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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 14, 2014 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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>> is a chance at a better life worth leaving loved ones behind? >> did omar get a chance to tell you goodbye before he left? >> which side of the fence are you on? >> sometimes immigration is the only alternative people have. borderland only on al jazeera america >> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york. these are the stories we're following for you. a new cost analysis saying obamacare will be cheaper to americans than once thought. a kkk attack, police are saying it was a hate crime. >> this explosion killed dozens of nig nigerians just on the wao work.
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the numbers are out. it could be good news for the white house. the congressional budget department says this could be lest than first thought. libby casey is joining us from washington. let the spending begin. what are the new numbers from the cbo? >> it expects lest numbers, when it deals with the obamacare, says the insurance cost provision are expelle expected t about $36 billion. $5 billion less than a few months ago. when we look at subsidies the cbo says they're expected to cost lest than expected because the insurance companies are
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using tighter cost control. and are insurance premiums, how much you have to fork over, there was a real concern that premiums would skyrocket and americans would pay more out of pocket based on who was joining these health care exchanges. the cbo thinks it might go up slightly but perhaps $100 per year for standard plans and may go up in subsequent years, 2016, they're talking about 6% but not the huge skyrocketing that was feared by many in the obama administration, many were worried about. >> all this comes on the heels of can kathleen sebelius stepping down. how is that playing down in washington? >> congress is back home for a two week recess but there is still a lot of chatter around the country about what her resignation means and what it means to see a new face step into the role of secretary of health and human services, the
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woman whom president obama has nominated, sylvia mathews burwell, are and chatter on twitter, march chester, new hampshire, freedom summit a way for the republicans to test the waters. even though they say secretary sebelius is on her way out they still don't like obamacare. they are still hitting hard what it emergence how it's taking shape. one of the things that americans are watching, this does get dubbed in the cbo report, how many americans are benefiting from the health care law. 7.5 million have signed up. we have to watch and see how many people actually pay their bills and forl through on makind make their payments. that is a big topic of conversation. >> libby casey, thanks very
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much. the justice department say they will investigate the shootings in kansas city as hate crimes. fraser glen cross is an expected white supremacist. authorities say he opened fire at a jewish community center and shot and killed another woman at a jewish retirement facility nearby. >> in the last 24 hours we have learned that the acts this person committed were the result of beliefs that he had, and that he was trying to hurt somebody based on their ethnicity, race, a whole lot of categories under hate crime. the fbi investigates hate crime and our number 1 priority under our civil rights program. >> he's expected to appear before a judge on these charges.
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>> no one should have to fear for their safety when they go to pray. and as a government, we're going to provide whatever assistance is needed to support the investigation. as americans, we not only need to open our hearts to the families of the victims, we've got to stand united against this kind of violence that has no place in our society. >> in ukraine, another deadline has come and gone and protesters have not budged. despite the threat of force to have them moved. now the ukrainian government is calling or the u.n. it wants peace keepers sent in. kim vanel reports. >> reporter: it is the moment that protesters stormed the eastern city. 100 men took part in the assault. like many protests in the east was streamed online. the military would be moving in
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to stop the unrest but there's been no sign so far of any government operation in state buildings continue to fall. a few blocks away city council was also taken over, and in a peaceful operation. prorugprorussian groups, republf donetske as opposed to the russian flag. they are now working at how to take control of the wider city, around the region. crowds outside cheer the media on telling journalists to spread their demands. this video also said to be here, switched sides. you the video cannot be independently verified, but the man giving troop orders says he's a russian lieutenant. in the capitol, pro unity defenders say the government
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should be moving faster oquell tensions in the east and hold interior minister responsible. >> he has to force his employees in the donetske, rg are kharkiv region, being to threaten the independence of the area. if he cannot do they has to accept this fact and resign. >> reporter: backtracking on the government's earlier stance, he's not against a referendum in the east. he says the military is poised to act but would divided loyalties make it difficult. >> ousted president viktor yanukovych was removed. separatist movement. >> reporter: the government is now asking for u.n. peace
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keeping troops to help ukrainian forces to carry out an antiterrorism operation. but each passing hour is threatening the viability of kiev. kim vanel, al jazeera, donetske. >> treasury secretary jacob lew, says the u.s. will continue to hold russia accountable for its action he in the country. >> we are fully prepared to impose additional sanction he on russia, including apparently through support through a concerted campaign by armed militants in east ukraine. during the g-7 meetings that took place there was broad and strong unity on increasing there sanctions and cost in response to escalating action from russia. >> that u.s. loan guarantee will be part of an $18 billion aid
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package from the u.n. monetary fund. the pentagon calling action he made by russian action he over the weekend provocative. a fighter jet buzzing a navy ship. aircraft was unarmed and never posed a threat but called those action he unprofessional. a deadly bombing during the morning rush hour in nigeria. happened at a bus station there. at least 70 people are dead, 124 injured. all happened on the outsecurities of abuja. yvonne ndege reports. large numbers cordoned off the scene. if you look beyond the cordon, if i move out of the way, the area where it is expected a car bomb might have detonated. surrounded by soldiers and forensic experts who are piecing together any evidence they can
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find. packed with people getting ready to take off to the capitol which is about an eight kilometer ride. if you just come over here you can also see the impact of the explosion. the impact that it had on vehicles that were also parked full of people, waiting again as i say to drive into the city summer for work. it's not clear how many people may have been killed by the impact of these explosions, it's believed there could have been more than one explosion. at least that's what we're hearing but some people say more than 35. officially the security services and emergency services have not come out with a exact number. it looks like the work of boko haram. it does look like this is the type of thing they might be behind. >> our yvonne ndege reporting.
