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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 14, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EST

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check check shooter identified. a photo released of the 18-year-old teen who they say opened fire at a suburban denver high school. >>ead of nelson mandela's life and legacy ahead of sunday's burial. >> into hello, welcome to al
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jazeera america. on the anniversary of one of the horrific shootings another tragedy has unfolded. a school shooting in centennial colorado left one dead. police say 18-year-old carl pearson shot a 15-year-old girl and turned the gun on himself. it's believed the gunman was targetting a teacher. parents in panic rushed to the high school in denver to find out if their children were okay. a stark reminder of the scene outside the elementary school in newtown connecticut where 20 children were shot on december 14th of last year. >> scenes of relief as parents were reunited with their children. students here at the high school describing what they saw and heard. >> what happened is i saw two security guards running to where the sound happened. everyone got up, we ran across
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the street. >> the shooter entered the school after 12:30. the school was evacuated, running out with hands in the hair. police padded them down, one by one as other officers swept the building. the sheriff said the suspect had a shotgun, wounding one other student before turning the weapon on himself. the gunman was targetting a teacher. >> he entered the westside of the school and asked for the location of this teacher, and asked for that teacher by name. as soon as the teacher realised that, as i indicated in my initial comment, he departed the school. >> more than 2200 attend the high school. eight miles from columbine high school. it was a fact weighing heavily on parents' minds. >> scared to death. we moved here before columbine. i was nervous. >> the shooting happened a day before the first anniversary of the newtown scooting in
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connecticut. so far there's no evidence of a connection. >> as police interviewed friends and relatives of the shooting suspect and searched two homes for clues, parents gathered outside the high school and gave accounts of what was for them a day of terror. >> this happened too frequently. this morning i was with my prayer group and we prayed about the schools to keep evil out of the schools. it happens. >> my husband tried to call me to let me know there was a shooting here. my daughter texted me. i was relieved to know she was safe. >> parents are going crazy. we could not get a hold of the kids. i have two kids and lots of friends with kids. i was the first one here. they are outli all wanting me tl them who we found and didn't.
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>> best thing ever knowing that she's okay and her friends are okay. so i'm good. >> it keeps happening. it's unfortunate that whatever the situation is, this poor they were that took his own life must have been so fraught with something >> certainly emotional motels -- moments there, one year from the newtown tragedy. schools are learning. in illinois enhanced security and lockdown drills have been mandatory. we have a report from chicago on efforts to secure schools there. >> at this elementary school in illinois, security is taken seriously. >> can i help you? >> before gaining entry visitors enter a secure vestibule where they must present
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identification. using the raptor security system it is scanned into a computer and an instant background check is performed. in addition, in case of a problem a bullet resistant shield can be pulled down and a panic button informs local police. >> they added on this section of the building, a new, secure entrance. formerly the entrance to the school was upstairs in the middle of the hallway. people were buzzed in, but there was no ensuring that the visitors went where they were supposed to go. >> it's part of a $5 million investment to upgrade safety and security programs. in 2005 illinois passed the school safety drill act, requiring public and prifate schools to review security. they put their plan into action when there was a report of a student bringing a weapon to
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school. staff has been trained using videos, to guide students to practice emergency drills. the school launched the code red lockdown procedure. students huddled in locked classrooms, evacuating without incident. scilor wilson was in the school at the time. >> i was feeling relief that there was no shooting, there was no guns involved. i was just very thankful i was - that the school handled it so well. i was able to get out safely. >> security president paul tim implemented security protocols in schools and districts, including lake surics. >> there's only two times we know it works, which is during an emergency, which is unfortunate, and the other is if we practice. this district is practicing the drills. as a result, they are ready.
