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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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under the protection of french and african forces. there will be another two and a half thousand african soldiers here soon. they'll head out to different parts of the country. where hundredses of thousands of people have lost their homes. too late for the people in this hospital. it was evacuated after attack from the fighters mainly muslim selica group. >> the hospital is empty now. it used to treat hundreds of people. what happened here on friday night and early house of hours f saturday was horrific. >> th the forces came in and drug out hundreds of people and killing at least ten. >> the man that led the
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rebellion is holed up in this military base and he won't accept his power is slipping away. >> how can you continue to call yourself the head of state of a country that you have absolutely no control over? >> it's too much to say i have no control. i hav control my men. the men i cannot control are not my men. there is se settling after all f the crimes he has not answered for. >> al jazeera has learned that they are now outside waiting for reinforcements. and people here are waiting for the next big battle. >> this time rounlt round the fh and african forces have a chance of preventing more blood shed.
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south korea and china could be on collision course diplomatically over territory at sea. seoul has announced an expansion of their air defense zone. it over lapt overlaps an area wh beijing. china announced it's new air defense identification zone last month. >> we believe this will not significantly impact our relationship china and japan and we try to work for peace and cooperation in the northeast asia. we have explained our position with other countries and overall they are in agreement. >> people flying through the china zone would have to identify themselves to the chinese and a large part overlaps with japan zone which
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was already in place and south korea which has b an air defense zone. it's existing boundaries now being moved. and you can see th see at the tp include islands and disputed by china. let's go to harry forcet from seoul. this is in spodges response to t china did. that move was seen as a direct confrontation with japan over the islands. but it also includes the new chinese zone su submerged reef n south korea which is defacto under the control of seoul. there is a scientific research
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station and a south korean heli pad there. and for sometime south korea wanted to extend their defence zone southward to include this area. it was history that two south korean island were not under the original boundaries of this zone which was drawn up by the americans in 1951. this is an opportunity for south korea to ease their operations in this area that they call their own. it has done so differently in the way china behaves. it's consulted with it's neighbors and it's given a seven-day grace period before the new rule takes effect. and they had el held talks withe biden. the state department is on the same page in terms of south korea's reaction in terms of the airspace zone. we are still waiting for the official chinese reaction but
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their views are well known. they have issued statements last week when details of this plansn were first announced. they e expressed their regret ad said they would respond pragmatically and keeping open the lines of communication and working wnlt within the laws of convention. when china set up their zone which brought about the current tension levels they say they were working within the international law but that is obviously disputed by many others. the political crisis in thailand appears to be worsening. within the last hour members of the last opposition party have resigned enmass from parliament. it's their protest against a ill illegitimate party. they refuse to work in the
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legislature because they don't accept them as government they are calling for an over throw of the government. i say the situation worsening, wayne but is it just slightly changing or is it getting more difficult? >> a little bit of both, david. this is a symbolic move on the face of it by the democratic party b which is the oldest pary in thailand. symbolic because the government can continue to om rate. om -- operate. it comes at a time time of oppon they will make their final push to remove the government. the democrats saying they can't opeoperate in parliament because it's been a exercise for what the prime minister's party wants. it's symbolic but it's designed to increase the pressure on the government it ry removing any
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lingering guard. all of the m.p.'s will join the protest on monday marching towards government house. and this is an opposition movement and anti-government movement that is led by a senior member of the democrat party. >> can you see anyway that this is going to end? >> there are many ways it could emed. could -- end. it could end with military involvement they are here to serve the people of thailand and the palace of course. but they are not going to take sides. the government at the moment has been fairly happy to sit dine tt without using any force. it's defended government house quite strongly using the police but just before this announcement by the democrat party the opposition party we
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heard from the prime minister again saying, that she is willing to resign. she i she is willing to resolve parliment but she will only do it with the guarantee that is free election taking place. an elected peel o people peoplel run the country before there will be a democratically election taking place. still to come on this al jazeera news hour. sudan's vice president has resigned has part of the cabinet reshuffle. we'll tell you what that might mean. and we are in interyeah wherinter-- indiawhere early stn results spell bad news for the ruling congress party. in sports they extend an
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unbeaten run in breme. there. we'len we'll havethe details in. prprotestors have called foa million man march. the protest against the government is in it's third week. they want to step up the demonstrations in the coming hours. we are in kiev. it does look freezing but the determination looks rock solid. so far lots of people coming out on the square, david. you have to bear with me it's extremely noisy. i will struggle to hear what you have to say. resolution is rock solid. the protestors need to show that they have momentum and they have legs on this meash eve machine l
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keep going forward with their demanitoba. demand. glorchltto get them back toreso. we understand that the president was not sitting down to talk with protestors he was sitting down to have talks with vladimir putin on friday and that has angered a lot of people who have come out here today. a million people they have asked for and we don't know how many are going to turn up. that is a big crowd behind you. what is it going to take to ignite the security forces and the protestors that are still pretty angry? >> i'm afraid i didn't catch it. but what i can say to you, david, is this. if they can get large number numbers out they can persuade the president to listen to their demanitoba. demands.
