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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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be judge. >> dozens of people dead. the final farewell. south africa says good-bye to the father of the free african nation, nelson mandela.
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>> our own journey continues. >> lauren taylor with the news. including: >> ukraine will make europe better, and europe will make ukraine better. >> john mccain speaks. and the train between barcelona and paris, dogs europe need more expensive high speed railways? >> l welcome to al jazeera, the battle for syria averages second city appears to be intensifying. government forces bombarded rebel held areas, by dropping explosives from helicopters, 22 people many of them children have been killed. our report, warning, includes graphic images.
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>> the this ithis is being descy activists as one of the worst days of the syrian war in a long time. opposition groups say syrian forces used helicopters to drop barrel bombs on at least ten neighborhoods in a aleppo. >> we have not rested since morning. more than ten areas in aleppo were heavily bombarded. this is the only equipment the civil defense team has. we don't have any other tools or equipment. >> it's not the first time government forces have used barrel bombs. they're made of large cylinders or oil drums packed with explosives and rolled out the back of helicopters. they may be aimed at rebel fighters but as the pictures show, they're not terribly
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accurate. children are among the victims in these attacks in eastern aleppo, the victims of these attacks are also struggling amongst the fiercest winters seen in decades. it is unlikely to be enough for the millions forced from their homes. but right now here in ah lep ale they want is help. >> talking to joshua landis, how significant is this latest government attack, on aleppo? reports that barrel bombs are now being used with 20 people killed in this latest attack. >> well, it's coming in the context of a number of very brutal attacks. on wednesday, north of damascus,
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government complex was attacked, and dozens, dozens of people were killed, civilians, by rebels. and this is -- i don't know if this is revenge for that, but it's tit for tat. barrel bombing is going on with greater frequency. it underlines how important it is to get all sides to the geneva conference to try ocome up with a cease fire. >> you make an important point. where does this leave the battle of aleppo? who has the upper hand now? >> you know, nobody has the upper hand here. it's very difficult to see how the government could ever reconquer aleppo. at the same time, the government is pro-- very strong the syrian army is very powerful, it still
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has an air force which gives it a big advantage over the rebels. it's not letting the rebels build up an alternative from it. it's keeping them on their heels and keeping the situation very degraded. we are seeing the refugee flow grow and grow and that puts a pressure on everybody. >> these latest attacks, bl peace talks planned next month for geneva, is there any hope this conflict will independent any time soon? >> no, it doesn't. the more moderate rebel groups at leaves the syrian military -- at least the supreme military command the united states and others had tried to build up, was driven out of syria about ten days ago by the more radical groups. so what we have is a radicalization on all sides.
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the syrian government has become increasingly more radical with help from foreign shiite groups and so have the rebels, al qaeda is growing bigger and bigger and the celafus has become more powerful. geneva becomes harder and harder to bring together. >> joshua landis, thank you for talking to al jazeera. >> pleasure. >> now south africa's first black president has been laid to rest at his ancestral home. world leaders sat alongside family members and special guests at the state funeral in nelson mandela in the tiny village of qunu. president jacob zuma has said has been long and difficult. a sad farewell as nelson mandela's remains were lowered into the ground out of public view.