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>> it's a tough balance for educators, between keeping schools safe and maintaining semblance of a learning environment. >> we are looking at better ways to keep our students safe. we know when they are safe, they'll learn. >> it's a lesson in safety no one hopes to test. >> there has been 25 school shootings in one year since newtown. one incident every two weeks. . plenty of snow around the great lakes. more snow into the north-east. as we look at the satellite and radar you can see the rain coming down for the south, south-east. if you head north it is bumping into cold air. there is your snow and a mix of some snow, rain and some freezing rain around the virginias. as we look at december, so far this month, spots that typically
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get big amounts of lake-effect snow, some of us are behind. in fact, mark et you are 10 inches below the normal amount of snow. we expect to see plenty of snow. it will cause a lot of travel issues across southern michigan, all the way to pennsylvania, and upper new york as the snow works its way through early sunday morning to the north. we have some places up to two feet in place. that's the depth now. 4-8 inches of snow we'll add to that. that is a great time to do research on lake-effect snow. this is a doppler on wheels, handled by the national science foundation. the ontario winter snow system. they'll look at in this month and in january. here comes the snow too,
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especially around parts of earie and ontario, there'll be a mix of snow, rain and freezing rain tracking to the north-east while the snow does as well. again, heading into 6-8 inches. the forecast for most of our rain and snow is on the east coast this weekend. >> thank you. a final farewell. the african national congress pays respects to former par a
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lot celebrated his life. allen schauffler in qunu, south africa. thank you. >> still ahead - officials are tight-lipped about reports that an ex-fbi agent missing in iran was a rogue mission for the
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c.i.a. reinventing retail. a business model involving the art of story telling.
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>> welcome back. after meeting with opposition leaders for the first time since civil unrest broke out in ukraine, the country's president urged protesters occupying the treat to stop the campaign. demonstrators are calling for closer ties with the european union. that's after viktor yanukovych suspended a trade deal with the e.u. that would have increased trade and opened borders. tens of thousands in ukraine protested against the decision. many accused viktor yanukovych of bending to pressure from russia to pass on the deal >> missing, bob levinson vanished in iran in 2007. reports from that he was on a business trip. the associated press reported in
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the with "the washington post" that he was an agent for the c.i.a. randall pinkston has more. >> it's almost seven years since bob levinson disappeared whilst in iran. he's the lodgest-held hostage in history. his family received a video. >> i'm not in perfect health. i have been treated well. i'm running out of diabetes medicine. i need the help of the united states government. >> in the past three years there's nothing to confirm that he's still alive. he was on a business trip to an iranian island. associated press is reporting that bob levinson was in iran on an unapproved mission for the c.i.a. when asked secretary of state john kerry wouldn't confirm that he was spying, urging iran to
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provide more details on bob levinson's whereabouts. >> i don't have any comment whatsoever on the condition with respect to employment or any other issue, except to say to you that we raised the issue of his whereabouts on a continuous basis, i personally raised it with the iranians, in the course of our discussion, and we will continue to try to seek his release and return to the united states. >> associated press says the c.i.a. paid the bob levinson family $2.5 million to avoid a public lawsuit. ap says the c.i.a. disciplined 10 analysts. in a new statement the bob levinson family says:
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>> the iranians insist they don't know where bob levinson is. there's no evidence that he was sent from his country. the video was sent from a pakistani cafe. the u.s. offered $1 million for his safe return. that has taken investigators no closer to finding him. >> iran is holding two americans, a u.s. marine an charges of spying and an american pastor in prison because of his christian faith. >> there's no tangible signs of progress, a deal to resolve the palestine conflict is possible by april. john kerry visited the area. the obama administration got the
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two sides to agree to a 9-month course of negotiations. israel agreed to release 1,004 prisoners, half have been freed. israel will release more later this month. >> the debate about raising the federal minimum wage is kicking into high gear. many states increased it. stacy tisdale looks at how local communities are managing higher pay. >> when you see images like these, it's easy to understand the emotional argument for raising minimum wage. put many reachers argue that the length between minimum age is overblown. >> few are paid the minimum wage, onward about 3% of the workforce. most who are are young. over a quarter of minimum wage earners are high school or college students. >> washington with the highest,
