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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 29, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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documentary series fault lines the deported only on al jazeera america america, with a look at today's top stories. more calls of veterans affairs to resign, but eric says he is doing everything he can to help ailing veterans. rival group agree to form a unity government, but will it stick? and what will that mean for peace with israel. and new questions amido a report showing a government released thousands of immigrants from prison last year.
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it is clear the v.a. has ill serve our veterans for some time, and that poor treatment became more tragic lately. accountability for this starts a t the very top. >> he and other v.a. leaders have been facing tough questions about allegation of treatment delays and the cover up by v.a. staff members. lisa stark joins us now, walk us through the report that seems to be confirming a lot of those original allegations in. >> tony, it is a very troubling report, it was issued by the inspector general of the veterans administration, it is just the preliminary report, but the inspector general found, in fact, systemic delays in treatment for veterans,
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and at the phoenix hospital, which has been the center of this, in fact, 1700 veterans who needed care, were not even on the official waiting list after they had asked for appointments. now, sha shinski has said today, he wants the department to modally reach out to these veterans. he also said "we at the department of veterans apairs are redoubling our efforts, our commitment, and compassion to restore integrity in our processes and to earn veterans trust. he had no indication that he plans so resign, at the white house today, jake carney the spokes men was asked repeatedly, does the president still have confident in his secretary of veterans affairs, he danced around that question, here is some of what he had to say. does the public defender right now have
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confidence, yes or no, very simple yes or no question. you told us last week he did, does he now? >> what i would point you to is what the president said, when asked that question -- >> and i am not going to improve upon his words. >> now, what the president has said is he wants to wait for the full report on what is going on with the v.a., before he holds anyone accountability, and he is supposed to give the president at least his own preliminary report, this week so that could be tomorrow. what's been the reaction to all of this? >> as you mentioned there are increased calls both republicans and democrats for the secretary to step down. although house speaker stopped short of that saying he is not calling for the resignation, here is house speaker boehner. >> well,ly continue to reserve judgement on
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general shin senski, the question i asked myself, is him resign going to get us to the bottom of the problem? is it going to help us find out what is really going on. and the answer i keep getting is no. >> and minority leader had something very similar to say, saying it is easy to call for the person at the top to go, but is that really a solution that remains to be seen. and also, tony, late today, the senator majority leader said as soon as they come back, they will try to figure out how to resolve these issues. members of congress says the move is a threat to
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public safety. i have seen some serious criminal convictions on that list, including homicide and other things and so i want a deeper understanding of this myself. johnson also insisted that three-quarters of the releases were mandated by law. announced this week it is reviewing deportation policies. bob joins us now from the customs reports that is just outside of denver colorado, you spent some time recently reporting on immigrants along the u.s. mexico boarder tied to our boarder land series if you can, boil it down for us. what do we know about this mass prison release? what's the issue at the bottom of this? >> good afternoon, phoneny, what it boils down to here is politics.
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when it comes to immigration, it is one of the most highly charged issues every time it comes up, and there is average evidence of that again. republicans coming right out of the gate, very hard at the homeland security, questioning him not only on this release, but a range of issues. but specifically, on this release, 36,000 people with criminal convictions released from detention centers like this one. over the course of fiscal year 14. you can see the secretary say that they are going to continue to look into this, but most of them, as many as three-quarters released on court orders that they had already served their time for their criminal convictions or carried out their sentence, and now rah in the process of being processed by immigrations and customs. so a lot of questions there, still remain, but you heard the secretary saying her going to continue to look into it.
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maul, there's also concern about unaccompanied miners crossing the boarder, how widespread is this? >> that's correct, the numbers are quite staggering. we spent down in that gagless, talking to a group of miners that had traveled all the way from honduras. that was making his way, threing violence and poverty, as so many of them are. the estimate is 60,000 unaccompanied miners. that's up from just six now a few years ago. and expected to continue to grow as much as to 180,000 in the years ahead. it is a huge burden for officials. they have to house, feed, take care of these children, while they are reuninated with families that are also here, as their cases proceed through the courts. they are fleeing central america, one of the most violent areas of the world.
