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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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see it yourselves. >> taking viewers beyond the debate. >> don't miss al jazeera america's critically acclaimed series borderland on al jazeera america also available on demand ♪ . >> this is al jazeera america, live from new york city. i'm thomas, let's get you caught up on the top stories at this hour. flooding collapse streets motorists stranding the eastern half of the country slammed with severe weather. russian president vladimir putin insisting ukraine remove it's military from the southeast, to end the show down with pro russian troops. workers in the u.s. and around the world, protesting for better working conditions on what is known as may day. and new images of toronto mayor rob ford allegedly
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doing drugs now he says he is headed to rehab. good to have you with us, the eastern part of the country getting slammed by storms and it is left behind a big mess. in philadelphia, several inches of rain sent rivers and streams over their banks. crews made their way through flooded streets to rescue people from their homes. in maryland, hundreds of people were told to evacuate after heavy rain flooded streets. authorities opened up nearby dams to prevent more flooding. and in florida, a baby was one of hundreds of people rescued from a flooded neighborhood, in pensacola, rain is still falling in that area right now. meanwhile, in florida, investigators are trying to figure out if this week's heavy rains play add role in a deadly jail explosion.
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two inmates were killed and an apparent gas explosion at a jail in pensacola. more than 180 people were taken to the hospital. officials say all but three people have been released, the jail was heavily damaged by the blast. bill pearson is the public information officer he joins us by phone at the detention facility where the explosion took place, bill, good to have yo you with us, i know it has been a long 14 hours can you describe the scene? >> the central booking facility of our jail, looks like it's -- has some sort of explosion in it, i don't want to say it is under attack, but you look at and it you have sections of walls that have blown out. you have a crumpled facade, on the procedure of the building where the explosion took place, i understand that it is unrecognizable from what i have been told by those who have been inside, that in the past hour or, so that we have floors in have collapsed on each other.
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pretty impresstive amount of damage. >> i know you had a number of storms move through, any word on the direct cause? >> no, that's why we have the florida fire marshals office investigating, also have people coming from the bureau of alcohol and firearms to figure out what led to this. we had i believe 23 inches of watt they are went into the basement of the building, that area did have some time to drain before the explosion happened late last night, so there's a lot of questions on why, and that's why the investigation is underway, it is going to be a long slow investigation. you have been on the scene so get a head count. >> we have everyone has been accounted for, there were rumors that people were unaccounted for or lost, but word coming down, we have had to move inmates to five different facilities. and including different hospitals so trying to get
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logistics on 600 people did take time, but confirmation that we have everyone accounted for. >> are the storms hampers any efforts in the county? >> thankfully, we have bright sunny skies today. so we have had an opportunity for those times that let the water drain. but the worst of the flooding is come and gone, the neighborhoods that were hit the hardest where you had chest high water in people's homes has had a chance to subside, so now the enchew up and repair has begun across the community, we have had several roads had chunked of asphalt collapse, and so there's a lot of transportation issues still have to be resolved but the worst, we believe, is over. >> i know it's been a rough 24 to 40 hours. i know at one point, fire crews had a difficult time responding to some 9-1-1 calls. >> we did, they had to go out to neighborhoods only to find the neighborhoods completely flooded out, where they would have ruined their response vehicles, ambulances and fire trucks.