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de-- demands. in twoush th 2004 the crowds wee unified. they were behind one man and calling for elections. this time around there were several fac factions and differt leaders they are remaining dignified and disciplined is going to be very difficult to achief. achievement they want the president to stand down and others are happy for him to hold on as long as he changes his goiflt somgovernment and some ay with the nationalist movement. they have plenty of fireworks and rousing music and they have the numbers so far coming out. we'll see whether this movement can keep going forward and we'll bring you updates throughout the day.
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>> robin, we thank you very much. greek politicians have approved a been for next year. that is when some of them are hoping the country will come out of six years of recession. it includes six billion dollars trading cuts. protestors gathered outside of the parliament buildings in at athens. the prime minister says it's an important step to i in meeting obligations with the european union. in the occupied west bank a 15-year-old boy was killed after being shot in the back. he was playing football in rah ramallah when the accident happened. his family blamed the israeli military. the military says they are investigating. south africans have been gathering in churches and mosques and synagogues to remember the former president, nelson mandela.
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glorchltthe day of prayer. we joined the wor worshippers on sunday. >> when i say we pray for the nation. we should pray for us not to forget some of the values that mmamadiba stood for. that he fought for. and we should include those in our reflections. >> people continue to flood to mandela's family home to lay flowers and to pay tribute to him. he will be buried in his an ancestorial home on saturday. >> a day of prayer and reflection is what jacob zummer asked fore. for. you and i have spoke many times
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about the most difficult years for south africa. you were there for all of it and you studied what mandela did. reflect for a minute i before we go into more detail what this means for you personally. for myself and all south africans this is an event that people have been dreading in many ways. it's an event that south africans have shown is one that can be celebrated. it's not only the death of nelson ma mandela is being mour. it's a life that promised so much and gave so much to other people. these are the key issues for all of the people in south africa. understanding what nelson mandela meant and a moment of reflection and the death has led to a deep intraspection with so.
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this sense of refle reflection d self apri analysis has been spad by the death of nelson mandela. with me is somebody who has lived through the to you tumults years. he has been charged with the events. he joins us now. you were with nelson mandela when he died. it must have basketbal been a vy difficult time. >> yes, on thursday afternoon i was called by the family to rush to his house and they said, mandela doesn't look well at all. and then i went to see him. i spent about five minutes in his room. bedroom together with the doctors and winnie and then i
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asked the doctors to take my out and i paid my respect. two hours later madima decided to quit. >> what is very interesting is you were a political opponent of nelson mandela once a member of the anc and once a leader of the abuntu home land. what does this tell you about mandela. >> when he talked to us i don't think he saw in me a leader. i think he saw one of his sons or a neighbor. the relationship between the two of us culminated into a number of issues. i ended up being tasked by him on handling some sensitive issues of him at home and
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installations of hit his grandsn and weddings and you will see everything is in order there it was a joy to work with him and i always consider myself to have been lucky that i was one of the few in this world who was working closer to this icon. >> now you remember too we are standing outside of his home. those years that this home was filled with tear gas and people were being shot. what role did mandela play in changing that from what it was then to what it is now. >> i think we should com come m
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from being bold. we walked from his home and then he says stop what you are doing. it's not in the interest of the black south africans that you are killing one another. and then after that he related and they stopped and then we left. yes indeed there has been a change here since sunday to the union buildings. in fact president mandela was in charge of the south africa immediately whenever when he st of prison because the whole world were pinning their homes s on mr. mandela to come up with a solution zplorchlt. >> yoa. >> you mentioned the white dogs and red dogs. that was tribal. that deabl de detribalzation.
