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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 6, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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♪ ♪ reports that the fighting group boko haram has kidnapped more school girls in no year i . hello, welcome to al jazerra live from doha. also coming up on the program, the crisis in ukraine, russia says it would be unusual to hold elections while the military is being deployed in the east. weapons, bombs and cash, saudi arabia says it's uncovered a terrorist network with links to yep spiyemen and syria.
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ada rice iaid arrives in afghant gunshots disperse the people. boko haram has kidnapped eight more girls from the north of the country. residents say the abductions hand sunday night. it's reported suspected boko haram members went from house to house in a village. police say the girls were all between the ages of 12 and 15 on. monday boko haram claimed responsibility for the kidnapping of more than 200 school girls three weeks ago. the armed group has threatens to sale the girls as slaves. aidan mcquaid is the director of anti-slavely international and joins me now live from london. aidan, good to have you on the program. this is obviously a very grim story with the boko haram leader threaten to go sale these girls in to slavely. clearly there is a market for this. just how big and how problematic is the issue you of trafficked girls in nigeria?
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>> it's an extensive problem. normally the trafficking of girls and young women occurs under the thin veil of respectability of what's called the fifth wife approach or alternatively under child marriage, but both of these are unequivocally forms of trafficking in children for the purposes of sexual exploitation and some forced labor. so there is a cultural acceptance of this. and this atrocity is, in fact, just a larger expression of a series of smaller atrocities which are going on daily. >> indeed, the united nations says this could well be a crime against humanity. it's thought that these girls may already be out of the country. i mean, if that happens, if that's the case, how difficult would it be to find them again? >> i think it's almost certain that they are already out of the country. they will have been brought in
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to other countries of the region which also practice fifth practice child marriage which adds a different dimension to this. i suppose it's not uncommon when you look at other kidnapping and hostage situations. but i wonder about the capacity of the nigerian army to be able to deal with this. the nigerian government to be able to deal with it given that the army has been weaked over the years because of its practice of getting involved in mill military coups so they need to strengthen the army democratically but also right now capacity needs to be add today it and intelligence and hostage release and investigation of this sort of crime so that the girls can be traced and hopefully freed before they are inflicted with more harm and violence. >> there has been a big international reaction to this story. i mean, nigeria has had offered of helps, from various countries. the united kingdom and the united states says it's provided
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$3 million to nigeria last year to help it with law enforcement. the question is how many traffickers are actually caught and brought to justice? >> the issue you of trafficking, the issue of slavery is something which is rarely dealt with in any significant and systematic way. what's remarkable about this is the scale of the problem. but in that regard, it's i suppose like the plaza if it had been smaller it would still be ignored. the fact is these things go on daily affecting hundreds and thousands of young girls and other children. what needs to be put in place as well san immediate response to this particular crisis is a long-term response which should relate to insuring universal access to education for girls and insuring comprehensive and effective education for girls rights. the sort of climate of ma song any and hate rez which gives rise to this sorts of atrocity which tolerates and helps bread the sort of young men who are prepared to do this must be
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stamped out and that's a long-term development project as time develops they take it up with seriousness. >> we can only hope that something like that is put in place. aidan, good to speak with you, thank you very much for that indeed. aidan from anti-slavery international there. >> thank you. ukraine's interim government says it's ready to support new geneva talks, but that russia must support elections. russia's foreign minister responded saying that it would be unusual to hold elections while the ukraine's army was being deployed. >> translator: we are confident that there is a way out of the ukrainian crisis. it can be found only on the basis of a national dialogue in which all vases from the west, east, and the south of ukraine may be heard. we have confirmed that we are ready to work to organize such a dialogue. well, speaking about the crisis in france, the president says if ukraine doesn't hold elections this month, the