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so we began using some of what we had within the county to go into neighborhoods that have never seen boat activity before, and going in and using chain saws to get into the ceilings and the roofs of the homes, pull people to safety, unlike anything we have seen here, but we have all hands on deck and have to make it happen, that's where they did have a positive. >> i know lit be a couple of days ahead, public information officer appreciate your time, and of course, there are still concerns about continued rain and flooding, meteorologist is joining us with more on the storms and other rounds. >> well, the worst is over with, but we still have a few pockets of rain going through the area. let me show you here, you can see where pensacola is located, also over towards mobile, but for pensacola, on tuesday, they broke a record that they have never seen before, a one day total of 15.55 inches of rain. that was just one day for the whole year, last time they saw something even
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close to this was october, of 1934, when that was due to a tropical system making it's way up here, so in two days they saw over 20-inches in some of those low lying areas that's where they saw 36 inches of rain, not falling but accumulating. there is spill warnings out, you can see here across to the northern part of the central area, we don't think this is going to really last too much longer, most of the rain is ending but here across the eastern section of the united states, where we did see quit a bit of rain, there is still flooding warnings we think that will be done for this evening, temperatures rather nice here in new york. >> some encouraging news here, thank you. israeli prime minister says he will propose legislation to enshrine israel status as a jewish state, the issue played an important role in peace talks with the palestinians can recently broke down. nick has more from
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jerusalem. >> this is the equivalent of amending the u.s. constitution. israeli law is split into two, normal laws that what are called basic laws. these are the legal foundation for the state, because israel doesn't actually have a constitution. and so that's what he is proposing today, a new basic law, fundamental law, that would declare israel a jewish state. that has never existed in the past, even though the declaration of independent declares israel a jewish state. what happens on the ground or changes, well, very little. this basic law doesn't effect any normal law, so those citizen ises would see a difference on a daily basis to their laws or any kind of rule of law that they deal with, so this is largely symbolic, but the critics say it is a slippery slope, and is if you pass this, there could be further disenfranchisement of the nonjewish israeli citizens and those are the people that will be objective. to give you a sense of
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perspective, there are more palestinian citizen who is are living in israel than there are african learns in the u.s. 1.7 million palestinians live in israel, that's 20%, african-americans are about 14% of the u.s., they say if you pass this, they will permanently become second class citizen ises. that will accept the israeli narrative in their words and permanently reduce the idea or reduce the challenges of any kind of right of return to homes that existing here before 1948. now, in response to that, his allies say look, we aren't going that far at all, all we are doing is declaring one basic law, and we will all respect the rights of all citizens whether they are jewish or not. now developments today in the ukraine crisis. that eugene's military must leave the south eastern part of the country, to end the show down.
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who have seized several buildings. ukraine's acting president also moved to bring back a military draft. paul brennen joining us live, good to see you, paul. yesterday, ukraine's president said they lost control of the east, how is is the government reacting to his demand? >> quell, the direct response to president putin's words but actions speak louder than words and as you said in the introduction, the acting president here in kiev has done today, a holiday here in the ukraine, is to introduce reintroduce conscription. 18 to 25-year-olds could receive their call up papers as early as monday of next week. reservist will also be called up. they will be reinstated as officers within the reserve. and the intention is that the military forces here, which currently number around 130,000, scowled receive -- could get to a
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man power status of around 1 million. now, it will take time. there's obviously going to be a time lag between these war recruits becoming front line ready, and also a question mark as to exactly tactically how they will be used. the international community, has praised ukraine's restraint thus far. for fear that any violent action using the military out there in the east might provide a pretext for russia to cross the border with it's own troops. that said, it is a powerful statement from the kiev administration, that it is not going to allow the east simply to slip away. >> what more do we know about the violence and controlling the violence in the east? >> well, it's been -- as i say, a public holiday, that has meant that people aren't at work, in the east it has given them ample opportunity, there have been peaceful protests. which has been previous hot bed of unrest, there was a large but peaceful protest
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today. but that said, there have been demonstrations which have effectively taking more billings in several cities up there in the east, and the biggest was in a place called dunat. the sheer numbers and the violence that they were prepared to use, overwhelmed those riot police, they were stripped of their riot shields and they protective equipment, they were marched rather embarrassingly through a gauntlet of protestor and is demonstrators are very clearly in control of several buildings now. >> very difficult situation, paul brennen joining us. paul, thank you. people around the world held protests and rallies today to mark international workers day, also known as may day, one of the largest events was in cuba, where thousands of people marched through the revolution plaza. in spain, thousands of
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people marched to protest hardships faced by workers in the stricken country. in malaysia, thousands gathered to protect a proposed tax they say could increase the cost of living. since the soviet union collapsed in 1991, the most violent took place in turkey. al jazeera's has more from istanbul. >> the state made it's presence felt on the ground, it was not going to allow any rally to take place here. they tried to hold the government ban, they gathered in several neighborhoods but police used tier gas and water cannons to push them back. >> we celebrated peacefully in 2010-2011 and 2012, and there were no incidents, but today we have this ban. it is our constitutional right to demonstrate.
