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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 7, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> they are here to reassure
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people enough to open up shop. at the moment there's no understood or medicine. there's little the french can do about the growing sectarian violence between muslims and christians. >> we muslims have been here for 200 years. they are killing off every day. militias have killed more than 260 people. they slaughtered us. >> this is where many cystians are sheltering. >> they are under the protection of french and african forces. >> there'll be another 2,500 soldiers here soon. they'll head out to different parts of the country where hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes. too late for the people in this hospital, evacuated after attacks by the fighters the muslim seleka groups.
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>> it's completely entry. they used to treat hundreds of people. what happened here friday night, to the early hours of saturday is horrific. some of the forces went inside dragging out injured people, killing 10. >> nine months ago the rebel group marched in bringing thousands of foreign fighters. the man who led the rebellion is holed up in the military base and will not accept that power is slipping away. >> how can you call yourself head of state of a country that you have absolutely no control over. >> it's too much to say i have no control. the men i can't control are not my men. they are still settling.
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all the crimes he has committed that he's not answered for. >> anti-balaka includes members of the army of former president francois bozize. they are now outside bangui waiting for reinforcements. people are waiting for the next big battle. this time around the french and african forces are a chance of preventing bloodshed. >> in a two-day seminar, francis hollande is calling for elections from the central african republic by removing the rebels who took control. >> at the end of the two day summit the french together the opportunity of having so many on and talk about the pressing
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subject, the central african republic. there were plans for the troops to disarm rebels, getting militia into their bases and get the armed men off the street. in the longer terms reducing tensions in the country. >> now, part of the enforcements are an enlargement of the french contingent. there are now 1600 french troops in the central african republic. france is engaged in mali. in the longer turn it wants to turn over african policing to african police keeping forces. france is engaged in two countries for time to come. >> a u.s. veteran is back home
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with his family after being held in north korea for more than a merrill newman arrives home today. his family called his time in north korea, "a difficult ordeal." melissa chan with that story. >> when merrill newman made the trip to remote north korea, he would not have known how much more difficult a journey it would turn out. after weeks in detention he's and with a simply message. >> it's been a great homecoming. i'm tired but happy to be with my family now. tha thank you for the support we got. we appreciate it. >> merrill newman was a soldier in the korean war. he was no ordinarily soldier. the north koreans released this
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concession video by merrill newman, admitting his association to the white tigers. for newman, the war was ancient history. at the ready to fight off american propaganda. the two countries are technically at war, not having signed a peace treaty, and require the personal approval of kim jong un. why they decided to let merrill newman go now is a mystery. >> i'll have a chance to get a rest. he'll have more to say about his unusual and difficult journey. for now, though, we ask you to allow us time to be with him as a family and that you not forget another american, still healed in the dprk.
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>> kenneth bae, sentenced to prison. caught spreading the word of christianity. >> merrill newman missed thanksgiving, and considering north korea's unpredict ability, would be let go. happily he returned in time for the holidays. >> winter weather has taken hold across much of the country, disrupting travel, knocking out power and setting low temperatures. heidi jo-castro joins us. dallas was hit hard by the ice storm. >> that's right. in your home town there was 75,000 people currently without power. 30,000 of them lost power not from ice or snow falling, but ff like this.
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they've been impacted by the eyes. making them heavier and falling from the power lines. look at the tree. this is all over the city, and over this area. that's what is waiting. 270,000 people were, at one time, without power. the provider in the area said it's working as hard as it can and has made progress. 4200 boots on the ground trying to restore power with another 500 on the way. they say they are in dire need of help that they are calling in the troops and placing them as far away as florida. the power companies offering support by sending the crews here helping dallas and getting neighbourhoods like this that has been without power thursday, 1am, more than 60 hours going on without power. they are trying to get these people back with their lights on. >> why is it taking so long. a lot of people including
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rebecca knew it was coming and predicted it would be pretty bad. >> you're right. but, you know, i live down the street from here. my power went out half an hour ago. it seems like the weather may be getting better. because it's below freezing, the trees are heavy. you can't predict when the wind will snap. the other reason it's taking longer for the backup, for the restoration crews to come in is they have to drive in as well. the roads have been very bad. they are a little better now than they were friday morning, when there was a tragedy. a truck went over an overpass falling into the icy waters. it took four hours to lift the truck up. by that time they found the driver's body inside. >> driving up here we came off the austin.
