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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 19, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> this is al jazeera. from al jazeera news center here in doha. the top stories. a u.n. base comes under attack in south sudan as african foreign ministers push for a diplomatic solution. to prevent an all out -- >> including vat my putin, he will pardon this man, in jail for ten years in one of his fiercest political opponents. and guilty of hacking a
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british soldier to death, the two men that want add religious war convicted of murder. and bridging the divide between the u.s. and iran, look at the latest offering from latest winning director. ♪ . >> but first, south sudan, the u.n. t says one of its compounds has come under attack. the government has confirmed it has lost the city of bore in that state to rebels. we will cross the u.n. head guarders for more on that, but first the latest on the situation on the ground. south sudan's president has been speaking out. she sent us this report. >> . >> military fatigues and black cowboy hat. president explains that his country dissent into violence is because of an attempted coupe.
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>> these people are playing with words to find support. and help from their tribes. we will not allow that to happen as it hurts the reputation of the government. >> and he says the try will overthrow him will get a state trial. >> it will bring them to military court, because they have used the army to kill innocent people, it will bring them to civilian courts the law is the law. >> supporters are the man he blames for the coupe. he says it is all a misunderstanding. but the president's timing might be a little late. although the capitol is quieter now, the violence has spread. troops loyal to the president have lost control of the estate, and oil workers are seeking refuge to the north as foreign ministers work to find a solution to the crisis. >> and this conflict can
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take the country into civil war. president key ya has offered to talk in july, but he has gone underground. a warrant is out for his arrest. >> we will not allow former deputy to distort the image of the newer tribe, his agenda is to seek power, he has the right but only through national, and not tribal mechanisms. >> caught in the middle tens of thousands cramming into the u.n. compound, the fight for control of south sudan may be spreading, but they just want it to stop. al jazeera. >> the secretary general of sudan's ruling party, is one of the people along with the former vice president suspected of being behind this attempted coupe, but his chief of staff says there is no evidence of that. >> i don't believe it is a coupe. the master mind accused of master minding the coupe, they are all at
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home with their children, with their families, with their wifes. how can you plan a coupe and wait at home? you would be in the bush. these men fought for 30 years. they know what filing is, they know what war is, i don't believe that they would do such a thing. the majority groups or community in south sudan, and given the tension between the two leaders or the two main leaders of the two tribes, people feel like they should be loyal to one -- to one or the other. and what's more scary is that south sudan is not based on one flag. we are all people, but our -- our country was just born two years ago. and based on that, people are more loyal to their tribes rather than the country. >> and the u.n. deputy secretary general has been speaking about the crisis in south sudan. let's cross over tow now
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to our diplomatic editor, there is a lot of concern about the security at the u.n. bases in south sudan. >> there are. and we have some very worrying news coming in about one of those u.n. faces. and the place called the cobo. that face, it seems, ard cooing to the u.n. has come under attack. they are not giving us very many details they say they are trying to verify the details but they say on the record, they believe there have been brutalities and they are trying to check that information. now, i have been talking to sources here in the u.n. building trying to get more information, exactly who those fatalities are. are they u.n. staff, are they civilians that might have been sheltering in that base. and i am told there are fears that u.n. staff members have been killed. i can term you in this space, which is right by the border of ethiopia, the troops there are from india, also u.n. police,
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also u.n. civilians there. not clear if there were also civilians there south sudanese civilians who were sheltering in that particular base. be uh the u.n. told me that many of their bases including remote bases now have civilian whose are sheltering there. as you know it is now the nighttime hours but i understand that the u.n. is trying to go send more forces to that base to find out what happened, and i am told that it is quite likely that once the daylight hours return, they will try and per form what they call an extraction, trying to get people out of that base, but the other worrying bit of information that i have learned is that they are lost all contact with this base. they have lost all radio contact, not able to contact anyone there, so obviously, they are deeply concerned about the situation there. and that's not the only place they are concerned about things. in the capitol the u.n. is reporting that it's got reports of two areas
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where they believe there are civilians who might need u.n. assistance. they talk about the university, where they say there are ink confirmed reports that some students were killed, they now say there are several hundred students at the university who have contacted the u.n. and said we are in fear of our lives. and the u.n. is going to try to send a patrol to juba university. we are also told that another part of juba in the place called -- an area of the capitol, i understand, there are there some civilians who believe two to 5,000 who are taking shelters. they have said please come and protect us. to find out more about what is going on there. and see if they can help those clearly in fear. >> those are all certainly very worrying. tell us more about the
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mandate, it is a peace keeping mission, but we can we see them intervene? >> seven mandates. and that means if necessary, under the revolutions you can use force and the mandate for those is to protect civilians. now it is clear from what we have seen in the last few days in south sudan, civilians are at risk, and so yes, i think it is quite possible that the u.n. could go and protect those civilians with necessary if they want to, if they give the order, they can open fire in order to do so. in other world news.
