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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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this is at al jazeera. welcome to the news hour. from news centers here, in london the stop stories. scenes of open warfare in the central african republic, angry mobs go on the fight. anger erupts in been he dash after a senior opposition leader is hanged. where the latest from europe, including no
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retreat. professors reinforce their positions as the e.u. says ukraine intends to sign a trade deal. pomp and circumstance as russian president delivers his union address. more violence has erupted in the central african republic. angry mobs attacked a church in the capitol where muslim fighters were believed to be hiding. african and french troops later moved in, several men were taken into custody. elsewhere, in the central african republic, tens of thousands have been streaming towards the airport in the capitol, they are threing violence between rifle militia groups that scared hundreds of people in the past week. fresh and african troops
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are working, but aid agencies say it is not working we are on the edge of the international airport, and the situation here is just terrible. through around 40,000 people here who are forced to stay in shelter close to the national forces because they don't feel safe enough to go home. and sets up their camps. underneath airplanes, this is an international airport, but this side of the air portion is where old abandon planes are, and you can see people are sheltering underneath of them because the sun is so hot. they don't have tents, there's nothing for them here, at the moment, they don't have enough food and water, everybody who comes up to us and asked us for assistance, and we told them we are journalist, there's nothing we can do
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alleyway can do is tell their story. two world food program has been here. we understand msss here giving health assistance, but the situation here, as you can see, it is just terrible for these people, and it isn't just here at is airport, there are more than 100,000 people all other the city, in about 30 site whose are also forced to live out, they can't return home. this is the picture in dengue. woe are looking at hundreds of thousands of people. now the people here have some limit prod text from offer can sources but situation here in this camp is very very tense, as you can imagine. and the problem is that they need to get help as soon as possible, but humanitarian agencies don't feel safe enough at the moment to come here. >> now the bangladesh, where a senior opposition leader has been executed.
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he is the first person to be hanged for crimes dated back to the war of independent, his supporters have reportedly been reacting to the news, by throwing rocks and home made bombs at police. let's get the latest from al jazeera, who joins us, this is a case that divided bangladesh, tell us more about the reaction to the execution? >> absolutely, i will. the former president which is a political party, just about 20 minutes ago had been arrested by the battalion, and no the secure personnel. we don't know where he has been taking. he was am lied in the initial state. he was came to participate in the election, but at some point, he said that
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he will nor participate in the election, under the circumstances of violence that is going on. so there's a new development, aside from the fact which you just stated. we are getting fresh reports of violence, even intaka. six people died today, and there's no let up on is violence, it is continuing, and police officers have been hurt, 16 police officers have been hurt today. six have been killed. >> in the sentencing, and the execution, do you get a sense that the security forces will be able to restore quickly, or are we in for a prolonged crisis where we may see a state of emergency? well, the capitol city has been relatively calm. that doesn't mean that nothing takes place here, but across the rest of the division of cities and towns the violence
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was nonstop for one month. it just hasn't been reported too much internationally, there is a continuum of violence every day. police are having a tough time, actually, putting things under control. >> on the election that was stated for january the fifth? that is if the election takes place, considering the ground reality, although they are banned from participating in the election, the party itself is not banned. they do have supporting the rule, many of the -- the highest number was
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18, so there is a possible a lot of support may not turn out thank you for joining us. live from dhaka. now, the israeli government has cancel add controversy bill to resettle nearly 30,000 living there. the plan would have pushed them from their villages and forced them to live in towns. nearly 200,000 live in the southern dessert region. the settlements are not recognized by israel, and have no running water, electricity, or sanitation. now those behind the plan, admitted they have not consulted the community. >> the government has
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always said that they have sought and found the agreement of the bedroom community, now, a huge surprise just a few days ago, when the committees inquiry, that no, he has not sought, the agreement. and therefore, the government last night very controversial bill, more or less, collapsed. >> a lot more ahead on the al jazeera news hour, including sick but nowhere to go. health care workerers in kenya are sending patients home as they go on strike. >> one step, and the next step going down a krevh vats. goggles down. gobbingles up your eyes start to free shut. >> find out why people
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run that story later in sports. with the european union, for more let's go to our european news center. the move comes as the chief says intended so sign a trade cooperation agreement that he rejected last month the demonstrators show no sign of stetting back, that they have occupied in central key ya. in the ukrainian capitol. the generation started was because of this trade deal with the e.u., the president didn't sign now it seems that perhaps he might, has that had any impact at all.
