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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 9, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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i don't think i have ever seen the commemoration of a death of a hero like it have here. >> dignitaries from around the world, arrive in johannesburg, taking part in tomorrow's historic memorial. rivals unite. technology's biggest names ban together to battle government spying. they want your data kept private. and treacherous
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conditions from case rounding ice in dallas to snowy highways. slow travel across the country. congress is focusing on a new type of plastic gun that can pass through metal detectors undetected and some of them can be made at home. libby casey is on capitol hill with more. the senator passed that means there were no objections an extension of this law. the house has already passed it, so we beat that midnight deadline, it goes to the president for his signature, he is
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traveling in south after ca, so it will be signed likely by auto pen, which is legit. it means the law becomes on the books. here is the deal, the law has been in place since 1988, because members of congress wanted to make sure any plastic guns contained at least one metal part. that way they cannot pass through a metal detector without setting often an alarm. that has been in place until now. so what restrictions were proposed? >> so this just continues the status quo. determines wanted to make sure these 3-d printer guns that you could create at home using a three d. printer would be outlaws. here is the deal, if you can product a plastic gun that has a removable metal component that means you can take it out and bass through a metal detector without anyone knowing that that little metal piece ultimately goes toward as gun.
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so they want add close a loophole that would disallow any metal pieces from being taken out. senator chuck shimmer was a leadner this effort. he spoke on the senate floor tonight before his attempt fails. let's listen to him explaining what he wanted to do. >> we would like to do the senator from florida and i is say, that those types of guns as well as guns that are purely plastic should be illegal. and a gun must have some metal in it that can't be removed easily. those guns would be legal, but those guns couldn't be smuggled through metal detectors. >> so senator schumer worked with bill nelson of florida and other members of new jersey, on this. they put aside their fight today, because they couldn't get enough votes for it. they do hope to bring it up again over the course of the next year.
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>> all right, thank you very much. and anyone with a believe d. printer can make a gun and other things at home. jake ward has been checking out this new technology. jake, what have you found out? >> john, really, everyone right now is exploring the implications is i think food's bill is just the beginning. they regularly use it. and even the military has explored things like rifle parts or whole boats out in the field. now the idea of believe d. printing of a plastic gun is frightening enough, but i recently found someone that can use three d. printing to get through almost any locked doors. >> a year ago, azoo a start up founder and vice president of a tech company here in san francisco, bout a $1,000.03 d. printer. he made a couple of puzzle pieces and hen he started to make keys. >> i have constantly
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locked myself out of my apartment. in fact, i picked up lock pick set, just so i could block pick my way back in, and then realized hey, instead of walking all the way across town, three blocks to a lock smith to make a copy of the key, i can just print one at home. >> he realized that he could make other people's keys just by taking pictures of them on a cell phone. hi says he can now photograph any key, literally one just sitting on a bar, feed it through a printer. >> key is very simple. all you have to do is outline the shape, and as soon as you have that, you have the key. isn't the thickness important? >> it just has tock thin enough to slide it. all of these things on the side, they are are just red herrings. they just look complicated. i have a book which has
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the top five key types, and that covers 95% of the u.s. my hope is that people realize is that keys are terribly outdated. and these things are really just senses of false security. and we have to move to something much better. three d printing transforms what it means to make or own or sell something. suddenly forbitten possessions aren't possessions at all, they are just plans that can be downloaded and printed at will. w the right plan use can make anything. >> once you can see a secret, you can is make that secret. the secret is the share.