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>> it is considered the biggest challenge to the power. he was arrested in 2003 for fraughted. and his present sentence was extended until 2017. from moscow, peter sharp has the story. >> whatever the criticism of president putin he can never be accused of hiding from the press. this was another four hour media marathon, allowing the russian leader a golden opportunity to put a shine on the energy abroad. and afterwards a surprise announcement he had approve add pardon for the multibillionaire, and former boss. >> i think bearin bearing n
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mind, it is possible to make that decision, and i will soon sign an order just two somedays ago he was offered $15 billion to troubles ukraine. a bail out to save it from bankruptcy. we simply say we have to effect the economy. we cannot leave it unchanged if ukraine opens its doors. >> and then there was putin's amnesty. for their so called obscene performance in the main cathedral with
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the poster girls of the amnesty, expected to walk free over the next few days. and the arctic 30, rounded up by russianboarder police, in the freezing northern, toes during a green peace demonstration, and a russian drilling rig, will also it seems will be home for christmas. >> as for the fact thatster covered by the amnesty, and as far as i know they are covered by it, we are not doing it for them, but if they are covered,s that's good. it comes at a perfect time. to put presidential spin on recent events here. al jazeera, in moscow. >> a british jury has found two men of hacking a british soldier to
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death. the soldier was just outside. they wanted to dive themselves and become martyrs. lauren lee has been following, his outside the court for us now. >> why they freely admitted in killing them, which they did, but they denied the charge of murder, because in their eyes this wasn't murder at all, it was warfare.
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>> he must fight them, an eye for an eye. >> this was the moment he came to the attention of the world, someone who says he wanted to follow the logic of revenge to the ultimate extent. >> they don't care about you. >> he freely accepted in court as well as after the event, that his aim had been to come across and kill a soldier. to find a sol. and soldier. and -- it just so happened that. >> he described in detail how he tried to cut his head off. i'm a soldier, i am a soldier of allah, and i
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understand that some people may not recognize this, because we do not wear fatigues. but we are still soldiers in the site of allah. ale paing act. a completely innocent young man, with no chance to defend himself. in body light in a busy street. >> thereout all this they sat in court. their lives they say have been wrecked. it is jury their private views. >> he was defiant to the end. right through the court case he insisted that he was a soldier, acting on allah's commands and it had been an order kill a british soldier, after being found guilty, and as he was leaving he looked at me directly,
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and kissed the copy of the koran he had been holding through the hearing. to this day the security services said they had no prior knowledge that anything like this would happen. >> what is nec? >> well two, things in january. the judge didn't pass sentence today, murder carry as mandatory life term, but the judge does have some discretion as to what the minimum tariff is. he said he wanted to wait for further guidance, the that will happen in january. so in the meantime they are in prison waiting for that to happen. will publish its report at the start of january, on what went wrong and why it happened to be the case to both the police knew something about these men. but they had absolutely
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no idea they were capable of doing something like this. >> when you speak to the security, they don't want to tell you a huge amount, what is their guidance on why it went wrong. >> thigh knew they had been at rallies held by people describes as radical preachers here. and they knew that he had tried to get to somalia to fight there, but had been arrested and allegedly tortured in kenya, before coming back here, buzz that was 2010. and so there's this gap that no one has been able to fill yet, and our sources have said that he was on their radar, but
