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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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leaders whether it's harry reid or john boehner to raise a lot of money. >> that brings us to the end of this edition, thank you for being with us, in washington, i'm ray swarez. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we are following for you. investigators trying to learn more about the soldier who allegedly went on a shooting rampage at fort hood. >> you can't let the taliban dictate. >> continued fears about rising violence involving the election process in afghanistan.
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and secretary of state john kerry calling for a revival in the middle east peace process. new information is trickling out about the soldier behind the fort hood shooting. the army has idded him as ivan lopez, also releasing his service record. have investigatored learned anything else about the gunman that could have been considered a red flag? >> no red flags, no one saw this coming. the army did indeed release a service record. 34-year-old ivan lopez did say he was deployed in iraq. he was in medication and in the process of being diagnosed for ptsd. and he was upset about only being granted a 24 hour leave to
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at tend his mother's funeral. but his actions come as a total shot to his neighbors. >> we have very strong evidence that indicated a medical history that indicates an unstable psychiatric condition going through all of the conditions to ensure that is indeed the fact. but there may have been a verbal altercation with another soldier or soldiers, and there's a strong possibility that that in fact immediately preceded the shooting. >> we can also tell you the gun shop where he purchased the weapon is about ten minutes from here. it is the same gun that [ inaudible ] used back in 2009. del? >> what are we learning now about the victims?
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have any of them been identified? >> yes, one has. 37-year-old tim owens, timothy owens. he's an illinois native, and father. he is seen as -- according to some of the people who knew him early on in life, a person that the military really helped him turn his life around. he is a person that many people have said many good things about, and right now they are gather together i guess in support, trying to come to terms exactly with what has happened. >> brandon thank you very much. in afghanistan a police officer has shot two associated bless journal lists up with was killed. her colleague was wounded. the two were traveling with election workers. bernard smith has the latest the
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tensions in that country. >> reporter: these people are involved in are process that will end with the first democratic transfer of power in this country's 5,000-year history. despite the security threats there is clearly still widespread enthusiasm to vote. these people have been queueing to register sin before dawn. the pressure is on the election commission to stop the fraud that marred the last election. this time should be different but it won't be perfect. >> everything has been dlied according to time line, both in regard to brood legislative and other provisions but also the delivery of the ballot papers, sensitive and nonsensetive material to the 7,000-odd, or 6,000-odd voting centers. >> reporter: in kaboul there are
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check points every few hundred meters. the taliban casts a long shadow over this election. the capitol has endured a series of attacks. and there are pockets of the country where there will be no voting because of the taliban threat. does the threat of an attack put you off? >> i'm enthusiastic about the candidate ip want to vote for. you can't let the taliban dictate. if it's up to them, no elections at all. but we want elections. we want somebody who will deal with the taliban, resolve that issue, and then you just have to come out and vote. >> reporter: turnout and a relati relatively are low fraud vote are what matter now. the patience of secretary of state john kerry seems to be
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running thin. he says both sides in the israely palestinian peace process need a reality check, his words. he is warning that he u.s. will not sit by forever. mike why after looking so long on this is his patience now wearing out? >> well, obviously this is a difficult task, but john kerry at this point -- 14 months into the effort that a lot of people said was futile at best, it is dark now, and does not look good. events have left kerry visibly frustrated. he says it has not been a waste of time, all of the efforts he has put into this, but as you put it, he says it is time for a reality check. he has had a press conference
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with the moroccan leader, and talked about his frustrations. >> regrettably, both sides have taken steps that are not helpful. and that's evident to everybody. so we are going to evaluate very carefully exactly where this is, and where it might possibly be able to go. >> now john kerry had set an april 29th deadline to set up a framework to come to forward in the negotiations. they were on the fourth and final round of prisoner releases, some of the most controversial prisoners, and benjamin netenyahu declined to release the prisoners. he said he wasn't going to do
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that while the negotiations were going forward, and that is what has brought us to this very dark point. >> and what will it mean going forward if these negotiations fall through. >> it is a critical moment, because they are reaching that dead line, and this was the fourth of the scheduled releases of these prisoners. he was just trying to keep moving forward. nobody needs to be reminded about how difficult all of this is, secretary kerry saying to the leader of morocco in effect, i have better things to do here. we have the ongoing humanitarian and disaster concerning the syrian war. >> mike viqueira for us as always at the white house. thank you very much.