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get out of town. >> that's -- that is amazing. >> yeah. >> now you d't ever need to get your key replaced. >> wow. >> 3-d printing may still be in its infantsy, but as the project reveals it has the potential to change all of our ideas about property and privacy in the future. it really changes our motions of what possession is all about, and especially when it comes to things that are forbidden or highly regulated. >> so i have a lot of questions how many of these exist in the u.s., and do people need certain knowledge and education in order to pull off that feat that we just saw? >> you know, the industry has been around since the 80's, but this $1,000 price point which is really what makes these successful to anybody, has been around for a few years. that said, there are many
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hundreds of these printers in circulation now. and it takes a certain amount of work. a very very smart guy, he started his first company in his 20's and just one of these geniuses, but it's getting easier and easier to make it, and at this point, there are distributed plans on the internet where you pretty much have to download them and print them out, and they will make almost anything you like. >> so there are some negatives here. that lets anyone fund a public project that has been made possible by three d. printing. people can make custom watches, all kinds of life saving devices, students at medical schools can prototype medical equipment. and really rapid order.
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so it is quite revolutionary, but the privacy is brand new. >> jake, thank you very much. >> now all this comes days before the anniversary of the deadly mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. families have banded together. the website shows along with charities related to the victim, the families say they will light a candle on saturday. now to the memorial for south africa greatest son. where in just a few hours a goaf flow crowd is expected to honor nelson mandela, it is the same stadium where the former president made his appearance three years ago. the arena has seats for 95,000 people and president obama is one of
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those scheduled to speak. he and the first lady left washington this morning headed to that event, traveling with them, a former president george w bush, and wyatt laura, meanwhile, one of the mandela's daughters joins the hundreds that will continue to stop by the families home in suburbans johannesburg just to pay tribute. president obama is part of an impressive list of world leaders attending tuesday's historic event, a look at who is going and who is not, from our jonathan bets. close to 100 have r super bowlcps so far. the queen of england can't make it but prince carl can. british prime minister will join nearly every other european head of state.
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so is the palestinian president, but not israeli prime minister. he is concerned about the high travel and security costs. other no shows include russian president vladimir putin, and the dalai lama. china has made it very difficult for him to travel. all these powerful people will be in one huge soccer stadium. so obviously it is a big target. an entire airport in fact has been set aside just for the vips. so security in south africa will likely be the tightest it has ever been. >> i am sure the teams that where charged with security. >> hundreds of thousands are expected, enormous spill over areas are being set up. that will likely be the world's largest memorial
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service in decades. jonathan bet, thank you, as you just saw former president jimmy cart her be among the dig nit tears attending the memorial. earlier today, we will hear some of that interview just ahead. it is cold and rainy, it will get that way, so not a lot going on on the streets right now. the final where the last cup was played, it was the last public appearance back in web that's where his memorial will be tomorrow, barack obama many many world leaders will be there. it is cold and rainy tonight, it is subdued
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but they have come into town, if you are in the sheets you will see these police going through. he was a president that in the 70's said i will do business with a post apartnershiptize south africa, even when ronald ragan refused to do that. he said all the time he has known nelson mandela, he never thanked jimmy carter for what americans did, he thatchinged him personally for what he and his daughter did. >> i never heard him say that he was grateful to the united states. he was grateful to cuba, he was grateful to others that spoke up for him while he was still in prison. he was grateful to the people that condemned the apartheid regime. but i don't think that he felt that his freedom and the change that took place in south africa was
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attributable to the wrights. when i first met nelson mandela, i think it is one of the first times he left south africa. he was with his first wife winny. and the first thing he did is congratulate me on having a daughter who had been arrested three times in college demonstrating against apartheid in south africa. that was a minimal contribution i would say that was made in america, my caughter and a few other college kids. it wasn't the top politicians. >> so he was very grateful, nelson mandela traveled to america several times he had remarkable relationships with american presidents and he loved the american people, but he didn't officially think that america as a national government did enough to
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help the end of apartheid. >> i know you went around johannesburg, and got a chance to go to one of the poorest areas tell me what you saw? >> a lot of the south africans leer are meeting in the area called san up the, that's where the memorials are. it is one of the richest places in africa, they say there are many millionaires there that anywhere else. it is home to the wealthy whites and now this group of black whose have moved in. but just alongside that, they couldn't live in the cities proper, it is built for 70,000 people. there may be anywhere from three-quarters of a million people living there, and some of them are still in shanties. beautiful small houses, that have lighting and have heat, and have