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in their phrase wasn't under the micro scope. you could say they can't keep the lid on every last person, but there is a gap in their knowledge. they had no idea that they are acting without any other group, went and decided to do that. that's what is missing at the moment. >> all right, thank you very much indeed. >> a lot more to come from europe, including i may stand for a second term as president, more on pressures facing ukraine. >> the deal to bring competence to the region's banks. turkish police involved in a widespread corruption, the latest twist in the bribery. and a moment of madness,
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why this top brazilian football was stripped by his opponents after their win, details of all of that coming up later in sports. the whee pros scoutedder of the international communion court has asked for the trial of the president to be delayed. p more than 1200 people died in the fighting. he needs more time to collect evidence after a crucial witness withdrew. amnesty international says is violent is much worse than once thought. it says almost 1,000 people were killed in two days. from amnesty, and has just returned from a two week mission to the country.
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>> we had a small team that was in ban gi, when there was an enormous explosion. and where some of the worst atrocities were committed. and we were able to document those. we did conclude that serious violations of international humanitarian law were committed which amounted to war crimes and crimes against humanity. because what we found was, that there were systematic willful killings of civilians, there was systematic destruction and looting of civilian property. destruction of religious institutions including mosques, we witnessed a mosque being destroyed by an angry mob. and even mutilation of bodies so the level of anger is so high, that it isn't just people killing each other, but it is people killing each other and then mutilating the body in horrific ways. >> the syrian city is enduring a fifth day of
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air strikes. the town in western aleppo has come under attack from government planes. activists say six people have been killed and 30 injured. the international medical organization doctors without boarders said casualties are mounting after daying of violence. >> this update from neighboring lebanon. the activist that you have mentioned her complaining that this bombing campaign is really hurting the syrian on serve observatory. and today the offensive has expanded to include more villains around aleppo. not only the neighborhood inside the cities that are held by the reasonables but also villages around the cities that are held by the rebels and have been in the rebel's hands for over a year. obviously the government is pushing very hard, trying to capture as much as possible.
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now even among the rebel groups there are new groups that are using the same tactics that the government is using. as you said, the report is focusing on detention centers. talking about torture, lobbying, killing a very quick trial that -- won't appeal to any kind of legal standards and sometimes for very small offenses such as smoking cigarettes or having sex outside marriage, or even challenging the authority of some of these groups and many times some of these people who have been abused are children. and this is something amnesty says that people should stand up for. more and more people now are wondering who is fighting for their freedom, and who is stealing it from them. >> now to india, where people have taken to the streets to protest
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against the treatment of an indian diplomate in new york. india has demanded an apology from washington and wants the case dismissed. >> the arrest and detention of an american authorities in new york city on december 1st has passioned a nationwide backlash against one of indian's strongest allies. new delhi is, i freely unhappy about haunteddian's deputy consult general was treated. >> we have seen the statement issued by the manhattan u.s. economy on december 18th. question need to keep in mind the simple fact that there is only one victim in this case. that victim, serving in a
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diplomate on mission in the united states. >> his story has captured the attention, used the arrest and detention, including strip searches and cavity checks of the indian diplomate as the humiliation of the nation. many people have lucked the government's strong response, and new delhi appeared determine to set an international example. it is not a matter of india alone, should raise their voice whenever such incidences take place. protestors shout anti-semiinnocents. new delhi in washington continue to rangele the interpretation of laws that govern diplomatic behavior, but some say the way to diffuse this stalemate is pretty simple. >> the apologies aren't
