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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 15, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> showing he cares. turkey's president visits the town where 282 minors were killed. and anger protesters say the thr brothers should not have had to die for profit. >> hello, japan alarms china with proposals to allow japanese troops to fight overseas.
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and two months of rain. >> nothing can ever break us. >> u.s. president opens a museum about the 2011 attacks, and victim's families are not happy. >> there have been dozens of funerals in turkey for the miners who were killed on tuesday. many were visiting the site where 282 people lost their lives. andrew simmons has this report. >> reporter: the grief is intensifying. so many young lives lost doing a job for little pay. she had asked her husband to find work elsewhere.
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he was just a few months away from becoming an sergeant in the army. they were married seven months ago. they had big plans. >> this is a town consumed by grief, and now the underlying anger is beginning to show more and more. >> reporter: some of the anger is subdued. a feeling of social injustice that such high risk should be taken to earn a living. >> we're very worried. they don't have a safe secure job. we send them to work every day, but we don't know if they'll make it back. >> he grew up with me. my inside is on fire. we explain about safety standards, but they don't care. >> reporter: elsewhere in the town the anger is spontaneous but not physical. these are mostly miners, some now retired, many still working. they say safety standards have suffered since mine privatization in 2005.
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>> before the privatization it was very good. but now they don't value people's lives. they just want to get the call out and money in. >> there was another official visit to the disaster scene. this time the president called for a review of regulations after such a disaster. >> one individual loss is a huge pain by their family. this is a huge pain for all of us. we need to unite and face this pain together in unity. >> reporter: the long list of families and families are named over the town. this town is dependent on coal mining. but people here are suiting with emotion over the safety question. whether this will have a
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political impact on the government is at this stage unclear. andrew simmons, al jazeera, western turkey. >> the turkish government is now facing an angry backlash. they used water canons and carrr gas. four of the country's biggest unions called a strike they say workers lives are being jeopardized to cut costs. and offensive anger and frustration is not being helped by these sorts of pictures that show a prime minister kicking a demonstrator as he visited the mine on wednesday. we have more from istanbul. >> reporter: the timing of this accident in soma could not have come at a worst moment for the government. last year opposition parties in
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the turkish parliament seeking an investigation into the number of accidents and fatalities in the soma region. that motion was overturned two weeks ago by the government using it's parliamentary majority. but it's not just what is going on in soma itself. turkey has the highest rate of death per ton of coal extracted than any other country i in the world. five times higher than china, which is considered to have a bad safety. they see a connection here with the parts here. the fact that you have a deregulated industry, privatized companies controlling the vast amount of coal wealth, some being too close with the government an.
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plus the fact of course that turkey is coal. dependent. it doesn't have oil. it wants to be more energy self-efficient. it will use more coal in the future, not less. they say they're finding companies that are in breach of the regulations, but the public is saying that they're not seeing the results of that. >> the latest hearing of three al jazeera journalists have been adjourned. they are falsely accused of conspiring with the outlawed muslim brotherhood, and have been in prison for 138 days. >> reporter: the three journalists were back in a cage in a cairo court on thursday. prosecution lawyers told the defense team they must pay a tv $170,000 to facility viewing.
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it is described as an affront to justice. they are accused of being involved in terrorism and faking reports. these are charges al jazeera rejects as nonsense. >> i feel that we're hopefully reaching a conclusion soon, and hopefully it will be fairible. i still have some belief in the judge and the egyptian judicial system, and i believe that will be the essential factor in the end. >> reporter: three lawyers who no longer represent the al jazeera journalists earlier told the court that the network is using the trial for promotional purposes. they also say that the defendants' case is being al jazeera's decision to bring a legal case against egypt for damages to its business. the network is rejecting that statement and states:
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>> the court is now sat eight times since the trial started in february. after each adjournment each men were returned to an 8 x 3-meter cell that they've shared for often of their custody. their next hearing is scheduled for may 22nd. >> we're getting reports from the detain arabic correspondent abdul al shamy. he has been on hunger strike for 115 days. this video was recorded lat week and leaked from his prison in cairo. his family said he's now being held in solitary confinement.
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>> i think what is happening they're trying to force feed him. they are using his solitary confinement as a way to end his hunger strike through forceful methods. >> thank you very much. that's the latest from abdullah elshamy. in syria 29 people have been killed in a car bombing near the border of turkey. in the northern syrian province of aleppo. meanwhile the friends of syrian group has been meeting in london
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but they admitted there is no end in sight for the syrian conflict. they've decided to increase their support. john kerry took the opportunity to once again condemn the presidential elections due to take place in less than three weeks. >> how do you have a legitimate election when half the people in your country are displaced and unable to vote. how do you have a legitimate election when half the people are in refugee camps and unable to vote. how do you have an action when almost a million people are scattered in the region seeking safety were assad. >> more to come on the program. protests against deaths in factories in vietnam. and brazil and world cup
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>>america tonight investigates a controverseal addition treatment. it could be a life saver... >>the reset button has been hit what is this teach us about the brain? >> can ibogaine cure heroin addiction? only on al jazeera america >> hello again. turkish president has been visiting the site where 282 miners have lost their lives. protesters calling on the government to reevaluate the mining safety standards. >> the family has reported that
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he has not ended his hunger strike. he is still refusing food since being held without charge since last august. car bomb explosion near the border near turkey. this happened near the border crossing to the north of aleppo. china has expressed concerns after riots and protests of factors in vietnam led to the deaths of 15 of its citizens. many chinese are now trying to escape across the board into cambodia. one crossing alone on wednesday. beijing deployed an oil rig in disputed territory of the south china sea. >> protests in ho chi minh city.