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known for strong union activities tops the list the $9.20. oregon at $8.95, where one in five households rely on food stamps. vermont with the third highest, recalculates the wage every year taking inflation into act. at $8.25, connecticut has the fourth highest minimum wage. it has the fourth-highest cost of groceries and is one of the expensive. >> illinois $8.25. the strong union state has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. how much of an impact does a higher minimum wage have on the economy. in oregon, a planned $0.15 increase in minimum wage on 1 january 2014 puts $2,034 in the pot. >> i don't see a way in which that small amount of money for a
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small proportion of the workforce could spark economic growth. the funds are coming from someone else who no longer has the money to spend. >> the majority of minimum wage earners are young, there are those who are struggling. many minority groups, disproportionally depend on the minimum wage. single mothers trying to raise a family on $15,000 a year. experts say there are better options than increasing income. >> there are options like the earned income tax credit maxing out at $6,000 for a family with children, that are more powerful at helping people get out of poverty and are targeted at low-income families, rather than like the wage transferring funds to children of upper middle class families. >> with the emotion surrounding minim
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minim minim minim minimum wage, the debate will be the focus of a conference. >> team mobile may be taken over, worth $20 billion, bringing together the third and fourth biggest mobile carriers. sprint will have to address antitrust issues. teams of t mobile surged. >> it's the holiday shopping season, as popular as online purchasing may be. you may want to consider a business with a personal concept. an entrepreneur considered the idea of a store based on story telling. >> the storey is a new business model. we have the point of view of a magga scene. we reinvent the space and sell things like a store. >> rachel believes the secret to
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reinventing retail is through story telling. she comes up with a different story and the products that go with it. >> one of our story favourites are these amazing one sis and t-shirt for kids. it's by a company called mecelo. we have apprenticeship cess laya, mr t. our theme is home for the holidays. the store is a living gift guide that comes to life. it's a hidden message necklace. >> there are elements much a magazine. letter from the editor, and blurbs about the product and who makes it. >> it's a living discovery platform and an opportunity for other retailers to discover brands. we are supporting and helping smaller businesses beyond one store. >> she calls it retail media. an editorial advice on one hand.
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>> we reach tout to ban, such as benjamin moore, we told a colour story and they paid money to be part of the store. therefore i don't have to do sales per square foot and think wholistically >> interesting concept. david shuster reporting from chelsea in new york city. the inventory is based on the theme home for the holidays. >> the tony award winning musical might be two risque core some. could it have a positive impact on society?
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welcome back. is there any such thing as bad publicity? a popular broadway musical drew criticism after appearing in a macey's parade. >> it's playful, colourful. it's the tony award winning
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musical whose shoe company is saved by a drag queen that needs quirkry kinky boots. >> it's a story about two unlikely people finding the human connection. >> this holiday season the broadway musical kinky boots kicked up controversy. they were in the macey's thanksgiving day parade. there were tweets like these: . >> it's hard not to want to fire back when people say the knee jerk reactions. you want to stand up for the message of the show.
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>> the cast had a response the next day. >> we went shopping. in full drag in the men's department in the finale costumes. >> on black friday. >> i call it the solidarity shopping spree with macy's. >> broadway shows are made to entertain and have a history of addressing social controversy. when they do, business gets a boost. >> it was demonstrated that there was a bump in ticket sales after thanksgiving. that way the controversy was, you know, boomeranging in the opposite direction. >> this month "kinky boots" smashed the box office record, grossing nearly $2 million in a single week. >> any of that publicity helped, great. >> bring it. >> it showed how social media can bring in a new audience. >> the conversation can happen
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in a way that is relatively safe, irrespective of religious views. >> holidays are usually a busy time tonne broadway, and the "kinky boot" stars say it's a way to keep the message alive. >> keep the message alive. >> let love shine, let pride be your guide. you change your world when you change your mind. >> the same lyric sung on national television. >> "kinky boots" premiered on broadway in march, it's hoped it can be used as a teaching tool for educators talking about sexual identity. >> in a few hours from now china
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could make the first controlled landing of a spacecraft on the mun. china's spacecraft has been in lunar orbit. there is concern that it could interrupt or interfere with data collection of a u.s. mission. if china lands on the moon's surface, it would be the third country to do so, follow the united states and the former soviet union. >> speaking of nasa, a landing craft past a test. it completed an untethered flight. the landser listed off, rose 50 feet, hovered and landed again. nasa is looking to develop a spacecraft delivering cargo to asteroids in plan et. thank you forsalute.
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a sombre memorial service to hon your nelson mandela's life and legacy.


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