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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we are following for you. secretary of state john kerry meeting in london with his russian counterpart, but both sides appear to be dug in. there is new information on the course of that missing mrashian flight. and new findings involving the gm recall. a second finding could be involved in more than 300 deaths. ♪ at this hour diplomats are
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racing against the clock trying to find a solution to the crisis in ukraine. u.s. secretary of state john kerry and russian counterpart sergei lavrov have been meeting. dana lewis is in london, and dana the meeting just breaking up, but it appears if you could sum it up in two words it would be dug in. >> it couldn't be a success that's for sure. the john kerry spent five hours talking to sergei lavrov and said there was a red line. the russians must not agree with the vote that is going to take place this weekend for that territory to join russia. otherwise russia will face
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economic sanctions, travel freezes, and it appears that that is where we are headed after all of these meetings. serg sergei lavrov held a press conference and he said we had constructive talks, but we do not have a common vision of the problem. let's listen. >> translator: as to the practical matter that should be taken -- or could be taken by foreign partners of ukraine, we do not have common vision of the situation. the differences are there, but the dialogue was definitely constructive. >> and here -- here is where they do not have a common vision point by point. he said that russia will respect the will of the citizens of the crimea in the vote on sunday. he has also rejected the idea of participating in any sort of
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international contact group where the russian government would then speak directly to the european government because they say it is still illegal, ij legitimate, and reacted to the idea of these threats of economic and political isolation of russia. he said that is a bad decision. and here are a couple of things he used to characterize the problem. he said if kosovo is a special case, then it should be a special case for crimea too. he said crimea means more to russian than the falkland islands do to britain. back to you del. >> dana you were getting new information concerning these sanctions that the u.s. and european union were threatening, and that they hit home
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specifically to russian president vladimir putin. >> they are coming very close to touching the administration of the kremlin. in fact you could say that they are hitting at the right hand of president vladimir putin, because on a list that the eu has come up with, they are naming about 130 individuals. a possible list of 130 individuals that could face travel ban and freeze on assets. here is a couple of names igor sechen. he is the closest advisor to vladimir putin. and somebody else facing a travel ban and freeze on assets, and that would be alexei, the head of the company that that supplies more than 30% of the
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gas to europe. >> moments ago we heard from the white house, president obama believing no doubt about where the u.s. standings. >> we continue to hope that there's a diplomatic solution to be found, but the united states and europe stand united, not only in its message about ukrainian sovereignty but also that there will be consequences if the sovereignty continues to be violated. >> as the politicians talk the situation on the ground grows worse. one person is dead in eastern ukraine all ahead of that vote that now appears to be certain in crimea to allow crimea to leave and join russia. jennifer you heard the news conference, there will be people in crimea who come monday morn
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willing have to choose sides. >> that's right, del. i don't think what sergei lavrov had to say came as any surprise here in crimea. we have seen russians sending troops in, and seen pro-russian parliament members installed. the russian flag is flying over virtually every government building, people in the streets have the russian flag flying. this is the only region that has a majority of ethnic russians, and many believe the vote on sunday corrects the 60-year old mistake that was made when crimea was given to ukraine.
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but tartars plan to boycott the vote. they said there is no proof that there was a majority that made these decisions, and they see a lot of russian influence here. politicians have been to moscow, moscow politicians have been here. we have seen moscow non-governmental organizations open up in the last couple of days. and we even saw vladimir putin's favorite biker group come into town. many believe that sunday is a forgone conclusion that the crimeas who will vote will vote in favor of succeeding from ukraine. >> we have already seen violent protests between the two sides. and even though things are
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supposed to be signed sealed and delivered on sunday. >> crimea is a peninsula that has two clear-cutoff points. eastern ukraine which also had a large ethnic russian population is still a concern. those clashes are not far from the russian border, and very, very concerning. russia has amassed 10s of thousands of troops on that border as well, and even before secretary kerry and sergei lavrov met today, they pointed to the clashes and said that proves that the government in kiev does not have control of the situation in ukraine, and also said that it had the right to protect ethnic russian citizens there. in the press conference, sergei lavrov said they will not invade
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ukraine, but it's a worry to the people in ukraine and this fledgling government that has a lot to worry about, and no joy in london today, eastern ukraine now obviously its next problem. del? >> jennifer thank you very much. one of the ethnic groups caught in the middle of the struggle are the tatars. this sunday morning at 10:00 am eastern time, al jazeera america explores their story and return to exile, again that was sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. well one week later suspicion mounting about what caused the malaysia airliner to disappear.