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water, but there are shanties with rats going through them, and we spoke to some people there that say the promise has not been lived up to. they don't know whether it will get better, they are not hopeful it will get better. they are not hopeful this government can change things. so as much as there are remarkable economic promise fulfilled and there is, it is still having trouble growing a black middle class, and it is still having trouble extracting people from poverty and giving them good housing. he may have ended apartheid, but he did not solve the economic problems. >> you once lived in south africa many years ago, coming back to south africa for this sad and celebrated event. >> it is a very different south africa that i lived in 1996, when apatite had just ended. the new government was
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new -- it is much more modern. things have come together quite well, it used to be a very dangerous place, now it is just a somewhat dangerous place to be. but south africa is moving and there's no one you will meet that tells you there hasn't been some movement, the issue is where it is where people had hoped and dreams it would be, it is not that. it is stimvery much a place of hope, and the feelings for nelson mandela run strong through the country, at least the parts i have seen today. >> all right. we look forward to speaking with you again in the near future. and al jazeera america will provide special extended coverage of tuesday's memorial, our coverage begins at 4:00 a.m. eastern, and 1:00 a.m. pacific time. united states and european union are both urging officials to use restraint against protestors in the streets of ukraine.
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the concern about the situation, actor george clooney and actress hayden have voiced their support for antigovernment protestors as well. >> they are demanding he resign, they say they want the family out of politics. here in the united states, parts of the northeast are bracing for another round of ice, snow, and bitter cold. after a very wintery weekend, storm conditions have created dangerous driving across the u.s. much of the 1500 flights have been canceled nationwide. and check out this amazing video from
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dallas, which was hit hard by an ice storm. cameras captured sheets of ice sliding off the building. in baltimore, several schools were closed today after school buss were left out of commission from all the snow and ice. >> we are having a little bit of a break. you can see how the rain is pushing off into the atlantic, but tomorrow morning at about 9:00 o'clock in the morning, to about 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon, we expect to see quite a bit of snow here, across eastern parts of pennsylvania and new jersey, and new york, as well. two to four-inches of snow.
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>> that's where we are really concerned about, if you are on the roads even midday that's where we will see the biggest problem. it is going to be a problem, after 5:00 o'clock, we think that the snow is going to end unfortunately, the temperatures are still going to be low enough that the snow is going to stay on the ground. >> criticizing the nsa, bill clintonia group of major tech companies all have a message for this spy agency. plus, the role the u.s. is now playing to try to help bring peace to the central african republic.
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extraordinary stories. >> i thought i was gonna die... on america tonight on al jazeera america
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[become is the biggest big name to speak out against the former. the economic information should never be collected under the pretext of security, his comments follow reports that the nsa gathered records from brazil's stake oil company. eight tech giants are also preparing to speak out against the nsa, google, facebook, twitter, and others all calling for tighter controls on government surveillance. >> hidden -- are hordes of u.s. spies. so many that oversight procedures had to be created to ensure that
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they weren't all spying on each other. it is the latest incite into whistle blower edward snowden. but also amido the 48 million users at microsoft x box nine network. microsoft is among the technology that has written an open letter to congress. they say they understand that governments have ioduretty. and they go on to say, the balance in many countries is tipped too far in favor of the state, and away from the rights of the individual. rights that are ensliped in our constitution, this undermines the freedoms we will cherish. the main demand is an end to bulk data collection. >> u.s. internet companies have cooperated with the national security agency surveillance, some insist
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only under legal pressure. they feel that unless safeguards are brought in, they will find alternatives. last week, president obama suggested change may be coming. >> i will be proposed some self-restraint on the nsa, and to initiate some reforms that can give people more confidence, but i want everybody to be clear, the people of the ns action generally, are looking out for the safety of the american people. >> the only changes that are being concerned focus on the use of u.s. citizens data. international data is still felt to be fair game. by washington. coming up at 11:00 eastern, what may be able to learn about spying on video gamers. things are getting messy with the washington red
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skins. >> a lot of drama. washington head coach, refeudses to comment on a report that he was going to quit after last season, because of a strained relationship, and his treatment to start quarterback the third. beesoming him which is a change from his previous status. he is concerned he is getting hit too off, plus they are 3 and 10 on the season. this next video is nasty. they sited rob's done for the year. now it is a clean hit according to the rules for the two time pro bowler and obvious pain has tock carted off the field, and according to multiple reports an mri revealed today that he has a torn acl and mcl in his right knee. in the season is over.