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consequences will be disastrous. >> translator: the only objective we must have is that the presidential elections in ukraine be held on the 25th of may. if it is not held, it will be chaos and the risk of civil war. these are the stakes. ukraine's interim government says at least 30 pro-russia gunmen were killed in fighting on monday. four ukrainian soldiers were also killed, 20 others were wounded. these pictures are from there where pro-russia groups are reported to have moved many of their forces to the outskirts of the city. they have also reinforced barricades outside the regional government building they have been occupying for weeks now. pro-russia fighters are vowing to continue to fight the government. they are saying they are making preparations for their own referendum on sunday. they will be asking whether they want it to be become an autonomous region. paul brennan has been speaking with pro-russia groups from there from where he sent this
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report. >> reporter: the training is basic and even the civilian instructor struggles to re-assemble the rifle that he has just stripped down. the people gathered around hill are keen to learn. if the russians do come. and there is no indication they actually will. this could be their first stop. and according to the people gathered here. the staunchly pro-russian city would certainly not oppose them. >> it's not a problem. i am russian and i was born here. >> reporter: right. >> like them. >> reporter: you were born here but you see yourself as russian, not ukrainian? >> of course, i am russian. and most of people here are russians. >> reporter: to the casual observer, the atmosphere here might seem relaxed, but this is no picnic in the park. while some have is only sticks and table legs, others have brand-new military kit. although apparently not supplied by russia. so you went in to a shop and you just bought all of this?
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>> yes. >> reporter: across town at the city administration building, the pro-russian leaders here have been following events in odessa closely. what if the army tries to come here, i ask. >> translator: what happened there wasn't an anti-terror operation, it was a terror operation against ukrainian people think people who are unsure about the government in kiev. now understand the government is abusing its power. we must protect our city. >> reporter: the separatists here have well established defensive positions and seem supremely confident that they can cope with anything the ukrainian army throws at them. they say they don't need the russian army to come and help them at the moment. but step away from the areas where the separatists congregate and it's calm and peaceful. there are many here who cling to the hope that it can stay like that. >> translator: we are trying not to be scared. trying to stay calm. >> translator: i am a resident of this city.
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i was born here. it doesn't matter about being ukrainian or russian, jewish, no one is oppressed here. why this claim that russians are oppressed? >> reporter: back at the occupied building, new volunteers practice their weapons training. and could soon be doing it for real. paul brennan, al jazerra. police have fired gunshots in the air to disperse afghan villagers who survived the resent landslide the crowd began attacking workers in a desperate attempt to get food. as a result some agencies have pulled back from the area for security reasons. 250 people are confirmed dead after friday's landslide in the northeast. here is an update from the area. >> reporter: this is about as close as we can get to the aid distribution center where gunfire erupted. in fact, if you look just over my shoulder you can probably see a large group of men at that aid
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distribution center. they were caught in the gunfire. this violence which erupted from what we have been told over confusion over where the aid was going to be distributed. we have been told that the government had decided to move it to another location. that information was not provided to those who were desperately in need of what was on offer. and that erupted in violence. what we understand is that a anybody of police officers sustained injuries. and that's why the gunfire. this aerial gunfire by security forces was used. but it was quite a sustained period of gunfire which lasted over a few minutes time. and it really just under scores how volatile this area has become. this area which, of course, has suffered an enormous humanitarian disaster. these people living in these tents, of course, have lost everything. they have very little. and they are basically trapped in the middle between a desperate need for aid and this volatile situation, which has
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erupted. thailand's confusional court will rule on wednesday on whether the prime minister abused her powers. she denied the accusations while testifying on tuesday. a group of senators filed the case against her, if she's found guilty she will be forced to step down. she has also been charge million dollars a different case by tie thailand's anti-corruption body. but as this report shows this is the latest challenge to her rule. >> reporter: this hearing stems from an action the prime minister took in 2011 when she transferred her then head of national security to be become prime minister adviser. that is a position that's effectively inactive and powerless. she's accused of use that is transfer for subsequently ma fewer so that a so-called relative by marriage could be promoted to become police chief. the prime minister appeared in court to defend herself and she said that her actions were taken for the good of the country and that at the time when the president was promoted to police chief, he was no longer related
