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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 11, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EST

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in kiev,right police with baton's and bulldozers cracked down on anti-government proceedtestors. u.s. secretary of john kerry saying he is disgusted with the decision. >> a bi-partisan dujt deal comes together that could prevent another government shutdown. president obama says it's a good first step. now, it needs approval from the house andnate. south africans line the streets to say good xwe to nelson mandela. for the first time in the history, a woman will run a major car company. general motors taps mary barra to be its ceo.
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>> welcome to al jazeera america. i am stiff knee sy. riot police are moving in ukraine. they began tearing down barricades and tents on tuesday. but then the size of the crowd doubled. demanding the resignation of the president. al jazeera tim friend is in kiev with more on how lawmakers are trying to end the stand-off there is a stand-off. riot police are just a few meters away. they are almost face to face literally with proceed tenters. riot police turned up in huge numbers. perhaps 500 of them on various points of the square. they then moved towards the
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protesters' barricades and on the order, they broke through. and then they moved towards the center of independence square, which has become the symbolic center of the proceed european protesters and pinned them in hard up against the stage where now, we are hearing them sing the national anthem. some opposition politicians have been urging them to remain defiant but i think there is very little they can do now to sustain their position in index square. i think the police presence combined with the cold will probably see the beginning of the end of the main protest at least in independence square. >> tim friend report from kiev. congressional lawmakers say
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they have reached a budget agreement that could prevent budget shutdowns for the next two years, but the deal steel needs the approval of the house or senator. it's a do our die, pass the measure by friday or face a shutdown. >> pat ty meee and paul ryan said no more lunch from crisis to crisis. they have set budgeting numbers. what that can do is allow appropriators in congress to go ahead and pass the dozen spending bills that could prevent washington from shutting down the federal government from experiencing a shutdown in january like it did back in october here are details. it's a two-year spending bill that includes sequestration relief $63,000,000,000 of relief to those across the board spending cuts. half in the military side, half to non-defense programs. it includes deficit reduction of
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20 to $23,000,000,000. congressman ryan said this is first time since 1986 a bi-partisan budget deal has come out after divided congress. >> this reduces the deficit by $23,000,000,000. it does not raise taxes. it cuts spending in a smarter way. from the outset, we knew that if we forced each other to compromise a core principle, we would get nowhere. >> that's why we decided to focus on where the common ground is. so that's what we have done. >> senator murray said this is not a grand bargain. it doesn't tackle big things like entitlement reform or tax reform. she foreshadowed some won't be happy with the details. >> this isn't the plan i would have written on my own. i am pretty sure chairman ryan wouldn't have written it on his own. there are obviously different parties when it comes to priorities. i was disappointed we weren't able to close a single corporate loophole. many republicans hoped this would be an opportunity to make
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some of the kinds of changes to medicare and social security they have advocated for. congressman ryan said aside differences. we have made compromises and worked together to get something done. >> the white house put out a statement calling this a good first step and balance. president obama's statement said the agreement doesn't include everything i would like, and i know many republicans feel the same way. >> that's the nature of compromise. but it's a good sign that democrats and republicans in congress were able to come together and break the cycle of short i've sighted crisis-driven decision making to get this done. the budget deal now goes to the house andna senate. there is no guarantee of passage. john boehner says he plans to send members home by friday. so the clock is ticking. libby casey reporting. now, even with a budget deal in place, congress has plenty of other unfinished business. with days to go before the winter recess, time is running out. al jazeera mike viqueira has more from the white house >> reporter: well, there is the