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they are cowered between the rock and the horde place. if you send these children home, you are sending them into terrible circumstances. a very dangerous journey, to at uncertain future. >> paul for us, paul, thank you. another deadly day of fighting in ukraine. the acting president says 14 soldiers were killed today when prorussian separatists shot down a military helicopter. the attack came as they forced workers leave a building. as fighting intensifies on the eastern front, a show of force. a column of fighters deployed flu the self-declared republic biggest city to sure up defenses. >> but the biggest blow against the ukrainian armies offensive came in the city 160-kilometers from the border, where a shoulder launched surface to aramis seal brought down a military
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helicopter. among the 14 soldiers confirmed killed the highest ranking casualty in the uprising so far. office workers were forced out of a regional building, including scores of chechyniaen volunteers. we came to clear out the building. wherein minuted they had started to strengthen the testifyings and bulldozing some of the barricades to create a free fire zone. they were well equipped with piercing rockets and deployed a gun capable of taking down a helicopter gun ship. if the ukrainian army does press home this will be one of the main attackers. >> the rugger foreign min industry has issue add statement demanding that the government halt it's military offensetive avoided a catastrophe.
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the momentum is building here, and it will be hard to stop. >> the team is welcomed inside the building and given a tour. which is in stark contrast to earlier in the day. we attempted to film a convoy, heading into the city, from the direction of the russian border. within seconds we were surrounded by a very professional team of fighters. who aim at us and took away our camera. >> it would bring the liberation organization and hamas together after years of bloody disputes. they have agreed on a prime minister, but there is a hang up on who will be foreign minister. reports and the occupied west bank. >> an interim government is officially expected to be announced in the next three to four days by
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stall tinnian president. this is according to sources close to the consultations. thursday we learned it will be led by prime minister, who may also hold the role as the interior minister for this interim government. the biggest challenge for the government in the next six months will be to hold a free and fair elections such as a general election, as well as presidential elections. another object serious violations in to help rebuild gaza. it was in april when they decided to put aside seven years of some kind of bloody differences to come one this reconciliation agreement. a decision that angered authorities. that is u.s. led peace negotiations because they consider ha mass a terrorists organization, but the palestinians say reconciliation is a necessity, for united palestinian states. pope francis will soon host the palestinian territories in a her testic joint prayer for
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peace. the two leaders will meet on june 8th. two pope francis expanded the invitation last week. he told reporters he does not want to get involved in the peace talks but hopes a joint prayer will ease tensions. he says there were serious irregularities in this week's elections. say he received more than 90% of the vote, al jazeera omar with more. know he has conceded defeat. >> the election process itself, and the election was violated and lacked impartiality, i am telling you with respect to the people, we cannot give any credibility, and we cannot believe the figures declared about the participation of the voters in this election. >> it was billed to be a
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celebration of democracy, a chan to show the world that the majority of egyptians were in support of the broad map announced following last year's coupe. one polls opened the reality appears to be much different. seems like these emptile proking stations were a sign that the large section of society chosed to ignore calls to take part in this election. that seemed to have little impact, witnessing a simply low show in voters. even mosques were used with calls blaring with a
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message, that if you love god, then go and vote. aceci is one of only two conned dates protesting these polls. he is the former. but voter numbers still remain low, so the election commission, announced late on tuesday, that it was extending the poll by one more day. claimanting that hot weather has prevented many from taking part. but the last time they voted was in may of 2012. the weather was identical, the pictures though were not. back then, long cues of voters became the defining imnage of what seemed to be the transition to democracy. the low turn out is being interpreted differently by all sides. the anti-coupe alliance, and the muslim brotherhood have hailed eight victory, while others say it is a blow for the leaders.
