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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 14, 2014 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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addiction? only on al jazeera america >> welcome the al jazeera america. i'm del walters. the turkish prime minister is visiting the scene of the deadly mine distaser. >> aging american infrastructure and push on to improve the roads and bridges across the country. and war and conflict displacing millions of people around the world.
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>> it could be the worst mining disaster in turkey history. 120 the miners are still missing and all this beginning yesterday when there was an explosion and fire at the mine. the friends and family are gather in the town of soma. andrew is there with the latest. >> it is the aftermath. under ground fire, an explosion and poison fumes and now loss. and on such a fast scale. rescuers did their level best but so many miners died together in large numbers. most with no means of escape.
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>> it is one of the biggest work accidents in our history. the fire started in a mine of a private company. 77 million people are feeling the pain. we are sorry to lose to miners. i give my condolences to their families and to the nation. >> their relatives had to wait hour after hour in often forlorned hope. the death just kept increasing. >> we are still waiting here. i have two relatives in the mine. we have been waiting since this afternoon and we are still here. no one is giving us any information. >> it was as if people couldn't bring themselves to believe the scale of what happened. and the timing couldn't have been worse, a shift change maximized the numbers, a power
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failure followed to explosion and the lift to the surface didn't work and no escape. it isn't that hard to visualize the explosion under the surface and the fire spreading quickly and the poison fumes. hundreds below. they pumped the oxygen into the pits. the number confirmed dead looked certain to over take the 263 disaster from 1992. there are claims that safety standards here were not adequate. but rejected by the mine's owners and the government git the pate all clear in march. whatever lies behind the disaster beneath the earth, this
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country will take a long time to absorb the shock and some will never recover. al jazeera soma, turkey. >> here in the u.s., hot, dry and windy conditions are feeding a hoist of fires in california and threatening lives and property. jennifer is live in san diego and what is the situation on the ground and have the residents been told to evacuate? is>> the fire is contained and 1500 acres have burned. this quickly spread to 800 acres. at one point prompting the officials to close three of the schools and evacuating 5500
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residents. the real concern today for the firefighters a combination of hot, dry winds, low humidity and high temperatures, temperatures soaring up to the hundreds and wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour and the area of the fire that they are concentrating on is north western portion of the fire, and that is really where they are focussing the efforts this morning, del. >> the authorities are saying they are seeing twice as much fire activity as normal and blaming the draught? >> if you say, del, we are getting the strong wind gust right now, this wild fire is the exla mags point to the fire. we usually see them at the end of the summer or early fall.
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we had rare winter fires and now seeing fires early into the summer, and yes, they are blaming the draught. we have had years upon years of below average rainfall and not seeing the rain over the winter and this dry brush and this land in southern california is a tender box and just by sheer coindense the governor was introducing the proposed budget for the year and calling for $54 million to go to the fires and prepare for a long and severe fire season. >> thank you very much. we are seeing the wind and brush there. >> well, the president is talking about the aging infrastructure today and visiting the tappan zee bridge, that bridge is just north of new york city in tarrytown and calling for the congress to support the transportation plan and saying it is going to help
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the economy. we have a report on the failing bridges and roads and highways. >> it carries 120,000 vehicles and thousands of pedestrians between brooklyn and manhattan every day. but never designed for heavy traffic. cig captain wear and tear seen it classified in the worse condition of a bridge in the united states. the new york department of transport has confidence in the program. >> we look at every nook and bolt and people going up to the top of the bridge and under water and making sure that the piers are in good shape. in 2007, 13 people died and 45 years injured when a bridge collapsed in minnesota. according to the government's report on more than 607,000
