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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2013 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> this is al jazeera. >> hello and welcome to the news hour. here with your top stories. relief for some in central african prub. promising to end the violence that killed hundreds. overlap with china's defense zone. i'm barbara sara in london, hundreds of thousands of ucrannians, surrounded by lines
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of riot police. and keeping an eye on grandma. it is sweden's elderly. and coming up in sports. did you miss that? the 50th anniversary of the instant replay. coming up a little bit later. hello. france says calm has now returned to the capital of central african republic. french soldiers are pressing deeper into the country. thousands more international soldiers are on their way. in the african union has 2500 personnel there. now with the au, is bringing its
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force to 6,000. french troops had already committed 12 soldiers. that brings its total to 2500. france president francois lowland. >> who let things happen. >> has the report on the situation in the capitol ban gui. you may find some images in this report disturbing. >> french soldiers on foot patrol in banghi. welcomed by many. they are here to reassure people enough to open up shops. but at the moment, there's no food or medicine. but there's little the french can do about the growing sectarian violence between muslims and christians. >> we muslims have been here for 200 years. they are killing us every day.
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antimilitias have killed more than 200 people. they french and african forces. >> there will be another two and a half thousand african soldiers here soon. they will head out to different parts of the country where hundreds of thousands of people have lost their home. too late for the people in this hospital. it was evacuated after an attack after the fighters from the main muslim selica group. this hospital is completely by.
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imment. imment. empty. house of fowrn fighters. the man who led that rebel i don't know is holed up in this my tri base and he won't accept his power is slipping away. how can you continue to call yourself head of state of a country that you have absolutely no control over? >> it's too much to say i have no control. i control my man. the men i control are not my men. there is school settling after ten years, of bezize, all the crimes he committed which he has not yet answered for. >> antibelica, include soldiers of the former president bezize. people here are waiting for next
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big battle. this time round, the present and african forces have a chance at preventing more blood head. >> let's bring in joining us live from bangi. the french and the african union have a chance to prevent more bloodshed. making a difference at this point? >> the french may be saying things are calmer since they got here and certainly they are a little bit calmer. but there were exchanges of gun fire between the french and selica forces just earlier today. in a suburb of this town. we understood the french killed at least three selica fighters in that exchange. we have seen fighters out and about going to suburbs and areas. but the problem is twofold, first of all they have a rule of engagement. they can't actually fire unless
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they're fired upon unless they see civilians being killed and they can't disarm fighters either. also they may be in an hour for about an hour. hour passes and they leave that area and then selica come back and continue targeting civilians. so the french presence is welcomed by many here. at the same time, it need -- they need to be more soldiers on the ground, but they need to basically adapt their rules of engagement. >> some people are comparing the situation over in central african republic, from the genocide that you are seeing. is there a comparison that can be made? >> well, certainly there's the killings that we've seen absolutely horrific and one man that i've spoke to who was hiding in a church told me the story of how he lost his wife, his two children and his -- he was holding his beach baby and
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his baby was thrown on the bed covered with sheets and clothing suffocating. this is not on the same scale an rasiran rwanda. preaching peace rather than hate. there is no evidence the killing is systematic. it's not systematic. it does seem to be random at the moment. >> thank you. reporting from ban ghi. a series of explosions have struck the iraqi capital. manly shia districts, also hit
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more than 130 injuries are being reported. south korea has announced an expansion of its air defense zone overlapping a similar area recently declared by beijing. the expanded air space takes in two islands and another disputed territory. harry faucett has more from seoul. >> this is what south korea calls iodo, a submerged rocky reef, under its very obvious de facto control. these rocks claimed by beijing and seoul. now, south korea has asserted its rights above. >> the new cran the new korean t information region which does not overlap with neighboring
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countries. this modified zone includes the air space over iodo's waters. >> seoul's move comes two weeks after china's surprise he be encroaching on those of south korea and japan. the new korean zone extends deeper into the zone and overlaps that of japan. the government of seoul says it won't impose the rule until december the 15th allowing for consultation with neighbors. >> translator: we believe this will not significantly impact our relationships with china and with japan. as we try to work for peace and cooperation in northeast asia. >> south korea's president discussed the plans with u.s. vice president joe biden during his visit last week. the state department has declared itself on the same page as seoul. expanded south korean zone would have nothing to do with maritime
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jurisdiction, adding it would stay in communication with seoul. south korea has long wanted to extend its air defense zone, three parts of the sea extending into countries of china, japan, and korea. it could set the stage for what nobody wants: an accidental contest and increasingly contested skies. the international community won't accept these new air defense zones according to this expert. >> the military won't avoid it. the americans have already carried on flying their b-52 bombers through it. these unilateral declarations don't go down well in international circles. and people tend ofly through them to make a point.