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good enough, and some people are saying that the threat is not good enough, but that's diplomatic language, but it has to be withdrawn. >> traditionally shared a strong relationship. but this represents one of the ago best diplomatic break downs between the two nations in recent years. with both sides standing firm, it is hard to see a quick end to this crisis. at least 31 people have been killed and dozens wounded. there was an adabbing in the baghdad suburb. south of the capitol. they are believed to be shiite muslims on their way to visit a shrine in cab ba la. house he led an anticorruption operation in istanbul, arresting several people with linked to the prime minister. et won is calling the investigation a dirty
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operation against his administration. 24 update from istanbul. >> the detention of 52 individuals on the seven teen of desks in association with a massive corruption investigation, went right to the heart of the turkish government, it included the sons of three cabinet ministers and cabinet ministers were yet to see the evidence for this, but they are themselves apparently implicated in the investigation. the government's response has been to stand down a significant number of senior police involved in this investigation, this corruption probe. and the latest of them is the senior, the head of police of the istanbul region. his name hussein capkan. he made a dignified speech, saying it was normal for police officers like him to come and go, and he has served his people and state with fidelity. he had been in the post since 2009. we are still waiting to see what other evidence
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her going to bring to light, there are apparently videos of bribes being handed over, a large amount of evidence obtained by wiretapping something that is very common, we got used to that in the turkish judicial process, over the years. so turks waiting here to see what else is going to emerge from the prosecutors on this extraordinary and almost unprecedented corruption investigation. there's much more ahead. we will have more analysis, and find out what is really the cause f the current violence we are seeing. also ahead, mapping the milky way, and coming up in sports with andy, find out if inyeah could be out, cut out maneuver the world's number one cricket team, all that is coming up after the wreak. >> start with one issue
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education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america night with the combatants in their training base.
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(vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news. you are watch thing news hour on al jazeera. a reminder of our top stories.
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in south sudan, the compound has come under attack. meanwhile, civilians from seven african countries have arrived to try to mediate an end to today's events. >> russia's president says he is about to pardon the most political prisoner. one of the biggest people in the world when he was arrested back in 2013. and a syrian city of aleppo sen during a fifth day of air strikes. they have come under attack from a government the activists say the government fors are dropping bombs targeting towns in the aleppo country side. he joins us now, live from saint jones. thank you very much for being on al jazeera.
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as we hear these reports coming under attack, what do you say the international community can do to prevent south sudan from defending into cool civil war? well, i have been told the innocent that just occurred we were hoping that further action by a movement by the u.n., and engagement by international heads of state and as many others as possible, could have possibly helped pull things back from the brink. but it seems clear that flashily the violent is imploding and descending into a level of violence that everyone had feared things could go to. do you think we are looking at another civil war here? what the nature of the violence we are seeing, is it able power and
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control? >> well, it was a correct political confrontation, between various opposition figures and the group around the current president. and essentially in a political fight for the future of the state, and the control over the main political party. how, the way various rhetorics and the way the situation has been unfolding has led to the conflict taking on frightening overtones and certainly the violence right now is reflecting some really serious focusing by some of the opposition forces on certain communities. rather than just direct fighting. >> it will quickly take on an ethnic dimensions?