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bridges in the u.s., 8,000 are classified defiesht and fracture critical and that means they are in poor condition and could collapse. >> barry is a construction lawyer and believes that when individuals decide on how to spend the money, public safety is rarely the priority. >> politicians do not think of fixing the side of the bridge or fixing a road in trouble as a political photo op or getting the mileage on with the campaign contributors. >> the design life is 50 and the prognosis is not good. we have a huge slug of bridges looking okay now and in the text 10, 20, 30 years all needing repairs, and if we don't get
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going now we have a tidal wave coming in the future. >> no shortage of solutions to stop the deterioration of the bridges in the country, people continue to risk their lives every time they cross a bridge without even know toing it. >> caroline kennedy is getting a luke inside of the japan power plant. the japanese plant beyond repair following to 2011 earthquake. >> ukraine's parliament is honoring to six soldiers that were killed on tuesday. officials say that the attackers included 30 separatists. they have declared self-rule on monday and crimea declared
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independence back in march. now the russians are travelling to the region for a vacation spot. >> drumming up business is easy. not long ago most of the tourists taking a boat trip here from the ukraine. now this region is annexed by moscow and they have stopped coming. but it is not a problem. >> the whole of russia is coming here to see the beautiful land, after all, it is part of russia, they are coming because ukraine is not letting the people through. >> all the unrest in ukraine is making crimea a no go area and now to the attention of new holiday makers. >> we got a wealth of information and decided to visit and now thinking why go to turkey or thailand when it is so
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beautiful here. >> it is famous for the black see fleet and extremely popular tourist destinations for russians under the soviet union and people are hoping for a new boom. if any doubt on who they are trying to attract here the flag is belonging to the russian federation. businesses are investing for the future and building new hotels and apartments and moscow is subsidizing two hundred thousand flights here this year. >> we are offering packages that are cheaper than turkey and russia, and the russia government is helping a lot and sur si diocesing the travel and $200 return flight. >> moscow is investing 4 and a
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half billion dollars annually in crimea, music to the ears of the tourist industry. it is bringing the peninsula a new sense. >> ordering oscar pitoris a psych evaluation. that is expected to take a month. >> the hoes technologicals shown in a video are ideaed, they are the students that were kidnapped from the school last month. the governor is speaking to the protestor on tuesday and saying that all of the girls in the video were from the girls secondary school. boko haram is saying they are going to release the girls in exchange for the rebel prisoners and the government is ready to
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negotiate with the group. >> they are classified as internally displaced, millions are forced to flee their homes and living elsewhere. the highest numbers in syria, and the conflicts there only making the problems worse. >> the numbers are staggering. what they amount to are millions of lives torn apart. they tell a story of desperation and heart break as millions of people are depending on handouts. >> it is x-ray of global conscious and we are failing, 8.2 million people had to flee their homes last year, and we have never had as many on record that have been forced to flee their homes as now. >> the report by the internal displacement monitoring center found that 33.3 million people internally displaced worldwide at the end of last year, syria,
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with at least 6.5 million, columbia 5 million and nigeria 3.3 million. here too they have nowhere to go, central african republic facing new displacements at the highest levels. these are homes where the lives once thrived and now everyone is gone. the report states that a family is forced to leave their home in syria every 60 seconds, 9500 people a day. >> it is hard to help the internal displaced. they are on the bottom of the pit of humanities efforts to help each other. internally displaced are hard to reach. it is often dangerous and under
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funded. we need to do two things now, we have to do much more prevent conflict, at the same time, we have to do more to help people home. the numbers are accumulating and 33.3 million and rising. >> imagine what it is like to have everything taken away from you. imagine what it is like if you are told you can't go home today, not tomorrow, maybe never. >> and coming up on al jazeera america, they went to mexico hoping to adopt a child, instead scammed out of thousands of dollars. our series making babies continues after the break.