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budget deal, and assuming that it passes both houses of congress, it will be seen as a victory but there are a number of major items on the agenda that have not been done, gun control never made it out of the senate. the assault weapons ban tripped it up there. immigration did make it out of the senate with the so-called path to citizenship. the opponents, of course, call that amnesty. that has gone exactly nol where in the house, although there are glimmers of hope that it could pause the house of representatives at some point next year. unemployment news, bad news there, it will cause problems for democrats maybe even trip up the budget deal because it's not included there. 1.3 million americans stand to lose unemployment insurance at the end of this year. the congress is going to do nothing to extend it. that is a done deal. congress will fail to act on a farm bill. many of the provisions are expiring. a couple of problems here first of all, milk. there are acres did provenicians in the farm bill that could lead if the bill lapses -- and it is
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going to lapse, to a doubling of the price 6 milwaukee. one beneficiary of dysfunction until washington will be food stamp recipients. both versions, house and senate, had cuts to the food stamp program. now, with no farm bill, that will go forward. it is a missed opportunity to cut billions in crop insurance that some in the farm lobby say are outdated and need to be reformed. a number of items on the agenda. the house of representatives is going to be leaving on friday regardless of what happens friday the 13th, the senate is in for one more week, but they are largely going to be dealing with confirmation. so a number of big ticket items still on the table are not going to be acted on by this congress. back to you. >> thank you, mike viqueira reporting from the white house. south africa is preparing final pro sessions leading to nelson mandela's funeral, as his body was driven to the capitol
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building. his casket will be transported from the mortuary to the government buildings. his body will lie in state for three days. on sunday, his body will be flown to his home village of kunu for burial. [ music ] the eyes of the world were on johanesburg. tennessee of thousands of sounds africans honored nelson mandela. the atmosphere was celebratory. silverheads of states but none received cheers like the outpouring for barack obama. he thanks the crowd for inspiring one of the greatest leaders of our time. >> to the people of south africa people of every race and every
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walk of life, the world thanks you for sharing nelson mandela with us. >> president obama called mandela a giant of history. but it was a historic gesture before the president's speech that made headlines. mr. obama shaking the hand of cuba's president raul castro setting off a wave of criticism from cubaan american lawmakers. mark 0 rubio said if the president was going to shake his hand, he should have asked him about those basic freedoms mandela was associated with that are denied in cuba. the handshake was only the second between american and cuba presidents. the other was in 2000 when bill clinton and fidel castro greeted each other at the united nations. tuesday was a bad day along
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the eastern seatbelt board with snow. we had a lot of problems with the airports. hundreds of flights were cancelled or delayed. things have cleared up there. we now are going to be dealing with lake-effect snow here across parts of lake ontario, lake eerie. on the eastern side in the next to couple of days we could see anywhere between 12 inches and 24 inches just in those areas. that's going to cause a big problem if you are living in that region. now, up here towards the northwest, we are looking at rain showers now coming into parts of washington. not too heavy in terms of accumulation. also do you know towards oregon and northern california. over the next day, though, it's going to be up torpedoes british columbia that sees any activity. scalp most fairly clear. we will see a nice day today in seattle. >> that's not going to last long. thursday, a very heavy day with rain in the forecast, 44 degrees there. friday, saturday, sunday, it looks fairly dry with temperatures in the mid 40s. down here towards california, we have been telling you in the san
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joaquim river, freeze warnings in effect. never seen too much in terms of rain. los angeles, you are going to be seeing some beautiful weather all the way to sunday even into the low 70 did or high 60s, partly cloudy conditions, overnight, about 44 degrees. texas also dry for you as well. we saw rain showers and a mix of precip just a little bit up here towards the north. temperatures for dallas at about 42. san antonio at 55. for houston, well, you are going to be seeing rain by the time we end the week. 59 degrees there. that will will last one day. your weekend should look better with a high of 63. over here towards the southeast, some rain showers pushing through orlando right now. atlanta is going to be about 56. an american auto maker making history. the newer ground general motor is making as it names its latest ceo. escalating violence in the
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central african republic. safe and sound, a piece of technology that helps officials find a missing nevada family trapped in extreme cold. a live look at the capitol building until pretty or i can't south africa, people starting to line up there to view nelson mandela's casket now on view to the public.
