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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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iran, it was interesting that he didn't know in his words but we are all suffering from terrorism and have a big need to fight this phenomenon and we heard earlier for the outgoing for president of the arab summit, his thoughts on terrorism and i believe the prince is speaking so let's listen in to what he has to say. >> translator: in the name of
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god praise be upon the profit mohamed and peace be upon him. your heiness and excellence and heiness and arab secretary general and peace be upon you all. allow me at the very beginning to convey the greetings of the custodian and wishes for your conference to be successful, one. and we would like us to praise the wisdom of kuwait and his wisdom would be enough for the conference to be a success. and brothers we meet today within a very critical and
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sensitive situation as the arab league is facing a lot of challenges and threat that necessitates the cooperation and the efforts from every one of us in order to protect the arab world. and this will be only achieved through our strong will, sincere will and the collective coordination, and the growing collective coordination in order to have our joint projects to face the current situation. the palestinian issue has been always on top of our priorities. along the decades and the kingdom of saudia arabia and
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it's fixed in this regards and we hope the talks will lead to a comprehensive and peace that will allow the palestinian people to restore the legitimate right according to the international legitimacy and an independent state with jerusalem as its capitol and we reject all the plans by israel aiming at jerusalem and the threats and this city will stand firm against israeli practices because israeli practices are real obstacle against the long
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awaited solution and we need to have the palestinians to achieve their goals on their own land. brothers, venture of such an arab summit, our arab summit is being held following the geneva two conference and it's more than three years old. the syrian people have played a high price all over the place in syria. syria now is seen for all types of killing and destruction because of the tyranny and the practices of foreign elements in syria. we also find challenges that is
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faced by syrian resistance and we cannot do that if they failed the syrian people and let them down. and this has also led to inhuman, catastrophic and a lot of the syrian people left their homes and are now displaced. we need to know that the efforts are being exerted until now including the conference and u.s. resolution 2239 might achieve something in order to help and solve the crisis in syria. the syrian opposition has to gain more and more support and we are quite astonished and the
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delegation is not sitting in its syrian place and this will be corrected in order to send great and big message to change its position regarding the syrian crisis. terrorism, dear brothers, is a bad phenomenon and it's a real threat to our nation and to our stability and to our development. and the terrorism phenomenon, this necessitates the importance of adopting and taking the necessary measures and we can see there are also a lot of extremism and extremism in talks between muslim and islam and
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they have exceeded over the lines and they are now a real threat to our people, our development, and it's a way of implementing chaos and we have to have measures to come back and fight terrorism. and it has been a lot and they will continue the efforts to face this bad phenomenon through rules and regulations that will criminalize terrorism and these extremist organizations. the brothers, it is quite known
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now that this stability and security in the region is very important. and the region, our region now leads natural relation that depends on respect, not to mention in domestic and internal affairs of other countries. dear brothers, in this summit we want to express our thoughts about some attitudes and we congratulate our sisterly people of egypt because of the constitution and ultimate
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brothers in tunesia as they have their own constitution. the yemen people for the success for national dialog conference and this will lead to the welfare and stability of yemen and its sovereignty. i'd also like to congratulate the lebanese people for the new government and we hope this government will be a step towards the stability of the -- of lebanon. we also wish all the best for the libons and success in overcoming problems and rifts. and we also ask alla almighty to protect our nation and achieve the goals of peace, stability and welfare and peace be upon
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you all. [applause] thank you. all right, we were listening to the saudi crown prince about issues he sees are important, some common grounds when it comes to the right of palestinian, the need to establish a palestinian state and stressed upon the suffering of the syrian people and come into some of the territory which is approved somewhat deviedevie devise and said they need to take collective action against extremist groups and congratulating the sisterly people of egypt and tunesia for performing constitutions and i understand we are waiting to hear from the arab secretary general who is supposed to