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that was a gift by mandela. it difficul divided the citizens country. it was so-called black on black violence. mandela was not shy to go directly or call president to say "stop your nonsense" or else i won't have power to continue to protect you in this miss. >> through for joinin -- thank n joining us. this more than anything else those the degree to which nelson mandela continues in death to unite people as he did in life.
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back to you, david. >> mike, thank you very much indead. transnational, transcontinental, nelson mandela. a move that straddled all of south africa. we are going to get news out of sudan. the vice president has resigned as part of a ca cabinet reshuff. he was the main negotiator in the pease peace agreement that d 1220 years of civil war in 2005. he denied there was any rift with his deputy. we have more from the sudanese capital. what has happened is a senior generalwho is a right hand man of the president has replaced him. it's important how the government sees it's need to maintain power it's a form of
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co-oco-opting him into power. it's kind of secured it in that sense. it's not clear how even if there are new faces in the government with the same old policies whether or not it will make a difference to being able to han handle the economic crisis this country faces. that is eric martin in car to k. the u.s. says he is a war veteran. glorchlts th-9dthe saga for for. >> when merl newman made the trip to south korea he wouldn't know how difficult it b it wouln
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out. he is now back in the u.s. beside his wife with a message. >> it was a great homecoming and i'm tired and i'm with my family now. thank you all for the support we got and very much appreciate it. >> newman was a soldier in the korean war and his visit was a long planned vacation down memory lane. he was no orland ordinary soldi. the south koreaians released this statement. for newman the war was a ancient history. but they wanted to fight off american imperialist newman was an enemy of the state. the two countries have never signed a peace treaty and are still technically at war war ans
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release needed the approval of the leader kim il kim ill jung. we'll have more to say about mr. newman's difficult journey. we ask for you to give us time to to be with his family. we ask that you not forget another american, kenneth bay. >> kekenneth bay is still in prison. he was caught spreading christiachristianity. newman missed thanksgiving and it was not clear when or if he would be let go. happebut happily for his familye returns before the holidays. now time in the news hour to get the weather with stef. >> thanks, david.
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>> in this news hour we'll look at the weather across parts of china. recently it's been settled. which is not a good thing. with a settled weather it has kept a lid on the pollution this is shanghai you can see how murky it is. the pollution levels are very high also in beijing we have seen severe air quality there. lahazzardhazardous. at thi levelat this level peopld to stay in doors. as far as the air quality goes it's good news it's reduced part kel --part particles there and only people sensitive to pollution are
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having issues. this s is sweeping across other areas as well and will bring relief. what you will also notice though for some of us in north and south korea the system will bring us rain and and also a lof snow, david. well coming up on the news hour. the pop laye popularity of venes president is put to the test for the first time since he came to power. an increasing number of refugees are coming here for save haven. and to end the year on high tide. the tides are on course. we have sports in about 20 minutes time. ♪7
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♪ you are watching the news hour on al jazeera with me, david foster. time to go through the top stories. the president of sout has said s not lost control of his country. the militia have left 400 people dead. south korea are challenging china with the skies oi over the east china sea. it will overlap a zone announced by china last month. members of thailand's plainn opposition party have resigned
