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tv   Consider This  Al Jazeera  December 12, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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welcome to al jazeera america. here are tonight's top stories. north korea has said it has executed to overthrow the state. the uncle was forcibly removed from a ruling party session earlier this week. the two year agreement was passed by overwhelming majority. the obama administration is extending a temporary program that protects patients with preexisting conditions, being given more time to sign up for new coverage, the
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preexisting plan will stay in place through the end of january. big news for travelers consider lifting the ban against phone use. the agency says it wants public input before making a final decision is it will be up othe airline to make the decision if they can use phones. those are the headlines, consider this with antonio is up next, i will see you back here at 11:00 eastern. and remember, you can always get the latest news at we will see you at 11:00 tonight. teal or north korea deal?
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it's first major murder until congress, but consider this, could the two parties coming together on the budget deal tear the republican party apart? also, syria continues its dissent into chaos, the u.s. withdraws its nonhe that will aid. plus, after all the the public effort the nfl put forth to curb concussions hits to the head are as prevalent as ever. is there anything the nfl can do to slow down the dangerous hits in every game? and an award show famous for showing off the big nest the world, snub as bunch of them. welcome to consider this, we begin with a budget deal in washington. the agreement overwhelmingly passed the house on thursday, but it also exposed haw raw the division is between conservatives and moderates. house speaker blasts conservative groups for criticizing the compromise on the budget.
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>> they pushed us into the fight to defund obama-care and shut down the government. most of your know, that wasn't exactly the strategy i had in mind. but if you recall, the day before the government reopened, one of the people -- one of these groups stood up and said well, we never really thought it would work. are you kidding me? joining me now from capitol hill washington, d.c. correspondent. she has been on the hill all week, following what must have been a very interesting budget debate. despite all this fighting the house overwhelmingly passed the deal. we saw these complaints from democrats and republicans, was there a surprise that the vote was so lopsided? >> you know, at the end of the day they voted for it.
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so not a surprise that it passed but a bit surprising that the margins were so big, and the entire leadership, and the republican sidelined up and voted for this, we did see, of course, then't anded ranks break out and not vote for it. is then liberals that just said they couldn't abide. >> it is a two year deal, so it moves things forward for a while. but still, there are issues on both sides? >> that's right. absolutely. when they are not having the melt down show downs so that would prevent the shut down in january, it would also prevent this same scenario from unfolding next fall. so it would give congress breathing room.
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but conservatives had problems with this for a couple of reasons. they didn't like rolling back those cuts, they didn't want to give away any cuts that were already on the books. those programs will get funded after all. and then republican whose didn't vote for this said that any deal needed to have really deep deficit reduction, not this compromised version. on the other side, democrats wanted an extension of long term unemployment benefits. this is something that kicked in during the beginning of the recession. americans need to be able to bring money home as they look for jobs for a longer period than what they usually get. if that isn't dealt with soon, it won't get extended. they are heading home, they are done. before the holiday, democrats are very upset about that, and a democrat from maryland the only member of this senior democratic
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leadership team who voted against this bill, brought up a concern that he has which is that federal workers will see reductions to their pension benefits will have to pay more basically. that was something that he said i have too many in my district, i can't support it. so no one was thrilled with this. >> with nobody thrilled but in the end isn't thats sense of compromise. nobody is ever going to be happy with 24, the republicans have been making this noise this week, and today nancy said we have to embrace. but again it is compromising and they have to get used to it. >> that's what is so note worthy, even this modest deal was such a big deal, because it was just a basic come bromize. you mentioned the push back, everybody though 169 republicans voted for this, pretty big numbers considering all the tact and the rather that was happening prior to this vote.
