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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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scott williams, thank you for joining us. >> the show may be over. the conversation continues on our website or on our facebook or google+ pages or welcome to al jazeera america, i'm del walters these are the stories we are following for you. the aftermath and after shocks of that earthquake that shook the chilean coast. gm's ceo goes back to washington to face for questions about the faulty ignition switch recalls. explosions this egypt targeting riot police outside of a university. ♪
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> we begin in chile where the earthquake struck off of the coast of chile tuesday night forcing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate. >> reporter: the powerful earthquake struck late tuesday night when most people were at home. the chielly mining community, less than a hundred miles from the epicenter was the most impacted. on area that had been rocked by less powerful tremors in the last months. chile's president was quick to declare a state of catastrophe in two regions, allowing her to second out the army to guarantee security and property, andest
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specially to prevent looting. tuesday's earthquake was quite shallow, but its force was felt across the large part of south america, including in la pause. >> it was strong and moved when i was sitting down. it was much bigger than the last one. this has left cracks on buildings. there are lots. i just went into my apartment to check if there was any damage. >> reporter: neighboring peru was also affected. >> translator: it scared me. i was walking on the pavement and said to myself what is happening. i got dizzy, and then saw people come out, and then i realized it was shaking. >> reporter: chile's government issued a state-wide alert hoping to avoid the damage that happened in 2008 when the tsunami killed hundreds of people. this time authorities were
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prepared in fact there has been a number of tsunami rehearsals. chile's president getting a firsthand look traveling to the region to see the quake-damaged areas. while chile begins to clean up, scientists are saying a new quake could soon hit that country. these images were taken on march 31st by digital globe satellite of the washington state mud slide. as many as 20 people are still missing. unfortunately rain is expected to start once again tomorrow. and twoerngds even hail expected for parts of the country. dave warren with all of the details dave? >> yeah, severe weather developing today and tomorrow. the biggest threat will be wind
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and hail and maybe isolated tornados. this is right along app area of warm meese air loving to the north. flood watches and warnings are in effect. you can see the cluster of strong storms here, close-up view shows that is some gusty wind maybe very heavy rain with this. just flood watches and warnings with this cluster of storms pushing to the east. isolated strong storms will be later today. getting this warm humid air out of the south. this is a dry line developing here just south and east of that low. right through texas, oklahoma and pushing east. this is the main area for severe weather today with all of that moisture coming in from the south. that area moves east tomorrow. i'll look at that in the national forecast coming up, dell? >> thank you very much. mary barra is facing another
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tough day of questions right now. randall pinkston is in washington. randall there were a lot of questions yesterday concerning safety regulations what are they focusing on today. >> first of all, let me just say this hearing is getting off with a roaring start. it will be between the subcommittee on consumer protection and product safety, and the new gm ceo mary barra. what they are looking at today is the same as yesterday, why did gm take almost a decade to issue a total recall? claire mccaskill sort of set the tone for today's hearing. >> we don't know how many people crashed because of this cover up. we do know that many died, including miss melton, and at least one of my constituents.
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>> now the ranking republican member of the committee senator dean heller of nevada said that he is a stock car driver -- his father is a stock car driver and he pointed to what he called a troubling practice of gm of using the same number for different parts. >> government investigators have now requested that gm provide any documents chronicling the change and who within the company provided it. i'm also requesting that gm provide this committee with that same information. >> what he is talking about there is when gm discovered it had a problem with the ignition switch it replaced the device, but used the same number, suggesting there was probably a cover up. and he is also concerned about gm's bailout, supported by the federal government which allowed it to have bankruptcy protection and presumably shields it from
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any liability from any problems prior to the bankruptcy. including some of the accidents and deaths. that is an issue of great concern. and they are also looking at the national highway traffic safety administration. what do they want them to do? >> well, apparently they missed much of the problems that vehicles were having even though drivers were complaining about them more than a decade ago. the -- committee wants to know if it should revise its practices or needs for personnel. the director will be called before the panel after mary bar ra >> thank of you very much. president obama is traveling to michigan. he is expected to continue
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asking for a higher minimum wage. secretary of state john kerry canceling his trip to the middle east after palestinian president resumed his campaign for international recognition of palesti palestine. that surprise move may have put the peace talks in jeopardy. >> reporter: the move by the palestinian president to sign 15 international treaties is seen her as an about of defiance. it is hailed here for people to tell him he is standing up to this u.s. and israel, but it is not going to have an impact on israel. it is a message that he is sending to them saying if you are serious about talks you must stick to what you were saying months ago, including the prisoner release. the president has made it clear
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that the only way to find peace is through dialogue, the same message from secretary of state john kerry. he said we have teams on the ground still knowing associating with both sides, but it does put into context the challenge here. talks, the framework, none of the hard core difficult things have been addressed, that is the future of jerusalem, border security. so this highlights the difficulty in moving forward. palestinians will tell you they don't believe any talks will end the occupation. >> stephanie decker for us. two bombs went off outside cairo university in egypt as police were investigating a third one went off. [ explosion ] >> two people were killed including a police officer. seven other people were hurt. the bombings app pir rently