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technicathe roar of a military , that mandela himself did so much to create. in the eastern cape hills of his birth and boyhood it had been a military ceremony l excellently planned and executed to perfection. ♪ >> beneath a giant dome built in the place he called home, invited guests, dignitaries, celebrities and the south african government joined the mandela family. some drawn with exhaustion and grief. [♪ singing ] >> south africa's president jacob zuma led them in a song reminiscent of the years of struggle. [♪ singing ] interwe the
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nation are crying, the words go, from the song sung at the funerals of fallen heroes for the expression of gratitude for perhaps the greatest hero of them all. >> we wish today to express two simple words: thank you. thank you for being everything we wanted. and needed. in a leader. during a difficult period. in our lives. your long walk to freedom has ended, in the physical sense. our own journey continues. >> in a blend of the formal with the traditional they were deeply personal tributes as well. from one of his 18
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grandchildren. >> we saw you stand by us when you were not pleased with our behavior. we shall miss your voice, as you told us stories of your childhood. we shale miss your laughter. >> reporter: and from lifelong frind and fellow prisoner, addressing the ma'am he called madala. >> what do we say to you, madal after in these days? the last final moments together before you exit the public stage? when l walter died, i lost a father. and now, i have lost a brother. my life is in a void. and i don't know who to turn to. >> many south africans will also wonder where to turn now with the passing of the man whose every life breath was
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reassurance. perhaps the country's greatest son, the man known as tata, or grandfather, the man they called madiba. south africa. al jazeera. >> more be at the address, you'll find several items on the legacy he has left behind. john mccain has told ukrainians, they're better to join the european union. laura with more. >> thousands of demonstrators in kiev, al jazeera rory chan is there for us. >> john mccain has been a busy man over the last couple of days. yesterday he met with ukraine's foreign minister. as far as i'm aware that's most
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senior member of the government he spoke to. he also met with various opposition figures and today, he came down to very, very large crowd, told them a message that the u.s. is supporting them, the features for thei and it was a message they liked very well indeed. the turnout to be the biggest so far and tens of thousands of people responded affiliation independence square in central kiev. the message of u.s. support came with senators john mccain and chris murphy. >> the destiny you speak lies in europe. ukraine will make europe better. and europe will make ukraine better. >> visits from western diplomats don't go down well in russia which accuses them of meddling but the crowd clearly
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appreciates it. >> thank you, thank you. >> there's no sign yet of this protest losing momentum, despite the challenges of state hostility and the ukrainian winter. what's kept this show on the road for weeks now is a mixture of political party money. bactivism. sponsored by the main opposition peartle buoppositionparty. >> take vladimir for example. he works for an international cosmetics company during the week and in his spare time is more than 1700 security volunteers here. >> we have provide he security for two points, like strange, we second keep eye on police. >> but look at this. for a real military style operation. huge quantities of food for the
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crowds outside. processed by an army of helpers. >> translator: our first source of supplies is people's charity. the contributions of those in parliament and the regional communities. also, the food they donate are our second source. and then civic society organizations and businesses that help us. >> ample money and manpower has kept this movement fed, and entertained since november. that answered the hope of these ukrainians that they are shaping their country's future. >> so rory, there is strengths of feeling pro-eu but the european union seems to have put the talks on hold. what's going on? >> there seems to be the message from the eu that they have lost
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all patience really with viktor yanukovych, and they can't see any progress between europe and ukraine with viktor yanukovych. as you can see, we have a protest movement in full swing at the moment. europe doesn't really want to deflate this and the people here don't want to have any doors closed on future european integration. also have viktor yanukovych traveling to moscow on tuesday. there is a possibility he might sign something that would bring ukraine and russia closer together. there are high stakes going on mere. and everyone seems to be gambling quite heavily on what the outcome of this whole situation is going to be.
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>> rory thank you very much indeed. lets go back to darren. >> thank you. coming up still on the news hour. boats needed to rescue families in gaza. we'll have the latest on the flood emergency. around chile where -- and comail, where the new presiden e the new president is likely to be a woman. and in absorbinger. the party was carrying out a day long general strike in protest at the execution of abdul muller, sentenced for death during bangladesh's war of independence. interim president michelle
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being djotodia. , without food or basic medical supplies. al jazeera's nazre rvetioreen bs mashmashiri has the story. >> we haven't really found any clear evidence that antibelica is any one group. it is not clear if there are ordinary villages who are taking part in this uprising or whether they are backed by the form he president francois bozize who wants to gather power here. there was an altercation between seleca forces, before the french
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president unb unfroanld unfrance left. how much power he has any negotiations with his enemies. at the same time, the humanitarian crisis is just getting worse. we are hearing reports that food distributions aren't happening in the camp at the parent, where there are about -- at the airport, because of people wielding machetes and trying to grab the food as it's being descripted. distributed. women are sleeping in the absolute baking heat. disease is rife, malaria and other diseases as well, doctors operating in these conditions are overwhelmed. be. >> being mali's elections are intended to mark the country's
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be return to democracy. shadowed by two u.n. peace keepers killed in a bomb on saturday. officials are questioning,ing saturdays's explosion is the latest in a string of attacks which no one has yet claimed responsibility for. >> after the massive attack in nairobi, this was the first attack in kenya since the attack killed 60 people back in september. several were killed in the bus attack and more injured, when the bomb exploded. it was on its way to the city center saturday evening. witnesses say it was chaos, people running in every direction and shots and people shuttered their doors as quickly as they could.