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those that watch and lobby and get a lot of money, and that money is important because that take that money back to districts. they take it back to senate races and they can primary a republican. that's why they are concerned how loud of a voice they have but speaker boehner pushed back hard, we have not heard that kind of language against his own republican party members. so that was pretty note worthy. >> what was the reaction to what he had to say? >> it was just a moment where it allows for voices like congressman paul ryan to talk about compromise. and not equating
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compromise with being a moderate, or being weak on deals. he kept saying i am a fiscal conservative, but that doesn't mean i can't go on to fight another day. you saw the numbers back that up, but this sort of airs some grievances that have been going on. things that staphers have been talking about, but to hear the speaker of the house speak back, and accuse these groups of misleading the people that give them money, and support them, and also losing their credibility, there's some fighting words and they are directed to groups that support or push back inside of his party. am al jazeera america, great to have you with us
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again. >> thank you. >> for more analysis washington bureau chief for the daily news, and by patrick hedger he is a policy analyst which is one of the group that house speaker john boehner singled out for criticizing the agreement that the house passed on thursday. yeah iny they are pushing our members in places are they don't want to be, and frankly, i think that they have lost all credibility. >> i am as conservative as anybody around this place. and all the things that we have done. over the three years i have been speaker, have not violated any principle. not once. >> patrick, what are your reaction to the second attack from boehner in
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two days. >> well, it's interesting. you hear the language coming from the speaker of the house. accusing us of misleading americans. well, when he says this is a bipartisan compromise. it raises taxes and increasing spends. god forbid listen to their constituents. it is a tax increase and it is a spending increase, and it abandons the most meaningful cuts we have seen in 50 years. >> what about what paul ryan said this week? he said that it keeps 92% of the sequester cuts that were in place, and that over ten years it will continue to bring down the deficit that there was no income tax.
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you are right there are certainly some taxes that have been placed into this plan, but there won't be a shut down, so what's really the problem? >> well, the problem is that that deficit reduction he is talking about is $20 billion over ten years. so essentially you are saying enough money to fund the department of agricultural for 2 1/2 months. this bill does nothing to help with that. >> the democrats are less than impressed with the deal, they are saying it is only a small step forward, they are upset about not extending the long term benefits. said to democrats embrace the suck. they are getting significantly more spending as patrick said in the first couple of years then the sequester
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would have allowed. >> yeah, for sure, can i first say, aren't we all a little bit envie yous that the house of representatives is heading off on christmas vacation on december 1st. wish i could get out of town that quickly. for sure there won't be a shut down. you are unhappy for the unhappy for the obvious reasons. no extense of jobless benefits didn't mention that effects 1.3 million americans. that's a lot. secondly, unhappy if you are a liberal democrat, there's no clear job creation. no classic jobs program in this. so those are among the things you are unhappy about, and also no closing of tax loopholes. ifky step back, i find interesting this republican civil war, sort of between the
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movement conservatives the more purist folks and the more establishment conservatives. sort of the purest verses the mathematicians. maybe get some of the latinos that are very unhappy about the purest views on immigration. make get the younger generation that are unhappy with the views on social policy, including gay page. so this is an interesting window into what is going on in the republican party, but having said all of that, they have really won the policy argument, antonio. the democrats have been fighting now for the last year on republican turf. when it comes to trying to cut spending when it comes to trying to cut the deficit. when i was here in the 90's for the chicago tribune, and there was a drat make change towards
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china, and the whole motion became engaging. in the same way, the democrats are now just simply playing defense, and finding solace in what are rather modest victory. >> john boehner also point add finger at freedom works and other groups for pushing the fight. and shut down the government, isn't it smart politics for baner and the republicans? they saw that shut down strategy hurt them badly. they have now seen how the problems have helped them, so why not move forward? get this budget deal, focus on obama care, which some have said is going to be a gift that will keep on giving. >> well, absolutely. people -- the whole goal of defunding obama-care was not to subject the american people to 6 million insurance cancellations and climating. we were trying to stop that. and not use the pain and suffering of the american people as a political gain.
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when you look longterm, outside of the fourth entitlement program that haven't been addressed by this deal. spending is -- excuse me thing a question gait debt is now at $17.3 trillion. we can't sustain this. i can't stand having the future generations and having their future mortgaged in the name of bipartisan puppet shows. >> shows that tea party conservatives are losing support, 30% view the movement favorably, and 51% dislike it. that's the worse it has been since they started polling about this, we saw tea party conservative representative attack the budget deal, invoking hillary clinton, let's listen to that.