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>> the authorities, however, allowed trade union representatives to lay a wreath, where in 1977 unknown gunman opened fire on a may day rally. more than 30 people were killed. as of late it has taken on a new meeting. antigovernment protestors occupied the place for weeks. there were eventually forced out, and the state reinstated it's authority over the square. >> the square has symbolic value both for the government and the demonstrators. but this is not just a fight about where to hold a may day rally. it's part of an on going political struggle, between those in power, and those who feel the ruling party is abusing power. >> the government denied clamping down on freedom of expression, and provided the unions with this alternate rally site. >> if there's a rally, that
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lasts all day, this will disrupt public odderner people's lives, that is why there's another site to hold an orderly rally. >> istanbul was shut down on may day, this was supposed to be a day to demand their rights instead may day has shown the divisions within turkey. al jazeera, istanbul. >> in today's power politics an intriguing fight has broken out between senate.coms and president obama's white house, at issue the keystone pipeline. >> thomas, the u.s. senate now appears to have the 60 votes needed to approve the pipeline, and that number includes several democrats facing tough re-election battles who believe their support of any potential job creation, will firm up the standing at home. senator majority leader we are told agreed so to help his determine colleagues huh now planning a vote as early as next week, but the white house doesn't want the senate to get involved right now. >> the president has long
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maintains that it is appropriate for a process like this, to be separated from polices and to be worked on and run out of the state department. >> state department said recently it will not make a decision until the end of the year, there are indications president obama opposes the pipeline, and some lawmakers believe the white house is trying to kick this down the road to avoided alienating business and labor groups before the mid text election. next tuesday republican primary in the north carolina senate race has now become a proxy is war for the 2016 gop fight. tea party karlinging rand paul a kentucky senator and likely 2016 candidate just announced he is heading to the tar heel state, to try and help conservative a underdog greg brannon. brannon, a member of the tea party faced a uphill battle in the primary. kellies has been endorsed and is getting a lot of hem
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from establishment republicans including former florida governor jeb bush. he is considering a 2016 race as well. in wisconsin a federal judge has struck down -- the law disproportionately deterred minorities and low income people from voting the judge said that reported instances of voter fraud are so infrequent, no racial person could be worried about it. speaking of racial, or i racial, election politics may depend on your point of view. where he literally fired up at the law. >> we had some fun, and knocks some holes in it, but we didn't quite get the job done, looks like we will have is toe resort so
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more extreme measures and replace wit a market base source. >> that ad, it ends with brook feeding the law into yes, that woodchipper. finally, in canada, embattled toronto mayor says he is taking a break from his re-election campaign, to seek help for alcohol abuse, the announcement came just a few hours after a low scal newspaper reported on a new video that allegedly showing him smoking crack co skein, again. two paper says the video was taken this past saturday in the basement of a home belonging to ford's sister, ford has been pictured smoking crack before, he has also gotten in trouble for public intoxication, and using derogatory language to describe reporters and members of the city council. he even got insulted by justin beiber, they apparently ran into each other in a bar, from's justin beiber insulting him. >> hopefully that will get him back on track, he is
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actually a likable character. >> a new victory today, nearly 13 people have signed up for coverage through the federal system, that includes 8 million looking for private coverage and another five for medicaid and children's programs. two white house says young adults aged 18 to 34, accounted for 28% of private plan enrollment. that number is important because the system's funding relied on younger participants to sign up. coming up on al jazeera america, big news for the nation's second largest auto maker, the man credited with saving the company from financial disaster, is leaving making way for new ceo. and amazon expanded same day delivery to new cities today, you have to wonder will local businesses take a big hit?
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they operate across the skunks and have about 30,000 members. this was the largest u.s. immigration and customs enforcement operation to target that gang. there will soon be a changing of the guard at the top of ford motor company. the mays' second largest company announced today that it has picked veteran executive mark fields to succeed current ceo. randall pinkston has more on the transition. >> age 53 was born in brooklyn new york, grew up in new jersey, and later went on to earn an nba from harvard. he was hired by ford in 1989, and soon became a rising star within the company. spending seven years as the head of ford's heightly successful americas division.
