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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 5, 2013 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> at least 25 people are dead as more violence erupts in the central african republic. united nations is meeting right now to discuss how to end the escalating crisis. you're watching the aljazeera news hour live from london. coming up, dozens killed in an attack on the defense ministry in yemen. >> a call for stability from tie land's king on his 86th burt day. >> claims the u.s. government
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gathers 5 billion records a day on mobile phone locations. >> the united nations secure council is due to vote this hour on how to deal with the escalating crisis in the central african republic. heavy fighting has broken out in the capital between muslim fighters and christians who support the ousted president. aljazeera has seen at least 25 bodies inside hospital. when rebels took over, they plunged into this situation. >> the forces say they are very much in control of the capital now and they are spaced just outside the main hospital here where the injured and dead are
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brought. the fighters have told us that more than a thousand militia, the vigilantes, mainly christian militia carried out the attacks this morning have been killed or run away. let's just take a look inside the hospital. you can see the injured people who are being, many mainly by doctors without borders. we have seen people with r.p.g., gunshot and machete injuries. there are men alongside women, as well. the situation seems to be calming down, but the issue now for the international community is what to do about the escalating violence. we know that the united nations security council is voting to boost forces, possibly african forces, french forces on the ground, as well.
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at the moment, it's very limited what these forces can do and there's no one here protecting civilians. >> how is it going and what are they voting on? >> the meeting at which the vote will take place is about to start it's meeting at 10:00 a.m. there is a little delay. there are a couple still to arrive and the immediating will be called to order. straight away, they will go to this vote. i have the resolution that they have in front of them which authorizes african peacekeepers to do this work, to go to the central african republic. there are some already there, but the resolution talks about
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3,500 going they will be backed by 1,000 french soldiers. it is that plan that will be voted on. it is very much a compromise plan, because there were other options on the table for the security council. one of those options from the u.n. secretary general was for him to actually send a u.n. force, u.n. blue helmeted soldiers going. what i think is interesting is he said that if he had to provide the troops, he wanted 6,000 troops on the ground. he said that if the situation on the ground was not per missive, and it you seems from everything we're seeing today it's not, he'd need 9,000, so compare the figure that he thought he needed to do the job, 9,000 to what
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they are going to be authorizing. some are concerned that the u.n. security council is offering a half measure here. >> compromise is being made on what is a very complex situation in an unstable african country. >> a very complex situation, one that's detearor rated since that coup earlier in the year. in many ways, i think observers believe the u.n. security council has been diverted by other crisis by what's, going on in the congress go and also what's been going on in mali. there are two seats still
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empty -- no, it's starting now, the security council is starting its meeting. >> we may well return to you as that meeting gets underway. it could be a quick vote, but we'll wait to see what is happening there. thanks very much. >> at least 25 people have been killed in a daylight attack on the defense ministry in yemen's capital. the attack is one of the worst in yemen in 18 months. it is said to have begun when a vehicle exploded at the gate. it happened as ministers and employees were arriving to work. they have now taken back control of that compound.
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>> there's been no claim of responsibility, but in the past few months, al-qaeda in the
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arabian peninsula launched many attacks against security forces killing scores of soldiers. the u.s. has intensified drones in yemen, killing many commanders, but the group remains active in the south where it enjoys tribal protection. >> joining me now is the political analyst. thanks so much for being with us on the program. your first thoughts as to who might be responsible for what has been an rather and you had dishes attack. >> how could a group like al-qaeda be able to breach the security there?
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>> security is breached at the hospital site, and that's a soft target, and the vast majority of casualties were at the hospital site, personnel, medical personnel and patients, mostly. >> the process of the attack again to destabilize a country that is already unstable? jew i think al-qaeda feels the need to strike because of the drone strikes that have happened in order to prove they are still if he cannive. >> we are going to go straight back to the united nations in new york. james, what's the latest?