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>> the president of france traveled to the central africans republic after two french soldiers were killed in fighting. 1600 french troops are trying to stabilize security and protect civilians. nearly 500 people have died in battles. authorities fear the former french colony is at the brink of civil war. al jazeera anazanine mashuri reports from bangee? >> this is a country being swept up in a frenzy of hate. these pictures filmed by amnesty
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international show the aftermath of an attack on a mosque. local christians burned it down. now, they are stripping it apart. the graffiti on the wall insults the rebel president. he led celica, a mainly muslim co a lot list that took control here in march. >> the big problem now is every day person, the situations. last week, it was fighting between armed people. now, we are witnessing fighting between communities. >> reporter: french soldiers are here to protect civilians. but they, too, have now become targets. the french president's visit to bangee was in part to pay respect to the two soldiers who died and boost the morale of the rest of his forces. for now, it is the african union
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forces which are more visible on the streets. these men are from congo braz 0ville. they are protecting the african union's special representatives to the country. it's what we need is just the international community and the equipment, the communication, all of that. and we are calling all of the people to take the future on their hands. >> the role of african union soldiers will become increasingly important here. >> the only safe way to get around is in a convoy. there are no french soldiers on the streets at the moment. there is no rule of law here medicinelims are being targeted by christians and christians are being targeted by muslims. >> on mondays, french soldiers were disarmingly rebel groups. now, they must work out their next strategy. that leaves
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armed fighters free to roam the streets. and angry mobs to take out their revenge. al jazeera. bongee. >> the u.n. says about one in 10 people have fled homes and millions more there are urgently need food. a nevada family is safe after going missing for two days. a cell phone signal led rescuers to them tuesday in a remote part of the state. their s.u.v. rolled over on sunday. the couple and their four children survived temperatures that fell to 16 degrees below disagr zero. authorities say they are all hospitalized but in good condition. a former actress says she sent letters laced with a toxin to president obama and michael bloomberg. she was arrested in june and investigators say she was trying to pin the crime on her e estranged husband. the bletters contain ricin. she faces after 18 years in prison. she said she learned how to make
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the toxin honestly. the first woman to lead a major car company will officially take over at general motors next month. gm named mary barra as its new ceo. she rose through the ranks during a 33-year career with the company. she is moving up after heading gm's product development and quality control she is making history at the 100-year-old company. as bisi onilere said it's rare >> reporter: the fortune 500 countries here in the u.s., only 21 are headed by females. the highest ranking is the head of hughlet packard, meg witman who took over during some tough times at the company. in the top 500, maryland houston who is the ceo of lockheed martin. total revenues in 2012, $25 billion. the head of xerox corporation is also a woman. her name is ursa lynn burns.
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>> denise morrison is the ceo of campbell's soup, 7.5 billion in revenue last year. we have all heard about yahoo! 's chief operating officer, cracking the list at 494. to show you how rare this is, take a look at this: the top 1,000 companies in america, only 45 are headed by women. >>aj's bisi olinere. >> federal regulators have approved what's known as the volker rule to keep banks from making risky investments that may could cause another financial crisis. critics say the rule will reduce small business lending and hurt job creation. twitter is reaching new heights. shares of the social media closed above $50 for the first time.
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t stock is now worth twice what it sold for when the company went public last month. a building battle in the heart of hollywood, the natural disaster straight out of a movie that has critics of the project looking to stop it. new troubles for former heavy weight boxer mike tyson. why one country is banning him from setting foot there. the international space station hits a milestone. the out of this world celebration for the orbiting lab.
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power of the people until we restore our freedoms and
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>> the international space station turns 15 on tuesday. it's been a pricey venture with billions of dollars spent on the project. as tara baselee reports, 15 years in, some are questioning whether it's been worth it. >> two and a half years after it was completed, if it's on board and for you focused on research. science and space comes at a price in this case a hefty $150,000,000,000 for construction and another $2,000,000,000 a year to keep it
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running. wish developing drugs that clinical and by logical, and we can examine the what i am these and perhaps new drugs used for cancer. who knows? the stations, the combined effort of the u.s. russian candidate and space agencies and has been visited by astronauts from 15 different kuntz trees but how does its cost compare to other big scientific projects. the large hedron clyder in southern france costs $10,000,000,000 to build. it discovered the higgs-bosson partic particle. compare that to $9,000,000,000 spent in cancer and nasa row bootic mars recover "curiosity" still exploring the martian
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surface but it cost 2 and a h$2 half billion dollars. research on space station has included looking at the prolonged effects of space on humans, important if there is to be further manned exploration of the solar system. >> you haven't seen the sort of noble prize winning discovery coming off of the back of this, at least not yet. what you have seen is the construction of the permanent lab. >> that's valuable to a whole range of sciences from medicine, semi conductor physics. >> important for your health. so today i have chosen dried spinach. >> it's not all serious science on board. canadian astronought chris headfield introduced people to life and research on the space station earlier this year. >> if you could see. >> the songs written and recorded in space and as prolific photography are hugely popular on time. the operation for the next 15 years.