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strong winds fang flames near the city of valparaiso. daniel swindler reports. >> i'm in the heart of the neighborhood where the fire started late on saturday. all around me there are residents who have come back to this did h debris, to see if thn pick any remnants of their shattered lives out of their homes. something like 500 homes destroyed in various parts of valparaiso. .much of the city is built on very steep hills so it would be incredibly difficult for the emergency services to reach these areas. at the same time the pyre was being fanned by very strong winds. it raged for more than 24 hours and then just when the authorities thought they had things under control, the winds would fan the flames again and the fire would resurge. thousands of people evacuated,
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they're now being housed in schools, gymnasiums, other public buildings around valparaiso. the president, michel bachelet, has visited. controlling looting, ensuring that the emergency operations should go ahead as planned. also many of the residents who were forced to flee this area with the fire have come back, now, where the lie of day, to sift through the debris of their devastated home. so they can begin the task of rebuilding their lives shattered by this catastrophe. >> and that's daniel swindler reporting. latest court victory for gay rights supporters. judge timothy black reporting
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that failure to recognize same sex marriages is a violation of their civil rights. are. tomorrow is the deadline to get your taxes paid but many americans living overseas haven't been doing so because of a loophole. but now they need to get ready to pay up. >> this is just one of the hundreds of mines discovered in mexico city. i'll have a report on why these mines pose such a threat to people here.
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>> boston taking a moment today to mark tomorrow's anniversary of the boston marathon bombing. a flag being raised at the boston medical center, saying boston medical center strong. three people killed, more than 260 others injured in that blast. a marathon runner who was hurt was a keynote speaker pfn. for millionspeaker.
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tomorrow is tax day. but for millions of americans living abroad. they have to decide whether to switch their allegiance where they work. phil ittner has the story. >> embassy reporting a significant rise in u.s. citizens renouncing their citizenship. a new tax law coming into effect this year, the foreign account tax compliance act, or fatca, means all financial institutions abroad must report to the u.s. treasury, accounts held by u.s. citizens. it is intended to stop u.s. citizens hiding their money from the irs. it is thought that is a big reason more americans are giving up their passports. the singer tina turner decided to renounce her citizenship in
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2013. jet lee, and edwardo severin. since 2010, more americans have renounced their citizenship inthan in all the decades combined. diane guerin says, many americans want to simplify their status, but also there's a sense of frustration. >> do i really want to be revealing this type of information? is it fair? most people who live outside the united states have bank accounts. they need to go to the supermarket, put petrol in their car and live in the are are currencies in which they're living. they need a bank account but there's nothing sinister about holding a bank account. >> many foreign financial
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institutions say they will no longer take on american clients because if they fail to report to the u.s. treasury they could face fines or levies. christopher heck says gifl givip citizenship because of fatca is an overreaction. >> i think the additional burden on the individual american living abroad isn't that high. it's more on the foreign financial institutions to comply with the reporting of the law. >> there are calls back in the united states to repeal fatca or at least modify it, since it modifies those who are trying to living broad. for the estimated 6 million living overseas, renounce your
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citizenship give up your passport and live completely overseas. phil ittner, al jazeera, london. >> city is full ever underground mines. residents there are literally living on the edge. >> teetering on the brink, this home in mexico city is meters away from being swallowed up by a gaping sinkhole. neighbors crowd around as emergency workers hurry to fill it. it's not an uncommon site, in this -- sight in this working class neighborhood. it's one of the city's most crowded neighborhoods and one of the most precarious. where abandoned mines apply meters below hundreds of makeshift homes. engineer gustavo, and his workers. >> it's a difficult problem and an urgent one. we can't just fill in the hole.
