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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 7, 2014 2:00am-2:31am EST

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with us. we'll have larry cane with us, the only. >> the show may be over but the conversation continues. facebook google plus pages. you can also find us on twitter. we'll see you next time. are check check >> winter weather from coast to coast as the north-east cleans up from the pacific north-west. >> a diplomatic dust up over the uprising in ukraine. a diplomat reported using colourful language about the i uni-european union. >> we need water, soil and sunlight to grow seed. if you are missing one of those, it doesn't happen.
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>> long-term effects of california's drought. farmers worrying about a long recovery if the rain doesn't start falling soon. >> hi there. welcome to al jazeera america. good to have you with us. i'm thomas drayton. it's more than a one-two punch. winter weather is impacting coast to coast. a rare storm hammered the pacific north-west, dumping a foot of snow in oregon and washington. a second storm on friday could bring up to another foot of snow in the area. hundreds of thousands cross the mid west have no power after a serious snow and ice storm knocked down industries. state officials are struggling
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to cope with the winter. >> i'd like to pack up and move somewhere. everywhere will snow. even a warm state. >> across the country it's hard to get a break from the bad weather. >> in pennsylvania, preparedness for a winter wallop means shelters are stocked up with supplies. a storm positions people at shelters where they may be needed. with the power company reporting 6,000 people without power at one time, the facilities were ready for an influx of families looking for a warm place to sleep. cold temperatures forcing people to spend the night with the red cross. philadelphia mayor michael knutter told america practice with storms is part of the preparation. >> we are on ready alert for these things. we get snow december through
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march. >> snared traffic and closed roads are a challenge, no matter how ready anyone may be. in maryland, having enough salt is a big part of being prepared. this is a sand-salt combination. >> there are about 95 salt barns like this throughout the state, with a combined capacity i with 360,000 tonnes of salt. that's 120,000 more than 10 years ago. >> after the storm the salt is replenished. officials want enough to handle future storms without too much left over at the end of the season. now, the state wide supply is at 75 to 80% of full capacity. officials insist it's plenty to handle the next big event. maryland is in good shape. some states further north are experiencing salt shortages. others learnt to prepare roads the hard way.
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the recent snow tomorrow traffic nightmare left thousands stuck in cid lock for hours. the georgia government announced it would prepare the state's preparedness. >> what we are looking at is looking back ward, not forward. what can we do in the future. >> he has plans to implement warning systems and says the state needs to fix how it rightside itself, including increasing communication with metrologist and georgia residents, making sure they get important details like transportation routes. a preparedness task force will convene as soon as possible. >> across pennsylvania the temperatures overnight will be
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cool, we are looking at into the teens for hundreds of thousands of people. we don't expect to see precip, but it will be cold temperatures. we expect that to slowly make a climb over the next couple of days to the south-east. we are looking at rain, pasting through much of the coastal regions. i want to go up to the north-west. we are seeing snow off the pacific. you can see for washington, organ, and down to california, it will be great for the snow back. we were in a deficit and rain is in the forecast. look at the forecast over the next day for friday, and you can see along the coast the rain will continue for the next three days. temperatures wise up to the north, seattle you are well below average for this time of year. only getting to a high of 33 degrees. as we go to the next couple of days, it will go up, but there'll be precip in the forecast as we go towards
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monday, at about average. it will be 48 degrees. >> down towards california, we'll see the rain start to make its way down towards san diego, and that will fade away. we'll see rain towards the northern part of california, and snow across much of the sierra nevadas and snow heading to monitiana and wyoming. los angeles you'll stay into the '60s, warming up. it looks beautiful at 72 degrees. snow across texas, and the cooler temperatures across the region. high for you on friday reaching 36. >> the string of winter storms has many scrambling to get more salt to treat the roads. as ashar quraishi reports the shortage could be a good thing, say environmentalists.
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>> at the port of milwaukee, 50,000 tonnes of assault arrived to replenish dwindling supplies in wisconsin. multiple storms and heavy accumulation, salt is a precious commodity. $22 million tonnes of sodium chloride is used, but it comes at a cost. >> chloride is soluble in water. as the snow melts and it washes to the lakes. the cloor eyed finds its -- chloride finds it is way to our watercourses. >> according to the u.s. geological survey many lakes have clor aid levels toxic to
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life. experts say the sowed youm clor -- sodium chloride has damaging effects on plant life. the sodium component will rob water from the plants, and help desi kate the roots, so they'll look like they are under drought stress. >> chloride is corrosive to metal and steel bridges. millions of damage is caused each year. >> it's not a front burner issue, but an example of how the actions we have can have unspended consequences in the environment. >> cities and municipalities are looking for less harmful substances as alternatives. sugar beat juice is accused. this is effective at lower temperatures and eco-friendly. >> rock assault stops working about 15 degrees above zero.