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the debt is that somewhere down the road, eight years from now, we will cut spending. so yeah, raise spending now, but trust us congress will cut spending possibly in hillary clinton's second term that's silly, and i juan the speakser getting upset, but the truth is, this mr. speaker and others this is a spinning increase in the next few years which is why they have signed on to it? >> your assessment. and the hardliners here? >> well, it's -- they are the priests of the republican party, they are pressing the purest viewpoint, and they still have some leverage particularly, obviously, in primaries. but in the long term, it is why they have every reason to be talking about a certain term, for hillary clinton or some other democrat, because until they got the way of the likes of boehner, and what the more establishment folks are trying to do, they just aren't going to win.
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rather dramatically. >> only have 15 seconds left, will it go through the senate? >> well, i certainly hope not. two years ago we had a budget deal. and now two years later they are abandoning it. so what's to say two years from now they won't awant done this deal. congress has to address the real growth of the federal government, which is the entitlement programs. >> appreciate your thoughts tonight, thank you. >> the unseen hear errors of the crisis in syria, we will check on the 2.2 million refugees struggling with miserable conditions. this as their's big news of u.s. aid to the former -- and our social media producer is tracking the top stories on the web, what's trending?
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police, a update on the 25 domino workers that say they were fired for disputing their low wages. i will tell you more coming up. what do you think, join the conversation. and on our facebook pages.
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acknowledged thatday chemical weapons were used at least five times in the country's civil war of only one attack could be directly -- could be tied directly to victims and this week the u.s. suspended delivery of nonhe that will aid after warehouses with american supplies were reportedly overrun. meanwhile, soccer, a 13-year-old boy described the situation in the catch where he is living with his family.
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tents are about to fall down on us, no one is here to help us. >> the slim prospects for peace, but for more, i am joined in the studio, she is the press officer for the humanitarian organization. as you request see, these
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are very makeshift. timber, whatever scraps can people can find and afford, some are afraid it is a very already cold night for many. >> tents as we are seeing here, we have seen pictures of people without boots having to move through that snow, there's no heat, it must be just an absolutely miserable situation, even if there were snow, given that kind of cold. >> yeah, there was rain and high winds you saw a number of shelters destroyed, many of these settlements are on small patches of dirt, and when the weather is really wet, they turn into -- just goes right in, and it is mud and a total mess. >> exactly, and they are so exposed.
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vouchers to buy fuel, now we are waiting on getting basic shelter, the reality is there is more than 800 fort thousand refugees just in lebanon. the highest number of refugees from the syrian conflict in the world. these are just enormous. and they are really spread out. from my experience, being there on the clothes on their back, many people haven't been able to work even when they are in syria -- >> it is like adding a major city to a small country. what kind of life do these people have? >> people are really living day-to-day, and that was my sense like i was saying people come across with very few resources and then they are trying to carve out
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an existence and their lives before the war were not much different from yours or mind. and then when they get to lebanon, there's very few jobs available, so people are living day-to-day, and storms like we saw tonight, will be nondoes not want these to been perp innocent. they have has issues with israel that have created serious problems there over the last few decades you know probably the biggest thing i was struck by, was the scale of it, lebanon is completely saturated. it's a tiny country, it is a country of only 4 million people far more than 840,000 they estimate about 1.3 million.
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yeah, it's -- it is completely saturated and in many ways lebanon itself has become a refugee camp. or they are settling in paces that were not intended to houghs people. like car garages. they are paying $200 a month to rent a car garage, because the housing market is completely maxed out. >> other than housing what do they need most? >> they need the basics they need heating stoves they need fuel. but the reality is they won't be able to go home any time soon.
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we also need to not think about the day-to-day, but also the long term. whatever buildings or spaces are going unused. and things like that, we need to be looking at how to we accommodate these people. >> good luck with your efforts obviously a lot of people depend on them. >> and for more on the decision to the moderate syrian opposition, and on the peace talks scheduled to start in switzerland. and now a professor at george washington university. al always, great to have you, does the u.n. announcement change anything. so far, without saying who was responsible.