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>> we have had 15 votes in favor of the resolution. there is now a new u.n. resolution passed unanimously on the situation in the central african republic. this is what was the draft resolution, now the resolution. it means the u.s the u.n. backsa to send troops to, backed up by french troops. although they all agreed, they agreed after lots of discussion on what is essentially a compromise proposal. there are some nations that would have rather a u.n. force, others opposed to the idea. that's why they've come up with this plan. >> elsewhere, an american teacher has been shot dead in libya. it happened in the eastern city
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of benghazi. gunman shot the man who works at an international school. no one has claimed responsibility for that attack. u.s. secretary of state has presented ideas on improving israeli security as part of the deal between israelis and palestinians. >> i believe we are making some progress. the parties remain committed to this task. they are meeting regularly and we have remind in very close touch with both leaders. once again, israel's security is fundamental to these negotiations. >> john kerry is in meetings
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today. we are in ramallah right now. >> they don't share the optimism that you might have gotten in the meeting between mr. kerry and mr. netanyahu. the palestinian negotiators say the process has ground to a halt and hope mr. kerry can get them out of what they're calling a crisis. the israelis say they are creating crisis. the palestinians say the israelis are not serious when it comes to talks. it is not clear if there have been any meaningful talks. they point to the continued israeli announcements about doesn'ts, expansions. several senior palestinian negotiators have tendered their
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resignations. >> kerry is still in with his talks. we're expecting the secretary of state to make a few words in the next few minutes before returning to oh jerusalem for another meeting with mr. netanyahu. no optimism about progress here. >> john kerry from his point of view, it's the usually delicate balancing act whenever visiting this part of the world. >> yes, it is. again, it's inside ramallah, the palestinians will say he always gets that balancing act slightly wrong. we will have listened to that press conference earlier and not like what they have heard. the palestinians will often say what about our security, when are the israelis going to talk
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about that. perhaps not awater for mr. kerry to put rights some of the damage that has taken place between the u.s. and israelis following the iranian deal, but nevertheless, they would not have liked what they heard. >> china told the u.s. vice president that its new defense zone is within international law. joe biden is in beijing. washington refuses to recognize the zone. china wants pilots to tell them flight plans before they fly through the zones, which covers you a chain of disputed islands. >> as biden wrapped up this difficult and sometimes tense visit to china, it proved to the issue that refused to go away, the continuing travesty over china's air defense zone. in a meeting in beijing, biden
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said it is causing significant apprehension and reiterated america's position that they were opposed to. >> and did not no, sir it. he revealed that in talks behind closed doors when it came to this issue, did he say spy the smiles, the friendship that first between the two men, he was very dialects in putting forward america's position. china's reiterated that it was within international law. right until the end of this visit, this issue has dominated the proceedings. biden now goes on to south korea for talks there, north korea, the north korean crisis tops in those talks.
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when it came to evaluating who won, who lost, who benefited most, it is interesting to see how it has helped to shape the continuing relationship between america and china, said to be the world's most important bilateral relationship right now. china will be looking at this as having had a very important influence on how it now squares up against the united states of america by taking this unilateral position on this air defense zone. it was able to assert itself in the region, which irked its neighbors along the way. even as the world's most significant, the world's last remaining true super power, america was unable to do anything about it. >> still to come, western diplomats urge ukrainian out
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that's to respect the massive situation in the country.
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>> the 86-year-old spoke of the need to ensure stability. >> all thais should focus on doing their duties according to their responsibilities for the greater interest, which is the security and stability of the country. >> it's said that the king is above politics, but i in thaila, politics is never far away. the scenes of celebration for the king were in dark contrast to the violence on the streets earlier this week. protestors are calling for the government to go. that a truce was negotiated as a mark of respect to the king. >> we have to believe in him. we should listen to him about the conflict. my feeling is he is telling us to stop fighting. >> the protest movement hasn't
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given up, though. at headquarters, people turn their attention to the birthday. people take time to rest as they regroup. >> military leaders and other key political players gathered before the birthday celebration started, possibly providing an opportunity for the situation to be discussed. for now, neither side is backing down. the king's birthday provides a day of unit. when it ends, the divisions haven't gone away. >> the washington post says the u.s. national security agency is collecting billions of records of mobile phone locations from around the world every day. it is provided by edward snowden. we explain how a horrible phone can be turned into a tracking device. >> wherever you are in the world, as soon as you switch on your mobile phone, it tries to