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speaking of ukraine that country's prime minister says his country will never recognize the annexation of crimea. meanwhile crimea continues its transition to russia unabated. as jonah hall reports the winner of that election has to battle ramp ent corruption. >> reporter: planning to set up a business in ukraine? here is a step by step guide. fifth get to grips with the number of permits, and then pay plenty of money to smooth the way. this was the experience of one entrepreneur who told me it is the norm. >> translator: yes, i have paid
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bribes. >> reporter: in 2013 the corruption wash dog described ukraine as the most corrupt country in europe. ukrainians were shown exactly what that means when their former leaders accesses were laid bare. apart from the obviously astonishing extravagance of this place, the private zoo, the golf course, the solid gold loaf of bread, piles of paperwork were also discovered here, which make up what is known as yanukovych leaks, making up a top-down system of corruption. these corrupt practices date back decades. so endemic that it could take more than a revolution as a new government to correct it. >> translator: obviously it was a shock for all of ukraine, and a very good lesson on how not to conduct your life, and a lesson
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for people in power that if they lead their lives that way, they will end up like yanukovych did. >> translator: sometimes you have to pay so much that a business isn't profitable ator all. >> reporter: some people do make lots of money, but generally at the expense of others. a building collapsed in eastern china leaving one person dead. several people were rescued from the rubble. you can see one woman who was trapped eight hours being rescued. the cause of the collapse is still not known. when we return to al jazeera america, what happens if you steal an oil tanker from a
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country three years after its revolution? for one man it's a hero's welcome. and how to turn oil profits into something that is good for the environment.
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♪ in libya, the government could finalize an agreement with rebel groups who have taken hold of key oil groups in that region. andrew simmons reports. >> reporter: a hero's return. the leader of an audacious plot. this man lead a raid to steal an oil tanker. not only did they evade the libyan nayy, they then survived a raid by u.s. navy seals who arrested them.
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the morning glory was brought back to libya. this is the eastern region of libya, and this man is the leader of a rebel movement that lists autonomy and a bigger share of libya's oil wealth among its demands. its the summer its militia has been in control of all of the oil regions. they have lost billions of dollars in lost revenue. now the government believes they are close to a peace deal. the libyan government is divided and at times dysfunctional. this man is outraged. he is standing in for the defense minister, who was filling in for the prime
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minister. he was sacked and had to leave the coup try after failing to get the tanker back from the rebels. >> translator: this will result in a big void between the revolutionaries and the judicial system. it's more of a big political plot to divide the coup -- country. >> reporter: three years after the revolution, what is the option? the army is dwarfed in size and power by the militias. and political instability is increasing. some in the leadership, obviously are prepared to make bigger concessions to get the oil flowing again. but will there be a lasting solution? the answer is likely to be no. andrew simmons, al jazeera, tripoli. ♪ you might want to indicaer
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the and hair job recovery, slow but steady. the unemployment rate remains steady, and the labor participation rate ticked up a bit that suggests that more people are trying to get back into the work force. tom perez talking to ali velshi just a short while ago. he said he still has concerns. >> we're clearly moving in the right direction. we clearly have to pick up the pace, and the data point for me that gives me most concern is the continuing challenges confronting the long-term unemployed. >> private sector unemployment now finally above the peak levels prior to the great recession. you can see more on "real money with ali velshi" right here on
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al jazeera america. the dow was higher earlier, but right now down 46. high frequency trading on wall street now getting the attention of attorney general eric holder. he says the justice department is look going whether the practice violating trader laws. michael lewis claims wall street is rigged because of the advantage that super fast traders have. and you could soon own a peace of the lovable losers. the cubs say they may sell shares in the team to help with upgrades to their stadium. the fallout from the crisis in ukraine affecting mcdonald's the fast-food giant shutting down three restaurants in crimea.
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citing only manufacturing regions for the closing. norway has a massive oil industry. the country invests most of the revenue gain into what is called a sovereign wealth fund. rory challands explains. >> reporter: one day it will all run out, of course, but for now norway can essentially pump money from beneath its shores. >> who do we want to be in norway? do we want to be the guys who invest in tar sand, oil in the arctic, deep water horizon, or do we want to be with the renewable solar wind, bio, electrical cars? i think the answer is quite easy to that. >> reporter: frederick is one of
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many norwegians calling for the vast petro wealth to be invested in a more environmentally friendly way. $855 billion that is the current value of norway's oil fund. that's about $170,000 for every living nor wean gan. on average the fund owns more than 1% of the entire world's listed stocks, but it also invests in bonds and property too. the government is already looking into dumping the shares of heavy polluters like coal companies. friday will see an announcement on what is next for green tech investment. there are voices urging caution, though, the fund, says this economist should always be playing it safe. >> there will always be interest groups that would like this money to be spent in one way or
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another. to invest in the environment and solar industry and so on, but i think for the politicians to try to pick and choose which sectors will grow faster than others for politicians to do these kind of priorities i think is kind of futile. >> reporter: call it fashion, guilty conscience, or doing the right thing, norwegians have the cash and now have feeling they should be doing more than just watching it grow. when we return, restoring a rundown asia city to its former glory. we'll take a look at tacarta's old city.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. here are your headlines at that hour. investigation into the fort hood shooting suspect focusing on the mental state of the gunman.