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with the addition of the the shoouingar beat juice, it drops to 10 below, which is 25 degree swing. it also allows municipalities to reduce the amount of sodium chloride that they are putting into the environment. >> alternative deicing is more expensive than rock salt. without cost-effective alternatives, use will lead to contamination. >> researchers say if the concentrations of salt are high enough, it can cause the same negative effects as acid rain. a top u.s. diplomat caught on camera insulting the european union. the white house is doing damage control suggesting russia leaked the recording. this embarrassing disclosure comes as washington is trying to broker a solution to the crisis in ukraine.
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>> the crisis has been going on for months and the administration struggled to find answers to ease the crisis. a rare and embarrassing glitz behind the scenes of memp diplomacy as they struggle to come to grips with what is happening in ukraine. >> u.s. secretary of state victoria knewland in ukraine, meeting with its embattled president, viktor yanukovych. >> sessions with senior leaders of the opposition, the united states intends to remain engaged, working in lock step with the european union. >> instead of lock step knew land locked horns with the e.u., a close american ally. knew land is said to be talking with u.s. ambassador jeffrey pye ot. and will dismiss the european union as te talk about plans to ease the crisis. >> he has siri and ban ki-moon
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to get them to come in: >> speaking for an embarrassed state department, spokeswoman neither confirmed nor denied that the recording was real, but said knew land tried to make amends. >> she has been in contact with the e.u. counterparts and apologised. >> okayy lashed out at russia. >> we think this is a new low in russian trade craft in terms of publicising posting. >> septions between -- tensions between the u.s. and russia is growing, each accusing the other of meddling. jay carney left little doubt about who it believed eavesdropped and recorded the knewland call. >> the video was noted and tweeted by the russian government. it says something about russia's
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role. >> in a tit for tat tweet, ambassador pye ot voted a picture of him in newland. it was a reference to the russian official who tweeted about it. >> there's a couple of things to point out. president obama made his speech on reforms, and he said that other countries are doing the same thing that the united states is doing, spying on the american government seems to provide evidence now. also president obama due for his first ever trip to brussels in march, to where else, the european union summit. back to you. >> the recording was posted on youtube. the u.s. ambassador discussing various figures, and whether they should have a role in you cin's government. >> i want to share a picture. sochi russia where the 2014 olympics is under way. it's about 11:12.
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the official ceremony will kick off on friday. organizers say they have a spectacular show planned and are keeping the details secret. we know the ceremony will showcase russian culture, history, fireworks, the parade of the nations and they will light the official olympic flame. >> still ahead hope for immigration reform bill hits a roadblock. why some lawmakers say it probably won't happen this year. formers in california wore -- farmers in california worrying about the impact of the drought and the impact on the produce supply for the country. >> concerns about head injuries in the sport of boxing and mixed martial arts. why congress is getting involved in a medical study on the issue.
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>> welcome back.
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human rights watch is reporting widespread abuse of women and girls. they reported interviews of women that said they were tortured and raped by forces. there is some limited illegal behaviour, but the response said that the report as over exaggerated. >> more than 130 people were hurt in anti-government protests in bosnia. it's the second day of demogess against the european country's problems. the process started with laid-off workers, and they were joined by thousands who were jobless. 40% of the population is unemployed. >> a silver lining for people living in homs. the u.n. says the government and opposition have agreed to a ceasefire. evacuations could begin as early as friday. humanitarian aid is expected to be allowed in. thousands have been trapped in homes with no access to food or medicine. rebels accused the syrian
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government of using starvation as a method. >> john boehner says he doesn't see immigration reforms passing. there's a lack of trust and the pointed to the obamacare saying: "the obama changed recent laws." >> there's widespread doubts whether there administration can be trusted to pass laws. it will be difficult to pass leggs until that changes. >> jay carney says it has nothing to do with the president. the republican party is divided over the issue of immigration reform. he added the white house remained optimistic that a deal can be reached. >> california is experiencing its open weather misery. we talked about the snow on the east coast. a month-long drought is cip
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lipping farms. the -- crippling farms, a lack of water could cost of the industry billions. in pasadena rain is falling. >> southern california is receiving rain. it's welcome, but the reality is it won't make a difference because the state is so dry that according to the department of water resource, california would need to see heavy rain every other day from now until may just to get back to normal levels. we know that will not happen. the lack of rain, despite what the state has scene, and perhaps later in the week is starting to punish the local farmers. >> this farm in cameria, 50 miles north of los angeles, has been in phil mcgrath's family since the late 1800]s. we are one of the pioneer farmers here. >> he has seep it all - -- seen it all - wet years, dry years.
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>> we are doomed. we got to have water. you need water, soil and sunlight to grow a seed. and if you're missing one of those, it doesn't happen. >> what is happening, summer crops like the tomatoes are growing in the winter. winter crops like the strawberries are struggling to survive, meaning so is phil mcgrath. >> this is my livelihood. this is what i do. if we don't get rain this year, >> too distressing to say out loud, it's the same story for farmers up and down the state. the megadrought means there's not enough water to produce milk, beef, fruits and vegetables. 5,000 acres. farm land will be unplanted because there's not enough water to grow the crops. >> what happens in california does not stay in california.