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>> he has indicated that before that he would like to pursue the path of european integration, but here, they are more preoccupied with the possibility, at least, of another attack by the troops. and so farther repelled them, the police have not pursued the square or the protestors, they backed off. but in all othern't ares there are wide disagreements. for my colleague, has been to an occupied city hold here in central kiev to talk to some of two opposition. >> if you are one of the thousands of ukrainians who traveled to join the
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protest movement, you can come here for warmth. the city hall is in revolutionary hands. the opposition nationalists is running things. organizing care, catering and the place to sleep. that's good p.r., but providing security says it isn't about the politics. >> i think this is not the main issue to be discussed here. we automobile walk for one goal. >> thus the removal of the european future, but who could lead the new ukraine? three parties are competed for influence. and nonparty civil movement wants them to put their differences aside and agree on basic reforms. >> really very racial now.
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>> regardless of their political persuasion, they are still singing with one voice. >> his harmony can be their own doing. al jazeera, kiav. >> so, the 308sy chief seems confident, that hay there sign the trade agreement, the protestors possible not that convinced, but even if it does happen, would that be enough? >> what is it they want? >> he is playing, that is the president, both sides against each other at the moment, to some extent, he had moscow who wants him to become part of the customs union, a kind of western barrier from their side, at least, and he also has the european union who are cutting him.
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from the e.u. before it can think seriously about signing up through a trade agreement. because the economy here is in a dreadful state. i mean it is seeking alone from the international monetary fund, just to stay alive. and that's why although the european park has its attractions, so does moscow. particularly for president kovich they suspect that they would be the ones that would allow him to hold on to his wealth, and also, of course, it is cheap gas that he needs just to keep this economy afloat. >> thank you for that. well, antigovernment sentiments has spread to the west with hundreds demonstrating.
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>> plenty more to come, in that news hour, including. >> for the exhibition of aserrian artist with a unique take on his country's miss fortunes. >> now to kenya. where workers have gone on strike for a third straight day. the government has ordered them back to work, be uh so farther not backing down. two people have died and scores of patients have been left stranded. >> from this public hospital in nigh robe by, he broke his ankle 1 1/2 months ago, and was coming in for a check up. >> instead of
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celebrating, we are suffering. i walked 1 1/2 miles now i am being told to go back home. doctors and nurses are on strike across the country. >> it's not just the public health sector. a majority of ceppians, the cost of living is very high, many people will say yes, kenya gained independence, but they are yet to achieve economic freedom. >> no time to celebrate kenya. he cooks for absolutely dwellers and a very good day he makessed $30 he
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has been doing this for 19 years. >> getting money is the biggest problem. >> despite this, kenyans are stiphopeful of a better future. and so here, they follow the ceremony, and more promises by their leaders. they hoped that this time around it is not just another list of empty policies. al jazeera, nairobi. >> as you heard, kenya has been celebrating 50 years of independence from britain, thousands fill the stands of the stadium in nairobi to celebrate the milestone. at al jazeera was there.
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ken januaries were ready to celebrate. they gathered at the biggest stadium to mark the golden anniversary, 50 years ago to the day, since the nation's founding father first raised the national flag over the new country free of british control. the man who pinned it said he wanted 20 remind them of all they had achieved. >> i was spreading the message of the country. so that we are one, and not to go on with things that are completely negative. this was kenya's day, the neighbors wanted to be a part of it too. 15 heads of state came, uganda's president said those who fought for independence here, want it not just for kenya, but for all those african
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whose followed. in his speech, president paid homage to the independence heros and he spoke of how far the country had come. but then he turned to africa's relations with the rest of the world. and he made an oblique reference to the disputed with the international criminal court, where he himself is due to face trial. >> we will not accept partnerships that do not recognize we also have the intellectual capacity to engage on equal terms. >> aver cas that a voice, and 50 years of independence, africa demands that it's voice must be heard. >> the crowd loved it, this was a president confident that he had the support of everyone in the stands and both presidents behind him.
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also recognized the recent history. it was a statement by an afterkahn states man, saying the rest of the world has to pay attention to this country and it's influence. the party continues. there is to be a state dinner for the dignitaries and functions across the country, extend into friday. al jazeera, nairobi. >> somalia has a new prime minister. an economist that has worked in several organizations, he face as giant task of pushing out al quaida linked fighter whose are frying to topple the central government. the united nations has closed the offices in yemen's capitol, over fears of a possible car bomb attack. american and turkish schools have also been closed.