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>> ford narrowly avoidedded bankruptcy is, and then he bet it all on a $23 billion reinstruction loan. and redesigns moltedded to be more fuel efficient, hi-tech, and stylish. >> we pulled together, everybody loved ford, got rid of all the other brands we focused on ford, and a complete family, best in class, and now we are profitly growing. the turn around was so successful, that ford became the only auto maker not to need a bail out during the recession of 2008. in 2012 fields became chief operating officer and spoke with us about fords continued potential for growth. >> they are also concerned
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about the fragility of the environment, no matter where it is, but i think we have a strong plan to deal with the business environment. we are looking at it as a team, proactively getting ahead. >> but despite the optimism, mark fields takes over with some significant storm clouds on the horizon. hahs year ford recalled 1.2 billion vehicles. due to new technology roll outs and net income in the first quarter of this year, dropped 39% partly because of the need to set aside more money for expected recalls and warranty expenses. >> ford is also taking a huge gamble by introducing an all alumni f-1 50 pickup, it's bread and butter vehicle. >> we can't afford not to get it right. he has proven himself an abler manager, now it is his time to prove that he can be a leader. >> it is a tall order for the chief company man.
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to ride in the drivers seat. in the american icon. randall pinkston al jazeera. >> amazon expanded it's same day delivery business today. >> what does this all mean, let's turn to rostrale industry good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> so this same day service was actually introduced back in 2009, it has been in an ex-freely slow roll out. >> what i love about amazon is they are always thinking ahead. and they are always taking steps toward the future, so when may do a roll out,
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even though it's been at a snail's pace, they have an octoberive in mind. so this same day delivery they are obviously rolling out, we have it here in phoenix, and you know obviously they mind data. and that's -- what does amazon sell, it has amazing data mining, so they are using that in kind, to do something revolutionary. >> as consumers we want everything right away. local businesses that offer the instore, how badly will this hurt them. >> i don't think this is an affront on small business, and what small business can compete with amazon these days. you know, in addition to everything else that you have to deal with you will try to compete with them, so i don't think it is necessarily going to skill small business, but i think it may revolutionize the way we receive products. >> you think other products will follow their lead? >> i think they will try. one thing i think is interesting about this, if you look at the 2000
4:26 pm
boeheim maths fed ex, and they are masters at mining their data as well, if you have companies like fed ex and amazon plans to bring pass the traditional carriers, and expand it's ownershipping network, how significant is that move? >> well, i definitely think people like sups should be looking over their shoulder, and if amazon and just do the whole thing, may also have experience some work with drones, i will believe it when i see it, but they have been looking into that direction. so any company that has the time and the investment to research opportunities like that, for the consumeser something that a company like u.p.s. or fed ex should worry about. >> you don't think we will see another carrier here besides sups, fed ex, and amazon. >> i don't. i am not worries about it
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unless google wants to get into the fray. >> you never know. always good to see you. there could be another shake up in the t.v. industry, the wall street journal reported that at&t is making a bid for the satellite t.v. company direct tv. the deal would be worth at least $40 billion. if approved it would also create a media company rivalling comcast and time warner. so far, neither company has commented on the report. microsoft says lit off a fix for security flaw effecting internet explorer. the company is helping hundreds of millions still using windows x.p. despite -- it allows hackers to take control of the computer if the user clicked on a link on a malicious website. more than 200 nigerian girls were abducted from their school two weeks ago, and now the government admitting shortcomings in the search to bring them home. seattle's mayor bypass it is city council, and anouned his own plan to
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raise the minimum wage to more than $15 per hour. is
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also under pressure after admitting it is having trouble finding nearly 200 girl whose are still missing. they were taken from their school two weeks ago. we have the latest. >> these protestors are demanding the immediate release of nearly 200 school girls. they are angry to the government's response. the radical group is believed to be behind the abductions. nigerian government says it is hard to track down the
4:31 pm