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no time, it's hoped the scientific find kids and the new technologies developed will event justify the cost. al jazeera. >> the icc has grown in its 15 years. now more than 350 feet long with living space roughly equal towel a 6 bedroom house. former heavy weight boxing champion mike tyson is banned from britain because of his criminal record. under new immigration rules, anyone sentenced to more than four years in prison isn't allowed to enter the country. he was con visited in the remain rape of a routine age beauty pageant contestant. he served 3 years. he has been assaulted on drug charges. he was headed to london to promote his autobiography. wetlands across the u.s. are vanishing. >> that's the finding of a new study that said wildlife and people are at risk. more than 540 square miles of wetlands have evaporated in the last four years.
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the 12ud? >> blames construction, coastal development and riding sea levels, the accident happening echo systems can have devastating effects on the economy and food chain. >> los angeles is no stranger to earthquakes. many say they barely notice the small ones. this is the many fault lines crisscrossing the city. now, there is a battle to build two sky scrapers in hollywood right in the danger zone. jennifer london has a story >> reporter: the issue in hollywood is behind and been eat me. at out of state developer plans to build two sky scrapers on either side of the capitol records building. what is upsetting people here in hollywood, what opponents say is the biggest problem is they want to build those two sky scrapers right on top of an active fault line. >> major hol looking woof before this, when it was citrus groves for as far as eye could see. then came the mahmoud yes studios, the walk of first name
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and the iconic capitol records building. now, imagine two sky scrapers eclipsing from above and possible dangers. these are artist renderings, more than 1 million square feet of apartment, hotel rooms, restaurants and shops. la city counsel approved the project this year. >> what they have planned is high-rise development and obstruction of neighborhoods. >> long time holly wood resident abrahad a is assuming millennium hollywood. they claim they withheld critical evidence that suggests it might not be safe to build there? >> this is a site that cannot be built upon much less with two sky scrapers. >> to fully understand and appreciate controversy. the millennium towers, you have to get off of the ground.
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right down there. at 35 and 39 stories to tall, it will dwarf the capitol records building but it's what's happening beneath the surface of the street that is causing the most concern. >> the hollywood fault is about at this location here. >> john parish is the state's leading geologist? >> we are talking about surface rupture here with the hollywood fault and surface ruptures tends to destroy the foundation of the building. >> the city insists the project is safe. they say they stand on solid ground, literally and figuratively. >> where do we stop if we base everything on fear of what might be and we stop all economic development in los angeles, then we are in real trouble as a city. so, i think that everyone needs to take a deep breath, let
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the science come in, let the facts come in before we jump to conclusions. >> no development can happen on top of an earthquake fault the: that's not us. >> that's state law and mother nature talking. >> groundbreaking for the towers has been suspended while the fight moves off of the the streets and into the courts. leaving the future of hollywood's most ambitious project very much up in the air. >> the nearby w hotel is suing say the proper environmental impact studies were never conducted. the developer not available for an on-camera interview did say in a written statement that this project has been designed with the utmost safety involved and they are willing to consider conducting more underground testing if it warrants. >> jennifer london reporting from los angeles. that will do it for this edition of "al jazeera news." i am stiff knee sy. news at the top of every hour. thanks for watching. we leave you with a live look at the memorial set up outside of
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nelson mandela's house. people continue to pay respects there. that is the amount of the outstanding college debt carried in the u.s. all right, our digital producer is here, raj, about two-thirds of graduating students leave school with debt. a topic that a lot of people relate toast. >> student debt she's to be one of the fundamental crises of the generation.


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