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the interstate was a lot better than 24 hours ago. a lot of side streets is treacherous. >> heidi jo-castro live in dallas, trying to dig out from this massive ice and snow storm. >> you have been talking about the storm rebecca, for days. heidi is there, and they are still having issues. >> in fact, they'll have more ice tonight and tomorrow. you can see the storms coming. computer models have improved. there's a good forecast of what will happen over the course of time. you cannot forecast damage and say, "my okay tree will be the one getting ice on it and take out the block or grid." that's why you have to be prepared. now we are watching the snow move across nebraska or iowa.
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chicago, a couple of inches of fresh snow. temperatures are zero in denver. this is a cold storm. arctic air is plunging. air until - at least not in texas. 26 in dallas, it will be in january before we get that cold for the south, and that's a hefty cold air outbreak. 10 below zero. california. a hard freeze they have crazy temperatures moving in. san francisco is not under a warning, but everywhere outside the city is under a freeze warning. we look at what tomorrow brings. you can see those temperatures 1 degree. salt lake city - it continues to get showers tonight. coming up where you expect more
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ice to accumulate up to a carter of an east impacting the east coast. >> see up then, rebecca, thanks. >> secretary of state john kerry spoke in washington d.c. about halting iran's nuclear program, saying diplomacy is the best path to rid the world of nuclear weapons. the program is peaceful. iran agreed to a deal in geneva promising to suspend the program. >> chuck hagel reassured allies in the middle east that the deals will keep the region safe. >> iran has been a profoundly destabilising influence and a nuclear-armed iran poses a >> the secretary spent time with soldiers in afghanistan, but made no plan to meet with hamid karzai. he will not sign a security deal
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with the u.s. until after the april election. progress will have to be made. >> it's sunday in south africa. the country's official week of mourning for nelson mandela has begun. it is well into sunday morning, yet there is still a few dye hards. to my left on the streets, it played a few part in nelson mandela's life and the life of apartheid. so many came out to honour the struggle and the lessons that he left with. >> this street hosted apartheid's bloodiest battle and thanked its famous residents for winning the fight. outside nelson mandela's house, and played protest songs. >> in a quiet corner, nelson mandela was thanked. this was a champ, he coaches
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kids to box because nelson mandela asked him to. nelson mandela urged him to help his community and to take his anger out on the community, not the street. >> i wouldn't be alive today. i help the children now. >> nelson mandela loved boxing. he considered it an outlet for stress and anger. >> he trained here. it's the soweto ymca today. >> today young men from soweto train in a mooederb space. when nelson mandela boxed here,
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it was made of concrete. >> there were hard times. >> thanks to nelson mandela, south africa's fight is kept inside of ring. >> all the fighting. >> all of this, this is the equipment that nelson mandela would have used. into out back a security guard shows me equipment that nelson mandela used. >> in a few hours south africa begins a national day of mourning. president obama arrives for the official memorial of 90,000 in a stadium down the road. it will be an emotional memorial that we have seen in a long time. >> the first generation of
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children born since apartheid are learning about it. we have more about the generation known as the born-free. >> a first-time visit to africa's parliament. these views were not born when nelson mandela delivered his first address as president outside south africa. now an idea to learn about the democracy born at that time. >> there was an emblem in front. that is where the president sits. the president sits there alone. this is where he has his own place. >> from the tour guide an anecdote indicating that the break can get it wrong. >> the former president was making a speech. he noticed a red button flicking. he didn't know what was going
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on. he stopped to find out. he was told, "mr president. you don't have to worry. no one's life is in danger. the reason the red button goes on and on is you should have finished speaking a long time ago", >> underlining the laughter, the fact that he made a better life for everyone. >> i did what nobody would have done for me. >> he played a role for the young people. he made a sacrifices for where we are today making a lot of opportunities coming from the decisions that he had made in the past. >> i can say he's a hero. he is responsible for the
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freedom we live in now. >> nelson mandela, he is not only for south africa, he's for he recognise as a peacemaker, as somebody who has done a lot for his people. not just black people, but the whole nation of the globe. >> it's not just the lives of the youth that nelson mandela changed. >> i remember when they were students. there were instances when we were much inspired. i remember it was amazing. we were going to throw petrol bombs, and down the line i found myself working. it was an unbelievable experience. there was a large number of people. i believe for some that voted
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for the first time in 1994. they voted for nelson mandela. >> a veteran. struggle and youth that never knew anything but a free south africa has one thing in common. the right to vote. >> still ahead on al jazeera america - concerns protests in thailand may fizzle as the prime the update on the 21 women and girls sent to gaol in egypt for protesting.
