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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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>> hello and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz in new york. parliament calls for new elections. protestors say that's not enough. in ukraine, a symbolic gesture. as protestors topple a statute of a hero. and early venezuelan elections, as that country struggles.
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tonight the crisis deepens in thailand. the prime minister suddenly dissolves parliament and is calling for new elections. picture of thousands rallying in the capitol where it is 11:00 in the morning. opposition party resigns from conflict. and the conflict is not over yet. wayne hay has the latest. there is no indication that the prime minister will dissolve parliament, that they will change their goals. those goals have in fact changed a bit over the past few weeks. at first they said they would accept house dissolution. that quickly changed into their goal being the removal of the regime, referring to the former prime minister who was ousted in 2006 and lives in self
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proclaimed compile. his sister is now prime minister. they say the government is corrupt, this current government is corrupt and only trying to serve the interests of the the former l prime minister. house dissolution was not going to be enough. so at the moment they are continuing their push towards the office of the prime minister, government house where they say this will be their final attempt to remove this government. >> the tension between thailand's parties goes back more than a decade. since 2001 the party has won every election. it attraction voters mainly in the rural northern provinces. the democrat party has not won an election since 1992. even aafter the military ousted its party taxin chinowat has
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plifd in compile since 2006. his sister won by a landslide. protestors accused her of buying the election. last month she tried to grant amnesty to her brother. massive protests began killing are many. earlier i talked to penaton, former civil servant who served as a spokesperson for the prime minister, i asked him if a dissolution of parliament is enough to satisfy the protestors. >> it remains to be seen, originally the leader of the people's democratic reform council has rejected the police departmentary is dissolution. but we are hoping by this afternoon when they reach the government house they will be negotiation between the leaders of the two groups and they will perhaps announce to the people
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later, legally of course, the government needs to organize a new election within 45 to 60 days. >> and what happens if the protestors' demands are not met? do we expect more violence possibly in the capital? >> that is quite a concern to many people. the leader of the opposition movement demanded the prime minister to form -- not to form an interim government. they want a the prime minister to leave and allow a neutral other people to come and form the interim government. therefore, they can be -- they can be participating in a new election. that negotiation will take place today, and we are expecting to hear an announcement from the leader of the -- of the opposition movement very soon, in the next few hours. >> even with these new elections, is there much support
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and much faith that it might actually solve the corruption issue that country faces? >> that is a big problem and a big question. indeed, many different groups are now demanding that something must be done to address the problems of corruption interest, good government issues to reensure people and particularly the opposition party, democrat party to return to the normal election process. so i think that is a critical factor, paving the way to the new election. if there is a negotiation, and currently that there will be some kind of improvement to currently i think stability will improve quite quickly. >> what do you think will come out of these negotiations later today? >> yes, i think publicly the negotiation is underway, perhaps by phone, perhaps by other
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mediators. it is expected in the next three or four hours some of the leaders of the opposition movement could risk the government house. but it is not later until late in the afternoon that the leader of the people's democratic reform committee will be addressing to the nation on what his plan is for the future. >> and that was professor panatawa watanayagan earlier. embassies have advised their citizens to avoid the protest areas. main airport, they should arrive at least four hours before their flights are scheduled to leave. massive protest in ukraine are pushing for president's resignation. in kiev demonstrations are growing in both size and intensity. all with the government's close ties with russia.