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>> and tom glavine nice to see him going with one or both. >> those pictures of govern are tough. >> it is nasty. >> all right, thank you very much. it is better than cutting coupons how one super market is able to provide high quality foods huge discounts. plus, out of work, and soon out of money, while millions of americans can soon be losing their unemployment benefits.
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power of the people until we restore our fr
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add home, and can passd through metal detectors uno tied. ice, snow, and a bit of cold have been slowing travelers from coast to coast, winter weather, watches warnings all posted from arkansas to main, more than 1500 flights have been cancel sod far. today, one of mandela's daughters that continue to stop by the family home. she said she wanted them to know the family affection they had for her father. now the deadly violence in the central african republic. is pledged support from the u.s. to protect its civilians caught in the cross fire. the pentagon authorized military transport planes to carry french troops. and defense secretary
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gave the order sunday after france's defense minister asked for the u.s. for logistical assistance. a closer look. >> this is the wig international story along with the funeral preparations and the republic is a vast country. let's take a look at it. it has a land area of 240,000 square miles and it is located smack in the middle of the continue independent, south sudan to the east, the giant democratic to the south. now to give you some idea of how big the car is, you can put spain, and porch ball and europe together, and it's bigger than they are. according to the world bank, last year, 2012 it had a population of almost 4.6 million people. two main language spoken is french. now, the c.a.r. rarely
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made is muse until march of this year, when they seized power from the then christian president. ruffly ten pest of the population that's a whopping 460,000 people have been displaced by the fighting approximately 1.1 million people are camped outside the capitol, and thousands of them are being sheltered. now a small regional peace keeping force that was sent there earlier this year, they have been unable to stop the rebel taker and the president is the first muslim leader and although he dispannedded the rebel group that helped him to win power, they continue to launch attacks.
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chris than militias are fighting back. he admitted last week, that he had lost control of the country. by sending in a further 1600 u.n. blue helmet peace keepers. they are all from fran. their presence has help add little bit so far, but the time is running out, and the fear is that if the bloodshed continues it will soon spread over the other countries of the region. john. >> thank you very much. and today in the stat aftercall republic, french troops have been battling with the rebels they are trying to disarm. french officials say it will take some time. more on the tense situation in the capitol city. just looking like a
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muslim here and make you a target. they say he is a general, they want to kill him. he says he is just a local businessman. they arrest the man, taking him away. >> in another suburb of the city, a man is carries to safety, he has been stabbed. locals accuse him of being part of anti-balica, a mainly christian group. >> we asked where he was from, he couldn't tell us. >> french soldiers have a difficult task, there are thousands of armed people in the city, and french forces are under a u.n. mandate to disarm them. the french stop this pickup, they are told to move away from the vehicle. the french soldiers here
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say they found weapons and grenades inside the cars of these men. the cars have been confiscated you can see they are arrested with their hands behind their backs. french soldiers have told us these mean are the same people responsible for an exchange of fire earlier, close to the airport. >> our priority is the same. it is to security this zone so we can give more peace and a future for these people. most people here welcome what is happening. they want the french to do more. >> we are really happy with what the french have done to disarm the sell ca, by taking this stance in our country, we are encouraging. we want them to go into the neighborhood to take the weapons from the armed houses. these are tense times. there is no army or police on the streets,
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only some african forces and french soldiers. after daying of kills some people have had enough. they are out for revenge. al jazeera, bangu. >> he is meeting with prime minister. now, drones are p toking the agenda.