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>> protests in thailand pause the this weekend. opposition leaders warn they will resume on monday. in the past this kind of unrest might have led thailand's milt are to seize power saying instability threatens security. veronica pedrosa has more on the choice facing the thai military. >> thailand's military on photo opportunity. this parade part of the celebrations for the king's birthday. the military and monarchy, two institutions that ruled centre stage and behind the sceenls.
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the question being asked - is thailand's military prepared to stage another cow de tar. it will be the 12th. the thai hours is voucheded by protesters. soldiers are staying in their whatever decisions the army takes about what to do next, to be the usual factor. what the military wants is a matter of debate. a top security official told us some protesters were soldiers. >> did you say some of the protesters were soldiers? >> yes. >> back in 2010 during mass
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demonstrations there was talk about the military. >> we need to accept the fact that thailand has changed. we cannot go back to where the country is controlled by a small group of people. it's a turning point. we are willing to say finally defiant. >> the last time the military grabbed power it was from thaksin shinawatra. it tried to return it to the people through a new constitution. the current prime minister, thaksin's sister. >> translation: the army can't can't solve the political problem. >> how likely is it that there'll be another coup. >> i cannot say. >> the next few months will tell if the military is ready to march to a new, different tune.
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>>s >> time for sport headlines with mark morgan. we have a lot of talk about college football. >> some big games this afternoon and tonight. now, for top-ranked florida state, the task was clear. a win for each team, and they'd square off in the game on january 6th. heavy favourites in the a.c.c. championship game. there's an update on the score. 45-0. seminoles rolling. unblemished ohio taking on michigan state. this game in the fourth quarter. michigan leading by a score of 27-24. more updates a little later.
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>> missouri beaten. central florida and smu, blake - 15 yards from what proved to be a winning score. ucf heading to a b.c.f. vote. sixth ranked kansas on the road. three seconds left. buffalos with the ball. inbound past. twice left to fly. that's a 30 footer. the crowd stormed the courts. that streak is over, 75. 72 is the final. those are the sports headlines. more on the huge games in 25 minutes. >> a date living in infamy. pearl harbour was attacked. 400 japanese planes bombarded the u.s. fleet in hawaii, pushing the united states into
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world war ii. thousands gathered at pearl harbour, including 70 world war ii veterans and survivors. the ceremony overlooked memorial tore the uss. >> a major task for venezuela. voters go to the polls in a country facing food shortages and sky rocketing inflation. demonstrations that cannot be stopped in ukraine. protesters vow to have the prime minister resign.