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>> the military row is at it's weakest point, the coup has toppled and it is toppled by the empty ballot boxes. >> the events are scheduled tock announced on june 5th, but the winner could be announced earlier if they are finished being counted. with all points pointing to a landslide win, while he may have been assured a victory, he himself, said he wanted 14 million egyptians to turn out and vote. in the battle for legitimacy, they want to show that those participating this year are more than those who took part in 2012 elections. that brought about morrissey. the search for malaysian airline may be back at square one. authorities are now convinced the missing plane is not in a remote
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section of the indian ocean. but as dominique cane reports the search is far from over. for much of the fast wondering months the essential for the light has been concentrated off the coast of western australia. in early april, search crews heard sonic pings they believe may be coming from the planes black box flight data reporters. then, a u.s. navy sonar detector, called blue fin 21, was sent more than 4,000 meters down. to fry to pinpoint the sounds. at the time, the searchers were confident they were looking in the right place. but now, a set back. the area can now be discounting as the final resting place. which means officials may
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now widen the search again. and disappearing without the wedding reporting any problems into one of the deepest oakses for no apparent reason. two australian government remains convinced that the flight is somewhere at the bottom of the indian ocean, near where it's last inflight transmission was detected. but whether it will be found seems more doubtful. >> and coming up a new investigation, nsa contractors have been revealing secret information on one of the best known sites on the internet, and a sign of the times. baby boom errs moving in with their parents in order to make ends meet.
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iran is believed to be
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carrying out a cyber cam page against the united states. a cyber intelligence forum tells the wall street journal that hackers cree yeased false social networking accounts and a fake news website, to spy on american political and military leaders. now the campaign began in 2011, and is still going on. u.s. military and intelligence officials see hackers as more motivated to harm than the united states, than hackers in russia orr china. some national employees are revealing sensitive information on the linker in profiles. this despite a policy to submit any information intended for public disclosure, before it is published. form err c,i clan officer lindsaymore ran says this is very dangerous. now inning, fromclu to
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concerned citizens could go on linked in or other social networking sites and be able to find who are the people who areworking on classified contracts. and be able to target those people. >> the federal government says the economy shoulder rank during the first three months of 2014. could this dip be the leading edge of another reception. hey, alley, what do you think, is this an ominous sign of things to come. >> certainly doesn't sound good. you never want to hear of an economy contracting. we are not far enough away from the last one. here is my view, don't panic. no one surprised, economists that is, that a gross domestic product fell by an annual rate of one percentage point. that means we have slowed down compared to last year. this is according to the new government estimate out today.
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i say estimate because there was already a first estimate, this keeps on getting revised when you measure something as big as the u.s. economy, it is not an exact science. the harsh winter weather, prevented businesses from restocking for the new year, international trade, the housing market, people weren't buying, they weren't building but that is passed us. it is springtime in america, and many economists are predicting a rebound as high as 4% for the second quarter. trillion through june to make up ground that was lost. no one is predicting another three month downturn. we used to think of a definition of a recession as two consecutive quarters of negative growth, we don't calculate it that way any more. the data from the last few months show booming sales. pick up in manufacturing and as we keep on reporting solid job growth.
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so in your answer to your question, this does not appear to be the leading edge. >> why do we give so much importance on these? because we don't have an app that does it better. [laughter] >> it's generally agreed upon by all countries, the way you -- the formula to calculate the size and growth of the economy. generally speaking economists are concerned that it doesn't measure everything that we need to measure, but we don't have a better measure. if your economy grows at three or 4% that's generally healthy. it also means people invest in your country, you can borrow money at lower rates, italy has revamped it's calculation of the gdp to allow prostitution and drugs to make it look like it has a bigger. >> i didn't believe it at first. >> i guess it is true. >> it is true. nigeria recalculated it's gdp. and that puts it ahead of south africa, so it is
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really an imperfect science. but it is the only measure we have. find a kid out of school, and he will maken a app for it. >> he is in here talking about that fight between the giant publisher and amazon that is disallowing you from buying certain books or delaying the delivery. what does it matter to you, we will be talking about that. >> real money tonight, good to see you. >> thank you. we know that many young people move back home with their parents but a new trend separatist shoot merging, a resent study an increasing number of baby boomers are moving in with their elderly parents. melissa chen has more now.
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janine has a list of chores to do. she has work on the front lawn, but it isn't her front lawn, it is her mother's. 40 years after janine did chores as a teenager, she is back. at home. >> this is my bedroom when i was a teenager, now it is my mother's bedroom. >> rose salis now living in the basement, already struggling to make a career switch, she was tired of her job, the financial crisis meant opportunities dried up. and look at me, i am in a position to depend on my mother to have a roof over my head, because i can't even get a job. >> janine is just one of many baby boomer whose have moved back in, and the numbers are growing. in the past beck kade, almost 200,000 older californiaians have moved home, as six till 8% increase.
