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tv   News  Al Jazeera  January 5, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EST

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good morning. welcome to al jazeera america. i am morgan radford live from new york city. here is the stories we are following for you right now: the nation braces as a wave of cold air heads south and growing concern about the stability of iraq. meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people search for safety in south sudan. first, we begin with a number. >> that's negative 35 degrees farenheit height. >> that's how cold it is expected to be in parts of minnesota tonight.
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>> that's not as bad as it will get in the next few days. the national forecast in just a few moments. but first, for more on the extent of that danger and just how the nation is preparing for it, we turn now to al jazeera's very own kilmeny duchardduchard e there may be records set in the midwest and northeast. how dangerous are these temperatures? water freezes at 32 degrees nooirnt aonce it drops to negative 10 degrees, frost isbite can occur within 30 minutes. at negative 35 degrees, your car's anti-freeze may no longer work, and at negative 40 degrees, it can only take five minutes for frostbite to set in. frostbite is like tingling or loss of sensation by pain and then complete loss of sensation. >> doctors say to avoid cotton
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and wear fab that wick moisture away from the skin and they are warning to em am stay stories. schools are taking action. metro schools in tennessee will delay you because of forecasted temperatures. minnesota closed schools monday for the entire state, the first time that's been done in 17 years. some cities in wisconsin are following suit, including milwaukee and madison as are some skew districts in iowa. problems are developing with the nation's airways at jfk airport, closed this morning after a plane skidded while landing no. injuries were reported on board the delta flight carrying 35 people from toronto. faa officials say the plane slid into the snow after landing at around 8:00 a.m. this morning. all flights are temporarily cancelled due to ice on the runways and freezing rain. the airport is expected to reopen within the hour.
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in if north dakota, people are being advise today stay at home and off of the roads unless absolutely necessary. hold off on getting groceries or if you can hold off without the necessities. don't go on the road because there is no need to leave the house if you are, you know, if it doesn't warrant an emergency. >> and bundle up ball fans. sunday's n.f.l. game is expected to be the coldest in the league's history. the 49ers will faceoff with the green sbay packers in wisconsin. icited expected to be two degrees at kickoff with a windchill of minus 20. fans at the stadium are encouraged to wear at least three layers and drink warm fluids, not alcohol. the n.f.l. has no pre-determined temperature at which to cancel a game. these temperatures are expected to last early into next week. morgan. >> kilmeny, let's bring in dionne who can tell us when and where the worst of this blast will hit. >> it will be tonight and then, also, monday night, it could
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turn colder in spots. the cold air is not going anywhere. at least for the next 48 hours. i am taking you into the core of the coldest air. it's been here the last several weeks. we are getting another reinforcing shot of what's already in place. so right now, we are down to minus. air temperatures. 16 out in chicago. we have a frontal boundaries across areas to notice ahead of t temperatures while they are still at or just a little below the freezing point around detroit and indianapolis, it's milder than where we are in most places. tonight, that is when temperatures are going fall well below the freezing point and well below zero. minus 27 will be the low in fargo and now, a record low temperatures is minus 28. so we will be within a few degrees of that. in chicago, we could tie a record low. >> that's minus 18. so, it's definitely going to be one of those brutally cold nights. here is an hour by hour look of how it will actually feel on your skin if you were to step outside. not for long periods much time.