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tim friend has more. >> the protests went on into night. pro tetters shouting, yanukovych you're next. some of these protestors have been camped out for two weeks and they have no intention to give pout now. the protestors have been placing flowers on the barrier between themselves and police. this relatively peaceful standoff has turned ugly before and earlier they were building up the barricades. >> if fear is that the police -- the fare is that the police will move in before the official deadline on tuesday to end the protest and occupation of government buildings. people gathered in the thousands in independence square to call for the resignation of president yanukovych. >> you are taking a stand for your future. not for me or any other representatives of the opposition. the future depends on each of
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you. we must group together and do everything to win. >> all day, riot police stood by. facing the pro-european demonstrators who are fur furios about yanukovych's failure to sign a peace deal with the eu. >> i want a new government that listens to the people and doesn't treat us like animals. >> translator: we are here to fight for our right so that our kids are brought up in a good country, without corruption and where everything's fairs -- fair. >> the crisis here is reaching a crucial moment. president yanukovych believes he can survive with moscow's help but the protestors say they are ready for a long time, to achieve their aims. tim friend, al jazeera kiev. important elections in venezuela. year of all -- year of all, the
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marian ah sanchez has more. >> it is difficult to predict what the outcome of this election will be. there are over 300 candidates for a mayoral posts and more than 2000 councilmember posts. each case will be different and it will be hours before the national electoral council will have the results. however, polls before this election were saying at least 25% of venezuelans were undecided. this is the swing vote, the vote that the opposition is hoping will gain ground, in light of so many shortcomings happening in venezuela. and there's another interesting number. 62% of venezuelans blame the president for the shortcomings, for crime, for the inflation and
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for food shortages. so it will be a challenge for president maluro if he manages to get all these are issues within government for credibility not only with venezuelans but within the government party because there are different factions within the party, the ones that are in favor of the cuban line, the radicals, the mill tarrists, the -- militarist, he has to have credibility for all these factions to back him. and that will be the main challenge for this election. >> freezing temperatures and dangerous roads are affecting a large part of the country. in philadelphia, heavy snow did not stop this nfl game from
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going on as scheduled. and snow in dallas caused this roof to collapse. bad weather led to pileup of seven tractor trailers rebecca, it is not over yet. >> it is not. you know we had a snow band set up across maryland, virginia and philadelphia that had snow rates of over one inch in an hour. it's hard to see in that area now. now changing to freezing rain and sleet before it changes to just rain. this icy band continues to bring more moisture into the picture on top of very cold air at the ground and then slowly warmer air comes on top of it and the result is a mix of snow and rain or sleet or actual freezing rain. so we're concerned about that in the northeast. overnight we are going to continue to get snow showers but
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where we are seeing most of the activity for ice is in the virginias. wesvirginia and western virgini. that spot getting the very cold air at the ground not mixing up not moving out. now new york yes we did have a little snow skirt through earlier but now we're starting to see that transition slightly, it's going to be a slippery morning commute monday. do expect some ice on the roads and some areas. just be prepared for it. because even though the showers will be spotty that snow is shifting over to just rain. and that gets to be pretty messy. when that happens even washington, d.c, well, if we get farther to the west, you see the temperatures single digits and teens. so we're going to stay with snow showers especially around the great lakes. accumulations of ice, friday it hit west virginia, kentucky, tennessee, even louisiana and arkansas had some ice
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accumulations. impressive storm. all this cold air so far south. further south to carolinas, dense fog advisory, fog, little water vapor dropless freeze on the -- droplets freeze on the road. concern for monday morning. jonathan. >> thank you rebecca. a crowd is going to stay for the official service for nelson mandela. johannesburg, area national day of prayer. members of all faith honored the former president. meanwhile a steady flow of mourners stopped by his home in suburban johannesburg. more now from al jazeera's nick schiff rin. >> nelson mandela always talked
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about a rainbow nation on behalf of all south africans who were segregated by racist rulers. nelson mandela wanted to build a nation united in diversity. at afternoon interfaith service searchesouth africans celebratee unity that nelson mandela provided them. down the road at an indian rally, perusha thanked him for the difference for her children. >> basically madiba made the change. we were basically part of the deprived lot. we had to use only the baths for indian people. >> her husband suffered the same. he remembers being humiliated
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just for eating dinner. >> we go out in the evening the buy something to eat and we have to say to the guy, sorry do you serve, and you're more than welcome to buy take aways. >> they have no idea what their parents suffered for them which was okay for them. her kids graduated from integrated colleges. one's a doctor, the other training to be a teacher. >> an awesome feeling to have brought up children in the multiracial education society and they've proofed that they can make it out. >> when did you have that opportunity? >> no. >> he's three years old. >> now the family is raising a black child and their community while not fully integrated is a little more diverse. >> only blacks only whites only colored. >> size is --
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>> today was a national day of prayer and reconciliation. amed was in 67 years including two decades in prison. >> madiba himself said, with freedom comes responsibility. freedom did not fall from heaven. >> they said good-bye to that man who gave them their freedom. >> as perusha was thanking mandela for creating a special country for her children to grow up in. nick schiffrin, al jazeera, soutsouthafrica. >> the deal is done for u.s. airways and american airlines. an air giant, what it could mean for travelers next. a remarkable breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. >> just a miracle...