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enmass. it's all due to a pre a pro prom an illegitimate government. it's a month now since the philippines was hit by the strongest storm ever recorded. millions of dollars have been given to those flyin trying to r from typhoon hey yan. haiyan. 12 million people were affecting stretching government and aid resources to a breaking point. about 100,000 are in evacuation centres. those are the numbers. let's get the picture from at thatacktacloban. >> as you arrived there, how bad is it? >> well you do get the sense
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that things have in fact improved. a month from haiyan. and because medically it seems to have improved. you don't see any debrissen thee street. and aid is reaching consistentlt even to far flung areas. there are a lot of people living in tents and talking to them you get a sense that it's far from over from them. not only have they lost their homes. children are unable to go to school. yesterday afternoon i was walking down the street and talking to survivors. and a few kid were asking me they wanted to show several k c. s just down the street. a lot of people are desperate is to earn a living. many living in the disaster zone
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are exposed to abuse and exploitation. here is the story of one of them here in the ruins city of tacloban her story of survival is not a happy one. she takes me to and a ba to an d building. >> she lost her home and she now has to figure out how to feed her younger siblings. she is now a sex worker and gets paid as little as six u.s. dollars. i'm forced to do this because of my siblings. i don't know how they can survive. because we are poor and we always have to scrape for everything. i feel jealous. i know girls like me should be going to school everyday. but what can i do? i have to work. i have to help my pairchlts paro provide for my siblings
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especially now. typhoon haiyan struck the fill philippines a month ago. 10% of the country's population has been affected. >> the government is unable to provide for the millions of people that need food and shelter and medical. cash for work programs help employ thousands a an thousandss say it helps bring back their sense of dignity. one of the big problems is security. the u.n. estimates that 300,000 people may have already been exploded. explode -- exploited. many in places that they are looking for safety. in schools and buildings like this one that have been turned into evacuation centers. children are unable to go to school. many living in disaster stones.
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stone zones. we have to go back to the situation before the typhoon where the poverty levels were high here and after the typhoon the communities have become more fragile and desperate. that has opened up the avenue for exploitation of women and children and also of men and boys. as emergency hope starts to dwindle people become more desperate. there is a new way of living here a life of struggle and uncertainty and sexual exploitation. as bad as the arrival of the typhoon was and from what you are saying and people are telling you, the worst days could be yet to come. >> yes indeed, and a lot of aid organizations i have talk the to say the government needs to to unveil a long term plan and the survivors need to have a sense of where their lives are headed.
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people's living are at a stand standstill. they are living in tents. children are unable to go to school and 90%. livelihood has been doe destroyd and there is nothing to harvest and people don't hav jobs. cash for work programs are available but that is not permanent. and so what a lot of organizations would like to know what is really the philippine's government is plan in terms for long term recovery for this area and how they intend to spend the millions and millions of dollars of aid that has been pouring in here since the typhoon struck a month ago. >> we thank you very much, indeed. a number of bombingses in eyiraq have left 16 dead and the explosions were across the capital of baghdad. seven people died and 18 were hurt.