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>> into welcome back to al jazeera america, i'm jonathan betz with the headlines. >> 1200 french reinforcements are on the ground in the central african republic. more are on the way. 400 have been killed there in
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fighting. an american veteran who spent 42 days detained is reunited with his family. fooum is 85. he was accused by officials of killing civilians. the official week of mourning forn nelson mandela has begun in south africa. a day of prayer and reflection will take place. across the country. today eegipion authorities released a group of 21 women. they were originally to spend 11 years behind bars. it caused outrage. the state department expressed
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concern over the new law requiring demonstrators to get government permission. >> i talk to a professor live from boston. do you think the united states is stern enough with egypt. >> we have little leverage. what we need to do is declare the values that the u.s. stands for, including freedom of speech, assembly, the right to due process but any influence would have to happen behind closed doors. it shouldn't be public, it should be through the personal channels between secretary and general abdul fatah al-sisi. >> we have seen high profile visits by american officials. do you think any of that behind the scenes jockeying is getting
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anywhere with the egyptian government. >> there's little evidence of that. again, it's not clear what leverage exists for the u.s. although personal relations in the military, there are close personal relations in top echelons of the military. >> events in egypt are being driven by political activities. it's hard for the u.s. to dictate what happened. people are sensitive to anything that seems like it's dictated from the u.s. >> it seems it is being driven by public opinion. do you get the impression that public opinion is in some ways turning against the military-led government? >> yes. some of it, for sure. and it's not really surprising. we have seen some of the iconic
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youth leaders of the original evolution, the 2025th revolution getting arrested. for them this is exactly the reason why the evolution took place, because they wanted the freedom, they wanted an end to the police state. the current government, the call against the pro-mohamed morsi demonstratos is spreading from anyone to the opposition, the way things are going. that is starting to drive a wedge between the liberals who supported mohamed morsi and the government that has been placed in july. >> that country is trying to move forward. we'll see what developments in egypt.
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>> in you -- ukraine rallies have continued. thousands of people occupied independence square, and they seized several buildings. they were sparked by the government's ties with russia. they hope to draw a million people on sunday. >> as ukraine reels from protests it's getting big investments from china. a businessman spending billions to refurbish a report to increase aid between ukraine and china. >> that has been the home of the fleets. president viktor yanukovych gave the kremlin an extension to the lease until the year 2042, but got little in return.
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beijing's money looks forward to transforming the prospects of the city. the investment will provide a financial life line. perhaps a political life line for the battered ukrainian spt. >> $3 billion is provided by a chinese entrepreneur. then more than twice that amount will be used to build a deep water port on the chrym. >> an coast. >> trade between china and europe has to travel around europe. when the port is constructed, ships can go to the chrymia and the black sea. the distance will be 6,000km shorter. >> the ukrainian company is sandwiched. they've been building a profit
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itable business exporting steal and grain. like the rest of the country they've been battling the winds of recession in the world market and at home. with the commercial direct rate optimistic about the future, despite the political turmoil in kiev. >> as the coal production is set to grow in the future recollects we believe investment in the port is necessary to match the trend in these sectors. >> president viktor yanukovych brought home a prize that could stop the erosion and support. it sends a message that the european union and russia, that they are not the only players in this town. >> venezuelans will go to the polls tomorrow and vote in the first regional election since chavez decide in march.
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the new president has done little to ease food short ims and sky-high inflation. >> polarized for decades. they go back to the polls to elect municipal representatives. five years ago chavez, and a majority of seats won by his party. the opposition hopes to do better. >> the perception is that there's a growing number of people and that people should cast a vote to punish the government. >> the capital is surging. at 54% the inflation rate is one of the highest in the world. economists say the crisis is growing. >> translation: we are dangerously dependent on oil.
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we invest in reserves which has caused a fast expansion of cash while the international reserves fall. >> in a country where 96% is based on oil exports. policies are failing badly. >> 52% say the government is inefficient. it will show how loyal people continue to be to the government party. >> that's the case for 65-year-old, this man who juggles every day to find food for his mother and wife. >> you have to go around to find products. i will vote for a candidate because the candidates are caused. >> analysts say people will stay loyal to the government because the opposition count have a
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clear agenda >> translation: the opposition doesn't have a clear own. it doesn't tell people how to ensure private property or invest in a great job. it's a critical project. >> the last presidential election the government won by a percentage point. in a country emerged in the crisis, they both may be electing mayors and councils, it feels like a referendum. >> in columbia an attack on a police station killed eight people, happening in a down south-east of the capital bogga tea. rebels from the arm revolutionary forces known as farq were blamed. more than 200,000 people have been killed in fighting between the government and farc. as the world remembers nelson
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mandela, so does the foreign minister during apartheid. for years he defended nelson mandela's imprisonment, while the world condemned it. when nelson mandela was pred. he insisted they both serve. >> mike hannah sat with him to talk about their relationships. >> they were part of the successive white government that kept nelson mandela in gaol and served after nelson mandela in the first democratic government. as foreign minister it was his task to defend the imprisonment of nelson mandela and other political opponents. >> i remember in 1982 i submitted a memorandum to the to the effect that nelson mandela ought to be released,
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that we were making a bigger martyr of him every day he stayed in prison. that his international claim and status would grow to an extent that wee would not be able to handle it. >> eight years later nelson mandela became a free man. >> here you had a man in 27 years, in prison. and the day he was released he gy of the person who has d the been a president before. amaidsing. amazing what insight he had in the minds of people. and, for that matter, in the world affairs.