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this is a political game being played out. thus far, it's just been played out at that time one level, and as employed, we make sure that it doesn't escalate out of hand. >> the rules are that military and civilian aircraft just carry on as they did before. and you'll find that military aircraft they won't put a flight plan in they won't put an iff by the way conon, they won't do anything to recognize this jurisdiction. you can either root round it to make sure you don't get involved in a 4 fracas, or you can say don't mistake me for a bomber or something. >> the political crisis in thailand is deepening. all members of the opposition party have now resigned from police department permit, what they say is in protest for a an
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illegitimate government. recent weeks hundreds of thousands of protestors have demanded the prime minister's resignation. wayne hay has the latest from bangkok. >> the opposition democrat party to sign from parliament is alarmly a symbolic move but it comes from a time when the government is facing increased pressure from a protest movement which is vowing to have its final rm protest. parliament can continue to operate even though these 153 mps have resigned and the government the can also continue to operate. but the leader of the democrat party, a former prime minister, saying that parliament can no longer continue to operate in terms of solving the problems of the country. there's no longer effective in trying to do that and nearly now become a rubber stamping
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mechanism for what the ruling party wants. now on monday those 18th government protestors are vowing to remove the president from office. in doing that they will march towards government house the office of the priessments and now that those opposition members of parliament have resigned from parliament, they will now join that protest as well. >> coming up on the al jazeera news hour. >> i feel gellous. i know girls like me should be going to school every day. >> a mother of 11 children says she's forced into prostitution to not go mungary. >> i met my fiancee, i consider myself syrian palestinian. >> escaping anyplace they can. including the besieged gaza
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strip. details later. but first. hundreds of thousands of cranians are out on the street. let's get more from barb sara. >> thank you. it's the third successive mass rallies, with both sides, opposition leaders called for the immediate resignation of mountain viktoriaor yanukovych. >> in the thousands. they know this demonstration has to be big and loud to sustain the pressure on president yanukovych. on the edge of the crowd, young men prepared tactics for the
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worst to come. as a confrontation with riot police. and just a few streets away, squads of officers lined up in front of the presidential office. last week there was chaos here, many people injured in a police charge. now there's a standoff. riot police on the ready, with their shields and tr asksncheons. no man's land are the protestors with their flags. they're mrs. waiting in preparation. but everyone's hoping there won't be a repeat of last week's violence. a solitary priest hopes his presence will bring calm. >> translator: i hope the country will elect a new president and a new noble president, people who will serve this country properly and i hope the blood of our people won't be spilled. >> they want the resignation of yanukovych. they now face a deadline to
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leave by tuesday morning. no one's in a mood to give in. >> translator: i want a new government that listens to the people and doesn't treat us like animals. >> we are here to fight for our rights so that our kids are brought up in a good country without corruption and where everything's fair. >> yanukovych believes he has enough support to survive with backing from moscow. the protestors realize that this crisis has now reached a crucial moment. tim friend, al jazeera, kiev. >> robin forster walker is in kiev. what reeks from the government so far? >> the government released a statement earlier the spokesperson for the security
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services has been warning of a criminal investigation into politicians seeking to overthrow the state and that could carry up to ten years in jail, a ten year jail sentence. no names were mentioned but we have to assume that talking about the political leaders of this opposition movement. and takic at a warning to them not to proceed with this continuing process here in the center of the ukrainian capitol. apart from that the president himself is remaining silent when it comes to sitting down and agreeing to any of the protest oars' demands, chiefly that he step down and replace his government and setback towards closer integration with the european union. instead of as he seems interested in doing, closer ties with motio moscow. he is understood to have had a
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meeting with vladimir putin on friday. there's been resum rumors joinig putin's union, that would be a descrowtion movindustriousdisas. dependence on russia. robin. >> the protesten began when yanukovych did not sign a trade deal with the e u. but we understand that he has been on the phone with the head of the european union, baroso, to we know what the two men discussed? >> i unbaroso asked president yanukovych to use restraint, not
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to use security services against the protestors. the protestors are very angry about the people were beaten with trencheons. visiting ukraine, i think the european union is conscious of the fact that they need to try to help resolve this dispute. that many are calling the orange revolution to point north. certainly, we're seeing similar numbers of people out on the streets. this happened back in 2004, 2005, their objectives are more wide and varied. they're less unified, but they seem certain to cling on in the they get assurances from