group that abducted them. >> they also have their own ways of operating. and one challenge we have is that -- if you are dealing with somebody you know, one on one, you can come out and let us talk. but in materialing of reaching out, it is difficult to reach out to them completely because they don't come out openly to talk. this will be of little comfort to the families. but the government is still confident that it can deal with the situation. >> the war against terror is on course, and the government forces are winning this war. accept that people are --
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>> there is also public anger and sus physician that the government has not told the whole truth about the mas. abduction. amena was one of the few who managed to escape. she spoke of her ordeal. >> we thought they were soldiered and is they asked us to board a vehicle. and my friends and i jumped from the vehicle, and ran back home because we realized they didn't like innocent to us. >> the group which is against western education, has been responsible for dozens of attacks in nigh jia, and unless the government can provide safety, local activities are likely to become more brazen. al jazeera. ambassador good to have you with us. i want to get your thoughts on the kid p thatting. >> i think it is very serious step what are is doing it. boca ramon has not taken
4:33 pm
responsibility for it so far, but it's probably some group within them that has done this, and it is a much larger scale. attack on girls than we have seen before from them. i think it is a very upsetting step, and it shows a certain brazenness, as well as a terrific challenge to nigerian society. >> is you bring up a good point, because is group behind, or at least speculated behind this attack, usually does take responsible for these types of incidents, however they are not. do you not feel this group is connected? >> you know, because of where it's happened and their ability to hide out from the government, my guess is that it is a group either within boca or affiliated with it. but perhaps the reaction of the people to this event, and maybe it wasn't approved up the line, has given the leadership some
4:34 pm
pause. >> is we have seen some is people take to the streets demanding some earn, the nigerian president has come under fire, what issue does highlight. >> well, what it highlights is that the government has not been able to really get a handle on this in surgeonsy is from this group. in many ways it exposes problems with the government. not only the ability to get at this group although many attacks are -- but also perhaps the army is accused of many many human rights violations which perceived to be supporters others that in government are advocating a newharts and minds approach. but it doesn't seem to the
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policies that has gained the competence of the people who are effected. >> so ambassador, where do woe go from here in finding the missing girls if the government is not capable ofnd haling the search and rescue? >> well, i think it is going to take a combination of things. they are very close to the boarder, so they want to make sure they are on the look out. you want to reach out to people who live and know that area, get intelligence from them. that may be done better by row call officials and leaders than by the military, that isn't that popular. and then you have is to search, you have is to search out that area, that's heavily forrested, but you have to use all these things to get at this group and find out where they are. >> is there hope that these girls can be found alive? >> i hope so. you know, boca rama in the
4:36 pm
past has skilled students. so it's conceivable that they would kill these girls. but my guess is they have not. that they have kidnapped them for a purpose, to keep them within the group, or to send a strong message. foremanner u.s. ambassador to nigeria, appreciate you joining us today, let's take you around the world today. police arrest add politician on suspicion of murder thanks to a college research project. gary adams used to run the political wing, he now leads an opposition party in northern ireland, he is is expected to having tied to an abduction and murder, taped interviews given to boston college researchers led police to reopen the case then arrest him. adam supporters say the movement is a political tactic ahead of local elections later this month.
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60% of the eligible voters turned out for yesterday's election. left completely three years ago, more than 9,000 candidates are competing for 328 seats in the parliament. violence has spiked to the highest in nearly six years. in malaysia a report says it took air traffic controllers 17 minutes to realize that flight 370 was missing. it also shows it took four hours to launch a search and rescue operation. vietnamese air traffic controllers are the ones that let them know. the plane seating plan and the list of it's cargo. in pakistan, a dramatic transferor makes in the swat valley.
4:38 pm
and the taliban focused on ending girls education, destroying more than 400 schools. five years later students are back. this foos damage, captures the moment that the taliban bombed the school in the suwat valley. during the two years it ruled the region, it destroys more than 400 schools many of them for girls. the reason the group said was simple, the primary and secondary institutions were providing education that was too western and nonislamic. rach the taliban was pushed out in 2009, more than 350 schools have been reconstructed with the help of foreign governments and international aid agency ises. she is says she is happy to be back in the classroom.