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by marriage because of the divorce in the family. now, her support, he of course just see this as another attempt to try to unseat her after six months of street protests have failed to do so. they also accuse the court of being biased having previously ruled in 2008 to remove two prime ministers who were then allies to her family. if she is found guilty in this case, however, she will have to step down. and that could create a legal vacuum. analysts say the law states that a leader will have to be selected from the lower hours of parliament within 30 days. the problem is the last election in february has been nullified. both sides have already said that they will be holding major street protests this week and next. so it means thailand's political crisis looks set to continue. the u.s. is allowing the syrian national coalition to open an official diplomatic mission in washington. the state department says that doesn't mean it's recognizing the main opposition alliance, as
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syria's government. the u.s. is also giving another $27 million of nonlethal aid to the coalition. the leader is expected to meet secretary of state john kerry on thursday. fighting between two syrian rebel groups link today al qaeda has left second nine people dead in the oil rich eastern problem ins ther there. >> they have been battling the is lambing i can state of iraq. al qaeda's leadership has disowned them for being too extreme. people in the area have been fleeing their homes. in the northern province 30 government workers have been killed that i bomb blast. rebel planted a large amount of explosives in a tunnel under a checkpoint. saudi arabia says it's broken up a large al qaeda-link qaeda-linked network. they say they were plotting assassinations and attacks on
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the government and foreign targets. police you were covered a bomb-making facility, weapons and currency worth more than a quarter of a million dollars u.s. dollars. the ministry of interior says the group is link today terrorist networks in yep spin d syria. they said the arrests followed intelligence gathered on social media. >> searching the operation has uncovered manufacturing advanced electronic circuits which is used in bombing, jamming, eaves dropping, and modulating mobile phones, also forged documents. still to come here what doctors are describing as a tragic waste of life. how thousands of asthma deaths worldwide could have been avoided. and the parasite destroys entire colonies of the world's honeybees. stay with us.
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>> our current system has gone very far awry... >> there's huge pressure on the police to arrest and find somebody guilty >> i think the system is going to fail a lot of other people. >> you convicted the wrong person >> i find that extraordinarily disappointing... >> to keep me from going to jail, i needed to cooperate. >> the evidence was inaccurate >> they still refuse the dna >> somebody can push you in a death chamber >> it's not a joke >> award winning producer and director joe berlinger exposes the truth. from the inside... >> a justice system rum by human beings, can run off the rails. >> some say there's justice for all, but they're not in the system.. >> it shouldn't be easy to just lock somebody up and throw away the key >> ...nightmarish [ ] of reality, sometimes you can't win... >> an original investigative series.
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>> on the next talk to al jazeera lawyer david boies gives surprising insight into his most historic case bush vs. gore and tells of his relentless fight for civil rights >> this is the defining issue today... >> talk to al jazeera only on al jazeera america ♪ ♪ welcome back. reminder of the stop stories on al jazerra. nigeria's rebel group boko haram has kidnapped eight more girls from the country. members of the group went from house to house in the village. ukraine's government says it's ready to support new geneva talks but that russia must support upcoming elections. russia's foreign minister responded saying it would be unusual to hold elections in the
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ukraine while the army was being deployed. saudi arabia says it uncovered a terrorist group with links to syria. they arrested more than 60 suspects and uncovered a bomb-making facility. u.n. secretary general ban ki-moon is in south sudan for talks with official to his try to end months of fighting. government troops and rebels have been fighting each other in the northern oil town there. despite u.s. threats of sanctions. the civil war has displaced about a million people with both sides implicated in atrocities and war crimes. french peacekeepers in central african republics say that they were engaged in a three-gun battle with heavily armed gunmen early tuesday, 40 people opened identifies on the pears keepers. thousands of french and african troops are struggle to go end the violence and stabilize the country. the trench were president has branded a 13 1/2 billion dollars bid for one of the country's biggest engineering firms as unacceptable.