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the state is the largest producer of food in the country. as farms like this one feel the affects of the drought, food prices will rise. that impacts everyone. >> the reality is you will not get the crops you depend on from california. >> milt is a field crop expert at the university of california. he says overall food prices could rise bias much as 10%. >> crops will see a big increase, ones where we grow produce. arty chokes, as par gas, advo cardos. the reality is there's a drought in california, it's not going away and it's likely to persist for years. >> everybody turns on a tap, water comes out. they wash hands and drink the water. the day that doesn't happen is the day they'll be as worried as most of the farmers i know. that's where i feel we are at right now. >> as california prepares for what could be the worst drought
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in modern history and the country prepares for higher food prices, farmers like phil mcgrath can only watch as the family business dries up before his eyes. >> what can be done to help the farmers, and the vendors here at the local farmers market. well, the u.s. da released $20 million to help the farmers. what they need more than money is rain. >> meteorologists say thursday's rain will bring short-term benefits. they need 36 inches of rain at least to end the drought. >> schools closed on thursday after workers in west virginia complained of smelling water. two other schools in charleston closed on wednesday. a chemical spill last month contaminated the water for 300,000. all five schools will open on
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friday after the pipes have been flushed and tested. >> congress getting involved in the issue of head injuries and sport. the study commissioned to look at boxing and mixed martial arts. >> relief for a classical violinist whose pricey stradavarius it was stolen. the instrument found in an unlikely place.
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>> welcome back. there has been a lot of talk about head injuries in football. it's a serious issue in boxing and mixed martial arts. congress issued a study on long-term effect on fighters. and michael eaves explains why they are taking an interest. >> on-april 12th there'll be the
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wbo welter wait title. it will involve pakio taking shots to the head, which should be a concern for the boxer who will be stepping into the ring as a professional, and who was knocked unconscious two fights ago. results such as that one brought together two us senators from opposite sides of the aisle. >> john mccain solicited boxing and mixed martial arts organizations to a study on dramatic brain images caused by box and mma. >> the study is called for in boxing and mma. >> i'm an old friend, i dare to say that, as is harry, of one of the greatest boxers, mohammed ali. all of us would agree that his
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present condition is attributable to the sustained ploughs to the head that this great, great, great wonderful oath leet sustained. >> nearly 400 fighters are participating in the study, conducted by the clinic for brain health, which hopes to determine worning signs of head trauma and seeks to predict reactions. >> senator mccain indicated that it's important to study this so we can determine what the long-term effect of these activities are, but also as dr cosgrove and his team he put together find out if some people should stop doing what they are doing. >> yes, we chose to sign up for this. but also it's entertainment. we have a deal without having a deal. >> every fighter who steps into
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the ripping or octagon knows there's a risk of injury. to what extent has likely been lost on the fighters. if you think about getting hurt, you will. professional fighters have a higher risk of developing conditions, such as alzheimer's, parkinson's, depression and other problems. >> the damage starts not actually at the fight. it's accumulation in the gym. >> we owe it to the future of the sport and the future of the men and women who engage in it. coming together today, i want to thank the cleveland clinic and all who are a part of this effort to make sure that boxing, a tough sport, is made as safe assist possible for those who choose to participate. >> michael eaves reporting. $2 million has been spent on the study. doctors hope to study 650
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fighters. >> a stolen stradavarius has been recovered. the 300-year-old violin was found in a milwaukee attic. the rare instrument, worth millions, $5 million to be exact, appears to be in good condition. robbers used a stun gun to steal it from frank ar monday a week ago. it had been on loan to him. three people are in custody. >> he was called the japanese beethoven. he has many fans. his talents may have been a scam. >> after 18 years behind the scenes it was finally time for this man to stand in the lim lying on his own. the -- limelight on his own. he admitted that he was the author of classic music that had been credited to the man known as japan's beethoven.
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>> translation: i have been aware that he had been publishing his pieces by deceiving the world. i composed the music as instructed. in this way i am his accomplice. >> according to him, he wrote everything, including the powerful sim phoney. it was the winter olympics that made him spill the beans. >> a new figure skater will be using the music i composed for a skating program during the sochi winter olympics. i thought if i let the situation be, she would be part of my lie. >> the story is front-page news because his hearing is believed to have been lost. as the ghost writer says, he saw no evidence that his alter ego cap hear. he apologised to his fans, but
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lawyers say he was in too unstable and emotional estate to appear in public. he hopes to compose and perform. this time in his own right. >> that'll do it for us. thanks for watching. >> hi, i'm lisa fletcher andy are in the stream. ajunct professors fight for a living wage. how their working conditions could impact the quality of higher education. >> our producer is bringing all your live feedback through the show.


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