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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EST

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on al jazeera america >> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey. south korea has declared its own defense zone. around the world, remembering nelson mandela. brace yourself. things like this are happening across the country today. >> increasing tensions in asia, south korea has declared an expanded air defense zone.
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one announced by china last month. al jazeera's hear faucett reports. >> south korea's announcement may be about invisible lines in the air but they extend to areas of land and sea. a submerged rocky reef, under its very obvious de facto control. these strategic waters and rocks are claimed by beijing and seoul as part of their exclusive economic zones. now south korea has asserted its rights above. >> the new korean air space defense accommodation zone has been modified to be in line with the country's flight region. does not overlap with neighboring countries. over i.odo's waters. >> seoul's move comes two weeks after china's zone of south korea and japan.
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the new zone extends larger into the larger chinese one and also of that and japan. requiring foreign aircraft to identify themselves,. >> translator: we believe this will not significantly impact our relationships with china and with japan. as we try to work for peace and cooperation in northeast asia. >> south korea's president discussed the plans with u.s. vice president joe biden during his visit last week. the u.s. state department has declared itself on the same page as seoul. an expanded south korean zone would have nothing to do with maritime jurisdiction. adding it would stay in communication with seoul. china's actions last month have given it the chance to do just that. but it leaves one part of the east china sea belonging to two
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zones, china, japan and south korea. how to manage such a complex state of affairs, equally, they could set the stage for what nobody wants, and accident conflict and increasingly contentious skies. harry faucett al jazeera, seoul. >> paying respect to the leadership of nelson mandela. a few hours ago jacob zuma and 1ie mandela attended a church service in johannesburg. alan schauffler, how are they doing that? >> a day of memory, what apartheid was and how he acted to change it.
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and also, to reflect on the work that may be left, the work ahead. here in villa kazi street in suweto, this street has been filled all day long, chanting, singing, praising mandela. we've seen the african national conference, it has been a wonderful day here. i asked one woman if it was sad or happy and she said a little bit of both. she looked arnd saying, do you see anybody crying here, any tears? of course we didn't. it has been joyous in separating nelson mandela. >> let's talk about the religious leaders that are weighing in on this national day of prayer and remembrance. what are some of those messages? >> well, here's little quick tour around some of the houses of worship in the country. from nearby regina mundi, called
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nelson mandela moonlight. he paved the way for a better future but he can't do it alone. in kundu, mandela's ancestral home, there is still hope in the hardship you face daily. had from the dutch reform church in pretoria, his church congregation had changed significantly. paraphrased him said with freedom comes responsibility, it's the responsibility of the young to take advantage of opportunities for freedom. some of the speeches coming from religious leaders around the country of south africa. again, a day of prayer and reflection called for by president zuma. >> around many days to come with many more events. can you kind of give us a run down of that?
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>> it will be a long, long week, tuesday, we know that heads of state will be gathered in one of the big soccer stadiums here that will be for the official public memorial. we believe that friday will be the formal funeral that will be broadcast to places all over this country and around the world. there will also be special prayer position set up in different cities around the country where people can go, leave memories, sign letters to nelson mandela and demonstrate their interest at remembering this man at various places around the country. it's going to be a very, very busy and historic week. >> allen we'll be checking with you soon. thank you so much. and in los angeles many are paying their respects to nelson mandela as well. he visited the city after his release to prison in 1990. brian rooney is in los angeles
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and joins us from the first earchafrican methodist church. tell us more about that, and about any special services happening there today. >> he actually came here, only a few months after his release from prison, in june of 1990. and nelson mandela was always kind of a focus. this was one of the leading churches in all of los angeles. a real community center. and they always held a candle for nelson mandela during the american years of civil rights struggle, and in those years when he was in prison they felt a connection to him which was completed when he actually came here in 1990. so you can imagine what a wonderful moment that was for him. so it's a special thing for him. there is a service dedicated to nelson mandela at 10:00 ot here this morning. of course they will be remembering him all day and for
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many years to come. we spoke to the senior pastor here just a little while ago. >> it is awfully difficult to memorialize because a memorial would be life lock for all of us, for the next four, five generations. because a person of his character, a person of his statute and commitment -- stature, will have a clear record of what he's done and i think his life will be much larger and much more impactful, in ten, 15, 15, 20, 25, 30 years now as it has been in the last ten, 15 years. >> they tell me that the night nelson mandela was released from prison in south africa they prayed here at the church all night long and when they got the news that he was released the whole place broke out into cheers. >> in many ways it's like his home church in los angeles.