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i 30 based on the thad the united states has presented -- this affirms the path that the u.n. has proceeded since then. so that is one avenue where a horrible situation won't get worse. as you were just detailing this is a crisis that is fragmenting, it is intensifying, it has the potential to spill over into other countries and the sooner that the conflict -- at least the war fight canning stop the better. warehouses that had these nonhe that will supplies. at least for now, not
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clear about whether he fled or didn't, how significant is this that the moderates are not going to be getting this support? >> omy understanding is that assistance is continuing, but not to this one channel. as you say, a group that is either split off from the army, or has refused to join the free syrian army, it is a composition is vague. they took over this headquarters this warehouse, to get that underscored the fragmenting of the syrian opposition that present as challenge on the ground for those countries that are trying to provide the assistance and keep it away from the bad guys but also indicates how difficult the negotiations will be if they do start in switzerland next month. >> yeah, these islamic are a group that are not
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affiliated with al quaida, was again, a group that did split off. this is a challenge that i don't think anybody see as military solution to, but i don't know that anyone is expect add break through starting in january. this is going to be a long process. the dilemma here is that the conflict in some fashion could continue for years. perhaps even a decade. and so this is going to be a long difficult challenge to try to not only stop the fighting but then try to figure out how to gradually bring stability to syria, and then move towards a new kind of government. on tuesday, deputy national security advisor suggested that islamic extremists grouped that
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their success, could actually help bring a coalition together to end it. he said this is a quote, the russians have a profound interest in avoiding the emergence of an extreme i syria. on its face it seems very contradictory. >> i think obviously they have to go.
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is then able you are able to reform a government that can deal with the islamic -- the growth inside of syria. but part of this is going to have to involve trying to stabilize, as much of syria as possible. we may have to see some kind of multiple control. if we can't get the conflict stop you may have the rebels controlling part of syria. and other constituentsies that continue to support. yo i have to find a way to give them security guarantees and they will be the ones who push asaad aside, and that at least opens up the door for a possibility of getting a cease fire. the extremists gaining power, may make the russians say they have to go, that's the issue,
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they don't want asaad to go. not only how do you get to a transitional government, but how do you get a cease fire, stabilize the situation, it is not just about getting a group that is going to govern syria, and then how do you do that, how do you begin a reconciliation process. you have to agree with the psychology that is --
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only a sunni shiite split and intensification, so the groups that are on the fence, the christians the al low wyatts other shiites and so forth, they have to have confidence that if asaad goes syria will hold together. there will not be the retributions you have seen. this is a very complex undertaking and i think it needs a greater diplomatic effort. hopefully geneva opens the door. 2.2 million refugees more than 6 million people displaced. time now to see what is trending. fishes say they will continue to fight this week's supreme court decision, that reinstated a ban on gay sex. overturning a ruling by new dell li high court. wednesday's rule a significant step back for india. while conservative groups
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champion the law gay rights activists say they will not be forced to hide. all 25 now have their jobs back. this fight does not end tonight. the agreement with the attorney general is only to rehire the workers and doesn't resolve an on going investigation into into potential investigations. tell us what you think about the twitter, back to you. >> straight ahead, the nfl gets pounded by a report saying illegal hits are still a big part of the game. also, aren't teenagers supposed to have much
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more energy than their grandparents in a surprising new report says the early bird crowd may be a lot more alert than stereotypes may lead you to believe.
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>> an al jazeera america exclusive... former president jimmy carter reflects on the life and legacy of nelson mandela. >> that spirit of nelson mandela is embedded deeply in the heart and soul of the south africans... >> they worked side by side for freedom, now president carter talks about mandela's global impact. a revealing interview you won't see anywhere else. >> i've never heard him say, that he was grateful to the united states...
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>> talk to al jazeera with jimmy carter only on al jazeera america illegal hilt toss the head and america are hard tore bring down than a charging running back. the press found that an nfl player absorbed an illegal blow at least once a game. the a.p. looks at 549 penalties. is including unnecessary roughness, roughing the quarterback and more. they found nearly 100 hits to the head. split almost equally between quarterbacks and receivers. dave, office great to have you, despite all the
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research, all the horror stores we have had, all the rules changes all the improvements and equipment, but illegal hits are still coming fast and furious in the nfl, what is going on well, it is like bemoaning the cancer causing agents in a cigarette. we can be distraught that cigarettes still cause lung cancer given all the amazing technology that lowers tars, but the fact of the matter is it is innutrientive to the cigarette. to ask athletes in a full contact sport to avoided a certain part of the body, you are just asking for rules infractions to take place, let's keep in mind, the only time fans ever really see sit when these blows to the head happen in the vicinity of the ball.