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violence has peaked leaving 20 people dead. some were vietnamese, but the majority are believed to be chinese. it's a rare outbreak of disorder in a tightly controlled country. >> in recent days we've seen looting and arson, and it's directly related to vietnamese indulgence of anti-chinese forces within its territory. he urge the chinese government to conduct investigation. >> chinese are escaping the violence through border posts. many mistakenly attacked japan's government expresses concern of its businesses in the country. and south koreans have also been caught up in the violence.
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the anger has been fueled by beijing's decision in disputed area of the south china sea. in the past week there have been reports of chinese, vietnamese ship in the area ramming each other and using water canons. >> we have determined to fulfill our duty which is to protect the sovereignty of vietnam's economic zones and prevent the violation of an outside force especially chinese forces. >> the placement of the oil rig is just one of many recent attempts by china to push its claim on the south china sea and looking for richer fisher grounds and oil and gas reserves. but vietnam claim parts of the area, too. police said 400 people have been arrested since the protest began. china's foreign ministry said it's shocked by the arching
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against its nationals and urge vietnamese government to protect them. >> manila released these military surveillance photographs showing chinese land reclamation on one of the south china seas. south korea has charged four crew members of the capsized ferry with manslaughter. the accident last month killed more than 300 people, most of whom were high school students. 11 other crew members have been charged with negligence. they have been under criminal investigation accused of escaping the sinking vessel leaving passengers to drown. 11 bodies have been pulled from the ferry that sank in a river south of the bangladeshy
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capital. they were traveling from dekka. at least four managed to swim to safety. two palestinians have been killed and four horror injured during clashes. it comes up as thousands rallied in several cities in the west bank and gaza to mark the 66th anniversary of what they consider the catastrophe of israel's creation. russia has threatened to stop the supply of gas to europe if ukraine does not pay its bills. he said today multiple member states including slovakia said
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if ukraine does not pay for its gas it will not be sending gas to the european region. ukraine owes $3.5 billion. serbia said the country is experiencing the worst flooding it's ever seen. officials in the capitol of belgrade say two months worth of rain has fallen i in the last 40 hours. in the east the strength of floodwaters was enough to dislodge one bridge from its foundations. >> this river made such problems and a lot of complications throughout western serbia. which is totally cut off from
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the recognize of th wreck of als that were floo flooding and cold because of the strength of the water. people there don't have electricity, they don't have fresh water, so the government has to send military and special police unit to help them evacuate. the military use their helicopters to help, but serbia does not have so much strength to deal with this kind of a situation, so it's asked help from european union, neighboring countries, from russia to help send special delegation or any kind of help to serbia. in the last 48 hours rai it has
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rained like never before. hundreds of liters per square meter in belgrade fell in just 24 hours. i will now show you how the river rose for five meters. this is one original load to the city. water rose three meters and officials will probably close this bridge because it is in danger of people who are crossing it. and this will be cut off at belgrade.
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>> and in the u.s. california governor jerry brown has decade state of emergency as wildfires continue to burn. nine fires have charred 4,000 hecktars in california. >> there is going to be a lot of noise in brazil, but these people are making noise themselves right now. these are working families that have up ad the land about five kilometers away from the world cup stadium. they're marching here to bring attention to affordable housing,
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healthcare, they say now is the time to bring attempts to them now last week when they were here inaugurating the new stadium met with a couple of leaders of this movement the government is watching this very closely. they know this has a chance to explode into a bigger to test as we saw last june, and it swept all over brazil. they're blocking the actual world cup stadium. they say it's a symbol of all of their grievances. >> formerly unveiled the 9/11 museum in new york.
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it opened it's doors on wednesday. it cost millions of dollars to build. >> obama: here at this memorial, in this mousse see yum we come together. we stand in the footprints of two mighty towers graced by the russia of eternal waters. we look into the faces of nearly 3,000 innocent soul, men and women, children, from every race, every creed, every corner of the world. we can touch their names, hear their voices and glimpse the small items that speak to the beauty of their lives. >> but the museum is attracting some criticism. here is john terrett with more on that. >> reporter: seven stories below ground zero and it's as if it just happened.
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the impact of the smoldering showers. there was never a doubt that a museum would be built, but that it would be easy was misguide: many 9/11 families are average that thousands of unidentified body parts are stored in an area that flooded during super storm sandy. >> would we ever have picked a basement that could be flooded? >> reporter: a former firefighter who lost many friends, helped. >> they say housing the remains fulfills a promise played to a
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coalition of family members back in 2003. another concern is the six minute video called the rise of al-qaeda. advisory committee found it an inspiration. >> didn't deal with the cuttel and sophisticated way with a difference between al-qaeda and islam as a religion tradition. >> the experience is well documented throughout the museum beyond the al-qaeda exhibit. >> we over and over again make it clear that this is not mainstream islam we're talking about. this is a radicalized group of people with a murderous agenda who are treated as criminals in this museum. >> $24 per ticket. six-figure salaries for museum
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directors. all criticisms, but for now at least the u.s. has a new focus for mourning those lost on 9/11. john terrett, al jazeera, new york. >> and a reminder you can always keep up with al jazeera at hi, i'm lisa fletcher, and you are in "stream", we're here to talk about why the global fight for one of the most intelligent animals isn't over year. and why are the u.s. and russia the only countries in the world who's militaries use dolphins? are questions of ethics changing as public expectations shift in the wake of the cove and black fish? we discuss right now. ♪