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when you are 50 or older, finding a job becomes that much harder than in your 20s or 30's. and thank you saw long term joblessness. >> rosales resisted and waited until all other options ran out, before making the big move. i have nowhere to go, and she was beginning to get six. she was having -- she needed more care, and needed company, and help. >> she now paid her way to live at home. in part, by fixing up the house. working on different projects. for now, she has given us. is l and is not actively looking for a job. >> sometimes it is wonderful. other times it drives me nuts.
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off times the tie unanimousics between parents and their children don't change that much, from when they were teenagers. >> we clashed this morning, we do clash, i think we will always clash. but i am also very -- i'm almost someone who doesn't like to be told how to do things. and -- i'm 53, i am like excuse me, i'm not a child, i am not a baby. >> now that her mother has alzheimerss she has a compelling reason to stay at home. and in these tough economic times she is certainly not alone. al jazeera, san francisco. coming up, the stoning of a pregnant woman in pakistan is bringing new attention to honor killings. we will mare to an activist about why the practice is so widespread. why the president says it goes well beyond football. >>
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prime minister isntry's demanding to know why police stood by while family members stone add pregnant woman to death. she was killed on tuesday after getting married against her families wishing. she has more on this story. foamny, hundreds of women in pakistan are murdered every year. they claim they are defending the family's honor. the human rights commission says last year the media reported 869 of these killings. the u.n. says there are at least 5,000 of them worldwide each year. today's attack has shocked many activists. may say the practice of honor killings has deep roots. he is blaming the police for failing to prevent it. she was beaten to death
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here outside the high court, by around 20 members of her family. they were angry she married the man she loved instead of an arranged marriage. we arrived after the court just after 8:00 in the morning her family was waiting for us, and then attacked us. they beat her to death, and injured her husband. we file add case with the police. and her father has been arrested. >> pakistan's prime minister has ordered his government to investigate, these protestors say it is too little too late. it happened outside the court of justice. police were right there, there were people -- how could they let this happen? and i think this shows the society has become so sick. >> sick, they say, because the murder happened in a bustling area in pakistan's second largest city. and passers by simply watched. the incident is getting little coverage in the country's papers but the english language done
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criticized witnesses for not stepping in. the paper asked had it been a man when people have intervened. or has society become so brutal that all compage has vanished. this happens because -- ma soldierny, and misinterpretation, and abuse of so called religious laws. and a girl who marries after her own choice, if she is above 18, constitutional allows it, our laws allow it, and the koran allows it, so i don't see why women are being killed. >> that activist also said many see honor killings as a family matter, and they don't want to interfere in other people's domestic affairs. they are still searching for other suspects. >> roxanne, appreciate it, thank you. >> hundreds of angry villages silently protest
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next to a tree where two teenager girls were raped and hanged. two of the four accused attackers sexual violence is a huge problem in india. and the rural town where this happened left the victimmed where they were found to protest government in action. villagers found the bodies of the two girls hanging from a tree. a report from the medical examiner has confirmed that the two girls before raped and later strangled before they were hanged. now the families and villagers are directing their anger not only at the suspects in this case, but also against the police. they accused police of initially refusing to search of the two dirls and then for later not filing criminal charges against the accused. the state government has promised action, and has already twoed two police officers.
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india's own crime statistics show that a woman is raped in india, every 22 minutes. and this crime also shows that despite having tougher laws in place, these kind of brutal crimes continue to occur. >> at least 35 people were killed food in an attack, suspected boko haram gunman attacked three residents. residents say they torched homes and shot people who tried to escape. the attack comes after nigerian president vowed to wipe out the ratted call group. many nigerians were expecting the president to give them a update on what is government is doing to rescue more than 200 girls kidnapped by the armed group.