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president yanukovych. >> back to irin acreina in doha. >> thank you. long jail sentences got dramatically reduced. one of them has spoken to al jazeera. bernard smith reports. >> still in her white prison coats she is now back home. she was freed one month into afternoon 11 year prison sentence for taking part in an antigovernment protest in alexandria. >> i was laughing and crying at the same time. i couldn't believe it! why 11 years? one month for carrying weapons, six years for illegal gathering and four years for rioting, and i think something related to scratching a door. it was so silly i cried, but we were also laughing a lot about it. >> sara was one of 21 women and
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girls given hefty sentences. no effort was are linking the women to any violence. the 11 year terms provoked international outrage. now reduced their sentences to either a year suspension or probation. >> i don't think sara is going to join protest again. sara has a one year suspended sentence. are you going to protest? for sure she's not. >> sairsarah wants to get back o university. >> we had no clothes except for the prison clothes and we had three criminals with us that used to really bother us and call us names. >> sara will appeal for a full
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pardon. for sara's supporters, that gesture doesn't disguise how easily this country's judicial system seems to be influenced by its political masters. bernard smith, al jazeera cairo. >> activists in syria are reporting a strike ton northern city of aleppo. eastern district of niesa, near the airport. threatened rebel held positions in aleppo. yrnsyrians are escaping anywhere they can including the gaza strip. welcomed over 1500 syrians. >> as far as neighbors go, ahmed thinks he's done pretty well. these two don't just live close together. they work together, too.
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said gave ahmed a job at his restaurant, which he's even calling syrian house. >> i don't feel a stranger here. we have the same traditions. i've got new friends, new broartsdz in gaz -- brothers in gaza, we are doing good toque. >> more than 3 million refugees have fled. including lebanon turkey jordan and egypt are taking many. but unlikely tripp to the gaza strip. this place is already overcrowded. it has high unemployment. the power goes off daily. and the constant fear of war returning, never goes away. firstly though, they feel safer here than they do in their own country and secondly when they arrive they don't go into refugee camps. they enter gaza soat.
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society. they have an opportunity to carve out their role whatever it may be. in person is the face of the place, he's he's the chef and tonight he is having a romantic credit evening with his palestinian fiancee. this is a tale of love in a story of war and despair. >> in gaz you can move freely. no one asks you for documents. as a syrian in gaza i e feel lie a citizen. i met my fiancee and fell in love and consider myself syrian palestinian. >> those arriving have been given $500 u.s. and some have been promised jobs.
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but for those like warif this is not necessarily a happy ending. more a comfortable start to a new life. many more in need of safety and security are likely to make this journey despite all of gaza's problems. it may be their best hope. phil lovell, al jazeera, gaza. >> sudan's president has named a new government. the shuffle has followed the resignation of the prime minister, 1989 coup brought the president to power. the president has denied any rifts with his deputy. 59 heads of state or governments have now quirmtd they will be attending memorial events for nelson mandela. south africans have been gathering to remember their first black president. ♪ >> the nationwide day of prayer
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marks the formal start of a week of commemorations which will end with a state funeral. president jacob zuma joined some of the worshipers on sunday. >> when i say we pray for the nation is that we should pray for us not to forget some of the values that madiba stood for. that he fought for. that he sacrificed his life for. we should include those in our reflections. >> sara matasso reports. >> to resh nelson mandela and celebrate his life. people have come onto the streets and here in suweto, people have been doing what they were told to do, meet with their friends and talk about nelson mandela. this is what happened at the moment. all these people in the streets in the restaurant talking about nelson mandela telling themselves how they can be good
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people. simple, giving something to someone who needs food, giving money to someone who needs help. being a good citizen. as they count down the days until they bury nelson mandela on sunday in his ancestral home in the east. many south africans want to wish him well and make this country a better place. >> we'll be in venezuela next, where local elections are a issue. >> the end of the year on a high. tiger woods on the search of another title. staying with us.
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al jazeera america is growing and now more americans are getting the high quality, original, in-depth reporting al jazeera america is known for. >> to find out more about al jazeera america go to power of the people until we restore
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every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films from the world's top documentary directors.