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>> people who had no hope now tell their extraordinary stories. >> i thought i was gonna die... on america tonight on al jazeera america
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every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films from the world's top documentary directors. an act of terror then a rush to justice for pan am flight 103. >> the eyes of the world will be on us. >> an investigation under scrutiny. >> it looks nothing like him. somebody's telling lies. >> this was a miscarriage of justice. >> did they get the wrong man? >> there's something else going on. >> a shocking documentary event begins with: the pan am bomber on al jazeera america presents.
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>> the president of the central african republic admits he toss not have control over his country. his former allies have been engaged in heavy fighting over the last few days. killed over 400 people. france is sending soldiers which seems to be calming the situation. >> no protection for french or african forces it's better to sleep here than at home. it is some day when the -- it is sunday but the church bells are silent. the only ring to warn danger. police had no such warning when selica had killed most his family. his wife had asked him to leave his family. she thought selica wouldn't target women or children. >> i left. i found the two children and my wife dead. they put the two month old baby
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on the bed and covered him with lots of clothes. >> this is exactly what the french soldiers want to prevent. this is one of the first times we've seen french soldiers out on foot in such large numbers. these are french paratroopers and they are here to reassure people and protect them and soon they'll be disarming the various groups in this city. that isn't happening yet. the rules of engagement mean the french can only shoot when they come under attack. >> translator: there are lots of people calling us directly on the phone telling us that selica forces are attacking and when we arrive there is no one there so we have to play a game of cat and mouse. >> muslims are being killed too. these men are mourning the death of a community leader. they want the french to stay but not to interfere in their political process.
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>> translator: has to stay and france has to help us hold elections so we can choose a president deserving of that name. and lead the country. jotadea has to stay for the transition. >> there are some people who are comparing this to rwanda in 1994. the genocide there killed hundreds of thousands of people. there are differences. that was ethnic violence. here it is sectarian. and religious leaders are preaching peace, not hate. >> translator: there's a growing atmosphere of vengeance. you can't call it genocide yet. that would be imprudent. but there are an emerging force of score-settling, in central african republic society will never be the same again. >> there are many examples in history of where international forces have interveend too late. for -- veened too -- intervene
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teed late. al jazeera banghi. >> in singapore at least 27 workers have been arrested after rioting. the uprising was sparked when an indian man was hit by a bus. uncle of kim jong-il has been thrown out of office. been accused of corruption and drug abuse. his removal is the biggest political unrest since the december of kim jong-il. mexican senators have started debating a long awaited oil he are reform, profit sharing by private companies. oil and gas would remain 100% in state hands.
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although oil companies won't be granted full concessions to exploit oil and gas there will be licenses to profit from it. and that means the operation of mexico's valuable oil and gas fields will be opened up to private companies. under the reforms mexico would create a sovereign fund to manage the money generated 50 energy sector after taxes have been collected. as adam reiney reports, the energy bill is not going well with the public. >> protestors have come out in mexico city, just a day after the oil reform package was introduced in the senate. this oil reform is to make more modified the pemex, the state-run oil system. a sacred national resource. pemex was created in 1938, when
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the president nationalized the product. people marching on sunday say what they're most afraid of is give aways to private companies, to foreign companies, to u.s. based companies. in fact this oil reform package does create a system or would create a system of licenses to allow private companies to not only profit but also run some of the oil and gas fields in mexico. protestors focus their energy on the senate where the reform package was being debated. it's been surrounded by barricades and there is a heavy police presence. there's a clearly tense debate going on in mexico. it looks likely to pass later in the week but we'll see protests increase in size and volume as this goes along. the merger of american airlines and u.s. airways is set to go forward.
