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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EST

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welcome to al jazeera america. i am richelle carey. here are the stories we are following for you. a final farewell to nelson mandela. protests continue if kiev. demonstrators may have lost their fight. the collapse of a nation leaves its people in dire straits. [ music ] >> the final step in his long walk to freedom. nelson mandela is laid to rest in his an ce ancestral village. the former leader helped
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transform the country and inspire millions all around the world. al jazeera's jonah hull has more. >> the final moments of a sad we farewell. nelson mandela's renames were lourd into the ground out of public view. the roar of a military fly past bearing the flag of a new south africa that mandela, himself, did so much to create. in the eastern cape hills of his birth and boyhood, it had been a funeral ceremony planned and executed with precision. [ music ] >> beneath a giant tent built in the place he called home invited south african government joined the mandela family. some looking drawn with
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exhaustion and grief. [ music ] >> a song reminiscent of the years of struggle. [ music ] qu "we, the nation, are crying." an express of gratitude for perhaps the greatest hero of them all. >> we wish today to express two simple words: thank you. thank you for being everything we wanted and needed in a leader during a difficult period. in our lives.
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the long walk to freedom has ended in a physical sense. our own journey continues. >> in a blend of the formal with the traditional, there were deeply personaltributes as well from one of his 18 grandchildren. >> we shall miss how you were when you were not pleased with our behavior. we shall miss your voice as you told us stories of your childhood. we shall miss your laughter. >> from lifelong friend and prisoner, addressing the man he called midira. >> what do we say to you, midala in these days, the last final moments together before you exit the public stage? when walter died, i lost a father. and now, i have lost a brother.
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mize life is in a void, and i don't know who to turn to. >> many south africans will also wonder where to turn now with the passing of the man whose every life breath was reassurance. perhaps the country's greatest son, the man mistaken knew as tata, or grands father, the tribal chief they called simply madiba. >> foreign dignitaries, royal families were among the 4500 people paying trib beauty. prince charles and, of course, media moggel oprah winfree. he built bridges with all walks of life, people of all walks of life. that life is documented in films and books and will build a bridge for future generations. al jazeera's dan i can't page
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took a tour of his official archive to see how his memory will live on >> reporter: >> the center of memory is full of the predictable but, also, the strange and unusual. >> if you look at this one here, from arounold schwarzenegger. >> arnie and midiba. >> behind her? >> he is behind her, yes. >> who is that? >> that's oprah winfrey. >> as well as being a historical record of nelson mandela's life, it's a place the public can cut through the mythology. his most personal documents are in the vault. >> this is his mother's death certificate. his mother died in 1968 and he asked for permission to attend the funeral, and as the son, he wanted to bury her, but he wasn't allowed. >> there are private letters to
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his then wife winny and diaries. one that documents an argument with his current wife. >> there is as sense of carrying a burden in relation to this image of him, a saintly image, he became the face of the struggle. i think increasingly as he grew older felt very uncomfortable with that. >> this is midiba's. he used to come in here almost every day and then as he retired, really retired in 2004, he reduced the amount of time he used to come. >> here, mandela was surrounded by people who inspired and influenced him. famous faces fill the shelves. few knew the complexities of a man who millions look up to but the center of memory offers insight into nelson mandela, the man and the myth. the european union has suspended efforts with ukraine
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on a trade and cooperation . excuse me. rory challenge joins me live from kiev. rory, let's talk more about senator john mccain, what prompted him to go there. what all has he accomplishedd who has he been meeting with? tell me more about that. >> he has been here meeting with a number of people. he met with ukraine's foreign minister yesterday. >> that's as far as we are aware, the only meeting he has had with government figures. but then he's been doing a lot of talking to opposition leaders here he's talked to is a
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mish-mash because it comes from the opposition parties here there are three main opposition parties amend for the moment, they are all acting in accord with each other. so the stage that you can see down there that's pumping out all of this very loud music has been sponsored together by those three opposition parties. once you actually get down and walk around the square, things become a lot more decentralized. so you go to speak to the security guys who are essentially volunteers, come from different civic groups and more people pitching in and saying i want to be involved. today, we were in the back room of one of the union buildings here where there is a whole army of men and women who are taking
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the food t taputting it into sandwiches and soup and throwing it out the door making sure the people in the square are well-fed and that they are entertained. it is something. >> it is quite remarkable. quite something to see senatc t of state say the execution of the uncle in north korea says it underscores the danger in the region. >> it tells us a lot of all about how ruthless and wreckinglewreckinreckless and insecure he is to a certain degree. it tells us a significant amount of the instability internally of the regime with the numbers of discussions. this is not the first execution. there have been a signature number over the last months which we are aware of. most importantly, it under scores the importance of all of
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us of finding a way forward with north korea in order to denuclearize the peninsula. >> kim's uncle by marriage was regarded as the second most powerful leader in korea. a key vote in chile and an update on the chaos in the central african republic. you are watching al jazeera america. we depend on you, >> you are one of the voices of this show. >> so join the conversation and make it your own. >> the stream. weeknights 7:30 et / 4:30 pt on al jazeera america and join the conversation online @ajamstream. here is more. >> beneath the fluorescentsun in a former meat packing plant is the latest trim in farming. they call it "vertical farming." these fields grow on floors on at industrial park and farmer john adel and his staff agrees user.