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>> police will come to the rescue after everything has gone. >> saturday's explosion was the fourth attack in kenya in just one week. undermining celebrations marking the 50th anniversary of the country answer independence. among the incidents, a rare attack on tourists in the coastal city of mombas after, a being popular tourist destination. a bomb did not explode and was later detonated by police. the l somali group of sloob, thershabaab, renewed being being being trouble here. some chanted get the somalis out, the police surrounded them and prevented the situation from escalating. >> there have been several attacks in kenya sinks the government cents their forces
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into somalia to fight be al shabaab. mohamed says he believes criminals were behind the attacks and this his community should not be blamed. >> i'm just addressing the people that they are not get worried. we are clear and happy that the government be putting more efforts. >> whether it's criminals or organized fighters belonging to al shabaab, people are worried that there has been little clarity over these attacks. >> supporters of the be muslim m brotherhood, amil mussa, says the new charter paves the way for a civilian government to replace military rule.
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syrian refugees, do not include children with autism. without proper care some with the condition are getting worse. >> a destitute yrnlings family s living as refugees, both need therapy at specialized centers. but there's no money to pay for it. the parents spent all their savings on special schooling for their sons here in elbe dfer but ever since their money ra ran o, the children have been confined to this tiny apartment. his mother has no choice but to lock him up in his room so he won't hurt his brothers. >> our children are growing up, treatment is much more effective at a early age. i feel like my children's future
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is wasting away, even though there is hope they can get better if they are treated. ever since he left the autism center he's regressed so badly he has stopped speaking. amad is afraid of playing outside. children bully him. early intervention is the most effective way to reduce the symptoms of autism. maintaining consistency in the child's environment as well as providing a highly structured routine are also crucial. band that's what kareem an awe autistic child frk syri from sy. he now lives at the academy and goes to a regular school but what he doesn't have is family. his parents became refugees in turkey and have lost contact.
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he is now under the care of the center. authorities here can't help children unless there is significant funding. they can barely cope with the number of jordannian patients. >> the treatment of autism needs funding and it needs consistent funding. that is really sad because sometimes parents come to me and tell me if i don't have money, that means that my child have no treatment? >> the average monthly cost of triements is $-- treatment is $4,000. no syrian family can afford that. that's the well-being of autistic syrian, is substantial funding to assure them a better life. takes after having his uncle executed for tre treason, kim
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jong-un is on the ski slopes. a power struggle in the totalitarian state. it's been a year since a prominent community worker disappeared in communityist ruled laos. suggests the government may have been involved. here is florence louie. >> a well-known civil society leader in laos was last seen driving home a year ago. he is an advocate of sustainable projects, believing rural communities should have a bigger say in how the community is developed. this is security footage from the night he disappeared. his car was stopped at a police post and he was taken inside. the video shows someone driving his jeep away. a little later, several people are seen coming in front of the building, before driving off in a police truck. police are saying they are investigating the case.