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al jazeera's juan los molina has the story. >> soon be one company flying under one name. supreme court justice ruth bader ginsberg consequent the merger drive ticket prices up, makes planes more crowded. >> for one it's going to eliminate overlapping routes that u.s. air and american both smaird, ticket prices are going ogo up for those. but it will also make a more efficient airlines for some ways where planes that were undersold on certain routes will now be in capacity so that will drive prices down. >> after the court's announcement the event grs of signifies the merger. becoming the new american airlines on december 9th. to win justice department approval the new mega airline
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agreed to give up takeoff and landing flights at major airlines. that will give competing low cost airlines more access to major cities like new york, boston, chi, miami, los angeles and washington, d.c. >> probably the best thing for consumers is petition. some of those smaller airlines, not so small, southwest and jet blue, an opportunity for those small esh carriers to move in. >> details are expected to be finalized by monday morning. employees of the new american airlines group are expected to be on hand at the new york stock exchange to ring the bell. juan los molina, al jazeera, new york. >> michael eaves joins us with the sports headlines.
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an injury for the new england patriots. >> rob gronkowski was taken off the field, will underglo an mri to confirm the injury. third quarter took a direct hit to his knee by cleveland browns strong safety t.j. ward. in skiing american tet liggety won his fourth grad slalom. liggety completed the course and beating body miller. it's the first time the united states has placed two giant slalom skiers on the podium at the same time. 11-1 record on the ground,
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auburn and missouri, the game will be played at the rose bowl in pasadena. sports headlines, more sports news, including nfl action coming up later. >> see you then. ahead in al jazeera america, the prime minister of thailand dissolves parliament. why they want her to step down. later in the week ahead.
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>> and welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz. with a look at the headlines tonight. ♪ >> members of all faiths answered the call to a national day of prayer to mourn nelson mandela. also a steady flow of mourners stopped by his home in johannesburg. over the government's push with closer ties with russia. more than 100,000 attended that protest. and thousands rally in bangkok
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as the crisis deepens in thailand. the prime minister is calling for new elections. the leader of the main opposition party resigned from office and the conflict is not over yet. al jazeera's scott heidley, any indication that they are satisfied with this protest? >> jonathan, had said that this is not a victory because the dissolution of parliament is not the goal they sought. they sought the resignation of yingpluck shinawatra. acting as the care taker prime minister. they wanted her to resign, they wanted the government to be shut down and the creation of a people's council, something
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that's really not in the constitution. so that's why the prime minister and the current government said, that's not going ohappen. the people have said it's a bit of a victory because the power of the people, the power i should say will be shifted back not people because now it's up to them who will run this country moving forward. and we're expecting the election either the date hasn't been announced yet and that date has to be approved by the king. that hasn't been announced yet, expecting that to happen in the next day or two, possibly on understand the tuesday and the election will probably take place the end of january, beginning of february. so we're going osee olot of campaigning starting immediately you could say, this is a bit of campaigning now. we're going to see a general vote, national vote in probably the next five osix weeks, jonathan. >> any indication scott that the prime minister might consider stepping down and putting her post up for reelection as well?
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>> she will not step down. she's been very, very strong in that sense right the way through this entire process. and she -- her party will stand for elections when it comes for this general election, this snap election, this election that's going to happen in about five to six weeks. she will -- her party will be in that election, obviously, we can say that polling, recent polling shows them still to hold the majority. so it's going to be an uphill battle for most of the party. because the ruling party still has the majority and yes, she is still the head of that party so most likely she could be right back in office, actually never really leave office, she's going to be the care taker prime minister, the way things are going now, she will remain in her position. >> okay our scott heidler? live in bangkok, thank you. now we look at the african
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future, that african national party is facing serious problems. tabo umbeke succeeded mandela, yet he faced serious objection for not doing enough for fighting hiv. he has been charged with rape, racket eager and corruption but he has been cleared of those charges. his party seemed to crack from within. strike mine workers, killing dozens, it was the single most brutal operation since apartheid. the party was once the party of the people. mike hannah in johannesburg.
