaeda managed to overrun one of the biggest military gary sons in the western part of the country. for al qaeda to get into the facility, that would be the biggest breach in the capital. it's a political message to the government and the community and the american in particular, who have been launching drone attacks. that it's going to be almost impossible to undermine al qaeda in a place like yemen. there's an extremely delegate political situation. normally yemen should have transitioned into a new phase,
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which is draft a new constitution, elect a new parliament and president and that didn't happen. it's not happening so far because of a huge difference between the allies of the former president and the allies of the new political leadership. in the near future you may see more anarchy in yemen. >> i believe that we have the editor in chief back on the line. you were just saying earlier that it sounds like an ongoing situation. what is happening there? >> first of all, the security in the capital is delicate. it has not been safe in the capital. this was expected. threats have been given. the regime has warn the that they could escalate so quwas
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behind the attack is not known. it does not seem of an al qaeda link because it seems more unorganised, organized attack. there are casualties. between those killed. the government is trying to downplay the incident, saying that they have everything under control. how is he on the ground. it's very delicate. the government is as weak as it is today. and we feel that - they are seen by residents as tense. >> what do we know, what are the yemeni security forces doing to contain the situation here? >> they claim they have everything under control. again clashes took place for more than an hour. we are talking about the defence
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ministry, not just a building. for clashes to take place for an hour is ridiculous and shows how sensitive it is. everything is under control. they have - the - sources are not able to go near the area to get further information on that. >> that's the editor in chief of yemen post. thank you. >> moving on to other news. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has arrived in israel bringing with him a security plan for the west bank. he'll be holding meetings with the israeli prime minister and the president to outline the proposal. it's the first time kerry had peace talks. >> the european union is warning of a security threat from people
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travelling to fight in syria. interior ministries are in brussels for talks. they are worried about fighters going back and forth between europe and syria. the number of fighters were western countries has nearly doubt in the last six months. >> in the beginning in syria you had few radical groups. al qaeda came from iraq. now you have territories that are dominating and controlled by al qaeda. they have their own territory at the doorstep in turkey, not too far from europe. they have fighters that came from north africa. this creates a serious security problem. we have to anticipate the return and how to handle this. prevention measures and the exchanges of information about their movements. >> while the commanda of the free syrian army says al
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qaeda-linked groups are growing stronger. one al qaeda has more than 5,000 foreign fighters. he's denying the comment that the ffa will be ready to fight with president bashar al-assad against al qaeda. >> translation: i categorically deny any comments. i did not comment or give an interview to the independent newspaper at the time. comments are not true. we believe that after the fall of assad, syria will have an army. the backbone of this will be the ones that fight agressors against the syrian people. >> peter beck told of the professor of political science of portland state. and says the free syrian army is trying to scare the west against groups like al qaeda. there were 31 groups involved in the syrian conflict.
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the number may have increased. al qaeda sees an opening to carry out its agenda. so it is merely taking advantage of the situation in syria. but one has to be careful. you know the head of the fsa, he would say al qaeda to are rest room, audience to frighten the westerners to support him. what they are, the people that he's talking about are islamist groups. there's a range in these 31 opposition groups from liberal, indeed to extremely religious conservative in in between. >> the rebels ousted former president in the central african republic in march are under fire
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themselves. a u.n. security council prepares to discuss a mandate of african union and french troops operating. if the resolution is adopted the forces will be providing support and supplies. more from the capital. >> we have heard gun fire and mortar rounds as well. all over this city. pretty close to where we are in this hotel now. the city is deserted. people are staying inside the homes. probably the worst fighting bungi has seen since sellicka rebels came into the capital taking control of the country in march in year. we understand - this is from the french military, that the people behind the attack, known as anti-ballica. they are a christian militia who started off as a protection
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force. now, we don't know whether they have actually grown in size, whether they do have a lot of heavy weaponry at the moment. the african forces which are here and present in bongi have been deployed to different parts of the city. their role is to protect the airport and french citizens. it comes as we wait for a u.n. security council to vote on a second resolution to tend in not only more troops but african forces. at the moment there's no one here to protect civilians. >> more ahead, including what a steal. while looters let loose on supermarkets and department stores in argentina. not just a pest. how the humble cockroach is designing the robot of the
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good to have you with us. these are the top stories on al jazeera. we're getting reports that 10 people are dead after heavy gunfire in yemen. the attack took place in the defence ministry in the capital sama after a car bombing. the group are believed to have entered through the eastern gate of the military. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry arrived in israel bringing a security plan for the west
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bank. >> gun battles are ongoing in the capital of the center of the capital. the u.n. security council is due to discuss boosting french and african union troops operating there. >> now, ministers from across the globe are meeting in indonesia for the world trade organization. there are fears that a deal to boost trade, if it isn't reached, it calls into -- it into play. >> the moods is quite sombre in bali, i have to say. there's some optimism. never before the members of the world trade organization have been this close to sealing a deal. this multilateral trade deal
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will bring in an estimated $1 trillion in the world market. in the markets there's no deal at all. i'm joined by the chief executive director of apec. how crucial is the deal? . >> well, it was two months ago that the 21 leaders of the apec economies came together. all of them said it was crucial. they all want to see the w to round concluded in a positive way. so we think it's important. i must say i agree with your introduction, it's a sombre outlook. we hope we'll see a value, but it's unlikely to be an interesting one. >> the door to the european union is open. the message to ukraine from germany's foreign minister. the comments have been welcomed by protesters on the streets of kiev and they have been given a boost by the support of three
