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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> there blocking the door... >> ground breaking... >> truth seeking... >> we have to get out of here... award winning investigative documentary series... no refuge: children at the border only on al jazeera america this is al jazeera america, live from new york city, tony harris with a look at the top stories. president obama prepares a plan to fight the islamic state group, that could last until the end of his presidency. the president delays executive action on immigration until after the elections. a rare illness making children sick. baltimore ravens cut ray rice after video shows him punching his fiance in the face,
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and questions remain about his 2-game suspension. president obama is preparing to lay out his strategy for dealing with the islamic state group in iraq and syria. the president discussed the issue with his advisors, meeting with congressional leaders, and unveil a strategy in a speech on wednesday. we are learning about parts of that strategy. mike viqueira has the details for us on washington. after a month of mixed messages on the fight coming from the president, vice president and top officials, the president will get everyone on the same page, announcing in an interview that he'll be giving a speech on wednesday, to talk about the fight being taken to the islamic state group, perhaps into syria. in the meantime the president is making clear that there are a couple of things that will happen, and a couple that will not. he's trying to prepare the
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country for a long fight. it could take a while into the next presidency after obama leaves office. it will require a coalition, not only of traditional allies in n.a.t.o. and you were een nations, but regional nations with the gulf states and others joining unnamed and unformed coalition, which is under negotiation. secretary of state john kerry is heading to the region as we speak. also the president and aids said time and time again, "no american troops on the ground." it brings up the question - if the president's goal is to destroy and delay the islamic state group within syria and push them back, who occupies the space? the president was asked that question and he said syrians himself, and when pushed said the free syrian army. this is an organization that the united states has been covertly arming for a few years, as long as a year actually, but there
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are reports that arms that go to this group ends up in the hands of the rebels, and we have seen reports that that equipment has been used against kurdish and iraqi forces in a fight to take over as they push back the islamic state group after the rapid gain within iraq. on monday the white house where are press briefer josh ernst gave a briefing and i asked why the free syrian army, and why new? >> the united states has been engaged in an effort to support them, and we have been for some time, for more than a year at least. separately, the concern that was expressed by the administration at the time, and has been - it's something that is oft repeated, is a concern that we didn't want to provide assistance to every individual who said they were fighting bashar al-assad. >> there has been an ongoing concern from the administration that arming the rebels is not a
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good idea, because many of them end up in the hands of the bad guys, armed transfers from third party countries has been blocked, for shoulder launched missiles. and the question of will the president consult congress before expanding operations into syria, it's clear that the president that's correct he has the authorisation that he thinks he needs. it appears that there'll be no further votes in congress to authorise an expansion of military action within iraq and syria. >> iraq's prime minister haider al-abadi has become prime minister. the iraqis need to pull together. >> now is the time for iraq's leaders to govern their nation with a sense of purpose that helped to bring the government together in the first place.
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and in that effort, they should know the united states will stand shoulder to shoulder with the iraqis, as they implement the national plan to overcome the long-standing political and economic grievanceness s that -- grievances that have for too long divided their county. john kerry will go there tomorrow. jane arraf has more. >> iraq has a new government and it's a day before a deadline expires. it's not entirely complete. this government still doesn't have an interior minister, a defence minister or a water minister. the political factions just couldn't agree on them. and even more worryingly, the kurds, a major partner, came to the table, to parliament, in fact, late, saying that they would join, but only for three months.
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they say they have a list of demands that have to be negotiated, including sharing oil revenue, and boundary disputes. all of this leaves the new government of the haider al-abadi in a precarious position. he says he's reaching out to the country, and promised to provide services, cut down on bureaucracy, and continue the fight against the islamic state group and settle 2 million displaced iraqis, forced to leave their homes because the fighting. in the coming days the kurds, sunnis and the rest of the government will sit and try to hammer out the issues outstanding. that is while the main fight continues against the islamic state group in the north and the west, with the u.s. air strikes, iraqi troops, kurdish forces and sunni tribes, all hoping that combinations of battles on the
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ground and a new government can bring the country back together. human rights groups reports on violence in libya. militias are accused of ipp dis grim nate bombings and looting. they are reported to have attacked fighters. an early copy of a u.n. security council report on the situation in bolivia has been obtained. >> reporter: as the u.n.'s new envoy makes a visit to the country since taking the job, ban ki-moon produced a report to the security council about the situation in libya. that will be discussed next week, but al jazeera has obtained a copy. it makes depressing reading. it says that this period, the first six months of the year, witnessed the most serious outbreak of armed conflict in tripoli, benghazi, and elsewhere in the country since 2011.