4:39 pm
>> when the taliban was in control, they made us so afraid, i didn't go to school for two years. now they are gone, and we can get an education without fear. >> but the taliban isn't entirely gone, and it hasn't stopped targeting girls that want to learn. the armed group said it attacks her because she was anti-taliban and secular. there are other obstacles preventing all children in the valley from getting an education, although most of the bombed schools have been rebuilt, there still isn't enough room for all students. >> . >> they can't just cope with the demands. >> it's clear, many here are determined to learn, and all though the nets and
4:40 pm
violence is very real, the facts so many young people come to classes is a sign of just how much this changed in the valley since the end of taliban rule. >> there are new recommendations for the process. that and other news around america. >> yeah, thomas, the head of oklahoma's correction department release add report today, he says an external investigation into what happened during this week's botched execution would be more credible if it were done by a outstander. the three drug combo used was at the center of a legal battle, prosecutor it cooers want to know exactly what they were and what -- who makes them. two governor of oklahoma has ordered a review of the the execution procedures. in virginia crews are working to clean up the
4:41 pm
area of downtown link burg following a train derailment. the trip was carrying crude oil when three cared plunges into the james river. it caught on fire, and forced hundreds of people to evacuate from the area. no word on what caused the train to go off the track. in california, fire crews are continuing their work on 1,000-acre wild fire. it's burning east of los angeles, and it is is now 10% contained. the mandatory evacuation on some 1600 homes was canceled, but residents were told to be ready to leave at a moment's notice. nine schools in the area are closed. in new jersey, a class prank gone wrong, more than 60 high school seniors were arrested today after they allegedly broke into share school overnight. police got there at around 2:30 a.m. some kids got away, but many were hiding in the building, they had turned desks upside down, but jelly on doorknobs and urine in the hallways. and in long island, new
4:42 pm
york a teenager who got into every ivy league school had made his pick, he is going to yale, he picked the school after a campus visit. the son of immigrant nurses plans to go into medicine, he says he wants to be a cardiologies or neurology, and pretty impressive to tell the rest of the schools thank you, but no thank you. >> most students wait for that one acceptance letter he has eight to choose from. he should be very proud. >> and his parents. >> maria, thank you. >> on the day many ones celebrate the working class he announced a plan to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and if approved it would be the highest of any major city in the u.s. is. take us through the new proposal is. >> well, thomas here is the
4:43 pm
basis of it. we will get to $15 an hour, as a minimum wage if this is approved. but we won't get there very fast, so is that big business wills have to go to $15 an hour, as a minimum wage within three years, smaller businesses in the city about two-thirds of the workers governed by this will have is to go to $15 an hour with seven years, there are also provisions for health benefits and tips to be counted into some of the formulas especially for the smaller companies involved. it is not exactly 15 now, which has been the minimum wage boost rallying cry, but it was at least something that seattle mayor could call a win today. the wage workers will get a $15 raise. and we will deal with what the president has called one of the great issues of
4:44 pm
our time. >> not clear at this point mr. we will avoided having competing initiatives on a ballot in november. that can still happen. is the opposition going to be happy with this? >> well, there was broad support from labor leader whose were involved with this 24 person committee that the major put together. so broadly, labor is very much in favor of this. however, the loudest voice against it is is socialist city council member. who is sort of the loudest voice in the movement here. who says no. no compromise, we need to build the movement that's what this is about. she is clearly a little less interested in the nitty-gritty of get this can done for the city.
4:45 pm
than she is for building the movement, on a national level. is keeping up the pressure, forcing businesses to compromise, and building the movement. certainly more to come. >> coming up on al jazeera america, a tense confrontation between an israeli soldier and a palestinian teenager. and the reactions online are growing.
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55 colleges and universities are under investigation right now for how they handle sexual assault reports. the department rather of education released the full list today, in an effort to be more transparent. small private schools like
4:48 pm
pennsylvania, and catholic university of america, in washington, d.c. and ivy league universities harvard, princeton, and dartmouth. the pent gone says rotherred cases of sexual assault in the military increased by 50% last year. that's a spike of 1600 cases from 2012. somewhere made more troops willing to speak up against violence, rosalyn jordan has more. >> the pentagon has announced that more than 5,000 people file a sexual assault complaint with the military in 2013. that's a 50% increase from 2012, but the military says this isn't a sign of any sort of sex is wall assault crime wave, rather than members of the military feel that they can trust the system, to actually prosecute these allegations. now, out of the more than 5,000 complaints that were filed, just 838 people found themselves going
4:49 pm
before a court marshal to answer for the charges, and about 140 people found themselves administratively punished or discharged from the military. that might seem like a small number of cases but the military says that it has to follow military justice rules. some of the cases that were brought happened before the alleged victims came into the military, there just wasn't enough evidence to prosecute the alleged perpetrators. that said, the pentagon is unveiling a new effort to get even more people to come forward as well as to try to get everyone who is is in uniform to take responsibility for the problem with sexual assault. the defense secretary said that it's not enough to wear the uniform, but rather you have to uphold the values of the u.s. military as welt. the israeli army is investigating a confrontation caught on camera between one of it's
4:50 pm
soldiers and a palestinian teenager. the incident promised an on lye protest by israeli soldiers and their supporters. maria is is back with this story. >> the video was shot, it was posted on youtube by the activist group youth against settlements. and it shows an israeli soldier is aiming a gun at a teen. some of what is said is is hard to make it, we translated what was automobile and bleeped out the swears. take a listen.