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former ukrainian presidents. protesters are angry at the government's decision to reject a deal with the europeanionion. >> let's cross to our correspondent rory chalened in the ukrainian capital. how are the protests going? >> the numbers are low this morning. that tends to be the pattern. it's only really the hard core of protesters that stay in the scare. it's understandable because it is cold at the moment. as the day progresses the numbers start to pick up. they are picking up the moment. more and more people are arriving at the square. there are a couple of things we are watching out for. two core decisions this the next two hours or so. they are to do with the legality of two different splinter protesters going on. one is a barricade outside the
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cabinet buildings and another is an occupation of city hall. now, if the courts decide that those protests are illegal, then that could pave the way for some movement by the police to clear them out at a future date. it's unlikely that that will happen while the osce is in town. there's a notable profusion of european flags in the scare. that's the circle of yellow stars on a blue background. protesters are certainly aware that they are being watched by a global audience while there are so many foreign ministers in town. >> are the protesters hoping for more support from the foreign ministers from the european union that are in town. >> they certainly are. they want to hear a tough line coming out of the osce. it's unclear whether they'll get that. of course the protest movement
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here does have friends in the osce as you can tell from the visit on wednesday evening. he came down to where i am in the square, and as he said earlier, he told the protesters that the door to europe was still open. now, the ukrainian government assured the osce that the writer protesters to protest peacefully will be respected. that's the police aggression that we saw over the last weekend will be investigated. of course, that will police protesters here to a certain extent, but what they want above all else for the government to go and the president viktor yanukovych to leave office. >> that's rory challands in the ukrainian capital key eve. >> the u.s. national security
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agencies is gathering billions of records from mobile phones around the world. that's according to leaked top secret documents given to the washington post by whistleblower edward snowden. it is said to track the movement of people in ways previously unimaginable. they use code traveller to map relationships and movements. american oticials say what they said was legal and reports were used on what they call foreign targets. civil rights campaigner say it's a breach of privacy. >> you are walking along minding your business thinking you'd never be of interest. if you have one of these there's every possibility that they are tracking where you've been and who you were speaking to.
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according to new documents, it's revealed that the american spy agency is somewhere snt region of the 5 billion pieces of information. here is how it works. you identified as an intelligence target. it's sending out signals as you are walking around. it can work out where you've been and who you've been speaking to. and if they also have a mobile phone. when you go online you may be able to encrypt your email and hide your identity. this is always broadcast. it's the size and scope that worries civil liberties campaigners. >> if we want a future that has people able to communicate and associate with each other, we need privacy of that future. >> this is not just a u.s. operation by the n.s.a. this is done on a global scale. it taps into information shared by the mobile phone companies
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and helps the intelligence agency build up a picture. intelligence targets. given the scale of the information undoubtedly incident americans are caught up in there. the n.s.a. will face questions about the scale of the operation, why it's doing it and it it's operating fully inside the law. mexican police have found a truck of radioactive material, stolen on the way to a decommissioning sites. whoever opened the container were exposed to lethal levels of radiation and are in danger of dying within days. adam raney has more. >> soldiers and police cordoned off the area where the stolen goods were found. there's no risk as long as people say clear of the material. some residents are not
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convinced. >> translation: there's danger of radioactive exposure. we don't know how far it could go. it could kill you and spread several kilometres. >> the cobalt was encased but someone opened the container. officials say thieves opened it. an emergency worker says others may have been exposed. >> translation: people say they found it and decided to bring it home so they could open it. they were thinking of selling it as scrap metal. >> this is the gas station where the gunmen stole the truck. the driver was sleeping officials say they don't think the thieves knew what they were stealing. this is the largest amount of radioactive material stolen in
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mexico. >> in mexico we have something like 3500 recreational sources, and ex-peedia's laws or theft of about five to six units a year. most of them are recovered. >> this one was only recovered once it was out in the open. police and soldiers searched for the vehicle across much of mexico. the head of mexico's safety commission tells us that authorities are considering buying security to export transport vehicles in the future. >> at least three people are dead and dozens are injured after a looting spree in argentina's second-largest city. >> the looters and robbers came out in force sacking supermarkets breaking windows and attacking people in the streets of kordova.
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they enjoyed a free rain after the police refused to leave their barrack. they went out on strike after a salary increase broke down. >> the federal government collects taxes. kordova is run by the opposition who accuses president cristina fernangez de kirchner. the provincial government, arrival of arge tine president had complained that her government denied his appeal. he accused cristina fernangez de kirchner of shortchanging the province of resources. her administration said they accepted full responsibility. >> translation: there exists autonomy in the arge tine provinces and public security is one of these. it has to do with salaries.
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>> the governor claimed the police walked off their jobs in retailiation for the decision to shut down nor than 100 brothels, which had been paying off corrupt offices. they had been returning to work after being offered salaries and bonuses, making them the best paid in the country. >> translation: the police force returns to the service of the people of ko rrk dova. >> the governor vowed to travel to the capital to demand the government stop playing politics with their money. >> coke roaches may make you cringe, but they are an inspiration for mechanical movement and other scientific research. the cockroach roamed the planet for 100 million years.
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it has developed extraordinary abilities. it can run 1.5mm a second. climb walls. now the abilities have attracted the attention of scientists. >> one thing they can teach us is how the neckanical system is tuned. we've learnt, for example, that the legs are springy, which allows them to stablilize really rapidly when running on complex terrain. >> the researchers are interested in how the cockroach antennas work. they are longer than the insect's body and make use of tiny hairs which feel as well as grip as the cockroach moves. we are trying to build one day better search and rescue robots that can go in violence. for example, take rubble after
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an earthquake and maybe prosthetics and how we can think about the inner play between the nervous system of the animals and the mechanics of their body. >> understanding how the body works in terms of its physical and nervous system is a first step. the researchers hope to bring extraordinary abilities to a new generation of keep your doctor as long as your doctor keeps your network. and how a small mistake from your past could come back and haunt your credit score. i'm ali velshi. this is "real money."


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