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it's almost three years since the death of muammar gaddafi, but those fighting muammar gaddafi turned on one another. a really desperate situation. the worst that this country has seen in the three years now. there are two parties, two governments -- two parliament, two governments. there's widespread violence, and the civilians are caught up in this. a lack of food, water, electricity, and a lot of people displaced, 100,000 displaced from tripoli. 20,000 displaced from the east. there are other statistics in this report about those that are fleeing libya, it's been a route for migrants coming from other parts of africa. this report shows so far this year, until july, 77,000 people arrived in italy from libya. that's double the number in 2013. it also says that fleeing
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libya - there were 1,000 refugees who didn't make it, they drowned at sea. >> president obama says he will not act on immigration by the end of the summer. today he is facing a lot of criticism for that decision and explained why he is holding off on n.b.c.'s "meet the press." . >> not only do i want to make sure the ts are crossed and is are dotted. here is the other thing, and i'm honest about i politics. the problem with unaccompanied children from central america, where there was a surge of kids showing up at the border. it got a lot of attention. and a lot of americans started thinking we have got this immigration crisis on our hands. what i want to do, when i take executive action, i want to make sure it's sustainable. libby casey joins us live from washington with more. >> a big part of the reason why
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the president is getting so much criticism is he promised to act, and his team has been holding closed door meetings. the reality is it tight midterm election, a fight over control of the senate is calling the shots. >> the white house is trying to downplay the political motivations and the president's delay on immigration. now is not an ideal time to move forward admits josh ernst. >> injecting it into a highly charged political debate 6-8 weeks before the midterm elections is to subject this issue to grosses distortion and partisanship that could alter that balance. we don't want to do that. >> reporter: the move means more waiting for immigration advocates. >> this tell us us the president is playing politics, seeking political interests first over
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immigrant families that have been waiting for the president to act. >> reporter: republicans piling on criticism. >> the president is reaffirming in clearer language that he'll carry out the amnesty plan, but only after the election in november. this is an attempt to protect his democratic senate candidates. >> the delay on immigration reform details is welcome news from democrats facing difficult re-election bids in november, in louisiana, and north carolina. what to do with the millions of undocumented migrants in the country, and the children who fled to the u.s. from central america stirred passions on all sides of the flight. the president pledged in june to act by the end of summer, charging the cabinet to look into actions after the
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republican-led group agrees. >> i expect the recommendation before the end of the summer and intend to adopt the recommendations without further delay. white house officials believe the delay will pay off and give immigration reform a better chance of weathering long-term political storms. >> just what we are talking about when we say immigration reform - the white house gave an indication that it may include a ged action plan for some of the millions of folks in the country illegally. the exact detail, you won't find out, we won't find out until after the election. >> libby casey for us. coming up later, we'll speak with democratic congressman from illinois, openly criticizing the president for the delay on immigration reform. a respiratory virus sent
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more than 1,000 children to hospitals. doctors say the virus starts like a cold, but can become more serious very quickly. diane eastabrook reports for us from chicago. >> i'm at a children's hospital in chicago, and over the past week it saw a number of suspected cases of entro virus 58. one is a 20-month-old girl. she was coughing, sneezing, experiencing cold-like symptoms and suddenly it morphed into acute respiratory distress. her mother rushed her to the doctor's office. >> they tried to stablilize her. they couldn't. they sent us here, the children's hospital, and they have been working on her. she's been on oxygen, and giving her treatment, and everything to help her out. >> reporter: now, she is expected to be here for another week. she is doing better.
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doctors say for preventive purposes parents should keep an eye on their kids if they develop cold-like symptoms, and not to panic. if the child is having difficulty breathing, they should be rushed to an emergency room. >> several developments in the ebola out front to talk to you about. another american eeffected with ebola is headed to emory university hospital. the patient arrives tomorrow. that is the same hospital where two other americans infected with ebola were treated and released. experimental vaccine is being treated on people in the u.s. the drug showed promising results in monkeys. a new video of n.f.l. player ray rice lagged to the n.f.l., he may be suspended, hours after tnz released a video showing rice pumping his then fiancee, now wife in the face, man, in a hotel in atlantic city.
