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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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find us on twitter. see you next time. >> welcome to al jazeera ameri america. these are the stories we have for you. ukraine cracking down on separatists.
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>> thordering separatists in ukraine out of th out of governt buildings. this was the scene this donesk this morning as protesters dug in maintaining occupation of several government sites in that city. and pro russian demonstrators attacked supporattacked today. stephanie moore has more on the crisis that is getting worse by the minute. >> reporter: these this is the first line of defense against any attempt by ukrainian security force toss retake this police station. sunday losing one officer in the clashes. to the south protesters demand
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to join russia as they fortify the entrance of the mayor's office they seized sunday. and heavily armed men believed to be backed by moscow were carrying weapons similar to those used by special force whence they took crimea. >> ukraine's president implemented a deadline that ran out this morning for all protesters to lay down their weapons or face a large scale offensive to bring order. it prompted an emergency meeting sunday night at the u.n. security council where some say the unrest is calculated and financed solely by one party. >> we know who is behind this the only entity capable of these coordinated actions is russia. >> reporter: but other meetings generating little more than
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blame. >> we were under the impression that in the context where the united states minister lavrov and secretary kerry, secretary kerry harass genuinely interested in--finding a political outcome. >> it is hard to reconcile the behavior of the russian federation, the propaganda of the russian federation. the military actions of the russian medicine ration which range from amazing troops on the border to subversive behavior and in an appeal which wish we were, in fact, sin glee russia who called the session at the u.n. said any attempt by ukraine to use force against protesters is illegal and is calling on the u.s. to stop kiev from sending troops. as the deadline passes across
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eastern ukraine protesters are showing no signs of retreat, digging in and waiting. >> that's stephanie sy reporting. meanwhile, the u.s. is supporting kiev's new government signing that $1 billion loan today. not long ago jacob lew pope. >> if in cancertivthere was brog unity increasing the sanctions and costs in response to escalating action from russia. >> the u.s. low guaranteed apart of a $18 billion aid reform program from the imf. a bombing at a bus station killing 71 and injuring many in
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nigeria, an armed ratcal group is being blamed for that attack. >> nigeria has shown up in large numbers to cordon off the scene. as you can see just beyond the cordoned area, the area where it's expected that the car bomb may have detonated. trying to piece together any evidence they can find. in the foreground there are buses getting ready to take off the capitol which is an eight-kilometer ride. if you come over here you can see the impact of the explosion. the impact that it had on the cars parked full of people getting ready to drive into city center for work. it's not clear how many people may have been killed by the impact of these explosions. it's believed that there could have been more than one explosion. that's what we're hearing.
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some people are saying more than 35. officially the security services and emergency services have come out with a definitive figure. it looks like the work of boka hara--bow co-had a ram. it looks like this might be the kind of thing that they might be hyped. >> the justice department saying it will investigate the smooth negotiation kansas as a possible hate crime. a suspected white supremacist under arrest for killing three people sunday. he open fired at a jewish community center killing a man and his grandson and then the police say he killed a woman near a jewish retirement village nearby. >> we're investigating it a as a hate crime and criminal act. we know that there was a shotgun
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involved. we're exploring the possibility that a handgun was involved in shooting at the two persons that he missed, and we're looking at a possibility of an assault rifle. >> he's described as a former klu klux klan leader. jury selections but under way in new york in the trial of a former leader in london. he finally goes on trial in the u.s. courts. after a decade of courtroom challenges in the u.k. he was extrextradited to the united st. he is accused of conspiring to keetothe death of three britaind one alwayse australian.