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>> in the void left by nelson mandela's death an awareness of challenges to come. the growing gap between rich and poor is the most brutal reminder that mandela's promise of a better life is still to be realized. >> i think challenge we have doesn't necessarily need mandela. it needs us in south africa to face the reality that if we don't do something very logical, the young are going to revolt. the if the rich become richer and the poor become poorer then the young people will revolt. >> the fault lines have become clear, the killing of 30 people at the mericana mine last year, clear that afternoon african national congress government has lost touch with those who put it
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in power. >> if you look at what's been happening over the past few years in terms of public violence, you can see that we have many, many people who don't feel represented by those in government. and they resort to violence because they don't feel they are heard. >> and there's mounting criticism of the african national congress even from those who spent a lifetime in its ranks. a particular point of anger what is seen is the government's inability to deal with the past or deal with the problems of the present. >> we are accountable and while we see legacy issues left of apartheid, we can't in a sense bring out the ghost of apartheid as the reason why we have problems today. today's problems are our doing and requires a political solution and a new way of thinking of solutions. >> the death of nelson mandela
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signalize the end of an era, one dominated by a group of political titans bound both by friendship and the desire to create a better life for all. and as final preparations are made for nelson mandela's burial, there's a question still to be answered: whether a new generation of leaders is able to create the work begun by those who are now gone. mike hannah, al jazeera, johannesburg. >> and earlier i spoke to shonini amountquinna, a person who grew up in a south africa divided by apartheid. >> the anc has two options, continue doing same, which is the political party it is now, or it can make itself into a party of the 21st century. so it has to think about the young voters, the people who were born after apartheid, born
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even in the 1990s who are now the youngest voters in south africa, those are the voters that it has to create a strategy for, the voters they have to convince to go to the polls and vote. >> this is a crossroads isn't it? >> yes, it is a crossroads, it cannot claim just to be the party that liberated south africa, it has to create more positive claims. >> it can't rely on nelson mandela and its history. >> right. but it's about the history of libertying south africa from white rule. it is a history that doesn't build houses. it is a history that builds clinics and makes schools run. they have to try to put in place the kind of civil service that delivers that. >> because searveg has a lot of -- searve south africa has af problems it is dealing with.
11:39 pm
how much of that should be blamed on the anc, the ruling party? >> it's a bit of a balancing story. you cannot just say apartheid is gone. and not having repercussions on the country. but at the same time the anc is in charge of the south africa and they have the power to change a lot of things and they have made promises and i think that's the part of the deal which angers most of south africans, it is not that people are imagining that the anc has promised them a better life for all, and that's the slogan for the anc. if they have promised a better life for all, they better deliver a better life for all. >> what is the problem? >> it has to do with leadership, more often than not, the anc is divided about whroo it should be doing, it is a party of democracy and consensus within itself. so you can never really have a
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one person show. and because of that, some of the great leaders or people who have potential as great leaders are often side lined. >> let's talk about the protestors, who were opened fire, killed dozens, how much a pivotal moment was that for south africa? >> i think it was pivotal of pivot all because of the symbo symbolic hundreds of protestors were gunned down. but it represents a painful trend in south africa, the trend of violence. >> was it a turning point for the anc? >> i think it was. it are was in the aftermath of the mericana incident it also clamped down on the youth league leader who has now formed his own political party. so the anc has sort of split
11:41 pm
after mericana. >> we have elections next year. do you think this is the end of the anc of nelson mandela's party? >> it is not end but it is a moment of reconsideration i think for anc. they have to straz very wisely but they also have to put forward a much stronger set of policies if they want people to support them in the same way. >> brieflily you says nothing in because -- >> because a lot of south africans are going to support the anc. >> with nelson mandela on the top of everyone's mind. >> and the other parties are not offering people all that much alternatives. >> they are stuck with the anc? >> not stuck. but they keep returning the same political -- >> it has been in power a long:00, it is familiar. >> right but it has to do with the fact that the strength of the anc relies on its
11:42 pm
shapelessness amorphous -- it is a political party that offers people a bit of what they want, a little bit of left wing politics, a little bit of right wing and a little bit of the center and because of that special mix of the african national congress even when people are disgruntled with the party they still see snmg it that appeals to them. >> especially since it has accomplished great feats. >> and that historic mission and historic achievement. >> in the meantime, everyone is remembering one of their most pivotal leaders, nelson mandela. >> yes, and that moment is going to last for abit. that moment of remembrance and commemoration and also the valu valorization of nelson mandela. >> thank you for visiting us. >> thank you so much.