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he received a 2-game suspension. michael eaves joins us with more on this. there's a lot to talk about. >> every time i see the video... >> yes. >>..i hate seeing it. a fire storm of criticism erupted when video of a domestic violence incident between his wife and fiancee. criticism aimed at rice and the n.f.l. and the ravens after he received a 2-game inspection. the release of a new video led to severe punishment for the ravens' starting running back. >> reporter: after ray rice in then fiance, now wife, were arrested in february following a domestic violence incident? atlantic city, the n.f.l. announced it'd launch a full-scale investigation and issue its own punishment regardless of a decision by the da's office. instead of proceeding with a trial, accepted a not guilty
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plea on the proviso he entered a course. after examining the video from outside the elevator, the commissioner met with rice and his wife, who both apologised for their role in the incident, and told cadell that they were working through their issues. >> i do deeply regret the role that i played in the incident, but i can say i'm happy that we continue to work through it together. >> reporter: on july 25th, cadell suspended rice for the first two games of season. t.m.z. released a video inside the elevator. as the spokesman said the n.f.l. requested any and all information, including video from inside the elevator, it was not available by local law enforcement. a spokesman said this was the first time anyone in the office saw video from inside the elevator.
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in the wake of an outcry, cadell announced penalties for players involved in domestic violence. first offense: in a letter to team owners, cadell apologised for his ruling saying: . >> now he has the chance to do better. ray rice has been suspended ingently -- indefinitely, giving the league time to examine the offense. rice has been cut from the baltimore ravens, he has set to
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receive $10 million, and now will not receive a dime. the spokesman for rebel casino in atlantic city, which closed. said that the hotel gave a copy of the video to the police, but it did not give the video to t.m.z. . >> didn't give it to t.m.z. . >> no. >> did the league requested the video - you probably mentioned it? >> yes, according to the league they did, law enforcement did not give it to them. >> law enforcement doesn't provide the video. >> yes. >> did the league office put in a request to view the video. >> we do not know. no reporters from the media have been able to question anyone from the league office. we haven't heard a force. the head coach of the baltimore ravens is scheduled to speak at 8:00pm eastern. so in the prime time news cast. we should have sound from harr bowl. >> i want to hear from roger
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cadell, the commissioner, as well. earlier i spoke with al jazeera legal contributor, jamie floyd and troy slaten, about how they'd present the case with the video. it got a bit heated. >> we see her walking or stumbling into the elevator. she has an unsteady gait, which is a characteristic of someone impaired by drugs or alcohol. we see her leaning on the elevator getting in. when they are inside the elevator, having a scuffle. it appears she's coming at him. >> i just want to say, it's good that this case never went to trial, because that would not win at trial. he popped her in the face and knocked her out. sorry, i'm a criminal defense attorney. >> he did. >> i understand the need to defend the client. anyone at home can look at the full run of the video. >> right. >> this is one of the most - and
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it think we have to presume someone... >> she comes at him. she is coming at him. >> but there is no excuse for a football player to knock his wife out coal. the fact is --. >> that's true. >> the fact is if you run the tape. >> are they supposed to cower and hold up his hands. >> yes, he's supposed to cower. he knocked her out cold. if you watch the full run of the tape - innocent until proven guilty - he knocks her out cold and drags her out of the elevator, and i propose he took the deal because he knew darn well - and i can't curse - that if that tape surfaced he would be in for a long prison sentence. >> you'd try everything in your power not to have the tape entered before a grand jury. >> that's what he did. >> would you agree with it? >> it's coming in. sure, i can yell and scream to not get it in. it's coming in. it speaks for itself.
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it does appear that it is a situation involving mutual combat. >> that was al jazeera legal contributor jamie floyd and criminal defense attorney troy slaten. coming up, an event showing how much the line between the police and the military blurred. that is next. flooding and neighbourhoods and highways in arizona, leading to a state of emergency.