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al quaida has claimed responsibility. of emergency supplies into parts of syria, it will now be at least another two days before they can move the supplies believed for tens of thousands of people. al jazeera has more in neighboring turkey. a blanket of snow over the mangled city, the streets seem desserted but the war doesn't stop. a few venture out in search of what remains of basic supplies. not all the homes look like this, but moving around is a perilous process as one activist told us. >> the urgent needs our cooking gas, and electricity, people can't even go out or go into these areas because government snipers will shoot them. >> and jet, where there is snow, there will be children playing.
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however, brief the distraction. >> the extreme weather conditions have brought one benefit but it comes with a price. >> snow is a real blessing, it prevents helicopters from bombarding the people. the people also suffer a lot from the very cold waver. >> this cold is a killer too p and hill kill more. they know of one fatalities, one of them this baby. he was not the first child to die because of the severe cold weather. >> plans by the u.n. to airlift winter emergency supplies from the kurtish region into northern syria have been held up because the plains can't land. but the aid effort will only reach a fraction of the people who need it.
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in jordan, where syrians have fled to escape the conduct, conditions are not much better. this building used to be a school, now it houghses 14 families. with can't make it warm enough, for our children. because of cold air coming through the windows. >> the cold weather's forecast continue for at least another three days. with temperatures staying low through into january. deepening the thanks of isolation. al jazeera, istanbul. >> some breaking news to step you, coming to us from egypt, we are getting reports of a major car bomb explosion in the northern city of asmilaya. apparently this happened at the central of the
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camp. and at least 35 people have been injured. a heavy amount of tnt rocked the vicinity of the entrance of the central police forces camp we will have more in a few minutes here. these are pictures of the motorcade moving the body to a military hospital. it isn't just inside here. take a look at this, the coupe is stretching way outside the gate into the road outside. moving for well over a kilometer, down the road,
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people waiting patiently, to get on the buss to see mandela's body. >> this group celebrating the death of nelson mandela, he has been a great plan to the country, and the world, and we believe that for us, will be part of the position. it is one of the things that will come for many many years. >> we are looking as well almost behind bars rather like nelson mandela was for so manyees. well, if there's one thing he gave us was the freedom to come here today, free symptom to live our lives.
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we gave office future, so the least we can do is to come today and pay our respects. hides of state have had their say, yet, perhaps there is no fitting memorial than this, the ordinary people that waited all those years ago, to take their freedom, now once again. to thank the man that brought it to them. al jazeera. plenty more ahead, from a fridge to a boat, fisherman use whatever they can to earn a living after typhoon hayan. plus, war and art, a new look at the syrian conflict through an artists pal lot, and in sports lunch crunch time as they prepare to face australia. do stay with us we are back after the break.
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that h freedom, now president carter talks about mandela's global impact. a revealing interview you won't see anywhere else. >> i've never heard him say, that he was grateful to the united states... >> talk to al jazeera with jimmy carter only on al jazeera america fight drug trafficking and forbid marijuana consumption, or let the
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>> this isn't a new channel, this is a watershed moment in media for america. >> this entire region is utterly devastated. >> people our here are struggling. >> the fire jumped the highway
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we took earlier. >> your average viewer want's to actually understand how the health care law is going to help them or hurt them. >> they know they can get extremist bickering somewhere else. >> people say that we're revolutionary. our revolution is just going back to doing the best in journalism. >> this is the place to go watch high quality journalism, period.
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welcome back, you are watching the news hour. a remind european union now of our main stories. there have been reports of more violence in the central african republic, angry mob mobs attack add church, with muslim fighters were believed to be hiding. bangladesh's opposition leader has been executed. he was hanged hours after the supreme court rejected his appeal against the death sentence. and these are protests out of egypt, where students continue to take to the streets to demand the return of the president, meanwhile many breaking news we are getting reports that a car bomb exploded. the entrance of the police forces camp in the northeast, at least 35 haven't been injured we will be speaking to our reporter in in a few minutes.
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at least 50 students have been detained this week. demonstrators accuse police of using violent tactics. reports from cairo. >> these are busy days. he is a student union leader in egypt's oldest seat of learning. instead of preparing for exams he says he is fighting against a crack down for the state. >> we are not going to step ever in until we reach our aim for freedom, and justice, and to bring those criminals to justice. and release all innocent people. >> there have been anti-loop protests.