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>> my shipping proceed did you say 1500, 2,000 miles to get are. >> the plant of the indoor -- as the indoor formers call it doesn't grow corn or soybeans but mustard, high end micro greens on the plates of white-napkin restaurants. these fish supply the vert liser that number issues the >> an al jazeera america exclusive... former president jimmy carter reflects on the life and legacy of nelson mandela. >> that spirit of nelson mandela is embedded deeply in the heart and soul of the south africans... >> they worked side by side for freedom, now president carter talks about mandela's global impact. a revealing interview you won't see anywhere else. >> i've never heard him say, that he was grateful to the
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united states... >> talk to al jazeera with jimmy carter only on al jazeera america >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> here are the headlines at this hour. >> only on al jazeera america. negotiations are taking place between the central african republic and christian militias. the president became the first muslim president in the mainly christian country. fighting has displaced hundreds of thousands of people. for more on the developments of the ground, let's go to the capital. >> reporter: it is a bing news story of the day. the president says that he is in negotiations with the christian militia group. there are questions over who he is talking to. we haven't found any clear
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evidence that antibela is one united group. it's not clear if there arevillages taking part or backed by the former president, francois bozezai, who wants to grab power here we are hearing reports from a french newspaper that there was an altercation between selica forces and french special forces on the tarmac before the french president left. there are question marks about the authority of michel and not only how much on his own forces but how much power he has with any negotiations with his enemies. at the same time, the humanitarian screes getting worse. we are hearing reports that food distributions aren't happening in the camp at the airport where there are around 50,000 people now because of insecurity there, because of people wielding match
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machetes trying to grab the food. women are sleeping in the baking heat. when it rains, they are holding their babies because there is absolutely no shelter. disease is rife. miliaria and other diseases as well and the doctors who are operating in that's these conditions are overwhelmed. >> the french foreign ministered told european radio he will ask european counterparts to help establish order. >> then there are the europeans. some say that the europeans are not there. i would not be offended if they were more present. the polish will be helping us logistically though as well as the british, german, spanish and belgian. tomorrow, i will go to the counsel of foreign ministers and he will ask our european partners for stepped up, more robust aid.
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>> there are already 1600 french troops in the country. voters in chile go to the poles to elect a new president. today's vote is a run-off between conservative, evelyn matai and michelle bosholeit who came out just under 50% and is favored to win the run-off election batai won 25%. bochelet served from 2006 to 2010. in india, the bitcoin is gaining popularity. as al jazeera reports, virtual currencies are not regulated. people who use them could be at risk of losing their money. >> cash means everything in india despite a rise in the popularity of credit cards and online payments, most transactions still take place with bank notes. some want to change that. >> bitcoin to me is freedom.
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bitcoin represents freedom in the financial word. >> nat aasha ambrose has met regularly to talk about bit coins. a virtual currency they feels releases people from foreign exchange conversion and any extra charges. >> businesses are linked. different countries and different states and we are very global at the moment. and i think we need a currency which keeps up with that. >> it's why she is part of a group bringing awareness of virtual currencies by hosting the first bitcoin conference. that involves drawing people into the advantages of using bit coins by getting individuals accustomed to them. >> this isn't an actual bitcoin. this is a first kale coin for people to get -- hold something and then feel -- understand about the coin. it's got a qr code. it allows people to receive payments through this. if i am carrying this around, i can receive payments on this. the payment will actually stay on my computer on my hard wallet.
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>> india is mostly a cash based society with the government keeping strict limits on how much money a person can take out and bring to the country. but with bitcoins, all a person has to do is download it on to something small like a smartphone, flip it in their their pocket, leave the plane and leave the country with potentially millions of dollars completely untraceable. >> that's raising concerns. >> that's exactly what india is worried about. you are going to lose precious foreign exchange. >> since bitcoins are anonymous, there is worry of them about being used for money launch launchedering or by extremist groups because at president, india's financial system doesn't have the infrastructure to handle them. >> we do not know how to regulate it. >> that's the problem. the regulatory authorities are just wondering a way to regulate this. >> ambrose and other organizers attending the conference have invited people from the government and the financial sector so they, too can better understand the potential of bitcoins in india.