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the leader of pakistan visit is part of a six day trip to the middle east. he also met with troops in afghanistan and spoke in bahrain about keeping troops in that region. a team has arrived in iran today, first time they have had access in more than two years, iran has agreed to temporarily roll back its enrichment of 800 uranium. iran insists its program is peaceful. i.t. was a record breaking day. michael eaves explains. how 3d imagery is saving lives and helping to learn about new ones. from the world's top documentary directors. an act of terror then a rush to
11:44 pm
justice for pan am flight 103. >> the eyes of the world will be on us. >> an investigation under scrutiny. >> it looks nothing like him. somebody's telling lies. >> this was a miscarriage of justice. >> did they get the wrong man? >> there's something else going on. >> a shocking documentary event begins with: the pan am bomber on al jazeera america presents.
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consider this: the news of the day plus so much more. >> we begin with the government shutdown. >> answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> it seems like they can't agree to anything in washington no matter what. >> antonio mora, award winning and hard hitting. >> we've heard you talk about the history of suicide in your family. >> there's no status quo, just the bottom line. >> but, what about buying shares in a professional athlete?
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>> a computer imaging simulator can take you inside the brain, deep into the ocean and scale the surface of mars. it may look at the ultimate video game but anything but. usher careshi has the story. >> in this stunning 320° casino of pixels. the stunning surface of mars. known as the cave 2, this large scale virtual reality room. >> a project room or a war room where you haing up pieces of paper and photographs and you tape them to the walls so you
11:47 pm
can see lots of different data at the same time. but today, all data is stored in computers. and rather than print them out, and tape them to the walls, we wanted electronic walls where you could display information. >> the cave 2 can transport psychiatrists inside their patients' brains using data from an mri. these visualizations from the neural impressions of the brain. >> you get a very different perspective kind of like alice in wonderland where you can be big or you can shrink down the rabbit hole. you get different understanding of the data when you look at it in different sizes, different relationships. >> researchers say the applications are seemingly endless, taking zeros and ones so bring them to life. in 2009 nasa funded the
11:48 pm
endurance research project to research extreme underwater environments. dropped a robot into the antarctic's are lake bonny. >> through a very thick salt layer which made the math a little tricky and what we ended up getting back was over 50 million points. >> university of pennsylvania peter dorn headed up the exed expedition. >> what kind of life can be sustained in icy bodies of water beyond our planet. >> the moon of jupiter europa, most certainly has an ocean underneath. we are looking at this as a small scale analog of what that life may..
11:49 pm
on earth everywhere you find water, you find life. >> 3d visualizations are one small step for computer scientists and one giant leap for explorers. usher kareshi. al jazeera. how about a robot, the giraffe. it has a camera that allows relatives keep an eye on their parents. it allows the elderly to be more independent. >> well, all eyes were certainly on the saints today. big game for them. >> huge game for them as we get closer and closer to playoffs, to give them a commanding position for the race in the
11:50 pm
south. carolina panthers enter the nfc south, tied in the division with 9 and 3. tonight they played in the from dome where the saints have yet to lose. drew brees passed the 50,000 yard passing mark, with peyton manning and john elway. are 31-13 win. by the way the six total touchdowns in this game pushed the nfl to 90 on the day setting a new league report. in the bay area, the niners spoiling the seahawks cps easily won the last two meetings but the seahawks lost three straight road, colin kaepernick gave the
11:51 pm
niners 16-14 lead, 22 yard field goal, by dawson with 26 minutes seconds remaining, 19-17 win. eagles running back leshawn mccoy, touchdown runs of 57 and 40 yards. the eagles would go on to post the 34-20 victory. john henry smith has more from philadelphia. >> after the philadelphia eagles defeated the detroit alliance, admitted he felt the snow wasn't really going to start until after half time. well, we were able to see all game long that he needs a new weather person. but also, it appeared that the eagles team themselves did not believe that the game started until after half time. they played very sluggish in the