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>> the first thing sarah does is get her unemployment benefits. >> that's the first thing, get the money. >> the rest of the week, her full time job is getting a job. >> 3:00 this morning i was up on the computer. >> she has been out of work since january, and joined the ranks of a long time unemployed. jobless for more than 26 weeks. >> i sent out 25 resumes a day. >> her last job paid $28 an hour. things are tighter now. >> i am on pins and needles. >> but not everyone thinks there is benefits should be extended past december 28th. >> it would be bet tore move back to their standard 26 weeks. the idea of unemployment is to be a accusation when you lose work, to give you a little bit of time to search, it isn't to be a permanent replacement. >> new jersey unemployment rate has consistently been once% higher than the rest of
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the country. for me the job search has been grueling. >> she was on disability for a while, and welfare, and registered for unemployment three months ago, if congress doesn't ebb tend benefits her 152-dollar as week will drop to 132. if that happens she is worried about how she will feed her new baby and pay the rent. >> i say for those who are in debt with the government, who have -- go and have $100 lunches, and dinners, we live off of $2.50 a day. of food. >> she says she will try to find odd jobs. will do whatever she can to make ends meet.
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and of critics she says she doesn't want to live this way. >> all the motivation in the world cannot make someone hire you. >> back in new jersey, a ray of hope for sarah. >> all right, great, thank you. >> i got a job interview, y'all. >> newark, new jersey. >> while many americans are still relying on unemployment to get by, others are counting on their pensions. that's why some of the people in the town of stockton california are watching what is happening in detroit. preparing the r the holidays. a maritime of year for alfred and his wife. they student have any real concern of what happened to the people. if they lose their
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pension, then i will probably use my house. >> in the era of boom. imcolludeing a stadium and marina, and providing a generous, some sigh exorbitant plan for employees. when they finally filed for bankruptcy, the plan made cuts just about jeff where, such as police officers and firefighters. this is an ugly ugly thing. bankruptcy is something we wish we didn't have to do. once you get there, you don't have a lot of options to get out. >> one thing stockton would not cut, pensions. the proposed plan would not only protect pensions it would allow benefits to grow at the same rate as before. that, says chrisics, would not be sustainable.
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bankruptcies follow federal law so when a federal judge make as decision, it can impact other cities. you have a federal decision colliding with state laws. because we are dealing with the it is between states rights and the tent amendment, this will likely have to be decided at the supreme court level to get to anance. >> california state law protects public pences, stockton has come up with other ways to reduce costs, including abandoning retiree healthcare. >> we have made drastic reductions can reduces the liability we have for the opinionses going forward. we have also made drastic reductions in the aux call pay that our employees receive.