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>> well, i have been -- and many of us who monitor and and engage in studying the politics in the country p have been trying to avoided engaging in an ethnic characterization of what is happening. because it certainly becausen't the case. and the initiation is certainly directed in a political confrontation, and many of those on what is considered the opposition side, the forces that you sometimes are heard are described blanketly as new air forces one of the main tribal groups. two group on that side, certainly was much more genius, and their individuals from more different groups but unfortunately, the way the violence is directing and the way individual leaderers are instrument alizing these narratives, this certainly is moving in that direction. and it's frighteningly
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echoing memories of massacres and violence from the previous civil war. >> right, which lasted three decades. and seize contesting oil ren joes like that for instance. >> certainly historically, the role of the government in what -- seen as northern sudan, or what is now sudan, is often involved in conflicts and politics. with respect to south sudan, they are facing a lot of their own internal turmoil. so there's a good likelihood they may have too much on their own hands to be enbeiging in the kind of meddling and manipulation that
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relationship has characterized that relationship. how, there are some reports of men things moving south ward across the boarder. >> certainly the government blaming him for launching a coupe attempt. >> thank you for giving us your thoughts today on is situation in south sudan. author of south pseudodang from revolution to independent. thank you for your time. >> over his handling of
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the trade deal with europe, hundreds of thousands of people have been taken to the streets. jennifer glass is in key ya. >> we continue to work with the ims, we are partners. but this is beneficial to us, buzz russia didn't apply any commissions. >> and that it doesn't rule out a relationship with europe. >> there are no contradictions for any integration. we are not talking about integration, but economic relations. build a new barrier at independent square. despite the message.
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it turned into criticism. >> they have overestimated their own powers and abilities and treated the whole society with much disrespect, it is not right. personal ambitions have to be kept in check. >> in parliament, a sign of progress, for the first time this week, opposition politicians didn't block the session, so that next year's budget could be introduced. components say it won't fix the problems that the economy -- jennifer glass, al jazeera, key ya. attempting on their own to bail out their struggling banks. it has all but bankrupted
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countries, forcing them to accept international bail outs. now europe's leaders are in russells. they have come up with a deal to ensure them together against trouble in the future. the first would be a banking very it's job will be to watch out for trouble ahead. a single system for dealing with banks threatening with going bust, it is called the single resolution mechanism. protecting them wherever they live in the euro zone from cypress to astone yeah. tractors blocked the road, just hours before europe arrived. simon, how difficult it will be to get this deal finalized? >> wilt, i think there's
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a long way to go is a lot of work to be done. this is being hailed. that often fraught negotiations to get this far, and i think the leaders are relieved that they are finance ministers got the deal more or less in place, so they wouldn't have to spend too much of their own time grappling with the details. it has been hailed as a break through, but not everyone is happy with it. the brussells correspondent of the economists no less to put this into some kind of perspective. >> not everybody thinks this is the best deal in town, do they? >> no, not at all. it is extremely complicated and it isn't clear how much money there will be behind it to make it truly solid. i think what you have to remember, is where it came from. it emerges when the banks
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in spain were in real trouble, and the spanish government was in real trouble. so they seem to be pulling each other down a deadly spiral. so to break that feedback loop as the leaders themselves called it, they are going to bring up all of the banking supervisor, and dealing with banks up the level so the costs should be shared out. and this deal doesn't do that. >> that became quite clear in the negotiations they were playing quite a hard game, is that right? >> you can look at this half full or half empty. they are waying for the problems of things that have happened in the crisis.
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>> what happens if something happened between now and ten weeks in time. >> the short answer is basically the national government will have to deal with it, and they have they get into trouble, it goes to the rescue fund. it asks for a bail out. but it won't be money directly from europe coming in. over time, it will start to happen, but it is going to be a long time yet. >> in short, is this the big break through that everybody is hailing it is a pregnant break through, if you want. it holds the promise that in the future, in. years time, there will be something that could be called the banking union. there is a term that the german minister had used saying we consult with a wooden union and then we can build a steel one.
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the loss of missing planks. >> not the grand bargain they had hoped but better than nothing. what happens now is the european finance ministers have to sell this imperfect deal to the european parliament, get it through, create new rules and laws even treaties and that they must do before may of 2014, before there are new elections the european parliament. there is a lot of horse trading yet. >> thank you for bringing us the later there on that potential deal. flange, an extreme right wing politician has been found guilty of making racist remarks. two party he founded continues to gain momentum.