4:51 pm
>> the really army says the soldier has been reassigned because of previous incidents with his commanders unrelated to this video, never the less, the soldiers are applauding david's response, in this video and they started a facebook page that has more than 3,000 pictures on it, people holding signs saying they support david. that's his unit. now, many of these images are of soldiers or of members of the israeli military, but not all of them are many of them are just civilians. you have these women at the hair salon, with a sign, and also even a group of students here. now many of the israeli soldiers they there is a cultural of constraint when dealing with palestinian
4:52 pm
residents that sometime taunt them, the chief of staff said the soldiers shouldn't go on social media to express their dissent. >> images are very telling, thank you. relations between soldiers at israeli check points in palestinians that go through them have always threaded a fine line. there is no short term solution to the problem. nick visiting the town to see how residents cope with the daily tension. >> he has to fix his hair just right. he has to deal with a pesky little sister. he has to remember all his books. science, english. >> and perhaps most importantly, he has to say goodbye to his mother, before he starts his walk. but that is where the similarities end. ahmed lives on the outskirts of the largest city, it is 99%
4:53 pm
palestinian, but israelis control security. so every morning he passes israeli soldiers who are allowed to question and even detain him. and then he walks into a second check point, and inside a metal detector manned by another israeli soldier. the israeli armed says these check points protect settler whose numbers are increasing. >> what do you think? >> they stop me -- they ass me. >> last month at the same check point he just went through -- ahmed fought an israeli settler, the tension between the palestinians and the israelis here is always high. >> soldiers make them feel like they are nothing. they see them like animals. >> for 20 years this city has been tense. for 20 years this city has been divided.
4:54 pm
>> they have divided from the palestine januaries not by restricting the settlers but by restricting the palestinians and creating this entire ghost town, where they all shops had to close. >> on this street israeli soldiers patrol and local palestinians are only allowed to walk up to a certain point. >> you have been arrested three times. >> yes, three times. >> the divides existed longer than he has been alive. >> do you ever talk to them? >> no. >> never. >> no. >> through the palestinian part of town, ahmed walks freely. when he grows up, he wants to be a professional soccer prayer, his back up plan is become a veterinarian. >> what are your hopes? >> to be free. >> and to go out to see the world, and to go also to jerusalem.
4:55 pm
now i can -- but after all the check points and tension, he arrived at his destination, this is his daily walk to school. al jazeera. >> at 1 point, more than 90% of the great lakes were frozen over, and even though we have moved in the spring, the lakes still haven't fully thawed.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
of the great lakes froze over. ships haul as much as 120,000 tons of goods. train has slowly resumed now that the winter is over, be uh the ice isn't going away soon. wright now we are looking at 66% coverage. what we had was the vortex coming down very very cold air, freezing the lake over. two problem now is things are warming up, we respect getting the cold air from canada, but when the sunlight hits the ice, it is reflecting back into the atmosphere, so the water underneath cannot warm up. temperature across the area, especially like superior, we are talking about 34 degrees on average, just down here towards the north, we are looking at temperatures towards freezing, it will
4:59 pm
take quite a while for these to come back up. about 47 degrees over here, we are talking about 38, what does that mean in terms of the climate? well, if you live along the coastal regions it is going to make you feel cooler than what you would get 20 miles inland. of course, that water keeping much of the air around the region, a little bit cooler. almost like the opposite of the lake effect that goes on across the area. the cool air is not having anything to do with the lake temperature, it is having to do with that major storm system that has pushed through. we are putting it here but those temperatures are going to come down. >> we can use every degree after the winter we have had. thank you. >> we can do it was rosy the slogan. during world war ii, the plant was set to be demolished but a group of
5:00 pm
volunteers won a reprieve. they had to raise $8 million by today, but even though they fell short, the owner agreed to sell part of the plant. the group plans to turn it into a museum. i'm thomas train, thank you for watching inside story, coming up next. the idea appears simpling enough. have them learn the same things at roughly the same time, so you can check, turns out it isn't simple, not at all. the battle over the common core is the inside story.