11:52 pm
first half. alliance led, but eagles blazing in the second half, scoring touchdowns on five straight possessions, the big damage doer was eagles running back leshawn mccoy ran for a league record 217 yards and he did it against a defense ha that hadn't given a rushing touchdown in eight games. >> i think everybody is so intim intimidated and scared of their front guys. my team took a challenge and stepped up. the whole week they talked about us running the ball and giving us different matches one on one. not just myself, but the backed we had, one on one opportunities we're going to win. >> the eagles go to 8 and 5 and they tray a more commanding position in first place here in the nfc east. the detroit alliance fall to 7 and 6, now where they appear to be a clear spot to an nfc title,
11:53 pm
the green bay packers seem live to take that from philadelphia. i'm john henry smith al jazeera. >> let's take a deeper look. seattle, new orleans, philadelphia and detroit lead their divisions, with carolina in clear position for a playoff bid. arizona and dallas, the cowboys play the bears tomorrow and if they win they would technically be the leader in the nfc east, they hold the tie breaker over the eagles. six, 66 and 1. matt prater, 62 yard field goal, longest in history. atop the afc with 11-2 record. south division title for the colts. denver and indianapolis have
11:54 pm
already clinched playof playoff, many many chargers despite their 6 and 7 records. college games, last two weekends gave us some of the most exciting games of the season. those moments all led to the place tonight, as expected number 1 and undefeated florida state will face sec champion auburn, miraculous win, and plus, ohio state loss last night to michigan state in the big 10 title game. the game will be played at the rose bowl monday, january 6th, feature an sec team for the 8th straight year. two time defending champion
11:55 pm
alabama will clemson will play ohio state on january 3rd, big 12 champion new jersey state, and fiesta bowl played in phoenix, big 12 champion baylor and central florida. any indication of what the bowl season is going to be like, you might get some comfy shoes watching these games down to the wire. >> thank you michael. next rebecca and the storm affecting most of the midwest. next.
11:56 pm
>> and now, a techknow minute..ñ
11:57 pm
>> temperatures are 20° below normal on the west coast an you know we're not going to leave the west out of this cold air that the east coast is getting. but look at where we're at. as we go to the pacific northwest, 3° tomorrow as a high -- i'm sorry that's a low. thank goodness that's a low for spokane. so many places starting out far below normal.
11:58 pm
you can just imagine the warnings and advisories in place. in fact we now have a little bit of snow expected in the southwest coast all around to the willamette valley. you know you put a bit of snow on hills you're going to have some problems driving. so that's why we have the winter weather advisory issued now for parts of oregon. the areas of orange from southern idaho into nevada that's a wind chill warning it's going to feel very, very cold because of the wind factored in with those cold temperatures. winter weather advisories in place because we're going oget snow and wind chill and icy spots on the roads. then you go to california where it's not sunny nice warm cozy california it's called hard freeze in the mountains and a freeze warning issued for places down even just east of los angeles. a lot of weather going on and a big concern is there's fog, cold temperatures, if you see fog that means the little bit of
11:59 pm
water vapor will glais over, you won't see the -- glaze over, you won't see the ice and your tires will slide. cold freezing rain and ice in the northeast but what's happening is warmer air is going to continue to erode that cold air in place so eventually by the time we get past around 9:00 a.m. in new york city, the roadways will improve. until then drive like there's ice on the ground because that's going to be the situation maryland to delaware aall the way to boston as well. great lakes you are going oget a bunch of snow, cuc couple of in. wisconsin, memphis, highs, 20s and 30s, across the board. it is a chilly day ahead with more moisture on the way and more freezing drizzle in spots.
12:00 am
>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz with tonight's headlines. defense secretary chuck hagel has arrived in afghanistan. the trip is part of a six day trip to the middle east. met with troops in afghanistan and bahrain and spoke about keeping u.s. soldiers in that region. thousands are rallying in bangkok as the crisis deepens in thailand. the prime minister suddenly dissolved parliament and calling for new elections. earlier the country's main opposition party resigned from congress. the demonstration erupted


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