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>> central to the success of the negotiation process leading to a peaceful transfer of power was nelson mandela insistence that there need be no losers, they were all winners. >> we were not cap it u lant. you do not capitulate and surrender when you do the right thing. that's what we did. it was not a compitulation. >> and a man who said he was liberated quotes from a statement that nelson mandela made during his trial all those years ago. >> i have cherished the idea of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together
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in harmony. equal opportunity. and concluded by saying it is an ideal. to which i hope to live for. and achieve. but, it needs be, it is an ideal in which i am prepared to die. i fought white domination. i fought black domination. it was that balance that enabled him to see that it was in the interests of the country that the blacks meet the black that the white meet the black. that is nelson mandela. that is his legacy. >> a potentially major breakthroe in a fight against cancer. doctors in new orleans say new
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experimental treatment could mean a cure for people with leukaemia. it alters white blood cells so it attacks cancer cells. doctors say they have had shockingly high rates. >> officials are discouraging people from submitting paper applications, worried that they will not be processed in time. december 23rd for coverage to start in january. championship saturday in college football. all the highlights ahead in sport. >> no tobacco, no smoke or smell, but risk. some are pushing to have electronic cigarettes regulated.
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>> welcome back. in los angeles, the city council is considering new regulations regarding electronic cigarettes. they are supposed to be safer. some states regulate them like tobacco. they may be set to join their ranks. >> some so popular they are all that this store sells. no tobacco, no smoke. it's called vaping. >> it's a step in a smarter direction in comparison to tobacco. >> it was a smart move for him. >> i tried patches, gum. these are the only things that worked for me. >> they don't have the tar of cigarettes. they can deliver nicotine. they can deliver the active ingredients of marijuana.
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they are catching on with kids. >> intuitively these are nicotine systems with dozens of chemicals. the odds that this is a harmless activity, taking in second-hand vapours are small. >> the los angeles passed a law that requires a licence to selt the cigarettes and ban sales on the streets in places like key of courseses and vending machines. >> these are marketed to young people and with flavours like bubble gum and cotton candy, which you are not allowed to do. regulation is catching up. the f.d.a. is writing new yules. three states are treating them like cigarettes. 100 cities, los angeles among them, are reinstructing the electronic cigarettes.
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the "the los angeles times" said in an editorial that there's not enough evidence of harm in the cigarettes to restrict them saying, "fear is not a good basis for regulation, research is. until there's conclusive research, government agencies should be wary of overreacting. >> we go not know what the dangers of using them might be. we want to err on the side of caution. it's feared overregulation will drive smokers back to tobacco. >> we want to get people off the tobacco products. >> the free-wheeling days of electronic cigarettes may be over as we look at what is coming out of that device.