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here in fargo, minus 65 is what it will feel like by later this evening around 7:00 o'clock. around indianapolis, it will feel like minus 11 and minus 20 in chicago. it will get worse. this air is spilling all the way soft ward. in chicago at indiana. windchill warnings in place, not watches, advisories, warnings. it could be if you don't take extra precaution getting out here. bundle up if you must get out. stay safe and warm. thanks, ebony. a series of car bombs killed nineteen people today in iraq's capitol. the bombings occurred in baghdad high-shiite neighborhood and there is a rise in sectarian violence. tribal groups. secretary of state john kerry has said that the u.s. will
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support the iraqi government but that does not include putting troops on the ground. t the province is not otherous for the rise of fightingn against american troops after the 2003-led invasion. the islamic state of iraq, they are reportedly still in control of parts of two key cities there. iniran kahn has the latest >> reporter: after a stand-off, the iraqi government is ready to go into fallujah and fight. the agreement was hard-fought. sunni tribes insisted they be part of an operation. other tribes disagreed saying they were, in fact, protecting fallujah. the stand-off is an indication of the tension between sunni tribes in ambar province and the shiia province. >> now. when ep -- >> translator: there is
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increased coordination between the army and tribesmen. the army provides the tribes with weapons and everything they need in the battle against the terrorists. i think this issue will be resolved within one or two days to expel the armed groups. >> one or two days may be optimistic. the iraqi army has sent out a video of what they say are surgical airstrikes but they are limited to the cities other strong homicide remain in the desse dessert. getting rid of the fighters there will be more challenging. adding to the woes relit vocal critics, the prime minister. >> we call the government to meet demands of the people. demands that are not related to terrorism by any means. if there is a further escalation of violence in iraq, worse things may happen, especially because of what's happening in the region. the reason for the criticism is simple general elections are scheduled for late april. all parties will look to get themselves into the best position they can and force
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prime minister malkey to take the blame for the worst security position in iraq since 2008 with car bombs ripping through the capitol in sunday. fighting continues in the region of northern syria. for a third day, groups are engaged in clark with the islamic state in iraq and in lavont. the al-qaeda group is no longer welcomed t al jazeera america dana hoda has that story. >> syria's armed opposition is pushing forward with what seems to be a coordinated against the state in iraq and the lavont. the al-qaeda linked group is being pushed out of its basis. a war has been declared. by some rebel forces who believe isil hasn't been working for the interests of their revolution. the foreign fighters have created many states in many areas of the rebel-held north. imposing their own laws, which
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many in the opposition believe are brutal. >> isil for its part has threatened to withdraw it's fighters from the front lines. as attacks against it could not, warning that regime forces would then be able to retake aleppo. >> in afternoon audio recording, the isil said it was being stabbed in the back by some groups involved in a conspiracy that seeks to get rid of al-qaeda before planned peace talks in geneva. rebel commanders deny they are waging this war on behalf of the international community. but there are some people who believe it has to do with geneva. >> what we are seeing now is fighting over who is going to be the initiator with the regime. so far, there is no unified opposition, actually, there is a lot of infighting in order to produce a negotiator.
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>> it has thrown it's support behind this battle. it asks enter the national community to recognize the importance of supporting revolutionary forces as partners in the fight against al-qaeda. the syrian conflict has spread throughout the region. so has 's influence. it first emerged in iraq a few years ago. the vacuum caused by the war in syria allowed it to set up base there. now, it has the presence in neighboring lebanon. >> it claimed responsibility for the latest attack targeting shia supporters of hezbollah. the war against isil may not have only been declared in syria. authorities in iraq and lebanon are also trying to wipe out the group. this may not be an easy battle, another reminder that syria's war does not have borders.
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ronan bergmann is a senior correspondent for israel's largests daily newspaper. earlier i spoke to him and asked him how he was able to confirm reports. >> israeli intelligence has been working quite closely with the u.s. intelligence and other intelligence services in the west following what is happening in the region and mainly what is happening in the relations between iran, syria, and hezbollah. it has been well-known, established of fact hezbollah has, the last seven, six years build what is called stripliate basis established inside the syrian territory, not far away from the border with lebanon and used to store the long-range and medium range ballistic missiles
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hezbollah got from syria and from iran and the purpose of building these basis in syria not in lebanon was to give them an extra protection against the possible israeli airstrike and, indeed, when the war between israel hezbollah started in july of 2012, one of the made advices that the prime minister, am israeli prime minister at that time received from the chief of massad was not to go to war without destroying these basis in the first -- the first -- the beginning of the war. when the civil war began in syria, hezbollah thought that it would be unwise to remain the huge stock piles, which are extremely pressures for hezbollah in syria, jeopardizing them to fall into a much less friendly hands. it has been mobilizing parts of them, dis assembling parts of