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he is known for his fiery sermons in this mosque in north london. prosecutors accuse him of praising the former leader of al-qaeda osama bin laden right after the september 11th attacks. but he denied those allegations and said the u.s. was launching a global war on muslims. during a pretrial hearing last week he proclaimed his innocence and said he will defend himself in court on monday. the prosecution said they will call on this man to testify. a former member of al-qaeda. he was convicted for his role in a failed plot to blow up an u.s.-bound airliner with a shoe bomb in 2001. his charges were reduced based
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on on his testimony. his lawyer, who says his client is blind in one eye and missing both arms has suffered enough. >> he is a disabled person. >> for years activists have campaigned against the military trials of al-qaeda suspects in guantanamo bay in cuba. many of them will welcome the fact that he is being tried in a civilian court in the u.s. a few weeks ago the same court in u.s. convicted another high-profile suspect sulaiman abu ghaith. >> a federal judge expected to decide it the state should recognize marriages from other states. the judge indicating earlier this month that the current ban is unconstitutional. the congressional budget office is releasing it's revised
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budget. >> yes, the congressional budget office is nonpartisan and crunches the numbers. we're seeing a couple of things coming out of this report. the u.s. deficit is going down. that's certainly significant, and that will be something that the obama administration will try to make political hay out of it. as we focus on the affordable care act, the report said that the affordable care act will lower the net cost of the federal for the year 2014 $5 billion more than previously projected. we're still looking at $36 billion but that's smaller number than anticipated just a few months ago. these reports are about numbers, facts and figures but they often get spun by both sides of the aisle. the last time we saw the last
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report it talked about americans without a full-time job. they said if this time the affordable care act will lose america 2 million jobs. but fact checking came out saying that's not the right reading of this. americans may stop full time employment, many will be able to start their own business, drop down to part time hours we'll have to look at how the spin happens. >> kathleen sebelius has res signed froresigned. congress is out for two weeks, so when they come back we'll see that storm pick up as they get ready to deal with sylvia burwe will, l's confirmation hearing in the senate. many are saying its time for a
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new face to head health and human services, and we do believe sylvia burrwell can do that. and they're saying just because she's leaving does not mean that we see changes in the obama administration. >> libby casey for us live in washington. thank you very much. al jazeera america has been following the story of the church of wells, an evangelical congregation set up in texas. the members of the church call everyone to hell. the outside call the church a cult. >> nobody is perfect but god. >> never before has religion provoked such passion on the streets of this bible belt town of 8el hundred. --800. >> that's what makes him so mad
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about you. how do you know what is in my heart. >> fundamentalist christians who came to wells two years ago when their r.v. broke down in the middle of town. >> we believe that god sent us to wells to reach this community of people. >> reporter: what they believe a true believer must join them and renounce ties with the outside world, including shunning outside families. this is kathleen grove. her parents have tried to reunite with her since last year. her parents spoke with al jazeera in march. >> any religion that fears the loving arms of a mother and outside communication with the world is slavery. >> her parents say she was a bright and ambitious nursing student before she left her arkansas home without a word nine months ago. they claim that their daughter is now brai brainwashed.
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>> i'm dead. christ lives within me. you if you want to talk to katherine. she's dead. >> they preach a message of damnation to outsiders. townspeople say that the church crossed the line at the wells homecoming parade earlier this month when young children heard them going to hell. ththere was an attack of two church members that sent them to the hospital. the church did not press charges. >> we will not stand here no more and we will not back down no more. we're not going to let you get away with nothing. you're not telling children in this community that they're going to hell. you're not telling oracie our cs or nothing. >> what would it take for to you leave. >> there is no amount of suffering, pain, persecution, death or hardship that would make us leave. >> are you saying that you're hoping to martyrs?
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>> no, it would be an unworthy privilege and honor to suffer martyrdom, but that is not our goal. our goal is to see people saved. >> the christians in wells say that they're already saved and the rest say they want to be left alone. and so the spiritual stand off continues. one that tests the difference between freedom of religion and tolerance. >> coming up on al jazeera america. artifacts long thought to be gone have been found. authorities are hoping to break up a black market of what they're calling tomb raiders. and 140 years ago today. 149 years ago abraham lincoln shot and killed. we'll look at the tomb of the 16th president.