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we know that it's there and it's dangerous. >> reporter: the abandoned mine is 18 meters below the surface and more than 200 meters wide. and it could take months to secure it. people most likely started mining here in the 1930s and what they were looking for was material to build houses throughout the city. so far, 900 mines have been discovered but city officials tell us they have no idea how many actually exist. that's because the construction companies didn't keep records. lupita moved here 40 years ago and although she always knew mines existed she had no idea her home sits on top of one of them. >> at first i was frieltenned but the engineers told me -- frightened but the engineers told me to trust them, nothing would happen. >> reporter: mines aren't the only thing below the surface. a broken sewage pipe creates this gaping hole in the middle
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of a busy avenue. one of the reasons the service is so fragile is it's built on top of a huge lake. when the spanish invaded they drained the water but left a complicated hydraulic system. many buildings throughout the city are literalliy sinking. despite assurances, she still worries that the mine could collapse and swallow her up. rachel levin, al jazeera, mexico city. >> still ahead, what's 13 letters across and means amazing? bernice gordon is 100 years old and still creating crossword puzzles, one square at a time. and freddy mercury, getting his
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york. these are your headlines at this hour. pro-russian demonstrators are not budging, holding onto buildings they've taken inee ukraine. calling for u.n. to bring in peace keepers. boak har ann explosion happened in nigeria in the city of abuja. fraser glen cross is accused of opening fire in a jewish are center and killing two people, and a jewish woman at a care home nearby. passover, memory of the exodus of the jewish people from slavery in egypt. she could be called the
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mother of all puzzle makers. tom ackerman has her story. >> i drew lines like this and send it to her. >> bernice gordon has a way with words and she's been using that skill to build crossword puzzles since she was 35. that was 65 years ago. >> my mother was exasperated with me. she said to me, "my child, if you spent as much money buying cookbooks instead of dictionaries your family would be betters off." >> it generally takes her a day to construct a puzzle's skeleton and come up with the words, a day more to write the clues. bernice is known as an innovator. combining letters with symbols to fill in the blanks.
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at first that twist caused a sensation, but now it's more than 150 she has been commissioned to create. >> she's experienced life since the 19-teens, so you know, things that we know from books, she knows from everyday life. and that all shows up in the puzzle. >> and bernice doesn't hesitate in sometimes teaming up with sometimes much younger puzzle makers. >> what's interesting is we have different styles. credit bernice was complaining that y-a-y was not a word, somewhat ininformal and not something you find in the dictionary. >> i'm always learning. you have to learn. i buy a dictionary every year because every year they have new words.
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>> bernice says she's excited that at her age she can still make a living from something she enjoys while helping others keep their brains agile. >> the best part, knowing i'm doing something for someone. you're really helping people. so at least i've made a mark in the world, a little mark. i need a vowel there. >> bernice gordon, a 13-letter word for amazing. >> that's how i do it. >> tom ackerman. al jazeera. >> i'm dave warren. there's one letter we're looking at the weather map, the l. low pressure around the great lakes. this will impact most of the eastern united states over the next 24 hours. there's a front coming out of this low, warm front to the east, cold front dragging to the south, rotating around this storm clockwise or
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counterclockwise. there is severe weather with this, northeast around the great lakes yesterday, today this area of low pressure through texas, louisiana and the southeast. wind damage, hail, even the possibility of some rotation with these storms. we're watching closely over texas and louisiana. that front will push through, clearly see where this is. through west virginia, eastern pennsylvania and new england by tomorrow afternoon and evening, big drop in temperature, temperatures in the 60s close to 70°. so a big change in temperature is expected by tuesday and wednesday. very cold air is coming into the northeast. a lot of rain across the southeast and northeast, not where we need it out west. this weather pattern doesn't seem to change and bring these weather patterns to the east. where keeping that dry air into the southwest. individual storms they are severe. warnings in effect along with a
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severe thunderstorm watch. tan color is just the high wind warnings and wind adviso adviso. look at the temperature drop, 79 in corpus christi, 72 by oklahoma city, tomorrow morning temperatures could be down at or below freezing. forecast temperature is 34 but just west of that many freeze advisories are i in effect. moisture doesn't dry out, it could briefly change to sleet or snow. the further north you go there is that chance you could end this rain as a brief period of winter weather. >> he did say snow, dave warren, thank you so much. freddy mercury is being honored by a comic book. he died back in 1945 when he was
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41. are honored by kurt cobain, and are are hillary clinton, can anybody find me somebody to lo love. "techknow" is next. a. >> this is "techknow." a show about innovations that can change lives. we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. let's check out our team of hard core nerds. >> dr. crystal dilworth is a monthly ec lar neuroscientist. would you give kids marijuana if it could help them?