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the basis and mobilizing them to lebanon. israel has been working first in the gathering e intelligence and favorite year, we have heard about at least seven different air attacks on shipments that were convoys that were starting their way from syria to lebanon with various kinds of he have missile parts. some of them medium-range, long-range and the yahon shore to sea russian missiles that is considered to be by israel an e coordination-breaking weapon, meaning that if hezbollah received such a weapon, it will change the perception in the middle east and israel is trying to do whatever it can to stop that. >> meanwhile, secretary of state john kerry says there is progress in the push for peace, but that there is still lots of
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work to be done. kerry is now in jordan where he met king ab dulla, ii. it's his latest in the series of trips to the region aimed at brokering a deal between the israelis and palestinians. earlier, he was hammering out a framework with palestinian mahmoud abas and benjamin netanyahu. direct talks resumed last july after a three-year break. thousands of families are fleeing their homes in bor headed north to the awail. >> that's where most of the country's displaced people are located. the fighting began when south sudan's president accused the vice president of trying to overthrow him. it triggered fighting along ethnic lines. earlier, secretary kerry clarified the u.s. position saying the negotiations have to be serious. there they cannot be a delay gimmick to continue the fighting
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and try to find advantage on the ground of the expense of the people of south sudan. we will work to apply international pressure to any element that attempt to use force to seize power. zerol tan has more on the prospect of peace in south sudan >> reporter: thousandsed arrived at the u.n. basis in juba, the only ref eugenia they can find. more than a thousand people have already died. 200,000 others are on the move becausea of fierce fighting between rebels and the south sudanese army. the hope for peace lies many miles away in neighboring ethiopia where negotiators are trying to thrash out a deal. >> we envision a rapidly agreement and cease fire. in order to create conducive atmosphere. our people have suffered a lot during the struggles for our independence and this ey shouldt suffer again in our hands.
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>> the rebel delegation is striking a more cautious tone making a list of demands including the release of its leaders. at a time conflict is drawn along ethnic lines. in july, the president, kiir dismissed his deputy, mushar, from the nuair community. three weeks ago, rebels began fighting for control room of state capitols. the violence rapidly spread across the country. people are suffering and dying. we cannot afford to tolerate people suffering in that way while politicians haggle. >> reporter: after several days of delay, both parties meet at the table on sunday.
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but history is not on their side. for generations, the two tribal groups have battled for dominance and resources. now, they have to decide how to bring peace to the world's youngest nation. that won't be easy. gerald tan. al jazeera. another state loosens the law on medical mayrijuanmarijuana, plue at the polls. dozens are dead in bangladesh. the opposition tells everyone to boycott the election.
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real reporting that brings you the world. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do.
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al jazeera america. at the at least sixteen people have died in election-related violence in bangladesh where more than 300 polling stations were forced to close despite pretty tight security heading into the polls. 300 parliamentary seats are up for grabs but the main opposition party is boycotting the vote. meanwhile, 50 troops are sgloid across the country as the u.s. and the eu have refused to cindilex monitors because they say conditions are not conducive to free and fair elections. al jazeera's jonah hull has more >> reporter: all calm in the capitol, not great rush to the polls on election day. the opposition's boycott in the belief the ruling party is incapable of holding a free and fair vote meant this day would go the government's way. e i ga.
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>> i gave my vote to continue the process of democratic and torets expect the constitution of bangladesh. >> the oftenzition once held an election like this, themselves. this time, they should have taken part for the sake of the country. outside at a time capitol, a quite different picture of polling stations looted and burning. victims of political violence, hundreds of dead and thousands injured over the past year, many of them innocent bystanders, violence that has been decades long, from the prime minister under house arrest and the prime minister who didn't need to vote her own seat was uncontested. with an opposition declared, the streets were quiet, eerily so. it's normally a festival.
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this was no ordinary election. mopping those i spoke to, one young man of a generation that expects far more from their politicians. >> someone has to come. we need a leader actually. we are lacking for good leadership. no case, a good leader can solve this problem easily. >> the outcome of this election isn't in doubt but the question of legitimacy will hang heavy over the government's victory here constitutionally, it's let. the government will blame the opposition for its boycott and for political violence that may have prevented many from voting. but add to all of that, heavy international criticism and it's clear that the government will struggle to establish any credibility or popular mandate moving forward, moving really only one likely prognosis for the months ahead. >> there may be more days when the streets are deceptively quiet, more days when the threat of violence keeps people in their homes and away from work,
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more uncertainty in a country that desperately would have liked to put the turmoil of recent months behind it. >> former israel prime minister aerial sharon is fighting for his life. there is no change in his kidney function which has been in decline since last week. he suffered a stroke back in 2006 and has been in a coma since then. new york could possibly allow limited use of medical marijuana soon. governor andrew cuomo am plans to announce support for it in his annual state arreddress on wednesday even though he has been reluctant to loosen the marijuana laws. 20 hospitals will be allowed to dispense it to patients with serious illnesses. ahead on al jazeera america, an update on top stories plus a
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new epspecies is moving into the windy city and calling it home. forget the reublican party, they're all one party... the conversations people are talking about. >> talk to al jazera.