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some suggest the laos government involvement which they have denied. human rights groups are determined that sombat's abduction is not forgotten. in bangkok they organized a series of events to being commemorate the day he disappeared. >> the laos government should say clearly who detained him, where he was taken after he left that police post. the laos government should show to the international community the original individual yoa vidv camera. >> who may be behind his disappearance. >> every minute of the day -- >> his wife said he was merely a community worker not an antigovernment activist. >> it has been a taishabl terriy
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terribly difficult time. something that is agonizing me every moment of the day. here activists want to keep up the pressure are demonstrating in front of the embassy. the laotian capital has not received a response. a year after his disappearance, his families and supporters are still seeking supporters. florence lewie, al jazeera, bangkok. (w) had we come back, is this the best way to recycle being re electronics? the growing world of e-waste. more on that, stay with us. >> i'm phil torres coming up this week on techknow... for some soldiersknow... the war never ends. watch as a battle once fought
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in a warzone, comes to life on a video screen. >> he was doused in deisel fuel and he was just in a lot of pain. >> can re-living trauma lead to a cure for ptsd? technow on al jazeera america night with the combatants in their training base.
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of nelson mandela. >> that spirit of nelson mandela is embedded deeply in the heart and soul of the south africans... >> they worked side by side for freedom, now president carter talks about mandela's global impact. a revealing interview you won't see anywhere else. >> i've never heard him say, that he was grateful to the united states...
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>> talk to al jazeera with jimmy carter only on al jazeera america >> from our headquarters in new york, here are the headlines this hour. >> al jazeera america is the only news channel that brings you live news at the top of every hour. >> a deal in the senate may be at hand and just in the nick of time. >> thousands of new yorkers are marching in solidarity. >> we're following multiple developments on syria at this hour. >> every hour from reporters stationed around the world and across the country. >> only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back. a quick reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. syria's armed forces are being accused of dropping barrels filled with explosives from helicopters. activists say 22 people many of
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them children have been killed in aleppo. >> nelson mandela has been laid to rest. family, friends and dignitaries paid their final tributes. >> ukraine will make europe better and europe will make ukraine better. >> john mccain tells protestors in ukraine that the united states backs their desire for european immigratio integra. l. many people luferg in nelson mandela's village of qunu in south africa weren't allowed to attend. they watched it on a television screen. she is happy mandela has come home to the province where he was born. >> he taught us to forgive and
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forget. and to love the neighbors. >> they say being here makes them feel part of the ceremony. >> these people aren't very far away from the mandela homestead. in fact it's over there, that dome marquee in the distance. people from the village aren't happy they weren't invited to attend the funeral. >> neighbors who can't yuns they weren't on the guest list. linda is one of them. she was taught as an african when somebody in the community dice, you go pay your respects. >> it is not right we didn't get to see him the last time. we all said he is gone. >> but others say they understand why they couldn't attend. >> we cannot be there, all of us. all of the south africa will there be and all of the people that are coming international we
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want to, that will be so crowded and then that won't be relevant for the funeral as well. >> in africa, a member of your tripe is family. people say their connection to the former president and antiapartheid hero is personal, they are all like mandela. not being able to say good-bye in person when they live so close is disappointing. they hope they will be able to attend grave site soon. >> in chile, the second round of voting is underway to choose another president will definitely be a woman. be michelle bachelet is tipped to beat her conservative rival. how did the voting go today and when will we get the results?
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>> theashtd, therthat's right, o be little doubt michelle bachelet will win. now the voting has been interesting. this is the first election in which voting is not under marn mandatory in chile. the results will be out in about three and a half hours from now. the polls close in about two and a half hours and the 40% or so of the counting will be made public about an hour after that. it will be a very, very quick result and again, michelle bachelet is expected to win. for the first time since the 1970s the slate includes communist party. better distribution of the country's wealth but she has huge challenges ahead of her. joining me to talk about that is
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patricio navio. thank you so much for joining me. let's talk about what may be her largest competitor and that's abstention. why is it so few chilens have gone out glm think think she will win, some of her opponents will not even bother to show up and vote because they know that she is going to win anyway. so given that it is kind of a forgone conclusion many people didn't bother to vote. >> doesn't she need to show she has a strong mandating? mandate? >> if you don't bother to show up and vote then the claim that chilians want a popular vote will be weakened. you earned fewer votes this time around than the first time you were a candidate and you can't
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quite claim that chilians want radical response. >> we are seeing belong faces in her campaign headquarters where we are now. she has said while she was campaigning kind of jokingly that people have such high expectations of her that they even expect her to you fix their marital problems. >> that's the issue. she promised many things that she will not be able to deliver. in general candidates always promise things athey know they will not be able to deliver. but the expectations about bac hfergelet's campaign or next government are going to be so high that it is very, very difficult for her to deliver even half of what she has promised. it's going to be difficult not only when she becomes president but starting tomorrow. people have expectations that she will announce radical reforms immediately after she wins. >> speaking of radical reforms a
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lot of conservatives are already itemmering, this government is heading the same way as argentina and venezuela. she is going to be governing with the communist party. is that an exaggeration or not? >> that is an exaggeration. chile is so far to the right of all the other countries in latin america that moving chile further to the left is not going to make that big of a difference. chile will still be to the right of the u.s., to the right of most european countries and certainly far to the right of afgoffing argd andoffing argent. it will still remain conservative at the very least. >> in about three and a half more hours when we have them we will come to you right away with those results. back to you in doha.