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congress will hold hearings on the mill tarisation of police in the u.s. weeks of the ferguson, missouri showed police decked out like military officers. melissa chan checked out a place where the police go shopping. >> reporter: it's an expo attracting law enforcement from across the county, urban shield attracts the military - the army, navy and marine corp are
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here. you can, of course, try out the hardware. it's like a verile expense if paint ball toy you have. >> it's a replica where an officer cap make it look and -- can make it look like a weapon. >> reporter: here the line is blurreded between the police and military, but we are told for good reason. >> the crux of the matter is in the world and the united states we keep have, what i call, nutcases with an intent on killing people. >> you look at the gear we have and the military. we are not rolling down the street. we have these vehicles. the only time we would bring it out is for barricaded suspects, to provide cover. >> reporter: in the post-ferguson period, a lot of people talk about the militarization of police, is there a concern there? >> no, it's not a concern, what people perceive as the militarization of police is
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having to meet a different, evolving mission. one thing you will never find is monday morning quarterbacking an operation. >> reporter: he was right about that. we could not find anyone who would say what went wrong in ferguson, or acknowledge that it was a problem. urban shield started eight years ago and has seen a lot of interest by teams from overseas - bahrain, israel, singapore, brazil. the expo is one part, the other is training. on this scenario, we see an assassination attempt on a dignatory. over 48 hours scores of s.w.a.t. teams go through this training event. it's this kind of tactical training that has been crucial, for example, in helping police prepare and respond to an event such as last year's bombings at the boston marathon. the acquisition of
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military-grade weapons has done more good than harm. on the streets, the people do not buy that narrative. oakland has seemed an odd host for urban shield, the police department placed under federal oversight following a corruption scandal. among the protests, mothers of young men killed by police. >> take your military tactics and get out of here. >> my son was cut up by military weapons, that when it goes through a body it tears and rips the skin. my son was ripped up. >> reporter: on this day the activists win. over the weekend the mayor announced that urban shield will not be held in the city next year. it is in my opinion years in prison for former hedge fund manager, and one of the biggest insider trading. matthew martomo was sentenced
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today. he was a portfolio manager at fac capital advisors, he was convicted of two counts of security fraud. avoiding alsos of $75 million. he was ordered to forfeit $9 million bonus. a study by bank rate find 53% of 20 somethings don't have a credit card. many have too much debt, and 40% of millennials who have cards pay off the full balance each month. coming up, six monthsar malaysia airlines flight 370 vanished, families gather to mourn their losses, but do it without knowing what happened to their loved ones. pass oi
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real reporting that brings you the world. giving you a real global perspective like no other can. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america. returning now to one of our
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top stories, the white house says president obama will wait to act on immigration, because he wants to make sure it is done right. immigration reform advocates are disappointed that the president will not act now. republicans call it a political stunned. in an interview the president reiterated that he'll act in congress doesn't. >> we have a senate bill that will accomplish that. the house republicans refuse to do it. i said to them if you do not act on something that is so commonsense that you have labour, business, eadvantagelicals, law enforcement and folks across the board supporting it, i'll look for all the legal authorities i have to act. i spoke with marshall fits, from the center of american progress, a liberal think tank and i spoke about the illinois congressman who accuses the president of playing politics with people's lives. >> there's never a bad time to do the right thing.
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in that sense i agree with him. there's political calculations made every day in the town. sometimes it's the right, there was risks with going now, and with delaying. we have to focus on the fact that the president needs to act, and will need to go as big as he can in terms of taking the steps to fix what is a broken immigration system. >> let's take the president at his word here, and gain some insight into maybe his thought process here. did this step need to be taken in your view to ensure longer-lasting immigration reform. >> it's an open question. >> yes. >> some argue that if you - if he'd acted and the senate flipped and the republicans had taken control, the issue would have been blamed for the senate flipping. i don't think that this issue, one way or the other would have had the impact.