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in india they counting votes no four major states where the main opposition party is expected to make gains. the state elections are ecseen g seen as the test of the next general election. let's go live in new delhi. it depends on what side you are when you are commentat commentan this as a politician if treas ahead oif it's thehead of the et doesn't matter. >> if you are the opposition you are saying fantastic look at what we are doing. what do you determine the reality to be? i think it's a great point you make, david. you have to put the elections in to perspective. over the last two years the indian states have been going into state elections. if we look at the vote of these five states that have gone to the polls over the last few weeks, they start from even easo west of the country and north of
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the country rajstan and delhi. but a few months ago we had the southern states voting and the congress party did very well. at the moment and today the congress party has done badly. rajstan lost and the bp seem to be winning there. it's a head of a neck and neck race and delhi it's a union state congress held it for 14 years. they lost it in third place in the count so far. it looks like bj p jp bjp will e the ruling party here. you may remember the man that went on a national hunger strike across the country saying the country was ruled by dirty politics and wanted to clean it
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up. >> his son swept the board and will come in close second. a good day for the bjp and abysmal day for congress. we'll see what it means in a few months on the national stage. thank you very much, indeed. eight people have been killed in southern colombia. rebels fired mor tars at mor moa station at a truck. they have been in talks with the government for more than a year but fighting has continued. venezuela people are going to the polls and the first test of the president's popularity since he came to power. security has been beefed up 335 mayors and two-and-a-half council officals are due to be elected. a group of olympic sailors
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are demanding a clean up of the waters around rio. glorchlts threthree quarters ofe goes untreated which dumps into the bay. the olympic committee promises that the pollution will be sorted in time for the 2016 games. syria's neighbors may be struggling with the number of refugees heading their way but one place is trying to attract them. one and a half thousand arrived in the gaza strip since it began phil is there and this is what he saw. >> as far as neighbors go beingd has done very well. he is a syrian refugee living in gaza. these two don't just live close together they work together too. saied gave acmad a job at his
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restaurant. >> i don't feel a stranger here. we have the same traditions and i have new friend and brothers in gaza we are doing good together. more than 3 million refugees countries including lebanon and jordon and egypt are taking many increasingly they are making the unlikely trip to the gaza strip. >> this place is over crowded and it has high unemployment and the power goes off daily and a constant fear of war returning any second never goes away. the refugees feel safer here than they do in their own country when they come here they don't enter a refugee camp they have a chance to ca carve out tr own place here. this restaurant has tw several
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employees. he ithis is a tale of love and e and a wider story punctuated by war and dispair. in gaza you can move freely no one asks you for documents. ai feel a gaza citizen. i originally planned to come for the day now i consider myself syrian palestinian. >> the hamas government has welcomed those fleeing from syria. those that arrived are given $500 an apartment. for those like rai if there is not necessarily a happy ending. many more are in need of safety and security are likely to make this journey despite all of
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gaza's problems it may be their best hope. we have sports coming up australia continues their march toward regaining their ashes. we have that in just a couple of minutes. ♪
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the president is swapping his clothing for a baseball cap and tracksuit. >> photos published on his
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website he is seen out hiking something he does every week. >> since he was elected in june he has made an effort to distance himself from his hard line predecessor. he is engaged in campains of negotiation. this photo was put on his twitter phage afte page after he call with president barack obama. the first time contact was made with an american leader in decades. he uses soak social media to congratulate sports teams. we are hoping to ensure equal opportunity. we have a public
5:46 am
relations trainer and consultant who has been to iran for a pr conference. joining us now live, do you think it's what you said and others said at this conference that got the message through to the president that the times are a changing. >> i think it's something that the president was all right -- g if you look at what has been happening over the last few months. there is an increasing presence of his profile. it's aimed at a global audience as opposed to a domestic audience. what happens when people poke fun at someone modernizing when it doesn't suit them. i speak of putin taking his shifshirt off and flexing his p. and everyone says yeah, yeah,
5:47 am
yeah fnlt. >> it's easier to poke fun at that if it was not genuine. but the president does genuine i will go hiking and putin is a genuine man of action i think that works better than when political leaders pretend to be fans of a particular sport because that is the image that they want to project. i don't thini think it works bes authentic. glonkt therauthentic. >> the professional photographer was not there by chance. how do you go about changing somebody so they accept this as their role? >> i think one of the most important things to do is to capture lots and lots of those moments. the best example of that is the world famous twitter photograph that went around the world when
5:48 am
president obama was electedded with a picture of him embracing michelle obama. that was a photograph that was taken sometime in the past. because they have their official photographer on handica hand cag the private moments behind the scenes. that is the way to do it. not to do the set up photo shoots. if you capture lots and lots of things that are genuine you will find better images in there than if you a a a tempt t attempt te something. what is your message to the president if he is listening. >> i think the biggest danger is you a then tis tea. authenticity. one of the problems is we don't know if he is doing it. we presume he is doing it. if you trust gl what the world leaders are doing. perhaps if trea it's up front be
5:49 am
communication team and they will do a genuine rea reaction themselves. president obama's twitter account is rarely him. him. >> when you were in teheran and talking pr there is a paradox there isn't there? here we have a hugely conservative country sitting alongside something that is very much of the modern age glonkt how do you think the message went down? i think eventually yo iran has o open up we had a brief moment a couple of months ago where the eye raiiranian people had acceso social media and twitter. i think it's important if iran is trying to pr project a diffet image that is the reality. it has to start having more
5:50 am
reforms internally. >> thank you very much indeed. stay listening for just a moment. w50e6 thwe have the spoartd spow england is going to change their immajoritimage is so terrible a. >> they are expected to take a 2 n2-nil lead. the australi australians declarn overnight tote sale 132-for-p. . cook wras caugh was caught out r one. they couldn't go on to make the really big score that en england needed. england managing to extend the game into the final day. they may have been extended into day five but they have 28 4r 28s to win.