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during his speech to mark 13 yearing of democratic rule, on thursday in the capitol, he failed to do so. the president only said the government is doing all it can to get the girls back. >> i show them once again, that the government will continue to do everything possible to bring the girls home. >> let's stand together. >> the president's promise didn't impress. hissers and nieces were kidnapped and still missing. he is angry and frustrating be i the failure to free the girls. >> being put in by the military to rescue the girls. we understand that military dig tates of intelligence may not allow for him to go into
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details. but we have that what would have come out of his pitch should have been details, and consoling to us who have been -- effected by the incident. >> on monday, the head of the army said he knows are the girls are, but won't use force to rescue them, because it is too dangerous. and then on tuesday, there were reports that nigeria's former mt., had met baca ha ram representatives to broker a deal to free the girls. this bay the family some hope, that their daughters would be freed soon. but since then, there's been no new information from the authorities, about what is being done to rescue them. protestors are still putting pressure on the government to find the girls. this demonstration took place outside the nigerian consulate in new york on wednesday.
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the government says it can't reveal what is being done to rescue the girls, and at the moment, it's not giving any interviews on the abducted girls all of which has left the family, and millions of nigerians frustrated. nigeria. is acting out overcaution for it's safety, the u.s. says it doesn't have any information to support that claim. he tell us -- he also says is structure of the government contributed to the delay in releasing information about the whereabouts. basically the states are independent, so it is not a government affair, it is instead government that actually come out
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with all the figures and all the clarifications. it is because this is not -- that the government now set up to actually verify what was on the ground. in china, state media reports -- in a makeshift court set up in a stadium. the government trucked the defendants to the stadium, as 7,000 people watched. the public trial was part of the crack down on separatists. in the country's volatile northwest region. in the spanish enclave, eight workers are treating 500 migrants who forced their way over razor wire fences and it is spanish territory, but sits on the northern tip. they try to enter every year, international aid camps are housing more than four times the number of people they were originally designed to hold. and the government is working with tribal leaders to end the tradition of child marriages. more than 40% of young women are married before
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they turn 18, but stopping the practice, could include pulling people out of poverty. >> he wanted to convince my parents we should marry. >> they tracked her townsended her plans, and it is part of a group of traditional leaders that is trying to end child marriages. me calls the police, somewhat uncomfortable meetings like this, the husbands are often much older than the brides but not this time. tray zipsly, they have agreed that all the negative customs must be done away with. so basically, we are not going in a tradition.
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it was the tradition that is situated in the community. ruth's early marriage was also ended by the chief, who often helps pay for the school fees. when they found me i was scared of what my dad would do. >> she has spoken at the united nations about child marriage, spreading his message from the village to new york. >> the tea parties has been given a second chance, but he doesn't have the resources to send them back to school. and that's poverty. >> marriage offer add chance to be the head of a household. but the chief intervened and now she is back with her mother. there's no point in which we consider the issue of marriage, because she is way foo young, we want her back in school.
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but they can't afford the $3 fee to have her readmitted to school, so even with progressive leadership, poverty is holding her back. al jazeera. >> the parents that went on that bloody rampage in california are speaking out. and more headlines from across america today. >> yeah, tony, the parents of the young man that killed six students say they are crying out in pain for the victims and their families. elliot roger's parents issue add statement from a friend. they say it is their responsible to do everything they can to prevent similar tragedies. they want to help identify the mental issues that led to their son's actions. ebony wilkerson's bail was reduced to $90,000. a psychiatrists testified that she is not a danger to the community, if she posted bail she will not be allowed to contact her children.
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ohio, 138 cases of the meise sells have been rotherred. that's the largest number of cases in any one state. this year, 288 cases have been confirmed in the u.s. it's the largest outbreak in two decades. in chicago officials say the willis tower is safe, despite cracks that opened up right underneath a family who is visiting. a glass ledge on the one hundred third floor appeared to shatter, the see through bays extend about 4 1/2 feet from the building, willis tower officials say a protected coating that was covering the glass cracked not the glass itself. and in utah some high school pitchers are upset their pictures were altered for the yearbook. in some photos sleeved were added. school officials say they told students when their pitchers were take than they would be alters if they didn't abide by the dress code, but some students complained the pictures were photo shopped at random.