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that was the calculation. and if it had been blamed, then it could have set the issue back a while. i think his view is take this out of a white-hot political context. take action after the election, and we can judge the policy on its merits at that point. >> let's talk about what happened over the summer, and how did the immigration narrative change this summer in your view, with a wave of unaccompanied minors flooding the border. >> it was an interesting time. just like that, just in the snap, there was really a shift in the public's perception about the border. largely because of the way the reporting had sensationalized what had happened there. yes, there were lots of young kids coming. but they were not crossing the border. the border was not insecure, they were showing up, presenting
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themselves saying "have mercy on me, i'm fleeing violence and a difficult situation in my home country", they were effectively refugees. that was turned into a narrative about actually the border is insecure, and played into the republicans talking point about the president not enforcing the law. critics say the president called it a stalling action. we will get the congressman's take first hand. ukraine's president petro porashenko insisted that he will never give up a disputed territory of mariupol, despite a ceasefire there was heavy fighting over the weekend. today petro porashenko visited the port city and reassured residents the government will defend them. paul brennan reports from donetsk >> reporter: the fate of the city of mariupol defended -- depended to a large degree on
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the steel workers who sided with kiev. it was the steelworks with petro porashenko gave things and delivered a message of defines to those that would see -- defiance to those that would see east ukraine breakaway. >> translation: let everywhere know we'll protect our city, region, state, and not give it away to anyone, anybody. any bit of ukranian land, sovereignty, integrity. we are fighting for our independents. >> reporter: the right moves to the negotiating table, and the president knows dealing with people he condemned as terrorists will be painful and difficult. >> the huge monument is dedicated to donbass liberators. the rally was intended to mark the defeat of nazi fascists. it seems kiev is paint as the
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fascists. >> translation: we showed the world we are not terrorists, we are ready to talk. if they are not ready to listen to us, no one can bury the axe of war. >> there was little move for compromise from the pro-russian crowd. >> translation: what compromise are you talking about? they came with war. nobody invited them. people are against them. what compromise. let them take the troops and not return. that's all. >> reporter: this man fought for the soviet army. unlike many that experienced war and loss, he is saddened by the conflict in the east. >> we old people are disturbed to the bottom of our hearts. russia and ukraine is one slavic nation. it's not war, it's something scary that no one needs. >> with terms like donbass terrorism and kiev fascist, the terminology is rooted in the
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language of extremism, and events such as this serve to perpetuate the gap between the two sides. some kind of accommodation will have to be found in the weeks and months ahead. qatar confirms it has two british labour researchers in custody. the men disappeared whilst researching. one send a message to his family saying they were held due to a paperwork issues. qatar has been criticized for treatment of workers. abdullah abdullah says he's the winner of the election in afghanistan. and he will reject another outcome of the the results will be announced. abdullah abdullah said talks to form a national unity government is at a standstill. supporters could insight violence if he's not given a share of power. abdullah abdullah urged calm.
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in beijing, families of victims of flight 370 gathered to mourn. the disappearance led to the largest and most expensive search in aviation history u adrian brown reports. >> reporter: china's mid autumn festival, a time of thanks. for around 30, it was not possible. their loved ones were on board a malaysian airliner that vanished on march the 8th. the 6-month anniversary was marked at this temple, a well-known landmark, despite attempts to talk the group out of it. >> translation: all our tears dried up. all day long we don't know what to do. we feel tortured. we don't have compensation. >> reporter: this woman lost five members of her extended family and said they were
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physically abused during a recent altercation with police. >> translation: one man was seriously beaten up. and a waitress at a restaurant nearby cried after seeing what happened. it was very brutal. this man says his 6-year-old son was a target after the pair tried to sleep at a support center two months ago. >> i was holding my son. the policeman came and grabbed him, throwing him into the police car. he was so scared. >> police failed to respond to the allegations, but authorities insist they have done everything they can for the families. above the grieving, he reads out a poem dedicated to the missing. even now they have not given up hope. we are all expecting loved ones to come home, he tells them. such open displays of emotion
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are frowned upon which the authorities, and police by now had had enough. but they can't stifle this grief. after six months, it remains real, and raw. while the n.c.a.a. lifted sanctions on the penn state football team connected to the sexual abuse scandal, we have a story. it's making news across america. >> this means the team will no longer face a post of season ban, and scholarships will be destroyed. it comes halfway through a 4-year ban handed down in 2012. the school has to pay a $60 million fine. 112 wins under joe paterno are forfeited and the n.c.a.a. will monitor the school. the former defensive coordinator is serving prison time, charged
6:40 pm
with counts of child sexual abuse. former norm mayor ray nagin reported to prison, serving a 10-year sentence for bribery and funny laundering. he hugged -- money laundering. he hugged family before entering. his conviction is being appealed. an indiana man helped to rescue a woman held as a sex slag. ronald higgs made the discovery when visiting his ex-wife. joel had been missing for two months. higgs said when he saw her she was wearing a tort and a dog collar with a rope tied to it. >> she said "please don't leave here without me." i said, "why - what's the matter?" she said "i've been here for over 60 days, and they put me in the cage." i didn't know what i could do, i'm nowhere near the man i used
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to be. but i'm not leaving this house without her. i don't care what i got to do, she's coming home. higgs returned to the trailer the next day and freed lockwood, rick house junior and kendall was arrested. 100 hikers at yellowstone national park a -- at yosemite national park are glad to be safe. a small brush fire expanded yesterday, and the hikers were evacuated. >> i'm proud. it was a big hike. i didn't expect the helicopter ending. >> reporter: dozens of firefighters were working to extinguish of fire, and they believe it was sparked by a lightening strike. it burned 700 acres, sending smoking rising behind the peak that dominates the yosemite valley. >> arizona governor declared an emergency for areas impacted by flooding.