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our contention is we already lost our medicals. we have taken a hit. it isn't like all the creditors have taken a hit, we did, a big hit. >> it's become a complicated legal matter, but one to follow closely for alfred and others like him across the country. who face a less security, and cozy future. al jazeera, stockton, california. >> there are discount stores and then there's something called the social super market. it is new, and it could be a game changer, the deals aren't for flat screens and smart phones. it's for food. as security measures take hold nationwide, here in the village, the very poor are getting poorer. but this new community super market hopes to help those most in need. some of whom have been relying on handouts and emergency food banks to survive. 500 locals have been
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offered exclusive membership together with key cards to access the store. >> community shop is a social enterprise, it is about using food for social good and the people that benefit the most from that are those people on the cusp of food poverty. >> all the food and goods here come from the countries large super markets that for some reason or another would have been thrown away. maybe misshapen or simply mislabeled. but this store is about much more than low cost food, it's about encouraging people back into main stream society. >> . >> i have been here twice since they opened. people around here don't have a lot of money, so it is easier to feed your family. >> more than 1,000 similar stores have opened in spain and greece during the global recession, 20 more are planned for the u.k. next year. >> nigel is also set to benefit from the new super market he managing
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cost by growing his own food. in super markets and stuff, they really are. it is really nice. like many this year, often forced to choose between eating and heating his family home. >> we average probably 15 pounds a week on electric, and same on gas. the estimated choice on what you want. >> the u.k. is the world's 6th largest economy, but one in five live below the state poverty line. hard times now call for creative solutions. al jazeera, south josh shire. >> it is time now to go to washington, d.c., joey chen standing by to tell ughs what is coming up at the top of the hour, hi,
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joey. >> tonight we will look at a remarkable treatment that could be a real break through for certain cancers. it use as life threatening virus to treat cancer. it is for certain leukemia patients, and the virus is the same one that caused aids, tonight we will hear from researchers at two different medical centers about what they have seen so far, and how important it may be to the future of cancer treatments. you can see them under a micro scope, but the t cells become what would have been called serial killer cells they go from one tumor cell to the next and kill them. >> a full report on what doctors tell us could be a real game changer that's coming up at the top of the hour. >> all right, thank you very much. the ballots have been counted and we now know who will be heading to new york, for a chance to
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take home the heisman trophy this weekend. up next with sports. plus, annie lennox has sold 80 million records, but what she is most proud of, her ties to nelson mandela.
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singer, a writer, andr, a tonight she is speaking out about nelson mandela, and the role he played. his work encouraged her to do the same. nick shiver has more. anni lennox has sold 80 million records, she has won four-grammies but nothing has meant more to her in her fight against aids. >> she would be here today taking care of them. >> lennox has been an activist for a decade, all thanks to nelson mandela. >> we all went to robin island, and he gave a speech about aids.
8:48 pm
he spoke about how the pandemic was really a genocide. >> our greater enemy. >> and to witness mandela describe the hiv aids pandemic as a again no side, shook me to the core. >> we went to this hospital, in the township, this was specifically for people that were infected with aids the very first person in that hospital was a dark skeleton, with bulging eyes glazed eyes who was probably going to die, and it was shocking because it was like bang, this is what aids looked like. >> her viewed shifted. mandela's did too, as president he had done little even though every day but after retiring he revealed to the country his own son died of aids.
8:49 pm
mandela lifted a national taboo. >> in doing that, they stood in solidarity together. he did a lot of incredible things for hiv people. >> you can break the silence. talk about hiv and aids. let us use the universal language of music, to sing out our message around the world. >> inspired by mandela, lennox wrote an anthem of empowering. ♪ let your voice be heard ♪. >> there was a conspiracy of silence here and el where. i much prefer to use music as platform for the collective benefit of others. rather than just entertainment, people weren't getting access to treatment, and that's what we were campaigning for. >> that campaigning proved successful.
8:50 pm
today medicine is reaching rural areas. 98% of mothers give birth to healthy babies but advances are fragile. >> my efforts are very much about amplifying the voice of young women and girls, rape and violence are the drivers for the hiv pandemic. you are not hearing the message of condom use, you aren't seeing that enough. so lennox is still singing that anthem. and she credits mandela for inspiring her to become an agent of change. >> the concern will be who can fill that void. and the answer is no one can fill that void. going on from that i would say we can all fill the void. each one of us, by learning from his example. >> al jazeera, capetown south africa.
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>> ross is back with sport as lot of excitement surrounding the heisman. question have four quarterbacks -- forked seas presentation of the heisman trophy. honestly, people, everyone is playing for second place. 138 touch downs while leading the seminoles to the number one ranking. the other contenders include last year's winner who could become the first back to back trophy winner. and 75, now it is very likely that will have another red shirt freshman win the heisman, and earlier tonight, i spoke to our college insider about the impact that these underclassman are making. look at a guy like johnny manzell, i think that has helped him, so in the off season he spent as lot of time with him. he has god given talent. people were comparing him
8:52 pm
to charley ward before he even took a snap. and he has proved us all right. i think these guys are coming in. they are more composed, i think they are better trains they have been in the weight room more, and i think they are able to compete with these tougher older guys, more so than they have in the past. >> all right, it's been a rough year for patriots tight end. now his season is over because of another injury, you may want to close your eyes because this is nasty. his tore his rcl and mcl, after getted whacked by t.j. ward. now it was a clean hit according to the rules but that's the trade off. now it seems like they are going low and messing with the person's career. chimed in earlier tonight on whether we will have another rule change because of these devastating knee injuries.