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>> the pentagon may be getting ready to make a move regarding chel sa manning and convicted of leaking the classified documents
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to wiki leaks. she's asked for hormone therapy and wants to live out her life as a woman. >> idaho is expected to issue same sex marriage licenses this week. and the ban on the gay marriage is unconstitutional and four gay couples challenged the law. the governor of idaho saying that the state is going to appeal. unless a stay is granted they are going to issue the marriage certificates on friday morning. >> when a company in mexico offered a faster and cheaper way to have babies, couples were signing up. we have a special series in making babies, well that was all
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a scam. >> it is a disaster. >> yes, the whole process unravelled completely. >> yeah. crash and burn. >> they have wanted children ever since they started to date back in college, a few months ago the new mexico couple thought they had a solution in cancun. mexico is the newest destination for americans seeking international sur agassi. and going south of the border. >> the prices were a lot more affordable doing that in mexico. >> so no red flags initially? >> well, hindsight is 20/20. so yes, there were red flags. >> starting a family in paradise was a nightmare. >> the clinic pulled out and we had to switch clinics and we
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ended up with a u.s. egg donor and they were homo foebic. >> after spending tens of thousands of dollars the company failed to deliver. >> we lost over a $20,000. >> jonathan is a d. c. trial lawyer and would be father, also burned in cancun. he spent $30 with the hospital. >> i have never seen the level of victimization and taking someone whose hopes and dreams of childhood so imperative and private and outright steal their money and provide nothing in return. i have never seen that level of fraud. >> he launched an investigation and stunned another 40 couples, just like him, people left with
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a pile of bills and no babies. >> they came from australia, canada, england and the united states. >> he faukt back. >> it was my goal to put an end to this. >> the efforts may have paid off the u.s. attorney's office is launching an investigation. they have contacted the ceo of the hospital and he says i am devastated and remorseful over the fact that so many people lost money due to the business failures but i did not purposefully or willingness to do this. >> on thursday, part three of making babies, america tonight is looking at the science of starting a family. see that at 9:00 p.m. on al jazeera america. >> a look into the life of an icon, the letters written by
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jackie kennedy. >> the 9/11 museum is set to open in new york city. we have a preview before opening to the public.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york. police in the turkish capital is disbursing the protestor with tear gas. 238 people confirmed deed in the coal mining accident. hundreds are still trapped. >> president obama is talking about the aging infrastructure as he visits the tappan zee bridge and calling on congress to support the billion dollar transportation plan. >> the hot and winds are feeteding a hoist of fires in california and threatening lives and property there. that fire is 25% contained and
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burned over a hundred acres and taking a look at the map there, things are not getting better any time soon. >> no, too hot in one area and too much rain in the other. to the west, this is the upper air pattern and a ridge of high pressure, the storms are going up into canada and down into the rockies and the heat is continuing to build and the temperatures climbing to a hundred degrees or higher across the area here and combining with that, the winds and that is gusting over 40, 50 miles per hour, very low relative humidities and hot temperatures, not the best ingredients there. the temperatures in the 60s in san francisco and los angeles and approaching a hundred degrees later in the day. hot, dry weather is continuing, very little rain there. look at the forecast, 99-100. cooler on friday and still above
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90 degrees. the fire danger is continuing there. cooler for saturday and sunday. from that ridge going to the trough of the low pressure over ohio, colder air is coming down on the western side of the low, warmer air ahead of that and strong storms are developing. freeze watches and frost advisories in effect, and now the temperatures in the mid to low 40s. some rain continuing to push out of oklahoma and across the southeast and here is the focus of this heavy rain and flash flooding across the gulf coast and approaching from the west, and we continue to see the threat of flooding along the gulf coast here and flash flood warnings, 2-3 inches of rain coming down and leading to flood. later in the day, severe storms
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could be developing across the mid atlantic coast. right now it is quiet. strong to severe storms could be developing later. the temperatures are climbing up to 90 degrees. by the end of the weekend, cooler air is returning. >> can't please all of the people any of the time with the weather. thank you. >> personal letters from a famous woman is going on the auction blocks, jackie kennedy confiding in a priest long before marrying jfk. it is offering a glimpse into the life of jackie kennedy. >> jackie kennedy was a private person and rarely revealing her feelings but there was someone she confided in, a man of the cloth from irish. she expressed her struggles with
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faith and wanted to get close to god again and meeting the young congressman, john f. kennedy, he's like my father in a way, loves the chase and bored with the conquest and needs proof he's still attractive and flirts with other women and recents you. the letters show life at the white house and in the spot light was hard for her. maybe i'm just dazzled and pictured myself in a glittery world of crowned heads and destiny and not a saturday housewife. that world is glamorous from the outside but if you are in it and lonely it can be a hell. this mother's day, her daughter paid tribute to her. my mother was a woman of tremendous courage and commitment and she worked hard to do her very best every day of
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her life. and she worked hard to protect her children. in 1964, i am so bitter against god. but i have to think there is a god or i would have no hope of finding jack again. god will have some explaining to do. >> also, the national september 11th memorial museum in new york is dedicated tomorrow and taking place next to where the twin towers once stood. the survivors staircase. the famous steel beam is on display. the museum and the memorial costing $700 million. the dedication is taking tomorrow and opening may 21 to the open. we want to thank you for watching al jazeera america. i'm del walters in new york. "inside story" is next.
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check us out 24 hours a day at al where the news never stops. the battle for homs is over. one of the most important cities in syria is wrecked, empty and in the hands of the asaad government. with the syrian opposition visiting the white house, the civil war is "inside story".