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lisa stark is in washington, and you have covered the aviation industry for quite sometime. what are your sources telling you about these reports that we are hearing that foul play is now on the table? >> well, that was on the table, really really del from the beginning, but it is gaining creedance in many areas. we should be careful to point out that as we get new evidence the mood shifts, but there is a lot of concern that this was a deliberate act. that is based on a lot of different evidence, one the transponder went off, and the system that seconds information went off or was turned off, and the plane kept flying for a number of hours after it dropped off of radar. so was this a hijacking.
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the mrashian defense minister was asked about that today? >> it could be done intentionally, under duress, or because of an explosion. >> so he is saying everything remains on the table as it should be if you are an investigator you have to keep a very open mind. you mentioned the u.s. assets now being brought to bare. they have moved a naval ship into the area that they are concentrating on now. a p3 orion moved into that area and did not find anything, so still intensive searching going on. >> and lisa this search has now expanded to the indian ocean. what can you tell us about that? >> that's a 28 million mile area
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of water. they have to truly search the vast area of this ocean. the reason they expanded westward is based on two things. one is military radar. they have a ding that they say may have been this malaysian yet. and if that is the case it was towards the west. and they have satellite communication. they have been analyzing that, and that think they may have moved the plane closer to the indian ocean. but they really have to try to pinpoint the area because this is too vast of an area. >> lisa thank you very much. there may be another problem developing in the already recalled gm cars.
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they recalled more than 1 million cars last month because of an faulty ignition switch. bisi onile-ere what is the new finding? >> the scope of the investigation into some of gm's recalled vehicles is widening. a watchdog group released a study saying they found that over 300 people were killed in crashes when their air bags didn't deploy. it's the 2005 to 2007 chevy coal battle and 2003 to 2007 saturn ion. they are strangers bound together, the victims of fatal car wrecks, 13 in all, that general motors has linked to a defective ignition switch on six of its models. >> she hydroplaned went across two lanes of traffic and was hit
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in the side by another car. >> reporter: that's what happened to his daughter brook who was killed after the ignition shut off, cutting the power steering system and anti-lock breaks. >> it was her birthday. >> reporter: those deaths lead gm to issue a recall of 1.6 million vehicles. but now another defect could be tied to a much larger number of victims. according to the "new york times," 303 people died between 2003 and 2012 after their air bags failed to deploy on who of the models recalled in february. the new finding suggests the faulty ignition switch which seized the engine would render the air bag useless. this comes after gm admitted this week that it had received the first sign of problems with
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the ignition switch back in 2001, waiting more than a decade to order a recall. that disclosure has reportedly spawned a criminal inkres accusation by the justice department. congress wants answers too, like why the national highway traffic safety administration didn't open an investigation into the matter sooner, despite hundreds of consumer complaints. >> i want to know what happened here? was there key information missing? what are we looking at? >> had we known that there was an issue, that might have changed the outcome of those initial crash investigations. >> reporter: meanwhile gm is criticizing the report over the air bags, calls it pure speculation based on raw data, but the timing comes just as the new ceo has called for an internal probe into the recall. >> i do think that mary berra
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wants to make up for the mistakes of the past, but she has a lot to make up for. >> reporter: and the federal government has been looking into this for at least the past two weeks. i am told if there is any evidence of wrongdoing on gm's part they could look at fines reaches $3 million and could be looking at jail time, del? >> thank you very much. syrians in desperate need of medical assistance, finding it in israel.
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evidence of wrongdoing on gm's syrian activists saying three women kidnaps by rebels have since been released, but 91 others are still being held. this video obtained exclusively by al jazeera. a group of women and children belonging to the alawite sect were kidnapped last august.
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they say they will release them when damascus releases rebel fighters. meanwhile the war in syria is forcing some of the wounded to flee into enemy territory, crossing the borders to seek medical attention. >> he has a very severe injury because he had open [ inaudible ] of the bone, and we lost the articulation here. i think next week he would be back in syria. >> when it was needed i leave this job and go to be the commandinger of the [ inaudible ]. physician of syria for the country, so these people remain untreated. >> a shell fell and exploded near me. i was riding a moto bike. i would like to go to a hospital
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in syria, but it's not safe. you hear so many stories of being arrested for no reason by the regime. my family has fled. where did they go? i don't know. >> i never thought that one day i would provide medical aid for syrian people. all these years syrian people or syrian country it was and still enemy and i never thought that these people would ask me to help them. >>'s a big surprise to be here. it's -- it wasn't in the best dream to come to get treatment in israel. we are their enemy. okay? i had other surgegies today all of them they were treated by the lower leg, they have open wound and exposed bone.