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brian rooney, great wrapup there. did you want to say something else? brian rooney thank you very much. all right. the french president has issued a veiled warning to the president of central african republic. francois hollande, president of france. warning some of these images may be disturbing. >> french soldiers on foot patrol in bange, this is news to the city and welcomed by many. they are here to reassure people enough to open up shops. at the moment there's no food or medicine. there is little the french can do about the growing sectarian violence between muslims and
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crichts christians. >> we muslims have been here for 200 years. they are killing us for 200 years. killed more than 260 people. they slaughtered us. >> this is where many christians are sheltering. they are close to ban ge's airport, under protection of french and african forces. there will be another 2.5,000 african soldiers here soon. they'll head out to different parts of the country where hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes. too late for the people in this hospital. it was evacuated after attack from the fighters of the mainly muslim selica group. this hospital is completely empty, used to treat hundreds of people. what happened here on friday night and the early hours of saturday was horrific. selica forces went inside and
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dragged out injured people here, killing at least ten. nine months ago, the rebel group selica marched into ban gi bringing with it thousands of fighters. the man who led this rebellion is holed up in this military base and he won't accept his power is slipping away. how can you continue to call yourself head of state of a country that you have absolutely no control over? >> translator: it's too much to say i have no control. i control my men. the men i can't control are not my men. there is score-settling after ten years of bezize, all the crimes he's committed which he has not yet answered for. >> antibalica include members of the army of the former president
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alfred bezize, waiting for enforcements and people here are waiting for next big battle. this time round, the french and african forces have a chance of prevalenting more blood head. navine mashiri, al jazeera, ban gi. >> hundreds of thousands are out on the streets of kiev today calling for the president to step down. this is the third straight week of protest in the ukraine. al jazeera has more. >> they poured into independence square in the thousands. they know the demonstration has to be big and loud to sustain the pressure on president yanukovych. on the edged of the crowd young men prepared tactics for the worst to come. and just a few streets away squads of officers lined up in front of the presidential office. last week there was chaos
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herement people injured in a police charge. now there's a standoff. riot police at the ready at one end of the street with their shields in case of further trouble and at the other end of this 200 meters of snowy no man's land are the protestors with their flags. they're also waiting in preparation. but everyone's hoping there won't be a repeat of last week's violence. >> a solitary police hopes his presence will bring calm. >> translator: i hope the country will elect a new government and a new noble president. people who will serve this nation properly. and i hope the blood of our youth won't be spilled. >> they want the resignation of yanukovych and closer ties with the european union. they've occupied government buildings but they now face a deadline to leave by tuesday morning. no one's in a mood to give in. >> translator: i want a new government that listens to the people and doesn't treat us like
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animals. >> translator: we are here to fight for our rights, so that our kids are brought up in a good country without corruption and where everything's fair. >> yanukovych believes that he has enough support to survive with backing from moscow. the protestors realize that this crisis has now reached a crucial moment. tim friend, al jazeera kiev. >> tensions mount in tield after the -- thailand after the party's main government resigned. at least five people have been killed and hundreds injured since massive antigovernment protestprotests have begun last. calling on the prime minister to resign. winter storms, are battering the country.
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the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america
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every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films from the world's top documentary directors. an act of terror then a rush to justice for pan am flight 103. >> the eyes of the world will be on us. >> an investigation under scrutiny. >> it looks nothing like him. somebody's telling lies. >> this was a miscarriage of justice. >> did they get the wrong man? >> there's something else going on. >> a shocking documentary event begins with: the pan am bomber on al jazeera america presents.