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>> thank you, more news from europe lauren about. >> thanks darren. after protracted negotiations, the move ends nearly three months of political limbo. ahead of chancellor angela merkel. >> we're getting more details about the composition of this new german government and angela merkel's ceu and her bavarian, they do have eight, democrats have six positions in the cabinet and perhaps the most important of those is the foreign ministry, and the new foreign minister will be frank walter steinmei evermeier. in overall policy terms it is
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going to be yecialg who is in charge and per finance minister will stay in his position. and i think it's that partnership which is so crucial, both in terms of defining germany's domestic economic policy but also its policy towards euro zone and in particular the troubled countries in the southern part of the euro zone. while germany's economy is the strongest, ireland is the first struggling economy to exit its program. it needed a $92 billion bailout loan from a trio of l linders. by bringing in -- lenders. ireland has been able to return to international debt markets and raise enough money to fund government spending itself from next year. sy press, greece and portugal are still work out of their
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bailout packages. joining me from dublin, thank you very much for being with us. what does the exit from the bailout program mean for ireland? >> thank you, this is really a historic day for ireland today, the day we're exiting the bailout. and it's an historic day, we're the first country, first european country to actually exit the bailout. we have met the conditions, we have met all our targets. and we are now having our economic independence restored. and i think that that's hugely significant for irish people. >> i mean, it's cost quite a high price, i think 300,000 people have left the country since 2010 and unemployment is around 12%. >> it certainly has been difficult and there's no doubt about it but that the fact that we have been able to emerge from this bail bailout has been -- bailout has been very much due
1:40 pm
tot pain that the irish peep -- to the pain that the irish people have had to take. fortunately now we are returning to growth as well. in the period between 2008 and 2011 we were losing 2,000 jobs per week. we lost 250,000 jobs in that period. we're now in a position that we're starting an economic recovery, we're creating 1200 jobs per week and certainly, there's hope and a sense of optimism there for the future now. >> you talk about the hope and optimism. what about austerity? is that the end of austerity? we're going to see cuts for how many years? >> i think one of the issues around the bailout wasn't this. it was actually very important. but ownership the last three years the labor party has actually been in government over this period. and the labor party in
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particular, it was very adamant that we didn't have austerity for the sake of austerity. but sure we accepted the fact that we like all european countries needed to get our books in order and we needed to sthawr we were working -- insure that we were working towards that. the more vulnerable were protected and that where we could heap and where we could protect people -- help people and where we could we did. here in ireland, we didn't lose one day in industrial action, through -- and despite all of the hardship, that was there. nor did we have one compulsory redundancy in the public service unlike other bailout countries as well, and that a lot of what was done, was done in partnership with the irish people who really did take a lot, and take a lot of the pain. but i think that now hopefully
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irish people will be able to reap the benefit of economic recovery into the future. >> okay, thank you very much indeed for taking the time to talk to us. appreciate it. >> thank you. police and protestors have clashed in the spanish capitol, madrid. against government austerity policies. the city of barcelona and paris moved a little closer to each other on sunday. the high speed rail service has begun. >> be no shortage of willing passengers when the tickets went on sale and on sunday those excited ticket holders streamed onto the platform at barcelona's central station to take the journey. >> it's a very good thing. not only do we win time but
1:43 pm
ttys way to bring the countries close ner a very effective way. >> i wanted to be the first one, even though i'm only going to avignon. >> high speed rail links are proving are controversial. tunnel under the alps costing $11.6 billion. in euks, th u.k -- u.k, vocifers opposition. initial approval to expand the high speed network into france was granted back in 1992. >> translator: frankly i feel we're 20 years too late. nothing else it's presented us good news but actually it's bad news. we've been waiting for it for 20 years now. the spanish government still works like it's in the past century. >> but most were looking forward not back.