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ironically since a law demonstrating took into effect, more people are taking part. and security forcing fying tier gas to stop them from marching. the university has been credit sized for calling in the security forces but it says it had no choice. when you find an apack, on a building our people are using fives and such, webs,s this a real threat. >> back in october, a group of students broke into the administrative headquarters damaging the building. few authorities dealt swiftly, some say harshly with those taking part. >> 12 were convicted of charges including attacking university personnel here, and sabotaging private and public property. they were jailed for 17 years. their colleagues say it is hugely disproportional, and another reason why they
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are determined to keep on protesting. >> students take part in the daily demonstrations are a minority, but they insist they are winning over people all the time. >> going to glasses is not a solution. because inside of class, you might be killed or detains. >> attitudes are hardening. but students see themselves as defenders of a bigger structure. and there's no sign of them losing heart. al jazeera, cairo. >> more news on egypt. a major explosion reported in the northern city of hialeah, the entrance of the police forces camp, let's go live to our correspondent who joins us. what are you hearing about what is going on? >> well, the latest we are hearing from our source, is that at least 35 people have been injured in what confirms
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to be a car bomb attack on a training camp. longing to the central security forces. now, that's a body under the ministry of interior here. and that base houses. that's the only information so far that we have on casualties. we do know this city has witnessed car bombs previously, back in october, there was an attack on an intelligence head guarder which wounded six civilians. now, this phenomenon is actually more common in the peninsula, particularly since the overthrow of president morsy, in july. there were two which went off in the last few months, and just this week, just in the last week, the security forces have thwarted two more
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cam car bombs. they found them before they could decimate. it is happening more and more. >> and this is quite a daring attack the entrance of the camp there, do we know who could be behind this? well, it would be speculation at this point, but i was referring to the assassination attempt only the ministry of interior. and that was claimed by what's called here a radical group. which is believed to have links which is accused of having links in the gaza strip. now there's been no claim of responsible so far, but many people have been
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wondering where exactly the people behind the attacks have been coming from. where are they getting their motivation and their funding. now the authorities in the last few days have given figures of how many people they have actually arrested and what nationalities they believe they are, in these activities because there's been a huge crack down in many cities and villages across the peninsula. authorities have said there have been militants from countries around the region, not just egypt, and not just palestinian fighters that may have come from the strip for example. although that is contested in some in egypt itself. there are certainly hundreds of people who have been arrested and those activities have caused a deagree of tension for notably a lot of communities that say that their lives have
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been disrupted. >> thank you for that update. live from cairo. vladimir putin has given his annual state address, let's find out what he has to say about it. >> well, the russian president talked for more than an hour, it was a wide ranging speech to both houses of parliament. he defended conservative values and commented. peter sharp was listening in. >> at the kremlin, the russian president was said to be working on his state of the nation speech. right up to about half an hour before delivery at the great hall. vladimir putin will have been gratified by the, toes magazine, voting him most powerful person in the world. but this was a speak addressed to the people of russia, and those who exercised believers of power across this vast nation. >> no one should have any
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ill solutions about gaining superiority over russia. will be spent on defense over the next ten years. and he acknowledged the tuck recess in avoiding military intervention in syria. but to some surprise he said little about the battle in ukraine and solve all problems.
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political analyst from the carnegie foundation, monitored the address. >> i expected the president to speak more about ukraine. and to sound much tougher than he did. as those events and that was -- eh sounded dismissive. >> and on the streets it was ukraine that grabbed the people's attention. >> the main problem for me is ukraine, that it can split from us. we have no aspirations in that direction. russia is a moment ethnic tolerant and diverse country. the pentagon no doubt, will take note.
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peter sharp, al jazeera, in moscow. >> the your mean union says slovenia can repair its troubled system without a bail out. the small needs around $6.6 billion to rescue eight of its banked. they have wracked up a total of 11 billion-dollars in bad loans. in the region of spain have set questions for a controversial referendum. they plan to ask all residents whether they want it to be a separate state, and if it should be intermountain. the spanish government says the referendum is illegal, and will not be allowed. for aspiring art collectors everywhere, there is hope, a $130 raffle ticket could win you a picasso worth almost $1.5 million. a lebanese charity is raffling off the 1914 work, man in the opera house. the hope is to raise money to protect the
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ancient lebanese city a heritage site. >> the digital pictures caused a bit of an intermention sensation a few months ago. they reference the war in an intriguing often sifter call way. now the artists work is on display in london. where a challenge met the man by hind the images. >> chances are if you spent any time using social media, you would have come across this picture. the artwork went viral online, and was picked up by news outlets too. but the syrian artists work isn't quite what it seems. >> so this is not really -- actually painted on the building, is it? it is a trick? >> yeah. it's totally done by photo shop, and i want to make it as real as i can.