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>> a deep freeze is covering most of the country from texas to tennessee. at least four people have been killed in a severe winter storm that caused power outages and stopped power in some areas. icy conditions closed a section of interstate 35 in dallas, system moves east, jelelah ahmed has more on this. gleel. jelelah. >> thank you, richelle. , take a look at the forecast as we track back to work on monday. be careful because i think the roads will be a little bit slippery. temperatures expected to switch over to rain, traveling along i-95 you still want to use precaution just because we are going to have slippery
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conditions. i think conditions will improve as we track wed to thursday. that moisture really ushering in out of the central plains. you could see most of d.c. all the way back over to baltimore, looking at a bit of mixed prescription, snow coming down acrossen southern and central portions of the country. lake effect snow here across i-90. so be careful across the sir queuesyracuse area. washington, d.c, philadelphia, even in new york city tonight, i think we'll see a bit of mixed precipitation because we want to be careful if we're traveling. it's snowing all the way back into iowa, portions of nebraska, as richelle said just a few minutes ago, the snow really going to be a problem through the course of the day. slippery travel conditions all through the course of the day. and as i said that snow will continual to fall across
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portions of i-35. north of dallas and oklahoma city, iowa and des moines. one to three inches of snow, again, stay on the lookout d.c. so we're going to want to be careful if we're traveling. we want to be careful if we're out there on the sidewalks and certainly if we're going to be walking around the city because -- give the folks time to treat the roadways and the sidewalks. richelle back to you. >> gleel thank tjelelah thank y. officials are encouraging people to not submit paper applications for the health care coverage the start in january. looks like the ultimate video game console, computer scientists at the university of illinois in chicago, are taking computer exrs to the extreme. ,. >> in this stunning 320° cavern
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of pixels. data comes to life. numbers transformed to a flight skimming the surface of mars. known as the cave 2, this large scale virtual real reality lab,t the university of chicago. >> war room where you hang up pieces of paper and photographs and you tape them to the walls so you can see lots of different data at the same time. but today, all data is stored in computers. and rather than print them out, and tape them to the walls, we wanted electronic walls where you could display information. >> the cave 2 can transport psychiatrists inside their patients' brains using data from an mri. these visualizations of the neural connections in the brain can provide critical information how the man feation of the mind.
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>> kind of like alice in wonder land where you can be big or shrink down the rabbit hole. you get different understanding of the data when you look at it in different sizes and relationships. >> the applications are seemingly endless. but cave 2's missions is taking zeros and 1s and bringing them together in graphic representations. in 2009 nasa funded the are project, dropping a robot into the center of the lake in antarctic. >> we had the robot running active sonar, sending out pings, through massive ice, which was tricky. and what we got back was over 50 million points. >> peter dorn headed up the
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expedition. >> it is a data set unlike any other data set. >> that data now processed inside cave 2, is providing insight into what kinds of life can be sustained. >> on the moon of jupiter, it has an icy shell and almost certain it has an ocean underneath. we are looking at this as a small scale analog. everywhere you find water you find life. >> cave 2 and its 3d visualization is one small step for computer scientists and one giant leep for explorers and researchers. >> a major break through in the fight against cancer. doctors in new orleans mean new experimental treatment can mean a cure for people with leukemia. doctors say the success rate in
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patients test so far have been stunning. still ahead, winter storms from one end of the country to the other. and the major art installation that's upsetting environmentalists in yld. colorado. future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life.
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we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news. >> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey. here are the headlines.
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south korea is expanding its air defense zone to overlap with one recently announced by china. the move by south korea goes into effect on december 15th. people across south african and the world are paying tribute to the legacy of nelson mandela. religious services are being held across the glo he be to remember one of the greatest leaders of our time. more french troops are in central african republic to help save the lives of a former french colony. more than 400 people have been killed in the past three days and a thousand have fled the capitol. controversy over the latest project by the artist cristo, suspending pieces of fabric across the river. al beban has more. >> it's called over the river and this is river. the arkansas in south central colorado. what cristo wants to do here is
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suspend hundreds of panels of silvery cloth near six miles of it in eight sections along a 42-mile stretch of the river, how the sunlight will filter through the fabric. cristo says the best way to see it is on a raft drifting through the canyon. >> that is spectacular to experience the project from inner space of the river. that is all created play a light passing under the fabric, reflecting in the water. up not down. >> chriso and his team has been working on over the river for more than 20 years. much of the project ask on protected land. >> -- is on protected land. christ orvetiochristo and his ld
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collaborator, became famous for their outsized and some say outlandish projects. over the river is no different. >> all our projects have this journey, when they are in the mind of a thousand people who try to stop us, thousand of people who try help us. i say to the opposition you are part of the project. willing or not willing you related to the project and created that energy. >> christo says that he and jean claude traveled all over the rocky mountains scouting 89 rivers before deciding this one, the arkansas was perfect for their projects. but critics for over the river say this is anything but the ideal location. >> it is on the scale of a mining operation. >> ellen bauder is vice president of the roar, which
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stands for rags over the arkansas river. >> it is a major construction project in an area of critical environmental concern. >> christo's team says they will minimize the damage. others in the region say they support the project. >> i think it will create a lot of attention for this part of colorado. and i think it will do a lot to put this area of the state on the map. >> assuming christo wins the final rounds of legal wrangling, construction will take two years and over the river will be up just for two weeks. he is known for outlasting his opponents but at 80 years old over the river might be one of the last of his where projects in a long career. al beban. al jazeera. >> check out our website
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