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now a guy like wes welker, getting two concussion in four weeks this has to race more countries. we are seeing the con wednesdays with so many people that have had these problems and we are seeing big stars now. they said that information was not given to them, if that case had gone to trial you would have heard hundreds of
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depositions, you would have heard people, it would have dragged over months and months and months. and that is what often time provokes change. the patriots lost another big star a a torn alc, and mcl, is concern over one hit r toking more hits that might be problematic in another way? >> no question about it. being taught very specifically, it is almost like a pitcher and
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the strike zone, the narrow area in which you can hit a player, it starts at the knees and ends just slightly above the waste. now, that might save your head and neck, but think about all of the joints that exist in those areas. and think about the fact that tearing an acl is pretty much the easiest injury for these guys to get. on to college football, the heisman trophy will be announced on saturday. the likely favorite of this when it comes to his stats but he has been accused of rape, we talked about this, the family of his accusers holding a press conference on the day before the heisman announcement. but the charges have all been dropped, what do you think is going to happen? will these charges mar his case for winning the heisman?
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even if he had been charged all of the preliminary polling of the data suggests that he was going to win anyway. this is just not a year with strong candidates and his case of on the field work was too strong to ignore. now, the question about the integrity clause in the heisman is the one that comes to the floor, do we look at an accusation that took place with no charges being brought, as something that mars the integrity to the point where he should be denied the award. most of the people vote willing saying absolutely not. owl of that being said, i don't think anybody walks away from this unscathed. >> what is the reporting
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coming out of tallahassee about this case it is so ugly it is ridiculous. you are talking about a situation where there is very strong evidence that the police department attempted to edition suede this young woman from pressing charges to begin with. there is evidence that we know for a fact that his attorney was able to sculpt depositions from other witnesses who were there at the time of the assault. and then just submit them to the place. in any other situation you would look at this and say canning room cut outrageous. does not even meet the lowest bar, but that's how it was done, and unfortunately that's how it is done in many small
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towns across the ice. now once again that does not mean that jame miswinston was guilty, but it does mean that for any vote who is looking closely enough at this case, they are going to look at this and think wow, nobody is walking away from this. >> i am sure that meant a lot to you in nelson mandela meant a lot to sports and sports meant a lot to him too. >> yeah, to be clear, i didn't send out that picture to be like hey, look at me, nelson mandela is reading my book, i center it out because i do find it interesting how much sports and the history of resistence in sports played into his political
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narrative. if you look at his life to where he was trying to practice the art of reconciliation, in an complicated setting to the period where he was trying to get the world cup into south africa, as a way to also open up the country in a business, and investment, and the idea of projecting south africa on an international station, this was something that all the saw the value of sports to project whatever political imperative he thought was necessary. the rick conciliation period, using the movie invick us the, using the rugby team as a way to bring the nation together, and then in the period in south africa, and seeing the importance of sporting events. i just think it is fascinating and of course you can see that in mandela himself, in that
10:46 pm
he did take a tremendous delight in meeting the sports stars of the world, and those sport stars as well. they were on twitter talking about it, that certainly ranked with the greatest of their lives. to the great mo hamed ali. >> great points to make. also always, great to have you with us. >> a new study on tiredness reveals some surprising results. the growth of entitlements. both of them came to a neutral, compromised ground. this is a compromise of the sort that people have been asking for for quite some time. the bottom line here, those conservative objections are getting some traction, but the betting is now this evening that this is going to pass the house of representatives on thursday
10:47 pm
and go to the senate the next week and end up on the president's desk, joie. >> mike, thanks for being with us. we'll follow up. ahead. the international space station marks 15 years. are we getting enough bang for our buck, or is it just taking up space? get it? >> start with one issue ad guests on all sides of the debate. and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5pm et / 2pm pt only on al jazeera america al jazeera america is growing and now more americans are getting the high quality, original, in-depth reporting al jazeera america is known for. >> to find out more about al jazeera america go
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to american whose are older than 65 feel less tired than those aged 15 to 24. on a scale of zero to six, with sill becomes exhausted, older people rated a 1.8. while younger folks who are almost a full point higher at two preponderate five. rejectedders studies 13,000 americans the r the london school of economics. they looked at how much sleep people got, the number of kids and whether people had a job.