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his medical history indicates that he may have been unstable. secretary of state john kerry saying it is reality check time for the israelis and palestinians and it is time to revaluate america's role in that process. and afghanistan will hold its first democratic transfer of power in history. for years the indonesian city of tacarta has been fading away. >> reporter: this is where it began. the dutch established the capitol over 350 years ago. but over the years it has fallen on hard times. run down, and neglected. while some buildings are beyond repair. this archeologist argues it's not too late to save others.
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he said the old city should be a symbol of pride. >> translator: at the beginning i was frustrated because for a long time there was no result. but now the government is serious, and i have new hope that all of my dreams and the dreams of everyone who want this town restored will come true. >> reporter: the local government wants to clean up the area at track tourists, so it is spending over $12 million to help owners restore their homes and businesses. most of the buildings are privately owned. >> translator: there is a team that will see whether the building is good enough to be renovated and the government will give the owners incentives and work together to maintain them. >> reporter: this man is one of them. his family has had a shop here for over 30 years. he says with government help, they will renovate their home. >> yes, it's possible to renovate this area. there are a few examples like in
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singapore, and they actually rerenovate the whole towns, and now it looks very good. >> reporter: even though it is in terrible condition there's a real sense of history here. in the early 19th century the dutch government managed its vast trading empire from these old colonial buildings. spices cloth, tea, and coffee were loaded on to ships and sent around the world. this old harbor is also going to be restored. and when it's all done, it's hope knnooesh shans and others will be able to know what it was like all those years ago. ♪ i'm dave warren. more severe weather today over
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western virginia. wind damage likely with these storms. maybe a little bit of hail, but the tornado threat does not appear to be as high as yesterday. this is where the rain is now, pushing through west virginia. a line of stronger storms there. we're getting very heavy rain along with the storms, that leading to flash flooding. and that is another problem. severe weather moving across this area. it is clear behind it and the line is moving. just a brief shot of strong to severe storms with wind maybe a little bit of hail across the southeast. here is the cause of this. big area of low-pressure up over the great lakes. not only the severe weather but winter weather is a big problem over the great lakes, north carolina through minnesota and then through wisconsin talking about a foot or more of snow as this low just spins and does not move much. so we're talking about the snow
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and severe weather. this front will move through but ahead of it. you can see the rain along the front. behind it just a few clouds. but behind it nothing. high-pressure moving in. it is moving and will be clearing off of the coast by tomorrow. temperatures are trying to warm up in the mid-atlantic. the storm is trying to bring up warm air from the south. but high-pressure to the south heaps this air in place. 80s to 40s depending on what side of that front you are on. it will try to move up to about new york by tomorrow morning, but then clearing out. there goes the storm taking with it rain and snow. and then light rain to washington and oregon, but where the storms were, it's clearing out. >> dave warren thank you very much. kind of a rough day on capitol
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hill for dan coates. prepping for a defense hearing budget. he spent a good deal of time complimenting the undersecretary of treasury. he began to question coen and then a staffer passed him a note. >> under secretary coen -- >> i just got a note saying i'm at the wrong hearing. >> oh, okay. >> i have got the right room number, but the wrong hearing. >> that would explain why i didn't know anything about this letter. [ laughter ] >> coates later acknowledged he mix up, joking it must have all been part of a russian conspiracy. he was singled out last month by vladimir putin for enacting sanctions against russia. and a series of painters of world leaders on the walls
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george bush's museum. painting has become his hobby of choice since he left office. thank you for watching, i'm del walters in new york. "the stream" is next. >> hi, i'm lee and you are in the "stream." the drone industry could have been economic impact of $82 billion in the next decade. we'll explore what this means for you, your neighborhood, and your privacy. my co-host and digital producer, wajahat ali is here


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