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targeting egyptian police and military. there are daily protests by those who continue to support mohammed morsi. and what may have been a bomb left over from world war ii exploded in thailand. construction workers found it buried at a working site. they were trying to take the bomb apart when it detonated. south korea confirming an unmanned aircraft that came down on one of its border island on monday is of north korean origin. as harry faucet reporteds from seoul that has led to concerns over a gap in south korea's air defenses. >> reporter: this was what was found. a camera-equipped drone on the day the two sides traded artillery fire. >> translator: the relevant departments of the south korean
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government have confirmed that north korea is responsible for it. >> reporter: they have been advertising their prowess in unmanned drones, military analysts call them antiques based on 20th century u.s. designs. but this week's discovery on the western island came days after a similar craft came down on the southern side of the land border. the camera contained images of military installations and the residential quarters of the president's blue house where it was spotted flying by a hiker. we're standing a few hundred meter away from the blue house. police won't even let us point our camera at it, let alone fly a drone over it. >> we are so weak to those kind of small attack, and we are asking ourselves what if north korea is using a bomb instead of
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camera inside that aircraft? so -- i mean there's a lot of -- there's a lot of [ inaudible ] along the military that we need a -- a strong measure against this kind of attack. >> reporter: south korea is preparing to spending $800 million on four unmanned surveillance aircraft. north korea's drone fleet is old and given its propensity for crashing, app pair recollectly unreliable, but already proving headache for shits neighbor. the government once ordered toxic chemicals to be dumped on native american land. 30 years later the land is still polluted. can they make money selling your personal information?
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washington, d.c.'s mayor was
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upset in last night's democratic primary. gray's run for a second run was tarnished into an investigation into his first run four years ago. the primary is wisely seen as picking the city's nexted mayor. for the first time the national security agency is confirming it has searched your emailed and texts without war rent. the nsa used a back door loophole to screen communications. the obama administration has previously denied monitoring u.s. citizens. clapper didn't say how many searchers have been performed or when they took place. whenever we search the web or use smartphone apps we share personal information and sometimes don't even know it. the companies that collect that data face little in regulation. >> reporter: at the world's largest information security
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conference in san francisco, the buzz was all about keeping your data safe from mall ware, spam bots and an assorted array of other cyber threats. but pam dickson says the real threat isn't only what hackers and thieves can steal, it's also about what we hand over about ours unwittingly. >> these guys are really good at keeping threats away, but that doesn't mean companies can't buy and sell our information at will. all of that gets pushed into a big giant information soup, and what comes out at the other end is the profiling of individual consumers. self-improvement and health wellness offers. >> reporter: at our office she showed us some of the profiles or lists many of us end up on. >> here is a list that says alcohol drinkers, adults.
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do i really want my name on this list if i'm an alcohol drinker? >> reporter: "america tonight" contacted exact data, chicago based data broker without asking us why we needed them they agree today sell all kinds of lists the information of people who use on-line dating services and more, we decided not to buy the lists, but you get the idea. for $4,500 al jazeera america could have purchased information about tens of thousands of unsuspecting individuals. access that some fear could be bought by anyone. this is the chief lobbyist for the grade group that represents data brokers. >> are you aware of a company called exec data in chicago?
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>> not off of the top of my head. >> we called them, and they basically offered to sell us lists of all kinds of private tentative information. >> i can't speak to that particular situation, but i think there's nor the story, very likely. our code of ethics would say you can only share that information -- it can only be purchased for marketing purposes. >> reporter: but exact data didn't require any proof we were marketers before selling us the data. the company declined our request for a statement. pam dickson wants data brokers to be more transparent about what they know and who they are selling to. >> i want to make sure if there is information out there on any list, that a consumer has the right to say i want off of that list. and this evening on "america tonight" part three of their series, your secret is out, and
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the website creating new dangers for children online by giving child predators greater access to them and their exact location. that's 9:00 eastern time right here on al jazeera america. ♪ wall street is slightly higher following three straight days of gains. the dow up 14 points. a sign that the job market may be recovering after that rough winter. adp reporting 191,000 private sector jobs created in march. they say hopefully this shows more growth to come. the report is always a prelude to the closely watched government jobs report out on friday. chrysler now recalling 644,000 suvs in the us. it effects jeep grand cherokees and dodge duran goes from 2011
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to 2014. corrosion may cause the brakes to be harder to use. it is being called the most toxic place in america, in oklahoma. it is the nation's largest super fund site and the first to be managed by a tribal government. >> reporter: from the highway they seem like any other hills some resemble natural wonders. these hills continue millions of pounds of toxic dust. the land for the american bullets of two world wars came from a mining boom town, but now only the street grid remains visible on what is able to survive on this polluted ground.