8:53 pm
i don't believe you will see another career change, after what they have seen happen with junior say you, dementia, and the brain injuries that they are seeing taking place, with players who played before they had all these rules, is much more damaging to the future of the nfl. thank knee injuries. i will give you some stats. this season alone there's about 50 acl injuries that have taken place. only 75 pest of them, though, 75% were noncontact. so even with those stats i don't think it is enough to feel like a knee injury is more severe than a brain injury.
8:54 pm
claiming he was going to resign after last season, because of the strained relationship with snyder, and his treatment to quarterback robert griffin the third, what's the latest update? >> my sources in washington, d.c. are telling me, really, the bigger issue is the relationship between rg three and his offensive coordinator kyle shannon happen. so kind of look at that dynamic. you have the own who is very tight with his quarterback who doesn't like his offensive coordinator who by the way, his father, is the head coach. so it has gotten ugly, i don't see shawna happen coaching spinal into 2014 who wants that job. who knows, because he is a very hands on owner, i don't see a guy like john grueden who just reuped with espn, or bill carr,
8:55 pm
a number of those high profile guys that teams want, but i do not see mike there after this season. after 16 seasons in the bigs roy halladay has decided to call eight career. halladay was a two time cy young award winner who also pitched a perfect game in 2010, and in his fist post season appearance, he throw a no hitter. the 36-year-old sign add one day contract with toronto, so he could retire as a blue jay where he spent his first 12 seasons. a careered earned run average of 3.8. k sun believable. and hit the 19 win mark in two other seasons while playing with the blue jays and phillies, he said that he wanted to spend more time with his family, and of course he had a back issue, and of course sometimes the back body. >> more mature, it
8:56 pm
happens. >> thank you very much. and kevin has more on the snow when we come back. tñ every sunday night al jazeera
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yesterday in philadelphia, they saw 3.8 inches of snow in one day, that is more snow than they saw all of last year. now, we have a little bit of a break. you can see right now the rain showers pushing out. by tomorrow the next wave is coming. two to four inches of snow. from connecticut down towards probably parts of philadelphia as well. the big problem tonight is up here. we are going to be seeing a lot of wind up here. that means the snow that is falling, is going to be going basically horsily, and we will be losing our visibly down to less than a quarter of a mile. you can see right there, north and south dakota. fargo is at zero, and we
8:59 pm
are going to be seeing the wind chills bring that way down, fargo feels more like 23. look at chicago, it feels like minus 16 degrees. warnings in effect here, if you are on the highway, you need to definitely be careful because that visibility will come down without notice. so -- minneapolis, yo lu be seeing delays. easing up a little bit on wednesday. still very cold throughout the rest of the week. not see any snow, but we are going to be seeing those temperatures really not getting above freezing for many locations. actually on tuesday, the high temperature will be about two degrees. if that wasn't bad enough, how about down to florida that's good news there, orlando tomorrow, 83 degrees that's a look at the national weather, have a great evening.
9:00 pm
>> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler. here are top stories. capitol hill lawmakers, have agreed to ban plastic guns. it doesn't take new technology into account. plastic guns can be made at home using 3d printers and there's concern they can pass through metal detectors unnoticed. >> i don't think i've ever seen a commemoration of the death of a hero like i have here in south africa. >> former president jimmy carter is one of leaders in south africa to be part of the commemoration for nelson mandela. crowds will


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