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>> tunisia has returned a rome era sculpture. it was said to be one of hundreds stolen. archeologists had been worried. >> the mask was stolen from algeria during the civil war. the rome era sculpture depicts the greek mythical creature medusa. three years ago it was discovered here th the th th thn minister is taking it home. >> it was stolen in 1996. >> the mask was one of more than a hundred artifacts discovered in the son-in-law of the former president. the family's departure from the
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country has not stopped the illegal trafficking of antiquities. >> you see this is all they brought while h he is can aggravating illegally. >> they took this picture back in january when it was still intact. the diggings destroyed pottery and the walls are beginning to cave in. >> they're usually looking for gold, silver, diamonds, usually they don't find these things. but the problem is they destroy whole sites for the sake of finding something that they usually don't find. >> it's tunisia's rich history that makes it a popular target. these are the remains of an ancient early christian tomb around 1500 years old. there are thousands of sites like this scattered across tunisia, but many of them are
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left unprotected and open to looting. archaeologists say looting is not the only problem. many sites are left open to wind and rain. the minister of culture admits that archeology has not been a top sobriety it is a problem of priorities. that's why we're here. >> they're working with. interpol to track behind much of the looting. for now corruption threat tunisia's cultural heritage. >> on this day in 1965 wi wikes-booth shot abraham lincoln. we go inside the tomb of our
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16th president. >> at the abraham lincoln tomb in springfield, illinois, the 16th president's life is chillingly remembered in part by his death. >> on the night of the assassination, president lincoln had a pair of gloves that he brought with him. and today that's a horrible reminder of the violence that evening. >> reporter: the lincoln memorial attracts for than 300,000 visitors each year. historians say his remains have been turned into relics. >> even now you you will see swaths of hair, people dealing with bloodstaine bloodstained fg that it's lincoln. we are fascinated with lincoln. we have to own him. >> reporter: a group of
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counterfeiters tried to steal the president's body and hold it for ransom. >> they tried to steal lincoln's remains? >> yes, mr. lincoln did not rest peacefully. they gained access inside the burial chamber. they were able to cut through the sarcophagus. they were able to expose the coffin, but that's when they were disrupted. they didn't get any further than that. >> reporter: protecting the president in death felt to an elite group known as lincoln's guard of honor. >> for many years they kept those remains buried in a shallow grave beneath the tomb, beneath the basement of the tomb. each member of the guard was sworn to protect this secret. >> reporter: it's found deep within the brick and granite monument few visitors have been allowed to see firsthand. we were given unique access to the interior cavities of
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lincoln's tomb. at one point lincoln's remains were moved down here in the chambers and covered with lumber. until it could be permanently secured inside the tomb. in total his remains would be move 17 times and his coffin opened five times in the decades following his death. >> give us sense of where the president's final resting space really is. >> where we're standing right here about 15 feet straight across and straight down is the president's tombstone and he's ten feet below steel and concrete. >> reporter: a steel cage in a location out of site deep within these chambers provided a secretive yet safe resting space for the 16th president of the united states. >> and coming up on al jazeera america getting dirty for a good cause. we'll tell you about a color run
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in just a moment.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are your headlines this hour. the deadline set by ukraine to get out of government buildings protesters attacking police headquarters today. a bombing at a bus station killing 71 and injuring many in nigeria. >> a man suspect of being a white supremacist is due in court in the shoot in kansas that left three people dead. killing at a jewish community center killing a man and his grandson and then killing a woman at a jewish community village. the president said no one should worry about their security while meeting with fellow believers. the sad fact is the jewish
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community is preparing for passover which made the attacks in kansas all the more painful. in jerusalem preparing for patover due at sunset residents burned all remnants of the levinned food that they have in their house remembering the exodus from egypt. let's take a look atweather with dave warren. >> meteorologist: this is right over michigan. look at the tickets comin come-k at the pictures coming in. we've had big trees down and hail reports of a tremendous damage report coming in out of the northeastern portion of michigan. that storm has moved out. there is still severe weather
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threats. there is rain coming down now but it's all in this area of low pressure. the front is coming out of that. we have warm air coming up ahead of it, and this cold front will be pushing through much of the eastern united states. you'll feel when that moves through the temperatures will mum--plummet. the southern plains close to severe storms hail damage and even the storms can begin to spin. we'll talk about the temperatures dropping. clearly seeing with this front is by tomorrow. temperatures in the morning here could be into the 60s. from the carolinas all the way up through new england. overnight tuesday early wednesday the front moves through. bitter cold temperatures follow, down close to freezing after
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talking about temperatures 60s and 70s. wednesday morning temperatures could be down to the 20s. we have weather out in the united states but not where we need it in the west. no rain is expected across the southwest. severe weather today likely with a few of these storms. watching this area closely it will continue to push east. temperatures are in the 70s but then dropping into the 30s. here is this front now and it will continue to push east. the low temperatures tomorrow, 34 in memphis. 61 in charlotte. tuesday morning is warm here but wednesday morning it could be into the 20s. as the cold air moves in tuesday night there is rain eastern time but it could end briefly a as a part of sleet and snow. >> in paris they have their first color run where participants were showered at different colored powder at
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various points of the event. it's untime. national and local charities team up with the run. it is now held in 30 different countries. thank you for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york. inside story is next.