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address the summit. let's listen to what he is saying. >> translator: your majesty and heiness, ladies and gentlemen, this gives me great pleasure at the very beginning to congratulate kuwait and others for attending this summit for his heiness and people of kuwait and respect and appreciation for their generous host of this 25th arob league summit. kuwait as normal has been working effectively and the diplomatic process and the diplomatic efforts of kuwait has been always impressive and a few months ago we had a big
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conference here. i'd like also to thank chief and for the chairmanship of the previous arab league summit and his country's big efforts and i welcome his heiness here for his first participation and i would like also to welcome chief justice, the interim president of the arab part of egypt for hosting the next summit. mr. president, our summit is being held with solidarity for better future. we are looking forward to the -- implementing this into steps that will help us to overcome
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the substantive periods and situation between the arab countries and that is sort of a threat to the national arab security. mr. president, the summit is being held in kuwait and a hope in itself for the arab solidarity and necessitates to purify relations and getting rid of the courses of differences and put the arab high interest above everything else. hence, we have to deal in transparency and we have to be frank when talking about the interpreter arab relations and the threat of the region and it will threaten the stability and threaten the role of the arab league and its ability to deal in an effective way with the big
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events in the region and everyone has to face these situations and have to put the perfect solution to take the arab solidarity. on the other hand, the arab security, the arab national security is still a threat. some of these threats started with establishment of arab sister and the arab league is about to finish 70 years and others will be winds of change that we have witnessed three years ago. and that takes a big add and sincere will to overcome the problems. the first challenge and the biggest challenge in the palestinian issue is the main arab, the main central arab issue and here i would like to stress that this region as the
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whole world will never enjoy peace, will never enjoy stability without the israeli comprehensive withdraw from the arab occupied land and without meeting the legitimate threat of the palestinians achieving the country according to the 67th state and its president and its capitol and maintaining and keeping the rest of the people under laws, regulations and i call on the palestinians to put an end to this what we had three years ago. mr. president, despite all of the efforts being made by the u.s. administration and we appreciate these efforts by the way and we ask the americans to continue these efforts, but because of the policy of israel to buy time and to waste time and this is a main approach in
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the israeli policies and the demographic changes, that is why we have to find other solutions. we have to find other solutions beyond traditional ones like go to the security council. we can have our own means and methods. we need to knock every door. among the traditional solutions in my personal point of view, because the question is sort of a new appetite and it is the last resort of colonialism in the 21st history and the military has to be aware that the situation in palestinian territories can never go
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forever. we have to understand that this is a big obstacle to be peaceful achievement. the u.s. administration, kerry has acknowledge that israeli practices will definitely lead to the isolation of israel, the community and the market will be there. as you know, the u.s. opposition has been attacked if cherokee say by israel and i would like to welcome the u.s. and we will wait and see to see the effects of this. mr. president, all arab countries in this critical period of the struggle, of the conflict, we all have to support politically, financially and economically the palestinian people and they have to fulfill the leaders and leadership to
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restore the legitimate rights of the palestinian people. mr. president, the second of these threats that is really damaging to the arab national security is what is going on in syria. we have to face such a threat, such a challenge to find a political solution that will achieve the goals of the syrians in freedom, democracy, independence and the sovereignty of sisterly syria. the problem and crisis is internationally. recognize and it's an item on the security council agenda. but end of the day it's an arab crisis and the arabs have to do something politically and ethically to solve this problem because it's the only threat to the syrians, it's a threat to
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the arab national security and they will achieve and will hit the security in other areas. and the consequences of this crisis is the biggest crisis in the 21st century. the crisis left more than 130,000 people who were killed and other thousands and thousands injured and misplaced and more than 9 million syrians are now displaced and whatever. in addition to the heritage of syria, the economy of syria, the nationals in syria are all sabotaged and destroyed. despite everyone nationally and
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regionally is aware of the syrian crisis but the solution is not yet there. the security council is still unable to issue a resolution to cease fire. the geneva talks between regime and talks that ended last february probably have a deadlock because of the practice of the regime delegation and talks that would lead to a govern body with full executive powers and this is the solution according to the geneva comm unicae issued in 2012 despite the efforts of rahimi and the u.n. representative of the u.n. league and despite efforts the talks have led to nothing.