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entire families share one room shacks but it's better they say than the homes they fled. we live here for our children. the better conditions we have the opportunity to put them in school, and to learn something. that was set up four years ago as legal site. now hundreds are going to call this catch home. those we spoke to said they are more concerned with making money to put food on the table, then they are with the politician they say is determined to make life harder. >> that poll six is john marie lep exn, the founder and former leader of extreme right wing party, has been convicted of a speech he made last september, the 85-year-old already has several convictions for racism and anti-sent
1:44 pm
mitch. >> we will appeal and see this to the end if it is necessary, because it was just a humorous comment. around 17,000 to live in france, but swayed by public support, for tougher immigration roles the government is expelling them faster than ever. amnesty international says 10,000 were forced out, and half of 20 think teen alone. i hope this will not focus on this person. will not lose the attention of the citizens on the season which is growing in the society in the institutions in the governing parties in the main stream parties. >> the lawyer says under the right to free speech, he can say whatever he likes but the critics say it's hate speech that is drawing the public in. >> that's it from us in
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europe. >> thank you very much, venezuela's president has sold opposition leads they are challenge his leadership in 2016. he told politicians they would need to collect 4 million signatures to start the process. >> former nba star has arrived in north korea to immediate leader and prepare for a basketball game on the leaders birthday. rodman says the game is on tract. he plans to bring six nba players. his visit comes less than a week after the execution of one of the most powerful figures in the country. >> to wing best foreign
1:46 pm
picture at the academy awards. no small feat for -- this year there's talk of another oscar for his latest release. reports on how his films are bridging the divide when the west. >> iran's best known director has been circling the globe to promote his latest film. >> everything i can stay out of my country for a long time. >> it is set in paris, but like everything he does, the past is very much a product of his homeland. an iranian man, played by an iranian actor returns to france to divorce his estranged french wife, plays by actress while the drama is personal, not political, their relationship served as a med fore through east west relations. >> . >> there is a world of misunderstanding between them. perhaps we can't really
1:47 pm
call it their differences. in the opening scene, we see them placed on two sides of a glass pain. they see each other and talk to each other, but it seems they don't hear each other. the stage was maked headlines the movie made more than $7 million earned iran it's first ever oscar in the best foreign feature category. the win was celebrated. dy spited the earlier efforts to shut down the production. according to film expert, making an award winning film under censorship codes is nothing short of a miracle. he is quite adept in navigating through the treacherous waters through censorship. it is a skill that he has
1:48 pm
developed he managing to make critical films without sounding credit cam. >> has censorship eased under the new president? >> it is till too soon to judge. 13 got has only been in office for a few months. before, things were so bad that anything that happened now is good. with the past, he avoidedded iranian sensors by shooting abroad, but the film has been shown and well received in iran. and the united states there's talk of another oscar, if the success of his films are any guide, the two countries have much more in common than their governments have led us to believe. a big upset at football's club world cup. they beat the brazil and an unexpected place in
1:49 pm
the final. took the lead after a goalless first half. 12 minutes later the became looking to be looking in. watching them there, with the kick and vivian -- wrapped up a 3-1 win in injury times. enhancing a place, where you meet european champions byron munich. >> this is not just about rage, or any city in particular. this is about morocco as a whole. all the club presidents came here to support us, all of morocco supports us. that is truly hart warming. we will fight in this final, show them that we are men, warriors, we are
1:50 pm
going to fight onion fronts to win this final. the president said he isdy ace pointed the tournament isn't being taken more seriously by clubs and fans. hugely popular in most of the world, but he says europe isn't paying attention.