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storms flooded homes, highways, taking out power. phoenix set a record for rainfall in a day, with 3 inches from midnight to 7am. the area gets about that much for the entire summer. our meteorologist says a little more rain is expected. >> in the forecast for that area. okay. appreciate it. see you later in the programme. >> coming up, a prominent democratic congressman going after the president for putting off action on immigration. we speak to him next.
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so the white house is defending president obama's decision not to act on immigration by the end of the summer as promised. the administration says the president wants to make sure executive action he takes is done right. republicans call it a political stunt. joining me from chicago is democratic congressman. good to talk to you.
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>> thank you for having me. >> we heard your comments. what really disappoints you the most about the president's decision to delay action? >> it breaks the heart of millions of people that are waiting on democrats, particularly president obama, to be their champion. they know that the republican majority in the how's of representatives is never going to stand up for their values, and stand up for them, and their rights to be incorporated in america. but they look forward to the president's leadership. and you know their friend and allies, people like me, have supported president obama. so when he said he would take action, when he gave the state of the union address and said i'll use my pen and fill in the void and vacuum when the republicans refuse to act. he said it by himself, he said "i will take action and do it by
6:46 pm
the end of the summer", and now there's a delay. it breaks the hearts of people, disillusions people and represses the vote. people are saddened and discouraged, don't believe the system can work. there are a lot of good democrats out there, and a lot of good candidates, starting with dick durban in illinois, and are embroiled in tough fights like in illinois. >> is it clear - i hear the disappointment and know it is palpable and is in many areas of the country - isn't it clear to the president (a) needs to act and he will eventually - is that clear to you? >> it is. so let me state for the record and go out on a limb with you this evening. i still firmly believe - there's nothing i can do, because i don't think anything i can say or do will change the president's decision to act
6:47 pm
after the election. having said that, i'm going to continue - i made a phone call to the white house, i am sure the president will meet with me and others. i asked to meet with them and others. secretary jeh johnson, secretary of homeland security, a great man, keeping us safe from external threats, but a man with deep compassion, and i know he wants to do what is right. i'll work with friends and allies in the administration, and not give up on the president because here, i think, is fundamentally where your question goes to. the president didn't say she doesn't believe in the public policy, he hasn't abandoned the immigrant community. there's hope for millions of undocumented workers in this country, people looking for a visa, looking to get right with the law. >> so you still have to square this with me politically.
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did the issue of the president acting alone on immigration reform carry with it the potential of a loss of the senate to republicans - was that part of the calculus here, if the senate flips you don't get anything meaningful on immigration reform. >> yes, i thought about that. i thought would be do it if it was about our friends and allies in the gay and lesbian community. what if it was reproductive rights for women. what if it was a number of core values, and principals that as democrats we uphold. what if it was increasing, right, so people can have a decent wage. what if we said "well wait until after the election", no, we don't wait. we have certain values, immigration should be a core principle value, the democratic party should be a party of
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justice, regardless of what they think. in 2012 they were for immigrants out at north carolina, there they were undocumented youth speaking at prime time to the applause and adulation of the democrats across the country, and they helped lead president obama to his re-election. look, i have to tell you, they may think it's the smart political calculation and thing to do, but rarely is doing the smart easy thing to do leading to good public policy that you can be proud of. look, i want to be proud of the public policy that i uphold, and i want to be true to the values and principles. the cynicism. politicians won't act. >> and your argument says it's never really a bad time to do the right thing. if the president comes back, and deals with unaccompanied minors, business visas, right, and some
6:50 pm
other things with executive orders, will all be forgiven, and what does that mean politically in 2016, because clearly we have been looking past the midterms and looking towards 2016. >> that is an important question. so here is what i'm going to do. following through - because precisely that question. i'm not giving up, i'm the president, i'm not giving up on the administration, i work with the administration, because we have to continue telling the story of who the people are, and the story of millions of citizen children, that president obama said i'll delay whether or not you stay with mum and dad that don't have visas and papers. how about the wonderful marriages that occur every day between american citizens and people from other countries and can't get their papers right. and the people that sweat and toil in the fields, in agriculture. millions working in the field.