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connect to the mobile network at the closest tower. when it does, your phone number is logged by the network, along with the tower you connected to, which means your location. if you're on the move, anyone with access to this information can track your route. the latest revelations suggest the n.s.a. is doing much more than just tracking individual suspects. by gathering and processing around 5 billion records each day, it is able to see which individuals are meeting or tracking together. >> you might be connected to a tower along with 100 other people. you move down the street and automatically you, fuel find connects to the next closest tower. let's say 20 of the 100 are moving the same direction you. move further down the road and say just five of the original 100 people join you. a couple more towers and sometime later, and there's just one person who's mirrored your movements. the assumption one have some
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reason for being together. the same logic works if individuals come from different directions, but stop at the same place for any length of time. >> it could be a family member you're traveling with, someone that you're dating, a cousin or someone who works next to where you work and you have the same commuting patterns each day. >> it is said to only track potential suspects. the gathering of such records, most of which from people not suspected of wrongdoing could be open to abuse. >> aljazeera. >> we are joined live now from washington, d.c. is there no sign of outrage in the u.s.? after so many revelations, think about it, this seems to happen every week, it seems americans of become somewhat numb to the news. even though this is a pretty
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significant figure if you think about it, 5 billion people tracked every day. there seems to be more public outrage in europe than america. if you look at the polls, the vast majority of americans disapprove of the spying program, but 35% of americans say they are very concerned about their privacy rights being violated, so that's not even a majority. any sort of response has really become muted. >> international response more than domestic, what are the chances that the n.s.a. are going to be reigned in on the way it deals with things like mobile phone records? >> there are a couple of different tracks we're keeping an eye on.
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if you normally hear from the administration when these revelations come out, they say everybody spice, the u.s. just has more capability to do it. the administration review is underway. a couple of other tracks that could impact it, congress could take you the up or the courts oh could take it up, but neither of those paths is completely clear. >> it is a story that keeps giving. thanks very much. >> russia and german foreign ministers have arrived in kiev for a security meeting. >> key every city hall, under occupation for five days now, but a government official is here to deliver a court order. she says that the occupation of the building must end.
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as she leaves, they chant shame and revolution. it's unclear where the revolution goes from here. on the other side, foreign diplomats arrive for a meeting of security in europe. there are subdued protests outside. >> the talks here are not specifically about ukraine, but the crisis is on everyone's mind. there are sharp differences of opinion between the americans and some of the europeans on the one hand and the russians on the other. >> the gem man foreign minister emphasizing solidarity with the protestors. >> we are looking to ukraine. we are in no way in different to the fate of ukraine and to the reaction to pro european people.
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>> i'm very surprised by the speeches we heard this morning. they weren't suitable for the agenda. it's like finger pointing, which is not acceptable understand in contrast with the principles of the organization. >> on the edge of unless square, down time for the protestors, but the stalemate can't last forever. the government warns that it's not playing games, that it will run out of patience. >> oh we are joined live frow. what's expected to come out of this meeting as rewards ukraine? >> i'm not sure there will be anything too concrete at the o.s.c. meeting itself. what's interesting is that we are now hearing bilateral talks on the sidelines over the
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ukrainian crisis. i just saw 10 minutes ago just before i was speaking to you tweeting about the talks. they are are very intense, that there was a dangerous situation here and emphasizing to all sides that it must remain non-violent. >> on the streets themselves, the protests continuing? >> they do. you can see them behind me, but there was a warning from the ukrainian police this evening. they've put out a statement saying that those buildings, i which are occupied and you saw in my report that at city hall and other ones, protestors will have to clear within five days. i think that will take us to tuesday of next week, so the deadline is there, the clock is ticking, but people appear to be
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as determined as ever to come out night after night. now, whether they have the momentum, whether they have the numbers to really force a political change is quite another thing, but they're not stopping yet. >> thanks very much indeed. >> there is plenty more to come, including a tale of two economies. improvement and growth, but what's happening in the real economy? >> the spanish enclave that's a tempting gateway for illegal migrants.
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(vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news.