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even the water is orange. >> the high led, cadmium, and zinc content, you can't see that in the water, but the fact that it is orange means there are met nals the water. >> reporter: it is still a wasteland. the rez denthds were bought out and moved, but it was never their land to begin with. in the late 19th century, mineral deposits were discovered beneath their homes. many tribal members who refused to sell out were declared incomp tent and their land was seized. now the tribe has the clout to make its case. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: they have grown rich from their casino growth. >> our resort gives us funding and more sort of an economic
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power now in the region. >> reporter: the u.s. government has allowed the tribe to clear the waste powers on a site less than a square kilometer once leased to a catholic school. the school leased the land to a mining company. >> the tribe only gets the land off it is looted. >> yeah, that seems to be the pattern. >> reporter: now they hope to lobby the government to declare the entire 103 square area, and take full ownership on what the government promised would be a sovereign nation. >> it's a worldwide problem that indigenous people are also left out of the decision-making process. >> reporter: but even if granted the tribe stewardship, chairman berry admits this land will not recover for many decades to
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come. coming up on al jazeera america, helping families with autistic children. a new technology can help track them. and a new exhibit opening at the national history museum, giving anyone a chance to experience the prehistoric age. [ male announcer ] it's here -- xfinity watchathon week,
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eye ♪ welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are your headlines at that hour. chilly's president getting a firsthand look at damage from tuesday's powerful earthquake. at least six people are dead. the quake measuring 8.2 on the rickter scale. gm's ceo mary barra facing a second tough day of questions on capitol hill. she is testifying about the ignition switch defect being blamed for 13 deaths. president obama is on his way to michigan once again calling for a minimum wage hike.
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he wants to increase the hourly rate to $10.10 an hour. today is world autism awareness day. many children who are autistic are prone to wandering and often get lost. >> reporter: these are the last known images of this boy alive. the 14-year-old autistic child was captured on closed circuit television walking out of his school on the 14th of october. three months later the remains were found in a river. >> everyone in the community is worried about what happens with a child who wouldn't know how to get back to their family and wouldn't know how to tell anybody who they are. >> reporter: now a new york senator is proposing legislation and a federal program that would pay for gps devices.
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>> making volunteer tracking devices available will help put parents at ease, and save precious lives. >> tell me what you want to have. >> reporter: ken has soul custody of his 15-year-old non-verbal autistic son alex. correctly alex disappeared for several hours under the care of a sister. >> he comes walk going a building with eight police officers, and this little older woman who lives down the street. and apparently he was walking towards 2nd avenue and she foukd him avenue he lived in the neighborhood, but didn't know where he lived. >> reporter: afterwards ken attached tags to alex's shoes with his name and twho call. >> we have some wristbands and stuff but he will just take that right off. because it's a sensory issue.
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okay. let's go. >> reporter: a gps monitor is just one approach to wandering children with autism. but happy endings can also come down to sheer luck and the kindness of strangers. and returning to one of our other top stories parts of the country getting ready for tornados and hail. dave warren with more. >> yeah, looking at this severe outbreak today and tomorrow as well. now the threat is just flooding with this area of storms it is moving towards missouri and right towards illinois. this is right along this warm front and pushing farther north. you see flood watches in effect along with a new flood warnings. there was a warning with this storm earlier, but now it is just very heavily rain and flooding. they are right along this warm front, but the focus for severe
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weather through oklahoma and texas today. all of these fronts coming together. the warm front, cold front, and dry line which develops in west texas there and western oklahoma. more moist air coming up to the south. all of the ingredients are there for severe weather for these storms to start to spin and create the potential for heavy wind, rain, hail, or tornados. tomorrow the low intensified so there's a greater threat for severe weather tomorrow, but the area is pushed a east a bit. dave warren thank you very much. an exhibit at new york natural history of museum is giving people a chance to fly in prehistoric terms. it's about the first and largest vert brats ever to fly. the interacttive ink allows kids to simulate the massive reptiles.
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it also has a life-sized replica and rare fossils from all over the world. >> thank you for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york. "inside story" is next. and check us out 24 hours a day at >> hello, i'm ray suarez. one of the ways car companies know a product they're making isn't working very well is


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