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they are facing take over attempts from two foreign companies. katherine has more. >> reporter: as you approach the city, it's the first thing you see. the very first tgb train. the jewel, made here and sold around the world. engineering giant is a leader in transportation and energy manufacturing. its factory here a mainstay of the community and source of national pride. but the last decade has been a difficult one. als t.o. n was rescued from bankruptcy and is the economic crisis meant a sharp drop in orders and they are weighed down by heavy debt. two major companies are defying for their energy division which makes turbines, german seem mans and u.s. giant generally elect tick. he says he would rather see government investment.
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because a take over means uncertainty for employees. >> translator: the workers are skeptical asking questions about the future they know a take over affects gorges the real i weres that they have are about the future and it doesn't look very good. >> reporter: alston is in a very difficult position, many people would like to see it stay in french hands but the company just isn't viable on its own, a take over is inevitable and g.e. looks well place today do it. they have two builds on the site. but the workers here are still concerned about their jobs. the french president promise today boost the economy and create jobs when he came to power tuesday two years ago, speaking to media two years ago, he said g.e.'s $13 billion bid is not acceptable. but the mayor believes that g.e.'s relationship approximate alston puts them this a good position. >> it's too late to consider
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that we can keep it entirely friend. now we have to consider the future. and the future of aleston is with general electric. i prefer top a firm company than to have a french women with unemployment. >> reporter: whoever takes open the hope is tell get it back on track. as one of france's most successful companies, katherine, al jazerra, in eastern france. a driver involved in the search for dozens of missing people from a ferry disaster in south korea has died. the 53-year-old was making his first dive when he felon conscience. other divers pulled him to the surface after losing communications with him. divers are battling strong currents currentcurrents as ther 40 people that are still missing. more than 260 people are confirmed to have died.
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now, china may be north key korea's biggest ally but they have little faith in their government. the chinese army has drawn up plans to deal with the possible collapse of north korea's government. plans to di train leaders should civil unrest leak out. the documents were leaked to japanese media. millions of south africans will cast their votes in wednesday's general elections. the country has one of the youngest populations in the world and many will be vote for this first time. we will meet some of them. >> reporter: jared says some of his white friends can't find work. the government's policies that favor black job applicants are meant to create work imbalances created by discrimination during the apartheid years. jared understands why the policy is necessary but feels it's time to see beyond color. >> if i could speak to the president, from a young white
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man's perspective. i would say, mr. president, you cannot use nationalistic under tones. you can't use race as an excuse anymore. it's time to move forward. and if you are reelected in 2014, in i don't know if i would be too happy with, but if you are reelected, it's time for jobs. >> reporter: jared is what's called a born free. part of the generation born after the end of apartheid. but it's economic class that divides young people in today's south africa more than race: some young people don't like the term born frees. they say it applies those born post apartheid are one co reese i have group when in fact they have different living in what's still a divided south africa. calvin is also worried about employment. as he tries to navigate his way out of poverty. >> i am 28 years old but still sleeping in the same room with my parents. they don't have their privacy. if i was to take a pass, someone
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has to go out. when i wake up, i have to go out so that my little sister can take a bath. >> reporter: researchers say only one-third of those between the age of 18 and 19 have registered to vote. >> we are generally seeing a youth that is still quite disillusioned by the current political landscape in south africa. they don't feel their vote will make a difference and for some they have opted out of going out and voting this year in the 2014 elections. >> reporter: but jared is determined to vote. and he wants to see more jobs created for all south africans. calvin and his friends want the same. but they also need the basics such as a decent place to live. aal jazerra, johannesburg. dozens of protest nurse baja ran have attacked a police force with a petrol bomb. the violence broke out tuesday in the mainly shiia village. no one was hurt but several businesses in a nearby shopping center were damaged. we have obtained the first