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an act of terror then a rush to justice for pan am flight 103. >> the eyes of the world will be on us. >> an investigation under scrutiny. >> it looks nothing like him. somebody's telling lies. >> this was a miscarriage of justice. >> did they get the wrong man? >> there's something else going on. >> a shocking documentary event begins with: the pan am bomber on al jazeera america presents. >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> here are the headlines at this hour. >> only on al jazeera america. >> the top stories on the al jazeera news hour. there has been fighting from french troops and selica militia. african union has sent
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reenforcements. overlapping a similar area declared by china and also japan. while the expanded air space is over two islands and other disputed territories. a major pro-european union rally is underway in the ukrainian capitol kiev. protesters are angry with president ya yanukovych. a referendum on nicholas maduro. his rule has coin sited with food -- coincided with food shortages. polarized for decades.
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venezuelans, under president hugo chavez, the majority of seats were won by his party. this time the opposition hopes they do better. >> translator: my perception is, there is a growing number in venezuela who are in the middle. >> there are significant food shortages around the country. crime in the capital is surging and at 54%, the inflation rate is one of the highest in the world. economists say the economic crisis is only growing. >> translator: we are dangerously department on oil. the government has used those resources without saving. it has designed international reserves to spending. international reserves fall. >> in a country where 96% of its income is based on oil exports, for many venezuelans economic policies are failing badly.
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polls say 62 purse of venezuelans stay the government is inefficient. sunday's election will show how loyal the people will be to the government's party. and that's the case for 65-year-old francisco rala, a retiree. he says he juggles every day between markets to find food for his mother and his wife. >> i will vote for a candidate because the food stores are are hard because the shop owners hoard them. the opposition doesn't have a clear answer to solution he it offers. it crystallizes inflation, delinquency and food charges. not a country project. >> the last presidential
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election the government won by just one percentage point. but in a country immerse ed in such an economic crisis, these votes may be more than picking new are leaders. it's nicholas madura's eight months in office. >> back to barb with new news from europe. >> the front runner is the 38-year-old mateo ransi from florence. he could have won the national elections earlier this year which instead reached an inconconcludeinconclusive vote. massino franco, thank you so
10:35 am
much for joining us. first of all do you think that mateo ransi is going to win the democratic leadership of the party? >> i wouldn't be surprised if it happens. i think it's predictable that he's going to be the next leader of the democratic party, no doubt about that. >> certainly his supporters are very fervent. he is a modern face a young face in a political system that perhaps is quite old sometimes. i mean a lot of the leading politicians are 70s and 60s. but do you think he is what italy is what he wants right now? >> well, i think that of course, it's generational shift, and it's something which means that the there is a young and a fresh face. also, if he hasn't much national and international experience. i also think that there is a big
10:36 am
question mark about the attitude he's going to have to our national government. so i think that we must wait and see which the percentage of the votes will be and what the outcome will be for the national government. >> the interesting thing that could happen is that enrico letta, the president that came to power a few months ago is from the democratic party. do you see that mateo rensi could destabilize the government just from the fact that here is a leading face from the party that already has a prime minister in fact? >> well, this is actually the question. i don't know if there is already the answer. would i say that if the general interest prevails, there shouldn't be any destabilization of the government. but it depends on how much
10:37 am
orenci will have the desire to capitalize on his victory so to give an acceleration to the political situation. we don't know yet. hopefully, there will be a government which goes ahead for at least one year. but it depends, a repeat on what rensi last in his mind. >> and just a final question. when people think of italian politics they think of berlusconi who had a huge personality. do you think mateo rensi has the kind of personality, the per son persona to go into the footsteps of sylvio berlusconi? >> i think berlusconi era is over. the big problem for italy is who and which kind of parties are
10:38 am
going to fill the voids created by berlusconi. i don't know if rensi is the person. the problem is not just one man but a ruling class. so what is a big question mark? is if italy understands that we have to reveal the country from this crash. so to rebuild the political class with passions and with a number of years, or if we think that we can go forward with just one single man. i don't think this would be the right path. >> massimo franco. a commentator for italian newspaper. thank you for sharing your views with us. greece is following further spending cuts. the coalition government secured a narrow majority for the 2014 budgets which includes $4.2
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billion of cuts, economy already hit by years of austerity. the government is predicting a return to growth next year but international lenders behind dprees's economic bailout -- greece's economic ballout have disputed some of the figures. an unexploded bomb has been found in belgrade. the prime minister who went to the site to witness the bomb's removal said if it could have gone off it could have blown up the entire area. the device was taken away to be safely debt natalled. belgrade was heavily bombed by the nazi german air force in 1941. sweden, the number 1 country to grow old in. in sweden it's fared that there won't be enough health care workers to take care of them
10:40 am
all. the government is look at innovative ways to help people stay in their homes as long as possible. linda newberg reports. >> it's coffee time here. most of these residents are 80 years old and have varying degrees of dementia. vera is 98 and her room the filled with photographs and mementos of her past. this facility tries to create a familiar atmosphere for its residents. not what an elderly care facility should be, not all look like this but they could according to the head manager here. >> translator: we don't have a special recipe or philosophy. we emphasize human contact and we care for every individual's personal needs. we are just doing what is required of us by swedish law. but doing that is becoming more
10:41 am
challenging. within the next few years, sweden's earlly will outnumber caregivers and facilities. it falls on municipalities for finding solutions and technology is playing a leading role. this is the future of elderly care. a machine that lives with you in your own home. it keeps an eye on you and relatives and the medical help are just a click away. giraffe louse you to virtuallily enter the home vie a computer and internet. and conduct a visit. >> if i were your granny, what would you do for me? >> take care of people and live independently. >> can granny gets tired can she just say good-bye? >> she can say good-bye. >> see you later. >> different electronic care solution he for the elderly and the giraffe is one of the popular ones.