1:51 pm
>> to resume the world cup stadium, comes five days after a construction worker, fell to his death from the roof of the ground. it satisfied the builders are now complying with safety requirements. this is one of six world cup venues still under construction. they have flown to barcelona to speak to the agent. swarez corresponded for the first six games after fighting the opponents but he is now the top scorer with 17 goals. making him captain for the recent win. >> he is a man that played football, because of the love of the game. you see that every week, and every day in training i'm fortunate enough to see that. so i just think he is mature, and he is accepting the role and
1:52 pm
responsibility that is happening here as one of the senior players. he is not one of the top players but one of the colors of the group. ledge tennis legend billie jean king said she would be honored for the opening and closing ceremonies. russia recently pass add law banning what their government is described as gay propaganda. she hopes these olympics can be a watershed moment for the universal acceptance of all people. the two time olympic medalist telling she hopes al jazeera can make a difference. i think people that may not agree with who i am, may take a second look and is grateful to russia for hosting in many ways. it take as lot of commitment to host an olympic games.
1:53 pm
i think the russian people are bearing that right now, and i hope to go there and represent the united states and demonstrate that there are other ways of life, and other perspectives that can be seen and experienced, and the olympic games are the perfect platform in order to experience that diversity. the tourist starting the day pretty badly, they lost five for just 25 runs. as they bring out for 218 in reply. south africa getting off to a good start, smashing his way to a half century, his team looking good at 130 for one. there we go. reduced to 136 for six. a bit of recovery from
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him, and that is through to 213 for six at the close. they trail in the first by just 67 runs. these are the closing moments of the men's 1500 meters. finishes in a dead heat here. the vietnam's tie. both awarded gold medals after finishing in a dead heat with identical times of 3:58.02 seconds. plenty more, of course, on our website, the top story there is the test match against india, day two getting underway there, check it out at also details on how to get in touch with us on twitter and facebook. a few blogs and videos around the world as well. more from me later on. >> andy, thank you very
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much indeed. the european space agencies hoping to map many of the stars you see in the night sky 3 d, it has just launched the mission, and as they explained it is likely to give us an unprecedented view of the universes. the successful launch. onboard the european space agencies billion dollar giya space telescope. it will be parked in the shadow around 1.5 million-kilometers away. from here, without the sun's glare, lit be able to survey the surrounding stars with unprecedented precision. >> oddly one of the biggest things we don't know is how far away the stars are. we know the nearby ones and what they will do is refine those positions to many cases 1% or better, so for the first time we will have an accurate 3 d
1:56 pm
map for a large chunk of the galaxy. >> they use two identical telescopes to track the movement. each has five mirrors can focus the light on to what is effectively a billion picks sell camera. the most powerful ever put in space. this precision tracking technique will bin point the position of around 2 million stars an hour, that data around 50 gig bites each day will then be transmitted back to earth. >> this is a very powerful spacecraft to map the way the galaxy is moving we will know how it will form, how they are developing and together with all the galaxies because it is applicable to all galaxies. effected by other techniques that they may be able to find it as
1:57 pm
well. it has helped to map and remap the position of 1 billion-dollar stars. and motion through space. we have a five year period which we need to meet the mission. but already in 2015, first catalogs which can be used as scientists for their government. >> sign tights also expect to discover new as steroids, tens of thousands of fail stars and as many as went thousand super nova, or exploding starts. from such a detailed survey it's hope they will shed light on the structure, content, and evolution of our galaxy, how it came into being and why it is the way it is. al jazeera. >> more news on al jazeera very shortly, do stay with us.
1:58 pm
night with the combatants in their training base. comrades and friends, i narrated stories and anecdotes to let the people of south africans know how far back the relations between the two countries have come from. it is not by accident that south africa and tanzania enjoy excellent relations. we are close friends and allies because our common history unites us. we see eye to pie on bilateral issues. we support each other. comrades, it's non-or than our founding father. and
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the founding father knew south africa, president nelson mandela, >> audiences are intelligent
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these are the stories we are following for you. five michigan homeowner standing trial for killing a woman on his porch. security breech of target, some 40 million customers are now effected. in europe, launching a very powerful satellite, is designed to map out the galaxy. >> who was


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