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some of the students say that not all the arms are covered not all the shoulders, and the school is saying we are not apologizing. >> what state is this? new york? >> oh, no. >> was it california? >> oh, it was utah. >> utah. >> oh, okay, got you. appreciate it. >> okay. see you later. >> president obama says athletes and coaches need to stop playing flu the pain, and pay attention to the risks of concussions. >> we have to change a culture that says you suck it up. identifying a concussion and being able to self-diagnosis that this is something that i need to take care of, doesn't make you weak, it mean use are strong. the white house held a conference calling for more research and better safety equipment. they hope to use the influence influence to report more head injuries.
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boy that's a big number. allegations of police brutality resulted in new roles for the seattle police department, now some officers are saying those very rules are putting them in danger. and another use for drones science trying to fly them into the most dangerous parts of hurricanes.
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>> we're here in the vortex. >> saturday, 7:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. seattle police officers say strict use of force regulations are putting their lives at risk. the rules were put in place in january, after doj investigate into alleged police brutality. now more than 125 seattle officers are suing over those regulations. alley joins us now from seattle, with the details. alley. >> tony, this lawsuit names eric holder, the mayor, the police chief, the city attorney and others. those patrol officers you
6:47 pm
mentioned say they are constitutional rights are being violated. by federally required reyou remember toes about how they do their jobs. specifically, how and when they can use force. here take a listen, the lawsuit claims the new policy undermined the constitutional rights afforded plaintiffs asking us to take unreasonable risks with our safety and lives as a consequence it leaves the public significantly less safe as well. tony, this is not entirely unexpected. the men and women on blue, about exactly how to respond to these new rules this is a rather loud response. >> so allen, the rules came into an effect, remind us of what prompted that investigation? into the seattle police department? well, what prompted it was a years worth of questionable actions by police, involving the use
6:48 pm
of force with suspects. a spring of very high profile events. one of which was the shooting and killing of native american woodcarver who was walking the streets of seattle with his knife. that's what led to the current set of rules which took effect just the first of this year. i want to make it clear, the head of the police guild is emfat take his union is not behind this lawsuit. in fact, doesn't support it but says he thinks the rules are fuzzy, and they do near clarifying. >> i can agree with the assertions in the complaint that the policy is confusing. i believe it is poorly written, it contradictsist in several places. now, ron smith says mrs. a review process already built in, that's where these concerns should be. >> what happens now? well, what happening next
6:49 pm
is a federal judge is reviewing this case. we expect at some point to get a schedule of when the first motions will be heard. we don't know when that will come out. interesting developments in the last couple of years, seattle police have been largely lauded for their handling of may day protests. you saw video a moment ago of that, and also there's a new police chief coming into town. and this is going to land squarely on her desk. kathleen otool, nominate add couple of weeks ago, not yet confirmed but she has said she wants to push forward. and she wants to reach out to rank and file to the men and willed in the field, and this lawsuit will put extra urgency on both of those. allen shoff her for news seattle, it's been almost ten years since hurricane katrina struck new orleans. two lower 9th ward still hasn't recovered. allen gallagher went back, where many say they feel forgotten.
6:50 pm
corporate sponsors and a wealthy musician let their names and cash to the project, and things looked promising. just weeks later the money ran out, and the skate park closes its doors it was supposed to demonstrate the revitalization of the lower 9th ward, instead it signified it's failure. >> when you build up hype for something, especially in an area like this, where there is nothing of this nature, and then just close it, it is kind of like giving a kid what they wanted for christmas, and then taking it away from them on new year's day. much of it remains uncared for. >> the community said it is a symbol of this neighborhood persistence problems. only a fraction of the former residents ever came back, and there seems to be very little
6:51 pm
will to remaining a neighborhood that was once vibrant. this is our future building, but reverence charles hasn't given up. his church was destroyed by the storm, but he has persevered and now a new structure is taking place. it's been a battle but he says people are returning albeit slowly. >> people have found better lives in other communities. that's okay, but how do you build a community, by giving them hope, and by somebody standing up and saying we can do this. if we work together. >> across the street, a multimillion dollars community center is being built, but other amenities like super markets and pharmacies are nonexistence. and for those that run the community center, time is running out, and they are trying to raise cash, but funds to keep a building that has housed hundreds are dwindling. >> every community in new
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orleans, since katrina has create advice. and they fight for their rights. we haven't been able to do that, because we have less than a third of the community back. >> for the lower 9th ward, it is a picture of limited progress and continued failures. it could take years before the community returns to what it once was. new orleans, louisiana. just defeated the french woman at the french open, wow. but a lot of people are focused more on taylor townsends weight than her win, that is next. and then it is real money with ali velshi. >> coming up, a high stakes stand off between amazon and one of the world's most powerful book publishers, the future of e books and what you pay for them are on theline, and i will tall to best selling author of the bone collector. plus, a great american come back story, how pittsburgh beat the odds and recovered after the
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steal mills all closed. all that and more on real money.