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consequently, it's quite important to reach sort of a compromise in order to find a solution to this crisis or put an end to the blood shed and the humane suffering and to find a solution to this crisis. the u.s. security council is entitled to keep the security and the world has to work seriously in this regard. the national coalition has also to lend its efforts and with all opposition parties with hopes of an end of syria people towards building a free and democratic society in the country and the leadership. mr. president, we cannot talk about the challenges in the arab region without talking about terrorism. terrorism is a threat to the security and the peace of the whole region.
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and this is taking measures to put an end to this phenomenon, the phenomenon of terrorism. not only against those who are demonstrators but also those who encourage and support this and we need to face even intellectual framework of terrorism that motivates them. the central point or the focal point here is to consolidate the region and its national cooperation by exchanging of information by surrendering and by implementation of the pledges of the countries internationally and regionally. also among the challenges, the arab, ongoing efforts to have middle east free of nuclear
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weapons. now, these efforts have resulted in so many resolutions and commitment to have an area without nuclear weapons. but these commitments have never been done particularly from the side of israel which is still refusing to join the treaty or any other related treaties and is still abiding by the big arsenal of nuclear weapons that a real threat to the arab national security. and this will be discussed of the summit regarding the topic and how to put an arab problem in the future. mr. president, the arab countries also faced so many economic and social challenges when it comes to poverty,
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education, bad education, and the scarcity of water and the high rates of unemployment particularly among the youth. the youth is the majority in the arab nation. the youth are the main factor beyond the political movement in the region and feeling marginalized in the country and losing the youth and at the same time the arab women, we cannot forget the role of the arab women and particularly egypt and yemen and other countries and have a big role in the political movement in the world and this is one important part of the progress of the developments and
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the progress. we need to refine the efforts and i call the arab world, i urge the arab world to support the brothers in libya to achieve the stability and to build the constitution and overcome all of the obstacles and in this regard i met with officials to take part as an arab league in this regard. i'd like to express. >> announcer: we will return to the program after news from our local affiliates. each month? have you thought about how climate change can affect your grocery bill? can rare minerals in china affect your cell phone bill? or how a hospital in texas could drive up your healthcare premium? i'll make the connections from the news to your money real.
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>> these protestors have decided that today they will be arrested >> these people have chased a president from power, they've torn down a state... >> what's clear is that people don't just need protection, they need assistance.
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>> announcer: this is al jazeera america, we now rejoin this program already in progress. ♪ and to support the economic prospect there. i'd like to talk about the safety and the integrity of the
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jbiotti to solve the problems between the two countries and mr. president in the critical region and the arab region and the changes and the threats in the arab region still we have hope, we still have promising hope of political stability, tunesia endorsed the new constitution and the powers over there have formed our government. egypt has endorsed its constitution and it's going to achieve the roadmap and to go on to future. i'd like to praise the results of the national dialog in yemen and the pillars of making the peace process there a success within the period. mr. president, and excellence and your heiness and the
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challenges are great and i think they are quite important for the arab peace and security. the agenda of the summit in front of you includes social development issues and we will continue to follow-up the economic results of the meetings and coordination is being made with tunesia in order for the preparation of the next year development conference over there. i'd like also to praise the initiative of his heiness, the special fund regarding the support of the projects and the strategy, the arab strategy of using energy and new energy and
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this is a priority in the arab development agenda. the summit also has an item that will deal with the source of energy and implementation. and a deadly virus threatens americas vulnerable piglets. and i'll talk to an expert who can help you beat all odds and land a job. money." ♪ this is "real money." you are the most important part of the show so skroin our live conversation on twitter or facebook.


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