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>> people above 80 started to tell me a lot of situations why they could be more independent, where they could gain integrity. if they could have a giraffe in their home. >> inventions like the giraffe are saving money for swedish health care system. money essential for the future care of an aging population. linda lynnvey, al jazeera sweden. >> and that is it and for me the rest of the team in europe. now it's back to doreen in doha. >> after accusations of being a war criminal and more than a month behind bars, 85-year-old merrill newman has flown home to his family. more in palo alto. >> when merrill newman made the trip to north korea, he would not have known how difficulty a journey it was to get out.
10:43 am
but now he's back, with a simple message. >> it's been a great, great homecoming. and i'm tired, but ready to be with my family now. and thank you all for the support we got. and very much appreciated! >> newman was a soldier in the korean war and his visit to pyongyang was a long planned vacation down memory lane. he was not an ordinary soldier, the north koreans are had this film, at the ready to fight out what their propaganda calls american imperialists, newman was an enemy with the state. the two countries never signed a peace treaty, never technically
10:44 am
at peace. why the country decided to let newman go now, remains a mystery. >> after merrill comes home and has a chance to get some well deserved rest we will have more to say about hi unusual and difficult journey. for now we ask you to allow us to be with him as a family and we also ask that you not forget another american, kenneth bae. >> kenneth bae sentenced to prison. the american caught spreading christianity. he was considered more of a threat than the soldier merrill newman. considering north korea's unpredictability, it was not considered when he left goes go. but happy for his family and his wife, he returns in time for the holidays. >> motion powerful tropical storms on record, millions of
10:45 am
dollars have been donateto help those still trying to recovery from typhoon haiyan. but it will take years to get back on its feet. more than 5700 people are confirmed dead, another 1800 are missing. more than 12 million people were affected stretching government and aid resources to breaking point. only about 100,000 are in evacuation centers but as jamilla are amendoga reports, suffering at the hands of criminals. >> here in the ruined city of tacloban, the story is not a happy one. she takes me to the abandoned building to explain what happens and why she is so ashamed. like so many others here she lost her home. she now has had to figure out how to feed her 11 younger siblings. desperate to earn a living she's
10:46 am
now a sex worker and yet paid as little as 6 u.s. dollars. >> i'm forced to do this because of my siblings. i don't know how they can survive. because we are poor, and we always have to scrape for everything. i feel jealous. i know that girls like me should be going to school every driveway. day. but what can i do? i have to work. i have to help my parents to provide for my siblings. especially now. >> typhoon haiyan struck the philippines a month ago. it killed thousands of people and displaced millions more. around 10% of the country's population has been affected. the government is unable to provide for the millions of people who need food, shelter, and medical assistance. cash for work programs help employ thousands and survivors say it helps bring back their sense of dignity. but these jobs are hard to come by. one of the biggest problems here now is security.
10:47 am
the united nations estimates that around 300,000 people might have already been exploited. many of them in places where they came looking for safety. in schools and government buildings like this one that have been turned into evacuation centers. children here are unable to go to school. millions of them are living in disaster zones. exposed to abuse and exploitation. >> it's a very scary situation and it's a very similar situation. we have to go back to the situation prior to the typhoon where unemployment levels were very high here. after the typhoon communities have become even more fragile and even more desperate. that has opened up the avenue for exploitation of women and children but also of men and boys. >> as emergency help starts to dwindle people here become more desperate. there's a new way of living here they say, a life of struggle,
10:48 am
uncertainty and sexual exploitation. al jazeera, philippines. on top of the english premier league, we look ahead to their game, a little later. consider this: the news of the day plus so much mtñ
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>> iran's president has swapped his traditional copes for a baseball cap and track soot.