5:51 am
australia need four more wickets to take a 2-nil lead. the german league leaders won 7-nil. robin missed a game as he is sitsidelined for six weeks witha knee injury. >> congratulations to the players because after the match it was very hard for us to come here with only two and a half days roaftd. rest. i'm happy we played on such a high level. thanks to the club for creating super players. zplankts it'it's an honor to beh today. >> they won 1-nil and they are ten points behind the leaders. royal madrid was held to a
5:52 am
draw. in the third leg of the fourth round. rareal was unable to score. they couldn't get on the score-sheet. without garrett who was sick and renaldo he was a big e bailing n wax works model. another home defeat for manchester united. manchester city could only draw out southhampton. and they could leap frog chelsea lost their stoke. >> in the last part of the game in the last i 15 or 20 minutes e didn't play well. we went in their game. the game they want was the game we gave. glorchlt ththe last 15 or 20 mie didn't play well because we started playing the way it was
5:53 am
easy for them and the way they can control. >> the stloi slip ups from mancr city the begunner gunners have e this season. >> he has done remarkably well because they have had difficult games they played many big teams in the league and of over saul a strong position in the league. they just came off with a win from man united. it was a big warnings 3w- before play these teams. they have exceptional results. and that keeps us on our toes an for us it's a big game. tiger woods leads the pga world challenge in california by two shots going into sunday's final round. check out the shots of the day.
5:54 am
it came from bubba watson holing in his chip he would finish 3-under 69. tiger lead by two shots and zach johnson even par at 72 at sherwood country club to go 11-under overall. you know, zach and you ar are ot together again and it will be fun. >> bubba made a move and he is right there. three guys have a real good shot at it. in sun city in south africa jamie donaldson hold as three stroke lead. the welshman had four days on the back 9. donaldson is ahead of bjorn in the race for the $1.25 million purse. tennis former world number
5:55 am
one maria sharapova has rirnd td to the court for the first time follow a shoulder injury. 12-10 bas10 was the score. it was sharapova's first match since august the russians expect to make the first tournament return in bring. the bruins beat pittsburgh 3-2. this hit on eriksson resulted in a melee. they dfnl didn't stretch it offr having a difference of opinion with thornson. chara scored the winner to bring them within a point of pittsburgh. meanwhile the dallas stars dlashed ththrashed the flyers 5.
5:56 am
the second period saw dallas breakaway. a third hatti hat trick this se. and in the nba the portland traitrailblazers winning streaks broken by the maverick. it 2k3w5eudallas has a six poin. and think ti they tie things upa 3-pointer. ellis stealing the win for dallas 108 to 106. andoartinsporting events inh africa are continuing with every match being dedicated to nelson mandela. the world of rugby seven's are on the pitch to pay tribute to
5:57 am
the south african president. 16 national teams will be competing in port elizabeth. south africa went on to beat canada in their opening match. >> it's been an emotional weekend for if not south africa the entire world and there are definitely let' elements and unr tones that can drive us forward. at the first time at a women's world cup bobsled event all plea three places were taken by the united states. they completed a combined time in 1:3no carrierringringconnect0
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