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>> this isn't a new channel, this is a watershed moment in media for america. >> this entire region is utterly devastated. >> people our here are struggling. >> the fire jumped the highway we took earlier. >> your average viewer want's to actually understand how the health care law is going to help them or hurt them. >> they know they can get
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extremist bickering somewhere else. >> people say that we're revolutionary. our revolution is just going back to doing the best in journalism. >> this is the place to go watch high quality journalism, period. >> the top stories here on aljazeera, the u.n. security council has passed a resolution asking for 4,500 more peace keeping troops to be sent to the centrally african republic. fighting has killed at least 25 peel on thursday. this is the moment the resolution was passed. >> the result of voting is as
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follows, 15 votes in favor, the draft resolution has been adopted. 25 people have been culled in yemen. >> weeks of violence and street battles between police and anti-government prosecutor testers have occurred in thailand. >> the british people aren't all feeling the benefit. he's sticking to his austerity strategy. >> over the last three years, we have stuck to our guns, worked through the plan. we have done so in the face of a
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sovereign debt crisis abroad, and at home in the face of opposition from those who got britain into this mess in the first place, and have resisted every cut, every reform, and every effort to get us out of that mess. we have held on while those who predict that had there would be no growth until we turned the spending taps back on have been proved comprehensively wrong. >> is there any cause for celebrating britain's growing economy as things don't appear to be getting better. >> things are running smoothly at the clothing manufacture. they design, make and selling to the rich in britain and beyond. >> when they finish making something, they sign it themselves. >> they've understood what the german key to success is, make
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things properly, price them high and sell to the well off. >> we have grown throughout the recession. last year, we grew 7%. this year, that has doubled. that. >> down the road is the city of darby. it's not doing too badly. there are lots of manufacturing outlets, unemployment's about average. christmas is coming and confidence is supposed to be coming back, but lots of people don't seem to be overloaded with shopping. >> the message from the government to the people here at the moment is that things aren't perfect, but certainly are getting better. ministers insist the british economy will grow well over 2% next year, which they say is as high as any other country in the developed world. the mental you get from the streets all the time is really very different. why people say things are getting better do i still feel poorer, rather than richer.
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at the local university, the fashion students are told to aim high and think like entrepreneurs. lauren started her own business. is it enough to live on? >> no, not in a minute, no. >> is it tough out there at the moment. >> it is, definitely very tough and a lot of competition. >> what's hard about it? >> people just don't want to spend money. >> prices are rising, big businesses thriving. the require are getting richer all the time. it seems the wealth isn't being passed on and appears britain isn't alone. >> middle skill jobs, middle paying jobs and middle class jobs have been drying up in the u.k. and in other mature economies across the world. we might see g.d.p. come back, but people in the middle and below are not sharing in the
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economic growth. >> the question here is why people should celebrate growth if there's so little reward in it for them. aljazeera, darby. >> lawrence has moved from darby to westminster and joins us live now. you've been speaking to people in that one county of england. could the chancellor pay the price for his measures when it comes to the ballot box. >> yeah, elections are on the horizon. ever since he became prime minister and gave his first speech some years ago now, custody cameron had a look at the man who wanted to do something systemic in britain and change things into the indefinite future. whether you agree or not with
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what they have done, half a million people have been using food banks in britain this year. that's unheard of. they've said they will continue the austerity program straight through, even in the budgets directly before those budgets the start of 2015 and will be judged on it. they are slightly behind in the polls, but there are many voices here from the left in politics, as well as from the right who say that unless the opposition labor party can come up with much better proposals than they have at the moment, they could win outright. if they do, they have a free range to carry this on into the indefinite future. >> thank you. the european union warns of a major security threat to people traveling to fight in syria. interior ministers from several countries are worried the, is