1:44 pm
barcelona-paris will cut a 20-year journey in half. this is a start of a whole new era of connectivity. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> the actor peter o'toole has died at the age of 81. the irish born star achieved fame in the film, is lauren of arabia. that's the news. far here with the sports, a slippery slope for world's best female skiers, many that's next.
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i'm going to pay the last
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>> welcome back. tbagaza's only power station has been back to life. gaza needs electricity more than ever. floods have forced 5,000 people from their homes. nick spicer reports. >> they have to use fishing boats to get to stranded people. water is two meters deep in some places. the government in gaza is putting flood victims up in schools, and any other buildings they can find. >> our home is flooded.
1:47 pm
we are without furniture, blankets or anything. gaza is without fuel, cooking gas and electricity, where is the world? >> the red cross and other aid agencies are doing what they can to help but the feeling is with gaza under an jeepian israeli blockade, they and the government can't do enough. >> this is a humanitarian disaster in gaza strip. this is a collective punishment and all the people in gaza, lack electricity, a chronic lack of all needs and goods, more than 4040 people are under horrible conditions, a humanitarian disaster, and those is a crisis that we cannot forgive.
1:48 pm
>> the weather will hopefully allow people to return to their homes in the next few days but it is likely to persist for days if not weeks. 96 spicer al jazeera. china has been the second country in the world to land a spacecraft on the moon called the jade rabbit. a computer games console for your birthday? whatever new gadget you end up with, do you ever wonder what happens to your old one? electronic or e-waste is quite literally a growing problem. year after year, we buy more electronic gadgets, toys, computers, and appliances. when those consumer electronics break or become obsolete they end up being thrown out. they frequently contain gold, silver and copper. also lead and recycling them if it's done like this in india is
1:49 pm
a dangerous and toxic job. >> it contains a lot of hazardous and scarce metals, for example and they are not easy to treat. and this is why it's very much needed that appropriate recycling is taking place. and if these valuables are wasted, then it's a loss of resources, as well. >> some countries are moving towards safe recycling and removal of e-waste but it's feared that this will overwhelm existing facilities and this could see millions of tons of waste dumped into landfills. the u.n. reports that 48.9 million tons of e-waste was produced last year. this is expected to raise to 65 million tons of e-waste. each chinese person produced on
1:50 pm
average 5.4 kilograms of high tech trash. u.s. six times that, 29.6 kilograms. online interactive map looks at 149 countries and compares how much each generates and how much it disposes. >> the e-waste issue is an issue for both, developing and transition countries but also the developed world. even in the developed world we have the issue that we are facing here, low collection rates, despite having very good e-waste management in place. so the consumer has to play a certain role here and he has to be aware and take action. >> let's hope the better sense of the problem then perhaps they can move this mountain and ensure it's recycled or disposed of safely.