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images of al jazerra's jailed reporter a abdullah since his arrest in egypt last autopsying. the pictures were taken on saturday. while he was being transported to court where his detention was extended for 45 days. he's been on a hunger strike for 106 days and has drunk only water since march the 16th. taken before his arrest, this picture shows him in normal health. the al jazerra arabic journalist has lost more than a third of his weight. his colleagues have been marking his 26th birthday with a solidary vigil. he continues to be held without charge and denied access to a lawyer or medical treatment. and three al jazerra english journalists also continue to be detained in egypt being held for 129 days. they are accused of conspiring with the outlawed muslim brotherhood the movement has been declared a terrorist group. al jazerra denies all charges and are demanding their
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immediate release. the number of people died from complications link today has ma has gone up significantly in the past identity years, according to a british medical study that paints a grim picture of how the very manageable condition is being treated. simon mcgregor wood reports. >> reporter: the report author calls the u.k. asthma deaths a tragic waste of life. point to go system as i can failures across the health system. the numbers tell their own story. the u.k. has the third highest death rate in the developed word. 1250 people died from asthma attacks. the report studies 195 of them. and found in i can't it's 3% there were failures of treatment. most shockingly, it found that nine out of 10 child deaths could have been avoided. the report says asthma ants taken seriously enough. and come play sense sense i in the medical community. rachel was diagnosed when he was 27 but took doctors a long time
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to get her condition under control. >> they need to have a better understanding of the condition how you tell other that they have it and how to use the inhaler. >> reporter: the report says many patients are taking the wrong kind of medicine. this is a so-called reliever inning taylor designed to deal with the systems of an asthma attack once it's started but far too many patients in this country are taking this kind too often. when what they should be taking is one of these, a preventer inhaler, it's a much more so vitt indicated device it contains steroids and it's design signs to prevent an attack from happening in the first place. doctors are blamed for not knowing. patients don't know their life is in danger. >> there has been a huge under estimation. there has been a misconception.
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this report is evidence that it's not only asthma and it's far from sorted. >> reporter: nine report recommends more training and more awareness. to stop the rising death toll from what should be a manageable illness. simon mcgregor wood, al jazerra, london. researches in the u.s. are reporting the spread of a parasitic fly that's become a mortal threat to honeybees. the so-called zombie fly is killing off honeybees and could be causing whole bee colonies to collapse. our science reporter explains. >> these honeybees have flown out in the middle of the night, a time when it's really a death sentence for em this. >> reporter: researchers witness a strange and unnatural events. honeybees leaving their hive to die in the middle of the night. having collected the dead bees back in the lab the cause becomes clear. they are infected by the tiny zombie fly. which lays its eggs inside the bee then hatches out killing the bee in the process.
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and beekeepers are reported the phenomenon in more and more populations across the united states. >> i had people call me and say you have to move these bees something is going on with them. and yards would be littered with hundreds of bee car conduct uses and it was from the zombie fly. >> reporter: it now appears to be threaten the honeybee. struggling with other parasites and diseases as well as the increased use of pesticides. that's why researchers have set up this website encouraging volunteers, so-called citizen scientist to his report sightings and send in specimens. >> they have been finding it from santa barbara to seattle. most recently on the east coast in the vermont area. >> reporter: honeybees pollinate billions of dollars worth of crops each year and are considered fundamental to global
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food supplies. their survival is likely to depend on a better understanding of new and emerging threats. al jazerra. and you can keep up-to-date with all of the day's developments on our website, ♪ ♪ i am lisa fletcher and you are this. are hospitals the latest target for hackers? the a new study find that manipulating medical equipment from the outside is shockingly easy. plus the booking hacker market. how major corporations and professional hackers are becoming unlikely bed fellows. we dive in to the new age of hacking right now. ♪ ♪