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getting closer to home. we report. >> these men say they're french and right now are fighting in syria for the rebels. it's impossible to know for sure. we can't independently identify the video. they are part of a growing number travel to go syria to take part in the war. >> i call on you to join the fight in the blessed land of syria. >> european ministers are worried about people going toify and then bringing the war back home to europe. >> in the beginning in syria, you had very few radical groups. then al-qaeda came from iraq and now you have territory that is are really dominated and controlled by al-qaeda. they have their own territory right at the doorstep from turkey. they have caused their fighters
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who come from north africa and the european union. this creates a relatively serious security problem. we have to anticipate their return and how to handle this. >> some analysts say the threat isn't as serious as the european union is making out. >> it's overassuming rated. no doubt that from germany, trans, from other countries, you have motivated young men willing to go and fight for the cause in syria. >> there are reports the number of rebel fighters from 11 western european countries has nearly doubled in the past six months. the free syrian army's commander said there's one al-qaeda linked group with more than 5,000 foreign fighters. he says the syrian free army will not fight with president bashar al assad against al-qaeda fill you 80ed groups. >> the comments attributed to me are not true. we believe that after the fall
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of assad, there would be one united army. the the backbone will be the heroic fighters who helped liberate the country. >> as the war spills into neighboring countries, the rise of foreign fighters is a dangerous development. >> it's likely to only make matters worse. aljazeera. >> every year, thousands of people risk their live to say make their way across the mediterranean sea in the hopes of finding a better life in europe. hundreds have died this year alone and the a growing number of people are trying to gain entry in north africa. >> the soonest the gates open a rush of people go back and forth. this tiny spanish enclave has been an important trading post. just a few meters separate this
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group from europe. many will do whatever they can to get here. >> on this side of the fence, you're on spanish soil. over there is morocco, but it's beyond the mediterranean sea to europe, where people want to go to. >> people illegally scale the fence. not long ago, a man who tried to climb it died. authorities have decided to reinforce it with razor wire. those that get through, often find themselves living in a detention center facing depouration. one family told us they traveled from the a syrian city. many scaled the fence, hoping to find a better life. >> here we have the hope of
10:41 am
getting through. we know that every couple of weeks, we have people that get through. if we go there, we arrive, we can work little bits, even if we don't earn very much. we earn a little bit to be able to support ourselves. >> the move to fortify has been criticized by some rights groups. >> we don't agree with the offenses. people are looking for a more dignified life. >> its location means that it has always ban gateway. the enclave's governor told us it's simply unable to cope with the surge of illegal migrants. >> the european union has got to get more involved. i think there are policies with the countries. within this moment and in my opinion, i think they should do more.
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>> for many here, the long journey to reach europe will only end in disappointment with the gulf between europe and spain never feeling wider. >> three girls are raped every 48 hours in nepal. attacks that go unreported are much higher. the existing law is said to be discriminatory and victims don't have access to justice. we met those trying to get a bill passed on violence against women. >> in the district in far western nepal, reports of rape don't make it to the police records. they say they were forced to keep quiet or forced to come to a compromise with the rapists. >> this woman had nowhere to turn. >> the officials refused to listen to me. instead, they told me to get it fixed in the villages, but the
10:43 am
villagers wouldn't shower me. >> the man who raped her still walks freely about her village. when she asks the police why, they deny they turn a blind eye to rape. >> rape is one of the crimes, there's nothing like interference from anybody. >> even when survivors decide to pursue charges, it is not easy. >> a rape survivor has to report the crime within 35 days. many rapists never got prosecuted because of this limitation. five years ago, the supreme court directed the government to increase the time crimes can be reported. >> activists have run a four month long campaign.
10:44 am
a small group chants outside the district administration office. >> act visits say there's been political interference to protect rapists. >> political fighting is powerful and impunity in the country doesn't allow is even to touch those groups. >> a few people look at the protestors, but nobody joins them, another indication that rape survivors face a long and lonely fight to justice. >> coming up next on the news hour, slow down in the fast food industry as workers in more than 100 cities prepare to strike. >> why this downhill champion is facing an uphill battle.