6:51 pm
when we go to the produce counter at the supermarket, we love to watch our fruits and vegetables there. those people deserve a chance. i want to tell their story, and i want to continue to encourage this president and his administration to be broad, to be expansive and generous in the use of prosecutorial discretion. here is what i think. i think i'll come back after the election, the president - we'll gear up and make sure that he understands the urgency during the next week, and who the people are and engage the american public in that conversation. i think i'm coming back and we'll have to get ready to help millions to get the papers rite and get right with the law. >> good to talk to you. what a pleasure. >> thank you. >> panama struggled in recent years to control the epidemic of criminal gang activity. the president introduced a way of working with gangs in order to break them up.
6:52 pm
not everyone is satisfied with the plan. rachel is in panama with more. >> hector refused to let his guard down even during his early morning workouts. so many members of his family have been killed by gang violence, he has a police guard 24 hours a day. after his eldest son was involved with gangs was murdered hector denounced the killers and became a target himself. he survived several attempts on his own life. other innocent members of his family have not been lucky. he said the gangs make life a living hell for everyone in his neighbourhood. >> translation: they traffic drugs, extort us, steal from us, try to evict us, force us to hide their weapons or drugs, if we don't do it, they threaten to rape our daughters. they are animals and barbarians. >> reporter: gang activity exploded in panama, the number of members quadrupled and 90% of
6:53 pm
murders last year were connected to gangs. the president announced an amnesty programme for gang members that are turned in weapons in july. more than 1,000 people participated and joined rehabilitation programs. this programme is in the middle of a battle ground. gangs are fighting for territory. they life in the buildings surrounding the football field and have names like baghdad and vietnam 23. despite the government's efforts to help people get out of gangs, people here say they do not go far enough. tired of the violence, gang leaders furn in weapons after committing crimes for years - everything from selling drugs to murder. they are skeptical that the government understands the root of the problem. >> translation: people grow up watching family members kim. the pain and resentment -- killed. the pain and resentment stays with you, and you continue the
6:54 pm
cycle of violence. >> translation: if the government doesn't give us jobs, this will never end. they need to keep young people busy and give them opportunities, otherwise it will be chaos. >> reporter: as for hector, he has no sympathy for those that join the ranks of the gang. he says only the heavy hand of the government will eradicate it for good. and only when that happens will he be able to run without looking over his shoulder. a video showing ray rice punching a woman who is now his wife is all over social media. coming up, the reaction of former n.f.l. players.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
n.f.l. player ray rice has been sustained indefinitely from the n.f.l. the baltimore ravens cut him, hours after t.m.z. released the video. how many times have you seen it. here is the moment, reportedly
6:57 pm
showing rice punch his wife in the face. he received a 2-game suspension, and then he drags her out. current and former n.f.l. players are reacting. >> the overwhelming reaction has been outrage, and some former n.f.l. players are questioning who saw or knew about this video before today. london fletcher writes: >> i think that's important. >> and former punter: terence from the broncos one of the current n.f.l. players has been outspoken. earlier he said rice should be kicked off the league and thrown into gaol and wrote:
6:58 pm
and a former n.f.l. player wrote: and david wrote: there was a response from shaun o'-harra: if you... >> can we join in on the conversation. >> if you want more perspective. go to twitter why i stay. >> that's the hashtag. >> it's trending and domestic violence victims are talking about this. >> we have a couple of things here. i suspect we'll get a statement at some point, if not later today, this evening before the monday night football games kick off. there are two tonight.
6:59 pm
maybe tomorrow from the commissioner, roger cadell, but michael eaves said that we'll hear something from the coach of the baltimore ravens, john harr boll, that is happening at eight, ahead of the football games. we'll hear from the coach of the ravens, and the team that cut him. it should be about 8 o'clock tonight. it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. >> the big question is did they know about the video, the n.f.l. said they did not. but a lot of players are wondering about that. >> maybe we can get a conversation amongst ourselves. reach out to us and give us your comments. it is the most well-known portrait of the country's first president. the landsdowne portrait of george washington is getting a high-tech list. the smithsonian will begin an
7:00 pm
18-month restoration project. work starts in 2016 to reveal the original colours and details intended by the artist. "real money" is next. for get about the peace dividend, the crisis in ukraine, a newly aggressive china, and the new islamic state, means president obama is facing major challenges around the globe. plus calls to end a bann bannen -- energy experts. and i'll tell you about


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