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>> mark is back with sport. i have a question. is tonight going be a night. underdog? >> it may be. it will be the better season to have the play-off. >> the big college football game. >> a lot of things up in the air. we'll take it incrementally. a win over duke in the a.c.c. championship votes the sem nals into their first title game. the game against the blue devils not expected to be close. it wasn't. f.s.u. put up 17 in the second quarter and never looked back. heisman trophy trophy hopeful. this is a deal they do prior to the game. 1932 for 330 yards, three touch downs and two interceptions. the seminoles held duke to 239
11:51 pm
total yards. duke avoids the shut out by scoring once with just over a minute remaining. your final is 45-7. florida state improves to 13 and 0 and plays in the vcs game. who will the seminoles play. under two minutes to play. trailing michigan state. it's 34 to 24. we can't show you highlights to that. ohio was ranked number two. likely would have played for the title game. it looks like michigan state - that something else will occur, and florida state may play this team. let's check out the fcc championship. auburn ran over missouri in the fcc title game. trey mason was a one-man
11:52 pm
wrecking crew, carrying the rock 45 times, scoring four touch downs. he set a record to 677. 59-42. a shoot-out win for auburn. >> i'm ready to coach these guys and see how far they came. not a better thrill in the world. it's really unbelievable to see them watch each game. we are playing our best football. >> you know, given the yards from the old line. the whole team, we fought together and we are blessed. >> auburn was right. they could be in the title game if ohio loses. oklahoma and oklahoma state. third quarter 17-10. it's a fate. eight yards from the touchdown >> oklahoma on top.
11:53 pm
one yard for the score. cowboys on top. last chance for ou. take another look. gilbert could not hold on. this is huge. it gave ou another chance. still alive. later in the drive. bell fined saunders in the end zone. what a final drive. oklma wins 33-24. that set the table for this. texas and baler in wako. glasgow martin and the bears. the bears with a first big-12 championship. bailey heading for the fooeesta homed. >> the army-navy clash set for next week. today is the 50th anniversary of the 1963 game. it was played 15 days after the assassination of john f. kennedy. as a nation mourned the loss of
11:54 pm
a leader more than 100,000 fans filed into the municipal stadium. on a saturday, 1963, president kennedy attended a game in years prior. after the 1963 game was cancelled, first lady jacqueline kennedy urged for it to be played. >> it was a tragedy. they were thinking about not having the game. the effect it had. he was a huge fan. it means a lot. harmy and nvie. roger star buck led to victory. navy pulled off the upset. army had the well, fourth in goal. the players are no strengthers
11:55 pm
to the significance of the match-up. that was fantastic. just to hear his input on where the program is. >> it was a huge event in america, and all america's hearts. you don't mind my parents went through that in that time. i talked about it with them. it's something they were honoured to do. >> while most of the coaches and none of the players involved in this year's game at lincoln financial field were born before the 1963 classic they are part of a lineage to a time when a game helped a nation recover from a dark tragedy. >> thank you so much. one more update. a minute to go. michigan state 34-24. ohio loses, florida state like i in the title game. >> maybe the underdog will come through. >> very close, we'll see.
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>> weather when we come back. tñ
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>> right now it feels like it's below zero. all the cold air from canada dropping temperatures down. it feels like 9 below zero. 3 degrees below zero for nebraska, where we have been getting snow, working in.
11:58 pm
iowa will have a bit of snow - 2-4 inches expected. as we move to what snow can look like in the mountains, it's great for skiing and snow boarding, but you'll contin to get snow at the higher parks, so, too, the colorado rockies. a lot of snow in the higher elevations of the south-west. that's where the area of low pressure is. the track is causing all kinds of problems, pushing up snow into iowa, northern missouri and parts of kansas. it is south of the low that we have the interesting mix of weather. called a goulash so to speak. snow, sleet, ice, rain coming together and creating iceaccumulation. y morning, we have an ice storm warning for the north-east. we have a winter storm warning. we expect a line of questionable
11:59 pm
wintry weather. we start out at snow. we expect to get accumulation. finally, as i show you. the warning stretching all the way down to louisiana and mississippi. freezing fog going on now in east texas. that tells me black ice on the road. so you can't take your cars. overnight into sunday - the areas we were looking at, north of louisiana, into arkansas. we'll go that direction. also into west virnalia. the storm is travelling. we'll see a bit of snow. 1-2 inches, even around chicago and detroit.
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you are watching al jazeera america live from new york. i'm jonathan betz with the headlines. a cold snap across the country is paralyzing travel on the road and in the air. several deaths have been linked to the icy weather bringing snow to the midwest all the way down to texas. the family of u.s. veterans released from north korea. the 85-year-old contained in north korea for committing crimes while he served in the korean war. >> france says hundreds of troops have


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