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good morning to you and welcome back to al jazeera america. i am morgan radford live from new york city. here are today's top stories. a series of car bombs have exploded in main lee shiia neighborhoods in this iraqi capitol of baghdad. it's fwhaun string of sectarian attacks recently causing u.s. secretary of state john kerry to voice concern saying the u.s. would support the government's fight to stop al-qaeda-linked groups in the west. that the u.s. would not be putting any more boots on the ground. five months of intention negotiations in the middle east. secretary of state john kerry says there is progress but there is also a lot of work to be done. kerry is now in jordan where he met king ab dulla, ii. millions of americans are now bracing for the coldest weather they have seen in
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decades. by wednesday, nearly half the nation will experience bitter cold temperatures of zero degrees or less. the deep freeze comes after a massive snowstorm that blanketed much of the country this week. let's get right to it. the latest on the forecast finley resources from our meteorologist here to tell us about the national forecast. >> it's cold out there but at least across the northeast, it's a little bit better than this time yesterday. that is where we have temperatures now at the freezing point in new york city. it's been slow to rise. at least we are in the low 30s. 37 in d.c., 38 in atlanta, keeping it cold for you. 49 in memphis but contrast that just a little bit further north and right north of that frontal boundary, it's 16 degrees in chicago minus 8 right now in min appear lution. cold air is the weather story because it's on the move. it's going to make its way through the midwest and even into the deep south as early as tonight, we could see temperatures falling blow the freezing point widespread from eastern areas of texas into alabama where we do have hard freeze warnings in place for
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tonight. >> means that we are not only going to see temperatures dropping below 32. it's going to stay that way for a few hours, so keep that in mind, snow showers will continue across the midwest where we are expecting about a food around st. louis. >> thanks, ebony. a majestic bird is getting a lot of attention in chicago. an owl usually found in the north pole is heading south for the winter. >> i tried to get here at sunrise every morning and come here at sunset. >> it's a bone-chillingly cold morning on the the lakeshore. this photographer is hoping to snap a photograph of a snowy owl. >> there are probably -- they are probably the largest owls in north america. so they are just, you know, amazing. just beautiful to watch, beautiful to spend time with. >> with its bright yellow eyes, black beak and puffy white plumage, the snowy owl has a distinction appearance.
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it gained note right tee as head wing in the harry pot ter series seen here in the sorrer's stone. >> the fascination is owls throughout history have been seen as a spiritual creature, a wise owl and i think everyone wants to experience that. >> as this arctic noman has become appearing, bird watching enthusiastses have braved the elements to catch a glimpse. >> he feeds mainly on lemmings and birds and rodents. they can hone in on prey under heavy vegetation or snow. >> experts at the lincoln park zoo say food may explain why the owls have migrated this far south. >> sometimes there are boom and bust cycles where we think they have a lot of chicks because there are food sources available at times of the year and after that, the adults may be pushing the juveniles out of the breeding territory in their range. they move further south looking for food and moving outside of their territory.
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>> reporter: one resource that has they owned track them is ebird. the online data base of bird sitings provides realtime information on where the owls are and where they are going. >> the first ones arrived in about mid november. and because of the internet and how birds get reported online now we sort of knew to expect them. people were out looking for snowy owls before they showed up because they were being seen in other areas nearby >> reporter: experts say the snowy owl numbers will likely increase giving birders an opportunity to see them until late february or early march. he lec tronic bird tracking, if it doesn't sound appealing, there is always the zoo. al jazeera, chicago. >> thanks so much for watching al jazeera. i am morgan radford from new york city. listening post is up next. for news update throughout the day, head on over to
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