10:50 am
hassan rouhani has distanced himself from his predecessor, madaahmadinejad. rouhani regularly uses social media to congratulate iran's sporting achievement especially those by women. if you look at what's been happening over the next few months, there's been an increasing emphasis on improving his public relations profile. and iran's public relations profile. but what i think is quite interesting about it is it's obviously all aimed at a global audience as opposed to a domestic audience. i think the biggest danger is a lack of authenticityity.
10:51 am
authenticity we don't know whether he is actually doing it, i presume he isn't but if you contrast that with the way some of the world leaders do it, where they perhaps, they're up front about it's being done by the communications team and then occasionally they'll do a genuine piece of interaction themselves and you'll see their initial used at the end. president obama's twitter account is very rarely him but occasionally there are ones with bo at the end, which means it's really him. i would like to see that with rouhani swuns in a while. a couple of months ago, when the iranian people didn't have access to social media and to twitter. i think it's really important that if iran's trying to project a presence to the outside world, then it's got to have more reforms internally. >> now it's time for sports. ruhula's here.
10:52 am
>> fullham beat aston villa, 2-0. the gunners have only lost twice in the league this season. first win at manchester united in 21 years. >> yes, he has done remarkably well because they had difficult games. played many of the big teams in the league and very strong position in the league. we just came out of a win at man united, there was a big warning before we play these teams, they have exceptional results before we play against them so that keeps us on our toes and we know for us it's a big game. >> on to italy, wicker has set up goals for second place roma, beating filantina 2-1, began the early kickoff.
10:53 am
late kickoff in italy. with germany now, munich mass extended their lead in the bundisleg. bundislega. , scored twice for european champions. four points behind by munich, won 1-0, some dorfman is now by ten points. cricket in australia is set to take a 2-nil lead, the aussie srvesieses declared their victory. captain al stair cook, hooking for one, both hit fighting half
10:54 am
centuries, england just managing extending the match into the final day. but they still got the small matter of 284 runs to get to win the game. more realistically australia needs four more wickets. >> we got to wake up tomorrow fresh as we can and try to get these four wickets. it's not going to be that easy. have troubled us in the past. we got ocome prepared, switched on and give them early in the morning and see how we are. >> obviously it's not ideal. we have to front-up today and make sure everyone watching and playing knew we were in a battle and we weren't going to lie down and we were going to show a bit of fight and courage and be there at the end of the day. >> number 1 golfer tiger woods will take a one shot lead into the final round of the pga challenge in southern california. just after he carded a third
10:55 am
round 72. have a look at the third round. it came from the former masters champion bubba watson. four shots behind tiger woods. he leads by 2 over zack woodson. he's 11 under overall. >> zack and i are out together again, that will be fun. obviously bubba made a move today, he's right there. three guys have a good shot at it. >> european tour he broke his own record as the tour's oldest winner at age 49. he won in hong kong with a three way playoff. shot a four-under 66, 4 round total 268. teenager lydia coe has won
10:56 am
her first tournament as a professional. 16-year-old has won the swinging skirts well ladies masters in japan. she became the youngest ever person to win the new south wales championship at the tender age of 14. december 1963 during a cbs live broadcast of the army-navy game, first ever shown again using the new technology. however, cbs was so worried that it didn't work, they didn't publicize the use of the instant replay. the early confusion didn't stop it becoming a main stain around the world. instant replays one of the first invocations in sports
10:57 am
broadcasting but by no means the last. 1983, we saw the introduction of on board cameras. it was first used by nascar but very soon after took up by formula 1. hawkeye was used, very soon followed by tennis and more recently, we have had sporting events shown in 3d, everything from athletics, cricket, 3d treatment but whether it's as enduring as instant replay, we'll have to see. more on our website, forward slash sports. i'll have more later. >> all right, raul, thank you very much for the time being. for our viewers in the united states it's back to your regular programming on al jazeera america. for international viewers i'm back in a moment, good morning.
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>> on america tonight a remarkable breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. >> just a miracle... >> people who had no hope now tell their extraordinary stories. >> i thought i was gonna die...
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on america tonight on al jazeera america >> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey. south korea has declared its own defense zone. around the world, remembering nelson mandela. brace yourself. things like this are happening across the country today. >> increasing tensions in asia, south korea has declared an expanded air defense


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