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because i hope that it was there. hope we can fight like -- >> he is in dubai these days but syria is always on his mind and in his art. make me want to work more and more and more. >> so he has been pilfererring from the cannon, and digitally super imposes it. the effects can be sad all at the same time. >> new very direct digital worse is actually a bit of a depasture from him. previously he is doing much more abstract paintings.
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this simplingly fits with our boundary list, in one series he borrowed from the disney movie up, to imagine a damaged apartment block floating through time and space. >> so we can talk about the orders which rose here in this building, the story is which like totally destroyed. people and their lives where it is now. >> he has gone back to painting now, but this work is on display in london, until january 30th. al jazeera london. that's it for me and the rest of the team here in london, now let's go ball to doe ha. >> thank you very much indeed. some say the ruling can
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be viewed as a step forward. >> legally married last week, but now told it's not valid. australia's high court has struck down the law that allowed the countries first gay weddings to take place. this is personally devastating. in less thank a week, we have been married, and we have been unmarried. at least on the legal level. >> so cher dish to love, so lock as you both shall love. >> more than two dozen couples have taken their wedding vows when the legislation came into effect. although that's been reversed, the decision also provides for the possibility of gay page in the future. >> there was some confusion before today. as to whether the national parliament has the power to make laws for same-sex marriage, and that's been clarified. the high court said yet, the national parliament can, so in fact it's just a matter now of waiting for the moment where the
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national parliament is controlled by a party that has the political will to -- and then i think we will see nit australia. >> globally, same-sex marriage is legal in only 15 countries and specific states in mexico and the united states. ten others slowly follow suit, but it was this year that gay rights saw a tremendous boost four countries brazil, france, uruguay, and new zealand, legalized same-sex marriage, along with several new u.s. states. and that debate is growing lorder, in australia, activists are already saying they will take their fight to parliament to press for marriage equality, on a national level. coming up in sports. as they repair for their
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final group tie, that and the latest from the europea lead coming up next.
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joining us now isun laws michael, his former chair of the brady campaign to
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prevent gun violence in. thank you for being on al jazeera. many predicted that the shootings at sandy hook, would forge the congress to approve legislation to tighten gun laws in the states, but it didn't, why is that do you think? why is it that a year on support for new gun laws is slipping and gun sales in fact an officer rebounding again. >> i think the expectations that legislation would be passed were unrealistic, and i thought so at the type. a lot has changed for the bitter, a lot of the things that are going on right now in terms of gun sales really are no different than what we experienced essentially for the last 15 or 20 years. we need a lot more than this one incident that -- has been different than others in terms of its staying power, with the media, with politicians,
1:48 pm
and with communities around the country. to really start overhauling. the real lack of legislation we have on a federal level. >> tell us about what has changed? you say a lot has changed. mentality on gun laws. >> even behavior with guns, what has changed is the fact that as opposed to other similar spectacular tragedies in the past, several new groups that are very well funded have sprung up and are sticking with the issue.
1:49 pm
>> it will be a process. this is not something that will take place it does need to be addressed on a federal level, and as you know we can't do have much right now able anything. >> what about on a state level. >> it seems that the bat salt lake shifting to the state level, do you think kit be more successful there than the federal level. >> i think it is important that we do the most we can on a state level.
1:50 pm
>> over the last year, and again, what's most significant to me what has always been the great down fall of this issue in the past, is that no one has thought that it was important enough to put on a short list of things we need to get done. now, the people who are frightened of things that would reduce gun violence, are more threatened than ever. so we are seeing bad legislation in states. which on their face all though we have such easy access to guns in this country. >> just how much more dangerous they really make the country. there are some other states are good laws have gone into effect. what that signals is that there is greater commitment on the part of some legislatures some media and some population to doing something about it. however, because our
1:51 pm
state boarders are completely porous. and our country is so saturated with guns neither good nor bad state laws are going to do anything about directly about how many people are killed every year. what they can do is keep this in the forefront of the american mind. and it can push the people in washington. thank you very much for speaking to us. former chair to prevent gun violence, thank you for joining us. time now for sports here is robin. good to have you along. from the europea league, is hosted -- it is expected of what happens in that match, will finish top of group a, instead russian opponent whose have it all to do, they have to win and hope welsh club lose their match against switzerland, by four goals in order to progress to the last 32.