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why are older people less fatigued than kids. retirees do what they want, because they don't have to be bothered by going to work, class -- also social media seems to drain kids energy as it is constantly diverting their attention. mr. teens suffer from nark helpsy and sleep apnea, i hope my two teens aren't watching or they will never get even eight hours of sleep tonight. teens that don't heed my advice, the national sleep foundation says lack of rest makes it more likely you will get pimples, something else senior citizens don't worry about.
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the golden globes snub oprah, but she may take comfort in their lack of ability to predict the oscars. while you were asleep news was happening.
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a bit louder, a bit trashier, and more easily bout. well, this year's nominations are out, on the film side there is a major snubs and when it came to television, the nominees seem overshadowed by those who were not nominated. to discuss further, from phoenix arizona he is a culture credittic critic great to see you, top movies the chances look really good for 12 years of slave. it's a really powerful movie.
10:53 pm
every movie he makes is better and better. >> now in the musical and comedy categories, this one really confuses me, because i don't think any one of these films is really a comedy, at most they are a dram jidy. it is definitely true, and it is a trend we have seen before. there are two hollywoods one that makes these big budget blasting sequels prequills, reboots and such like that, and they make a lot of money, and now there's this other hollywood that makes quite good movies and they dominate the award season, and they are everything we want, which is we don't -- we say we don't want these slish shays genera movies which is very complicated
10:54 pm
films, and american household boy, that fits right in there. just to get them on the red carpet and drive up viewer ship, angelina jolie, and johnny depp were in that horrible movie the tourist, that got totally trashed but that didn't stop them from being nominated this year that's not the case. open proo bag snubbed. she is back in movies. >> they guard this is a
10:55 pm
very big budget. it is a fun one to watch as well, but with these people live for is to have their celebrities taken and get wined and dines. it is going to get a little more sophisticating with their essentially corrupt sort of way of doing things and so they try not to be a laughing stock as much as they have before. >> we have to remember, that hollywood al these shows are rolling their eyes at this organization but it's a key part. >> it is. the big money event, and you are right, big marketing. >> it is an unforgettable performance, and many say forrest whitaker should have -- it wasn't just oprah it was the whole movie.
10:56 pm
>> it did. >> iny there's a lot of momentum between cate blanchette and blue jasmine. don't you think that's a greet nuance performance, and i am a big fan of aiddy adams. we have a fewer question for you. >> going back to the best actor award. she thinks michael b jordan station was snubbed of a golden globe, what do you think of that when people talk about being snuffed, open progate as lot of accolades. she also didn't win the nobel prize this year. but you are right, that performance is a very very good one. and you often see in both the globes and the oscars.
10:57 pm
he just didn't make the cut this year. >> let's look at the actors and actresses in the comedy musical category. and we can put those up. what do you see happening? i am a big fan of bruce stern that's a good casting performance, one thing you have to remember is that the golden globes are not necessarily a precurse tore the oscars. there's no overlap but there's no reason to think that the actors agree with the golden globe people. there are some other great, meryl streep is in that category as well. >> turning to tv, huge
10:58 pm
shows like game of thrones didn't get any nomination, and homeland which was all the rage. masters of sex which isn't that popular yet. that hardly anyone has heard of, let's remember that with the emmys for example, the emmys get attached to a certain show, i like the turnover, homeland and breaking bad, they have gotten a lot of breaking bad is nominated. and mad men have gotten a lot in the past. again, it's very hard to -- no one knows because it is a very
10:59 pm
secretive organization. >> there is a lot of good stuff out there. a lot of buzz for nominations i love that show. do you think internet shows are now -- this is a netflix show, we only have about 20 seconds. they have become a force to be reckoned with? >> and a bunch of nominations -- it's a very classy show, it has very hi-techny call values. always interesting to see what the golden globes folks brings to us, great to have you as always, thank you. >> thank you, sir. >> the show may be over but the conversation continues. lline
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good evening, everyone. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. >> they called him a traitor. the uncle of north korea's leader executed as part of a purge that has washington and the world wary and watching. >> rich defense - the court strategy called affluenza. how it may have kept a drunk-driving teen who killed four people out of prison. >> the fall guy - lance armstrong doubling down with new things to say about the doping scandal that destroyed his career. >> plus, the interpreter, the man who fooled the world at the nelson mandela memorial speaks out with a lot to say about his


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