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>> mexican police have found a truck of radioactive material that was stolen on its way to a decommissioning site. experts say anyone who opened the container of medical grade material may have been exposed to lethal levels of radiation and could die within days. from mexico city, we report. >> soldiers and police cordoned off the area where the stolen material was found. 150 families from this town have been evacuated. the nuclear safety administration say there is no risk as long as people stay
10:47 am
clear of the material. some residents are not convince said. >> there's danger. we don't know however this can go. it's worrying, because it can kill you. >> the cobalt was encased, but someone opened the container. whoever it was was exposed to a lethal dose of radiation, according to mexico's safety director. officials say it was the thieves, but one emergency worker say other people might have been exposed. >> people say they found it and they decided to brung it home so they could open it. they were thinking of selling it as scrap metal. >> this is the gas station where gunman stole a truck. they had no security escort. the drive was sleeping when two men pulled him out of the truck, tied him up and left him in a nearby lot. they don't think the thieves know what they were stealing. this is the largest amount of
10:48 am
radioactive material ever stolen in mexico. >> in mexico, we have something like 3500 or something sources and we experience loss or theft of about five to six units a year, and most of them are recovered. >> this one was only recovered once it was out in the open. police and soldiers had been searching for the stolen vehicle across much of mexico using radioactive detectors to find it. the head of mexico's nuclear safety commission say authorities are considering security to escort such vehicles in the future. >> fast food workers are preparing to walk off the job demanding better wages. they want $15 an hour. one worker is raising her family
10:49 am
on $9.31 an hour. this is her story. >> i'm the definition of the working poor, as they say. i receive food stamp benefits, i received subsidized day care and housing. they look to me. they don't have no one else to look to. for the past three weeks, i've worked nights and weekends, because christmas time is coming up. as of route now, i'm focusing on taking care of them, making them happy, and make sure they get the education so that they don't have to work a fast food restaurant at $9.31. >> the university of pittsburgh is held up as a model of recovering from a decline, striking the right mix of development to allow to weather the cycle of boom and bust that
10:50 am
has devastated other cities. we investigate. >> so much of eric's life sounds like a fantasy. an old industrial slag heap is in a city -- there's a culture, there's reasons for smart people to come -- >> i cannot recall ever saying that he wants to be someplace
10:51 am
else. in his terms, what do we need to do to make us better, that fits our needs. >> and it is leadier in health care and technology. pittsburgh does tunes the huge wealth --
10:52 am
>> thank you very much.
10:53 am
three wickets, could have been better in the final session of three. after some ill tempered exchanges in the first half, no less competitive this i'mout. >> we still hate each other's guts. [ laughter ] >> i told michael clarke i'd rip his ears off. this is also going to be a bit of a niggle. >> a lot's being said, but i don't think that either side is upset about it. it was pretty good. i didn't really see, you know
10:54 am
excessive sledging or anything like that. it's still very competitive, but you expect that. >> >> no oh current new zealand players are being investigated. no games placed in new zealand are being investigated. no matches are being investigated. >> new zealand on the field are in a good position.
10:55 am
they are following on, still trailed by more than 200 runs. >> manchester united david moises doing his best, beaten 1-0 by his former club. edmonton with their first win at united in 20 years. they are 12 points behind the leader, sars nothing. >> we have time to play good football. > >> >> they have come from behind to draw 1-1 in the first leg of the final. argentina opened the scoring
10:56 am
just after half time. the before stillens also with a free kick. that in the 79th minute. lindsey von has returned to the slopes coming back from her latest injury setback. she hasn't completed since suffering a knee injury in february. a tehraning crash last month further delayed a comeback. the american held her first world cup training run here. it is yet to be decided whether she will enter friday's race. >> i'm just trying to make sure things are good with my knee and build confidence every day. right now, i'm focused on this particular moment. sochi obviously is quite a ways away, and just trying to stay focused on my fee and get my confidence back.
10:57 am
>> what should have been the first nba game to be played in mexico in years ended before it could begin. they were due to play in mexico city, but the arena eevacuated when a generator malfunction sent smoke pouring into the building. the game now to be played in minnesota at a lighter date. has more. also you can get in touch with us on twitter and facebook. ok, that is all the sport for now, back to london. >> thanks very much with. you can never plug a website enough. let's show you the front page for the news. that's what it looks like. the main story the u.n. security council passing a resolution to send troops to the african
10:58 am
republic. i'll have more on that. stay with us. bayh. and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5pm et / 2pm pt only on al jazeera america
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>> fault lines investigates... fracking >> shale gas development could actually double the economic growth rates in the province. >> this is our land for thousands of years... >> do you drink money? you must have a lot of money to drink... >> as tensions rise, and protests turn violent, where will the debate lead? >> the situation was no longer peaceful or safe... >> they were bashing my head with their boots... they had their guns on me and everything.... >> how much more real can this get? >> fault lines only on al jazeera america
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>> welcome to al jazeera america i'm stephanie sy. here are the stories we are following for you. >> the end of the year means the end of unemployment benefits for more than a million americans. a congressional committee addresses the problem. >> some fast food workers are striking across the country we'll talk to a single mom to explain why they need a raise. >> secretary osecretary of staty goes to israel to talk over a deal with iran and middle east peases. ♪ peace >> we begin with nguye new


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