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it is half time in spain right now, it is still goreless. it is approaching half time as well. they are drawing against the ukraine, and wiggen all level in slovenia. there will be some more europea league games kicking off. will be taking angi. they have won all five. the remaining stages promises more excitement for the addition of eight teams from the europea league. >> difficult conditions because we are qualified as well.
1:53 pm
so this all adds to special circumstances in the game. >> second place lead against rapid who must win to go through instead, the lead group edged then all of the teams will have 9-point whose makes it through. and in rome, they can take top spot if they beat leaders. they have won their first international trophy, the hosted -- and the americana final link on wednesday. with the scores tied at 1-all from the away match. victor scoring in the 25th minute. blocked but the ball dropped perfectly, to finish up the scoring, 2-nil is how it ended. landing 3-1, they had the chance to add another piece to the collection at the weekend, but the
1:54 pm
argentine title is up for grabs. with 18 goals after the first full day of competition. indo nearby sha also pick add goal on the relay on thursday, ahead of thailand and vietnam. their countries are fourth in the stable, with five goals and 24 medals all together. the football tournament, thailand beat indo nearby sha. it puts the ties in control of group b. it could prove crucial, australia leads the match 2-nil, so england must win if they want to avoided handing the iconic urn over with two matches remaining. they will both be playing
1:55 pm
their 100 test matches. >> i think it is crucial to make sure we start well. whether that's to battle with the ball, again, really -- i think that's been one of the most pleasing features of this team over the past probably ten months is the way we have been preparing. it has held us in good stead on the field. >> as a squad we have made a really conscious effort. we have to look forward into this game rather than looking back. the way we were yesterday the way we have gone about our -- trying to do things the right way. >> the hawks in the second out, the 7th difference quarters. including michael who made it 3-1. the second period came from captain jonathan,
1:56 pm
deflected home. ionogram to the 7-2 win. >> it would appear tor less than sensible location in which to run, but for the last decade they have done just that, and this year, they have been joined by our sports correspondent, and as part of his documentary asking why we run, he found himself at the start line. after months of training and imagining what this race would be like, the reality, is now well and truly inviting. >> the strength is being pulled out of my body
1:57 pm
with every stride. >> one step, quite firm. and the next step is like going down a crevasse. >> they go. goggles up your eyes start to freeze shut. one of the difficulties i am starting to wonder whether a training run was ideal preparation. >> and a little over an hour, find out if andy did manage to finish antarctic, and why we run, it is the last program in the al jazeera correspondent, for the first time, a 2000 looking forward to that, why we run. >> back later. >> thank you. all right, that's it for this news hour on al jazeera, thank you for watching do stay with us, we will have the latest on egypt, and that bombing at a police camp do stay with us.
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in effect. never seen too much in terms of rain. los angeles, you are going to be seeing some beautiful weather all the way to sunday even into the low 70 did or high 60s, partly cloudy conditions, overnight, about 44 degrees. texas also dry for you as well. we saw rain showers and a mix of precip just a little bit up here towards the north. temperatures for dallas at about 42. san antonio at 55. for houston, well, you are going to be seeing rain by the time we end the week. 59 degrees there. that will will last one day. your weekend should look better with a high of 63. over here towards the southeast, some rain showers pushing through orlando right now. atlanta is going to be about 56. an american auto maker making history. the newer ground general motor is making as it names its latest
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ceo. he wanted to cut the growth in cost of living adjustments and others that felt that was the wrong way to go to start to cut entitlements or at least slow the growth of entitlements. both of them came to a neutral, compromised ground. this is a compromise of the sort that people have been asking for for quite some time. the bottom line here, those conservative objections are getting some traction, but the betting is now this evening that this is going to pass the house of representatives on thursday and go to the senate the next week and end up on the president's desk, joie. >> mike, thanks for being with us. we'll follow up. ahead. the international space station marks 15 years. are we getting enough bang for our buck, or is it just taking up space? get it?
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hello and welcome to al jazeera america. here are the top stories we are following at this hour. >> we out to be doing the people's business, and that means not turning our backs on millions of american whose are struggling during this difficult economy. >> some lawmakers take issue with the budget deal. is some changes could be on the way for cell phone usage on planes.


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