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>> translator: a group of guys came over and brought me to the border between israel and syria. they handed me over to the israeli military through a fence. in the beginning, of course we knew that israel is the enemy, and that is what the regime used to tell us. and when i came here i found people that want to live. >> let me say that i don't know which god asked them to fight, it's no knowledge to us. >> translator: i'm full of happiness and appreciation to the country that assisted me. i would like to thank all of those who helped me. ♪ on wall street stocks floating in and out of positive territory. the situation in ukraine keeping investors on guard.
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the dow is up 25 points, and on a four-session losing streak >> the obama administration is expected to propose new rules to regulate for-property colleges. it would require them to do a better job of preparing students for the work force or lose federal aid. bp can once again bid for new government contracts. that ban was imposed after the 2010 oil spill. it will also drop a lawsuit against the environmental protection agency. an auction to drill in the gulf is set to begin next week. coming up on al jazeera america, proof that this has been one of the coldest winters on record, the great lakes are frozen over. and now ships can't deliver products that you need. ♪ ♪
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america. i'm del walters. these are your headlines at this hour. those last ditch talks aimed at resolving the crisis in ukraine have lead to no agreement. sergei lavrov saying it is clear his country and the u.s. do not have a, quote, common vision of the situation in crimea. u.s. ships are headed to the indian ocean to search for the missing malaysian flight. al jazeera has learned that the plane may have been set deliberately off course. freezing temperatures are once again gripping parts of the midwest. close to 90% of the great lake are frozen over. kimberly reports. crews work in frigid temperatures repairing the
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freighters which sail the great lakes. these else haves must be ready to go when the shipping season opens. >> they need to be able to get out of here with a full load as soon as they open the gates. >> reporter: the problem is no one is sure when that will be. some ice on the lakes is normal, but not on this scale. for the first time in decades the five great lakes are almost completely frozen over, blame the arctic winds of what is own as the polar vortex. they have blown much further south this year. if this were summertime it would be impossible to stand where i am right now, because this is lake superior, and for the first time in 20 years it is completely frozen solid. in some parts the ice is more than a meter and a half thick. the five great lakes form the largest group of fresh-water lakes in the world, and are a
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vital north american trade root. it is critical for moving everything from food to fuel and metal ore. cargo carried by the else have -- vessels have been hit hard. in january cargoes were down almost 40%. ice breakers have been working to clear a path for the ships. >> some of the deliveries just couldn't be made in january. the ice just got too thick and it wasn't passable. we have steal mills that need iron ore pellets and utility companies that are going to need coal. huge economic impact on profit margins. >> reporter: every day they ships are locked in the port, thousands are lost. >> everybody is tired of winter. it came so fast and severe, and
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we're ready for spring. >> reporter: but with the ice expected to take months to melt, spring on lake superior may still be a long way off. and to dave now. dave when the lakes freeze it just stays cold. >> right. the ice and snow will reinforce the cold air, and then when you get the weatherern pattern which hasn't changed, we're just not seeing much progress here, and certainly not now. that was lake superior, it's trying to climb up to the freezing mark, but another shot of cold air is moving in. highs tomorrow into the teens and 20s. below freezing as far south as chicago, but that's about where it stops. the warm air tries to push north, but we're getting that cold air coming into this area of pressure off of the great lakes.
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you can see the extent of warming all the way up to the midwest. nice warm up across the southern plains in the southeast. and now we have to talk about our next storm. there is the cold air coming in behind this area of low-pressure. the warm air coming up the mid-atlantic, but look how it changes colors here. high-pressure to the north keeping the cold air in place. this sets up the stage for a large area of sleet or freezing rain as the storm brings that warm air up on top of the cold air. this pink area, look at how it just expands. this could be heavy sleet or freezing rain. all the way from washington, d.c. up through new york and into boston. that area continues to come down and expand actually. bringing warmer air in, that melts the snow. the cold air still in place at
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the surface. so you are getting icing happens here. so we'll continue to watch this and how it drops throughout the weekend. del? >> dave thank you very much. "the stream" is next, but we'll be right back as soon as we hear from john kerry. >> i'm lisa fletcher in you are in the "stream." chicago evicts thousands with a promise to deliver better, but what is in the future for the city desperate for rejuvenation? ♪ digital producer, co-host, wajahat ali is here bringing in all of your live feedback throughout the show. we are talked about a lot of cities in crisis on this show, but it is never in a vacuum, a lot of cities are experiencing


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