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as wealth plays an important part in indian culture, having its own goddess, some want to see the future of that wealth shifting from the physical to the virtual says jameel, al jazeera abangalor. our top stories, coming up next, this was the scene yesterday in chicago. there is more snow in the forecast. we will have all of that ahead on al jazeera america. >> al jazeera's investigative unit has tonight's exclusive report. >> stories that have impact... that make a difference... that open your world... >> this is what we do... >> america tonight weeknights 9et / 6pt only on al jazeera america
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i am richelle carey. let's take a look at your headlines right now. nelson mandela has been buried, 450 people attended the burial services. the burial ends 10 days of ceremonies. mandela died on december 5th. he was 95 years old. the european government has suspended efforts to work with ukraine on a trade and cooperation agreement. the move comes as tens of thousands of demonstrators
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demanded kiev make deal instead of agreeing to closer ties with russia. the president of central african republic is calling for an i need to sectarian violence. hundreds have died in the fight against muslims and christians. and now there is a food shortage. so-called e-waste contain dangerous levels of lead and toxic elements. the damage is not just the environment but also the health of those who come in contact with it. >> year after year, we buy more electronic gadgets, toys, computers and appliances but when those break or become obsolete, they end up being thrown out. they frequently contain gold, silver and copper, also, lead and recycling them, if it's done like this in india, is a dangerous and toxic job. >> it could takes a lot of
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hazardous and scary metals and they are not easy to treat. this is why it's very much needed that appropriate recycling is taking place. if these valuables are wasted, it's a loss of resources as well. >> some countries are moving towards savory cycling and reuse of e-waste but it's feared the increase in demand for electronics will overwhelm existing facilities. this could see millions of tons of waste dumped into landfills. the u.n. report says 48.9 milli 48.9 million tons of e waste was produced last year. this is expected to rise to 65.4 million tons by 20 step 17. the largest producers are china and the u.s. they produced 11.1 milliontons and 10 million tons respectively last year. >> these chinese -- each chinese person produced 5.4 kilograms of high-tech trash. this compares to the average american who produced almost six
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times this, 29.8 kilograms. a u.n. initiative was created, an online interactive map that looks at 184 countries and compares how much e-waste each gener each generates. >> developing and transition countries and also the developed world. even in the developed world, we have the issue that we are facing here, low collection rates despite having very good e-waste management systems in place. so the consumer also has to play a certain role here, and he has to be aware and take action. >> let's hope the math will give governments a better sense of the problem, then, perhaps they can move this mountain and ensure it's recycled or sdmroedz of safely. tera baseley. >> the only operating plant is operating against in israel. it allowed about 120,000 gal
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options of diesel into gaza. it was used to restart the plant that ran out of fuel six weeks ago. it provides a third of the electricity to the gaza strip, allowed as aid to gaza after a winter storm damaged crops. it is news causing problems. more on that. hello, jalili. >> i think we know about the social, political i cmplication of what's going on between israel and gaza for years. when you factor in mother nature and the weather, this is a monumental storm that pushed through t provided over 15 inches of snow in downtown jerusalem and flooding rain across portions of at a time gaza strip, cutting power to roughly 1.6 million people who live on and along the gaza strip. take a look there. we are looking at -- we are looking at pictures of people who are trying to navigate, get around a very, very small area. no wherefore them to go, with no power, no electricity. we are looking at what they have been dealing with over the last
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couple of days with the storm called alexa. it dumped 15 inches of rain in downtown portions of jerusalem. it continues to push further towards the east and now, it's affecting syria. we are going to have to continue to mon ton that through the next couple of days as that systems pushes toward the east. it had a large impact on the gaza strip and really across syria and a lot of areas that are dealing with issues, social, political and economic in addition now, we have mother nature to deal with as well. back on the home front, we had a snowstorm push across the midwest into the northeast and it produced quite a bit of know across portions of chicago, all the way into new england. today, the heaviest of the snowfall will certainly be across maine and atlantic portions of canada of the up to 18 inches of snow locally across portions of maine on into new brunswick and new finland and nova scotia. traveling along i-95 there, be careful. behind the system, winds are picking up a bit. boston and portland, we are
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looking at some additional rainfall across of the southeast. ton warnings were issued across the carolinas. today looking at scattered showers from jacksonville down to miami. back to you, richelle. >> all right, jalila, thank you very much. thank you for watching al jazeera. ism richelle carey. "listening post" is next. we leave you with some of the sights and sounds of nelson mandela's funeral. [ music ] [ music ] [ music ] >> the young man seven decades ago grew into a mighty leader. [ music ]
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>> you brought a new world into being and taught us to live as citizens. [ music ] today, mingled with our grief is the enormous pride that one of our own has, during his lifetime, and now in your death, united the people of south africa and the entire world on a scale never before experienced
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in history. [ music ] maduro,. >> hello, i'm richard gisburg and you're at the listening post. the venezuelan president. two tech giants amazon and ebay ride to the news media. the tightening grip on the news media in russia. and the


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