1:51 pm
terek basley, al jazeera. >> let's check on sports. >> liverpool has dropped to second in the premier league. first of two on the night, the 16th and 17th goals of the you'ruruguayingan's position.n's for 20 time league champions and halted a four game winless run. puts him up to eighth in the league. i think for danny it's really important. because he's a forward and he needs to get himself goals. he's always been labeled that but today i thought he got two. he could have had another one. so i thought all around he
1:52 pm
played well for the team. and he was a threat, and running in behind so i was pleased with danny today i thought he done agood job. >> sunday's other results are swansea draw 1-1 with norwirwrw. l. otop of the spanish league victory over valencia later on sunday. meantime, raul has received a 4-1 thrashing. level at 1-1, but sociedad put in four goals after the break. remain in last place. 2007 was the last time australia lifted cricket's ashes, dominant performance by the aussie srvegies.
1:53 pm
england all out for 251. david warner and chris rogers then put on an opening stand of 157 in australia's second innings, warren gettin -- warned of 369 runs, victory are will see them take an unassailable 3-nil lead in the best of 5 series. we have a lot more to play here. you voanl to -- you only have to look at dave, he's in his element but the other thing is, i think our patient, either to have mitch bowling 150 plus on these wickets, i think conditions are deteriorated, but also i think we're developing as
1:54 pm
a side. >> meanwhile england bowler stewart broad will not bowl again on this side, he was struck on the leg. >> even if there's a small crack there and my symptoms aren't painful, i see no reason i can't continue to play. i've got ten days to boxing day, even a bit more than that. i know a lot of ice, elevation, that sort of treatment helps. even if there's a small crack i see no reason i can't get myself back in the frame. >> golfer sergio garcia has ended a year long drought, turned in a sostled 6 solid 68 . gave him a victory, separated with his girlfriend who was his caddy for the week.
1:55 pm
indonesia's swimmer, sadik won the men's 50 meter free style. new record time of 23.12 seconds. he has won the 50 and 100 free style in both events. world champion tessa worley, french woman has managed to avoid the being fate of her rivals. beating tina maize of slovenia. >> there was carnage on the slopes at the world cup ski jumping event. austrian, was air lifted,. most prestigious individual
1:56 pm
honor, the heisman trophy has been awarded to it's youngest ever winner,. >> the winnerrer is jameyist winston. florida state university. >> after leading the undefeatflorida state to the b crmpts championship game. >> this title isn't just for jameis winston. it's for florida state. i love everybody in here. i can't be that much -- i mean ienl so blessed right now, man. it means so much to me. i've got one thing to say. add florida state -- at florida state if we going odo it then, we're going to do it big then. thank you. a change has done trick, they lost all six playing orange. but in white they beat the atlanta hawks, 111-1 06.
1:57 pm
pittsburgh penguins, star injured his leg, in 4-1 defeat of detroit. ejected at the end of the first period for a hit on justin. malcolm's injury, he was seen limping after the game. leading scorer sydney crosby, up to 17 for the season. there's much more sport on our website. for the latest, check out be how to get in touch with our team using twitter and facebook. that's it for me, for now. darren, back to you. >> stay with us on al jazeera, there wiebl ful will be a full f
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news at the top of the hour. that's it for now. >> beneath the fluorescentsun in a former meat packing plant is the latest trim in farming. they call it "vertical farming." these fields grow on floors on at industrial park and farmer john adel and his staff agrees user. >> my shipping proceed did you say 1500, 2,000 miles to get are. >> the plant of the indoor -- as the indoor formers call it doesn't grow corn or soybeans but mustard, high end micro greens on the plates of white-napkin restaurants. these fish supply the vert liser
1:59 pm
that number issues the imoflt who have done their duty in their efforts to if find job but there are others who do not. it's time to step up and take care of one ever its own. after seven years, our family should not be struggling each day without this loving, caring man we love so much. the rawrnian government excess they don't know where bob levinson is, the video was sent from a pakistani internet cafe but then the investigation goes cold. randall pinkston, al jazeera. >> trueman national security project and a former marine corps intelligence officer. andrew let's start with what we
2:00 pm
heard from the government, which has >> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey. here are the stories we're following for you. a final farewell for the greatest leader of all time. nelson mandela. changes in the u.s. farm bill could have drastic effects on farmers across the u.s. >> the final farewell to a man seen as an icon, a hero and a father it will nelson mandela has been laid to rest in


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