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t t drones are become learn used to learn more about hurricanes. scientists hope to drop the first drone from an airplane into a storm this summer. natasha is in miami for us, we understand you have a bit of a behind the scenes look into these drone laboratories? what did you find? >> i sure did, tony. much a hurricane's energy is drawn from just above the surface of the ocean, that is exactly where these hurricane drones are going to fly, but the question is, will they be able to hold up. >> this is the view from the cockpit as it flows into the wall of a hurricane. as it barrels to shore. will it be a category one, or a category 3, our
6:56 pm
ability to tell you what it will do at land full, as far as not where it will go, but as far as what it will do with intensity, we aren't that good at it, we are making some strides. >> this drone is one of those. it is called the coyote, in august, researchers hope that for the first time, may will be able to deploy a drone from an airplane, into the eye and the wall of a hurricane. the coyote weighs seven-pounds and it has a five-foot wingspan, the carbon wings are designed to fly with the hurricane wings and with stand them. with a battery life of two hours lit be able to fly as low as 100 feet. measuring wind speed, temperature, humidity and pressure. once the battery dies so does the drone. researchers at the meteorological laboratory, won't say how much each one costs but the lab has received half a million dollars to operate five of the coyotes. at this point, it is an experiment stall tool used to observe.
6:57 pm
>> this device in it's simplest form will give us a better representation of what is occurring so we can warn the people in harm's way. >> if they prove successful, the hope is one day, they will be indispensable to forecasting a hurricane. >> the researcher we spoke to says he has been trying to get funding to develop the program since 2005. but tony it took hurricane sandy for congress to allocate funding. >> we are getting a look at diversity. at google's diversity and how the work force is. maybe the real issue the the lack of diversity. google as i it wants to improve those numbers. to promote computer science within those two groups. she is only 18 years old, but they loe townsend just defeated fran's top
6:58 pm
ranked female tennis player, at the frenching open, that mean she advances to the third round of her first grand slam tournament, right? big news, big deal. well, forget about the win, social media is choosing to focus on the chicago native's weight. maria is back with more. >> yeah, tony, taylor townsend is the talk of women's tennis, tennis star andy murray is already a fan, he just tweeted this out saying how good is taylor townsend, talent. and also chris everett says congratulations to taylor townsend, all that hard work, is paying off. now townsend went through an incident in her life which she says only made her stronger, two years ago, the u.s. tennis association tried to bench her, they wouldn't pay for any of her travel, unless she slims down and got into better shape. she parted ways with the organization's coaches, and at the time, the u.s.d.a. patrick mac inrow said they were concerned about her long term health. well, he recently tweeted
6:59 pm
the following. saying "what a gutsy win for taylor, she has game, and she's a gamer." >> come on. >> and has prompted others to comment on athletes and their weight, a tennis player's dress size doesn't matter, results do. gotaylor townsend. well, i can tell you i remember when controversial was surrounding young taylor, and i remember patrick mac inrow getting a lot of grief, many feel it was deserved. i am curious, as to her next match. this is a tough one. >> if townsend wins she will be the youngest american to go into the fourth round in paster since serena and venus williams. >> we have a situation where we have sloan stephens right african-american female.
7:00 pm
taylor townsend, both african-american females they are the only two players left in the entire french open. that's it. >> that's right. >> done. alley shell i have is next. america's economy just had the worst quarter in three years. don't panic. i am take cing a look at the bi picture to put it in perspective for you. amazon goes to war with a major publisher over the price you pay for ebooks but there is so much more at stake than that. i am talking a best selling is author of the bone collector. forget necessity. i am talking to a real mother of envision about what it takes to get your product idea sold in stores. i am ali velshi. this is "real money."